The Buck Stops Nowhere

The Blame Game. Passing the Buck. Seems no one takes responsibility anymore.

It’s YOUR fault!

Mayor Bob Filner is blaming the City of San Diego….

The attorney for San Diego’s embattled mayor says the city failed to provide Bob Filner state-required sexual harassment training and therefore should pay to defend him against a lawsuit by his former communications director, who alleges he asked her to work without wearing panties.

But I didn’t KNOW I wasn’t supposed to tell women co-workers to leave their panties at home!!!

Creepo Ariel Castro, the guy who imprisoned three young women in his home for more than ten years blamed porn, abused childhood, and his victims….

He denied he raped and beat Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, claiming instead that they asked him for sex and that his sexual addiction was to blame. He even said the abuse couldn’t have been that bad because DeJesus “looks normal.” While many onlookers were astonished, abuse experts said they hear that kind of language and justification every day.

NBC News asked them to weigh in on specific comments Castro made:

“Most of the sex that went on in that house, probably all of it, was consensual,” Castro said. “These allegations about being forceful on them — that is totally wrong. Because there was times where they’d even ask me for sex –many times. And I learned that these girls were not virgins. From their testimony to me, they had multiple partners before me, all three of them.”

It was consensual!

Sure, consensual. That’s why you had to board up the windows, chain them to poles in the basement and take the door knobs off the doors???

Finally, Carlos Danger, aka Mr. Weiner allows his wife, Huma Abedin to blame herself for HIS perversion…..

The humiliated wife of serial sexter Anthony Weiner partly blames herself for his philandering ways, it emerged today.
Family and friends of Huma Abedin, 38, told People magazine that she began to beat herself up because Weiner returned to phone sex after they stopped going to couple’s therapy and their new baby began to take up more of her time.

No Huma! It is NOT your fault!! Remember when you first met him and thought he was a jerk??

Over the next six years, they ran into each other regularly. “We’d show up at some pancake breakfast on a Sunday,” Abedin says, “and Hillary would be going up to the podium, and Anthony would be walking offstage.” Here, she imitates him in shtick mode: “ ‘I warmed ’em up for you, Hillary. They’re all set, teed up to go!’ Hillary would always laugh, and I would think, My God, he’s such a jerk.”

Huma, you were right….he IS a jerk…and it’s HIS FAULT!!!


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  1. The story about Huma is so sad. She needs to stop beating herself up. She should forget about “couple’s therapy” and get some individual therapy so she can find the strength to leave this creep forever.

    Huma, sister, Weiner is not your North Star. It’s over there, in the opposite direction – far away from him – shining brightly. Start walking toward it now. Better yet, run.

  2. Beata, I’ve sensed from the beginning that Huma was trying to “fix” him. I’m sure she loves him too. But he uses that love against her. As you say, she needs to leave. She has to come to that realization herself and walk out the door.

  3. Huma will not leave until she gives up on him and sees the light. No one can tell her. And to add to her troubles, Grassley is investigating her for possible government ethics violations, and so other ass is inquiring about where they got the money for their “lavish” wedding. Huma is getting hit with a sunami of troubles.

    I thin k the Grassley probe is really directed at Hillary and that really disappoints ,e. I thought Grassley was above Issa-like conduct.

  4. I agree Hugo. And you know Weiner has played on her kindness and probably blamed her for being away with her State Dept. job, etc. When you listen to him on TV making excuses, twisting logic like a pretzel, and becoming rather belligerent toward anyone who questions him……you can imagine what he has said to her in private over the years. He’s the scum that you scrape off your shoe IMO.

  5. Beata that was exactly my thought. It’s so sad. Just sad.

  6. I agree.
    Start walking toward it now. Better yet, run. 🙂

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