One More Weiner Roast?

**UPDATE** Apparently, not heard in this video, the man who confronted Weiner, said, after calling him a scumbag, “Married to an Arab.” I guess that could either destroy the credibility of the gentleman confronting Weiner, or excuse Weiner’s anger, depending how your look at it. However, I noticed that Weiner never defended his wife in the video, just his own behavior. I still think the video shows the true character of Weiner, what does everyone else think? Should I remove the post?
Labor Day is over, but it’s still warm here in sunny California. Can we throw another Weiner on the BBQ? I just love the way this guy takes A. Weiner to task. He never loses his cool, or raises his voice the entire time A.Weiner is screaming at him with a mouth full of food. A.Weiner is really A.Jerk.

There are other “A” names I could call A.Weiner, but A Mayor isn’t one of them.


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  1. “Can we throw another Weiner on the BBQ?”

    Yes, lets roast him! Corny, I know! Couldn’t resist. This guy is turning out to be one of the worst democratic politicians ever. I’m beginning to think he’s nuts. Poor Huma, having a child with this asshat. I notice the Clintons are steering clear of this trainwreck.

  2. Exactly socal, put a fork in that Weiner, he’s done.

  3. Somebody needs some anger management sessions.

  4. Personally, I think the guy is losing it piece by piece right on National TV. It’s like watching a series about a pervert who is going insane. I expect them to carry him off waving his arms and screaming any day now. He no longer is in touch with reality. His disregard for what he is, even unto his defiance and arrogance about it, is a huge red flag as to his mental status.

  5. Huma really Effed up her life marrying this turkey.

  6. I agree Uppity. He’s delusional, and definitely mentally ill.

  7. What’s wrong with this weiner? I can believe that he actually was in the public service…

  8. That video is very disturbing to watch. Weiner is an out-of-control putz.

    Leave the video up, imo. I don’t hear the man insulting Huma. On the contrary, the man says Weiner should think about how his behavior is hurting his wife. And well he should, if he has any real love for her or his son.

  9. Even Kristin Chenowith couldn’t help Weiner.

  10. Somebody seriously needs to do an intervention with Anthony.

  11. That was great Hugo! Yes, Sophie an intervention is long overdue for Carlos Danger.

  12. The guy did blow his message when he made that remark about Huma. If knowing and caring about someone of “Arab” descent is a bad thing, I am in deep shit. I live in a community where there are many second and third generation people of Lebanese, Syrian heritage whose parents/grandparents escaped that shithole for a better life and religious freedom. Furthermore, they aren’t even Muslims, but instead are Maronite Catholics. One friend comes for my grape leaves every summer and then I get a boatload of them stuffed. Now that’s a good deal! I do, however know one muslim family, have known them all my life and they are a far cry from the warring, barbaric, perpetually complaining Islamic scum who are showing up here these days trying to turn the USA into the shithole they left. You know, the ones who carry the “Kill all the Jews” signs, think they are entitled to tolerance for tolerating no one, and who drop their prayer mats on the sidewalk to spite everybody while they claim to pray.

    So yeah, the guy in this video blew it, because he is skittish, and well he should be considering what we are letting into this country now. I think Huma was born in Michigan and I’m sure she doesn’t have interest in killing Jews. She has a much bigger problem and that is she’s married to a perverted shitbag who is so arrogant people want to smash his face in when they see him. He actually presents as a guy who thinks the rest of us have a lot of nerve thinking what his brand of filth is wrong. They need to cart this mentally ill POS off so that the rest of us never have to see him on TV again. He is an embarrassment to himself, his wife, New York and the USA. And I would bet bucks that Huma knows it too. Personally, I think he is getting more dangerous by the day and I’ll bet living with him is raw hell. That is, if she even really lives with him. I know I wouldn’t. I don’t think Carlos Danger is harmless. It’s just a matter of time before he snaps. I can feel it.

  13. Very powerful, yes?

  14. It’s too bad that guy said that because the rest of what he says is spot on. I love how he tells Carlos that he didn’t bring anything to the district! I’ve read that about Weiner, his record has been about grabbing the spotlight, or the megaphone, not passing laws.

  15. Does the guy in the video call Huma an Arab? I’ve listened to it a few times ( not fun ) and don’t hear him say that. He sounds sympathetic toward her and very critical of Weiner as a husband. That is all I hear but maybe I missed it.

  16. Personally, I think he is getting more dangerous by the day and I’ll bet living with him is raw hell. That is, if she even really lives with him. I know I wouldn’t. I don’t think Carlos Danger is harmless. It’s just a matter of time before he snaps. I can feel it.

    For real! He is a classic sociopath and you don’t win arguments with people like that–they’d have you doubting your own reality and sanity before they’d ever cop to anything.

  17. Yes, when I said I thought he was “nuts” upthread, I was serious. His public meltdown is getting worse. Meanwhile his texting buddy is trying to get her 15 minutes of fame and earn money for nudie pix, etc. I hope Huma can leave him quietly after the election. I wonder if she will be able to go back to work for Hillary?

  18. The drunk driver video is very powerful, and I do hope some hit and run drivers in my area see it and man up like this guy. He did wrong and appears willing to accept the consequences. Two young people were hit and killed recently in separate incidents near my home and no one will confess. The boy’s family donated his organs, and his heart went to a classmate. His mother was killed in a traffic accident, and now his Dad has lost him. I just can’t imagine how cowardly one has to be to not admit guilt and accept consequences when one’s actions have been so devastating to others.

  19. Currently, Huma is being scrutinized by Check Grassley for her concurrent activities as a State Department contractor and a consultant for the Clinton Global Initiative. I saw a copy of her response letter to the Grassley inquiry and thought it to be very forthcoming. Nevertheless, the Grassley folks are accusing Kerry of stonewalling. This smells like a backdoor attempt to find some BS to sling at HRC if she decides to run in 2016.

    I’m surprised that Grassley is involved. I always gave him a lot of credit for just doing his job and not engaging in political games. Very disappointed in Chuck.

  20. Here’s a link for the Grassley/Abedin story.

    It’s amazing to me these Congress people have not learned to refrain from being accusatory until there is proof that someone has violated some law. Issa has spent his last term doing just that and looks like a complete ass. Grassley should know better.

  21. I just noticed the Update on the original post. I would not remove the post because no matter what type of abuse is heaped upon a public servant, the expectation is that they can conduct themselves in a professional manner and not embarrass their constituents. Weiner’s conduct in the video is appalling for a public servant or someone attempting to become a public servant. That’s not how to handle a member of the public.

  22. I agree Hugo. @Beata, this video doesn’t have the man’s comment. The Weiner camp put out a video with the comment. If it goes on youtube, I’ll post it.

  23. I just stopped by, not to do anything else but say CNN is doing a special right now on Diana Nyad and the swim. I’m gonna go back to watch it now.

  24. Grassley lost me after this. Apparently, we can find sex traffickers to tax them but not to arrest them, unless of course, they don’t pay their taxes. Grassley’s an idiot in disguise.

  25. Not for anything important, but the following really surprised me and it fits in around the edge of the conversation you’re having. US magazine, which featured an article, “Kate’s First Week,” has a section where two women wear the same outfit and some group votes which looks better. This issue paired Michelle and Huma, and Huma won by more than 10 points.

    Good to see the homefires here are well-tended.

  26. The thing is, Huma could be in a burlap sack and still look about 4000 times better than Michelle.

  27. Yeah but Michelle looks about 4000 times better than Anthony Wiener! 🙂
    What DOES Huma see in him????

  28. Whatever it is he has kept it well hidden unlike his weiner. 😆

  29. Taxing sex traffickers is an idiotic idea and comparing the strategy to the one used to jail Al Capone is laughable. I’m guessing that IRS is glad that idea went nowhere. Congressional bright ideas like that one are one reason that federal agencies can’t always be efficient. Make tax collectors run after pimps and prostitutes for chump change. Bad idea, Chuck Grassley. But, he usually does a good job with government oversight, and I’m more familiar with his activities in that area. In that respect, I usually agree with him, but the Huma Abedin inquiry seems to have some peculiar motivation.

  30. Michelle needs to stop wearing itty bitty sweaters and stop cinching her belt up above her spare tire. And she needs to stop mixing patterns like she got dressed out of Granny’s rag bag.

  31. imust I think Huma saw Weiner as a project. And I’ll bet he has a little boy charm too. Or had it. Now he’s exposed, no pun intended.

    Hugo, in order to tax a sex trafficker, you would have to know where he is. And in order to work it Grassley’s way, instead of arresting the filthy F*ck and freeing his captives, we would overlook that little problem and collect tax on them. I’m sorry but any man who could think like that is crap in my book.

  32. I don’t think Michelle is bad looking. I just don’t think she all that and a bag of chips like the media and sycophants pretend she is. For starters, her fashion sense is senseless. I wouldn’t be caught cleaning my house in some of the crap outfits i’ve seen her in. She’s also no beautiful fashion model. You could float down a river in one of her shoes. She’s rather manish in many respects. Which is okay if that’s being Her, but watching people fawn all over her and pretend she’s some raving beauty is just too much fantasy to take.

  33. I suspect Huma felt sympathy for Weiner and thought she could help him. A little boy lost who turned out to be a lost cause.

    My mother always warned me never to mistake pity for love. Good advice.

  34. Texas idiot alert: A Texas sign company thought it would be a good idea to create a decal with a pic of a woman in bondage and stick it on the tailgate of a pick-up truck. Too bad someone can’t do a decal of the company owner getting a good ass kicking from some women. I’d stick that on my tail-gate.

  35. From Hugo’s link:

    “I wasn’t expecting the reactions that we got, nor was it really anything we certainly condone or anything else,” Hornet Signs owner Brad Kolb told KWTX. “But it was just something…we had to put out there to see who notices it.”

    Why was it something they “had to put out there”??? What would make any sane person even think of doing such a thing?

  36. Now here’s something you don’t see every day. John Scalzi says he is what a feminist looks like.

  37. LOL @ Sophie’s link. Dudebro has been told!

    It’s really despicable that the feminist label has been perverted into an insult. If you stand up for women, you must be vilified or mocked?

  38. Sophie, great link. I noticed he says he “enjoys pie”. Imust, take note.

    Hugo, I saw that about the creep in Texas. Ewww!

    Upps, agree with you about Michelle.

    Nice to see Pamela, Foxi, Leslie & Beata! 🙂

    Hope you’re all having a good weekend. The heatwave here is finally over, thank goodness.

  39. “Enjoys pie”…..’nuff said!

  40. Bwahahaha!

    Despite terrible poll numbers and awkward YouTube videos, Anthony Weiner is still certain he’s going to win the 2013 New York City mayoral race.

    “I’m convinced that I’m gonna be the next mayor of this city,” he told the Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie, in an interview that will air on Monday.

  41. OMG that is so funny Sophie! Hey Carlos…do you believe in magic too?

    Mr. Danger….do you believe you can fly??

    I believe Mr. A.Weiner is delusional.

  42. OT but..

    Just when you thought the USDA could do anything more stupid, they raise their stupidity threshold by several orders of magnitude.

    U.S. Department of Agriculture recently gave the green-light to four chicken processing plants in China, allowing chicken raised and slaughtered in the U.S. to be exported to China for processing, and then shipped back to the U.S. and sold on grocery shelves here.

  43. That is disgusting. And truly insane.

  44. This is why I buy local organic chicken. Its not that much more expensive either.

  45. Whole Foods Markets are labeling non GMO foods. They say if there is an USDA Organic label or a Non-GMO Project label then the food is GMO free. Its a start anyway. I keep bugging the other stores I shop at to do the same thing.

  46. There has been trouble in the domestic USDA poultry inspection program for years and USDA apparently plans to make that worse. Some whistleblowers have been trying to raise the alarm, but it’s very hard to compete for the public’s attention when they’re focused on important issues like what’s trending on twitter.

    Here’s some info from the Government Accountablity Project, which helps whistleblowers:

    And here’s some additional info from an experienced USDA inspector turned whistleblower.

    Frankly, it’s an insult to US consumers to import anything purported to be edible from any place in Asia. And the likelihood of USDA testing 100% of the re-imported US chicken is in the bullshit range. Not enough personnel and chicken is perishable, so it will be into the marketplace before you can say e.coli.

    The Obama administration is as bad as the Bush admin when it comes to consumer protection. Maybe worse. Consumers have not been protected since the Clinton admin.

  47. Forgot to say, that I’m glad you posted that link, Sophie. First I heard of that aspect of the chicken business.

  48. I would give up chicken before I would buy mass produced poultry. Processing chicken in China just figures. It’s already poison before it gets to them. Maybe they can fortify it with some lead and melamine. Seriously, friends, if you live within a half hour of a farmer, you can get fresh organic, non tampered chicken, beef, pork, etc. for a few pennies more. Beware of the cheaply priced chicken processed God knows how, and stuffed with an extra neck in a weighted styro container. You are not paying less when you buy these chickens. The weight has been manipulated. I was forced to buy a chicken from a supermarket not long ago because I wanted to make soup for a sick person.I posted the photo of the shit I pulled off that chicken. It took me a half hour of soaking and snipping to clean this disgusting chicken. I offer that photo up to you again and ask, How can you do this to yourself?

  49. Hugo, I have said it before and I will say it again. I would kill to see a post from you on food safety.

    I patronize a supermarket that smartened up and now has a separate produce area with each and every product labeled with the name of the local, or regional farm, small company or producer it comes from. They can’t keep that produce area stocked fast enough. And throughout their store, if a product, such as bread or baked goods, or anything else, is produced locally, it is prominently marked as such.

    In the regular produce area, they also mark what country the produce comes from. Ditto for all their fish. I am hoping they finally catch on and start selling local meats. I want to know why the F they have oranges from Chile stocked when we have California and Florida on our map.

  50. Upps great example about cheap chicken. That pic is disgusting! Two necks! I have never seen that before. What charlatans. The chicken I buy is pretty lean and denser becuz its not soaked in water and bleach. Its also a little tougher cuz its natural, but we are used to it, and when we do eat non natural chicken now it feels soft and “mealy” to us.

    Agree, would love to see a food safety post from Hugo! 🙂

  51. Here are just two aspects of the USDA new poultry inspection procedures that make me gag.

    “The proposal would increase the speed of processing lines to 175 birds per minute, a five-fold increase over the current speed of 35 per minute. At the new rate, the critics say, inspectors would have less than a third of a second to examine each carcass.”

    “The coalition objected to a proposal to turn the job of inspecting birds for bruises, scabs and other defects over to plant workers, who would not be required to undergo specific training.”

    The rationale for implementing these new procedures is, in part, to save millions for the industry and consumers. So, to save a few million, the powers at the USDA want to pretend that a visual inspection of a chicken carcass can be performed in under one third of a second and to pretend that industry can be trusted to police itself by having its employees look for bruises and scabs. No mention of tumors. So, ask yourself who these employees are. Who works at those plants? And which of them is likely to find too many defects on their bosses chicken carcasses? It may go against self-interest to find too many. An ineffective inspection program is a big ass waste of tax dollars. We will be paying for a charade.

    When I read this stuff, the only word that comes to my mind is, “bullshit.”

    TY for the encouragement to write a post. My schedule becomes clear soon, so that could be on my To Do List.

  52. Can we handle the Epilogue to this post????

    Or….speaking of “birds”……guess how Carlos Danger ended his campaign and his evening last night???

    Adios Carlos!! Nice knowin’ ya! NOT!

  53. imust, I laughed so hard when I saw that. Anthony Weiner is history!

  54. Yes he is Sophie! Only 3 more words needed:

    Run Huma, run!

  55. I read somewhere that she is going to leave him. God, he could not have fucked up his life in any more dramatic form, could he? Loser.

    I may end up going vegetarian after all. I wonder whats next, send our cows to be milked in China? Then back here to graze because they have huge water shortages…oh wait, doubt if they’ll graze the cows, probably keep them packed together in some bldg and give them feed made of melamine. And eggs. How can the govt have China have something to do with providing our eggs? fgs.

  56. Run Huma Run!!! 🙂

  57. Huma Abedin Returns To Hillaryland

    Anthony Weiner’s political career may be over, but his wife, Huma Abedin, has returned to her position as director of Hillary Clinton’s transition office.

    Weiner’s campaign initially said Abedin would be with him when he went to vote on election day Tuesday. Abedin was absent, which Weiner explained by saying she was “on a call.” Abedin also did not attend the Tuesday night party where he made a concession speech that did not thank her. According to the New York Post, Abedin spent election night Tuesday at a fundraiser for Clinton in Washington.

  58. God, that would actually be funny if it wasn’t sad and pathetic. I think she’s done with him. She’ll be better off, sad for their kid though (but he’ll probably be better off too.)

  59. John Stewart did a fantastic piece on Mons(ter)anto tonite. You should check it out tomorrow.

  60. Huma was seen with Weiner yesterday. One of the commenters says they’re on their way to their divorce attorneys. Their kid is cute:

  61. I can’t for the life of me see that classy woman walking alongside that seedy pervert.

  62. fundraiser for Clinton in Washington.

    Oh really????

  63. Screech!
    (new post up)

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