Teh Funneh

I have to admit, I found this funny. In the interest of full disclosure, I liked Julie Andrews the best.


Maybe you find this funny too. Maybe you don’t. Luckily for me, I was never that fond of Total Eclipse of the Heart to begin with.

What are you finding funny today?



15 Responses

  1. That’s talent! Thanks for the new post Sophie!

  2. Feel free to post YouTubes of yerselves doing funny things, including impersonating Divas.

  3. I know I’m gonna regret this……

  4. Here’s a side dish to go with that pie video–Solid Potato Salad.

  5. And here’s a great exercise video to work off all those calories.

  6. The Divas video is cool, Sophie. I liked her imitation of Bernadette Peters and Kristin Chenowith. And she switches so quickly!

  7. It was cool Hugo! I thought she actually looked like Celine Dion when she imitated her!

  8. I agree, imust. Very talented.

  9. Wow, Her Pieness dancing, wearing nuthin’ but a string of cherries!

  10. Always like this one.

  11. I watch this at least once a week. Never fails to crack me up.

  12. “I looked behind a dresser and there was Howard Keel!”

  13. Hugo, I always think of George Jetson with treadmill videos.

  14. Beata, I love them!

  15. Screech!

    We interrupt this humor fest to post some timely news. In other words, New Post!

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