The Dog Days of Summer Continue

Did you hear that “sl@tbag” was trending on twitter yesterday? One word, “Weiner”. Yes the Weinermobile rolls again.

Come on aboard! Everyone’s welcome. You’ll even get a free whistle!

It’s a little complicated, so bear with me. As so often happens, when a ship, in this case, the Weinermobile, begins to sink, the crew starts abandoning ship…er…mobile. After jumping off, it’s not unusual for them to start “talking”, especially if the press is willing and eager to listen. Such is the case of former Weiner Intern, Olivia Nuzzi. She not only talked to the Daily News, she wrote the article and found herself on the cover! Much to the apparent dismay of another staffer, Barbara Morgan, Communications Director. Ms. Morgan was none too pleased and spoke “off the record” to a reporter herself from TPM. Did I say spoke? I meant ranted. I’m guessing Ms. Morgan’s previous job was a sailor, because she sure talks like one. (No offense to actual sailors is intended.) So what does this have to do with “sl@tbag” trending? I’ll get back to that in a minute. First, a little more from the Daily News article. The piece was mainly about the interns on the Weiner campaign and why they joined in the first place. Not surprisingly, Weiner had a hard time finding an experienced staff, so he needed to hire a lot of cheap interns. For sl@tbag, I mean Ms. Nuzzi, she said, because of her interest in politics and previous intern work on campaigns, many of her friends sent her the help wanted ad from the Weiner campaign. Obviously the opportunity looked good to her, because she signed on. Other interns claimed that they joined not so much for Weiner, but for his wife Huma and her connection to Hillary Clinton. They wanted to parlay the Weiner job, (did I just say that?) to a job in the Clinton Camp in 2016.

“I’m here because of Huma,” Clay Adam Wade, a junior staffer, explained to me.
The sentiment was repeated to me again by some fellow interns.
Their hope was to make a connection with Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, and thus forge a potential connection to her longtime boss, Hillary Clinton, to get an inside track for a campaign position if she ran for president in 2016.

The article also gave a glimpse into the campaign and Weiner himself. I found this part interesting:

There was the time when he called his 20 interns into a cramped office, and boasted that if we told him our names and one fact about ourselves, he could correctly identify all of us. He went around the room, then went back to the first intern, and tried to remember her name.
“Monica,” he said. No, it was Stephanie.
Then he called me “Monica.” Wrong again.

Oh, ha-ha-ha Anthony! Monica, as in Monica Lewinski, I get it! Nice slap at Bill Clinton. Or was it a slap to the women interns? Probably both. To the Weiners of the world, wimminz are only good for one thing….right Carlos?

So now the other part of this story. The “off the record” part. Ms. Morgan was so angry about Ms. Nuzzi talking to the Daily News, she trashed her with every name in the book, (the Book of Misogyny I guess) including the now infamous, “sl@tbag”. You’ll have to read about it here as I don’t want to even post a quote. This is after all, a family blog.

What is it about the Third Wave? Do they really think trashing other women and calling them things like, “Sl@tbag” advance our status? She has no problem with what sleezy Carlos Danger does with his cellphone, but getting yourself on the cover of the Daily News….well, that’s something only a sl@t would do!! Okay, I’ve changed my mind, I’ll post one quote from the TPM article just to make my point. But I’ll clean it up a bit. I’m sure you’ll get the gist of it though, Morgan was really mad about that cover!!

“F@c#ing slutbag. Nice f@c#ing glamour shot on the cover of the Daily News. Man, see if you ever get a job in this town again,” said Morgan.

So in Ms. Morgan’s world, a sleezy exhibitionist who wears a towel and uses his cellphone in his bathroom, instead of a trench coat in the park should be Mayor of NYC…but young interns who speak to the press should be unemployed forever. Okay, I get it. Not really.

This whole thing is such an embarrassing mess that could have been avoided. We didn’t even get a whistle.

Update: Ms. Potty Mouth Morgan feels really, really bad about getting caught what she said, and has issued a heartfelt, sincere apology to sl@tbag Ms. Nuzzi.
**Another Update** Ms. Morgan, according to this report “called and emailed” Ms. Nuzzi her apology. Oh, and Anthony will be standing by his woman, not Huma, Barbara Morgan.


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  1. Not one comment all day. I guess people are tired of talking about Anthony Weiner?

  2. Weiner doesn’t have a lemon flavored shaved ice cone’s chance in hell of getting elected mayor, so people have moved on.
    Either that, or word press is down.

  3. Good post imust. My God, Weiners campaign is just spiraling down. How low can they go?

  4. We’re having a mild summer so far. Only a couple of nights that were really uncomfortable. Lately its been getting very cool at night in our area.

  5. I would have to say that those interns who want to get next to Huma so they can get next to Hillary have to be pretty uninformed. They’ve probably never seen “All About Eve”.

  6. Meh…that wasn’t the best clip.

  7. I love that movie!

  8. I’m not getting why anyone is linking the Weiners to the Clintons (other than for 2016 political reasons). The Weiners are nothing compared to Bill and Hillary, Nothing! Anthony has accomplished nothing and Huma is just a staffer and now consultant. Nothing remarkable about either.

    The only noteworthy point involving Hillary in this Weiner story is that she continues to be loyal to her peeps–maybe too loyal. She hung on to two of them in 2008 and it was not in her own best interest. (Mark Penn and that back-stabbing mole woman, whose name escapes me) But, she appears to be a selfless person and so, will rise above this.

  9. Well, here we go. According to friends (take that with a grain of salt)
    Huma blames herself for Carlos Danger. She was focused on her baby and not enough on Carlos.

  10. Hugo,Huma’s status with Hillary goes far beyond staff. She has literally been Hillary’s right hand woman for years, long before Weiner got his talons into her. The only reason Hillary gave him the time of day with his own watch is because of Huma’s inexplicable attraction to him. If Huma dumped Weiner, Hillary would turn on him like the junkyard dog he is. Her loyalty is to Huma, whom she not only has trusted with her life for years, but about whom Hillary has said, and I paraphrase: I have one daughter. But if I were to have another one, it would be Huma. That is how very close the two are.

  11. Hugo, the Back-Stabbing Mole Woman was Patti Solis Doyle.

  12. Yes! Doyle! That POS! She probably would have been selling shoes at Payless if it weren’t for Hillary. Ingrate!

  13. Wasn’t Patty Solis Doyle related to someone on the Obama team?

  14. Where did everybody go???

  15. Ah, yes. Doyle. I had too much of a sinus headache this morning to remember her name. TY, Beata

  16. Uppity, I understand the point you make about the Hillary/Huma relationship. My point is that both Huma and Weiner are minor beings compared to Bill and Hillary. Regardless of personal feelings, Huma is a staffer, not a principle. Without Hillary, we would only know her as the wife of Weiner. And bill is in Africa this week, trying to improve life for Africans, while Weiner is dicking around NYC.

    So, it’s really irking me to hear the Clintons compared to this couple.

  17. imust, I disagree with the first sentence in that linked article. Hillary did inspire voters, as we know. She was robbed by the rules committee. But I do love the Carville statement. “I told you so…” Yep!

  18. I agree Hugo. Anything in the press that is “positive” at all about Hillary also has a lot of negatives. They really can’t be objective about her at all, even when the evidence is staring them in the face. CDS is a terminal illness.

  19. The press ought to return to reporting and keep opinions out of it. I’m listening to the sentencing hearing for that monster Ariel Castro and one of the FOX talkers just went on a tirade. Then, I got nostalgic for the good old days of Walter Cronkite and Huntley and Brinkley. The US press now is toxic.

  20. What was the tirade Hugo?

  21. I don’t listen to the news outlets any longer, Hugo, so if they are comparing the Weiners to the Clintons, it’s only because they LOVE to remind everyone about the blue dress and how Hillary stood by her man, which was an awful thing. It also would have been an awful thing if she left Bill. To them, it doesn’t matter, just so long as they can hammer her. She met with Obama and they talked about her new hair style. The single most responsible pigs for sexism and misogyny in the USA is the mainstream press. So there really is no other reason to tie them to the Clintons, as it is true Weiner is a nobody next to them, and as a couple, it is *obvious* that since Hill and Huma are the definition of BFFs, it stands to reason that Anthony is a cheater like Bill. You get the picture. Any opportunity they get to dredge that up is an opportunity they love. They love do scratch for dirty, backhanded ways to slam the clintons, and there is so little going against them these days, what else could they find to bring the Clintons into their sites than, Hey! Look! He whips out his dick! She’s married to him! She’s a friend of Hillary’s. Blue Dress! Blue Dress!

    I really despise Anthony Weiner, as he is an embarrassment to everyone and everything. And he’s DISGUSTINGLY arrogant about it, as if being a filthy pig in public is No Big Deal because he’s so Special and loved. Everytime he opens his mouth with that snotty look on his face, he loses another percentage point. But that just doesn’t stop him, the arrogant bastard. I can’t wait till his next Dick story comes out, and trust me, more WILL come out. Perverts know no boundaries. What a disgrace he is.

  22. Yes Uppity, and there just happens to be a newly minted *Monica* story that is *trending* on yahoo. Some kind of supposed tape. Wow, what a coinky-dink! Did you notice the part in the article where the intern says Weiner called the female interns “Monica”? Wiener is so jealous of Bill Clinton he can’t stand it.

    Also, an aside, I’ve been having trouble with wordpress today…anyone else?

  23. With regard to Huma and Carlos…..I read this New Yorker piece and the part about how they *met* was interesting……moral of the story: Ladies, TRUST YOUR FIRST INSTINCTS!!

    At a Democratic National Committee retreat on Martha’s Vineyard in August 2001, Weiner asked Abedin if she wanted to go out for a drink. She told him she had to work. Weiner turned to Clinton and said: “I asked Huma out for a drink, and she says she has to work. Can you give her the night off?” With Abedin now behind Weiner, waving her arms and shaking her head “no” to try to get her boss’s attention, Clinton, forever the Midwesterner, said, “Of course all you young people should go out!” Terry McAuliffe, the chairman of the D.N.C., who was watching the scene unfold, said: “Huma Weiner! Oh, my gosh! That’s so funny.” Abedin was mortified.

    “So, we went out for a drink,” Weiner says, “which is when I found out she doesn’t drink, and she orders tea and excuses herself to go to the ladies’ room, and when she gets up, this cabal of four or five of her friends come over to the table and say: ‘Stay away. She wants no part of you.’ And this part of the story Huma disputes, but it’s true. She never came back. She ditched me.” (She claims that it took her awhile to get back to the table because she kept bumping into people she knew, and by the time she did, he was gone.)

    Over the next six years, they ran into each other regularly. “We’d show up at some pancake breakfast on a Sunday,” Abedin says, “and Hillary would be going up to the podium, and Anthony would be walking offstage.” Here, she imitates him in shtick mode: “ ‘I warmed ’em up for you, Hillary. They’re all set, teed up to go!’ Hillary would always laugh, and I would think, My God, he’s such a jerk.”

  24. Weiner is an exhibitionist, which means he gets a thrill from exposing himself. How excited he must be to have the whole country talking about him and his naughty bits! He doesn’t care that he’s hurting his family or his career. He won’t stop because he enjoys what he’s doing and he feels no shame about it. He’s probably “sexting” right now. Yuck.

    This story has nothing to do with Hillary or Bill Clinton. It has everything to do with a repulsive little man named Anthony Weiner and his sick compulsion.

  25. imust, the tirade was someone shrieking about Castro. We all know he'[s vile, but that woman’s tirade has no place in the media. I just want facts, not a freakish performance.

    Took me a while to respond because I had to go work on a horse farm and shovel real horse poop. A refreshing break!

  26. Yep, it’s the Blue Dress. It’s a Monica story. It’s all dishonest and lazy journalism. Too damn stupid and lazy to go out a do some real investigating and dig up some fresh news that is meaningful to people’s lives.

    OMG, that account of Huma and Weiner’s beginnings is hilarious. She should have stuck to her first impression, but sometimes a woman makes a wrong turn. I’ve done it myself. But, in the end, I ended up divorced. DIVORCED, Huma! There’s no future. You cannot fix him. Move on!!

  27. Beata, you’re right. A normal person would be mortified if their private parts were out there in the public domain, but he’s just arrogant about it. I’d consider hari kari if it were my junk were so exposed.

  28. Hahaha love that story. how many of us have waved our arms behind someone like Huma did? You’re right, she should have trusted her instincts.

    I remember when guys like Weiner would be arrested and jailed for public indecent exposure.

  29. And the media would not even report such stuff. I can’t imagine Cronkite talking about sexting.

  30. I remember reading about men getting arrested for indecent exposure back in the day also. Now its so common. No more raincoats, just show every centimeter of your privates online. What a lowlife society we have here now. That article was interesting. Every time I read any thing about Weiner, he gets worse.

  31. Anyone watching #ournixon on CNN? It’s pretty interesting.

  32. Killer article on Weiner, imust. Amazing that he even gets 1% of the vote. What’s wrong with NYC voters?!

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