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London (CNN) — [Breaking news update 3:37 p.m. ET]
It’s a boy! Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and husband Prince William on Monday welcomed their first child. The baby boy was born at 4:24 p.m., weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces. A name has not yet been announced for the child, who is now third in line to the throne.


I know Royal Baby Watch is a bit gossipy for the Uppity Woman Blog. But to be honest, it is trumping most other news today. Besides, it was time for a new post. New baby ` new post, works for me.

I just can’t wait to be king!

Let the countdown begin! Any wagers? Boy? Girl? Time of birth? Weight? Will he/she be born with a crown on his/her head? Our narcissist-in-chief will be jealous, how will he try to make it all about him?

For easy reference, I’ll be posting your guesses below: (The winner gets a penguin, the loser gets 2 penguins. I stole that from Uppity. I can do that, I’ve OccuPIEd the blog…)
1.) Beata, on July 22, 2013 at 1:54 PM said:
I think the baby will be a girl, born around 8 pm EST, 7 lbs., 8 oz. Name will be Princess Guinevere Diana Mary Elizabeth.
2.) Hugo, on July 22, 2013 at 2:15 PM said:
I think Kate will have a baby girl at 8:45pm EST, and she will be named Charlotte Mary Elizabeth Harriett.
3.) utahwoman, on July 22, 2013 at 3:21 PM said:
9:12 pm Victoria, Diana, Elizabeth, Mary. Oh yes of course it will be female lol


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  1. As with any birth, I hope all goes well with mother and child.
    I admit, though, that I’m hoping for a princess because what this world needs is more woman and girl power.

  2. Hopefully the Royal Baby will clear the air.
    Breath Kate breath…Push Kate push
    It is easy I have done it 5 times 🙂

  3. Off topic, but finally someone on MSNBC gets it. Oh suprise, its a woman who gets it…..

  4. Proof the media is not too bright: Yahoo is reporting that Kate Middleton has gone into labor and then asks the question “What happens next?” Duh?

    I think the baby will be a girl, born around 8 pm EST, 7 lbs., 8 oz. Name will be Princess Guinevere Diana Mary Elizabeth.

  5. Tampon errings…LOL!

    I’m enjoying the royal baby watch. I’ve always been a fan of English history and of the long-ruling Queens. Long live the Queen and here’s hoping for another one in the future. With that said, I think Kate will have a baby girl at 8:45pm EST, and she will be named Charlotte Mary Elizabeth Harriett. (I do like Guinivere as Beata posted above.)

  6. I never watch Law and Order, but have seen Dennis Farina in other things. Blood clots in the lungs are scary things. Poor guy.

  7. I’m also following the royal baby news on the British Monarchy’s FB page.

  8. The Monarchy has a FB page?? I’m updating the post with your guesses btw.

  9. Yes, they do have an official FB page, and there are new posts there today, including one about Kate entering the hospital. There were +30K likes on that post when I looked at it.

  10. Okay, I checked out their page. I also checked for a twitter, but found nothing official. Hugo do you know if they have an official twitter account?

  11. 9:12 pm Victoria, Diana, Elizabeth, Mary. Oh yes of course it willbe female lol

  12. I guess the closest guess on time would have to be Beata @ 8pm EST. About 5 hours off, but it was the closest! I wonder if it was c-section as she didn’t seem to have been in labor too long. Course that’s easy for me to say since I wasn’t the one in labor! 😉

    Everyone guessed “girl” though…

  13. Now we need to come up with a name for the BOY. The royals are waiting for our suggestions!

    I’m not very good with boy names. I just hope they don’t name him after Prince Philip. He’s such a nasty old prune.

  14. Voila!

    The Queen and Prince Philip are delighted at the news of the birth of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's baby— TheBritishMonarchy (@BritishMonarchy) July 22, 2013

  15. Don’t name the baby after Chuck, either. I vote for Prince William Henry Hugo.

  16. I say Prince George Albert William Frederick.

  17. They have about 20 names I’m sure to like one of them 😉

  18. Happy birthday to him! 🙂

  19. I pick:

    Henry William Charles.

    I like how you pick your name Hugo!

  20. Awww, I bet he’ll be a cute little buggar.

  21. I wonder if the baby has dark, blonde, or maybe red hair – like Prince Harry?

    CNN says Kate and the baby will spend the night in the hospital with Prince William by their side. The plan is to go home to their humble abode tomorrow. The baby’s name may be announced then or it may take several days.

    I am way too into this!!!

  22. Me too Beata. Don’t feel bad about being into it….we need some happy news.

  23. Well happy for them but do wish it was a girl. I was pleased to hear no matter gender she was in line to the throne and well I think all countries should have omen leaders.

  24. I heard the news as I was leaving my MD office. I had hoped for a girl – to be the first Queen of England following the new order of succession ruling. But I just hope they are all very happy and Kate’s mother will have open access to her grandson. Can you imagine being the only grandmother to the future King??? and to top it off, be a “commoner”?

    And yes, we certainly do need happy news for a change.

  25. imust, it’s not really my name. It’s a beloved dog of mine. He ruled our house wisely and with a joie de vivre.

    You can’t be way too into this, Beata. It’s good news and a much needed break from the never-ending bickering. We should enjoy it while we can.

  26. OMG, looks like Prince Charles has a Twitter account and you can tweet about the baby at #WelcometotheWorld.

  27. I was hoping for a girl too, what with the new rules of succession and was also hoping for the name Diana.


    I know–as long as he’s healthy, etc.

  28. I was hoping for a girl too Sophie. But do you think they would have named her Diana? I would have loved it….Charles/Camilla/The Queen….probably not so much. Of course that’s part of why I would have loved it 😉
    Do you think they’ll find a way to include a family name from Diana’s side?

  29. Perhaps Victoria Diana?

  30. Yeah, they would have used it as a middle name most likely.

  31. King Kong funny!

  32. Here are some names from Diana’s side of the family:

    Edward John ( father )
    Albert Edward John ( paternal grandfather )
    Charles ( paternal great-grandfather; also the name of her brother )
    Francis ( male version of Frances, her mother’s name )
    Edmund ( maternal grandfather )
    James ( maternal great-grandfather )

  33. I compiled the above list so I hope it’s accurate.

  34. Hmm…Maybe Edward William Charles then.

  35. I m so tired of those names. They’ve been recycling the same names for over a thousand years. And then you have like a bazillion Brits named Connor, Trevor, Colin, and so on, yet those never get to be king;s names.

    I’d say Elton, but that’s a queen’s name.

  36. How about Reginald Kenneth Dwight?

  37. Or…
    John Paul George Ringo

    Mick Keith Brian

  38. Sophie & imust, good points. Same recycled boring names. imust, LOL!

  39. How about Reginald Kenneth Dwight?

    I love you for knowing that!

  40. Elton would certainly bring in a Diana connection.

  41. He could be the Godfather.

  42. Interesting, he is a knight, Sir Elton.
    They could name the baby king Levon…

    This was my first album!

  43. I Lurvey Madman Across the Water and played the grooves off that thing.

  44. Prince Sherlock Heathcliff Dumbledore.

  45. Darcy?

  46. Hmm…Prince Razor Face? Thinking outside the box here.

    This was the first album I bought with my own ( paper route ) money.

  47. Wow, that album brings back some good memories. I had it on 8-track tape.

  48. I got that album as a birthday gift, and it was the only one I had for a while so like Anita, I played the grooves off!
    OMG Beata! 8 tracks! My first 8 track was Seals & Crofts!

  49. I don’t much care what they name him, just so long as he doesn’t grow up to look like that horrid Charles.

    The Queen has to approve the name and I can promise you Diana’s family won’t show up anywhere on that birth certificate. They used her to spawn some decent looking boys for the massively fugly heir to the throne — and then threw her away.

  50. That’s right Uppity, thank God those boys took after their mother!

    Hooray for France socal!

  51. William & Kate have a lot of class. They made this statement today:

    “We would like to thank the staff at the Lindo Wing and the whole hospital for the tremendous care the three of us have received. We know it has been a very busy period for the hospital and we would like to thank everyone – staff, patients and visitors – for their understanding during this time.”

    Did the parents of North West make any kind of statement like that?

  52. The royal couple drove away from the hospital with “Royal Baby on Board” and William at the wheel! Going home to Kensington Palace. No name announced yet. William says the baby has Kate’s good looks. Aw…

  53. They were so gracious to the hospital staff and public.

    North West’s baby daddy punched a paparazzo. Guess he’s just a peasant at heart.

  54. I mentioned North West’s parents because someone on the news said that the Kardashian’s were our royalty!

  55. Weiner is simply scum… Is he related to Kanye or Kim?

  56. The new royal family is simply lovely. I hope they are as happy as they appear. And I hope the little prince has a happy and healthy life. the photos I have seen make me smile.

  57. leslie Anthony….or should I say…Carlos Danger…is using the same strategy as Arrrrnold Swartzwhatever, our old Gropanator….the “I behaved badly” meme. And how did that turn out? He fathered a love child with his children’s nanny.

  58. Kardashians are not royalty, there are a symptom of brain atrophy.

    Weiner’s re-emergence is a symptom of unsound judgment on the part of people who are allowed to have opinions. If this guy can’t be trusted to make the right choices with his cellphone and his private parts, he sure cannot be trusted to think and act on behalf of any city.

    And then, there is a baby… I hope he dominates the news for a few more days.

  59. JMHO. but there something less icky about fathering a child with the maid, then sending pix of your junk out so they end up in the public domain.

  60. True Hugo, very icky. But Arrrnold groped a lot of women, in public and humiliated them before the affair and child.

  61. No ‘splaining why Maria Shriver hook up with him. I’ll never understand it. Unless she thought he was like a Kennedy man.

    I was just perusing the internet news and it’s sad to see Prince Sherlock Heathcliff Dumbledore Darcy having to share the page with the disgusting Weiner story. Talk about contrast!

  62. I know sad to see the pervert knock the cute baby off the headline. On another subject…..Claire “my kids tell me who to vote for” McCaskill apologizes to the Clinton.

    “Here’s the deal. I said a lot of things in the last 30 years that I’m not particularly proud of. I mean there have been things that I’ve said that I wish I could take back and I said that….but it was not necessary. It was gratuitous and hurtful and I have apologized to both President Clinton and Hillary Clinton for saying it,” McCaskill said


  63. I wonder they they haven’t named Prince Sherlock yet.

    Still wish it had been a girl: Hermione Diana

  64. Oh, they’ve probably named him, they just haven’t announced yet.

  65. Well what the heck are the waiting for? Did Prince Harry bet a pile on George and they’re waiting for the odds to go back up?

  66. My guess is that the Queen and Prime Minister get to weigh in on the baby name. I haven’t researched that but I’ll bet the name has to pass through some approval process.

    Queen Hermione Diana has a nice ring to it. Sounds like a woman of substance.

  67. The Norwegian woman that was sentenced to 16 months in jail for being raped by her boss has been, get this…”pardoned”. The rapist, who was sentenced to 13 months for sex outside marriage and drinking, was also pardoned. Pardoned…for being raped. Unbelievable.

    Leslie, how is the kitchen coming?

  68. Hugo, can you imagine not being able to name your own baby?
    Socal, that story of the woman in Dubai was just crazy. Wasn’t Janet Jackson’s husband somehow connected to that story. Didn’t MJ spend some time there after he got off for pedophile charges?

  69. Yes, to both. JJ creepy husband signed the letter firing her. Here’s his latest:

    “On July 20, the company, Al Mana Interiors, defended its position in ending her employment.

    Company representatives have been supportive and in communication with Marte throughout her ordeal. Only when Ms. Dalelv declined to have positive and constructive discussions about her employment status, and ceased communication with her employer, was the company forced to end our relationship with her. The decision had nothing to do with the rape allegation, and unfortunately neither Ms. Dalelv nor her attorneys have chosen to contact the company to discuss her employment status.”

    (From the link above)

    How is she supposed to “have positive and constructive discussions about her employment status” when she’s sitting in jail?

  70. OT: There is nothing more disgusting than parading your humiliated wife in front of the cameras so she can pimp your candidacy for you. Extra disgusting credit goes to someone who not only humiliated his wife, but who tweeted a picture of his dick publicly.

    Doing this goes to Anthony Wiener’s character just as much as what he has done. I could spit on him for this. That is all. I could puke.

  71. I wonder how much time JJ spends in Dubai. What a bunch of hypocrites.

    Sometimes I think Islamic men think all western women are just sex objects. A few years ago a slutty underwear shop opened up in a local mall. AND it was run by a bunch of Middle Eastern men. Really pissed me off that they think their women are so pure that they should be wrapped up in bags, but they can make money selling skimpy drawers to other women. And they leer. I have no problem believing this western woman was raped. JMHO, but based on too many encounters with the leering. How do you say in Arabic, “WTF R U lookin’ at?”

  72. He’s delusional Uppity. The mental gymnastics that allows him to deny, claim contrition and blame all at the same time shows deep…deep seated problems.

  73. I can’t find anything regarding British law that requires the Queen to approve the baby name, but CNN and USA Today have reported that she does have the right of approval. So, it will likely be one of the stuffy old names. I hope they don’t name him George or Charles. Those names do not have good history.

  74. Socal, the kitchen has proven to be a much bigger project than any of the contractors predicted. So, in the future I won’t buy anything built before I was born. Of course THAT will still put it into the “vintage” category in real estate terms. The plumbers tried to disconnect the live gas lines in the ceilings and walls so the electricians could rewire. (The building, built in 1902, was originally gas-lit.) The plumbers were also to move water lines. They discovered the other units above me had screwed up the plumbing long ago and the “few hours – less than a day with one man” has now become a 3-day 2-man job with no end in sight. The electricians started 2days ago and had to stop due to the live gas still coursing through he ceiling/walls. I will definitely NOT be able to afford the desired end result. I may end up with cardboard countertops and exposed hanging light bulbs for a more rustic look. In the meantime, I have become so physically ill from the heat, the dust, and whatever was unleashed into my lungs from the “de-construction” of my place, that I am seeing a specialist tomorrow and haven’t been back to work since last Thursday. It started like a virus and now I have a life-threatening blood issue with platelet count of 15.
    All this with proper care taken to eliminate release of said dirt/dust and particles into the rest of the apartment and exposure to me personally..
    I bet you wish you hadn’t asked. But I thank you for doing so.

  75. Looks like James is a top contender.

  76. What imust said @10:43.

  77. I think James is nice. I married one and have a brother with that name.

  78. So sorry about your health problems leslie. Glad you are seeing a specialist. Take care!

  79. What will the Obamas give to the Royal Baby?

    I shudder to think…..

  80. I think Obama will autograph a basketball and give it to the baby along with autographed copies his various pretend memoirs.

  81. Whoa! Good guess Hugo. Basketball. Keeping the sports theme, perhaps a baby bag of golf clubs??

  82. LOL! That’s too cute for the obama’s to give him.

  83. OT, but related to the Weiner story. The GOP is proposing to withhold SOS Horseface’s paycheck if he doesn’t jump through the hoops they set up for him.

    Regardless of how much I dislike Horseface, this proposal is over the top and is one a many reasons we can’t get good candidates to run for elected office, and so we get scumbags like Weiner. Only effing defects would put up with personal abuse, which is what this is. The GOP in Congress should give up all pay until they do something useful. Guess that would never occur to them. Instead, they try to humiliated an SOS in yet another example of asshole grandstanding at taxpayer expense.

    They need to get some real work done that is actually meaningful to We The People who pay their way.

  84. OMG that’s ridiculous! Isn’t that called, extortion? And it’s so personal. We’ve seen indirect threats like that….withholding money to fund programs that involve contract payments…or when Obama said something like he wasn’t sure Social Security checks would go out, etc. But this takes it to another level.


    There you have it. The future King George.

  86. Yes, imust, too personal. Next thing you know they will be challenging admin officials to duels. They are freaking out of control now. Who in their right mind would tolerate that crap?

  87. Awww…I wanted them to name the baby Hugo after one of my beloved dogs, but the name, Louis, will do just as well. It’s the name of my dog who recently went to doggie heaven. I take that as a good omen.

    I hope they call him Alex or Louie. I’m not loving the George name.

  88. Regarding the link regarding US government surveillance programs, I wonder whether other countries have the same capability for spying on us. Aand once we reining this surveillance that our government does, where do we stand in comparison to those spy programs in other countries? Do they get an advantage over the US?

  89. My take on Wyden’s speech wasn’t so much reining in surveillance on our part, more on transparency of the laws.

  90. Whatever is transparent to us is transparent to our enemies. Not sure how to solve that problem. But, the Wyden statement is full of hyperbole, and that is never helpful. I’ve been on the receiving end of that type of hyperbole; therefore, I don’t trust it. I guess I need to see concrete examples of harm done to US citizens as a result of this “surveillance state.” I understand the concerns and that there must be safeguards, but I don’t believe that the US government is spying on our citizens unless there is some probable cause.

  91. Good idea to speechify on the economy. Just in time for more GOP “shut down the gubbermint” threats. They want a government shut down over obamacare. Really sound thinking. Destroy the nation. And Obama is helpless and hopeless.

  92. The problem is our laws have not kept up with our technology. The potential for abuse is pretty powerful.
    Transcript of address:


  93. Revising laws to keep up with technology is appropriate, but that can be done without creating paranoia and animosity against the US government. It’s more political grandstanding, IMO. Sometimes it seems that the public thinks the US government is a bigger threat than al Quaeda, the Chinese, drug cartels, and gangs.

  94. I don’t see Wyden as hyperbolic, he’s on the Intelligence Committee, and a Democrat. There’s a couple of bills on the House floor up for vote and he’s trying to draw attention to them. Wyden has usually been very wonkish and tried to work in a bi-partisan manner, esp. with Sen. Bennett of Utah and Sen Udall.

  95. Here is some of the language that I consider hyperbolic, unless and until someone shows evidence of specific innocent Americans who have been subject to surveillance without probable cause. Other wise, in my view, it’s speculative and alarmist language.

    -omnipresent surveillance state
    -dragnet bulk surveillance of law-abiding Americans
    -the FISA court strays so far from the adversarial process that has been part of our system for centuries
    -the government can develop a database of readers of books and magazines considered subversive.
    -we can be tracked and monitored anywhere we are at any time.

    Another point that occurred to me while reading the transcript is this. If there are people in Congress who know that individuals in NSA have violated citizens’ right to privacy, it seems to me they are obligated to give us that evidence, otherwise, they too are operating in secret.

    I also noted that Wyden objects to the FISA court issuing rulings in a non-adversarial process. I understand his point, but how does one maintain secrecy during an ongoing investigation and ensure that the case is presented to the court with someone representing an opposing opinion? Seems like the investigation would be compromised.

    I was also amazed that he calls intelligence employees “genuine patriots” while informing the public that these employees are such a threat to their freedom.

    Granted, we need watchdogs, but this whole debate troubles me because we’ve been told that our government is doing us harm, but no details have been provided other than collection of metadata. We only have part of the story, yet we’re supposed to assume that our government’s intent is to watch everyone’s every move. It does not ring true to me. I think the debate should be ongoing, but without unsupported accusations.

  96. Okay, I see your point. But I think it’s kind of a catch 22. He’s trying to draw attention to put limits or safeguards to protect our civil liberties on programs as a member of a committee that he’s bound to respect the confidentiality agreements for in order to serve. Tough line to navigate. IMO that’s why it seems alarmist, because he can’t give examples due to the necessary secrecy for National Security.

  97. It is a catch 22, imust, and I might be really pissed if the hard facts show someone is eavesdropping without just cause and just for the sake of tracking innocent Americans. However, I am very concerned about the damage to trust this dribbling of info has caused. Just as we will run out of decent candidates for political office if they have to endure abuse, we’ll run low on people who want to serve the public if they have to be subjected to unsupported accusations. Public service used to be an honorable endeavor, but I would not recommend it to any young person these days, and the rhetoric surrounding this is one example of why. Again, this is just my opinion.

  98. Back to Prince Baby Louie. The press is horrid. they are already looking for scandal. will Kate suffer from post-partum depression like Diana? Will Kate try to lose her baby weight too fast? Answer: None of your damn business! Slow learners.

  99. Somehow I think Kate will be just fine. The circumstances of her relationship with William are much different than Diana and Charles. Plus, the media may be slow learners, but I doubt William and Kate are!

  100. It’s official, Caroline Kennedy has been nominated Ambassador to Japan. Caroline’s first statement:

    um. ほらのような… umm… あなたが知っている.

    *translation “um…you know… you know…….

  101. I think you’re correct, imust, but it’s just embarrassing to witness the press being such dimwits.

    Another topic. I just read on a the conservative Washington Times website that some Special Ops veterans delivered to Capital Hill a 60 foot long petition to end the Benghazi cover-up. So, I have two burning questions about this obsessive behavior.

    Why are these four deceased Americans more important than all of the ones that we lost in Iraq and Afghanistan? You’d think we’ve never before lost people we had sent to dangerous locations. Seems like the Repubs are taking this loss much harder than the other losses we’ve suffered.

    And, if the Repubs are absolutely positive that there is an ongoing cover-up behind the Benghazi attack, does that mean they already have all of the facts? How can you accuse people of a cover-up when you know about it? Not much of a cover-up. Maybe someone should deliver to Capital Hill a 60 foot long petition demanding that the accusers divulge all the facts they have that prove there is a cover-up. It can be called the Put Up Or Shut Up Petition.

  102. LOL @ imust! Poor Caroline. It’s her first real job. We must be kind.

    I saw her mentioned in the news today and was thinking of how disappointing the generation of Kennedys is. So mediocre. RFKs oldest daughter was Lt. Gov in my state and ran for Gov but lost. She has the characteristics of a good public servant, but no charisma. But she is a hell of a lot better speaker that Princess Caroline.

  103. I believe it was the timing of the Benghazi event (not just the infamous date), but the proximity to the election. They feel that Obama was more concerned about the attack interfering with him winning a 2nd term than concern for the Americans. Also, the frustration with the O administration/Obama himself minimizing terrorism and coddling terrorists.

  104. I recognize that’s one of the allegations and I suspect Obama’s people did consider the election as a factor, but that just what politicians of his ilk do. Not sure it amounts to cover-up in a criminal sense. But I suspect this attempt to perpetuate the story has more t do with Hillary’s political future and is part of a no-hold-barred effort to prevent her from running for POTUS. I read last night that there are now two PACs established for that sole purpose. So, the four deceased Americans are political footballs.

  105. Gotta run. Good night!

  106. Agree on the Hillary motivation Hugo. Also, just an aside regarding Caroline Kennedy. FTR, I always liked Caroline Kennedy, but then she endorsed Obama………..

  107. I put the lid on her for sure as soon as she opened her mouth and ran for office, showing herself to be dumber than a bag of hammers and embarrassing women everywhere.

  108. Spot on Upps.She is an embarrassment. 🙄

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