Texas is Effed

This post is mostly to provide a new thread. But while I’m here I’ll share this news tidbit that just has me going WTF?

From HuffPo, earlier today:

State troopers are confiscating tampons, maxi pads and other potential projectiles from those who are entering the Texas capitol to watch the debate and vote on a controversial anti-abortion bill. Guns, however, which are typically permitted in the state capitol, are still being allowed.

HuffPo’s 4:43 PM UPDATE

According to a tweet from Stand With Texas Women, the Department of Public Safety has stopped confiscating tampons and maxi pads. According to Burnt Orange Report, state Sen. Kirk Watson convinced the DPS to stop confiscating the items.

What are you folks reading about?



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  1. guilt … hahaha What about those being used? Did they remove vending machines in restrooms? Access to restrooms? —- Male hysteria.

  2. I think it sucks that Lt Gov Dewhurst tries to weave in the phrase “unruly mob” every time he talks about this. First of all, I didn’t think they were unruly at all, considering how Davis was getting nitpicked to death in the chamber. That unruly mob is his way of saying “hysterical women.”

    Seriously women, if you live in Texas, leave.

  3. Clearly, there is no Constitutional right to bear tampons.

    I noted on the teevee today that the new rap on Hillary is that she’s getting speaking fees. FOX covered it as if she’s breaking the law. Of course, They threw in that Bill makes big bucks speaking also. FOX misses the point. She and Bill command high speaking fees and get lots of engagements because they are articulate and have ideas that people want to hear. And they are admired throughout the world.

    CDS. They can’t stop talking about her.

  4. Use a tampon….go to prison.

  5. Well Hugo — they are going to attack Hillary on anything and everything since their Benghazi “outrage” has not had the desired effect. Net they will be decrying her for using hairspray.

  6. If they bring a knife to a fight….you bring a tampon.

  7. “Next” they will be descrying her…

    Sorry. Must. Proof.

  8. How dare Hillary Clinton charge $$ to speak!!!

  9. Oh God, imust, YouMustTweetThat! (The bring a knife…)

  10. imust~ I’m on my fifth train today and exhausted as can be, but I laughed out loud when I read your

    If they bring a knife to a fight….you bring a tampon

    That was great! I’m in Chicago. I need to bring just as many as I can find. It’s rough up here.

  11. And FYI, people were allowed to bring their guns into the chamber!

  12. @leslie…the jokes write themselves. That’s how crazy things have become. I wonder what the history books will say about these times?

  13. When Perry throws his 40 gallon hat into the ring to run for POTUS again, this event needs to cling to him like crazy glue. It needs to come up in a debate.

  14. Hurry up and Tweet it, imust so I can retweet it!

  15. Hugo, Perry already announced he isn’t going to run. But if Lt. Gove Dewhurst runs, he is toast. He has been the biggest d1ck in all of this.

  16. ooookkaayy..is there a trending hashtag for it?

  17. #FamousTamponQuotes

  18. Sophie, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Perry announced he will not run for re-election in 2014. I got the impression he might have done that so he can run for POTUS in 2016. He did so well in 2012.


  19. Ahh, potus…there’s always that for him to fall back on.

  20. Oh, god, those “FamousTamponQuotes” are hilarious!

    We have to laugh or else we’ll go mad, right?

  21. You got that right, Beata! The FamousTamponQuotes is trending in the US!

  22. Reminds me of a song: “No tampons here, no tampons here…deep in the heart of KoTexas!”

  23. Ha!

  24. The tampon quotes are hilarious, but this incident pisses me off to the highest degree. Texas republican men are fucking animals. How dare they paw thru a womans purse and take her personal items. Pigs. My entire family is boycotting all these asshole anti woman states. And Sophie, yes, agree with your comment up top:

    Texas women, just LEAVE.

  25. I haven’t tweeted this so use if you wish:

    Give me liberty or give me a tampon!

  26. A tampon is a tampon is a tampon.

  27. Y’all saw this didn’t you?

  28. Here’s some interesting reading based on the recent activities aimed at the women-folk. “Why Would Anyone Want To Be A Woman?”

    My favorite passage is:
    “We need to tell these people to shut their vicious mouths and do their jobs on things that actually are their job. Using the government to control women is not what they were hired for. Have we learned nothing from the last 100 years? Women have a much better track record at controlling themselves than men do and we certainly deserve the respect of not pretending otherwise.”


  29. That video is great. Nothing like one woman trampling the rights of another.

  30. Fredster, thanks for vid. My god, how barbaric. Hauling her away like that, not letting her have her say. WTF?

  31. More about the Texas brouhaha:

    “A thorough bag check was done on each person entering the gallery, which holds almost 500 spectators, and troopers tossed tampons, perfume bottles, moisturizers, pencils and other things into the garbage. Senate Sergeant-At-Arms Rick DeLeon said Friday that no props – including speculums and coat hangers – will be allowed into the Senate gallery, per decorum rules.”

    Taking your personal belongings and throwing them into the garbage. But bringing guns into the assembly were Aok. We often go places where your bags are looked into (sports stadiums, conventions, some concert halls, etc), but they are never pawed through and they never take your stuff and toss it in the trash. They just politely look to make sure there are no weapons of any kind. Meanwhile, there is a pic on the cover of huffpo of their idiot governor shooting his gun into the air…in a city…not in the wilderness, a dangerous thing to do. I feel sorry for any civilized people that are stuck there.

  32. Thanks Fredster–I hadn’t seen that video–I’d only heard about it. Way more powerful in video!

  33. As expected, Texas passed the bill.

    It occurred to me that if folks like Issa, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz weren’t anti-choice, they’d be on the airwaves saying things like:

    Senator Donna Campbell’s stance displays all the classic signs we’ve seen in hypocrites–the people who had abortions themselves but are publicly against them. So, we have to ask, did Senator Donna Campbell ever have an abortion?
    Rick Perry’s statements are also indicative of the same hypocracy–of men who’ve paid for their mistresses to have abortions yet publicly decry them. So, we have to ask, did Rick Perry ever pay for his mistress to have an abortion?
    These questions have to be asked.

    And they would keep saying them over and over, even though they don’t have any grounds, until a critical mass of people just assume it’s true. Too bad we don’t have assholes like them to do our dirty work!

  34. Well, now you see what it is to live in Texas. Fortunate I live in Austin a little oasis in this truly pesky neanderthal state.
    That el Perry(o) is not seeking re-election are the best news in 12 years. But, I hope he does not run in 2016; in 2000 we did not believe cowboy W had a chance and look what happened.
    Just let’s make sure that this Texas travesty goes viral and puts the world’s eyes on these political-religious hypocrites.

  35. They’re still out to lunch and I intend to goad them until they wake up of close down.

  36. In other news, Caroline Kennedy will become the first female U.S. ambassador to Japan.


    How do you say, “ummm like umm” in Japanese?

  37. I’m sure her nickname in Japan will be Sum Dum Fuk.

    We do well with Japan. Glad they didn’t put her where she can do any harm.

  38. Also in keeping with your topic, and even though i thought the one I wrote was better, I thought this was funny

  39. Upps:
    Great link. Let’s work for this bill to pass…
    It looks like upps is back…

  40. Erick Ericson thinks coat hangers are funny in the context of the Texas anti-abortion bill. He tweeted out a link to a coat hanger website and suggested liberal bookmark it. He needs a coat hanger shoved up his manhole. Good grief what a fat head he has.


  41. I like that proposed bill in Uppity’s link. I would add an amendment. No ED drugs in the state of Texas. ED is the will of God, so live with it boyz.

  42. ED is the will of God, so live with it boyz

    I fully concur!

  43. It was bad in there. I was part of the “unruly mob”. Then, during the second special session, when they finally crammed the bill through, without one amendment, Dewhurst instructed everybody in the gallery to stand up and say a prayer…I was nudged to stand up, in the back, by a trooper. It was a total nightmare.

  44. Maddie, omg! Forcing people to say a prayer in a capitol, after a pollitical vote? I can’t even fathom this. Thank you for going and enduring that crap though. I admire you all and appreciate your fortitude.

  45. Sophie, right on re: your tweet to NOW.

  46. Thanks for being there, maddie. I find it completely reprehensible that they forced people to pray. Offensive because the state has no right. More offensive because those bastages have no clue about God.

  47. nudged to stand up, in the back, by a trooper….

    That’s chilling.

  48. maddie, thank you for being part of the “unruly mob.”

    As for the forced prayers, that’s just another gross example of the hypocrisy of the right. They scream about the left trampling on the Constitution, yet they don’t see forced prayer as a violation.

    That’s not to say there’s no hypocrisy on the left, but this is just too flagrant.

  49. Hugo, the thing about hypocrisy from the left v. right is that hypocrites on the left sell out their values and let us down. For hypocrites on the right–these are their values! But they are the values you should follow and for which they will be forgiven if they don’t.

    I am constantly disappointed by the left. I am usually afraid of and repulsed by the right. For me, that’s the difference. I am sure others here will have vastly different opinions.

  50. For example:

    Something terrible has happened to the soul of the Republican Party. We’ve gone beyond bad economic doctrine. We’ve even gone beyond selfishness and special interests. At this point we’re talking about a state of mind that takes positive glee in inflicting further suffering on the already miserable.

    –Paul Krugman

  51. @Sophie. I used to feel as you do about the left/right situation. Now I’m not so sure. I am afraid of the policies of the right, but I’m also now afraid of the sell out from the left. Both extremes are just that, extremes. Both practice hypocrisy.

  52. Imust, I am still pissed at the Democratic party but I cannot ignore the fact that Republicans delight in taking rights and money away from ordinary people and giving them to their friends, the already-wealthy, themselves, and corporate persons. A Republican WOMAN legislator said that a rape kit “cleans you out” so you don’t have o worry about getting pregnant.

    I am not saying Democrats are innocent. I am saying there are degrees. Being disappointed, let down, disillusioned, and heart-broken is not the same as being assaulted and denied.

  53. I guess I think that the Democrats also take $$ from ordinary people and give it to their friends. The Republicans give tax breaks, etc to wealthy to supposedly allow them to create jobs. Democrats give government $$ to private companies (Rezco is a good example) to provide public services. Unfortunately, people/companies like Rezco can be crooks too. Privatization used to be a Republican theme. I’m seeing/hearing more of that from Democrats.

  54. If only there were some group willing to protest all the money in politics…

    If a guy steals $10 from me, I’m not going to leave him to befriend the guy who will steal 100.

  55. For the record, I’ve only been a registered Democrat for 12 years. Previously, I was, yup, one of them. Their best days are long past, and perhaps in the future, but not now.

    Watch these two “vile progs” debate anchor babies.

  56. Unfortunately,the right spends more time worrying about where they can pray then what poor, unemployed Americans have to eat. It really bothers me that they have hijacked the Bible and the Constitution as if they are all scholars and have the sole right to interpret those documents.

    I pay little attention to the left since 2007 when I learned that they are just as intolerant as their rightwing counterparts and failure to fall in line behind The One was view as blasphemous.

  57. I know [sigh]. Wasn’t it the Reagan years that brought all of the bible thumping/pro-life extremes to the GOP? But the left has it’s own religion of sorts. No thinking for yourself, you must think and say and do what has been sanctioned by the collective left PTB if you will. And as Hugo said, Obama wasn’t just a candidate, nor a public servant, but the chosen One, the Messiah…. youmustnotquestion!

  58. What, tampons don’t kill people, people kill people. To paraphrase the NRA. Perhaps we could send a massive order of tampax and hangers to those boobs. What is their fascination with vaginas again? That they have never seen one.

  59. They should’ve put used tampons in their handbags and give those fucking nazi troopers the trip they deserved. Goddamned SS Waffen psychos. These freaks need a dose of the 2nd wave. 3rd wave better start breaking some fingernails.

  60. I think this Bible-thumping in politics did really take off under the Reagan influence and Falwell’s moral majority. I’m no political historian, but that’s my recollection. But, the funny thing is, the moral majority needed to read the Kitty Kelly bio of Nancy Reagan cuz in it she alleges that while Ronnie was courting Nancy, he paid other lady friend to have an abortion. I don’t recall the Bible-thumpers questioning Ronnie on that allegation. I guess when you own the Bible and the US Constitution, you can apply them at will , or just let things slide when they are inconvenient.

    Pre-2007, I thought I was liberal, but the leftwing and DNC disabused me of that notion.

  61. Liberal. Yeah, me too. The definition keeps changing. But if the operational definition of Democrat was simply the party’s yearly platform, I am, by definition, a Democrat, because I support the platform. I didn’t support the people who were supposed to implement the platform. I didn’t trust them anymore. What 2008 taught me can be summed up by my answer to Obama’s/Alexrod’s/Deval Patrick’s famous quote….”words….just words…??” Yes, just words.

    But those “words” that Patrick/Obama quoted, when originally uttered or penned by their authors, were followed-up with actions.

  62. LOL! Yep, just words and pretty speeches. And lots of vacations. That’s all folks.

  63. Sadly so many people believe those words. 😯

  64. Hubbie freaked out when I read him Maddies comment about everyone being ordered to stand for the prayer in the TX capitol. He thinks this is a violation of 1st amendment. What do you guys think, and why hasn’t there been a public outrage over this?

  65. Upps @ 8:36am: ROFL! That would have been great!

  66. Despite what the Democratic Party has become, I am still a Liberal. My positions on most issues are Liberal. I am not suddenly (or gradually) going to adopt a Conservative world view just because I’m pissed at the party that’s supposed to have Liberal values. And for all of their warts (and they do have lots of them), I have not heard one Democrat advocate the use of vaginal wands or claim that corporations are people.

    For what it’s worth, I think Rand Paul is a crackpot and an asshole but I totally support his positions on [re]legalizing hemp, high-volume toilets, raw milk, and incandescent light bulbs.

  67. Sophie, agree, although I’ve never belonged to the party.

  68. I def have an independent streak and do not want the govt telling me what to do, so I agree about hemp, etc. What I don’t like about the Pauls is their insistence on no regulation, no unions etc. Like we’re supposed to trust the bankers and corps. They screw us all over now with the paltry regs we do have. I don’t know if they get this bizarre line of thinking becuz they just have the soul of a crook, or if they are truly stupid and naive.

  69. OT, Marc Anthony just sang God Bless America at the 7th inning stretch of the All Star Game. He’s a terrible singer, like most modern pop stars. Also, I hate that song. I would really like to see a whole lot less religion in our secular lives. Why can’t they sing America The Beautiful instead?

    Also, for you gossip lovers, which on this site, I would guess to be approximately zero, Charlie Sheen is now a grandpa. His oldest daughter Cassie just had a little girl today. My late stepson was good friends with her for years and she’s very nice. Poor girl had a rough time, 60 hours!

  70. America the Beautiful is a much better song!

  71. I don’t think anybody suggested changing their viewpoints. For me personally, I’m not just angry at the Democratic Party, I don’t trust them anymore….at least the ones who are running things now. Besides being UNdemocratic, they’re not very effective either. They let Obama/Chicago Combine take over the party in 07 and gave no thought to a more strategic plan, ie…make sure you hold on to a Democratic majority! They may have won the presidency, or OBAMA won, and he did nothing for the downticket Dems and local elections. It was all OBAMA all the time. Now, Republicans are are chipping away at reproductive rights, state by state. Oh, but hey, good news to us sweeties, we got Obama! Lucky us!! s/

  72. I agree with imust. My views about government and our society did not change after 2007, but I just don’t want to be associated with liberals because they behaved like dictators toward anyone who opposed their narcissistic do-nothing candidate.

  73. The only positive thing I see from the Texas situation is people like Maddie above. A lot more Texans are fighting back against the tide. But it’s like the woman up in Uppity’s left side bar and her sign, “I can’t believe I still have to protest this $h@#!” Two steps forward, five steps back.

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