Weekend Concert On The Blog

An old sock.


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  1. Very nice. Thanks very much, I’ve been meaning to get this cd. It sounded like old Eric with the wah-wah on the second song. Anyway, we really liked it. Great start to the weekend.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it lakerwade. 🙂

  3. Great videos, imust. Even my mother, who is almost 90 years old now, was a big Clapton fan. I mean, who doesn’t love Clapton?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. What a great idea, imust, a weekend concert. Here’s what’s playing in my neck of the woods. one of my all time favorite songs and one that I like to keep in mind when the news gets me down.

  5. And here’s a song for Huma when she’s ready.

  6. ROFL Hugo good song for Huma! Nice version of What a Wonderful World. I love Steve Winwood Beata!

    Here’s one of my favs of his:

  7. Nice to hear some Steve Winwood. it’s been a while.

    So, it appears that Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley really is considering a run for POTUS in 2016. I would prefer he ias Hillary’s VP, but time will tell.


  8. But, what’s important now is that Martin can contribute to this blog’s weekend concert. Hope you all enjoy a little sea chantey!

  9. O’Malley, isn’t he an Obamabot? You’re right, he’d be a better VP, except he brings nothing geographically, Maryland is always Democratic, 10 delegates.

    Love traditional Irish music. But how about a little Cranberries? I saw them at a fair in Killarney with the Black Eyed Peas back in 2003.

  10. Niamh Parsons:

  11. Nice Beata thanks!

  12. Great songs you guys! Especially loved hearing the new EC songs. I liked the Gary Moore cover best (Still Got The Blues).

    You will not believe this BS:


  13. imust, O’Malley talks like an obot now, but he was Hillary’s campaign chair in Maryland and did not join the Dems who pushed her to get out. He is tight with Barbara Milkulski who is tight with Hillary. I hope he chooses not to run in 2016. Maybe later. We need Hillary now.

    I’ve been to one of his band’s performances and had a good time.

  14. Beautiful song, Beata. She’s new to me.

    Always love Van, Enya and the Cranberries and the Blackeyed Peas.

  15. Beautiful weather in these parts considering it’s the Dog Days. Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.

  16. socal, that’s some real democracy they have going on deep in the heart of Texas. I wonder if any other filibusterer has had to pay. She should pay up in tampons.

  17. I didn’t know that about O’Malley Hugo, thanks!

  18. Let’s dance.

  19. Nice music! I missed yas.

  20. Welcome Back Sophie!

  21. Hello everyone. It seems like ages ago that I was last out and about. And since returning to work from sick bay, I’m so tired after working that I don’t do much of anything. BUT this weekend was beautiful – for a change – and I was feeling better and got out. I actually had to go out to order the countertop for the not even close new kitchen. So I went to the art fair at the lakefront at the end of the afternoon (post nap) to just be outside and enjoy the air, sun, breeze and the waterfront. I heard a wonderful performance by a group of guitar playing jazz artists led by a man named Alfonso Ponticelli. The youtubes really don’t do justice to his brilliance. But I loved the music. It reminded me of the little group of musicians (with Johnny Depp) that played in the train station cafe. I then learned he appears in a nearby jazz club. I may be able to hear him once again in person the next time I have a week off (he plays in the middle of the week). The crowd – usually pretty jaded when it comes to the art fair musicians – stopped for an hour just to listen to him and his group. I returned to the fair today with my grandbaby(!!), her parents, my older daughter and the other grandmother. I learned from the artiists – even they were enthralled by yesterday’s music.
    I’ll link to one of the videos, but be prepared – they’re all pretty long. I hope you enjoy 😉

  22. Love the video, leslie. Reminds me of Woody Allen movie I saw with Sean Penn as a jazz guitarist who idolized one named Django Reinhard.

  23. I’m glad you liked it, Hugo. The movie is “Sweet and Low Down”. I just reserved it at the library. There is a Django Festival in France every year. These guys take part every year. There’s also a Midwest Gypsy Jazz Festival in Sept. in WI. I think I’m going his year if I can get tkts. Poof! I’ve become a groupie in my old age. LoL. Nice video, btw.

  24. We interrupt the concert on the blog to bring you this late-breaking news announcement:

    U.S. Republicans are threatening to boycott 2016 presidential debates sponsored by networks CNN and NBC unless the networks cancel plans for special programs on Democrat Hillary Clinton

    Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus asked the companies to scrap plans by August 14 for the CNN documentary film, due to premiere next year, and the NBC miniseries on Clinton, expected to air in 2015.

    Priebus said the programs amounted to political ads for Clinton.

    Priebus said if CNN and NBC went ahead with the Clinton shows, he would seek a binding RNC vote that the Republican Party would not work with the two networks on its 2016 primary debates or sanction the debates sponsored by them.

  25. hmmmm…….why do 2 words keep going through my mind?
    oh the irony.

  26. I think that’s called blackmail. It’s usually against the law. Somebody ought to tell Reebus Preebus that nobody can help it if Hillary is the most popular person in the running right now. Maybe he ought to seek people who are more sane than, say, Rick Santorum or either of the Paul-Pauls- or more moral than, say, Newt Gingrich, or with a speck of grey matter, unlike Perry. Maybe then he could enjoy watching a special on one of his candidates. Or perhaps all the networks ought to stop everything they are doing and just pay attention to what he wants. If he had anybody in the running worth spit, he might have a shot at that. As it stands, even FOX wouldn’t do a “special” on those clowns.

  27. LOL! Good point Uppity 🙂

  28. Any Breaking Bad fans here? Starts tonight. Can’t wait.

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