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Ahoy mates! Remember this classic Uppity post about John Kerry avoiding paying taxes on his yacht?

Well…..the more things change, the more they stay the same. HRH John Kerry is at it again.

On Wednesday, after millions of Egyptians had protested in the streets, and the president of Egypt was being escorted out of power by the military….where was our current Secretary of State?? In the situation room? Oval office meetings??? Nope. On his yacht. A CBS producer spotted Kerry on his yacht, Isabel, and sent out a tweet.

Of course, Kerry’s people initially denied the report.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki issued a statement Wednesday saying “any report or tweet that he was on a boat is completely inaccurate.”

“Since his plane touched down in Washington at 4 am, Secretary Kerry was working all day and on the phone dealing with the crisis in Egypt,” Psaki said. “He participated in the White House meeting with the President by secure phone and was and is in non-stop contact with foreign leaders, and his senior team in Washington and Cairo.

But when the photo of Kerry on the boat was tweeted……

All hands on deck! About the ship!!

On Friday morning, Psaki issued a second statement, acknowledging that Kerry was “briefly on his boat on Wednesday.”

Briefly, okay. Just a quick trip around Nantucket and then back to dealing with a major international crisis. Of course, that’s what all top level cabinet members do.

Except THIS Secretary of Sate:

WTH Kerry! Get off the boat!!!

Kerry back on his boat today:


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  1. How much would we have gained having a prez not addicted to the toys, or to golf outings. Sigh.

  2. Yep Anita. Kerry out on his yacht Wednesday, and our POTUS is playing is _____# round of golf today.

  3. Maybe he heard something about a being on a sinking ship, and he had to trot down to the marina to see whether he needed to commence bailing.

  4. ROFL Hugo!

  5. WTH Kerry! Get off the boat!!!


  6. Hahahahahaha!!

  7. Nope. Potus is on a boat too.

  8. He should be paddling home from his last vacay in that vessel.

  9. Maybe POTUS was on his way to see Kerry today?

  10. Maybe he has some foreign dignitaries onboard. It’s the new age of yachting diplomacy. Better than shuttle diplomacy. Although it looks more like a yacht race to me.

    I would like a close up photo showing Kerry clearly onboard.

  11. Maybe they conduct diplomacy on the yacht to avoid the NSA listening in?
    As for Kerry onboard, you’re right. I have no way of knowing other than the tweet of the boat comes from the same person who tweeted the first one and that got a retraction, or a response from the State Dept. I guess I’m trusting the source.

  12. The tweeter probably is actually seeing Kerry, but he needs a better photo. Surely he has a telephoto lens. It’s not like Kerry doesn’t have a head big enough to see.

  13. To be fair, ABC’s FB page says Kerry was on his yacht, but shows a pic of him in a kayak getting ready to board an inflatable dinghy. They apparently don’t even know what a yacht looks like. The press–can’t live with them; can’t live with them.

  14. Ha! I saw that photo on another site Hugo. But it was identified as being on July 4th. So I guess he was working starting at 4am July 3rd on the Egyptian crisis, then he went back to his yacht “briefly”, then was back in the waters of Nantucket on a kayak and transferred to a dinghy on July 4th. Today, he may or may not have been on his yacht again all while Egypt is still in crisis with pro-Morsy protests going on today. Just can’t imagine if Hillary were still the SOS that she would be frolicking in the ocean.

  15. Nope. Hillary would be on the job giving her full attention to world events and she would be having a good time doing that. That’s why she should be our leader. She is a true public servant. Her stamina is incredible. Zero and Horseface look feeble in comparison.

  16. No response when she shouted “Morsi”

    He didn’t respond because he thought she was making fun of him. He thought she was shouting “Horsie!!!!”

  17. @Andy Lewis ROFLMAO!!!!!!

  18. Hillary would think the 4th of July holiday weekend is the perfect time to work for democracy in the Mideast. Kerry, OTOH, thinks it’s the perfect time to be on his yacht.

  19. Exactly NW Luna. Bill and Hillary rarely take vacations, as Hugo said, they enjoy their work. I don’t get Kerry. He’s been angling for the SOS job for years and he can’t give up one 4th holiday???

  20. Everyone must be having a four-day weekend party. Rock on!

    Everyone is on Kerry’s yacht…

  21. We are! Kerry took us on a three hour tour! Here’s his yacht!

    See ya’ soon!! 🙂

  22. Hope all the Uppityites are having a great weekend on their yachts!

  23. ROFL!! Three hour tour!

    Ahoy Beata!

  24. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. We were in Norms Rare Guitars today and guess who walked in? Robert Blake. Eeek. He just wandered around for a while, didn’t pick up any guitars, then left. People glanced at him and then went back to what they were doing.

  25. Robert Blake? Whoa! Sorry, I know, respect the Justice System and all….but I really think that guy was soooo guilty!

  26. but I really think that guy was soooo guilty!


  27. Yes, everyone I know thinks he did. He watched Laker play for a minute or two and just wandered around. It was uncomfortable to say the least.

  28. Fredster, Normans Rare Guitars is a famous old guitar shop in LA cty. Been around for decades. You’re likely to see any number of characters in that place any day its open. Laker loves to go there every few weeks to play his dream guitars. We go if we’re going to be in that area.

  29. I know where that place is socal, I’ve never been inside though. Spent the day at the beach, Malibu, it was great! 🙂

  30. imust: Malibu Blogger!

  31. My thoughts about Hillary vs Kerry are summed up in: women work twice as hard to get half the credit as men in their jobs.
    Kerry is as bad as bronco.

    Hillary alone was/is ten times better then the two of them combined.

  32. I am working so hard on my kitchen. I can’t find anything I like for the countertop. (I know this doesn’t sound important, but after 20 years with a – now – 40 yr old kitchen and everything falling apart or breaking this is necessary.) I can’t give up now, I’ve already signed with elctricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc… Anyone have any advice on recycled glass or other materials for countertops?

  33. Hey leslie! I’ve been looking into getting new countertops too and I’ve read a lot about QUARTZ. The only down side I’ve seen is it is more difficult to work with when installing.

    Malibu Blogger! Well, I know I’m not Malibu Barbie!
    Hey Sophie, any thoughts on another post? I also don’t want to be Malibu Blogger-Hogger.

  34. I’ve just started looking at the recycled glass, but have read some not very good comments about it. I like the quartz, but cannot find anything that I think will work in this very dark (meaning NO natural light) kitchen. I’m lightening it up with white cabinets and light flooring. But I think I need a light, bright counter as well. I’m tired of the past 20 years in this cave of a kitchen. Someone at myiq’s place recommended copper and sent me this link to a beautiful counter:

    I probably can’t use copper, but the idea to use old metal is enticing.

  35. I’ve seen some interesting back splashes with metal. This article has some good advice.

  36. Leslie: My best friend and her husband just redid their kitchen. After doing a lot of research, they decided on quartz countertops. They are very happy with them. Quartz comes in all kinds of colors, including white, so I think you could find some that you like. If you do get quartz, have the corners rounded. Good luck!

  37. imust: It is 97 degrees in CT today. If my sweaty, humid brain can conjure something, I will.

    Hey folks–if there’s something on your minds you’ve been wanting to talk about (except Zimmerman), feel free to say something.

  38. Hope you can cool off! As for posts, I noticed Uppity retweeted this article.

    (Maybe she would stop by and comment!) 😉

  39. Leslie, I’m jealous of your new kitchen! But I know it is a lot of work. I bet you’ll be happy with it though when its finished.

    Lucky imust. We wanted to go to Malibu this weekend, but had other obligations.

    Sophie, 97, wow. Seems extra hot for Right Coast. We drove all around CT when I was preggers with Laker, and we really enjoyed it. It was early autumn, gorgeous.


  41. That NYT article is sickening. Its difficult to comprehend injustices like this. From the religion of peace. And they hate our way of life, but keep flooding in here. I don’t understand how anyone can think the two opposite cultures can mesh together. And the differences keep getting greater.

    Hope my rambling made sense!

  42. Thanks for all your feedback (I hate that word, btw), everyone. I just returned from looking again and I notice that as soon as I turn the street corner heading toward home depot and the other stores/outlets, etc, i begin coughing and can’t stop. Once I’m in the store, I’m practically convulsing. I can’t wait for this project – which I thought i’d love – and I did for the first 3 months – to end. It is more work than I remember from 1982 when we did our house. I had kids and a husband at home then. Now it’s me, and it is difficult not to have a sounding board around.

    Socal, I just know i’m going to love it in the end. Thanks for your cheerleading.

    Beata, I’ve almost stopped looking an anything but quartz. (except the recycled glass that I found yesterday – just by chance) I think – if it hasn’t been discontinued – I found something today in a quartz that really has the kind of brightness that I’m looking for. (But the floor tiles that I selected 2 years ago had been discontinued and the floor people didn’t know it until I ordered it back then.) So I’m holding my breath.

    Now to take down the w indow blind in the kitchen… And the curtain in the dining room that will surely be a victim to the dust. This is a total redo. The electrical wiring is the original from probably the 20’s. there are still live gas lines running through the ceilings for the old gas lights in this 112 year old building that have to be shut off before the wiring can be updated. If the floors hadn’t been so damaged in the past, i’d consider refinishing them, but they are in terrible shape and i’m not young enough to withstand all the dust nor rich enough to pay for the refinishing – I checked that out already.

    Well, I’m away for a while again. I’ll check in again for home decor tips. I can’t think about anything else these days. 🙂

  43. Sophie~ 97 degrees! Ouch.
    Open your freezer door and get cool…

  44. LOL Leslie–I did that earlier! It reminded me of flashing days. The humidity is 82% so it’s a sticky heat. Makes it hard to type.

  45. I love quartz countertops, I must admit.

  46. I was just going to post that about Kerry’s wife socal. I hope she’s okay.

  47. Screech! (New post up.)

  48. Hi UW, just letting you know this Hillbilly is alive and beering up the summer to the best of my liver’s ability:)

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