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On this day in 1920, the Constitutional amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote was ratified.



UPDATE: While nostalgically rummaging around the YouTubes, I came upon this TED talk from a Third Waver. It’s called Reinventing Feminism by the founder of Feministing. I have to say, I was completely underwhelmed.


As it happens, YouTube comments are limited to 500 characters. I’m about 2500 over! So, you lucky Uppities…you get my rant instead!

Thank you for your talk, Courtney. I now understand why Third Wave Feminism is going nowhere and in fact losing ground on the rights we (The Second Wave) won for you: because you and your generation are too “special and unique” to be gracious.

Second Wave got you everything you have today. And yet, you have the nerve to play your little compare and contrast word game, disparaging the very people that made it possible for you, a woman, to get on that TED stage as good as any guy.

We were not men-haters in Birkenstocks. Man-hater is what the Patriarchy called us to undermine our goals and efforts. While they were available as early as the late 60s, Birkenstocks didn’t really catch on until the 80s. P.S. The “Patriarchy” does not refer to any specific man nor to men in general but to a system where being able to stand while peeing makes you eminently more qualified to do anything than those who cannot. We recognized back then that men would also enjoy freedom and authenticity once out from under the shackles of the Patriarchy. Betty Friedan was even on TV way back then saying exactly that.

Gloria Steinem was not our singular leader/icon. We had the aforementioned Betty Friedan as well as Robin Morgan, Bella Abzug, Mary Daly, Ella Grasso, Ellie Smeal, Marilyn French, Susan Brownmiller, Betty Ford, Helen Reddy, Carol Gilligan, Germaine Greer, Adrienne Rich, Rita Mae Brown, Coretta Scott King, Hillary Clinton, and many, many more. There were NOW chapters across the nation–where women showed up in-person and planned and strategized and then wrote newsletters, stuffed envelopes, did whatever needed doing, and marched. Your blog might be the most widely read feminist periodical evah, but how many of your younger readers actually showed up at an event? Flash mobs don’t count because they are laughable and have no goals.

We also didn’t have “just one issue” as if you could call reproductive freedom, health, domestic violence, fair pay, fair credit, owning property, opportunity, and education one issue. What exactly do you think the radical in radical feminism means? It means going to the root (like the radical in mathematics) not simply extremism. We were also involved with anti-war protests, civil rights activism, global poverty, the global rights of women (yes, we were talking about the Taliban before it was cool), AIDs care, and numerous other issues. When we lost the ERA, we learned that we needed to focus more on specific issues.

And here we are today and I’m wondering, where are you guys while 2013 is turning out to be record-breaking year for state-level restrictions on women’s reproductive rights? Over 300 pieces of anti-women legislation have been introduced this year alone and we’re barely halfway through it.

Feminism doesn’t need to be reinvented; it needs to be implemented. I truly think your generation and Third Wave Feminism would start to see some progress if you embraced the Second Wave rather than criticize it.


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  1. Great. But it was a long time coming, And at a terrible price. )

  2. Eventually, we will have someone worth voting for.

  3. I always thought the date was Aug 26th, so I looked it up and Aug 18 is the day that Tennessee, the 36th state voted to ratify the amendment, and on Aug 26, the 19th amendment to the US Constitution became law and women could vote in the election for president that year for the first time. So thanks for posting Sophie! I will remember these dates now.


  4. I think August 26th should be a national holiday. Its as important as all of the others.

  5. socal, today is the day it was ratified and the 26th was the day it became law.
    From your link:

    When thirty-five of the necessary thirty-six states had ratified the amendment, the battle came to Nashville, Tennessee. Anti-suffrage and pro-suffrage forces from around the nation descended on the town. And on August 18, 1920, the final vote was scheduled.

    One young legislator, 24 year old Harry Burn, had voted with the anti-suffrage forces to that time. But his mother had urged that he vote for the amendment and for suffrage. When he saw that the vote was very close, and with his anti-suffrage vote would be tied 48 to 48, he decided to vote as his mother had urged him: for the right of women to vote. And so on August 18, 1920, Tennessee became the 36th and deciding state to ratify.

    Except that the anti-suffrage forces used parliamentary maneuvers to delay, trying to convert some of the pro-suffrage votes to their side. But eventually their tactics failed, and the governor sent the required notification of the ratification to Washington, D.C.

    And so on August 26, 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution became law, and women could vote in the fall elections, including in the Presidential election.

    Emphasis mine to highlight how little things have changed. See Texas parliamentary maneuvers!

  6. Sorry imust, but for some reason, your video made me think of this:

  7. Came across this little gem:

  8. Love, love, love Maude!

  9. Thanks for the video on women’s liberation, above. It was wonderful to hear Alice Paul’s voice!

  10. Sophie, looks like you’ve got the makings for a great post with that rant and video above! 🙂
    just sayin’…..

    Fixit Fairy says:
    See update above.
    So now is this post a great post? 😉

  11. Great idea, imust!

  12. Sophie, I love you.

  13. A most excellent, dare I say….Uppity Rant Sophie!! Sing it sister!!
    Your last paragraph really nails it in a nutshell:

    Feminism doesn’t need to be reinvented; it needs to be implemented. I truly think your generation and Third Wave Feminism would start to see some progress if you embraced the Second Wave rather than criticize it.

  14. I think August 26th should be a national holiday. Its as important as all of the others.

    There are plenty of men out there in power who think it would better be a national day of mourning.

  15. This is an awesome post, Sophie. Simply awesome. Couldn’t have said it better myself and I probably would have swore a lot and ended it with Fuck You, You Moron.

  16. Sophie you rock! Well done!
    Upps, you’re so funny.

  17. I clicked on the youtube to see the page and comments, and while I agree with Sophie 100%, I have to say I was shocked at how vile the comments were, mainly be men-pigs. If these third wavers don’t get their act together, they are screwed.

  18. Peeking my head up from summer lurking to say…

    Great job, Sophie! I adore a beautiful rant.

    As a man, albeit an enlightened one I hope, I suppose it’s not really my place to judge the “Third Wavers” with the anger I sometimes feel toward them for their failure to realize the destructiveness of their own words and (lack) of actions. They are truly hurting their own cause.

    Angry, yes. But I’m mostly just sad, and I pity their apathy.

    It is with such blasé self-centeredness that they are daily losing the RIGHTS and RESPECT that the Second Wavers fought and bled for. And, sadly, it seems that it’s in fact the so-called “educated leaders” of the Third Wave that are steering the cause over the cliff.

    “Feminism doesn’t need to be reinvented; it needs to be implemented.”

    A perfect slogan. A combination of sublime words that, before it’s too late, for the Third Wave should become…

    FIGHTING words.

  19. …Waving to Rev Vet!!!!

    OMG the comments over at youtube. If that doesn’t tell her that women are losing it all, I don’t know what will. Horrific!

  20. Courtney is over thirty and I was struck at how her speaking style and demeanor are so girlish–even, little girlish.
    Contrast her performance of self to twenty one year old Hillary Rodham’s graduation speech at Wellsley. Rodham was poised, stylisticallly mature, wise beyond her years.
    Second wavers and their little sisters wanted to be seen as adult and capable. Third wavers want to be cute, inoffensive and instantly dismissable.
    What happened?

  21. They’re all going to wake up one morning and collectively scream, “How did this happen?”. Then they will have to start all over. There will be some broken nails and smart phones. Their hair will get all messed up marching for rights that were once handed to them. Serves them right. I hope I live to watch them slip and fall in the mud marching in the rain. Glad I don’t have to be one of them, knowing what they were GIVEN was not APPRECIATED, nor was there ANY vigilence or stewardship of those gifts. I got mine. Screw em.

    My mother always said you don’t appreciate what you don’t earn.

  22. Sweet Sue, exactly!

  23. I looked at the feministing website, and I saw no comments after any of the posts. Also, their logo seems to be one of those revolting supposed-to-be-sexy female cutouts that are on mud flaps of big trucks. I kid you not. Its in the upper left hand corner of the blog. They seem more interested in their ads. And this is the largest feminist blog? I weep for the future.

  24. Then they will have to start all over. There will be some broken nails and smart phones. Their hair will get all messed up marching for rights that were once handed to them

    Do you think they’ll bother?

  25. Ack, I misspelled Wellesley. I should know better because my baby sister gratuated from that wonderful college.
    Hi, Mimi!

  26. Read it and weep. ( I hope this link works. )


  27. Read Beata’s link. Like I said, I weep for the future.

    Read this morning that in Indonesia, a High School teacher came up with the great idea that High School senior girls are all physically checked to make sure they’re virgins! Amazingly, the ptb decided it was impractical. And the war on women rages on.

  28. A bright spot in the day: actor Mark Ruffalo sent this letter to pro-choice rally:


  29. Great Great post and comments. 🙂

  30. Superb simply superb !

  31. socal, To Islamists, checking to see “if” a girl is a virgin means penetrating her with their own blessed penises. It’s what that scummy bunch of women-raping zealots do.

  32. Just had a chance to read the post and watch the video. The speaker is pretty shallow and egocentric and said nothing that could possible inspire anyone to act. She seems scattered. If this is a 3rd wave leader, I can see why women are going backward. I’m not sure I understand her goals although she describes herself as an activist. Oh, well.

    But, Sophie’s rant nicely addresses some of this woman’s misconceptions. Although she describes her parents as feminists, I wonder why she seems ignorant of the facts that Sophie cites about the 2nd wave. Her memories of her mother’s activism are shoulder pads and swooshy skirts??? That’s not what I recall.

    And it’s very disappointing that she did not mention domestic violence, instead she cites immigration as a feminist issue. That just seems too unfocused.

  33. Here’s one of my favorite personal stories about an inspirational woman who probably did not care about the feminist label, but who was a real activist. About 20+ years ago, I was in my office and received a phone call from a woman who was an 85 year old attorney. She asked me to help her find information about a specific IUD that had been removed from the US market, but continued to be distributed in 3rd world countries by USAID. Use of those devices had resulted in some pretty severe injuries and even death. So, here’s an 85 year old woman who could be retired and enjoying a cushy life. Instead, she was trying to gather the facts and assemble a case to help get some justice for vulnerable women who were apparently considered disposable by governments and corporations. Can’t sell defective crap to women in the US, ship it offshore.

    I did the research and gave her what still existed. I don’t know the outcome of her work on behalf of these women with no voice, but at her advanced age, she had more energy and focus than I see in the 3rd waver.

  34. Hugo, unfocused is absolutely correct. Do you know why Breast Cancer awareness has a pink ribbon? Because breast cancer existed before AIDS and no one was spending any time or money on it. The feminists saw the Gay men with their red lapel ribbons moving forward, getting AIDS research dollars and awareness. The feminists decided to copy the ribbon as well as some of the other methodologies to move the disease to the forefront.

    As a Lesbian, I don’t know whether to be delighted or appalled at the turn of events in the last year. I can now get married just about anywhere I would consider living but I”m damn lucky to be post-menopausal.

    We will probably have a gay male Hispanic/Asian president before we have a female president of any nationality or orientation.

  35. We will probably have a gay male Hispanic/Asian president before we have a female president of any nationality or orientation
    You forgot Jewish/atheist.
    I’m afraid you’re right, dear Sophie. I’m sixty two and no longer think that I’ll see a woman President in my lifetime.
    My husband and I were marveling at the idea that we will live to experience national gay marriage equality and legalized marijuana.
    Shaking my head sadly, I said, ” but not a woman President.”

    Give us your Uppity opinion.

    Enter your comment here…

  36. I maintain that the biggest problem women have is they water their cause down by spending most of their time on OTHER causes. Causes for people, I might add, who don’t lift a finger in return to help women’s rights. Women simply do not focus on their major issue, which is their own rights. They drop everything to march for gays, to fight against racism and pretty much any other cause that takes away from their own. i once saw a YWCA brochure that had front and center on their cover that they were “Fighting Racism”. Nary a word about Sexism, discrimination against women, or women’s rights. A YWCA! When was the last time you saw Al Sharpton et al, lift a finger for the rights of women? When was the last time you saw gay organizations drop everything for a woman’s cause? Take your time in answering. I’ll wait. These causes have a multitude of people and organizations that work for their rights and women almost always comprise a HUGE base for them, but women have no such support base. Yet they will continue to drop everything and put themselves on the back burner for the very causes and people who just don’t give a shit about them.

    Women allow themselves to be used, reused and used again to pack the house for other causes. But when it comes to their own cause, there is an echo in the room. I have said this many times, and almost ALWAYS I am met with an argument. Well, they say, fighting racism includes minority women. Well, yes it does, but it NEVER and I mean NEVER addresses women’s rights. Somehow, women just can’t focus on themselves. Their instinct is to Help others in their struggles – at their own peril. Because when they turn around and look behind them, nobody is following them when it comes to THEIR rights.

    Women are members of the only species where the female actually gives birth to her own oppressors.

  37. Is this for real, or some kind of satire? Who can even tell anyore?

    Bradley Manning comes out of the closet as a Tranny and wants taxpayers to pay for his hormone treatments while in prison.

  38. Because when they turn around and look behind them, nobody is following them when it comes to THEIR rights
    This, in a nutshell.
    That’s what Susan B. Anthony noted about Frederick Douglass, so, of course, third wavers take it as gospel that Anthony, whose first great cause was abolition, was a “racist.”

  39. OMG so we as tax payer will have to foot the bill for his surgery and hormones ? Geeze Louise I guess for me to get good health coverage I am going to have to get locked up. After this crap Obozocare comes in full swing I will be doomed. Rates are going through the roof now and what I have to pay for my share is insane after medicare covers what little it does for hubby. It is already looking like I need a second job or take out a loan on my home. You know before all this hoopla about needing national health care I was able to have good coverage at a good price now it is insane. I am watching both my kids who had free coverage with their jobs have to pay through the teeth now too. When will folks learn getting government involved is bad all around ? Why can they not see that government can not run on a budget and understand they do not fix things ? Then tax me to pay for criminals to get things like hormone treatment is totally insane.
    Man death is looking real good to me right now because all I saved and planned for is being eaten up and or taken.

  40. Manning apparently has only been diagnosed with gender dysphoria by a doc hired by his defense. I suspect the US military would not treat a condition unless they concur with that diagnosis, and I’m just guessing that’s not going to be easy, especially when wounded vets are having trouble getting treatment for service-related injuries. Just my opinion.

    He and his lawyer should be mindful of the fact that he’d be free to go pay for his own gender reassignment if he had not committed a multitude of crimes. Somehow getting a taxpayer funded gender reassignment seems like he thinks he gets a prize along with his 35 year sentence. Frankly, he should be forced to face some wounded vets who actually deserve free medical care.

  41. Hey Utah! Here’s to brilliance. The kind you know well. h/t FreedomFairy.

  42. He just wants to go to a woman’s prison.

  43. That dog is adorable but I hope he doesn’t get hurt doing all those stunts.

  44. Socal ACDs are sturdy as a rock. Very rugged dogs.In addition to being brilliant. Then there was Skidboot. Gone now, but a typical brilliant ACD.

  45. Manning just put his own life in danger coming out now. They are going to kick his ass in prison.

  46. He’s not going to a woman’s prison. Nah gonna happen. He was convicted as Bradley and he will go to prison as Bradley, whether he likes it or not. And he’s not going to get any hormones or a sex change on anybody’s dime. He can just go ahead an pee sitting down if he wants to. Whatever. If he wants to do the change he can wait till he gets out, if he lives that long, now that he’s done this.

  47. Here’s Skidboot. RIP

  48. Utah rehabs ACDs.

  49. Excellent rant! Let’s hope there is a better 4th Wave!

  50. I am of roughly the same age group as the third wavers (learning more towards one end than the other). I don’t agree with everything written on this blog in general, but I have to concur with the sentiments of this post.

    Third wave feminism, by following “intersectionality”, which is basically their big idea structurally weakens itself. Racism is a problem, LBGTQ is an issue, classism/extreme poverty is an issue etc. etc. However, I don’t see why feminists feel it necessary to try and fight EVERYONE’s battles. You’re diluting the message, and without a concrete message, how the hell are you going to organize and attract followers?? Half of the modern ‘feminists’ in the third wave sit at home and comment and post stupidly on tumblr or Jezebel. There’s this blog: http://i-once-had-a-guy-tell-me.tumblr.com/ and I agree it’s great to share experiences, but damn it – do something! Get a degree, make contacts, do nonprofit work and actually be useful. That way, you can change policy and affect greater numbers of people.

    It’s so infuriating. And these same people, they tear down HRC for not being “librul enough”. It makes me laugh so hard when I watch them grapple with themselves: should they blindly follow Dear Leader Obama as they’ve done for the past 10 years or grow a damned backbone. The United States is an essentially conservative country compared to the rest of the Western World (I live in the Great White North) and to enact meaningful change, you need people who can make sound, wise yet politically expedient decisions. O is bad at both.

  51. Socal it is kind of hard albeit not impossible to hurt these dogs. They are bred to herd cattle. I personally have had a few launched by bulls only to get pissed off and come back and make that bull do what they want him to do.Thanks for the videos Uppity. It was a big uplift. I loves me my ACDs and just love seeing videos of them showing the world how truly smart they are. Once you have made a bound with one of these gems they will do anything for you and they are so easy to train once you have established who is running who lol.

  52. I don’t know what I did with that video of my Whiskey doing the count to three trick and his play dead thing . I know you saw it long ago but where I stored it is a mystery to me.

  53. Cat owners look at videos of well-trained dogs and cry for what never could have been.

  54. Every cat owner should have a dog to satisfy the need to order somebody around. Also there is this:

  55. Needlenose and Joe !!! It is a good morning !

  56. Awwww!

  57. Upps is she blowing fur everywhere like the wrecking crew is ? Yup it is that time of year. Could stuff a mattressw here with fur.

  58. Oh cripes, Utah, how did you guess? I am making an appointment to groom her, she’s blowing like crazy. Yup, september is near. Tis the Collie blow season. I filled up a plastic bag with her fur just last night. It just keeps raking out by the tons. Of course, you know about Undercoat. I gotta get her groomed. I always do the fall undercoat strip early so it isn’t cold. By the time it gets cold, she’s got her new undercoat. In April, we start all over again. lol.

    It reminds me of Gremlins. When Billy got the Mogwai wet and all those balls popped out of his fur and flew across the room. Hahaha

  59. Case in point: The March on Washington anniversary march:

    Every human rights issue raised except one. Can you guess which one? Yet, easily half of the attendees are women waving the flag for gays and anybody else who has a grievance. For themselves: Crickets.

  60. Case in point: The March on Washington anniversary march:

    Every human rights issue raised except one. Can you guess which one? Yet, easily half of the attendees are women waving the flag for gays and anybody else who has a grievance. For themselves: Crickets. And they continue to hope in between begging.

  61. I heard Eric Holder mention that gays, Latinos, disabled, and women had not yet realized the MLK dream. Seems that women keep getting pushed to the back of the line, but we did get a shout out from the guy who said we’re a nation of cowards.

  62. Oh well that’s helpful. lol.

  63. LOL! “Because it is unwise to risk the good we already have for the evil which may occur.”

  64. How nice of Holder to throw us a few crumbs.

  65. Petticoat Rule? Thank God no more petticoats. Too bad we’re not under Pantsuit Leadership!

  66. Now I’ve got this song in my head….

  67. Wow! The National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage was really grasping at straws. The logic kind of reminds me of some of the logic employed by the men folk concerning themselves with women’s reproductive parts.

  68. Yes, we got a few little crumbs from a Big Crumb.

  69. Trash bags full here too Uppity. Am raking it out like crazy. Where the heck do these animals keep all that fur ? It is unreal what a double coat dog has. Yup sending the crew in for their Fall shed groomiing then we can do it all again in Spring. My back yard has germlins blowing around in it lmao.

  70. Uppity you nailed women are too busy fixing everything to push for the one thing they should never had to push for in the beginning. It is what seperates us from men though and makes us tougher then a male ever thought of being. We need to stop letting ourselves be on the back burner. Imagine what would happen to all these causes if women did not lead the charge or show up and give of their time and money. We all ought to try it sometime.

  71. Utah!!! Hear, hear!!!!! Yes!!!

    Imagine what would happen to all these causes if women did not lead the charge or show up and give of their time and money. We all ought to try it sometime.

    Nut…meet…shell…nailed it Utah!

  72. I love Utahs name for her dogs…The Wrecking Crew! Too cute!

    I remember that goofy tv show. God what funny memories that brought back.

  73. Made some great zucchini fritters today. We ate them all. I used the Smitten Kichen recipe (a great blog, perfection recipes). Here is the recipe FYI:

  74. Those fritters look good. Not real crazy about fried foods but think I will have to try these. Socal the Wrecking crew logo is well earned trust me. If one has ever encountered an untrained ACD or saddled with ACD puppies and leave them to their own devices you would understand lol. Years back I rescued a mom with 6 puppies. All had to be brought through Parvo and I did not hold out a lot of hope for her litter. Amazingly enough 5 of the 6 came through it and became healthy puppies. My house on the other hand was not to healthy. Mom had never been trainned and she passed that on to her brood.
    I being a novice allowed them to stay in the living room while out shopping. I came home to what used to be a sofa, chairs and lamps to balls of stuffing everywhere and a frame where there once was a sofa and chairs. Fact is there was not much of a frame either. Pissed ? Understatement. Lesson learned ? Not thouroughly. Then came Whiskey and there went another sofa. The wrecking crew is a good name for any set of dogs no matter size lol when there are a couple lol but ACDs take that puppy stage to all new heights as they do with anything. They excell ! When they are trained there is nothing they do not learn and quickly. Untrainned and left to their own imaginations is dangerous and ignorant on the owners part and that is why these cute little darlings end up in shelters most of the time. Can you take them out and train them ? Yes and easily after you build trust. Some never regain trust and you have to make a choice and that makes me angry very angry. As you have seen in the videos they are amazing and as Skidboots owner said he really did not have to teach him. They are remarkable at the ease they learn. But the Wrecking Crew well I use that lovingly because I know what they could do but don’t unless I decide to have some fun with them and allow them to wreck something. They do do that rather well lmao.

  75. screech!

  76. Utah, if you notice, you only use 2 tblspoons of oil for making the fritters. They aren’t deep fried and aren’t greasy at all. But they sure are good. I put some sour cream on the first batch I ate, but didn’t even bother after that. Great way to make all that extra zucchini, they went fassssssst.

    You know I have often entertained the thought of owning an ACD, and you also know I know their abilities and never felt experienced enough to own one. While it’s true I have Needlenose trained to do anything short of cleaning the house, and I am clearly the master, she’s a Collie — and their entire life is dedicated to being a boy scout anyways. Timmy is ALWAYS in the well! LOL. But I still have fantasies of owning an ACD

  77. Uppity I have always said you would be a perfact match for a Heeler If you handled a Collie you know the Heeler with just a little more outwit. I know with what you have sone to Needlenose you could take on a Heeler with gusto. Also a Heeler puppy would be great right now with the Darling Diva. I am willing to bet my life on it you and a Heeler would be a perfact match. Imagine the fun with a Collie heeling a baby ACD.

  78. Utah, that is a great story! I’m always glad to hear about your canine crew. They sound superb! Upps, I will have to check that out, have a bunch of zuc’s right now.

  79. Utah, the herding an ACD puppy is a hilarious visual. Like trying to catch the wind. It would be a hoot watching them turn on a dime and confuse each other. Hahahaha. I know you always say you think I can handle it, and i just have to convince myself to give me a chance.

  80. Trust me I would not say that if I did not believe it. I do not suggest an ACD to just anyone. I am more then convinced you will be able to and would have another star quality dog. A puppy for the Needlenose would be just about the right timing too. She is still young enough to galavant about with it and yet would help teach it too.

  81. Surprise me will ya ? So me a picture of that spotty red heeler you know you have your eye on lmao.

  82. Yeah I like the red ones!

  83. Nice to know this POS judge is up for relection. Blame the victim, the pedophile can’t help himself.


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