RIP James Gandolfini

James Joseph Gandolfini, Jr., an actor who was most famous for his role as “Tony Soprano” of the Sopranos died today at the age of 51. He played an mob boss of Italian descent and died, ironically, in Italy. I could post one of the many you tube clips of classic Soprano scenes. I chose this one instead:

Tony: You know we’re the only country where the pursuit of happiness is guaranteed in writing? Do you believe that? A bunch of f**king spoiled brats. Where’s my happiness then?
Dr. Melfi: It’s the pursuit that’s guaranteed.
Tony: Yeah, always a f**king loophole.

Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

Yeah! I KNOW it’s from the GODFATHER…I couldn’t resist.

The Bill & Hill parody was fun but here’s the real ending:

Rest in Peace James.


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  1. Too young, way too young to die.

  2. Indeed, way too young. Loved that Hillary commercial.

  3. Never saw that show, but seems like the guy was well respected. What a way to go–on vacation. Poor family.

  4. Terrible, and def too young. I thought he was older.

  5. I don’t get the ending, did he get shot or something?

  6. OMG what a tragedy. Loved Gandolfini and think he was a truly exceptional talent.

    imust, great post. Thanks for making me laugh and cry. XO

  7. Hola Upps! Como esta?

  8. NES! Thanks, that’s how I roll. And I’m horrible at good-byes btw.

  9. Sadly NES, Uppity no está en casa. 😦

  10. Indeed it as a shock to read about his death. I too didn’t realize he was that young (washing down my Liptor now).

  11. ^^^ it *was* a shock

  12. Yeah Fredster, for sure. I wonder if he had other close calls or if he was being followed by his physician for heart problems. I’ve heard heart attack and I’ve also read possible stroke.

  13. I have a msg. from our fave lady Miz Upps.

    A number of friends of mine had their yahoo accounts hijacked & there accounts were being used to send out spam (got one from Upps!) She figured out what to do and what was causing it so I’m pasting it in here.

    First change your password!


    Ok I solved it. Tell everyone you know who has yahoo account to 1) login and go to ACCOUNT. 2) Find “Manage Apps and Website Connections”…

    REMOVE “Yahoo Partners”.

    If you don’t see account, look for account settings, that’s what I had. (Fred)

  14. Thanks fredster.

  15. @imust: I wonder if he had one of those spontaneous attacks where an artery just bursts or something and it’s almost instantaneous. I have heard of people who have literally just dropped dead from a cardiac condition.

  16. @imust: I’m sure you must appreciate the irony of it being Upps account that sent out that spam. 😆

  17. Could have been that Fredster. He was overweight, but he was like…Chris Christy huge. You just never know I guess. Look at Darth Vader Dick Cheney, how many heart attacks has he had and he’s still kicking??

    Poor Uppity on the spam! By the way, I couldn’t find manage apps or yahoo partners anywhere! I looked under acct settings too!

  18. By the way, I couldn’t find manage apps or yahoo partners

    Okay, go to just and sign in there, not yahoo mail. Once there, over on the rt side you should see “hi (your screen name). If you put your mouse there it becomes a drop down and on that drop down you should see account or account settings. Click on that and then you should see “sign-in and security”. Under that you should see the Manage Apps and Website connections” thing. Then you can remove the Yahoo partners thingie.

  19. thanks fredster. Good directions btw. I found the apps part but no partners. But on the apps it had connections to flicker and yahoo mobile which I was able to just click remove on each. Hopefully, that will do it.

  20. imust: Hopefully that will stop anyone getting to your account. But also, be sure and change your password to be on the safe side.

  21. Screech — new post

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