And now a few words from…Hillary….

I know that we shouldn’t focus on what was lost, but it’s hard not to when you’ve got Hillary Clinton, MY president, out there making speeches and appearances. What.Could.Have.Been just screams out in my mind! Here she is answering the question about 2016. Does it mean she will run? Only Hillary knows the answer to that. But it sure shows how much we would all benefit if she did.

Quote of the Day
“Today, too many in our politics choose scorched earth over common ground. Many of our public debates are happening in what I like to call an evidence-free zone, where ideology trumps data and common sense. That is a recipe for paralysis, not progress.”
– Hillary Clinton, quoted by the Associated Press.


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  1. “Evidence-free zone.” That’s my new favorite phrase. Don’t you just love individuals who can cut through the bull and get to the very heart of the matter.

  2. I love it, imust. What an incredibly wise woman!

  3. I’m very enthusiastic about a new word I learned today.

    Kakistocracy; noun; government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power

  4. I like that word!

  5. Love that word Hugo. And you know the antonym of a kakistocrat is a Clintonista!
    BTW I think that the video of Hillary in this post is a toned down, I can’t make the Obamabots angry version of this:

  6. An in 5 years, the current Prez didn’t undo any of the previous damage. His “ending of the wars” was simply on Bush’s timetable.

  7. Here’s a goody:

  8. Ha ha!! A “Right Wing Tip!” Classic!

  9. Tucker is a boob. And, Hillary has so much class. Reading her memoirs is really the point at which I really became a Clintonista. So, take that Tucker.

  10. Hillary has so much class, Tucker was always such a jerk to her and she was such a good sport to him.

  11. Lovely post imust. What keeps us all going.

  12. “I am not going to begin to think seriously about it until sometime next year,” … “I will think about it because it’s something on a lot of people’s minds. And it’s on my mind as well.”

    And it’s on my mind as well.

  13. Thanks socal. I think, especially during these trying times in the Golden Age of Obama…..we just need a little breath of fresh Hillary once in awhile. 🙂
    Well, that and a nice slice of PIE!

  14. Not only is it on my mind, it’s on my bumper. I got the Ready for Hillary bumper sticker.

  15. I wish they had a bumper sticker that said, “Hillary was Ready in 2008, too bad some Obamabots made us Wait”

  16. For sure, imust. We’re feeling that everyday. None of this would be happening had they not hijacked the party.

  17. Why is the Speaker of the House focusing on IT glitches in the obamacare software instead of focusing on getting the glitches out of his membership. Glitches in software seem pithy compared to sabotaging programs with public health and safety consequences.

    It appears that much of the software development was contracted out and in accordance with standard operating procedures, delivered a system filled with defects. However, Boehner most likely is not a qualified expert in software development and validation, so he just needs to mind is own business and get back to work undoing the mess he allowed Ted Cruz to create.

  18. Hello all, I just received very sad news. Harriet Christian passed today. 😦 It was posted on her life partners facebook page.

  19. That is sad news. Thanks for posting and nice to see you again Goofs.

    RIP Harriet.

  20. Well, in case there’s anyone left who hasn’t seen this:

  21. RIP Harriet.

  22. Very sad about Harriet. I’m sorry that she did not live to see a woman as POTUS.

    Sophie, I had not seen that video. Wish I had some of those powers. I’d promise to use them for good purposes.

  23. I keep forgetting how wise and practical and how full of common sense Hillary is. Thanks for posting these gems..

    I’d love to see “home movies” of Hillary’s speech as student/guest speaker at her graduation from Wellesley. The one where her fellow students gave her a 7 ( seven) minute standing ovation.

  24. “I wish they had a bumper sticker that said, ‘Hillary was Ready in 2008, too bad some Obamabots made us Wait.'”

    I’ll take one of those stickers, imust! Great post.

  25. Hi gang! Good to see you all again.

    Cool vid, Sophie. I hadn’t seen it.

  26. Yay!!!! NES is back!!!!! Hiya NES!!! 🙂

  27. Hola imust!

  28. Today is National Coming Out Day. If there is anyone left on the planet who doesn’t know, guess what!

  29. I rescued this cat today. I forgot how to scale images here. Her ear has been removed all the way up to her head and her jaw is injured. Sanctuary won’t help because they know she won’t be adoptable and would have to be put down. I’m on my own and will bring her to vet tomorrow. She looks at me with such trust how can I not help her. She was starving too. She must have hid out for a few days. So sad.



  30. Bravo for you my friend. You and I are stuck in a world handing out hope where there is liitle. That poor poor girl. Guess you have another cat. Keep updating on her progress. I know I will always have to work because I can not or will not turn an animal in need away. I pray they can help her and repair that damage somewhat. Do you think it is because of another animal ? I am always amazed at how so many animals trust humans after all they go through at the hands of humans. A pox on whoever allowed that little sweetheart to roam the streets when she should have been inside warm and comfy. The way so many humans treat animals is insane and I only hope Karma pays each and every one of them a visit and when Karma comes to them may it come in ten fold.
    That sweet baby knows she is safe now and bless you and your big heart. That is the main reason you and I connected oh so many years ago and a firm friendship evolved.
    That and I love your wit and well everything. Thanks for taking her in lady. Stories like this make my day. I will look in daily for updates on her and pray she can be healed up.

  31. awww….Uppity…she looks like Bill’s sister! Bless you for caring for her!

  32. Utah, from what I see, it looks as though she gave up an ear to get away. My guess: a dog or another cat had a grip on her and she got away and left her ear in order to do it. Kind of like the way an animal might chew off its leg in a trap. Couldn’t be a skunk or we’d be smelling something. No raccoons around here, possibly a possum though. The ear looks literally ripped off. We also have spotted a few hawks. She is not afraid of Tosca, so she has lived with dogs and maybe that’s how she got in trouble. Her hearing is definitely affected this bite left nothing there. when I speak at her while she is snoozing, she pops up and turns her head every which way to see where the sound is coming from, having not adapted to hearing cut by half. Her jaw seems injured as she covers her whole face with food when she tries to eat. She was ravenous but making a holy mess. I ended up giving her some jars of baby food, which worked better because she could lick it up. I think she’s got an injured jaw on that side too. Through it all, bless her heart, she keeps trying to clean herself up, which is a good sign. Her ear really hurts and she tries to sleep sitting or squatting not lying down. As a miracle she does not have signs of infection. Mostly dried coagulated blood, not bleeding profusely from the wound. I think this injury is a few days old and she hid out to either die or heal, which is the cat’s way. Her eyes are clear, and so far, that means no abcess. Yet. Vetting her ASAP is really important at this point because if an infection occurs, she’s going to die a horrible death. So I bedded her in the basement cat room, so far Benny and the Jets are being benevolent too. Not bothering with her. Keeping distance too as cats are wont to do in these situations. I’m surprised her balance is good with that ear amputation and the blood that probably flowed into her canal. She shakes her head now and then but not as often as I would think she would. She also keeps washing herself there. She’s VERY stoic and brave about all this. I’m going to put some food in a humane trap tomorrow so I can cage her that way instead of lifting her and possibly giving her pain. I can’t scruff her, obviously. This is going to cost a fortune though and it is a concern. I just laid $400 for Joe’s teeth on Monday, got nailed for seven grand on a house that needed repair and am pretty close to tapped out before replenish. I think the sanctuary might give me a few bucks but this is a big one. And yea, she’s not going to be adoptable so I could end up with a one-eared cat. Kind of like Van Gogh. I’ll know more tomorrow if she’s salvageable. There could be more than I am seeing and if she can never eat properly,that would be huge.

  33. Bless you, dearest Upps.

    It’s heartbreaking to see the pics of that poor girl. But we all know that now she is getting the best possible care from the bestest Auntie she could have possibly found. I will be thinking of her, and you, with high hopes that she can pull through.

    She really tugs at my heart because she reminds me of a stray that bounded into my doorway one day many moons ago, and of course never left. I named her Sylvia, and had her for many years afterward. Plus, because she was pregnant when she arrived (I got her fixed right after she had her litter) I kept one of her female kittens, and had her for 15 years more. That mother and daughter duo were my best pals through many ups and downs. Anyway, just seeing sweet Miss Van Gogh brought those memories flooding back…

    Good luck, and thank you for being you.

  34. I’m voting that you name her Vincenza.

  35. The jaw pain I hope is due to blood in the ear canal but you wont know until she is vetted. I know well about the money situation and wish I had some to give for her bills. If all goes well you will have a very gratful loving little girl. As you always say when we lose one they send us another. Sometimes though it would be nice to get another that did not come with a huge price tag but then we would not be who we are would we ?
    Either way it goes that little girl is lucky to have found you and I know you too well and know you will make the right call for her future. I did not even consider a hawk. It is very possible to cats are prey to them.
    Keep updates on her please. That poor thing is ripping my heart out.
    If I know you as I do you are rather sleep deprived right now. I bet you were up checking on her most the night. I like the food in a cage idea that is a great way to load her up so as not to hurt her. That little darling has to be in awful pain right now.
    Upps you and I are bound to have a few animals that are ……….well different are we not ? Again love you and big hugs to you. No matter what the outcome it is going to tear at you and then there is the $$ part too and that is never easy.

  36. upps:
    You are an angel! and you have a heart as big as the universe.
    that’s why we Love you. We need millions more like you…

  37. That little cat is breaking my heart, and I second the opinion that you are an angel, Uppity.
    Sending you both health and healing thoughts and my best wishess. Bless you.

  38. What happened to the pay pal contribution link that used to be here?

  39. Poor kitty. Glad she found Uppity.

  40. Food safety nugget:

    I just learned that in 2001, the conservative-leaning Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decided that USDA has no authority to order a recall of adulterated meat. Why? Because it can be rendered safe if you consumers would just cook it properly. So, you’re on your own, America. May I suggest the extra crispy chicken.

    And FYI, don’t go reaching for the tofu because if you saw the conditions under which a lot of tofu manufacturers operated, you’d choose taking your chances with the chicken. Disgusting!

  41. The dirtbag GOP is sneaky. They changed the House rules on October 1, 2013 to prevent anyone other than Boehner from introducing a motion to dispose of their bill and call up the Senate’s clean CR bill for a vote.

    Chris Van Hollen goes after them on the floor:

  42. Uppity what is the news on this little girl. Your silence is not good. I just got in from work and ran to the puter to see what is going on. Usually quiet is bad news. I hope I am wrong here yet understand if I am not. I know you and know you will make the right call.

  43. She has me exhausted, utah. I had an appt for her this morning. She was safe in the basement cat room. Benny and the Jets have been very benevolent. They keep their distance but clearly have been polite to her. Now, I only had one crate in the house and it was beaten up as I had loaned out my other two and hadn’t gotten them back yet. I decided to forgo going to get a humane trap and just coax her into a crate. So a fellow rescuer came over to help me transport using her crate. Just as we got her loaded into her jeep, the crate latch sprung and the cat bolted.

    She was on my property, and as you know I have a real playground for cats. I couldn’t find her. We missed the appt. Finally after hours of hide and seek I saw her poke her head out from under the workshop. She wasn’t going to trust me this time. So I drove to the sanctuary and got the haveahart humane trap and set it up with food. She wandered out, keeping ten feet between us and stared at the food in the trap but wasn’t buying. So I left her alone with it. I kept checking it and a half hour later, the food was gone but the trap wasn’t sprung. I figured that was Benny, since he is a very fresh boy. So I put some serious tuna in the trap and left again. By this time I had a colossal headache and accidentally fell asleep. I woke up an hour later and went out to check the trap. I had it covered with a blanket but saw the feet of an orange cat. So I said, well, who do I have here. Daisy, the female of Benny and the Jets heard my voice and started crying like a baby. I freed her and she was so upset she ran into the basement room and didn’t come out for hours. Still, no Van Gogh. By this time I knew I had to feed that cat. Considering how skinny she is from not eating for who knows how long, I knew she had to keep her strength up and her organs safe. So I put food in a bowl for her and left it on the deck. She trotted out shortly after and gobbled up the food. I kept thinking how amazing her fortitude is and her speed isn’t suffering. This is one tough cat. I noticed that she ate much more easily, didn’t get food everywhere and didn’t have food all over her face. She went slow but her mouth seemed to work much better. I gave her more food and she methodically ate that too. Then she sat around ten feet from me, eye contacted me a lot but wouldn’t let me any closer. So, knowing she has a hollow leg and would eat more, I baited the trap again. Nada. So far. Tomorrow is another day. The interesting thing is her wound looks better, but I started worrying that we still haven’t got her out of danger of infection. So my partner rescuer says she thinks she can get us some amoxcillin to mix in with her food tomorrow. If I can do that I will worry less, because having that kind of antibiotic in her system ensures that she doesn’t end up with an infection between now and when we finally get the little bugger to the vet.

    So the status is I failed to get her vetted and she looks like she’s been to a vet. I think this gal is going to survive this whether anybody likes it or not.

    Sophie ironically I thought of that name too. But it’s kind of hoity toity for this tuffie.

  44. Sophie, I think I took the link to paypal down awhile back.

  45. Hugo, I saw that. It’s not Boehner who has the power though, it’s Cantor–the majority leader.

  46. What a day, Upps. Please consider putting the link back up for a special collection.

  47. Wow what a day. I think she is sending a message as to her will to live. Hard to tell what all she has been through in her life not counting this last incident with the ear. I am happy to hear she is eating better because that is a major plus. I like putting the antibiotics in the food. Marvelous idea. I just hope you can get her captured. She is injured and needs help weather or not she thinks so lol. Cold will be setting in soon and that sweetie does not need to try to weather that too.
    Sounds like a long day and disappointing one too. Get some rest and as Scarlett said ” I ‘ll think about that tomorrow, because tomorrow is another day” lol.
    I have a little more hope for her now though because she is eating better. Last nights post had me thinking far more damage was done and chances were reduced. Hey Upps she will be unique ! Anyone can have a two ears cat. She will be different and stand out.
    I pray all goes well and you can get her cared for. I bet she will come around.
    Keep me updated. These are the things that keep me going as you well know. My love for animals knows no bounds. I hate that I can not help them all.

  48. Sophie I appreciate that but I don’t want you to think that i came here asking for money.

    Utah, my co-conspirator in this has a sneaking suspicion the ear was cut off because it’s so close to her head. It’s hard to tell because of the dried blood and the mess. that thought makes me seriously sick and infuriated. I don’t think I’ll have a problem getting her to eat the antibiotic. She will eat anything I swear. And no one knows better than you that appetite in dogs and cats is everything. The ultimate barometer.

  49. Cantor. Bleck. Reminds me of a used car salesman.

  50. Oh no Uppity. Cut off ? Ok you know I could releash a long list of swear words and things I would like to see happen to the scum that could do something like that but I will just say I hope Karma calls. Yes the eating is a good sign it is major. When you were writing about how she ate the first night I have to say I was worried about the out come.
    Hang in there my friend I know you and I know that cat will come to no harm under your watch. How old do you think she is ? She asppears to be a young one to me but in that condition it is hard to tell from the pics.

  51. Oh yeah I’m looking out for her. Tosca can find her on my land too. She’s not leaving at all. Benny and the Jets are being very cooperative and not fractious at all. Really they never are. Now if they would just stay out of the trap. lol.

    Based on my previous eyeball experience, I’d say she is 1-2 yrs old. She’s cleaned herself up a lot too as best she can. Also good sign. Hope we get that amoxillan today. Infection is the one thing she can’t avoid by will. I regret not taking the “Optional” antibiotic bottle for Joe when he got his teeth cleaned last Monday. He didn’t need it in the end and I would have it. I usually jump at the chance to get antibiotics for cats because you never know, but this time the bill was so pricey I declined and said I would call if I needed it. Now it’s kind of late to try and say he needs it. I could kick myself. Anyways, collectively we are very resourceful so we’ll get something one way or another. Of course it’s Sunday and shit always happens on the weekend, doesn’t it?

  52. One more thing. I notice her remaining ear appears clipped at the tip. In our area, this would mean she either belongs to somebody who got a voucher to fix her, or she is a TNR. I’m thinking the first because she’s not really feral, just scared. More of a stray who had some bad luck.

    I checked notices at humane society, local rags, etc. No lost cats that look like her. But then if she’s vouchered, the owner probably wouldn’t be coming up with money to pay her vet bills, and frankly, I would read them the riot act for letting her out or escape. And then too, what if her ear WAS cut in that home? 7 million cats on average are on the street today because they were just booted out after they weren’t kittens any longer. So to be honest, I am not too interested in hunting for her owner. If this cat survives she’s gonna need more than just a bowl of food dumped on her while everybody ignores her.

  53. Sophie I appreciate that but I don’t want you to think that i came here asking for money.

    I don’t think that at all and if I may be so bold, I don’t think any regular here thinks that either. What I think is that when many of us hear the details of critter rescues, we sit here on the edge of our seats many miles away wishing we could do something. We can’t provide any background information on where she came from or how she got in her current condition. We can’t help catch her or feed her. The only things we can do from where we sit is cheer you on and (if financially feasible) pitch in for the medical attention.

  54. Ok I will put the link up, but the truth is, I haven’t even succeeded in getting her to a vet. She could disappear and go somewhere and die tomorrow. I appreciate you knowing this could get pricey, but it won’t cost a thing if I don’t succeed in trapping her. But it will cost her life and I am really festering over this.

  55. Lots of LOVE uppity!

  56. Utah I got the amoxi drops! You wouldn’t believe how hard this was. Vets are pricks. They refuse to help unless you bring the cat in. Well you can’t always bring a stray in if you cant catch it. They would rather have a cat suffer and die than lose money on a visit. But I circumvented them. Tell you about it later.

  57. Oh good. Glad you got the meds. Yes I usually get antibiotics whenever I can. One just never knows. I have also in my rescue ventures learned how to make and IV because I have gotten parvo positive pups so many times. Fact is my damned neighbor came over two days ago asking for help with his pup and it was too late. Why in the Hell do people take in animals and refuse to get them to a vet for something as simple as a shot ? That poor pup died an awful death.
    I know what you are saying about vets. Every now and again I find one with a heart. Have not found one here yet but had a fantastic one in Vegas. So far the vets here are ok but the majority are pill pushers here and science diet nuts. I found one that is cheaper and does a pretty good job. However I took Kahlua to Salt Lake to a vet I knew well there when I lived there a few years back. Much more on the ball. Any real health issues I have with my kids we will make that trip.
    Keep up the fight and I hope you can capture here. Time is of the essence . I would hate to see her suffer and lose her fight for life.
    Yes it is always a possibility that the owner could have done this awful thing to her and if so may they suffer some horrid thing too. Interesting about the ear thing I did not know that .

  58. I know you’ll all be shocked that Michelle Obama doesn’t tend her own Victory Garden. Apparently the garden is going to you-know-where because of the government shutdown.

  59. They found lead in that garden anyways. Might as well dump some melamine in there and call it a Chinese garden. Remember when those people from Food Network did a show with her and the veggies weren’t really from her garden? If she really fed young kids from that garden they would all grow up stupid from the lead.

  60. How does a garden get in that condition in just 14 days? I think Mooch lost interest pre-shutdown.

  61. Like the poor dog Bo, the garden was just a prop. Gosh, come to think of it…..I hope someone is feeding Bo!

  62. Upps, truly, you’re a blessing to kitties.

  63. Saw this in FB land: Instead of raising the debt ceiling, raise the IQ floor for public office, please.

  64. This kitty doesn’t think so, NES. I am feeling like a failure.

    Sophie, thank you for your contribution, it was way over the top. I just wish I could get this job done. I hate when I fail a cat.

  65. Hugo, she NEVER had interest. She’s a fracking phoney. As IF she EVER cultivated a garden.

    imust, they’re paying someone to take care of that dog. I’m sure he’s kenneled. He’s nothing but a photo op to them. He never sees the inside of their quarters. i would be on it.

  66. Hi Upps and all! Your a blessing to the kitteh! Do not give up hope. I’d like to suggest the name “Moppet” for the new sweet addition to your furry family.

    A quick update on my rescue Hobo. I was able to get him into the vet and found out the little guy is actually 1.5 years old. He is now fixed and has had all his shots.

    Also a quick note, I used antibiotic ointment for Cobe when he had a wound from a fight and he would lick it off. When I was finally able to get him to the vet, they said the wound was healing up cleanly and he didn’t need any additional antibiotics. Just a thought for you.

  67. Uppity I see you have not captured her yet. Is she at least eating and getting the antibiotics ? Gee I know what you mean when you can not capture one and get it the help it needs. Sometimes one only has a small window of oppertunity and we have to accept that. I know you and how hard you will try. We do not always win in a rescue mission and I know you know that. I hope you can regain a little of her trust again.
    Cats seem to be a bit more untrusting then dogs. I think it is their independant nature. Cats are not as needy as dogs are so they can be a bit more difficult to lure in. A dog would have taken the bait and bingo , found himself on the way to a vet lol. Many years ago I resuced a bunch of feral kittens and if you had seen me and how I was doing it you would die laughing. I had a hot dog hanging in the cage and a line tied to the door . The line was attached to a fishing pole.Cat got in and wam I relled the line in. Guess you could say I was truly cat fishing lol. Hey it worked. I got four of 5 that day. Kept them all too.

  68. Hello Goofs! I am so pleased to hear you have rescued a cat! Hobo. Great name. I can’t get near this girl to put anything on her or I would be plastering her with neosporin.

    Utah, she arrives here every afternoon to eat. She sits where she knows I can see her from a screen door and holds eye contact with me. I go in and prepare her food and put it down. Then I must disappear or she will not go to the dish. The only way I can get close is to wait till her head is in the dish and then be very quiet and sneak behind the door. If she looks up and sees me, she runs. She is literally absent the rest of the day. She has found a safe place to hole up. I am pretty sure a major part of this is because she can’t hear. I’m sure that with all that crud in her ear canal, she’s getting rushing sounds too, although her balance seems fine. She notes sounds, but looks all around and is jumpy, as she cannot determine WHERE the sound is coming from. I think she hides the rest of the time because she is acutely aware she could be prey because she cannot discern sounds. Her hearing adaptation is not there. Imagine every sound coming from a place you can’t discern while you are vulnerable. It’s like that. We are going to try to net her but I don’t think there’s a pole long enough. 20 feet is the closest she will get. Any sound or movement freaks her out. Yes she has been getting the antibiotic in her food since the 13th. She must have a full 7 days. I also bought some Rescue Remedy and am hoping that can help. Her wound is ugly and the blood around it is black and crusty. She is not bleeding at all and appears to have figured out that she can’t groom herself out of this as the scabs break and bleed. She is so lost. And so am I. I’m running out of ideas. My experience does tell me one thing. If she’s not dead not, she might look like crap but she’s doing better than she looks. That was not a completely fresh wound when I saw her last Friday. So she’s been hanging in since it happened.From the looks of her weight when I first got her, she was holed up for at least a few days before she dared to seek food. Her biggest weakness came from not getting any food. Once her jaw felt better she was able to eat better and gain some strength. Even though the wound didn’t kill her, she was sure to die within a few days of lack of nutrition. Just feeding her and knowing she needed special food treatment (loose, easy to ingest, high calories, and patience, etc) saved her from that fate. Now if I could only get her and fix her up. She’s obviously a survivor with a HUGE will to live.

    ROFL on the hot dog! VERY innovative.

  69. Upps, have you tried using some kind of stinky fish to get her? Sardines, maybe? You know cats love their stinky fish. Also try fast food chicken nuggets. I once caught two feral kittens with those.

    Wishing you the best of luck with this rescue. I check the site several times a day to see if she has been caught.

  70. You’ll catch her, Uppity. I like the string idea. Put a catnip mouse on the end and place it near her eating spot. After she’s done, slowly lead her into a safe place and shut the door. You could put the mouse by her dish so she gets used to it. I wonder if making a catnip trail to an indoor place would work? We caught our cat Sneakers with a fishing net. Good luck. Cats have nine lives for a reason.

    Also bear in mind I have to process her food. I thought her jaw was broken up to a few days ago. She couldn’t get the food inside her and was starving. I had to get creative.

  71. It all sounds so simple hey? I think I posted her photos. She’s way past catnip. It’s a miracle she’s alive to begin with. Yup, Beata. Portuguese Sardines and the flesh of a fresh caught Coho salmon a friend caught and brought me to bake. And Italian yellow fin tuna. This cat is trap smart and in a great deal of discomfort and fear. Not to mention the trauma of the experience. And I wonder a little that just maybe a human cut that ear off of her.

  72. For some reason it’s news that Hillary got a parking ticket in London:

    I say it’s not news until Issa opens a panel to investigate the cover-up of the scandal of the travesty of a mockery of a sham.

  73. 12 year old psycho girl tosses 3 month old kitten in front of car. Car crushes kitten, who crawls to the side of the road to die. What has happened to so many of our youth? So many narcissists and antisocial personality disorders. My God. This is frightening.

    And then there’s the 12 year old boy who had a .45 and was planning to kill his 11 year old classmate because, “She is really annoying”.

  74. The wounded cat didn’t show up today. It’s raining now, and she missed her crtitical antibiotic dose. I am crushed. I hope she is not suffering.

  75. Hillary got a parking ticket, or the individual who was driving the vehicle and parked it there was issued a ticket? Somehow, I think there is some inaccurate reporting going on here. I need to see the ticket with her name on it. But I’m just guessing she does not own or drive a vehicle in the UK. The press is so annoying.

  76. Sorry about the kitty, Uppity. Maybe there will be a good poutcome. One of my friends lost her dog two days ago and it looked hopeless, but she was located today. Very tense couple of days.

  77. And this is exactly why I don’t have one nice thing to say about that other party:
    Ted Cruz Admits Budget Standoff Was All About Building Fundraising Lists

    That cost American taxpayers $24 billion. Yeah, they shut down the government because our spending was out of control. Yeah, right. And I bet they’re patriotic too because they have flag pins on their lapels.

  78. God. What an asshole.

  79. Sophie, again, that was so thoughtful of you. Not that i’ve earned it since I lost the cat. At least for today.

  80. Uppity, try this……pour the cat a glass of wine!!! (It works for me!) A Japanese company makes WINE for CATS! (but don’t tell MKB)

  81. Uppity, you’re welcome. Since you’re going through all these lengths to catch her alone, you should at least have help when it’s time for her to get the medical attention she needs.

  82. Poor Upps. So sorry about the kitty. Hopefully she’ll be back tomorrow. I like the rescue remedy idea. And the cat wine.

    Re: those psycho kids, yeah that’s why I pulled my kid out of school in 2nd Grade and started homeschooling him. There was a nasty bully in his first grade class that tormented laker and several of the other kids. He was very clever and always got away with everything. I was a volunteer in the class 3 days a week and saw it all, but couldn’t get any action on it. The little demon was then in lakers 2nd grade class also, and when I couldn’t get laker transferred to another class, we pulled him. When we left, the school principal tried to change my mind, but by then we had joined the local homeschool group and enrolled laker in a really good private school with the best homeschool program. I can’t believe some of the stories about the vicious little beasts the younger gens are raising.

  83. If I don’t see her today, there will be no medical attention. It would be two days without food and antibiotic. Interrupting an antibiotic with such a grave injury is not a good thing. She’s just so mentally screwed up from whatever happened to her, there may be no hope to help her. Usually when a cat is that hurt, you can get SOME cooperation. This cat is on a suicide mission. I had someone show up yesterday with a net and then the cat didn’t show up.It’s just one foil after another. I’ve tried Rescue Remedy and Feliway and still can’t calm her nerves. It’s like she Knows and keeps yelling DON’T HELP ME. I remember one other cat like this but at least we finally got him. If she’s on my land she sure is smart because even my dog can’t find her.

    imust, Oh Lord, let us not show that wine to Bill or Snack or Joe. Maybe Sophie wants some for Lily!

  84. Socal when I taught, we had a saying. If you follow an ugly kid home and ring the bell, an ugly parent will answer the door.

  85. It is a heartbreaking situation. I know you are doing everything you can to help her, Uppity. Bless you.

    I will keep hoping and praying the cat will be caught.

  86. Love those, Daki. I needed that.

  87. She’s such a criminal isn’t she, Soph?

  88. Hey Upps, what do you think of Booker? What does the Third Eye see?

  89. To be honest NES, I haven’t been paying much attention, but I’ll give you my gut from when I was paying attention. I think Booker’s a moderate who plays well with others, so i don’t particularly object to him. But a ticket with a woman and black man, fergettabowtit. I do think Booker might try for Pres, another rookie. Unfortunately Obama made such a shambles of his tenure, I don’t think it will fly. Personally I think Warren, another rookie, is a much bigger gas pain for Hillary, having gotten too big for her britches too fast, and she is not one to play well with others. Now I’m not saying I don’t like her, so the rest of you don’t jump on me, I am just observing her personal approach. I’ve enjoyed watching a few of her rumbles, but the plain fact it it smacks of not playing well with others, comes off as rude and superior, and I think she is far too left for the majority, considering the shambles the far right and far left have made of things. Still, you can bet the kossacks will once again trash hillary and try for Warren.I don’t think that will pan out, but it could ruin things for Hillary. And a two-woman ticket is ludicrous to even think about. Tough enough to get America to vote for one. After that, Andrew Cuomo is also her problem. I knew his Daddy and he’s not his Daddy, let me tell you. But he’s decent looking, well spoken, and can ride Daddy’s tails, he’s a problem. In any event, I think Booker is the least of these three worries.

    But hey, what do I know?

    And honestly I just don’t give a crap. If hillary runs I might wake up from my slumber. Beyond that, i give up on this country and it no longer matters to me who the hell runs, they are all the same in the end.

  90. Upps said: “Still, you can bet the kossacks will once again trash hillary and try for Warren.I don’t think that will pan out, but it could ruin things for Hillary.”

    I totally agree with that ^^.

    I’m less sure about the notion that a woman and an AfAm guy can’t be on the same winning ticket. Eg, I think had O picked Hill as VP, as he darn well should’ve, that ticket would’ve won in ’08.

  91. Also, Upps, thanks for the insight. The Third Eye lives!

  92. Agree they would have won together in 08, but that was at least in part because people were fed up with Bush. I think 08 was for the Democratic ticket no matter who was on it. 2016 is going to be another tune, as people are just as fed up with Obama as they were with Bush. In fact, in many quarters, Obama is seen as Bush 2. I think the “fierce urgency of now” that led them to drag Obama’s ass over the primary line was because they knew it was definitely a D year. And let us not forget what a slug McCain was.

    I think I mentioned to you once before when we were assessing, that I do not see Biden as a factor at all.

  93. The Kossacks have already begun.

    And I still think Clinton/Obama would have won more votes than Obama/Clinton.

  94. Yep, you’ve ruled out Biden, Upps. I wonder if he’s taken seriously anywhere. He must be if Hillary bothered to subtly slam him other day with that “I backed the OBL raid, but Joe didn’t” statement.

  95. Sophie: HRC/BHO tix would definitely have gotten many more votes — eg, the PUMAs, secretive votes from GOP women (who’d throw in for first female POTUS), and the like.

  96. Good points, all. What do you think of Clinton/Cuomo then? Too New York?

  97. Where’s imust? Did she fall into a pie?

  98. Hey socal.

    Clinton/Cuomo…hmm. That’d be an attractive ticket for sure. I’m not sure it’d be too NY. I know HRC was the Senator from NY, but no one really thinks of her as a NYer. She’s more other things: Midwestern (Illinois) or from AK or D.C. She’s actually just universal now, untethered from geography.

    I do think she’s gotta land the AfAms to sail through the primary. This is why it’d be a disaster if ano’ Obama-type ran again. Booker’s exactly that: Stanford, Harvard Law School, kinda black a white ma wouldn’t mind her daughter dating, etc.

  99. AfAms are too large a bloc in the Dem primary — no candidate can win a Dem primary if they look elsewhere.

  100. The Kossacks may also look to Martin O’Malley. He’s to the left of Hill, and is definitely running. Also, as former Mayor of Baltimore, he’s formed important alliances with the AfAm bloc. I don’t think he’s a serious contender against Hill, but he may play a spoiler role, like Edwards did in ’08.

    I’m not fond of Eliz. Warren, although I can fully appreciate why people love her. She doesn’t have the centrist appeal that O had and that HRC has, but she does cause Kossacks to swoon. I doubt she gets the AfAm bloc — too white, too brainy, too feminist.

  101. imust — Check your twitter account. The last tweet has you advertising the Denon music system. You may’ve been hacked….

  102. Nobody hardly even knows who the hell O’Malley is. I wouldn’t call a Mayor of Baltimore someone to be wooed. I don’t think he’s a serious contender against ANYONE. I think he’s playing with himself in the dark on this one. You don’t go from mayor of Baltimore to President. The last mayoral clown who tried that was Rudy The Sleaze — “America’s Mayor” — and look how well that worked out for him. Oh yeah that’s right. He’s governor of Maryland. Like that’s going to carry his day. He’s not Known enough. But I bet Nancy loves him, since her old man was a machine politician in Baltimore. That’s how she inherited her nibs. She sure didn’t do it with brainpower. As to the AAs, I would hardly call Warren whiter than Edwards. If she says what they want to hear they won’t care how white she is. Look at how little Obama did for them, most of them are biting their tongues and know instinctively they would have been treated a whole lot better by Hillary, because she has the history to prove it. They disregarded Obama’s Let Them Live Without Heat and The Rats Will Keep Them Warm history with Rezko. And they disregarded Michelle’s six figure job description of having the poor thrown out of hospitals, and now they see how well that has worked out for them. Overall, I would say the AA community got a painful education at the hands of Barack Obama. He’s very White and pretty damned far removed from them. The only time he put on a show was when he thought it would wreak havoc and rile the AA community up. He’s a user.

    I will say this. If the R’s ever got their insane ducks in a row and put up a moderate and the D’s put a overly left person in there, the R’s would trounce them. I am convinced that people are SICK AND TIRED of the far left and the far right.

  103. One more thing about O’Malley. Hailing from Baltimore politics, he’s a machine democrat. Which means he’s got more sleazy skeletons in his closet than a cemetary and he’s not going to be able to keep that closet door closed.

  104. One day in the not too far future, Gillbrand is going to take the day. A moderate democrat who took a congressional district that was Republican since the ice age before they met the likes of her. A moderate and feminist who seems to pull it off without offense. Women owe Governor Patterson a debt of gratitude for defying the Machine, else we would have been embarrassed daily by Caroline Kennedy.

  105. Clinton is “universal”. I like that, good one NES. I’ve never heard of O’Malley, I must admit. I like Warren, but don’t think she’s ready for prime time yet. And yes, would love to see Gillibrand in there in the future. I’m still hoping for Hillary in ’16 though.

  106. Yay! The gang’s back and havin’ some good ol’ Hillary talk!! 🙂
    Course I’m late to the party as usual. That’s the trouble with being dessert.

  107. Hey imust!

  108. Yeah I must, it’s true dessert arrives late, but it’s worth it because everybody swoons and crowds around dessert.

  109. I was thinking something else about O’Malley too. The Rs are notorious for falling in love with governors who are previously unknown to everybody but their state, then they put lipstick on them and trot them out like they are saviors. I’m thinking Jindal, who blew it the minute he opened his mouth on national TV, and that other turkey who hiked to Argentina and shared his own version of a romance novel all over the airwaves, thus causing countless innocent humans to exercise their gag reflex. And that other guy, what was his name again? The one who bored everybody into a coma and spelled his name like Polenta. The only difference is the Rs drop their saviors- of- the- week like a rock the minute they make a mistake, but Ds hang on like a dog with a rag, even if it’s a loser. It’s kind of amusing that the Ds are dumb enough to copy that formula, though. The only Democrat who pulled that off was Carter, need I say more. But wait! Perhaps they want to do a Bill Clinton. Problem is O’Malley’s no Bill Clinton, is he now?

    Ewww I’m talking politics. I itch all over now. Cooties!

  110. It is apparent that Van Gogh came to no good. I have not seen her for more than three days. My past experience tells me she is no longer with us. I just hope she didn’t linger starving and infected in the mud somewhere. I hate when I fail. When it happens, all the successes are forgotten. Sophie dear, you wasted some money due to your overly-exuberant big heart.

  111. So sorry about the kitty Uppity.

  112. uppity:
    It’s so good to see you blogging.
    Maybe Van Gogh came into your life to push you back to all of us that love you dearly.
    Hoping that she safely is in kitty heaven.

  113. Uppity, concentrate on the fact that you made that kitty’s last days on earth much more comfortable than they might have been.
    She was fed and loved.
    You’re a very good person.

  114. imust as dessert–love that! Sorry I missed you last night.

  115. Upps darlin’, talking politics again last night may have given you “cooties,” but you were brilliant–and brilliantly funny. ROFLLL on your recap of the Repub governors the GOP has run. You have a gift!

  116. NES @2:37 pm, I agree!!! I miss Uppity’s take on politics!!

  117. Sweet Sue and Belle. Yes I gave her something that she would have have had, but I could have fixed her. I wanted to fix her. She deserved it. When I see an animal like this I always think this in my head over and over:

  118. Upps said 🙂

    people are SICK AND TIRED of the far left and the far right.

  119. NES it isn’t hard to get the gift with the steady stream of material these people provide.

  120. Couple of things about O’Malley. He’s head of the Democratic governors Association and the Dems trot him out on the Sunday talk shows. He was Hillary’s Maryland campaign Chair along with Barb Mikulski, his mentor and good friend of Hillary’s.

    As Mayor of Baltimore, he did a great job of trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. And he did a decent job during his first term as Gov in terms of keeping the state economically sound. However. during his second term, he has veered sharply to the left. He signed into law strict gun control, gay marriage, a state version of the Dream Act, and outlawed the death penalty. So, he definitely can appeal to African American, Latino, and LGBT voters. He has invested a lot to create high paying jobs in the state. And Maryland is ranks high in education.

    Barbara Milkulski was his mentor, but one of his other advisors has been Tommy D’Alesandro III, who is Pelosi’s brother and part of the old Baltimore political machine started by their father.

    I like O’Malley, but I am not comfortable with his recent far left agenda because it reeks of pandering for votes at the national level. I felt that he was using his role as our Gov to prove he could push a liberal agenda and get the job done and to create that track record for his political resume. There is a lot of bitterness aimed at him in the state now. If he did run for POTUS, he may not carry MD.

    Nevertheless, I’m voting for Hillary in 2016.

  121. I don’t like Warren. She’s on the right track on some issues, but I think she doesn’t really understand how the government actually functions and she has demonstrated that by asking stupid questions to the wrong witnesses in hearings.

  122. Interesting take on O’Malley and more tie-in to machine politics, which is the worst thing that can happen to a city, a state and a country. Machine politicians are like a cancer, their lives are dedicated to palm-greasing first and foremost. Nancy’s family has been part of that machine for decades. Most people don’t know about her father and imagine she got where she is being helpful and smart and caring about people. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I do think it would be difficult to get the latino vote away from Hillary. They have adored her forever. They didn’t give Obama the time of day in the primaries.

    An interesting and prescient race is VA governor. Hillary is heavily campaigning for Terry McAuliffe even as we speak. We don’t need any help remembering where HIS loyalty is at. The outcome of that race will speak volumes. While others are busy passing laws that will be overturned at SCOTUS in their states, she’s methodically putting together her solid support mechanisms in key states. Just saying. That’s our wonk for ya.


    She laid out a case for him that rested strongly on women’s equality, gay marriage and rejecting the “scorched earth” politics that have defined Washington over the past several months. Though she didn’t directly call out Republicans, it was clear who she was talking about when she said some politicians have been operating in an “evidence-free zone”, “do not believe in America’s progress” and are trying to “hijack” the future.


    “There are times when none of us can sit on the sidelines,” Clinton told the crowd of more than 700 people. “And right now, here in Virginia, is one of those times. … The whole country is watching this election. Watching to see whether the voters of Virginia lead the way of turning from divisive politics [and] getting back to common sense and common ground.”

    The crowd chanted “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!” before she even started speaking. McAuliffe served as her warm-up act, describing Clinton as an “inspiration to men and women all across Virginia and all across the globe.”

    You can thank the Republicans and their shutdown stunt ala Newt Gingrich of the 90s fame for Terry’s widening lead in VA.

  124. Also, this:

    The crowd chanted “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!” before she even started speaking.

  125. And this:

    Looking rested and donning a pantsuit and hairstyle evocative of her Senate days, Clinton joked at the outset that “I’ve been out of politics for a few years now. And I’ve had a chance to think a lot about what makes our country so great. What kind of leadership is required to keep it great.”

    “Yours!” someone in the audience cried out, to applause.

  126. Video moral of the story. Never put a kitty condo near a doorknob, dummy.

    Love the way the dog returns to the scene of the crime, though.

  127. Yay! More Hillary talk!

  128. This is just too shocking. I am at a loss for words. Do organizations really do that?

    NPR media reporter David Folkenflik writes in his forthcoming book Murdoch’s World that Fox News’ public relations staffers used an elaborate series of dummy accounts to fill the comments sections of critical blog posts with pro-Fox arguments.

  129. Today is the anniversary of the Saturday Night Massacre. Today in 1973, Robert Bork dismissed Archibald Cox after Attorney General Richardson and Deputy Attorney General Ruckelshaus resigned rather than carry out Nixon’s order to fire him.

  130. Loved the late, great Archibald Cox. Honorable, smart, and with a wicked sense of humor. I had the honor of dining with him (one on one!) whilst in college.

  131. ROFLLL on the graphics, imust.

  132. Did the Hon Cox try for some nookie, NES?

  133. Seriously, NES. One does not just leave a one-liner like that on Uppity Blog.

  134. Sophie and Uppity, NES could recount the conversation she had with Archibald Cox, but there would be a mysterious 18 minute gap.


    “You asked for this” comes to mind…

  136. BAHAHAHAHAHA Twice!

  137. I think NES needs to write a post about her date with Archie Cox.

  138. Loved that kitteh gif. Great to hear that Hillary received such a rousing welcome.

  139. Yes, it should be entitled “My dinner date with…Cox”. Love phonics, don’t you?

    I am out the door in a few with my dog. Why, you ask? Well……after four days I got a call from a neighbor down the road. Guess who was on her front porch? Starving. But alive. She tried to feed her hard food and she couldn’t eat it. Not too bright but no canned food. I was out when she went there and when I got her message it was dark. She doesn’t come out in dark as she knows she’s prey (can’t hear well). But I stationed needlenose at the open door for hours just in case. She didn’t come, so I am going out there right now to see if Needlenose can find her.

    Unbelievable. If she won’t give up, well then neither will I.

  140. Oh I pray that you find her and that this comes to a good end. Uppity if anyone can get that cat and help her it is you. Please keep the posts going. I have agonized over this little darling. No animal should be injured and suffer infection and starvation. Needlenose will find her and then you will be able to get the antibiotics in some food. I hope you can regain her trust and coax her in. Hugs and you go girl !

  141. What a workout she’s giving me. T and I were out there a couple of hours. Did not find her. She found a rabbit though. So far she has not stopped by either. But I know she’s out there and I’m waiting. She knows this is the Goto place for soft food.

  142. I think I know where she sleeps. Neighbor said she saw straw on her and she has a kind of shelter out back with hay in it. So I checked her shelter and it was clearly used. The hay is pressed down. So she’s agreed to set the havahart trap near the shelter.

  143. Good luck, Uppity!

  144. Yes good luck Upps. 🙂

  145. Yes! We’re rooting for you Upps!

  146. Oh there’s more. Much more. This kitty is VERY resourceful. Tell you more once I get all the information, but it seems I am not the only person trying to trap this cat. She has more than one guardian angel. But I must get her, as I have some commitments from from people to see to her now. I just need to be the person who gets her. I can open up a world for this girl and she’s really running me ragged. In any event, the havahart is set near the shelter I think she’s sleeping in. This is like a kitty soap opera I swear!

  147. Go Upps I’m following your progress and have my fingers and toes crossed.

  148. The saga of Uppity and Miss Van Gogh is producing better drama than most TV shows. Just when we thought all hope was lost, we get a brand new heart-lifting episode! We are pulling for you both, Upps.

    We all can really use a happy ending once in a while.


  149. Digits and eyes crossed, sweetheart.

  150. “Dinner with…Cox”! HAHAAHAHAHA. Nice, Upps.

    Listen all you dirrrrrty minds, it was the most innocuous of dates. I was a sophomore, taking his constitutional law class, and I asked him to a faculty dinner night. We were surrounded by several people, many of whom pestered us by dropping by to gush over him and ask Watergate questions. All he wanted to do was gossip.

  151. Thanks for explaining NES.

  152. LOL Vet! But I do adore you. That girl is a magician!

    Thank you Sweet Sue. That was sweet.

    Goofsmom, I sense that Goof is laughing his paws off at me.

  153. Upps, you’re wicked.

  154. Uppity I know you will win this battle. I know you. I am relieved to hear she has a some what warm and safe place to rest. I know you are out there now as I am typing this too. I just wish you get her and get her treated . I am betting you are owned by yet another cat lol. Fact is she already has your number. She is playing you well lmao.

  155. For the feline devotee here:

  156. Yeah they’re kittens. Try that with adults and you are taking a trip to the emergency room.

  157. Utah one thing is for SURE. This cat is NOT dying.

  158. Upps, you’re wicked.

    Face it. That’s exactly why you keep coming back.

  159. That’s why we all keep coming back 😉

  160. So true.

  161. Amen!
    And that’s the reason we LOVE you. You wicked thing…

  162. Well, this was certainly interesting. After years of making fun of the plaintive in the McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit, I apologize.

  163. Holy Cripes, those burn photos were horrific!

  164. Poll: Which priest is the most evil asshole?

    Poland’s Archbishop Jozef Michalik

    Archbishop Jozef Michalik, head of Poland’s influential Episcopate, was commenting this month on revelations about Polish pedophile priests.A child from a troubled family, Michalik told reporters, “seeks closeness with others and may get lost and may get the other person involved, too.”


    Father Benedict Groeschel, who said

    “…teenage boys could sometimes play the “seducer” toward a priest.

    “Suppose you have a man having a nervous breakdown, and a youngster comes after him,” Groeschel said to the Catholic Register. “A lot of the cases, the youngster — 14, 16, 18 — is the seducer.”

    Methinks Mr. Humble Pope is trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  165. Isn’t that the way it is with our so-called media Sophie. When did real journalism die?

  166. Thanks for the coffee story. That poor woman! I’d always heard she was driving also. The media really sucks, doesn’t it?

  167. Hello Uppityites! Just stopping by to say hello!

  168. Hubbie already knew the story about coffee-spilling woman.

  169. I wish George Soros would just croak. He’s a scourge upon every country he has tried to own. I’m not so sure I would want my name associated with his if I were Hillary.

  170. ^^ Ayup

  171. Soros will hurt not help our girl. 😡

  172. I have no live for Soros. That said, I think his money will help our girl generally, and his support will help her with the lefty bots.

  173. Sigh… I meant “…no love for Soros.”

  174. Soros was expected to support Hillary in 2008 but he was distracted by a bright shiny new thing. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again in 2016. He needs to get it right this time. I have my doubts that he will.

  175. Beata is right.

    Soros would throw his mother under a truck if there was financial benefit to him. He’s a greedy old bastard who didn’t even have qualms throwing his own Jewish people to the wolves for gain. I hate his guts and he is another example of how the good die young, which explains why his cadaver is still walking.

  176. This is priceless. This guy made an led stick figure costume for his 22 month old daughter.

  177. And let us NEVER forget he funded the Moveon attack against her.

  178. I am wary of all these formerly-distracted detractors not jumping on the Hillary bus. Did they learn something in 5 years? (Or were they taught something?) Or are they up to something? I don’t trust ’em.

  179. I remember when Moveon had their “poll” on whether they should endorse a primary candidate. I screamed “NO!” to no avail. The fix was in. I cancelled my membership the day they endorsed Obama over Hillary.

  180. New post up.


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