What I did over my summer vacation

I got on one of these:


Went here:


Bermuda – 20.6 square miles of land

Specifically, here:


The beach at Fort St. Catherine, St. George

And here:


Pink sand beach on the south shore

Drank these:


Dark and Stormy
Made with Burmuda’s own Gosling rum and ginger beer

Likely why the locals describe their home as 64,000 drunks clinging to a rock in the middle of the ocean.

And came back to this:


So, what are you folks doing on your summer vacations?


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  1. I love the pictorial, SophieCT! Were you on Celebrity, too?

  2. Nice vacay Sophie!

  3. Ahhh, Bermuda! Guess who eloped to Bermuda? Me & hubbie. The beaches there are superb. A fabulous place to spend a honeymoon (and get married). We went parasailing and scuba diving there, besides the usual honeymoon stuff! Sophie am so glad you got to have such a spectacular vacation. You deserve it!

  4. Ooops! That was me, obviously. Forgot to change lakers id.

  5. Our summer is ok. A few trips to beach, a few concerts. A couple of Dodger games. Nothing spectacular. Lots of working. The weather has been awesome though. Not too hot. Tomorrow going to a party in Laguna Beach.

  6. Yes, it was Celebrity. It was my first cruise evah. My parents brought the immediate family to celebrate their 50th anniversary. I have to say, what with all the cruise snafus in the news over the last year, I was nervous about it. But it all went off without a hitch. Gratefully, I don’t get seasick!

    Socal, that is so cool you had your honeymoon there. It really is a beautiful island. I could not get over how blue the ocean was.

  7. Lovely beach pics, Sophie. I’m dying to go on a cruise, but it will not be this year. Celebrity and Royal Caribbean leave from a port near my home, so I get to wave as they go by. I’d definitely cruise again despite the recent problems. Stuff happens. In fact, the cover photo on my FB page is of the RC ship leaving port before it caught fire. I posted the comment that I wish I were aboard. But it worked out in my favor that I was not.

  8. Hugo, Lucky you!

    To be honest, I’d never considered taking a cruise and likely never would have if my parents didn’t arrange this trip. It wasn’t bad but it isn’t my first travel choice.

  9. I love cruising. I sleep so much better on the water for some reason. I grew up as a water rat. For one thing, we had a pool and learned to swim as babies, but also did lots of boating and sailing. In Calif we sailed to Catalina or the Channel Islands and would “camp” there for 2 or 3 nights, and in Washington, we would do several summer trips each summer to the San Juan Islands for a few days each. My step dad had a regular cabin cruiser, not a sail boat. I don’t get sea sick, even when the sea is rough. Once sailed home from Channel Islands in a gale, and the boat broached twice. I was making sandwiches in the galley and all of a sudden I fell back on the stove and then slipped upsidedown to the ceiling of the cabin, then the boat righted itself and I landed on my feet! Will never forget that. When we got into port and called home, my mom & grandma burst into tears. They had called out the Coast Guard to look for us! We were a day late becuz of the storm and the idiot I was with didn’t have radio. We blew across the Channel with only a storm jib up. Will never forget that.

    I’ve been on 4 big cruises and they were all great, but I am always prepared for an emergency.

  10. We were married in Hamilton Bermuda by the Registrar General, a woman (which made it cooler!) We had to file the paperwork in advance and do the Brit thing of “posting the banns” by having an ad run in their paper for two weeks saying we intended getting married and if anyone objected they had to speak up now. Pretty silly, but you know how Brits are with their traditions. Anyway, it was cool and romantic and I was bored to tears with weddings and our friends threw us a reception when we got home. Saved us a world of trouble and expense also, becuz I don’t like most wedding customs like wearing a veil or the “giving away” part.

  11. The Feds rescued the kidnapped teenage girl and killed the murdering cockroach that had murdered and burned her mother and little brother. A job well done. Why couldn’t they have done this with the Boston bomber scum?


  12. I’m glad that the teenage girl survived the horrific ordeal. Her mom and her brother did not survive. I read that the cockroach had a “crush” on her. I hope she gets the help she needs to get through all this,. I fear she will feel guilty about surviving.

  13. Yes, I think so also. She will have a lot to deal with, and being 16, possibly the worst age to have to cope with stuff. Very sad for her.

  14. Nice vacay, Sophie. Love that pic of the pink sand beach.

  15. Thank you Sophie. The pictures are beautiful. 🙂

  16. What a lovely way to describe your vacay, Sophie. Thanks for sharing it here. I, too, would not have thought to take a cruise – although my husband and I too the boat-train from Dublin to Swansea, Wales a million years ago. It was the first time I’d traveled on a boat. Didn’t like it much – the water was choppy and it was an overnight thing. We were supposed to sleep. He did, I didn’t (the story of our life together, I think). I’m happy your trip turned out to be so good.

  17. You can all thank the generosity of my parents, who wanted to have the whole family together for their anniversary celebration. I personally lobbied heavily for Provincetown, MASS, but was outvoted.

    NES: Don’t tell anyone, but I broke Bermuda law–I brought back some of that pink sand with me! (It’s not as pink-looking in the ziplock as it was on the beach.)

    My family loved the comedienne who did a show on the ship, Michele Balan. As it happens, she did P-Town the week before the cruise!

  18. I should mention that two of the three days we were in port, the people of Bermuda were celebrating a Holiday–actually two holidays. The first was Emancipation Day (when the British Empire ended slavery on August 1, 1834). The second was Somer’s Day, named for the founder of the island. (He didn’t really “find” it, since the Spanish and Portuguese found it about 100 years before but didn’t want it.) Nonetheless…

    They celebrate these two holidays with a Cup Match, which is a two day cricket game: St. George cricket club against Somerset. For those of you not familiar with cricket, it’s sort of like baseball except without all the action and excitement. Prolly why it takes two days to play. It’s a big deal there. The locals also go camping on the beaches for the holiday.

    Anyway, the day we were at the pink sand beach, the local folks set up a tent for tourists to have shade, water, salty chips, and swizzle (if they wished to partake)–all for free if you were a tourist!

    Swizzle is a delightful rum drink, recipe here: http://www.goslingsrum.com/details.asp?RecipeID=68

  19. Great on the pink-sand heist, Sophie!

  20. Sophie, I also swiped about a 1/2 tsp of the pink sand and glued it onto my honeymoon scrapbook. The hotel we were at was right next to a pink sand beach. The locals there are so nice. I forgot our passports when we left in the early am for our flt to NY, but people at JFK told us we could probably talk our way in, so when we got to Bermuda, I picked an immigration line with a nice looking woman and told her I forgot them but we were supposed to get married in a few hours and my sister was going to Fedex the passports to us at our hotel. She was so sweet, and said no problem. Then, it was the middle of the night, & we really had no place to go, but we met a taxi driver at the airport who took us to his home (which turned out to be a huge, huge house on the beach…(we wondered what one had to do to become a taxi driver in Bermuda–ha!) put us up for the night, fed us breakfast in the morning, called the manager at the hotel we had booked and got them to let us have early check in and an upgrade to a suite, and then drove us to the hotel. Bermuda is amazing in every way. Highly recommend it!

  21. That drink looks nice, similar to a Mai Tai.

  22. It’s a very tasty drink. Dangerous when they’re like that. 🙂

  23. So we have some sand thieves here at UW’s place….good thing we have a blog attorney on retainer.

    Nice story about Bermuda socal!

  24. Love these Bermuda pics and stories! I can live vicariously! The pink sand beach looks gorgeous.

  25. If I got a vacation, I would want one just like that. 🙂

  26. Looks like a fun time Sophie. Happy you got to go. I did it once and had a blast. Now I think I would be too nervous due to all these cruise failures. Glad you got to do it though . Looks like taking a chance paid off. So now I know to safeguard my precious soil from the soil thieves here lol.
    Been canning tomatoes and beets this week. Put up a bunch more pickles. Garden is coming in fast now. Cabbages are just about ready. Going to have tons of things frozen or canned for good eating throughout the Winter months. Don’t know what went on with my tomatoes this year. Never had bushes get this big. One is 9.2 feet tall and 5 feet wide. Largest darn tomatoes I have ever grown. Same seeds as last year just extra loads of compost. Hmm will be putting extra loads of compost in next year too. Garden went nuts.
    Sophie have you been canning ?

  27. BTW PIE PIE PIE, I am going to try out a new recipe . Tomato and zucchini pie. Found it in good house keeping mag. Really sounds yummy. One thing I have noticed is people will put anything into pie won’t they ? lol.

  28. Utah, sounds like a takeoff on Zucchini stew ingredients. Italians make a tomoato broth (kind of like minestrone) with potatoes, tomatoes, onions and zucchini. Lotsa bread required.

    As you may know, for the first time in YEARS, I have no tomatoes. The heirlooms did not survive flooding five times. I have despised this summer, as my garden is one of the major things I look forward to in summer. Ironically, the plants survived to ‘grow’. By now they would be more than five feet tall and touching one another, with a huge yield. The plants are roughly 1 foot tall. Far too late for them to catch up. And while I see a few flowers, I am sure anything that grows on them will succumb to wet rot. I am truly crushed. Closest I’ve been to clinically depressed ever. You laugh but these tomatoes are luscious. Or should I say they WERE luscious.

  29. Utah, I did pickles and sauerkraut by fermentation. They’re in jars in the refrigerator. I froze many, many pints of strawberries and blueberries. I prefer freezing to canning–but same idea. Almost time to do tomatoes and hot chile peppers. I lost my pepper plants to the deer. Obviously, they taste good before they have a pepper growing on them! So, I’ll get what I need for the year from local farmers, as I will do with the tomatoes.

    I did set up numerous garlic bulbs to dry and will be slicing garlic for dehydrating shortly. Very busy time of year.

    We make a dish called giambotta which is basically a mele of eggplant, zucchini, onions, sweet peppers, tomatoes, garlic,and so on (pretty much everything that gets ripe at once!). It’s somewhat similar to ratatouille. I like it tossed with pasta or on crusty bread, but you can also do a casserole kid of thing with it and some cheese and lasagna noodles.

  30. Uppity I understand you being upset about the tomatoes I really do. My garden is very important to me. with out it I would be crushed. My fresh herbs are gold. My stewed tomatoes major !
    I could not fathom going a year without all my goodies. Winter would suck if I did not have my Summers bounty. i know what you mean about the pride.
    The pie is slices of Heirlooms, a few slices of Zucchini , mozzarella,Romano, Parmesan, Rosemary, Basil, Parsley et in a pie crust. Looked and sounded good..More like a deep dish Pizza without meat lol.
    I thought I would not get a garden this year as well because of he freezing then to instant bake here..Then the rains came and came and came so could not plow then back to major Hell heat.
    I was late in planting but seems it all went well so far. hoping the cooler temps at night do not get worse before all is harvested. Not a great year for gardens here either.

  31. Sophie ahhh the blueberries. Sadly I have to buy them. I love the liitle things so much. I buy a bunch and can them for syrup and just thick berries with syrup for my waffles in winter. Also put them up to make my breads and muffins. I am a blueberry junkie. They are my chocolate so to speak. Only thing I really eat as far as sweets go.

  32. You guys are making me hungry!!!

  33. Does any one here have a Vitamix? Is it worth the money? Is there something cheaper than a Vitamix that does the same thing? I need something that will totally liquify all kinds of food.

    I would appreciate any advice or suggestions. Thanks!

  34. Beata, I don’t know, but will ask around. Have you ever looked at the Budwig protocol? Its cottage cheese and flax oil whipped together with an immersion blender til the oil is completely dissolved. Then you can add other stuff like juice, cinnamon, berries if you want. Its used as a cancer diet in Europe and people use it for other chronic health issues also. I eat it becuz I like it and figure it must be good for my brain and stuff, all that Omega 3. My mom says it cured her type 2 diabetes. You can read about it online.

    Upps, that is tragic about your garden, esp the tomatoes! I consider tomatoes the staple of my life. I’ve been watching the weather & can hardly believe how wet its been back east. We are having a cooler than usual summer, with nights being quite cool, as in need a sweater and blankets on the bed cool. Aren’t tomatoes supposed to have warm summer nights? I guess it depends on the type of tomato.

  35. Utah, your veges and tomatoes and pie sound fabulous.

  36. I use lots of blueberries also. My mom gets them by the case up in WA. they are huge and she makes jam, freezes some and puts them out in bowls like grapes. I get them fresh or buy the frozen tiny organic ones that are really sweet.

  37. Did someone mention PIE???

  38. This woman is really talented:

  39. socal:
    thank you for the video.
    Wow, you are right, she is good!.

  40. Socal, love the video! Really fun to watch. She’s pretty amazing.

  41. So glad I came here on my lunch time. I just shared soup with all the divas at Uppity’s – and the singing divas as well. 😉

  42. Upps I share your pain about the Tomatoes. ❤

  43. Does that make me an Uppity Diva?!? Fabulous!

  44. Beata, if you want to puree anything it will work for you. It’s a high powered blender, basically. I have a video somewhere that gives pros and cons of all the similar machines, will try to find it. Also, check Amazon.com reviews of the model you are considering.


  45. Foxy, it’s been the worst summer in my memory with regard to rain and cold. It’s going down to the 50s at night right now. Just a terrible summer.

  46. Socal~ I knew ou were a diva from the get-go! 😉

  47. Beata, I gave my nephew and his bride the Kitchen-aid blender for their wedding. They love it and use it all the time.

  48. Upps, thanks for blender comparison, very interesting.

    A Satanorum-type Catholic Conservative is suing the government becuz they don’t have a family “opt-out” for birth control. Almost funny:


  49. Very helpful video comparing blenders, Upps. Thanks. The Kitchen-Aid seems to work the best and it is so much cheaper than the Vitamix! Yay! Amazon has good reviews of Kitchen-Aid blenders as well.

    Leslie, it sounds like your nephew and his bride would recommend the Kitchen-Aid, too. Thanks for your input.

  50. Socal, I will look into the Budwig Protocol. I know flax seed is very healthful. I wonder if yogurt could be used instead of cottage cheese?

    I love blueberries. Use them a lot in smoothies!

  51. I like eating it. Its like a cross between cake batter and frozen yogurt. I think they don’t recommend yogurt, although some people do use it, also, they use quark, which is a German dairy product like a cross between cottage cheese and sour cream. Once the cottage cheese is blended with the flax oil, it doesn’t taste anything like cottage cheese and is smooth and silky. Here’s what I do:

    Whip 4 Tbsp (soup spoon) non fat (or you can use low fat) cottage cheese with 4 smaller spoons of flax oil. Takes about 1-2 min max with immersion blender. I mix it right in the bowl I’m going to eat it out of. Then I grind one soup spoon size of flax seed in a coffee grinder and stir it in the cottage cheese/flax. Then I add in a couple of TBSP of pomegranate juice, about 1/8 tsp of cinnamon, a few drops of stevia (I use liquid with Valencia orange in it), a couple of TBSP of chopped nuts (walnuts and/or almond) and frozen tiny organic blueberries.

    Its delicious, low carb, high protein, high omega 3 and after I’ve fixed it up its like a dessert. The reason why cottage is recommended is becuz cottage has sulphurated amino acids which supposedly make the oil water soluble. I know that sounds absurd, but the oil completely disappears and you can dip your finger in it and rinse it off and there is no oil residue left. Its supposed to be able to be absorbed into your cells that way. There are a lot of reviews about it on Amazon for her (Dr Budwig) book, which I have and which is not a long book but hard to understand, It is a compliation of her lectures to other doctors, so very technical. There are still anti-cancer spas in Europe that use her protocol. She is also into juicing. I am doing this becuz I don’t want to get Alz like my Dad or diabetes like my mom; although, as I mentioned my mom is off her metformin completely and eating and drinking wine normally and her blood sugar is in the 90s, which she credits to the Budwig stuff.

  52. Entertainment on the ship: Comedian Michele Balan. Absolutely hysterical–much better in person than this YouTube, but still…

  53. Mars needs women. Let’s send them the Kardashians.

  54. Uppity Woman, on August 14, 2013 at 6:46 PM said:

    Foxy, it’s been the worst summer in my memory with regard to rain and cold. It’s going down to the 50s at night right now. Just a terrible summer.

    Same here in Ohio Upps. 😡

  55. Screeech! (New post up.)

  56. SO GLAD YOU MENTIONED BUDWIG! I have just gone through Hell and am so skinny I can’t keep my clothes up. Bud’wig’s diet is it for the next few weeks. Very healthy, bit can put the pounds on.

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