Women’s Equality Day 2013

So sorry. I was so busy being an equal woman today, I totally forgot it was an anniversary of our right. I’m gonna blame Google because they didn’t have a doodle for today. Had they made a doodle, it would not have escaped my attention (and nearly everyone else’s).

Interestingly, we’ve had the right to vote since 1920 but we’ve only had August 26 as Women’s Equality Day since 1971. We’ve also had the League of Women Voters since 1920. I wonder whatever happened to them since paid shills and celebrity pundits started handling political debates.

Enjoy what’s left of the day, women. You’ve got your own cigarette—you’re just not allowed to smoke it anywhere. (But if you had pot, the places you could go are increasing every day!)

This is an open thread; you can talk about anything you want (because you’re going to anyway).


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  1. Yes Virginia, there really is a new thread.

  2. For those that started watching TV after 1970 and didn’t get my reference above:

  3. I just saw that on a Union FB page. Who knew! I guess the story got buried under the civil rights commemorations and the dirty girl Miley Cyrus lead stories today. Nothing like having a 20 year old dimwit setting women back to pre-historic times.

  4. SophieCT, I go to Jezebel and read the musings of moronic young women who hate all the female characters on the big TV shows–Skylar, Betty,et al, yet, they love all the most sociopathic males and see no problem with that.
    They are stupid and horny; they want to get laid and can’t see a future beyond that, but, Oh,God, I’m so through with them-the stupid girls.
    I know I’ve got to stop visiting Jezebel.
    Why did I ever bother to seek equality?

  5. There are so few genuine feminist blogs, now.
    Thanks for keeping this going.

  6. Sophie, thanks for putting up the new post. Its easy for me to remember today, since its also my bday & am happy to have it on such a great day. I’m a natural born Uppityite–heh heh!

    Hugo, so agree with you.
    Sweet Sue, ditto about Jezebel, those millenial & Gen X women make me nuts. They do have some interesting things sometimes though.

  7. Happy Birthday, socalannie!
    The world’s a better place because you’re in it.

  8. SophieCT, on August 26, 2013 at 7:47 PM said:

    Yes Virginia, there really is a new thread.

    Praise be Thanks. Sophie. 🙂

  9. Also wishing Happy Birthday, socalannie! Have a Great one,. :mrgreen:

  10. Women had to fight for this right, soemthing you should have had the right to do from day one, and now we are on the verge of letting illegal aliens, via shamnasty, get this right. This is so wrong in my book.

  11. Happy B’day to socalannie!!

  12. I so agree with you, Hillbilly. Name me one country in the Western world where a non citizen gets to vote for ANYTHING. Ridiculous. Why don’t we just bus em in on election day so they can all vote for the party that is notorious for promising people rights (by permission of course!) during campaign season and delivering shit in the end.

  13. Sue, the truth is nobody who seeks a right or asks for a right will EVER get it. You gotta TAKE it. This is something the 1st wave understood and the 2nd wave learned from them instead of isolating them. If you ask me, there’s a 3rd wave ego problem. They don’t like the thought that they have anything to learn from others who came before them. This is why they are losing. Big time. Now they are on a hamster wheel, because while they pretend they are winning, they KNOW they are losing, but their pride gets in the way of just coming out and saying, just maybe those old gals from the 60s and 70s got a few things right and we are screwing those things up. Pride always goes before the fall.

    And happy birthday, socal!

  14. Speaking of fighting for the right to vote, I saw this on Chelsea Clinton’s FB page. 27 Badass ladies who fought for the right. If you love photography, like I do, this has 27 great old photos of women engaged in that fight.


  15. And since Sophie said this is an open thread, here’s another topic. Why in hell are we getting involved in Syria? We’ve spent enough blood and treasure in that cesspool part of the world. I don’t care if they all kill each other. Obama needs to grow a set and not let the hawks run us into yet another pointless conflict. This will not end well if we go down that road. If we bomb Syria, the usual suspect will just have another reason to attack American interests. I say, let’s mind our own business and let the surrounding countries deal with Assad.

  16. Re: Suffrage, interesting trivia. Did you know that Katharine Hepburn’s mother was a key player in the woman’s suffrage movement. Huge player in National Women’s Party and cofounder with Sanger of Planned Parenthood? Is it any wonder she turned out to be the marvelous woman she was?

  17. Hugo, Obama ran his mouth about the red line he drew and the goatfu*^er$ nonchalantly crossed it to call his hopeless bluff. Just as with the Affordable Health Care Act that nobody wanted; the Congressional Majority had to “Save Face” for the One who lets his mouth write checks his “Pay Grade” can’t deliver. Hence the Blue Dawgs were vilified and everybody who voted for the pig in a poke was defeated in the mid terms…the only one who got re-elected was the saved Face. We scuttled the Women Who Marched in White in Denver, too. Remember they weren’t even going to enter Hillary’s name in nomination to recognize the first Woman to win major primaries other than ‘favorite daughter’ candidates? It was way more about reliving the “I had a dream” anniversary with a race-infused speech.

  18. Loved the suffrage pix. Those brave, brave women. Thank god for them. Also wondering about the Syria business. I hate to see suffering, but its not like we did anything to stop the atrocities in Darfur or any number of other places. We pay a huge price for being the worlds policeman. I read a bio on K Hepburn some years ago, so I did know that.
    Thanks for the bday wishes! You are all sweethearts!

  19. We’ve also had the League of Women Voters since 1920. I wonder whatever happened to them since paid shills and celebrity pundits started handling political debates.

    Good question!

  20. Birthday song and pengies!

  21. Awww!

  22. @socal: I figured it was better than another version of the Beatles! 😉

  23. SWPAnnA, You’re right. Obama’s inexperience and need to save face is driving the our need to attack Syria. I hate to agree with the beast, Ann Coulter, she says it best. “Obama to bomb Syria so he won’t look like an idiot.”


    It really pisses me off when 57,000 kids in Head Start got sequestered and helping people out with food stamps is viewed as sinful, but we have the cash to waste on Syria or any other real estate in that hateful region.

  24. Love that video, Sophie. Made me tear up. I also love Kristen Chenoweth. All class and talent.

  25. I’m an equal woman! so there you have it…

  26. And…uppity is out blogging because she is an equal woman too.
    Luv yo’ll

  27. Check out Still4Hill.
    Hillary to receive an honorary doctors degree…
    That’s our best equal woman of all!

  28. Happy Belated Birthday Socal. Hope it was a great day for you.
    Agree about allowing illegals to vote and women still go to the back of the line. Madder then a wet hen about the fed butting in on the new law in Texas regarding having to show ID to vote. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows this is a good law. I am betting my bottom dollar that my late father who voted Republican all his life is now voting Democrat.

  29. I must not have an ounce of sense because I don’t think any law written by ALEC is a good law.

    The question is: Why bother? The only problem a voter ID card solves is in-person voter impersonation fraud. Since 2000, there have been 2,068 reported in-person voter impersonation fraud cases and the investigations resulted in 10 cases of actual fraud.

    And this is Texas, the state that filed this 30 minutes after the recent SCOTUS Voting Rights Act decision. They couldn’t even wait for the ink to dry. This is Texas, a state that has the most wrethed redistricting and their argument was that it wasn’t racially motivated–it was partisan!

    Texas only passes legislation that’s good for straight, white, connected men. I’ve got nothing good to say about Texas. I’d like to give it back to Mexico.

    Here’s what Lewis Black thinks of Texas and I’m with Lewis.

  30. I am betting my bottom dollar that my late father who voted Republican all his life is now voting Democrat

    Because he’s in Heaven??
    Count me in as nonsensical as Sophie. I’ll always have what she’s having.

  31. The whole issue of redistricting is troublesome no matter where or who is doing it. My liberal state of Maryland recently realigned districts and the results were to chop up some conservative areas so that they have no voice at all. I happen to live in one of those conservative districts and feel that I pay enormous amounts of taxes and have no representation at all. While I don’t agree with the politics of many of my neighbors, it matters in terms of what services I get in return for my taxes. So, I’m pissed at my State Dems for that.

    I don’t object to giving Texas back to Mexico, but I’d like to keep San Antonio. Good food there.

  32. LOL Sweet Sue! Utah woman is referring to the most time-honored method of voter fraud, which is when the dead get to keep voting!

    I am more worried about the machines being hacked or ballots being lost (or found). I am more worried about voter intimidation at the polls. I am more worried about the fuck faces that call registered voters and tell them their polling place has moved to this other place. I am more worried about states deliberately putting fewer polling places and fewer machines in districts where they don’t care for the demographics. And I worry about both sides Effing with the will of the voters.

    Frankly, I think ALEC is making a BFD out of Voter ID so that no one will be paying attention to what the other hand is doing, which will be one or more of the things in my “worry list.”

    FWIW, I live in a state where they do ask for ID but it does not have to have a photo.

  33. The River Walk is nice too Hugo. But what about the Alamo? Remember the Alamo!! Wait, keeping San Antonio would cover that too.

  34. I think voter ID could have helped during the caucuses of 07 and 08 when people were bussed in from Chicago. But as Sophie said, that was part of a larger operation by OFA and DNC (but I repeat myself) of fraud and intimidation. And of course the infamous 2000 and 2004 Florida debacles.

    Dead people voting is so Old School!!

  35. And, Austin without the lege, right? We get to keep Austin, but we change the spelling to Austen.
    Win, win.

  36. Definitely the River Walk. I eat my way up and down it during Fiesta week one year. And I do want to hang onto the Alamo. Lots of good history there. I would also hang onto a dude ranch in Bandera. The food is to die for, and they were in an old charmin tp ad in the 1950s. More history.

  37. I haven’t been to Austin yet, but it’s on my bucket list. So, I vote to keep it. The rest of Texas can be our gift back to Mexico. Sophie’s points about the state are well taken. Seems like they just make it a point to be contrary. That act is getting stale.

  38. Seriously, click the link for Lewis Black’s rant against Rick Perry (above). It’s hysterical. Of course, I’d think so because I’m a NYer (despite my CT zip code).

  39. Just saw this quote from Gorucho Marx. Never read it before, but it’s spot on, especially in recent years.

    “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.”

  40. The Lewis Black video is a hoot. I especially laughed at the comment from Jerry Brown and the comments from New Yorkers.

  41. The Lewis Black vid is hilarious, but I always like him. Funny old dude. One of my sis’ & her husband went to see his act and they both loved him, and my BIL is a repub and sis is a liberal repub that votes dem more and more as she gets older.

  42. Loved the Groucho quote! So true!

  43. Someone changed the header! Very cute. Poor laker has been back in school for 2 weeks. I always think it is barbaric, sending kids back to school in mid August, the hottest time of year. When I was young, school started after labor day.

  44. I’m still not sure what I think of this campaign–a bit too stereotypical but parts are amusing.

    Here’s gay men threatening to marry the girlfriends of men who don’t support marriage equality:

  45. And here’s gay women threatening to marry the boyfriends of women who don’t support marriage equality:

  46. Sophie, those were hilarious!

  47. I loved them; although, it may make the uptight homophobes more opposed than ever.

  48. For the record, I don’t care for professional sports and I don’t own any video game consoles. I do, however, frequent Home Depot and Lowes and I love math and am not embarrassed to admit it.

    Update: and I don’t own any slutty dresses. In fact, I don’t own any dresses.
    Another update: most of my clothes come from Lands End and LL Bean. And I drive a Subaru. In this way, I am completely stereotypical!

  49. I agree that gay men would make the best husbands ever! I like men who cook.

    Sophie, I’m a hetero female who loves Home Depot and Lowes and never fail to attend the end of season Lands End sales. And I bowled on a gay bowling league. So much for stereotypes.

  50. Those videos are hilarious! They should cure em!

    Not to use a cliche here, but seriously some of our best friends are gays and lesbians.

  51. I LOVE those videos! I would marry any of those gay men in a heartbeat. Friendship and understanding are so important. I have that with my gay friends. But in my relationships with heterosexual men? Not so much.

  52. I thought Sophie’s stereotypes were about people who live in CT?! Doesn’t everyone up there wear Lands End and drive Subarus??

  53. This is what we are really like here in California:

  54. Wearing clothes from Land’s End and driving a Subaru? LOL. Sounds like any college town to me.

  55. I would live in Santa Monica but only North of Montana. I mean, I do have standards, you know?

  56. Spammy ate my extremely insightful comment about California!

  57. I thought Sophie’s stereotypes were about people who live in CT?! Doesn’t everyone up there wear Lands End and drive Subarus??

    You’re thinking of VT, not CT. 😉

  58. Hugo, how do you feel about the poetry of Adrienne Rich? 😉

  59. Beata, sorry about that–I fished it out.

  60. I read where more lesbians buy subaru’s than any other vehicle.

  61. And to think, it could have been Jeep. Chrysler should have thought of that before they pulled their ads from Ellen’s coming out episode. Geez, talk about not knowing your demographics.

  62. Beata, I agree about North of Montana. But I would go South of Montana, as long as it was North of Wilshire. I gather then you are not interested in the Valley real estate 😉

  63. Sophie, I’m not inclined to read poetry. Not since my college days. I’m not familiar with Rich, but checked her out based on your question. She sounds like a fascinating woman. And I noted that she was born in Baltimore. Her background reminds me of some other intriguing, independent women from Baltimore. Gertrude Stein and Etta and Claribelle Cone. Stein is well known, but the Cone sisters who were her friends are probably not as famous. They amassed an art collection estimated today to be worth $1 billion by hanging out in Paris with Stein. One of the sisters went to medical school, as did Stein. I just love women who dared to be different when it really was unacceptable.

    I will put Rich on my reading list.

  64. I’m not familiar with Rich’s poetry, but I loved her non fiction book, ” Of Woman Born.”

  65. Interesting about the Cones and their art collection. Did not know that. Hubbie is fascinated with art.

    We love that hilarious SNL skit! God that was funny.

  66. Screech!

  67. Hugo, you don’t have to read Rich–I mentioned it as a little joke, since that was code in some circles back in the day! Then again, you might enjoy her work. She was brilliant–a genius even.

  68. After reading a bit of her bio, I think I caught the joke. Still, I think she’s certainly worth a look and I appreciate Sweet Sue’s recommendation of her non-fiction book. Seems to be in print.

    Happy Labor Day to all!

  69. Imust, South of Montana, even if it is North of Wilshire, is too declasse for me. As I said, I have standards. They must be met.

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