Sunday morning

Since the Sunday morning TeeVee shows have proven to be where all the smart people learn the news, and what is said on these programs carries more weight that anything uttered in our halls of government, we should probably be talking about them.

Here are some highlights of today’s lineup:

Meet the Press on NBC

  • Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
  • Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.)
  • Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson
  • Former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.)

Face the Nation on CBS

  • Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), chairman, Senate Armed Services Committee
  • Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), ranking member, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
  • Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

There are more shows listed at the link. I would have listed them all here except 1. it probably violates fair use and 2. Either I don’t like the station, today’s guests, or both.

I have been a fan of Madeleine Albright since I can remember. Ever since his grilling of Goldman Sachs about their “shittly deal,” I’ve been a fan of Senator Levin. No, I don’t agree with every one of his positions, but this was a classic when it happened.

I invite you to watch along to learn what’s really important in America and witness how some very specifically calculated points of view transform into conventional wisdom right before your eyes.

Here on the east coast, those two shows I listed are on at the same time. This poses a dilemma for non-DVRers, who then could end up getting their information second hand (albeit from the serious people) or through edited and context-free YouTube clips after the factoid-du-jour has set roots. Of course, there’s no downside to this practice in a free and fully-informed Democracy.

I’ll be watching Face the Nation “live” and DVRing Meet the Press. As for the other shows I didn’t list, I’ll just have to trust the regurgitated versions.

Of course this is an open thread and you can feel free to discuss anything that piques your interest (within the boundaries previously set forth by the blog mistress).


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  1. And they begin with serious Syria conversation. Kerry’s racking up those frequent flyer miles.

  2. I love how Madeleine clearly explains stuff. She and the Big Dawg could be a tag team.

  3. I’ve liked Senator Levin for a long time. I think it’s interesting that “the last word” was Sen Levin’s statement of bronco’s “couragous action”. I used to watch these shows with hope, now my cynicism completely overrides that hope. It makes me sad.

  4. Indeed, Leslie (in Sen. Levin’s statements today). Like I said, I don’t agree with every one of his positions. This would be one of those.

  5. Speaking of specifically calculated points of view transforming into conventional wisdom…

    The round table speakers on MTP decided that the reaction of the American people (against the strike) coupled with a few MSM magazine covers means that Americans are tired of being the world’s police. .

    Seriously, we are not the world’s police even if our soaring rhetoric says so. We do exactly what we need to do to “protect American interests in the region.” That’s it. If it means prosecuting war crimes and standing in as peacekeepers, we’ll do that. If it means starting needless wars, staging coups, and performing war crimes, we’ll do that too.

    I think we need to get out of the kindergarten version of this conversation. We should be talking about EXACTLY WHAT are America’s interests in any region. Our interests are, in a word, financial. But who gains financially by our pursuit of these interests? America as a whole? Or specific people? Do certain people in America benefit more from these “interests” than others?

    Personally, I would much rather starve countries that engage in honor killings and forego the huge profits that oil companies make there. I am willing to pay $10/gallon for gas if it means that perpetrators of honor killings get executed themselves for murder.

  6. Face the Nation is my favorite. I thought Meet the Press was better in the olden days when the politician actually “Met” the “Press”. Timmy ruined that show with his “gotcha” questions and big head.

  7. Wow, imagine that! When bipartisanship was a good word and saying that we shouldn’t use foreign policy with respect to our security for political purposes!

    Timmy ruined that show with his “gotcha” questions and big head.

    Literally and figuratively.

    Such is the case with all the good programs. They start with a good idea, they take it seriously, and they enjoy a heyday. Then they turn into hacks looking for points instead of real engagement. MTP, 60 Minutes, Crossfire…

  8. OT: I am waiting for someone to say the floods in Colorado are God’s wrath for the election recalls as was the fire in Seaside Heights for Gov. Christie vetoing same sex marriage.

  9. What a fricken waste those two shows are.

    I can totally see why a belligerent group of people would invest everything they have on what the talking heads on that show have to say! And then be astonished that it bore no relationship to reality. Then waste a year of their lives and untold dollars and Twitter pixels claiming the bloviating gasbags were involved in a conspiracy/scandal. /s.

  10. Here’s Bill explaining ACA. What do you think of this?

  11. Ok, this is definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen all weekend:

  12. I’m watching the Manning Bowl but I’ll add something in later (I know that’s a thrill for everyone!).

  13. Hooray!

    Larry Summers withdraws his name from Fed chairman consideration

    “I have reluctantly concluded that any possible confirmation process for me would be acrimonious and would not serve the interest of the Federal Reserve, the Administration or, ultimately, the interests of the nation’s ongoing economic recovery,” CNBC quoted Summers as saying

  14. Summers withdrawing is the best news I’ve heard all day.

  15. MY translation for Larry’s comment:

    “I am a pompous a$$ and everyone knows it. Since I have already destroyed this economy as much has humanly possible, I will slither back under the rock from whence I came.”

  16. LOL, imust!

  17. Isn’t Levin the dirtbag who decided to take Hillary’s delegates and give them to Barack because barack wasn’t on the ballot and Levin was psychic and knew exactly how many people “would” have voted for him if he were on the ballot?

  18. Hey Larry, don’t let the door hit you in your bigoted ass, shitbum.

  19. Yes, that Carl Levin. I think he agreed to the deal he thought would get Michigan seated. He never endorsed either candidate.

  20. Sophie, thanks for the new post. I must confess, I never watch those shows. I loved that cool commercial. Wasn’t the ball thing playing Bach’s Jesu? That’s what it sounded like to me.

    imust, great translation!

  21. I watched Levin on TV with that delegate thing. It didn’t get more slippery than what he pulled. He clearly stuck it up Hillary’s nose for Obama. And he clearly STOLE her delegates for Obama to be crowned, single-handedly dragging Obama’s ass over the line. First they stripped Michigan’s delegates for violating their rulez, Hillary stood with Michigan. Then, when they saw Obama didn’t have enough delegates, they reinstated them so they could give them to Obama. This was a HUGE defining moment of audacious smarm. If Levin hadn’t done that, Obama could NOT have been the candidate. I watched with shock and awe as Levin did this with a straight face. He’s on my short list of people I will never forgive. I wouldn’t spit on him if he were on fire!

    I think I have his disgusting, and it was disgusting, video of him doing her in posted somewhere here.

  22. Look at this goon tell two lies in one breath. “We won michigan” and “Had more of the popular vote”. I’m sorry but Levin gave us this burnout. HALF the delegates and he wasn’t even on the ballot. Since this was March 2008, looks like Obama made a bit of a slip and knew up ahead he would “win” a state he didn’t even appear on the ballot for.

  23. Ok then, I guess Sen Levin is an expert on shitty deals.

  24. Breaking:

    There’s been a shooting at the Navy Yard in DC. The timeline as it evolved is here (newest info up top):

  25. I liked Levin right up until he fell in behind the inexperienced one. I guess some people can get votes without being on the ballot as easily as they can get a Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nuthin’. I frankly prefer the ones who work their asses off to get what they have. 2008 was an eye opener, to say the least.

  26. This Navy Yard shooting is scary. How in the hell does a shooter get in there unless it’s an inside job? Last time I went to a big federal building, they search my boots while I was wearing them.

  27. Elenore Holmes Norton is babbling. She compares the US Navy Yard attack to 9/11, then say we should withhold judgment. Then she says there are too many guns loose in our society. One would expect guns at a military facility to a certain extent, and one can only speculate that this is related domestic violence, disgruntled worker, or a terrorist attack. But we’re going to get the old reserve judgment speech from the left.

    And I usually like Holmes Norton.

  28. I don’t suppose that while our congress-critters are on lockdown they’ll manage to get any work done…

  29. Nah. Getting the job done is not on their agenda. Maybe someone should bring to their attention that the US Navy Yard was hit with sequestration because they, in Congress, think failure is an option. Here’s a great link to an article by a Rear Admiral on a Navy blog. It addresses the effects of sequestration and the yearly Continuing Resolutions that are a direct result of the failure on The Hill.

  30. Amen Hugo. Twice.

  31. I don’t suppose that while our congress-critters are on lockdown they’ll manage to get any work done…

    No but there will be some great catered meals.

  32. Nah, it was nobody in and nobody out for a while but still, anything on the schedule for today got rescheduled.

  33. Mr. & Mrs Cockroach, who planned the abuse of their own children before the children were even born.,0,5658037.story

    It’s not enough that there’s a place in hell.

  34. Wow. It’s shameful that Mr. Cockroach was able to find two women willing to allow him to victimize their children. They should both get life in prison also. I hope their junk rots so they can’t have more children.

  35. Right?!

  36. Despicable defects who should be removed from the planet.

  37. What country are we living in again? Merced County CA police follow a law that allows them to take injured animals they find, dogs, cats, whatever, over to their shooting range and use them for target practice.

  38. PETA needs to head to Merced. That’s outrageous.

  39. Here’s a question for FLOTUS. Instead of worrying yourself about how many calories we eat per day, why not turn your attention to real food safety issues. You know the ones like formaldehyde in fish imported into the US from Asia:

    Maybe you can do a little rap song and dance called, “Who Let This Crap In?”

    And then, you can help us understand the wisdom of USDA/FSIS’s plan to allow more feces in our domestic and imported meat supply:

    FLOTUS, calorie counts seem inconsequential when POTUS’ Secretary of AG is removing the safety net in the meat supply, and when his food safety net misses imported food containing carcinogens. Obesity is a major public health concern, but e-coli and foods containing carcinogens seem to be a much more urgent concern.

    I don’t eat seafood from Asia because I was concerned about microbiological contaminants, but formaldehyde?? WTF??

  40. Hey FLOTUS,
    Do GMO foods have fewer calories?
    Does chicken raised in the US, processed in China, and sent back to the US for sale have fewer calories?
    Does arsenic in chicken help you burn calories faster?

  41. I have another question. This one is for the Congressional critters who continue to politicize the deaths of 4 civilian public servants in Benghazi. One of their talking points is that these people died because inadequate security was provided in a very dangerous part of the world. Critters like Issa, Graham, and McCain remain distraught a year after their deaths. So, given the loss of 12 civilians yesterday on US soil in a military base in the nation’s capital, will there be the same blame game directed at those responsible for this deadly lapse of security? I’m waiting to hear from the Benghazi critics. Or, are these 12 lives not so valuable because there’s no political gain in pursuing those responsible?

  42. I’m not very well informed on the GMO issued and I’ve tried to remain objective about one of the key players often named as responsible for the US not taking a stance against GMOs, but it’s disappointing to see that that same name is associated with the USDA/FSIS plan as far back as the initial pilot program in the late 1990s and early 2000. Perplexing to say the least.

  43. Yeah, those 12 lives don’t have the same political value as the 4 in Benghazi. The lives of 20 children and 6 adults also do not have the same political value as the 4 in Benghazi.

    But if Benghazi is so Effing important, why don’t they go after the CIA? Because Benghazi is only useful to bring down Barry or Hillary or both if they can swing it. Why? Because they didn’t like Susan Rice’s talking points on Sunday Morning TeeVee programs.

    And now this post has come full circle.

    P.S. There are IDIOTS on this Internet who actually equated Benghazi with 9/11 on the anniversary. All I can say to that is: FU, you idiots.

  44. Yes, I’m in a bad mood about the rabid gun nuts. (No, I am not talking about the legitimately law-abiding gun owners.) I am talking about the people who will in one breath say, “Guns don’t kill, people do.” and then in the next take money from the NRA lobby and vote against comprehensive universal background checks. It says to me loud and clear, “Yeah, there are sick people out there who shouldn’t have guns, but we won’t do anything to improve our ability to prevent those people from getting guns.”

  45. Sophie and Hugo, I don’t know which one of you earned the prize for your Flotus questions, I gotta say it’s a tie.

  46. Cry me a river!

    A Georgia Republican congressman was caught complaining about what he described as a low salary in a closed-door meeting with fellow party members concerning the Affordable Care Act, the National Review reported.

    During a discussion concerning a possible exemption for lawmakers and staff members from taking part in the state health exchanges mandated by the new law, Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) reportedly lamented that aides can become lobbyists “and make 500,000 a year. Meanwhile I’m stuck here making $172,000 a year.”

    We’d pay you what you’re worth but there are minimum wage laws.

  47. Let me get this straight. Congress is starting the annual shutting-down-the government festivities (aka, failing to do their job), and this ass wants a pay raise? In what world does one get a freaking pay raise for failure to perform one’s basic functions? Maybe he should resign and go work for some lobbyists.

    Meanwhile, feds are being told to prepare for the shut down, Too bad that never includes shutting down Congress and sending home their aides without pay. Very disruptive for agencies responsible for so many programs that citizens depend on.

  48. Uppity, I think our questions for FLOTUS went right over her head.

    Rick Perry is in my state–Maryland. O’Malley is responding to his BS talking points and plea for Marylanders to move to Texass. This is gonna be fun!!

  49. Nah Hugo, it didn’t go over her head, she just doesn’t want to rattle the Obama sponsors.

  50. We’d pay you what you’re worth but there are minimum wage laws.


  51. Colorado’s House Republicans ask for flood relief after voting against Sandy aid

    I love the smell of hypocrisy in the evening. But I’m such a bleeding heart lubrul, I’d vote to give the aid to Colorado anyway.

  52. It’s interesting that politicians who vote against funding disaster relief for other states can’t imagine that one day, the shoe might be on the other foot. Public stances can come back to bite one in the behind. They should understand that, but I guess they are a bunch a bon vivants who live in the moment.

  53. Hugo, the thing that pissed me off about that whole Sandy vs. Fiscal Responsibility posturing was that we have an overwhelming history in this country of the northeast paying for every disaster that’s befallen just about every other state in the union. The northeast is like the wallet for the downtrodden of the country in that way. It pissed me off that they even had to think about it. And even if we weren’t the nation’s benefactor, we are one country and we are supposed to look out for each other.

  54. China, China, China…what will you think of next? Fake meat. Gangs of meat crooks. Paraffin and industrial chemicals in meat. Did we learn nothing from the melamine disaster?

    Here’s a link to Dog Food Advisor which is warning pet owners that this fake meat may well end up in dog food. Maybe cat food, too.

  55. For example, the people of Tennessee won’t let the people of Georgia have access to drinking water.

    [Tennesee] State Rep. Jason Powell said, “As far as I’m concerned, Georgia can keep its greedy hands and its thirsty mouths away from our water.”

  56. Hugo, I saw that earlier. They’re making fake beef out of pork. Now aren’t you glad we’re letting them buy Smithfield?

  57. That’s true, Sophie. The biggest drains on our resources are the ones who contribute the least and/or cry the loudest about taxes and government spending. And it’s really hideous that these people also probably consider themselves good Christians. Helping others should be a priority for them. Last time I check, stingy and resentful were not on the list of virtues.

  58. Tennessee better play nice with its neighbors. The TVA has jurisdiction over those waterways, and Obama’s 2014 budget includes a proposal to sell the TVA because its infrastructure needs upgrading and that will come out of taxpayers’ pockets. So, if the TVA goes on eBay, and the Chinese buy it, Tennessee and Georgia will be drinking fake water. Karma….

  59. Brian Fischer (of the American Family Association) says if Hillary wins in 2016, she could be our first Lesbian president. Sigh–one can only hope.

  60. New thread

  61. She’s a woman. She’s a leader. She’s smarter than 99% of men and she extremely competent. Obviously, she must be a lesbian, because what else is left to say about her to try and detour her wild popularity. It’s what they do.

  62. Why is it that these right wing loonies always speculate about the sexuality of powerful, intelligent women? It’s really creepy. How would he like it if people speculate about what his wife does behind closed doors?

  63. Fischer’s bio on Wikipedia leads one to believe he is obsessed with sex. He should check out Pope Francis’ views on all the sex obsession in the name of religion.

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