It’s Friday!

Ever since the financial meltdown of 2008, this song goes by “Everybody’s working on the weekend” where I work.

What kinds of fun (or not fun) things are you doing?


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  1. WTF, Iowa?

    Abortion-rights supporters are denouncing an “outrageous” Iowa law that will require the governor to personally sign off to pay for abortions with state Medicaid funds.
    The law, signed by Gov. Terry Branstad (R) on Thursday, requires the governor’s office to approve each reimbursement from the state’s Medicaid program to hospitals or clinics that provide abortions in cases of rape, incest, fetal anomaly or when the life of the mother is at risk.
    “Women in Iowa already face so many barriers in trying to get safe, legal abortion care,” NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue said in a statement on Friday. “Now their governor will be deciding personally on a case-by-case basis, whether a woman’s doctor will be paid for providing a legal, medically appropriate, and constitutionally guaranteed procedure.”

  2. Only seems fair that the Iowa Gov also require himself to sign off on each and every Medicaid reimbursement for ED treatments.

  3. There are a lot of things wrong with Iowa. Like giving them undeserved importance with the beginning of primary season. Ridiculous. I read an article a few years ago that said their population was getting increasingly older becuz the young people were getting the hell out of there when they grew up.

    We went to see Doobie Brothers & Steve Miller Band at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles last nite. Both were great, and it was a beautiful night to be outside. The Doobie Brothers are one of the rare bands that sound better in concert than their studio releases. They have tons of good energy and always get the crowd bouncing up and down. Highly recommend them if you get a chance to see them. Aging hasn’t slowed them down a bit!

  4. I can’t believe all the backsliding of abortion rights. fgs.

  5. The Doobie Brothers–I am so J. Big time.

    And I agree that there are lots of things wrong with Iowa. I don’t like that they’re the first and defining caucus state either. Fun fact: 80% of their land is farms yet they need to import 80% of their food.

  6. Hugo, I don’t get how this can even be legal. All I could say when I first heard it was WTF and I’m still saying that.

  7. Totally agree on Iowa. I’ve said that for years. Why do they always get to be first?? They have way too much power. I call them “the boss of us.”

  8. I think primaries should be done regionally, rotating the order of the regions every time. That would be fair.

  9. Hello occupiers!
    Happy to find you all in the babble.
    Iowa having neanderthal problems on women’s reproductive rights? Take a look down here in Texas, where Perry -el perro- and his pack, do not even allow women in the courts protesting against their inquisition type of laws.

  10. In reading Sophie’s link, that little nugget on abortion was put into a bill that was expanding Medicaid due to Obamacare, aka the “affordable” care act. Yet another reason why Obamacare was such a stupid idea, giving more money to insurance companies and more power to states to control women’s reproductive health. Should have been a Federal SINGLE PAYER program people!! At the very least, an expansion of the Federal, Medicare program would have been preferable.

  11. I agree on the primaries Sophie. Or why not everyone primary on the same day?? It was the fighting and manipulating of the primaries that caused the 2008 debacle in Michigan and Florida! Also, do away with CAUCUSES!!

  12. Should have been a Federal SINGLE PAYER program people!! At the very least, an expansion of the Federal, Medicare program would have been preferable.


  13. Also, do away with CAUCUSES!!


    Update: I think primaries on the same day might be a bit much for the candidates–getting around to the regions and (theoretically) listening to the people all over the country.

  14. I’ve heard that argument for different primary days before Sophie, and with due respect, I don’t get it. Why is it any different than the General election? They can still have a period of traveling around visiting, and push the primary day to later in the year, like maybe June, when we here in California have our primary! Iowa, or any state that would be “first” has the power to make or break candidates. Politicians start camping out in Iowa sometimes years before the primary and begin to shake hands and eat BBQ. I bet every citizen of Iowa could personally meet every candidate and have a chance to talk with them face to face. It’s almost like Iowans are our unelected Representatives. Sorry, Iowa doesn’t speak for me.

  15. imust: Here’s what’s happening in North Granby, CT today:

  16. I’m all in favor of doing away with caucuses. I’m sick of certain states having all the say, or seemingly so. Way over-rated.

    Sophie, good point about the legality of that Iowa abortion law. I wonder what criteria and what patient information the Gov will used to render his decision and how many of his staffers will have access to patient info. no way the Gov will personally do anything. At this time when we are all boo-hooing about privacy, seems like a flagrant violation of HIPA and the forth amendment here. But who is going to challenge the law in Court?

  17. imust: the reason I’m for different primary days is because I want the candidates to go around the country and get out of their own little bubbles. I think the primaries can and maybe should be different from the general election. I think if it were done regionally, we could do the whole country on 8-10 voting days. The candidates wouldn’t be wasting time criss-crossing the nation. I think rotating the order is key.

    I am totally against the whole Iowa thing. They do not speak for me one little bit. If my rotation plan goes into effect, they should be last until everyone else has had a chance to be first.

  18. I still don’t see how having the primaries on different days gets them out more than they do for a general. Yes, there’s a lot of commericals used, but candidates still have rallies and town halls and debates after the primaries, when they’re running in the general.

  19. Jeez, imust–then it would be over in one day! Where’s the drama, the tension? Seriously, though–we’d could lose the half ass partisan polls and have actual election results.

  20. Nice article, imust. Love what she says about the superficial criticisms–“I don’t care.”

  21. Gosh Sophie, you mean no more Chis Tingles telling candidates they’re washed up and step off the stage after Iowa? No more pundits telling us who we really want instead of, you know, deciding for ourselves??? Imagine, your vote actually counting!?!!!

  22. Imagine, your vote actually counting!?!!!

    Are you trying to give me a heart attack?

  23. Sorry, I got a little carried away. Silly me. :p

  24. Former Enron CEO Skilling’s sentence cut to 14 years (from 24) because he is a model citizen in prison and his frozen assets will be distributed to victims.

    I say follow him around so we can find Ken Lay.

  25. Nice article on Hillary. I really don’t care if they do primaries on one day or regionally, I just want it changed, now…and caucuses gone forever. A friend moved to Texas before ’08 and she was shocked at how undemocratic and uncivilized it was. She couldn’t believe it was even legal. She said she would never go to another one.

  26. We saw that on Skilling last nite on the news. Hubbie was pissed. Also, we think he probably has much more $ hidden away. Freakin’ rich people get away with everything.

  27. Here’s another article about the Carlyle and Booz Allen Hamilton surveillance contracts and the mega-bucks that the top execs are reaping from those contracts. The article suggests that government contracts should be denied to companies who over-compensate their execs. Sounds like a good idea to me. I don’t like to see my tax dollars given to someone to mismanage programs they have no business managing in the first place.

  28. Skilling should stay in prison for the full 24 years and his assets should be distributed to those who were victimized by him and Lay. What choice did he have to pass the time in jail but to do a little reading and teaching? I’m not impressed, and someone should check that judges/’s bank accounts to see if he has and large, inexplicable deposits. Fishy!

  29. Hugo, I also think govt contracts should be denied to any company with an offshore “headquarters” (read: post office box) to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. A lot of the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld cronies operate that way and are still getting paid huge bux for their contract jobs, which are often done half-assed and/or are completely unnecessary.

  30. Hugo, I like that article you linked.

  31. Yes, them too, socal. I especially hope none of those offshore companies has a surveillance contract. That would be outrageous.

  32. There’s a really big moon out there tonight. Well, it’s the same size it always is but it’s as close as it’s going to get to Earth this year while also being a full moon and thus will appear bigger. The actual big moment of the Solstice Super Moon is at 7:09 EDT. The next one is in August 2014.

  33. Yep, that’s what the new post is about!

  34. LOL–sorry I didn’t see that. (I didn’t hear a screech either!)

  35. ROFL!!

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