Rock Star Bomber?

Ahh….”The Cover of the Rolling Stone”…I always liked that song. Until today, when I read this story on CNN, I’m going to feel a little differently about that song after today. Here’s just a snippet:

New York (CNN) — Rolling Stone magazine’s decision to put Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the accused Boston Marathon bomber, on the cover of its latest issue has ignited a firestorm of outrage online.
The cover picture is one that Tsarnaev himself posted online and has been published widely by other media outlets in the past.
But many took exception to its prominent play in Rolling Stone, where the space is more often than not reserved for rock stars and celebrities.

I agree with the outrage. I think Rolling Stone was wrong to give this guy rock star status. (Notice I didn’t put photo of the cover in the post.) But this didn’t start with the RS cover. His looks have been compared to Nick Jonas and Bob Dylan. Some young girls find him “too cute to be guilty.”

What does it say about our society when someone like Dzhokhar has fan clubs?
Dzhokhar cute? I don’t think so, and I don’t really care. But I do think that THIS kid was cute…..

….and innocent. He had his whole life ahead of him and it was cut short at the age of 8 while he was cheering for his dad at the finish line.
I DO care about what happened to Martin Richards and the others.

These faces will never be on the cover of the Rolling Stone.

What do you think?


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  1. There were a lot of other photos I could have added to this post. Some very horrific photos. I decided not to include them. Those images will be forever etched in my mind.

  2. What were they thinking???

  3. I don’t know bellecat. Maybe just trying to be provocative to sell magazines? I believe in freedom of the press. But consumers have to realize the power of the pocketbook and if they feel strongly enough about this, refuse to buy the magazine.

  4. Thanks so much for this piece, imusthavepie. I’ll tell you what they were thinking: sensationalism, money $$$$, titillation. This is purely a business decision. Scruples, morals or decency be damned.

  5. I think you’re probably right about that Anita. But Rolling Stone, of all publications, should understand the iconic implications of putting him on the cover.

  6. I just saw on huffpo that CVS and some other food chain stores are refusing to carry the RS issue. Hopefully, most of the issue will end up unsold and at the bottom of many, many birdcages.

  7. And scare the poor birds not in mine . 😯

  8. i have a subscription to R.S. which is up for renewal. I do like the magazine for some of the political writing, but think I’ll pass on the renewal.

    Just saw on ABC that CVS and Walgreens are not going to carry the issue.

  9. The news/magazine stand (It’s a building, really.) at the train station does not have it out on the shelf. I suppose if I asked they would pull it out from the “adult” magazines they keep behind the counter.
    My very cute neighbors were delivered their copy a day or so ago. It still is sitting in the mail bin in my buidling’s entrance. I feel like defacing the cover, but that’s called mail tampering, right?

  10. Hey imust~ I appreciated your thoughts. Why don’t you send this entry to RS along with the photos you included. They probably won’t respond, but who knows…. I’m sure all dzhokar’s teeny bopper fans will buy up all the copies. Who knows, they might even read the story.

  11. LOL leslie! Yes, the teeny boppers will buy them!

  12. Great post, imust. Thank you!

  13. imust, brava! Agree with you completely. Its obscene they put that pic on the cover. Like the beast is some kind of folk hero or something.

  14. This is for Uppity. Her boyfriend’s latest video:

  15. leslie @ 7:56: Ha! So true!

  16. Oooo…socal…clever way to draw Uppity out! Yoo-hoo! Up-pit-ty!!!

  17. Keith Dobermann goes back whence he came…, not *there*…ESPN!–spt.html

    Glad I’m not a big sports fan.

  18. Yes, I saw that about the Dob. Laker will probably see him then, he watches that when he’s waking up and various other times.

  19. socal:
    I’m not uppity but you sure had me out with this awesome music video…
    thanks a bunch, got me feet moving…

  20. I watched an interview with the guy from RS. Absolutely had no problem with their front page pic. No remorse, no apology, nada. If anything the guy kept making statements about how they think that this is a great pic. It was on the teevee. For the life of me, I cannot remember the show. I’m glad that CVS pulled them off the rack.

  21. So nice that HE had no problem with it mcnorman. Wasn’t he so considerate to think how others would feel?! s/

  22. Seriously, the guy didn’t have a problem with it. I’m thinking that he is just as much of a sociopath. I was grossed out and I don’t live anywhere near there or know anyone. It’s the priniciple. Obviously, this guy has no moral compass. I suppose if he had his legs blown off, he might have felt differently.

  23. Hopefully, most of the issue will end up unsold and at the bottom of many, many birdcages.

    We have a winner!

  24. The CVS I just left said they’d been getting thanks and congratulations all day for pulling the issue.

  25. Hugs to bellecat! I’ve heard that 3 different chains will not sell it, can’t remember the names of the other two.

  26. Have you guys seen this latest atrocity against women in Dubai? 24 yo raped, reports it to police and sentenced to 16 years. Apparently it happens all the time there:

  27. Ah, 7 11 is also banning the RS mag from all its corp stores (almost 2000) and is urging their franchise owners to do so also.

  28. Great post, imust. RS lost me a while ago (over their tasteless swoon over O).

  29. As I recall, the NYT ran that same photo of Jahar days after the bombing — front page, front and center.

  30. Imagine what Lawson’s hands can do when he’s not holding a guitar? Just saying. When I see him play, I can only think of that Delta commercial and the parts missing from it.

  31. I have seen the latest photos of this little fuck as they hauled his demonic ass out of the boat. There is a red laser dot on his forehead, compliments of a USA sniper, and there are actually people who are horrified about this. Well I’m horrified too. I’m horrified that they didn’t pull the trigger on this little piece of shit.

    And now the trooper who released the photo is in trouble. Because gee, that photo surely offends the sensitivity of some goatfucker.

  32. Thanks for that update Uppity. *Sorry for the people offended by the trooper’s photo. (*read that: NOT!) It does send a strong message to any future, wanna-be, Bob Dylan look alike terrorists. I know the trooper has been suspended for a day, and he’s being investigated. I hope he doesn’t lose his job.

  33. Hats off to the Boston cop who released the photos, but he had to know there will be repercussions. His heart was in the right place.

  34. And BTW, I must be a cold-hearted woman cuz I see no problem with the red dot on bomber boy’s head. That’s the cost of doing business when your business is blowing up innocent people. Surely he had an inkling that the end could be bloody. No sympathy here.

    And if I were the Boston cop’s attorney, I’d go for some type of PTSD defense for releasing the photos.

  35. Exactly what that cold-hearted woman Hugo said @3:24.

  36. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said he will use every resource he has at his disposal to stop President Barack Obama from bailing out newly-bankrupt Detroit because he believes the city can and must save itself and learn from its fiscal mistakes. “I basically say he [Obama] is bailing them out over my dead body because we don’t have any money in Washington.”

    The quote is on Breitbart and I’m not giving them a link.

    Still, I now want to bail out Detroit just for the prize. But like Donna Brazile’s promise and Ted Nugent’s promise, he probably won’t deliver either.

  37. Bailing out Detroit was not on my To Do List previously, but it is now. Rand Paul is making an offer that’s hard to refuse. And, if we have no money in DC, I’m gonna have to insist that Paul and his entire staff be furloughed until further notice. buh-bye, Randy!

  38. Detroit is a waste. You wanna know what’s wrong with detroit? Here’s what’s wrong with detroit, besides it becoming the Sharia center of the US Of A. The ineptitude, infighting and shady corrupt ‘leaders’ is what is wrong with Detroit. Detroit can’t be fixed because there are no real heroes left in detroit to do what has to be done. It’s all politics all the time, and they literally DRIVE people away, if not out of fear, then out of disgust. Bailing them out is a complete waste because I can assure you any city manager they have there will be driven out on a rail if they don’t play ball. Detroit is a disaster zone and the disaster is caused by its own people and their chosen leaders. Yes, they had hard times, but unlike MANY other cities in their shoes, they have done precious LITTLE to help themselves recover and become a place where people want to go rather than a place people want to escape from. Throwing money at Detroit is like throwing cocaine at a drug addict. Scumball that he is, Rand Paul is right on this one. Detroit will NEVER learn until it has NO choice but to learn.

    This is before Councilwoman Conyers went to jail for accepting a bribe.

  39. I was really disappointed when they took this little shit in alive. If they’d just dusted him then and there, the poor victims and their families could start healing sooner. Now they will have to relive their agony over and over as this POS’ trial goes on for years.

    As far as the red dot goes, of course they’re going have guns trained on him! He’d just attempted to murder hundreds of innocent people, been party to coldly shooting a cop and engaging in a horrific shootout with other cops. How can people be so stupid? Are they supposed to invite to come out and offer him a cup of tea? These freaks would obviously have suicide options thought out, how would anyone know whether or not he would emerge with another explosive device or not and blow himself and everyone around him to smithereens? He could have had such a device strapped to his body. Of course they would have a bead on him for their own safety. People are so stupid.

  40. I don’t know much about Detroit, but kinda feel like the rest of you, would love to see creepy Rand Paul get spited.

  41. There are plenty more cities in the USA who could use a bailout. Are you prepared to bail them out too, just to spite an asshole? Because once this train starts it will never stop. It will set a precedent that will ruin us financially. And it will never end. We’re talking neverending trillions here. Places like Detroit, with its perpetual mismanagement, can NEVER get their hands on enough money. So then, Who is going to bail out our federal government — because it’s going belly up too, with its perpetual borrowing from China, who wants to own us. You want to speak Mandarin, then let’s just keep this up. Or maybe we can just kill all the seniors and keep the social security pot, give it to Detroit to squander.

    Think, folks! This is a HORRIBLE idea with a horrific domino effect.

  42. I don’t think they’ll bail out Detroit. We already bailed out the auto industry, that didn’t help Detroit apparently. Besides, Obama doesn’t have another election so he doesn’t need to pander for votes.

  43. i believe you Upps.

  44. See what’s been done to homes. Watch it all. We’re already into Detroit with billions re FDIC owning trashed homes.

  45. Homes for $1.00 everywhere.

  46. She came home one night to a party of squatters who cooked up all her food, drank all her booze, stole her valuables and trashed her home. And they blame her for leaving her house alone. Yayyyyy Detroit!

  47. Bailing out any city is a huge mistake and Detroit has been a mess for so long it is unreal. Let it sink. All I have to say is Obama claimed he saved Detroit years ago and look at it. Look to the future under his watch !
    Saving stuff that is not savable is insane. China will own us and soon at the rate we are borrowing money to throw away on some of the worst business ventures ever. Let Detroit crumble into dust and one day someone with some brains will come in and buy it cheap and bring it into a good city. Let it crumble ! It is the only way to rid it of the vermin running it and living there.

  48. Don’t hold back Upps, tell us how you really feel.

  49. Looks like you’re never too old to rock and roll:

  50. I don’t care too much about Detroit, but the fact that Scumball Paul raced to get his political brownie points for the purpose of his political future just sickens me. His type of conduct is the problem with our government today. He should read this article about the lessons of the 1975 NYC bailout. DC did not want to do it, but the repercussions would have be broad and so they WORKED TOGETHER to solve the problem.

    Paul and the rest of the Congressional clowns are not interested in problem solving, just grandstanding and getting mugs in the news. We could save a lot of money in DC if we paid Congress per solution to problems. no solutions, no $$ in their bank account.

  51. Another thing that troubles me about Detroit is that when it goes completely belly-up, the vermin are going to head somewhere. The problems in those videos don’t go away, it just re-locates.

    As for the Sharia crap, that seems like a real economic bummer. Who wants to live in or contribute to a community that kills women like they’re gnats? Definitely no bailout money for the Sharia goons.

  52. Drummer Grandma reminds me of the women in my family from my Grandmother’s generation. They loved to perform. Fascinating women who danced to their own tune.

  53. Hugo, I couldn’t get that NYT article to load. But I did find this and found it interesting.

  54. The NYT article includes an interview with one of the people who worked out the deal that lead to the bailout. Ford said no, but back off due to the probable repercussions. The problems dealt with were due to city contracts and bank conduct and both had to be addressed by both sides working together.

    Nice to see those videos of people behaving like adults although they did not agree. Refreshing.

  55. R. I.P. Helen Thomas. I know she was controversial and stepped on the wrong toes near the end of her career, but she deserves much credit for being where she was in a man’s world.

  56. I don’t want the feds to to bail out Detroit AND I don’t want them to be able to declare bankruptcy. Let Michigan bail out Detroit. There are still plenty of rich people in that state. The middle class moved out of Detroit when the jobs got outsourced and left a vacuum. Bailing out the auto industry helped the auto industry, not Detroit. Anyone who thinks an economy can survive, much less thrive without a middle class is just silly.

  57. I agree with everyone’s comments. Instead of a bailout, which sounds a lot like throwing money at a problem… Hugo said, how about lawmakers working together to come up with some workable solutions. There must be some nimble minds out there that would be capable,

  58. There must be some nimble minds out there that would be capable

    Ahh, but would the nimble minds be allowed in?

    Update: And if allowed in, would anyone listen and act?

  59. Good point Sophie. They would not be allowed in. Instead, like Hugo said, the grandstanders and posers would be jockeying for the best camera angle and grabbing the mic.

  60. First of all, cities as a whole are not allowed to go “bankrupt”. What they do is “Default” on their debts. It is then the responsibility of the STATE to put some kind of control board in place. Generally, the first thing they do is crank city taxes up unbearably high, which is a joke in Detroit, since most of the taxpayers booked from that place long ago. I don’t know what the ratio is, but you can bet the vast majority of that city is being supported by the minority of people who still have some money. As for the rich people in Michigan bailing them out, this is NOT their responsibility. And I suspect that, considering the scores of BILLIONS in debt they are, even if the rich people in the entire state all gave up all of their money (and exactly why should they again?), it wouldn’t fix that sh!thole.

    Really, the idea that every time somebody fucks up, some rich person, who didn’t get rich being stupid and fucking up, should give them all their money so they can fuck up some more, is the antithesis of a Republic and quite akin to all of the Isms we really don’t want to become.

    Just to give you a hint of how impossible that city will be to fix: A state judge ruled they cannot go bankrupt because the plan would reduce wages and benefits of municipal employees–violating their contracts. And so my friends, Detroit is not only just circling the drain, it’s about to flush. And I can assure you all the municipal employees will be flushed with it.

    All the money in the world can’t fix Stupid.

  61. So, pull the plug on the city contracts and all those employees can default on their bills and start collecting unemployment and welfare. Bailout or no bailout, the costs will be passed on to the rest of us.

  62. Yeah but the unemployment is Michigan and the welfare is Detroit’s county. States are supposed to deal with this. I remember when the City of Troy NY defaulted. They got a control board appointed by the state comptroller, and they came in on a bulldozer. Council and mayor no longer had the power of major decisions and the crack down occurred. It saved the city and got it back on the path to better health. No footsy. No political bullcrap. Just an austerity budget where everybody had to make some sacrifices, including employees. That is what is supposed to happen. This is no time for union contracts to take precedence. I have seen that happen in corporate plants and in the end, the company would pull out, close the plant’s doors and everybody was out of luck. Cooperation is the only way to save a plant or a city. When there is none, everybody loses.

  63. Remember the links I put up about the Norwegian woman that got raped in Dubai and sentenced to prison. Here is a really interesting follow up. After she reported the rape, she was fired by Janet Jacksons billionaire Dubai husband. You can’t make this shit up:

  64. Really, the idea that every time somebody fucks up, some rich person, who didn’t get rich being stupid and fucking up, should give them all their money so they can fuck up some more, is the antithesis of a Republic and quite akin to all of the Isms we really don’t want to become.

    I would like to know more about how they became rich because I don’t think they became rich by not “being stupid and fucking up.” I think their wealth had a great deal to do with that city, their ability to get favorable tax codes written, and so on. In other words, I think they got wealthy on the backs of the middle class–the folks that left because they could no longer afford to feed both the rich and the poor. That would be the antithesis of a Republic.

  65. I am thinking of the GM executives who flew to Washington in their jets to get the bailout money, who don’t live in the city. I think they are the back story of how the city got the way it is. I am saying it’s their mess and they should clean it up.

    The same people who have no Effing clue how normal people live and think. People wanted smaller cars that ran well and needed minimal repairs, but those guys were surprised when Japan kicked their asses. So what do they do? They get the government to impose higher tariffs on foreign cars and they appeal to our patriotism in their Buy American ad campaigns. That kept them afloat longer than they had a right to. Through it all, every bad market and every economic down turn has not affected the lifestyles of the rich and famous auto execs. They are by definition Welfare Queens, but somehow, it’s an “ism” to suggest that they pull their weight and pony up for years of their own rapacious greed. What you see now in Detroit is a dead host due to fat and happy parasites.

    How about this: if there’s one good one among them, I’ll stop praying to God to turn them all into pillars of salt.

  66. Not only did Wash impose higher tariffs on high mileage imports, GW Bush actually gave a huge tax break to people that bought the big gas guzzlers. I remember being really pissed about that at the time. Imagine if everyone drove a hybrid or electric. Gas prices would plummet. (We don’t have a hybrid or electric ourselves, hope to someday) What an amazing thing to no longer be reliant on the ME for oil. Mind you, I understand people in certain businesses needing big trucks and vans and people in snow areas needing 4 wheel drive, but I see single people in gigantic vehicles all the time. Constantly. After Bush gave the tax break I mentioned, Hummers became the big thing. They caused a lot fatalties becuz they have terrible visuals, huge blind spots. And they’re so heavy, they take longer to stop so many Hummer drivers went crashing into and over other smaller vehicles. What did they get, 6 mpg? I don’t see as many of them around lately. But on a couple of occasions I had to dash for it in Gelsons parking lot when a Hummer suddenly backed out and didn’t see me. I am 5′ 8″ btw. Yes, the ptb in Detroit have caused a lot of problems, and not just for Detroit.

  67. Very Deming about Japan! Japan kicked Detroit’s ass because they were making crap and continuing to give the people what they wanted them to have instead of what they wanted. And because their cars were woefully defective too too often. Japan kicked their asses because they actually asked the customers what they wanted and proceded with Quality Function Deployment. We, on the other hand, pretended to do it. This was all just as much one ‘side”s fault as the other when it comes to auto manufacturing. I’m sorry to say the workmanship was shabby as well as the materials. I stopped buying American cars decades ago. Not because I’m not “American” but because a car is a huge cost and, while I didn’t mind buying American, I felt they had no right to rip me off and I got sick of it. I had nothing but bad luck and I just plain was no longer willing to pay that kind of money for a pile of crap. I got burned one too many times and I simply will not give them another chance. I did that one too many times.

    It’s not as if they weren’t all warned plenty of times that their arrogance as an auto pillar would get the best of them. Management is very different in Japan. And so is labor. Most of it has to do with attutide and customer oriented thinking, something lacking on both sides in America. Who was tha CEO who committed suicide over the defects ..was tha Toyota? It was a few years ago. Anybody? The trouble with the USA was the constant We-They thing between management and labor, customer be damned. I’ve been union and I’ve been management and I can tell with with complete honesty that BOTH sides did this to America. You sell crap and want to do well for yourself while you do it and eventually it all catches up with you. I know assemblers who retired from a certain company millionaires on stock giveaways, a yearly benefit, enhanced with many stock splits. I’m not kidding here.

    Do we pick and choose which rich people we should shake down or do we just fuck all the ones who didn’t actually work for their money or whose parents worked 24-7 to give them something better. A special set of criteria. What? Some people won the sperm lottery and got rich that way. How does a Republic decide who to shake down or do we just hate anybody who has anything and take it from them, like is being done right now to the middle class? One of the charms of America, the reason immigrants have always been attracted to the USA, is the ability to “make something of yourself”. Plenty of people came here and got rich that way, not by complaining but by hauling ass — and they passed the family business onto their kids. Should we yank the rug out from under them too? At what point do we see the stupidity of equalizing everyone, regardless of whether they are clever, smart, hard-working, or just plain lazy bastards working the system and throwing paper airplanes at wall street instead of using their heads to make something of themselves—until such point when everybody in America has to get poor to make a poor person a little less poor?

    One thing nobody seems to notice is the number of Ex Pats who have fled this country. They do it for a reason. Also note the number of Americans who have left places like, say, NY — and moved to other states that give them more disposable income. They aren’t all idle rich, they just want to reap some rewards for their lifetime of work. I know this is all hard to swallow, but the truth is, NOBODY takes a risk, mortgages their home, works seven days a week after going into business so they can just be an employment agency. They do it to better themselves and make a profit. They SHOULD make more money than their employees, because the truth is, if the business fails, the employees don’t take the hit, the business owner does. Many of these people became rich but not without a lot of sleepless nights,and weeks where they met payroll but made nothing for themselves, or years when they had to pay off loans for equipment. Plenty of rich Americans had some very lean years, I know this for a fact, and they worked and worked to reach where they are. Nobody has the patience anymore to succeed in America. They want it all Now. Let’s yank the rug right out from under the ones who stuck it out, shall we? So we can do a giveway in places like Detroit. Note the abandoned homes there. They were left by people called taxpayers. Problem with Detroit now is there aren’t many of that species left. This is what happens when you try to bleed people. Property taxes pay for everything. no property taxes, you no longer have a city or a county. Trust me, most of the people who flee states or cities, or counties were not millionaires. Nobody wants to bust ass so somebody else can take their earnings and savings. Since when do we punish people who saved money to benefit those didn’t think about the future? I know plenty of them and I don’t feel a whit sorry for them. They had better houses than I did at a time when they should have been thinking ahead. Don’t be waiting for me to take them in! There is also a long list of cities in the US who nearly died when major corporations pulled out of their entire state. None of them looks like Napalm in the Morning like Detroit does. They did what they had to do to survive without demanding you and I prop them up. Detroit is not Special and they need to stop acting like they are and start acting like adults, put adults in office and clean up their own damned mess. No, the auto industry does NOT have to clean it up for them. Lack of conscience is NOT illegal. Left to their honor, corporations have no honor. They are not in the employment business, they are all in business to make money for either their proprietors, owners or stockholders. The only company that should be harassed for cleaning up their own mess is BP. They REALLY caused that mess. But to pull out of a city that is not serving a company well any longer, is NOT illegal. Mean, maybe. But not illegal. So, instead of waiting for everybody else to do their dirty work, Detroit should look to other cities who were abandoned by corporations and use them as a model of Self Help.

    My mother always said that if you can’t manage your money when you don’t have a lot of it, you won’t be able to manage it when you have plenty of it. You will have the same problems only your debts will have more zeroes after them. I have seen people get windfalls and piss it all away. Shall we feel sorry for them? You can’t fix lazy and you can’t fix stupid. But the question becomes the same as the one for rich people. How do we distinguish the difference?

    As for CEOs, they are a breed of swappers, moving from one company to another, few of them worth spit. They get rid of one, they go to the pool and get another one just like him. In fact, that is exactly how Superintendents of Schools parlay themselves for far too much money than their worth as humans or interest in education. It’s all a ripoff, it’s true, but it is not the fault of every person who ever got rich starting out small and working their asses off. And there are more of those than there are of CEOs. Many many more.

    I’m not sure what I just said as I haven’t had coffee and am reminded of why I hate politcs. It’s all a big We and They and both sides blow goats and just can’t see the folly of their philosphy.

    The greedy tend to stay greedy and the lazy and entitled tend to stay lazy and entitled. There are plenty of both. This will not change. Ever. But I would be willing to bet that anyone on this forum who won 1 million on a scratch ticket would be horrified when 500k of it goes to taxes. And I’ll bet anything any one of you would look for ways to reduce that burden. Funny how that works. It’s called Survival and it’s a human instinct. So I will wager if we go after zillionaires they will find a way to leave us behind. The golden rule is Those Who Have The Gold Make The Rules. This is NOT unique to America or capitalism, in spite of all the BS.

  68. Brava Uppity.

  69. This for my beloved Sophie:

    Nobody has the right to ‘know’ how I or anybody else made their money unless it was illegal, in which case they belong in prison. I do not want to know how much money you have or where you got it, and I sure don’t intend to return my own information. When we get to that point, do not doubt for a minute that it will roll downhill to you and me. This is a privacy right, and as it is, the government is already crapping all over our privacy. It is not the right of the government to decide how much money I should have so long as I am not breaking any laws by getting it. Be careful what you ask for! You know that the middle class always suffers leakage when these witch hunts occur.

    Tax and financial incentives have ALWAYS been with us. The idea is you give us jobs and we all gain. What happens when it’s no longer profitable to stay in a city as an employer? Why, Detroit happens!

  70. Dearest socal, I will nevr buy a hybrid. reminds me of the Diesel cars a few decades ago. I not only will not buy one, I certainly would not buy one made in the USA, since they haven’t even mastered reliability on the cars they’ve been making for deccades. I will not buy one and nobody is ever going to make me buy one. And no, the price of gas will not go down, because none of this has anything to do with the price of a product that is set by a bunch of goatfuckers in the ME who drive Bentley’s and always will.

    This is all a Carter rerun. I guess I have lived too long. Carbon units, baby! $6.00 light bulbs made in China for 3 cents. Cha Ching!

  71. I don’t know about you all cats think, but I think big cat Uppity is miouing back loud and clear!
    and I’m very happy about it…

  72. I agree bellecat! Hi Uppity!!!! Wow, whatta rant! And that’s before coffee!! There’s a lot of opinions on what happened to Detroit, and I think Uppity hit on almost all of them. (natch!) Of everything, I think this sentence sums it up for me:

    It is not the right of the government to decide how much money I should have so long as I am not breaking any laws by getting it.

    That’s the key. Breaking laws. Corruption.

    *Here’s a completely different theory, if you’re so inclined.

  73. Great rant Upps. That being said, I would gladly get a prius if we had the dough. We know a l o t of people who have them and love them. You can’t drive anywhere here without seeing them. Besides the great gas mileage, you get to drive in the diamond lanes, which is a huge benefit here in socal. We live west of LA, out in the mountains so we can live where it beautiful, uncrowded and fresh air. But that means hubbie has to commute and his trips to and from work can take anywhere from 1-2 hours each way! He drives a Honda civic, but it doesn’t get as good gas mileage as it could because he keeps too much stuff in it for work. Also, while it is considered a high mileage car, still can’t drive in the diamond lane unless its a hybrid, which ours is not unfortunately.I think gas would go down if everyone used less.

  74. Nobody has the right to ‘know’ how I or anybody else made their money unless it was illegal, in which case they belong in prison.

    Buy some legislators, write the legislation yourself, and everything you do will be legal. Remember credit default swaps and collateralized debt obligations? All legal. Their defense was exactly that–we didn’t break any laws. (Of course, we wrote them that way, but still…)

    Good old Deming–rejected by American manufacturing because he told them that 85% of their problems were due to management shortcomings. We are exactly where we were!

    P.S. I’d let the tax evading expats go. We’ve already discussed this. For some reason, you think they’re valuable. I think they’re sucking the life out of American politics and economics. It’s a free country and if people want to leave (i.e., take the money and run), they are free to do so. I wish they’d stop threatening already and just get the heck out. They are not contributing one iota while they remain–just suck, suck, sucking away.

  75. Actually socal, I think the opposite has been proven true. When we conserve gas, for whatever reason, the price goes up because the poor gas companies can’t make enough $$$ if we buy less!

  76. There was a documentary called Who Killed the Electric Car. It was about how they put out an electric car, the owners loved it, and then they pulled it off the market, and the point of the doc was the mystery of why it disappeared and how they ended up in the desert, and who authorized it and why. Obv, the oil cos don’t want electric. My nephew is showing up here today. He works for oil company.

  77. Buy some legislators, write the legislation yourself, and everything you do will be legal.

    Yes, and that’s the corruption part. Corrupt politicians who listen to lobbyists doing the bidding of corrupt CEOs.

  78. I don’t remember it that way. It seems to me it kept going up as what was consumed going up. I went looking at printers last week. Printers that were 400 bux & up a year ago are now 50-120. Altho I know the oil cos work on a different set of rules than reg economics and should certainly be regulated. I think anything that is necessary to the normal functioning of society should have regulations. Not talking about the corner bakery and other small businesses, but big things like oil, banking, wall st. state run pensions, health care. Look what happened with glass steagall.

  79. Even with regulations, there is still plenty of money to be made for corporations. I think the problem we’re looking at is that there is a finite amount of american $, and the vast majority of it is now in the hands of the super wealthy and way less left to be distributed around the middle and lower classes.

  80. You are right socal, prices went up with demand, which is what you’d expect in economics, but as you said, the oil companies don’t follow the usual rules…..they do whatever they want…because they can. And, I admit, I’ve seen it happen in the short term. Long term, if we really lowered our need for oil/gas with alternative energy, you’re probably right, prices would go down.

  81. imust, same thing with electricity and natural gas. You conserve too much and the utility companies request a rate increase because they didn’t make enough. Ditto for natural gas heat. Mild winters result in rate increases by the companies. Utilities will NEVER go down. These are companies I FIRMLY believe should not be privately held. Any commodity that gives life should NEVER be privately held or held by stockholders. People die. And that’s a fact. Health insurance, Water, same deal. There is a huge movement and two very sleazy companies trying to buy up the nation’s water. When life giving forces are privately owned for-profit, people die. There is no end to how many ways this has already been shown to be true.

    It’s true, lobbyists own America now. But I don’t blame them. I blame their enablers who take their money. It is our corrupt political system that is pretty much to blame for all of our woes. Including Detroit.

    Note all the WAIVERS to Obamacare, up to and including the unions that pimped that prize for Barack. And insurance companies, believe it or not.

  82. I agree Uppity about the commodities necessary for life should not be privately owned. Sadly though, even the public utilities rip people off. Here in my area, the DWP (Dept of Water and Power) is horrible! The rates are crazy! They raise them in the summer to keep people from watering their lawn or using their a/c. Then on really hot days the city has to open “cooling centers” because many lower income or particularly elderly people can’t afford to run their a/c!

  83. Upps, yes, I have always agreed with you about that.

    Hope you all have a lovely Sunday. I have to get to work, company coming. See ya all later!

  84. The last US car I bought was a Ford in 1985. OMG, what a POS. I’ve been driving German cars ever since. My 19 year old VW and 14 year old Mercedes have served me well. I considered buying a Saturn or Ford recently, but decided I owe US car companies no loyalty. I suspect that period of zero quality assurance in the US auto industry is still kicking their asses. Sorry Detroit.

    I live in an area where there was a steel industry which is in the process of shutting down for good. However, our politicians and business community people have developed a plan to convert the plant to another industrial use that will provide lots of jobs. The fact that this is a port city enabled them to come up with a workable plan quickly. On one of the Sunday talking head shows, someone pointed out that Detroit is a border city and has access to a lot of commerce like a port city, so the fact that they are floundering is a failure of leadership. No creative thinking.

  85. I can’t join the conversation because i’m supposed to be bill paying and then on to the mini clinic to see if I have a sinus infection or am just getting old. Then it’s back to my daughter’s who is “taking care of me” while I am ill and the temps here are off the charts and i have no AC.
    But i’m loving the conversation and the conversants!

    {welcome home Upps!}

  86. I agree Upps.All the money in the world can’t fix Stupid.

    And Welcome home. The crew has done a great job while you were gone. Kept those home fires burning brightly. 🙂

  87. Sophie, I don’t recall discussing whether or not ex pats are valuable. Only that they are not here. They no longer take away from us, nor do they contribute to our economy any longer. That’s our loss, not theirs. They do not use our services any longer. Some collect social security, which they EARNED same as you and I. They leave because they found they can live better by leaving. When we create a picture like that, there is something wrong with it. I do not consider someone who ‘threatens’ to leave an Ex Pat. Only those who are gone already are Ex Pats. The number continues to increase. To begrudge them is wrong. Personally, I have thought of doing it myself more than a few times. I don’t like the way things are going in this country, and obviously they didn’t either. It’s not that I or they hate America, it’s that they are fed up with the way this country is being run, and they don’t like what’s happening here. There are other types of Ex Pats though. Some leave for none of those reasons at all. Some move to other countries because their jobs take them there. Why on earth should someone who works and lives in Germany pay taxes in the USA when they aren’t even here. Some leave because they love a certain country. Who doesn’t want to hang out in Tuscany?

  88. Who doesn’t want to hang out in Tuscany?

    Cue NES in 5…4….3….

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