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What do you think about this kid? He’s mad because the Jeopardy judges ruled against him for misspelling his answer in the Final Jeopardy round.

Thomas Hurley III, an eighth-grader from Newtown, Conn. who appeared on Jeopardy!’s kids tournament last week, says his Final Jeopardy answer was unfairly ruled incorrect.
Under the category “Famous Documents,” the Final Jeopardy question referenced an 1863 document that President Abraham Lincoln called a “fit and necessary war measure.” The correct answer was “Emancipation Proclamation,” but Hurley flubbed the spelling, writing “Emanciptation Proclamation

Okay, he was close. But Jeopardy rules are rules. If he had misspoken the word, and said it the way that he had spelled it, they would have ruled it incorrect too. But the kid, even though there was no way he would have won anyway, thinks he was “cheated”.

“I was pretty upset that I was cheated out of the Final Jeopardy question. It was just a spelling error,” Hurley told the News-Times of Danbury.

Poor kid. He’s used to getting a trophy for just showing up.

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Okay, sing along with me…..”do-do-do-da-da-do-do-do…do-do-do-do-DA-….do-do-do-do-do…”

Young Thomas’ father has weighed in:

His father is angrier, saying Trebek “basically humiliated” his son on television.
“Alex Trebek was really sort of callous and smug, kind of condescending towards my son,” he told radio host Fran Schneidau.


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  1. Entitled little shit.

  2. this is the comment I posted over at TCH:
    We watched those kids, and read about the sour graping afterwards.
    I get that the kid is disappointed, and Jeopardy rules are confusing because sometimes they do allow wrong spelling in Final Jeopardy.
    But the parents are not doing their kid any favors by indulging in this, or getting so invested in their kid’s success/failures.
    We were talking about bad contest parents after the State Games this weekend (my kid was competing in karate).
    There is always some parent who will go up to a judge and complain about “the low score you gave my kid!”
    And then there was this scene we witnessed, after a kid lost at wrestling – the kid (maybe 14) walks away obviously upset at losing, and this adult guy, who is either his dad or coach, comes rushing after him to yell at him for losing.
    Some parents need to get a grip, seriously.

  3. Parents need to teach the kid to spell. Frigging spelling has gone out the window, along with the ability to read and write cursive. If they find learning something too much trouble, some ‘education’ group tries to find a way to eliminate it so they don’t have to tax their little minds. All we do constantly is coddle these entitled little snots, until eventually they will know how to do nothing. no wonder employers are calling back retirees. These Give Me A Trophy For SHowing Up kids are just too damned tiresome. If there were ever a 3 day internet and cell tower blackout, they would all turn into zombies.

  4. When I was in grade school, back in the cretaceous era, every test was “wrong spelling = wrong” and illegible penmanship would get a giant red X across your whole paper.

    Btw, did you see that 1912 10th grade test that was going around?

  5. Man when you are out in the real world working with some of these punks it makes life HELL ! You have to do your job and theirs as well. Yes I know the majority here ( myself included) would just as soon allow them to fail and be fired but truth is to keep things working smoothly you have to help them. It sucks. I was having this conversation with my daughter the other day and told her Honor students these days do not impress me. They do not know their multiplication tables, spelling, grammar, or history. They do know how to summon up a calculator on their I phones or anything else they require. Question is who is going to be the ones that program these computers in the future for these lazy assed snots to look up ?
    Eh maybe I am just getting old and turning into a crabby old fart. lol.
    Thing is you can not sit down and discuss history with them at all. You have little to talk about to these kids unless you know the latest fashion craze or I Tune or phone etc. I am glad I will not be around to see what goes on in forty years and I am serious when I say that !

  6. Did you notice that Alex, (the host) mentioned if they had seen the movie “Lincoln” they would be in good shape. If we’re expecting movies to teach, I guess we’ll have to have them spell all the dialogue too! Maybe they can sneak in some math!

  7. Had this family ever watched Jeopardy, before Master Hurley’s appearance on the show?
    Smug and condescending pretty much sums up Alex Trebek.

  8. In real life there are plenty of smug and condescending people, including employers. This kid glove stuff isn’t going to get these kids anywhere. It’s not the Real World where you can go all whiny-ass when things don’t go your way. The problem here is they all really think they are special and we all have to treat them like Mr. Rogers. And yeah, if you go on that show, don’t expect to find any of those kid gloves. That’s life.

  9. Can’t stand the heat, stay outta the kitchen. The father should have seen a recent Red Sox / Orioles game where a Red Sox batter didn’t like the umpire’s call. He beat the phone off the wall in the dugout and shattered the bat. His parents didn’t teach him to behave either.

    The parents need to remember this will follow the kid forever. Just like the pop tart boy. The parents threw a fit and finally had to fess up that the kid has a history and is on meds and on a plan. Now his problem is totally public. Sometimes parents make things worse.

  10. We’ll never forget “balloon boy.”
    Just saying those words gives me the giggles.

  11. Hugo, well I guess now he really IS “special”. Just not in a good way.Thanks Mom and Dad, you horse’s asses.

    Karma, it’s such a bitch.

  12. Utah, these are the same people who would be taking care of us in the nursing home. Now that’s a frightening thought.

  13. Who is the “pop tart boy?”

  14. He is the one who ate his pop tart into the shape of a gun and was suspended. The parents tried to make it about his rights and gun rights and local asshole politicians mad it all about guns and got the kid a life time membership in the NRA. However, the parents were on FB and someone pressed them about the child’s behavior problems and his Dad admitted it. So, there was more to the story than the school freaking out over a pop tart. The story actually go national press. So, now the kid with behavior issues is known nationally. The parents probably should have kept it out of the press, but they seem to be eager to make it about guns, not educating kids with problems.

  15. I think that Red Sox player is on ‘roids.

  16. Uppity Woman, on August 6, 2013 at 5:01 PM said:
    Utah, these are the same people who would be taking care of us in the nursing home. Now that’s a frightening thought.

    Have thought about it and I opt for a plane crash or no recovery heart attack you know something along those lines.

  17. I’ll give the kid this, he didn’t try to spell it in quick txt. Now, he needs to learn how to spell the word correctly. Mommy and daddy should be worried if this kid can’t spell. He might give them the wrong meds later (when he has to care for them) because he was confused.

  18. socal, I think that Red Sox player did have a case of ‘roid rage. It was shocking. And he was the player who got a lot of press because he said something allegedly inspiring after the Boston Marathon bombing. Ortiz is his name. He needs a big fine from MLB, and he better replace that phone in Baltimore.

  19. The military judge presiding over the Fort Hood shooting stopped the trial because Hasan’s back-up attorney thinks he’s deliberately trying to get the death penalty. I say give him what he wants.

    And no one in the US Armey seems to have been responsible for overlooking this guy’s conduct leading up to the murders. I guess pinning Benghazi on someone is taking up all the investigative resources.

  20. Yes, well they didn’t want to offend him…it would be like profiling him doncha know! Hey I have an idea why not pin Benghazi on the Ft. Hood guy??? Bada-bing! [pats self on back for solving problem] 😉

  21. That fucker has received his full pay since 2009–because they can’t stop paying him till he’s found guilty. All these years. Meanwhile, his VICTIMS get SHIT. They can’t even get healthcare for their wounds. The families of the DEAD get NOTHING because that Fucker Obama declared That this TERRORIST committed “Workplace violence” when the ENTIRE world knows it was an act of terrorism. The day he did that, the victims were entitled to NO combat pay, no nothing. Screw you, all 30 of you this POS injured.. Our government is a disgrace.

  22. Today I was going into the supermarket when I saw a guy all breezy and cool, with his wife bundled up like a mummy. They were holding the hand of a little girl who just recently learned to walk. This was a toddler on a wobble. They had her covered from head to toe in 90 degrees and her head wrapped in one of those tight scarfs to show the world she’s a POS girl in submissive training. I don’t care what anyone says, this is child abuse, pure and simple.

  23. “…this is child abuse, pure and simple.”

    Well said. There’s a new woman clerk at our drugstore bundled up the same way, gigantic head scarf and only her hands and a small amount of her face showing. Freaks me out, becuz it seems like abuse or terrorism of women.

  24. If Hasan is still getting his salary, he sure as hell is not spending it anywhere, so he must have a chunk of change stashed somewhere. I would hope the victims can sue him or his estate, once he is properly disposed.

  25. imust, brilliant idea. Let’s pin it on him. I think he’d be ok with that.

    socal, I’d have to find another drug store. I just plain don’t want to do business with someone wrapped up in a bolt of fabric.

  26. Idiots David Brock & Modo agree with Rence Priebus (sp?) about networks having movies about Hillary being unfair to whatever dumbshit repub is running for prez in ’16. Hillary is a legendary & much loved person worldwide, not some creep like Rick Santorum. I think there is nothing wrong with doing a biopic on Hillary. Her life is of great interest to millions around the globe. She hasn’t announced she is running and this seems like a logical time to do the biopics, when she is in semi retirement and after having lived so many different and important roles.

  27. I read this wtf piece on Satanorum @ Jezebel earlier in the day. Its bizarre and kinda funny, well the comments are funny, Satanorums statement is bizarre:

    Now fluffpo is explaining what he meant (or what they think he meant?):

    Check it out if you have a few minutes. Its quite a hoot…all about young men wanting to shower at the Y!!!

  28. I hope rick Perry runs again. Here’s his biopic. He thinks he’s in Florida, but the audience informs him he’s in Louisiana.

  29. LOL, socal. Santorium needs to get a handler–some one who prevents him from speaking. Too bad what keeps running for office.

  30. I think Rick Perry is even dumber than GWB.

  31. You mean Rick “oops” Perry?

  32. Thank God we can always count on Rick Perry for the laugh of the day. I’m betting the writers at Comedy Central hope he runs!

  33. Girl power! There’s an 11 year old girl in the UK with an IQ higher that Einstein and Hawking. I wonder how she’d do in Jeopardy.

  34. Sorry, I do Not want Perry(o) to run. Last time we had a dumb Texan, he won…-well he was selected- an stayed in power for 8 years. And yes, bankrupt the country.
    I can laugh at others but not at these presumptuous, god sent males that want to control our reproductive rights.

  35. Hello UW, I am home honey! I mean I am back at work and summer vacation is over. I was catfishing and beer drinking my way through the summer months. How have you been my friend?

  36. BTW, I am hoping Col. Allan West runs for prez as an independent….Tired of both parties who do nothing than lie to us and steal my cash and force crap on me that I don’t want.

  37. West.. Something to think about 🙂

  38. These kids today are driving us old folks to Drink. 😆

  39. The Conservative Hill Billy, on August 8, 2013 at 12:59 PM said:
    BTW, I am hoping Col. Allan West runs for prez as an independent….Tired of both parties who do nothing than lie to us and steal my cash and force crap on me that I don’t want.

    You and me both !! Trouble is Hillbilly an independent ticket never wins. Would love to see this man in the White House.

  40. I ain’t voting for that guy. I’m not voting for anybody who thinks he has a right to leglislate women’s lives.

  41. As I have said in the past, ones stance on abortion does not change how I feel about them in general. I believe no one politician will ever change it . And again I personally do not agree with abortion unless it is rape,incest, or mothers life in danger. Just how I feel. If life ends when the heart stops beating then it must begin when the heart starts beating. I know most here disagree but it is how I feel.
    Again since it is not against the law I have to respect it and I do not judge others who feel it is a right.

  42. Screeeech – new post up!

  43. It’s way past abortion for me now. I have watched these men lord over women like second class citizens, if even citizens at all, and I am sick of it and sick of them. To even imagine they can regulate women’s bodies, tell them what they can and cannot do, attempting to force them into accepting rape, creating a rape culture with their every legislative attempts, hold up laws they they have to “approve” against domestic violence -as if it is an option they get to decide upon – and I wouldn’t spit on any of them if they were on fire. They disgust me and I despise every one of them. Toss in their ignorance of women’s bodies, and their audacity at assuming what women think and want and fuck the whole lot of them. I will work my fingers to the bone to defeat any one of them. And that goes for their Stepford women ‘in power’ too. They go along to get along. If it weren’t for the 2nd wave women’s movement they so love to hate, NONE of them would have been elected to a leadership role in their own towns, much less make it to the state and national scenes. A pox on the whole lot of their houses for their own hypocrisy.

  44. I hear you on women’s rights I really do but if we keep sinking into this third world nation we will have 0 rights period. Kind of damned if you do damned if you don’t. Democrats of today just leave me flat seriously. Republicans are not any better but for the fact there are some very good fiscal conservatives out there and that is what we need. I wish to Christ we would step away from a lot of the social things in politics and leave these issues to the states. I know many disagree and that is your right but this is something I feel strongly about. The framers set it up to be that way so the FED could never be stronger then the states and the people. Sorry to say we let that go and we have a government we have to fear.
    We have all but lost our first amendment rights and if these progressives and liberals get their way the second will fall too. The second was put in place to protect the first. I will never vote for a pro gun control person evah ! Sadly most democrats are pro gun control or gun ban. To me if we lose the right to carry a gun we lose all. If we lose the ability to think and care for ourselves as well as earn a living and have some extra to tuck away we lose all. That is where my priorities lay.

  45. I fully concur with what Upps said. While I will always unequivocally support abortion rights, the argument isn’t even over abortion any more. It’s over control.

  46. Allen West is an interesting character. Sometimes I hate him; sometimes I love him. Today, I love him. The Washington Times is reporting today that he said to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, “Y’all make me sick.” Me, too!

  47. Utah, I’m not hearing anyone saying we should ban guns. While I’m not a gun fan, I do support the rights of Americans to bear arms. I do however think that high capacity weapons are unnecessary and that universal background checks are necessary. I want a background check for everyone, including sales between friends and family. I was both disheartened and pissed when the the vote against closing just a few more loopholes in background checks was damn near along party lines. Well, to be more precise, exactly based on who the NRA paid. Does anyone think that’s what Democracy means?

    As for economic policies, it’s been a few decades since the Republicans had the upper hand in that area. Carter was the last crappy Dem ant finance and Reagan was the first crappy Repub at it. For the record, we still haven’t figured out how to pay for Bush’s wars.

  48. No more “buts” for me! No more “back burner” for women’s rights. It is all slipping away. These freaks have finally done it. They have made me a one issue voter.

  49. Agree with Sophie about guns and with Upps about the control women /abortion issue. Regarding allowing abortion if the mothers life is in danger or cases of rape, this is a slippery slope. I have read many stories where abortion was actually denied, even under those circumstances, by anti womens rights men Drs. It still happens here in the USA. Also, some states demand that another Dr sign off on the necessity and they want to do tests and get more opinions, etc, dragging it out. Thank God for me that I live in a state that doesn’t pull that kind of shit, becuz when I needed my emergency abortion, I needed it stat. I was able to drive 10 minutes to a good hospital, walk into the emergency (I was hemorraging, flooding down my legs and made bloody footprints as I walked), be taken immediately back and prepped right away, my Dr came in and performed my op. If I was in one of our religiously run states that demanded “tests” first I would have been screwed. Can you imagine some lunatic demanding you have a vaginal scan first? I believe the “necessity” should be determined by me and my Dr., not some religious nut that wants to force his beliefs on me. Why any of these people think they will be judged by what other people do, that they don’t even know, is beyond me.

  50. One of the cases I read about involved a woman who had two small boys, the dad had abandoned them and she got pregnant a few years later by her boyfriend. Her cardiologist had warned her to never get pregnant again becuz she had a terrible heart condition and the Dr. said she could not survive another pregnancy. She was on medicaid and needed permission from the head of her local hospital (this was in a southern state, MS or LA) and he was a staunch pro-lifer (in this case anti-life would be more appropos) and ordered a bunch of tests and second opinions. Finally, he informed her that he found that she had a 50% chance of surviving the pregnancy, so he was giving her the thumbs down on a therapeutic abortion. She had to have a 49% chance of surviving for him to ok it. And he got to decide, her cardiologist vigorously fought it. The cardio then called NOW NY (I’m almost positive it was NY chapter) and they paid for an ambulance to pick her up and take her to Texas and then paid for her abortion.

    Imagine this asshole Dr. playing God like that! Think of her poor boys losing their only parent because this jerk put his personal beliefs above other peoples welfare. Sickening.

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