Happy Birthday, Hillz!

In honor of Hill’s birthday (October 26, 1947), I’ve assembled a few of my favorite pictures of her. There are many, many more—but I had to exercise some restraint.


Courtesy of Madame Tussaud’s
(Those are not really the Clinton’s in real life but I liked the birthday motif.)

The early years
02_hillary_clinton  08_hillary_clinton

Love that smile

ap42865078560   04_hillary_clinton

And the serious look

03_hill  06_hillary_clinton


In all my years of work at many different companies, I have never seen a new boss welcomed like this:


So Hillary,

Enough about your birthday. Let’s talk about my birthday. In 2016, I’ll be 57. This is what I want for my birthday if it’s a gift you’re willing to give:


Toasting you


Yes, Clinton Vineyards in Clinton, NY deliberately bottled this in 2012 to encourage Hillary to run! (P.S. I think this would be a swell place for a Hillary meet-up.)


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  1. Fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing this!! Happy Birthday, Hillary!!

  2. Happy Birthday Madam President……

    Great post Sophie!

  3. Awesome find Imust!

    Aren’t you going to bake her a birthday pie?

  4. Sophie, this is beautiful! Beautifully put together. Thanks so much, & I hope you get your birthday wish!

    Happy Birthday Madame President!

  5. Oh aren’t we all hoping for the same thing!

  6. Did someone mention PIE? 🙂

  7. Nice job, Sophie. Joining you in that wish for your birthday.

  8. Just beautiful, imust. Let’s all have a slice!

  9. This is the best picture! Hey, we’re cruisin’ and we’ll take that coffee to go!
    To Go!

  10. A little Lysistrada goes a long way.

  11. We could use some of that here in America. Can one week go by without someone wanting to outlaw birth control?

  12. I am so glad there is at least this one place in the whole frickin’ inter tubes that is truly a pro-Hillary site! Thank you Uppity woman and Uppityites!

  13. imust, Guess who else has a birthday post up for Hillz..

    Hint: look here,.

  14. Sophie:
    Thank you for your great post. Happy Birthday Hillary!…
    and many more…

  15. They’re probably wearing Victoria’s Secret under those wool trash bags too.

  16. Yeah imust, the cowards jumped ship and the hypocrites and pretenders have been long exposed before they even knew it.

    I want some of that pie.

  17. Happy Birthday Hillary! Thank you for being the greatest inspiration in my life!

  18. Lysistrata is apropos!

  19. Sophie, I stand corrected. I forgot about Still4Hill. My apologies to her!

  20. Happy Birthday to Hillary!

    2016 is the new (and improved) 2008. 🙂

  21. Does anyone here know how long it would take a spider to die in the vacuum cleaners (2-1/2 inch spider, including legs and Kenmore vacuum cleaner).

  22. Can we have pie AND cake. And ice cream, of course! 🙂

    I hope Hillary is enjoying her special day.

  23. Yes Jen, we can have pie AND cake AND ice cream.

    AND Clinton Vineyards Victory wine AND shots of Crown Royal AND a beer chaser. We couldn’t quite break the glass ceiling, but there’s plenty of other glass we can break in the meanwhile.

  24. Oh noes, look who’s getting in on the act. Barf.

  25. He’s hoping her Magic Mojo will fall onto himself.

    Clinton, the former first lady, senator and secretary of state, is now more popular with American voters than the president, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released Friday. She has a favorability rating of 61 percent positive/34 percent negative (+27), while Obama sits at 51 percent/46 percent (+5).


  26. Geeze!!!!! He can’t even send Birthday greetings that don’t revolve around HIM! Happy Birthday, here’s a photo of me lecturing you.

  27. No, he cannot. He is a very small man.

  28. Am hoping the best for those brave women in SA. Thanks for the tweet NES.

    Nice to see everyone on this special day!

  29. Here’s to Hillary celebrating her 70th Birthday in La Casa Blanca.

  30. Right on, imust & Sophie, the guy can’t celebrate events without putting himself in the picture. Remember his celebration of the moon landing (him looking at the moon) and Rosa Parks’ birthday (him sitting in her bus seat). And, there are other examples, of course. Narcissism is so unattractive.

  31. Hey socal! You’re welcome. Those SA women need all the tweets-support they can get. The Saudis have forbidden internet and other media support for them. Silly men! — might as well stand on the shore and bid the tide not to come in as try to stop Twitter.

  32. It’s time to get this birthday party started! If Hillz were here, she’d be dancin’


  33. and dancin’

    More Dancin'

  34. And having refreshments

  35. A little house music for us…

  36. Sophie, I have a dream.
    I dream that I will see Annie and Aretha singing that song-no-anthem at Hillary’s inaugural ball.

  37. Love that song! Great pick!

  38. I love this photo of Hillary too.

  39. RIP, Lou Reed and condolences to Laurie Anderson.

  40. Great celebration of Hillary’s birthday here. Love seeing all the great pix of her. Can’t wait to see a pic of her in front of the Capitol with her hand on the Bible getting sworn in by the Chief Justice.

  41. Reed played a state dinner while Clinton was president and said:

    “I think what’s being done to him is terrible. Your private life should be your private life. I think it’s a smear campaign.”

  42. OT. If you have not yet seen the documentary/expose on Seaworld AKA “Blackfish” please do not miss it. This place has got to go.

    You can see it in its entirety here.


  43. Just want to say that the glitch in the obamacare site didn’t stop me from poking around at the NY site they ‘refer’ you to after you give them all the personal information they demand. The only affordable care choice is medicaid. If you make a dollar over the set poverty limit, you will pay between 3 and 4 hundred a month for the most basic “silver” coverage, which means you still go bankrupt if you get really sick. And that’s for ONE person. If you’ve got a family you are going to have to come up with plenty more. Oh yea, they give you a credit for a part of what you paid at income tax time, showing once again that the pissants in charge haven’t got a clue how hard it’s going to be for their friends’ parents to come up with that money every month till they are 27 years old, the lazy bastages. No wonder every union that pimped this program got a ‘waiver’ so their people could keep their actually helpful insurance for a pittance premium copay. No wonder even the health insurance companies got a waiver. yes that’s right, they even got a waiver. No sense of killing their best bilkers.

    This program is going to create huge hardship for the working poor and middle class. The only part of the economy this will help are the insurance company stocks. People are going to die unless they give up work, dump their homes and go on welfare so they can get medicaid. The fines for not buying insurance are going to look really good to them. And the number of victims will grow exponentially as companies tell their employees to buy on the ‘open market,’ which is, incidentally, still controlled in each region by a couple of price-fixing insurance companies who still have that anti-trust law exemption that keeps competition from daring to enter the insurance market. This program is going to be a tragedy.

  44. I don’t personally think private lives are irrelevant. Else we would have that scheevey pervert Weiner still in office. I think what Bill did was wrong and embarrassing and I couldn’t dismiss it, especially considering he did it to Hillary. It was not behavior befitting of a president. What really fried my ice was the only difference between him and the assholes who were stalking him about it — is he got caught. Most of them got caught since then too. My portfolio just didn’t care what he did, selfish as it sounds. They only ‘cared’ because they wanted to remove a very successful Democratic president from office so they could put one of their motley crew in his place. Newt was cheating on his wife at the very moment he was stalking Bill. Funny how when he ran last year, he didn’t think his personal life was relevant to being president. This was all a sham to remove a president. Thank God they failed. To be honest, I was making great money and the economy was the best I have seen in my entire not so short adult life. This was a problem for the Republicans. Too many regular people were doing well. Still, I can only conclude that if women were in charge, this bullshit would be a moot problem. Men are just pigs. When they get power they are bigger pigs. But I do have two “at leasts” here. At least he wasn’t running around acting holier than thou like some hypocritical pigs in leadership roles. And at least he wasn’t doing a wide stance in a men’s room or flashing his dick on the internet.

  45. The public didn’t need to know about Bill’s personal behavior because it had no bearing on my savings account or on national security. I agree with Lou Reed–it was a smear tactic by assholes trying to take down a popular and successful POTUS. The same club is doing the same thing with Benghazi–trying to use 4 dead civilians to smear Hillary, and with the IT glitches in the obamacare website–trying rub obama’s nose in predictable and fixable software design development defects.

    Good Christian behavior.

    BTW, why don’t they ever talk about the long time girlfriend of Poppy Bush, and the woman he got pregnant? Kitty Kelly wrote about it in her book about the Bushes, and no one sued her.

  46. The Vatican culture minister tweeted lyrics from Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.” Who knew…


  47. Today’s Google doodle is a goody: Edith Head. I love the play on her in The Incredibles.

  48. The day the exchanges came online, I checked out the plans CT was offering. Right now I am employed and have a good plan but one of the reasons I wanted UHC is to have more flexibility with the job market.

    I looked up a comparable plan to my PPO and I couldn’t imagine being able to pay that on a monthly basis. It turns out that age is the “bad” factor. I tried lowering my income to just above the poverty plans and the number didn’t budge. So then I tried lowering my age, 5 years at a time. Apparently, having survived life incurs great penalties. The bottom line for me is that I can afford to be 40, not 54.

  49. I haven’t bothered looking at the exchanges, becuz my husband works for half so we can have good insurance (and we still pay a huge hunk), but I can tell you I am very grateful for the kids being able to stay on their parents til age 27, and the pre-existing condition thing. Laker would be screwed without it with his muscular dystrophy. That being said, I don’t doubt this new system is massively problematic. I was reading an article a few days ago that ranked Denmark as the “happiest” country, and one of the points was that everyone has health care, and they’re supposedly healthier all around. I like Uppitys idea of health care being non-profit. I don’t know if we’ll ever get any decent system here with the teanuts wanting to give the billionaires and the corporations everything.

    Sophie, you have a PPO? Wow, uptown! I haven’t had a PPO in years and years. We are focusing on keeping healthy, natural diet, excercise, limit carbs, no bad oils or brominated bread, etc. Hubbie & I drive old cars so we can afford decent food. We don’t trust in anything anymore. It seems that things are getting worse, not better.

  50. The Vatican sure is trying to change their image! Oh, also, the Texas abortion law that just passed got hammered in Federal court.


  51. Socal you probably won’t beieve me but on my entire dead family’s souls, I have paid out six figures in the past decade for single pay health insurance. It is the God’s honest truth.

    I agree that children with illnesses and disabilities should have access to health care at all times, even past 27 ( in NY it’s 30!). What bothers me is EVERYone can get insurance off their parents till they are 27 (or 30 in NY). I think that’s way over the top. We both know a great number of them won’t be reimbursing their parents even while they are working, because they are self-absborbed and prefer to leech off their parents for necessities so they can spend their own money on fun and bling. It’s as if 27 is now the new 15.

  52. Kaiser put out a calculator to estimate the cost of Obamacare to people based on their income. The major flaw…and it is HUGE – is the ‘subsidy’ only comes to you after you have paid the premiums for the year. I just don’t see this as financially…uh……..affordable for most people.

    Try it out:

  53. Upps, of course I believe you! That is obscene (what you have paid). I agree with you about getting reimbursed (subsidy) at tax time, is not going to work. The middle class is shrinking drastically, have less and less money leftover.

    Not all the younguns’ are moochey, btw. I know lots that work hard, sharing bedrooms in apts, etc. I work with a girl in early twenties, she works a full time & part time job while putting herself through college. I did that myself at her age, but whats different is that her mom is asking her to move back IN. The mom can’t make ends meet and needs her daughter to pay room and board. When I was young, my parents were middle to upper middle class. Things just suck all around.

  54. I did that Kaiser calculator. Yikes.

  55. I work with a girl in early twenties, she works a full time & part time job while putting herself through college.

    I remember when this was not anecdotal, though. There is nothing heroic about this to me. It’s what plenty of young adults would Do as a normal course of things. Now it’s like some kind of heroic deed to plan your own future and pay as you go for your own benefit. I guess what bothers me is I know so many pushing 30 and 40 who are very stunted in their reasoning. They save nothing, they make dumb decisions and act like their parents are dumb when they warn them not to do what they are about to do. Then they blow it and come whining to the same parents for the bailout. I just see a lot of immaturity around me in people who are supposed to be at least a little grown up by their age. 30 is not a child, or at least it’s not supposed to be a child. It just seems that they want all the consolations of being an adult but none of the consequences. Nothing is ever their fault and their expectations of others, parents especially, are very high and extremely self-centered and self-indulgent.


    Cat psychology always pays off. Now here’s the story. She was eating about the equivalent of 10 city blocks from here and sleeping in a shelter down the road from here. She kept eluding our traps. I finally sent a case of Beechnut baby food to the guy she was going to for food. He is a Viet Nam vet and our spotters saw her there often. He agreed to keep trying to trap her but not to let her go too long without food if she didn’t trap. She finally went into the trap!

    The sanctuary (NO KILL) agreed to take her and give her full medical workup. I am informed that she lost her ear because of a huge ear infection. Her swallowing problem was of course typical of ENT infections. She is safe, warm and vetted and they have agreed to keep her forever and solicit sponsors for her care. As I could tell from her eyes, she is a “sweetie”.

    All is well. She drove me nuts for weeks but keeping track of her was worth it in the end!

    Sophie, I know you generously donated to this cause and I have not as yet accepted your donation. This is because Van Gogh ended up not costing me more than some food, antibiotics, time, and my sanity. I therefore feel guilty accepting your contribution and it will revert back to you at the end of 30 days if I do not hit accept. To me, it’s the right thing to do.

  57. Wow! Fantastic news, Uppity! You are an angel for all your hard work.

    I love a happy ending. This one turned out better than I ever expected – thanks to you!

  58. Yeah Beata, even I’m surprised. She was a hard one.

  59. And she’s already sponsored. Lucky girl!

  60. I’m so glad, Uppity, what a wonderful turn of events.
    You and the Vet and others who helped are to be congratulated.
    Take a bow.

  61. It took 3 strategic traps to get her, the little snot!

  62. Ok I’ll bow till I see what problem cat God throws at me next.

  63. Upps:
    I’m soo happy that VanGogh kitty is in safe haven, but mostly that people like you are still on this earth; full of love and care.

  64. Yay! Such great news about Miss Van Gogh kitty.

    As we have seen, Upps, whatever the obstacles, your good intentions are not easily thwarted!


  65. Hooray for Van Gogh!!! Thank you for your “dogged” determination with this cat! This is truly a happy ending!

  66. Wonderful Upps !!!!

  67. Bravissimo Upps.

  68. It took a neighborhood to catch a cat. Great job, Uppity and your neighbors!

  69. Amazing story. Well done.

  70. Fredster has a great post up on Widders about the ACA.

  71. Yes it did Lyn. And in the process, Van Gogh’s history miraculously unfolded through a series of events worthy of a short story.

    Get some tissues as I tell you this story.

    Van Gogh was in need of surgery on that ear. The cat was increasingly having problems with swallowing and the ear needed some exploring as well as serious flushing of dirt and debris. So they brought her to the clinic they use. When Van Gogh arrived, a unique thing happened: The clinic recognized her!

    It seems that Van Gogh had been there before for ear surgery, which explains her mangled ear. The adopter was an elderly woman who….who……lived outside the city – about 15 miles from where Van Gogh was found near the edge of the city. I’m sure Van Gogh managed to carefully pick human helpers along the way – a skill cats utilize well.

    The cat’s original ear surgery had involved removal of a tumor. When the woman brought Van Gogh home from surgery, her other cat was very un-accepting. Apparently the woman was not aware that cats can get freaked out when another animal has been in the hospital. (It took Snack a week to tolerate Joe after he only got his teeth cleaned). Anyways, her other cat chased the cat right out of the house. Van Gogh ran and ran and ran. Still not healed from her surgery, the woman was frantic. She searched for the cat to no avail. The clock ticked and the cat was lost to her. She couldn’t bring the cat back to the clinic, so she called the clinic, told them the cat was lost, and cancelled the post-operative appointment.

    The owner was notified by the clinic that her found cat was there about to undergo surgery at the request of the sanctuary. She was so happy to know she would get her cat back again! So, now Van Gogh was not only safe in rescue and about to be fixed up, but as she was prepped for surgery, she was also about to be reunited with her Mom when she was released from the clinic.

    During surgery, it was discovered that Van Gogh had a nasty inoperable tumor. It would not be long before she would die a very horrific death. The decision was made via the owner and the sanctuary to euthanize her on the operating table.

    The owner was grieved at losing her cat once again, and she collected her lost cat, brought her home and buried her under her apple tree. But she was most grateful that someone somewhere had a heart for her ear-less little cat. She still has no idea who I am or who the other people involved are.

    I was both crushed and taken by the network and intersection of so many people who came together to save one little ear-less cat. At first I felt defeated and thought What was this all for, all this worrying and planning, all the coordination, all the watchful anxiety that was shared among three different homes. Then I realized: This cat had an entire network that ensured that what turned out to be her last days were at least secure. This network was able to get her to the sanctuary so she wouldn’t die a horrific death on the streets somewhere, starving and shivering with a fever in the cold of the night like so many lost cats do. We got her before she became too sick to even be rescued. and in the process, we were able to help an elderly lady have closure while knowing that others cared enough to look out for her sick cat while she was gone from her home. In the end, I could only conclude that Van Gogh herself, who turned out to be a neutered Himself, had a paw in all of this in some kind of magical Otherworld way.

    I can honestly say that, in decades of doing things like this for cats, I have never participated in a more ironic story than this story that unfolded among an whole network of people for the benefit of one dirty, skinny cat with one ear.

    I am both crushed and mystified.

    I have 9 photos of Van Gogh and today I asked the sanctuary to contact Van Gogh’s owner and ask her if she would like copies. She still doesn’t know who rescued Van Gogh and I think it would be better if it’s kept that way, because she will have many questions and the truth is, Van Gogh was pretty rough by the time I picked him up initially. It’s just that the cat was a trooper who had this huge will to live, and neither of us knew at the time that his wish would not be granted. As I reflect, the thing that bothers me most now is that Van Gogh never had the joy of seeing his person one more time. On the other hand, at least he rests now under her tree instead of having been cremated and disposed of in a perfunctory manner. I kind of figure that a cat who pulled off what Van Gogh pulled off, while captivating so many people along the way, probably knows where he’s resting even as we speak.

    Maybe Van Gogh knew he wasn’t long for this earth and just wanted to get back home so he could be properly buried by the woman who loved him–and he got us all to help him do that successfully. Cats are mystical that way.

    When things like this happen, I sometimes wonder why I torture myself by doing these things — and then I realize that each and every time I have a success or a failure, it somehow makes me a better person.

  72. The tears are flowing. Sending hugs to all involved.

  73. I have a lump in my throat the size of Ayers Rock.
    A sweet and-in a way-happy ending to a sad story.
    RIP, little one under the old apple tree.
    It’s great to remember just how damn wonderful human beings can be!

  74. Some love story!

  75. Happy Halloween from Little Uppity.

  76. Requiescat in pace, Van Gogh.

    You were loved.


  77. What a story! RIP, Van Gogh. You were loved by many!

    I don’t suppose you could learn Van Gogh’s real name…

  78. A very Happy Halloween to all!

    RIP Van Gogh.

  79. Soph, I emailed the photos to the sanctuary director and she is going to give them to the owner. I have also told her to offer my phone number to the woman if she wants to hear the saga of how a network of people cared for her cat. I figure if she wants to call me she will and I will get the cat’s real name at that time. I don’t want to stalk the poor woman. lol.

    OT but a little detail. Clinton Vineyards is in Clinton Corners in the Hudson Valley. Clinton, NY is upstate, home of Hamilton College.

  80. Upps, you went above and beyond, and then some. Its sad that he died, but at least he had caring people looking out for him, is no longer suffering, and you have the whole story now and needn’t worry for him. As Sue says, in a way its a sweet ending to a sad story. Its nice to think of him buried under her apple tree. Meanwhile, Upps will undoubtedly rescue another little friend in need that comes her way. Its nice to know there are some good things in life we can count on.

  81. Sooooooooooooooooooo sorry to hear of Van Gogh’s difficult last days. God Bless you UW! For making another fellow creature’s time on this earth, a caring and loving experience, for which that little kitty, is purring gratefully from the high heavens to you right now, and always.

  82. Upps, hope you’re feeling better about the Van Gogh affair. You really did god’s work there.

  83. Here’s a question that has me concerned, to no end: will those (sh*thead) Dem Millenials cast their primary election votes for Hillary? This troubling, but credible, Daily Beast article suggests otherwise: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/09/12/the-rise-of-the-new-new-left.html

    We underestimated these pissants once before — in 2008 — and I’m loathe to do it again.

  84. I think what Still4Hill thinks; Hillary Rodham Clinton doesn’t owe us anything more and she sure, as hell, doesn’t owe the Democratic Party the stink off her farts.
    Still4Hill is a lady and would never express herself in such a low, common way.
    I would.

  85. Yeah NES, these are the same little pissants who gave us Obama and look how well that worked out for them. That’s the “I’m Special” bunch, the ones who are accustomed to getting a trophy just for showing up. They all have dumbed-down degrees in ‘somthing’. Look how well Barack has worked out for them while they lie on their parents’ couch waiting for some CEO to ask them to be Lord Of The Company. The ones who shot paper airplanes at Wall Street and invented “twinkles up”. Little morons looking for a perpetual handout and think it’s great their parents have to buy them health insurance till they are 30. It’s as if they are all emotionally stunted and 21 is the new 15. Maybe they’ll ask Kim Kardouchian to run.

  86. Sweet Sue and Upps — I totally agree. Here’s the problem though: she can’t win without the support of a substantial number of the pissants. I think that’s the lesson 2008 taught us, right? And, that’s the thesis of the Daily Beast piece.

  87. Well I would leave the handling of these twits to her. I’ll bet she’s aware of their vote count. But of course, she’s “old,” so she may just have to depend on the sane Democrats and moderate Republicans with brains to carry her day. You aren’t going to woo these little brats short of promising them a substantial paycheck for inhaling and exhaling. So I don’t know the answer. But Hillary is smarter than I am. Maybe that old man Soros can get Movey Ony to do his bidding since he finances their entire existence anyways. Then he can go ahead and save America by croaking.

  88. Rofllll Upps.
    Luv ya sharp tongue.

  89. I think the brats will sit out the next election. Obama was their must-have shiny object de jour. They’ve MOVED on to other interests

  90. NES, I didn’t think much of that article two months ago and I still find it stilted. I think the author had his theory all written and ready to go and tacked the de Blasio paragraph to the beginning to make it sound current and like it proved his thesis. I don’t think you can read any “meaning” into Bill de Blasio’s candidacy. Fact is, if Weiner hadn’t re-tweeted, he’d be the mayor and he’d be on the Clinton side of the author’s argument. But he did and he won’t ever be anything again. Lucky de Blasio.

    The kidz will go along with whatever the cool people tell them to do. It is pretty much up to the Democratic Party to manage the election from end to end: make the case to them, line up the right celebrities, and not once trip. We are watching. (We meaning all of us who keep sending back their donation envelopes with Hillary 2012 marked across the form and no check. We meaning all of us who didn’t go to Dem HQ or staff any phone banks for ANY elections since 2008.)

  91. Thanks for the assessment, Sophie. I take heart from it and pray you’re right.

  92. I didn’t think I painted an optimistic picture. We still have to “trust” the party. But if they don’t blow it, it should happen.

    Of course, if Hillz decides to run, I will bet she has her own strategy of reaching them.

  93. The thing is…..she did win last time. She would have to have a strategy to combat the cheating and thugging.

  94. imust, these kids are poster children for ADD as a way of life, and you are probably right. They are easily distracted by bright shiny objects. I personally think they were just intrigued with the black man who was cool. Their expectations were never realized and their shiny-object-president’s gold paint has peeled off. If anything, they are worse off and the ACA is a thorn in their little sides because they are young and healthy and now have to pay for insurance that, incidentally is not cheap, and they will have to come up with the bucks all year before getting a credit. If not, their parents CERTAINLY will not be able to afford carrying them unless they already have coverage at work. And since more and more companies are finding ways to drop insurance for employees, this whole arrangement is going to be a disaster financially for most families. While you are hearing talking heads mention $300-400 a month per person, they are not mentioning that this is for the most basic policy (‘Silver’)that ensures you will go bankrupt if you get sick. Each state site mentions that you can get bronze or gold too but funny how they don’t mention on the sites what that would cost because you can bet it’s much higher.

    I see where sex workers are thrilled with the ACA though. Saw a piece on TV about it. Single pay is hell no matter what you do for a living. ACA is only a little less of hell. If you can’t afford the monthly cost, you’re going to go for the fine. Waiting till income tax time isn’t going to help that problem.

    I would also like to mention the cuts in food stamps because I think everyone should know that the reason for those cuts is Michelle’s obesity program, which funneled money from the SNAP program with a scheduled financial effect in Fall, 2013. That’s now. She robbed the SNAP program and it is in NO WAY the Republicans’ fault. She and Barack did this. Period. I guess in the end it will make her program successful, since starving people are SURE to lose weight. I’m sure the irony is not lost on her either. Smug. Very smug. There are Democrats in congress who are infuriated because they knew this was going to happen. So when you hear how all the congressional meanies are “cutting food stamps” please remind yourself that this was Obama’s plan for fall, 2013.

  95. Uppity! Who needs food stamps?!! Michelle Antoinette says you can plant a garden just like hers for only $180…..as long as you have several full time White House gardeners on your payroll!!

  96. imust, and then you can watch your garden croak in the summer floods like I did. Imagine a poor family knowing that joy, Michelle, you moron.

  97. imust: You are soo funny…and yes those folks in the WH are out of touch..

  98. check hillary is 44. http://www.hillaryis44.org/
    Would You Buy A Used Car From Barack Obama?

  99. Sophie, I saw your message as relatively optimistic because it allows for the real possibility that the party will whip the CDS primary voting bloc into compliance. That was my limited point. Hope you’re right because I think the Dem establishment is riven with jealously of Hillary.

  100. If they want to win they will back her. Otherwise, let their dicks and their egos give it to the Republicans. This will not be 2008 with an easy ride. They know they are going to throw it away for 8 years if they dick around with this again. As it is, Obama has Effed up everything he has touched. He didn’t even improve his golf game.

  101. UW, not that I want to defend Meechelle ever, but what makes you think the SNAP cut is on her? The current SNAP cuts are due to an expiration of the stimulus increase. But indeed, the House GOP is is looking to cut $40 billion from SNAP in the farm bill.

  102. Sophie, I don’t think it’s on her,I know it’s on her. Here’s a CNN link explaining the ‘roll back’ of SNAP increases to fund her ironic healthy school lunch plan. I guess she was working on getting the kids used to starving a little bit…


    President Obama recently signed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, S. 3307, increasing the number of children who will benefit from child nutrition programs. The Act reauthorizes the Child Nutrition Act, which comes up for reauthorization every five years and contains major implications nationwide for schools and nonprofit entities participating in child nutrition programs. This reauthorization is a part of the President and First Lady’s commitment to decreasing childhood obesity and childhood hunger, issues which the First Lady has often said are closely related. The funding for this program, however, comes at the cost of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, at a time when a record number of people are qualifying for and participating in the program. Funding previously allocated to SNAP will be used to implement the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, although Obama said in his remarks prior to signing the bill that he was committed to working with Congress on concerns over the cut in SNAP that made the passage of the bill possible.

    Since they can’t pull this money out of their asses, they will have to stick it in the neck of yet another program, and I can assure you it won’t harm a single corporation but it will probably stick it in our necks instead. But not for a few years, so we can forget, the way we forgot that he planned to bilk the SNAP program for Michelle’s bullshit photo ops. Maybe they can cut food inspections even further so more of us can die to save face.

    (above link is transcript of President’s remarks on Michelle’s “Child Nutrition Act” program. You should read the whole transcript)

    It’s also important to note that while this bill is fully paid for, it won’t add a dime to the deficit, some of the funding comes from rolling back a temporary increase in food stamp benefits –- or SNAP as it’s now called -– starting in the fall of 2013. I know a number of members of Congress have expressed concerns about this offset being included in the bill, and I’m committed to working with them to restore these funds in the future.

    Yes Barack. The “Future” is NOW. He stole from SNAP just like he stole from Medicare to fund the ACA. He’s a thief, a robber from Peter to Pay Paul, a living Ponzi Scheme. He’s crossing the bridge he came to. The cuts of temporary increases in SNAP were planned by him. The seniors will in turn get it in THEIR necks in 2016, when the funding for the Medicare Advantage plans dries up due to his thievery. Advantage plans make medicare supplements more affordable for the poorest of seniors. That will be ripped from them like an appendix. Of course Obama and his lovely wife will be gone from the white house by then (open enrollment and cut-off of seniors’ heads on Jan 1 2017) so what the fuck do they care, they got what they wanted: Two terms and lots of fun and travel. This is nothing new for Michelle, the woman who was paid six figures to figure out ways to throw poor people out of hospitals.

    Barack Obama is a thief of the poor while pretending to care about the poor. But not as much as he robs from what was once a middle class. If anything is a Ponzi scheme, it’s our white house and congress, both of whom have been stealing from people to get themselves reelected for decades.

  103. Speaking of cutting food inspections, here’s some BS that Congress inserted in the Food Safety Modernization Act–third party food inspections for imported food. What could go wrong? It’s similar to putting chicken processors in charge of inspecting their own chickens instead of funding the USDA FSIS inspectors.


    A third party inspector can work for a foreign government, like oh, let’s say China. And their consumer product safety and quality track record is peachy.


    Congress tried to farm out medical device inspections to third party inspectors back in the mid ’90s. The leaders always have our best interests in mind.

  104. Hugo, when I typed about food inspections, the first thing I though of is I Wonder What Hugo Is Going To Tell us.

    I know you know it’s even worse than we think it is.

    Our government has forsaken us. Badly.

  105. Canadian school bans “honor roll” because it hurts the self esteem of the kids who don’t make it…

  106. I shamelessly stole that, imust.

  107. Terry McCauliffe’s outcome today will be a strong signal to hillary

  108. Where’s The Sophie!

  109. I’m rooting for Terry because he was loyal to Hillary. I’ve been following him on FB for some time. As a neighbor of Virginia, I’d like to see them with a Dem Gov.

    Uppity, the whole global economy thing is a big threat to our food supply and I don’t care how our government tries to put a big happy face on it. Although there are domestic foods associated with outbreaks or that I just will not eat, I still prefer products of the USA.

    The same applies to drugs and medical devices, but there is no way for the public to know where those products are manufactured. Components and ingredients can come from various sources.

    One item of note regarding the shifting of oversight responsibility to third party inspectors and to importers is that the same person who helped develop the USDA’s new meat inspection rules is at FDA helping to develop and implement the rules for FSMA. The USDA FSIS model was much criticized by USDA insiders and by consumer groups and after ten years of that, it has been implemented anyway. Cost-cutting is a motivator. Seems like the same MO in dealing with FDA-regulated products. But, we will see how well it all works based on the numbers of outbreaks and recalls.

  110. PS: Uppity, when I saw the words, “food inspections,” I wondered if that was Hugo-bait. As you can see, I took the bait. LOL!

  111. Dear Hugo:


  112. NES I do not believe cats know they are dying because it is my experience that cats do not even think of their own mortality. Not for one second. They do not fear death one bit the way humans do. When they are actually close to death (not a month away like the cat in the article), they do it with dignity because, once again, they just see dying as something that’s, how shall I say, part of life. I have never seen an animal die with dignity like a cat does. No muss, no fuss. They just do it.

    What I HAVE seen is that OTHER cats in the vicinity know if a cat is dying. They exhibit a range of behaviors from comforting (if they are companions) to leaving the cat completely alone (companions do this when death is very close). I have several theories as to why they do this, including the possibility that even though they know another cat is dying, once again, death is not something to fear, no big deal, part of the journey, etc.

  113. I’ve heard that cats know when their people are dying too.

  114. Oscar the nursing home cat is harbinger of patient deaths.

  115. Very interesting, Upps.

  116. Meow

  117. Yes! I’ve heard of that cat!

  118. Ok here is a serious Public Service Announcement. If you use Firefox or Chrome browsers you should get the addon “Do Not Track Me”. Just to let you know that twitter, facebook and google are following you EVERYWHERE on the net and collecting data on your IP address. I have had Do Not Track since mid september and I have blocked over 10000 tracking attempts by twitter and google ( I stay away from facebook entirely). 7,000 of them were from twitter. You are being profiled folks. Do Not Track Me is free.

    Go ahead, ignore my warning. Better you than me.

    This also applies to Internet Explorer. It’s just that I never use it and in fact I have removed it. However, I am sure there is a do not track addon for it maybe with another name.

  119. P.S. When you load it, you will not that Uppity does not personally track you with all kinds of sidebar links to places that can’t wait to collect your data.

  120. Uppity, one thing that’s interesting. Lately, when I open your page I get this window that appears to say that this site is private, and needs a password. But all I have to do is click it off and I can get to the site, no problem.

  121. That’s odd. Cleared your cache lately?

  122. Especially odd considering you have full mod privileges.

  123. Hi Upps,

    I had the same thing happen as imust and it is for an unrelated site. I figured it was some new way to scam or spam and would click it off also. I don’t twitter or facebook. I’m off to look for the “don’t track me” Yes, I’m that paranoid. 😀

  124. Wait! I had that happen to me once too. Can’t remember the site name, I just ignored it. If it happens again get the name and a screen shot if you can!

  125. Ok so since I am a currently rare thinking mode, here’s something I think.

    I think Christie would have a good chance against Hillary. Fortunately, it won’t come to that because the Republican fringe crackpots and theirs who participate in the tea party are the best friend Hillary could ever have. They will eviscerate Christie before he even gets to that point. This is because they are so stupid, they can’t find their own asses with both hands. With them, it’s our way or nothing. And Christie just isn’t mean enough for them. They won’t think it’s a plus that he could attract some moderate democrats (obviously how he won his new term since the ratio of Ds to Rs in New Jersey is a zillion to one). Because they don’t WANT to attract any Democraps. no sir. Anything with a D after their names is shit. Not fit to walk or exist in their delusional version of our country. The word “Moderate” still means “Lib” to these nasty weirdos. They will not have Christie. Not acceptable. He shares some of their social views but doesn’t think it’s his place to fuck around with other people’s personal lives. He’s not going to come up with new ways to torture women or gays and other Ewwwy creatures. No sir, he’s not acceptable. Rick Santorum! That’s the ticket!!! Let’s blast him! He’s tainted! He might..gasp…compromise on something! Rino! Rino I tell you! Rino! And of course, the other sub-fringe known as the Paulies will further muck it all up and by the time their primaries are over, some idiot nobody but they would vote for will be on the ticket. Or if Christie still survives their psy ops, they will just stay home in the general election and sulk.

    Thank you, crazy right wing fringe, from the bottom of my heart.

    And if you have any doubt the press is gearing up, Time magazine released a cover on him entitled, The Elephant In The Room–just in case you doubted for a moment that they have no class at all..

  126. Great observations on Hillary v. Christie in 2016. Other than the reason you mentioned, Upps, I think there’re 2 others: his mean, brusque guy image plays in NJ and NYC, but won’t translate well in the rest of the country. Also, he’s well, too obese — hate to day it, but it’s true and is a negative in politics.

    Incidentally, I think it’s very interesting that — for once — a guy is getting attacked on his physical appearance. That treatment is always reserved for women. While part of me feels sorry for Christie on this score, it’s thrilling at the macro-level.

  127. Also, I’ve never liked Christie since Obama laid hands on him. Our imust previously noted — right after the Sandy-aftermath bromance — that Obama tapped Christie as his successor…could never shake that thought.

  128. imust, pls. see my comment above ^^^ and correct me if my recollection is incorrect.

  129. Wow I never thought of that….seeing a man get gigged for appearance. You’re right. It’s mean, but rather refreshing for a change. I don’t think he’s actually mean. Crude comes to mind. I would bet though, they he’s got a HORRENDOUS medical record.

  130. Obama tapped Christie as his successor…could never shake that thought.

    Wouldn’t that be just like Obama.

  131. Yes NES, I do believe Christy Cream is the Heir Apparent.

  132. Obama tapped Christie as his successor…could never shake that thought
    Anybody but Hillary. He can’t let that old bitch show him up, now, can he?
    What me, bitter?

  133. Good piece on how Dems are starting to lay the groundwork for taking on Christie. Take a look at that photo of him–there’re plenty more where that came from. Plenty of video clips too. He may be too brusque and rude for Mr. and Mrs. Midwesterner.

  134. imust said: “Yes NES, I do believe Christy Cream is the Heir Apparent.”

    HAHAHHAHA on the name!

  135. Christy Cream is the Heir Apparent.”


    More like Crispy Cream, 😆

  136. Well maybe he wants to be Harry Truman with a bad case of bloat.

  137. Yes, I was thinking like the donut.

  138. The article at the link is worth a read.

  139. Has anybody seen Sophie?

  140. upps:
    “Well maybe he wants to be Harry Truman with a bad case of bloat”.
    you are soo funny…LOL!

  141. Christie will never get my vote because he’s a hypocrite like most other politicians. Specifically, he wants the little people to tighten their belts and wants to whack away at government, but when he was a US Attorney (political appointment), he abused tax dollars by staying at hotels that exceeded allowable per diem rates. Any rank and file employee who pulled that stunt, would be disciplined and paying for their own hotel. Apparently, he’s above the rules that apply to peons. If not for that, I’d probably semi-like the guy. Although, I do not like his disrespect for teachers in New Jersey.

  142. I’m here! I’m here!

    It’s been a helluva couple of weeks with more things to do than hours to do them.

  143. They will not have Christie. Not acceptable. He shares some of their social views but doesn’t think it’s his place to fuck around with other people’s personal lives. He’s not going to come up with new ways to torture women or gays and other Ewwwy

    Guess again.

    The NJ State Senate and Assembly each passed gay marriage bills by respectable margins and he vetoed the bill. The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled against his veto and he immediately said he’d appeal it. The majority of NJ people support gay marriage. He is costing gays and Lesbians of NJ real money in terms of Federal benefits. Tell me more about this not fucking around with other people’s personal lives of which you speak?

    He’s the Giuliani of NJ and that’s good for NJ, but I think being the governor of NJ is the end of what he’d be good at.

    And yes, he’s mean. You can guess where this “moderate” stands on choice…not pro. He only looks like a moderate because the others are so far out there.

    I do however applaud him for saying out loud the bit about taker states vs. payer states. It’s not going to make him one friend in all of those taker states he will need to win to get the nomination, but as a Northeast Liberal, I am so glad someone said it out loud.

    Christie Cream! Love it to death!

    And I would love for Hillary to run against him because it would become immediately apparent that he doesn’t know shit outside of NJ.

  144. SophieCT, I love you. You always had my back at JWS.
    You can count on me to do the same where needed.

  145. Oh I’m glad you’re okay Soph! Damn life getting in the way of blogging again! Check your mail so you will be on alert re: Paypal.

    Oh I know Bloat is not pro choice, I just don’t think he’d bother doing anything about it. I do think Hillary would beat him in NJ though. In fact I’d bet money on it.

    Interesting about the Take States. Many of those states are chuck full of anti government republicans who don’t even realize that their own existence depends on government subsidies and handouts. Boggles my mind, really. How dumb can you be>

    He’s not mean enough because he’s not a religious zealot. Nobody does mean like they do.

  146. Speaking of JWS, I went there a couple of weeks ago and it was privatized. What happened? I admit I haven’t gone to any blogs in a long time so I haven’t got a clue.

  147. I think JWS is, now, offering psychic readings for a fee.
    Don’t ask. Weird times.

  148. Are you serious? I know he has a friend who does that, is it her, or is he really doing this?

  149. I don’t know; that’s what I heard. Maybe he’s hosting his friend.

  150. Sophie:
    Good link on the 11 nations, thanks.

  151. The 11 nations article was interesting, but I think he extended the el norte region way too far up the California coast.

  152. Interesting you should mention that, socal, because on my side of the map, I thought the New Netherland nation could stand to go up north a bit more in the Hudson Valley region.

    But except for some border disputes, I think the basic premise makes a lot of sense.

  153. Speaking of borders, this is amusing (but factual and interesting–like learning for free):

  154. By the way, for anyone following the story, a couple of weeks ago, 60 Minutes ran a segment on Benghazi where the guy they interviewed, Dylan Davies, claimed to be there and gave his eyewitness account, which to some extent, vindicated the scandal-hungry regulars.

    As it turned out, Dylan Davies was LYING! It took a while, but CBS finally retracted and apologized.

    And Simon and Schuster is no longer going to publish Davies’ book, because it contains the very same lies.

    But Lady Lindsey is still planning to block the president’s nominations until he gets some answers (even though his questions are based on a faulty premise).

    More here:

  155. Sophie, I saw that. Ridiculous!

  156. Sophie, I have the greatest respect for you; but I think it’s a little off to insult Senator Graham by calling him a woman, ie, Lady Lindsey.
    Don’t we all hate the coaches who “motivate” their male players to work harder by calling them ladies?
    AnOnmouse does that, too, and I don’t get it.

  157. Aahh, SweetSue, rest assured, I would not insult someone by calling them a woman. Ever.

    My insult refers to the general consensus that Lindsey Graham is a closet case. And for the record, I would never insult someone for being gay either, nor would I ever out anyone against their wishes EXCEPT when that someone is hurtful to the LGBT community. Hence Lady Lindsey.

  158. I continue to fear this possibility for the Dem primary. After Obama’s primary-insurgency, how could one not?


  159. NES, the title of the article turns me off. “Hillary’s Worst Nightmare”. It implies that Hillary is lusting after the presidency, hungry…no desperate for power!! That’s the usual meme. Their trying to set up some kind of “cat fight”, wouldn’t they just love that!!! Wow! Misogynyfest on overdrive!!!!

    Warren has said she’s not running. But they just can’t leave it at that.

  160. I would think that newly minted Senator Cory Booker is more of a nightmare than Senator Warren. He is to me, anyway, deja-vu!

  161. I was thinking about Violet Socks, today, I really miss her site and wish she’d come over here and comment.
    A big thank you to SophieCT, Uppity and all the regulars like Imust, Hugo and NES for keeping this genuinely liberal and fiercely feminist gathering place going.
    I mean no insult to other more conservative people; but the commenters, here, are predominantly liberal (not progressive, thank God.)
    Also, Mona (Wonk the Vote) has her own place, up and running now.
    It’s called Let them listen, if anyone wants to run over and check it out, I ‘m sure she’d love to say, “hello.”
    It’s been quite the journey for all of us, hasn’t it? That was some big tent of a blog that Riverdaughter hosted.

  162. Sweet Sue, thanks for the shout-out. Great to see you here too.

  163. imust, I agree with your observation about, and your disgust with, the title and the “cat fight” the media are trying to set up. But nonetheless I can’t help feeling queasy knowing the kossacks are progs are out there. Also, I didn’t realize until today that Warren is in her mid-60s (I had assumed late-50s, 60 at most. She may find the temptation overwhelming and the press of age hard to ignore.

  164. Sweet Sue, I think Booker is a challenge. But, I think the Dems will pick a woman, in a bid to make history again.

  165. NES, I hope you’re right, but I’ll believe it when I see it.
    Honestly, the “best and brightest” contingent of the Democratic Party is as sexist as the Republican brand.

  166. I don’t know NES, I can’t imagine they would pick a woman. They are so misogynistic. They kept it hidden for so long to get the women’s vote and in 2008 it just came pouring out. I’m sure there’s another male demographic that will seem just as historic. First Latino? First Asian?

  167. Yikes I just got done reading a Taylor Marsh piece on Hillary. It took every bit of restraint I have to not try to post a comment. Although, if her site is anything like it was in 08 it would never get past spam.

  168. TM would sell herself to the highest bidder again just like she did in 08. I wouldn’t spit on her if she were on fire.

  169. Whoa I didn’t know Warren was in her 60s either! She’s pretty well preserved. She can’t win a general election. She’s wayyyyy too far left and has a really hard time playing well with others.

  170. Upps, agree with everything you said about Warren (2:36am comment), but I do like her, and think she wants to make positive changes for the middle class.

    I haven’t thought of TM in years! Does she still have a site?

  171. Yes she does socal. I wouldn’t have sought her out, there was a link to one of her pieces on a Hillary fb group I belong to. I also picked up this link there:

  172. Has everyone signed up for Oscare yet? 😀

  173. Haha!

  174. Foxi,
    I think I mentioned I took a look at my healthcare ‘options’ under Obama BS and it took me to the same page I was always able to access, with the same outrageous prices — only higher. Unless I want to get me one of those ‘bronze’ policies that cover NOTHING. And since I don’t live in abject poverty (YET – but they’re working on it) my ‘rebate’ makes it all still obnoxious and unaffordable.

    I also noted at the website written by 12 year old ‘wizards,’ that there will be smoker and non smoker policies. All non smokers can cheer again — until they see how the electronic data base will record their weight and BMI and there will be Normal, Overweight, Obese and Morbidly Obese policy categories eventually as well. You reap what you sow.

  175. I agree with Uppity on Warren as a candidate. She’s way too far to the left and doesn’t appear to even try to play nice in the sandbox.

    I’m glad to see that there are smoker and non-smoker policies. I don’t like paying the same as slow learners. I’m also wondering why people are not asking why FDA is regulating tobacco when Congress should have just banned it. Big Ass waste of tax dollars to regulate stuff that does nothing but cause harm.

  176. Hugo I haven’t smoked in over a decade. But I know one thing for sure: The smoking witch hunt was the start of government interference into a host of other things. They are going to come after weight next. Mark my words. They are already setting the propaganda stage to witch hunt heavy people by declaring that obesity is a more expensive burden on the system than tobacco. Will you think that’s fine too? And how about alcohol and………well you get the picture. In Japan, you can lose your job of your weight is out of control. Today we don’t hire smokers, tomorrow we don’t hire fat people. What’s your (or my) bad habit. it’s next. This is how Control grows like a cancer. When we control behavior, we control life.

  177. I think they would have a more difficult time with the weight control issue because some people who are classified as overweight are perfectly healthy. But, I’ll support extra premiums for weight, if it is definitely linked to a health condition. Same thing as paying higher auto insurance premiums if you live in a high crime area.

    To clarify my thinking on tobacco, it is linked to enough significant adverse health effects and zero benefits that I’m sure a ban is supportable. I support either a total ban or repealing the tobacco law passed under Obama. It requires regulation–oversight of labeling and manufacturing. I see that as a nonsensical waste of time and money. It’s not a food, a drug, or any other product intended to treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate disease. It causes diseases and no public health agency should be involved in helping to bring it to the marketplace.

    As for health insurance premiums, if one chooses to take up smoking, despite the decades of warnings, premiums should be higher. In fact, I’m not opposed to denying healthcare to smokers. Most health insurance providers these days provide people with information and aids for getting healthy. If someone doesn’t take that seriously, why should that fact be overlooked?

    And depending on the job, smoking and weight can be an issue. I had to pass a rigorous physical for one job I had during my career. That included testing my respiration. I suspect other employers are concerned about health due to potential use of sick leave.

    As for the comparison to alcohol, very few people can drink all day long or chain drink. No one I ever worked with took a 15 minute drink break several times a day, or sat at their desk drinking. Alcohol has it’s risks, but has also been link to some health benefits. But, if some insurers want to increase premiums for those who drink excessively and have the liver enzymes to prove it, I will not complain.

    I guess I see the control issue from a different perspective. Individuals should control their own behavior and accept responsibility and the costs for risky behavior.

  178. PS: On the weight issue, I’ve worked with a few BIG people over the years in a job that required some stamina, and they did the job. One of them was a heavy smoker and died on the job. He was resuscitated but would not put down the cigarettes. That’s real commitment.

  179. Yeah well I’ve worked with very productive smokers too and watched a few obese people sleep at their desks after lunch. Then there were all those software engineers who snorted their lunch. I’ve worked with lazy bastards who weren’t overweight and didn’t smoke either. I’m sorry but please do not tell me one is more okay than the other. They are both a ticket to an early death and they are both a personal choice that’s really not my business. And they are both an addiction, just like cocaine. I don’t see us having separate policies for druggies. yet. Or alcoholics. Yet. But then again, nothing is a bigger ticket to death than some bad genes. Had a dear friend who lost his father at 45. So he kept himself in tip top shape, stared at french fries longingly but never partook, ran marathons and looked great too. They found him dead in the bushes along the way of his running path. He was 43. Shoulda had the french fries, don’t you think? My grandfather smoked two packs of camel’s a day and his idea of good food was anything made in deep fat. He lived to age 97 at least three of his doctors died before he did. It’s all a gamble, Hugo. And everybody has some issue that costs the system money, if not now, then sooner or later. As it stands it won’t be long before we decide that anybody past a certain age is not worth saving because it costs too much money. That will be just fine so long as we aren’t that particular age. Then we might see it differently. I think life is tough enough without looking for ways to punish people for being human. Driving a motorcycle is risky behavior too, as is mountain climbing. Texting while driving. I hate drunken people. I really do. So while you are in favor of DENYING HEALTHCARE to smokers (let the fuckers die), I’m in favor of DENYING HEALTHCARE TO DRUNKS. Damn people should take responsibility financially for wrapping themselves around trees drunk too. Then there’s all those pigs with Hep C who slept with anything that moves or used needles till they caught it. if you can deny somebody well then so can I dammit! It’s my right to just let people die because they do unhealthy shit I really hate. Let’s double their health insurance rates if they do that. Do you not see where all of this is going and do you really want to live in a country that wants to restrict the very freedom it was founded upon?

    Hey maybe soon enough we’ll decide who should reproduce and who shouldn’t, based on their inherited illnesses. Now there’s an idea whose time hasn’t come yet, but you can bet somebody is working on it. Maybe people with mental illness in their families. Or type 1 diabetes. Or cancer. yeah that’s it. Cancer.Of course, their own particular problem won’t be a problem.

    Honestly, I spent 6 figures on health insurance in the past decade and couldn’t even get my checkups paid for. I cost you nothing except the tests I had this year that gave me a clean bill in the end. I could have paid for those and come out with about 90,000 still in the bank. I resent paying for anybody else who got sick with that money too, so I think maybe I should get a refund. Because the only people who don’t cost other rate payers money are people who have never been sick and then drop dead on the street one day. Something to shoot for, I guess.

    Incentives work better than punishments in All Things. Instead of raising rates on a smoker or obese person, we should be giving a discount to people with great BMIs or non smokers.

  180. We’re coming up on the 50th anniversary of the US Surgeon General’s 1964 report on smoking and its effects on health. So, if after half a century of that public health policy, smoking is still a major contributor to diseases in the US, I doubt we’re going to see much change in terms of any other public health issues any time soon.

  181. And, yup, I’m still in favor of denying healthcare to people who knowingly abuse their health. I was thinking of smokers, but am willing to throw in drunks too. I think even Social Security stopped paying disability benefits for substance abusers.

  182. Right now, the Food Police are telling us that obesity is the number 1 killer. I know. Let’s kill em all. Let’s just let all smokers go without health care and all fat people go without health care. I’ll bet more non-smokers die of cancer than smokers, mainly because there are more non smokers. So there ya go, obviously smoking causes less cancer. This is all touchy feely stuff here and the number one cause of cancer is most likely genes. Ditto for heart conditions. How are we going to separate these groups. Who determines what’s risky? Our government? The one that gave us a food pyramid and hammered it into our heads and then decided Nope. Let’s tip it upside down. Is reproducing with genetic illness in the family a risky behavior too? And all those other damned people who don’t have OUR particular nasty habit? And let’s kill all fat smokers first! That should fix our problem! But it’s not my business to tell people what to eat, how to live, who to sleep with, what hobbies they should have, how much to drink, or whether or not they can smoke. That is a nation I do not want to live in. What’s next on the agenda, birth defects? Seriously, this all started with smoking and it’s not going to end. Now people are off of smoking and trolling people’s refrigerators. Every time I turn around there’s another article about how terrible pretty much every food is for you except for that shitty tasking tofu, seeds and tree bark. After that, well your guess is as good as mine as to what’s next. Be careful what you ask for.

  183. Ah I haven’t had a good fight in so long!

    I think I need a cigarette! And a drink!

  184. …and a Big Mac!

  185. If the food police progress at the same pace as the tobacco police, all of this policing will amount to nothing. In another half century, we’ll still have plenty of fat ass smokers clogging up the medical system.

    Uppity, in my opinion, the issue here is what is preventable. Diseases that are genetic should be covered because they are currently unpreventable. But when someone knows the risk and does nothing to prevent the disease, they can piss off. If they can pay $7 for a pack of smokes, they can pay a higher premium. No sympathy from me.

  186. Not tofu. Some of that stuff is manufactured under filthy conditions. I never touch the stuff. May as well eat bird poop.

  187. Oh I am so glad to hear this about tofu because I hate that shit with a vengeance. I keep hearing how great it is if you “cook it right”. And how it tastes like ‘whatever you are cooking it with”. This is raw bullshit. Tofu tastes like shit no matter what you cook it with or how you cook it. I simply cannot believe how impressionable people are to the point where they have entire recipe collections containing that shit and how you can pretend it tastes good. Because it doesn’t. Period. I bet melamine tastes better. Please DO give me the details of how it’s manufactured. But this does dwindle food possibilities down to seeds and tree bark.

    But diseases are preventable in your family if they are genetic. All you have to do is get everybody to stop spawning defective people. Therefore to spawn is to knowingly encourage and perpetuate your own particularly horrid family disease.

    Hey I thought cigarettes are more like ten bucks a pack. The price of a carton buys a lot of big macs! There’s like a whole frigging black market for smokes now, like prohibition. lol. You go to jail if you get caught with the unstamped ones that probably come from N. Korea. They’ve been manufacturing knock off Marlboros for decades. You don’t go to jail because they are bad for you, though. You go to jail because the federal government and states could not survive without the tax money from cigarettes. Catch meet 22.

    Ok I just looked up the price of cigarettes. Almost 9 bucks around here. More in NY City.Jesus H Christ. You set them on fire FCS!

  188. Hahahaa. I been shushed plenty of times.

  189. Sheesh, now I feel like a cig and a drink. And it’s SCHOOL NITE too!

    Jokes aside, I agree with Upps in this debate.

  190. Delish: our DiFi turns on Bammy. Lol on Mary Landrieu’s bill’s name: Keeping the Promise of the ACA. Slap at Bam. Ouch!

  191. The insurance companies are LOVING this.They KNOW they are going to get bucks off this program. The entire country a captive audience while they continue to price fix and have a hold on their regions. While they continue to be exempt from Antitrust laws against monopolies and price fixing. How they make SURE no competition enters the market? THEIR market? They are simply having orgasms over all of this!

    Remember the kerfluffle over the anti trust law waiver they enjoyed for decades? Remember congress howling and kicking up dirt? Then it all quietly died down and nothing changed. We are getting rolled!

  192. Well, I don’t know about you, but since its inception the obamacare -for insurance- crap, was anything but a “good wheeling-dealing with the big bucks “insurance bitchness”.
    Why such a surprise now?
    It was matter of time to see that to implement the law was going to be a fiasco not any different than Obama himself.

  193. As little as I understand about obamacare, my objection has been that it does not seem to change much about the way insurance companies do business, except for how they deal with pre-existing conditions. We need a law that prevents insurance companies from standing between doctors and patients. I’m confident that insurance companies and Big Pharma have been well cared for by the Dems under this law, as was Big Pharma under Medicare Part D.

  194. I was just behind a young man who apparently has a death wish and was buying a pack of cigarettes for $6.75. I don’t know if they were a brand name of cheaper generics. No excuse for young people to start smoking. I think he was heading for the gym.

  195. Tofu. FDA has issued quite a few warning letters to tofu manufacturers for failing to follow good manufacturing practice regulations. I checked around last night and see that one appears to be under an injunction which means they’ve been warned and are slow learners and continue with filthy practices. My favorite violations include employees washing their hands and arms in the brine water where the tofu is soaking, birds in the raw material storage area where they can poop on the soy bean bags, employees using their mouths to syphon brine water off the tofu. Real third world filth right here in the USA. A good way to see what’s going on is to search the FDA website for warning letters issued to tofu manufacturers. I could post some links here, but I don’t want to publically single out any particular manufacturer.

    I have not eaten the stuff since the early 1990s.

  196. Is it 2016 yet?

  197. On behalf of dear Lorac, I want to object to all the Tofu-hate on this thread.
    ~ OMMM

  198. Wait till you see what those fucking filthy pigs have done with an ad for Obama care. I cannot believe the third wave thinks this shit is all right.

    Add targeting single woman:
    h/t Karen.

  199. NES, I would eat tofu, if I were confident that some food handler didn’t use it as a loofah prior to packaging and labeling. I like the taste and consistency.

  200. That ad is from Colorado. All that legalized marijuana may be clouding their judgment.

  201. It’s Colorado in the USA. This is inexcusable. MORE inexcusable is nobody is complaining.

  202. NES, I would eat tofu, if I were confident that some food handler didn’t use it as a loofah prior to packaging and labeling.


  203. I’m reading about the issues with healthcare dot gov and I am horrified. When you launch a website and invite people to “create an account” by “clicking here” and the button does NOTHING, you have BEGINNERS writing your software. These kinds of “glitches” are the most basic things even the biggest dumbfuck programmer in your company would know how to avoid. If a button that basic isn’t working, there’s no There there. I would shudder at the thought of what their security is like. Because they obviously not only had B string programmers, but they didn’t test the web site at all. So God knows who wrote in the security mechanisms.

  204. Maybe the website designers were the same people who attached the seal to his podium.

    Yeah, the lackey who messed up sealing the seal probably got in more trouble than the idiots who built the web site.

  205. Is it my imagination or does this guy’s musculature look like internal lady parts? https://twitter.com/befitmotivation/status/400416469173145601

  206. ROFLLLL Hugo. #tofu

  207. NES, prolly because this is the first pope who isn’t playing footsie with the mafia. I mean let’s face it, the Church has a long history all the way back to the Nazis. I wouldn’t be surprised if Benny was good buddies with Uncle Nicky.

  208. Barry thinks the people are stupid. He’s going to allow insurers to renew those plans that are required to be canceled under Obamacare…for one year…or until after the 2014 midterm elections.

    Maybe he’s right about the level of stupidity — he was elected twice, after all.

    Still the Bamboozler-In-Chief!

  209. Quite right on the Mafia and Vatican high officials, Upps. Long laundering-based links.

  210. Bahahah. Mr Fixit is gonna be on Tee Vee with his Fixit plan. Talk about running scared. The Democrats are jumping off this ship like drowning rats.

  211. Do I have this right? A million people who were paying for their own insurance out of their own pockets, lost their insurance so 250.000 people in Ohio who couldn’t afford insurance can get insurance now?

  212. Sweet Jebus, thank God these morons don’t write aerospace real-time software for radar and infra-red tracking. We’d all be speaking Chinese right now.

    This is a large program. But the logic is NOT rocket science for Chrissakes. Who the H did the systems analysis for this site, some 21 year old who graduated last year? Nothing….let me repeat…NOTHING teaches you to program well like EXPERIENCE!

    Amazon juggles more balls than they have to juggle. Good grief!

  213. “Sweet Jebus, thank God these morons don’t write aerospace real-time software for radar and infra-red tracking. We’d all be speaking Chinese right now.”


    Hey Upps, heard some of him droning on — his speech replete w/ uhs, umms, and long pauses. He’s admitting to “fumbling the ball.” I’m sure all those who’ve had their insurance policies cancelled love the sports analogy from Obomber.

  214. I haven’t got a letter. Yet. But I told you I checked the site they send NYers to and it’s the same old site. To get what I’ve got I will pay more just to get a freaking checkup paid for. It’s cheaper to pay for the checkup.

  215. By the by, you seniors who are on an Advantage program so you can afford decent coverage, that will be going away and you will be paying $400 for a supplemental policy. Killing the Advantage program (except for the Florida sellout deal) is part of the 500 million they stole from Medicare for this program. Just saying.

  216. Not here often because of issues in life but stopped in and read and got to say very disappointed in the ongoing witch hunt against smokers. Funny how we seem to think we need health care that is affordable for all and to offer medical treatment to those who are going without because they can not afford it and then turn around and say EXCEPT…………
    So smokers can pay more when a fact of life is the majority of smokers started the habit as kids and become hopelessly addicted before they have the brain power to realize they are doing harm. Kids as anyone knows do not see themselves getting old or sick and after a few years of smoking you are hooked and bad. If you never picked up the habit trust me here you can not just quit and feel nothing. It is a fight for the rest of your life not to pick up a smoke. It is the roughest thing I ever did was to quit and if I had not been successful you say I can just die or pay more when I already can not afford it. Nice. Also it is a proven fact that the majority of smokers are lower middle class to poor. So these are the very ones I read you fighting for health care for.
    What next ? Folks that had boob jobs ? Folks that choose to over eat ? Folks who drink sodas daily ? folks who trim trees for a living ? Folks like my husband who I am losing due to supplying you with gasoline ?
    Oh we all want to be good humanitarians until it costs us a bit more out of our wallets to pay for something we do not agree with.
    I wish i had passed away when America was still a free country and people had a live and let live mentality. I hate this new America where everyone minds everyone elses business and thinks their lifestyle choice should be the standard for all.
    I do not give a shit what you eat or do I really do not and I also do not think I should have to pay anyone,s way in life. .
    I am going to say something here that will not make me popular but what the heck it is not my first time at that rodeo, Why is it fine to pay for an abortion of an innocent life and not pay for a smoker ?

  217. Haha! Utah crossed the line! Good on ya, grrrl. This ain’t ne’er been a PC site.

    By the way, Utes, methinks your logic is unassailable.

  218. Some very good points Utah. This is why I think we just need healthcare for all, simple and uncomplicated. Other countries have managed it, its shameful that we have not. Greed is the reason why.

    Good post on Warren & Hillary on Widdershins.

  219. You know something, I enjoyed smoking I really did and since this country has gone to hell in a hand basket with goodie two shoes dictating how I ought to live I might just go back to it and speed up my death.,

  220. Hahaha I knew you’d be weighing in, Utah.

  221. You know, what the Eff are they talking about as if all of us single payers have shitty policies and need our nanny to fix it for us. I have a PPO! It’s single pay and it’s expensive, but not as expensive as it is at the Site healthcare.gov sends me to! What kind of bullshit is this? They are insulting the intelligence of single payers who pay through the nose for their DAMNED GOOD policies and trying to force them into the same damned thing for more money to help pay for somebody else. What a crock of shit this all is. I’ll predict that the young and arrogant will go ahead and pay the penalty if they can’t sucker punch their parents to cough up the money for a policy. For starters, they don’t own a thing and hospitals have to treat them if they wrap their stupid asses around a tree while texting, so what the hell do they care. That leaves people like me and I’ll be damned if I am paying more.

  222. Utah abortions are legal and a medical procedure, whether somebody likes it or not. So yes, they not only are included but have been for decades– it didn’t just happen recently. It’s called a D & C and you’ve been covered for it right along even though we both know you are so old you fart dust! But think of all those covered vasectomies that kill millions of poor potential babies in one snip! My own tubal ligation was covered. Thanks! I appreciate your contribution to my birth control! Wouldn’t you love to pay for one for all those women who keep having babies on welfare huh?

    And don’t you DARE pass away. If you go and die, I SWEAR I’ll kill you.

  223. Uppity I know it is legal but that was not my point. y thing is singling out a group is pure old D bull shit and it just pisses me off to no end. In other words those against something think everyone should follow suit.
    That is not what America was all about nor should it ever be !
    Seems to me we have Europe envy and stats show that America had and I repeat HAD the best medical system in the world until folks thought once again to allow government to get involved. Well how is it working out so far and further smokers once again are being attacked.
    So we can feel sorry for the obese person, we can look at a drugger or drunk and praise them for getting help and hell even offer them free metadone to kick the habit and pay for it but damn the worthless smoker that is hopelessly addicted and can not find the strength to kick the habit or even if he/she did kick it we need to not fix their illness or charge them double or triple.
    Seems to me that most smokers die from it and it does not take all that long once they are sick but take an obese kid that remains obese into their adult life and we are willing to pay for needles syringes and insulin because they are diabetic or we will take care of their hearts etc and trust me that is going to cost much more.
    As you stated smoking is not the culprit, although it does not help at all but genetics play a more huge role. I have known many smokers and heavy ones at that that lived into their 90’s and rarely saw a doctor.
    While we are attacking a group why not look at the real issue. That is free money or money out of tax payers pockets to fund terminally lazy. Not all on welfare are lazy but there are many who sit and feed out of my wallet that are just as capable of working as I am and see not one reason to do so because the bleeding hearts of this country keep asking the government to help them more. A kid my grand daughter goes to school with is quite proud of his Obama phone. There are many kids with them and I am paying for it . Yea love it they can text and drive and kill or cripple me with a phone i pay for and I can only hope I can afford the insurance Obama says I have to pay for and that it is not decided I am a waste of money to fix at my age. RANT OVER.
    P.S. I am not going anywhere just yet because I will stay away from doctors for starters and lay low so some person does not find anything I am doing to change.

  224. annie said: Good post on Warren & Hillary on Widdershins.

    It was Fuzzy’s first post. Did a good job with it too!

  225. Utah it’s not that I agree with some of the things I have to tolerate either. I was actually sticking up for ALL of them. I DO agree smokers get treated like dog shit though while most every other addiction, affliction and whine gets the violin and Poor You treatment.

    I will point out though that Obama phones are not and never were Obama phones. They’ve been around since long before Obama. 1984, to be exact, under Saint Ronald Reagan. That makes them Reagan phones. They are programs that are available depending on whether your state is participating. I think it’s called Lifeline. Not all states do it. The phones are pure vanilla, just call and text. no camera, etc. I think these programs started out as a way to give shutins and sick people who were poor a landline so they could do things like call for help. Now it’s spread to cell phones and pretty much anybody on public assistance is guaranteed one. But Obama didn’t think of it, nor is it his baby. Much as I love blaming him for the POS he is, this one is on that other POS whom I imagine had as a last lucid thought, “Gosh I wish I hadn’t blocked stem cell science and refused to fund Alzheimer’s research!”.

  226. Smart cat. He knows reporters are sleazy dirtballs who can’t wait to twist your story.

  227. I got my Dad a lifeline phone because they are so simple to use. He had alzheimers and couldn’t figure out how to use regular phones, so the lifeline phone worked for him. I did pay a small monthly fee for it.

  228. Do you mean you used the same phone as lifeline? Because I read that they are completely free.

  229. Hey Utah! Utah is even easier than NY. They give em to people who participate in these programs

    Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
    Food Stamps/SNAP
    Section 8/ Federal Public Housing Assistance
    General Assistance
    Home Energy Assist Programs (HEAP,LIHEAP&E-HEAP)
    Refugee Assistance
    Head Start
    Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
    Work Toward Employment
    National School Free Lunch Program (NSLP)

  230. Have a gander at this government document and check out the enormous amounts of tax dollars being spent to encourage smokers to stop smoking. Looks like many billions to me. And this is all based on a law passed by Congress in 2009. They established a whole new Center within FDA to waste this money.


  231. I thought the money for the programs to discourage smoking came from higher cigarette taxes? It is amazing that anyone chooses to start smoking nowadays. Back when it was made to look glamorous and cool, I could see why people might start….but what’s the draw now?

  232. Another predictable consequence. https://twitter.com/buzzfeedandrew/status/401798908235370496
    Elections have consequences.

  233. Oops, this is the link to the article that should’ve illustrated my last comment. Doctors being dropped.

  234. Uppity that is my point. Why do so many people single out smokers as the bad guys in society and keep coming at them like they are mass murderers when we seem to be ok with supplying everything we can to make life easy for others. When you have able bodied people choosing to live on the government dole rather then have to get up before 10 and work , we seem to be ok with supplying free help to druggers, we seem to be ok with supplying just about anything to anyone except to a smoker they are evil and deserve to pay for their crime and die for it according to most. Why ?
    Why is it they are singled out ? I do not know what makes a person start smoking these days I really do not but I do not hate them because they do instead I feel sorry for them because they just do not know how hard it is to quit before the damage is done.
    To me is is a worthless argument to say they have all the information out there and should know better. So do people that drink and drive, so do people that text and drive, so do people that have bad tires, go to fast etc. People have all the info on drugs, over eating and a boat load of things out there and yet they still choose to do it. We are human and we do not make the right choices all the time that is what we do. To be spanked for making a choice to smoke is wrong. No one , Not a one of us living and breathing has always made the right choices all our lives . If you think you haqve you might want to check and see if you are in fact human.

  235. No, I’m not saying that Utah. I understand why people continue to smoke because of addiction. I do not see the draw now. Drinking and drugs gives people highs, what’s the attraction to cigarettes? I’m not saying this to be critical of smokers, I just don’t understand. I tried smoking when I was a teen….made me cough and it smelled bad. I just don’t get what draws people in to try.

  236. imust, much of the money comes from user fees. State and local government activities are probably by state tobacco taxes as well as federal funds. I noted that the plan is to spend more than $81 million on cessation education.

  237. The programs don’t really work when it comes to smoking. imust, tobacoo gives a buzz. You don’t really feel the buzz till you don’t have it anymore. Then you know how addicted you are because it’s not there. It’s also a hugely oral and ritualistic thing. I probably tried to quit 15 times before I actually did it. There wasn’t one single program any government provided that made it happen or even helped even slightly. You are right that there was a time when you were most definitely Uncool if you didn’t smoke. Kind of like there was a time when the food pyramid was tipped upside down in the other direction. A LONG time.

    I quit smoking because I wanted to not because somebody else harped on me and badgered me and irritated the shit out of me. It was not an easy thing to do and for the most part, the support of others sucked to the point of sadism. Let me tell you how strong an addiction it is: I had a landlady for ten years, and lived in an apartment in her home. She had a heart attack young just like her mother before her, and she quit smoking for about a decade. She said to me that if she knew she would die tomorrow, the first thing she would do today was smoke a cigarette. Being a strong believer in genes, I knew in my heart a cigarette wasn’t going to kill her and she and she was probably already doomed. She did die a few years later, but never got her ciggy. I agree that there should be no charm to it today and like you, can’t understand why anyone would start. Even if it doesn’t kill you, it stinks, ruins the walls in your home, turns your teeth yellow and makes you cough in the morning. It can’t possibly do a lung any good. But I still maintain it’s not my business if you want to do it, just like it’s not my business if you want to eat a box of Twinkies and a gallon of ice cream a week — or soak your liver in alcohol all too regularly. It’s not my business, nor is it my right to wag my finger under your nose and be mean to you about it, or badger and sneer at you or legislate your ass just because your bad unhealthy habit is different from my bad unhealthy habit. Because I know instinctively that one day it will be my turn, because busybodies never stop. It’s their Life. I just might not like hanging out with you, but I’m sure you will find somebody else who will. This Holier Than Thou shit really pisses me off in all things when it comes to personal lives. It’s almost an OCD thing with some people. (By the way, “You” is used generically in this comment and not referring to You personally)

  238. NES Darling, your link says “Page Does Not Exist”. Love and kisses.

  239. I agree Uppity. It becomes an Us vs Them, Holier than thou mentality. Kinda like the Dems vs Repubs now!

  240. Oh noes, Upps. I’ve failed at Links 101!

  241. Get Thee to Link Prison!

  242. Hahah imust, now that you mention it, it may be where it all started!

  243. Upps, I paid for my Dad’s lifeline phone through Verizon. I don’t remember why or how he qualified, I was using his SS pension and his VA pension to pay for his Asst Living home and there was nothing left over. The home gave me the info on the lifeline phone and said a lot of the people there had them. I called Verizon & set it up and they sent a bill to the home every month, which I picked up and paid. I think it was around $15 a month.

  244. I tried smoking when I was in High School. I was with a girlfriend at A & W Rootbeers (hamburger joint) and we both smoked one. Her parents smoked and she had smoked before but it was my first time & I ran to the bathroom and barfed. They called my mom who came and got us. She thought it was hilarious.

  245. Amen Uppity !
    I will say this if smokers all quit the government is going to come after something else and with vengeance. If anyone thinks that they are going to just give up all that tax money they collect think again. I only hope it is something that all these holier then thous love and can not do without. Yea I can dream . Truly it would serve them right to be the next one singled out.
    IMUST I understood you and my post was not directed to you . I really do not understand the draw either other then at 12 or 13 which is when most smokers start it is something they can do to act adult or it is something to rebel which is what most teens are about lol
    Once you play ” show” to your friends , meaning you got past the coughing and can inhale then you are cool. Several weeks later you are hooked. Smoking is still popular among kids I believe to act grown up and so is drinking. It is the allure of the forbidden.
    I caught my 11 year old grandson smoking and I wanted to kick his ass. But I know something that is also proven and that is you can not stop it if they are determined to do it . You can preach until you are blue in the face and you can punish but peer pressure usually wins.
    I believe smoking is like drinking and some people just have the propensity to be addicted to something because of genetics. Some can not gamble for recreation instead it becomes something that takes over their lives. You have folks that can get high on something once in awhile and others who have to do it until they are destroyed.
    Addicts come in all sizes shapes and colors and if we knew the whys and wherefores we could stop it all but we do not.
    We also have our obsessive dislikes of somethings like smoking, drinking, etc but to me that is something you just have to live with rather then to go out there and demand someone stop it. Me I would be a happy camper if Alcohol was gone and cell phones were but that isn’t going to happen and so I have to learn tolerance.
    Those two things combined with driving are more likely to kill me then someones second hand smoke.

  246. Okay socal, I see what you had. Thought for a second the program changed but it didn’t. You got dad a landline, and that program still exists as you used it, a big reduction in landline cost. It’s the cell phones that are completely free, which I do not understand. A person can get either a landline or a cell phone on the program but not both (but many DO violate that and it appears at least our state doesn’t track this). If a person gets a landline (which most elderly would do) they still have to pay for some of the bill. If a person wants the cell (young people) it’s completely free. I just looked up the assurance wireless program (appears to be Virgin Mobile) and they will get the phone free and 250 calls + 250 texts free each month, no rollover. Even if they use up the minutes (and we can bet they do as they have plenty of time on their hands) they only pay something like $5 to double their call and text minutes. I guess the only thing I can conclude is Verizon wants their money. But still, I think it’s okay to charge that nominal fee and think if it applies to one, it should apply to the other type of phone. Nail the old people, coddle the young is how it looks.

    Wait till those Medicare Advantage programs get cut off without so much as a warning. It’s in the ACA plan. They snatched that money from the seniors and there will be millions of seniors who cannot afford supplement programs and who therefore will have the same shitty coverage the ACA was supposedly looking to eliminate. I lot of old people will die, but then this generation of Obamazoids like that idea,a lot.

  247. OMG! Tweety on Meet the Press! Why did I watch??? Why????

  248. Upps, lol on Link Jail!

    Here’s a despatch from jail:
    Great piece on why Boomers haven’t moved on from JFK’s assassination.

    (If this link doesn’t work, shoot me.)

  249. imust, poor you! What in heavens were you thinking?? Eye-bleach is the solution.

  250. Uppity, I agree that anti-smoking programs do not work. And that’s why I oppose the law passed in 2009 and the use of a public health agency to facilitate smoking. I see it as an outrageous use of resources. If after 50 years of saying the same thing repeatedly, people still choose to smoke, let them. And if health insurance providers want to charge higher premiums, let them.

    And I don’t really buy the thinking that there is an unwarranted Us vs. Them mentality regarding smokers. Unlike Twinky eaters, smokers DO have an impact on others. I grew up in a home with someone who chain smoked Lucy Strikes, and I spent about 2 decades in the workplace where it was ok to smoke at your desk and blow smoke in your co-workers direction. I had a cough that sounded like I needed an iron lung for years, but it disappeared soon after the workplace smoking ban. And smoke stinks up everyone’s clothes, not just the smokers. Twinky eaters are harmless by comparison, in fact, I like Twinkies. Pink Snowballs too!

  251. Glad I did not turn on Meet The Press this morning. I did briefly, but got a glimpse of Pelooser making the case for the bill she said no one needed to read until after it was enacted into law. So I switched back to the CBS Sunday Morning show about Kennedy. We need another leader to inspire like he did.

  252. Cheer up, imust. I just heard that horse’s ass van Jones say with a straight face that the ACA saved women over 50 who were “Not insurable” before the ACA. What a filthy lie from a filthy dog. Nothing could be further from the truth. No business ever cut out a 50 year old woman from insurance and any woman that age could buy from the single pay market as well. And the rate was exactly the same as for everyone else. What a crock of shit. Of course what do you expect from a network that hires Van Jones and Newt Gingrich for a “crossfire” show?

  253. It’s simply amazing what they pimp as “The Press” these days. Tweety just one of a long list of hoaxes.


    Americans will not let go of this event that changed so much and, just as significantly, was thought to have changed so much more.

    Doh. Does the writer maybe think this is a good reason not to “let go”.

    Furthermore, the mans brains were blown out on live TV. I think it’s kind of hard to forget that kind of thing. Of course, to a new generation of detached creatures, seeing blood and guts and blown off heads is just another day to them. And that’s no compliment to their mental status.

  254. Ask not what your country can do for you.
    I so wish that were true today in this country of free loaders. 🙂

  255. Far be it for me to jump to O’s defense, but it is silly for Dem representatives and senators to claim they were “lied to” by him and “shocked…shocked!” to discover plans would have to be cancelled as a direct result of Obamacare coming on line. If they don’t understand there’s no free lunch, they ought to be run outta DC on a rail. Hypocrites.

  256. This s cool–the Bride loves musicals and the family surprised her at her wedding:

  257. Upps, you are right, it was a landline. I had forgotten that part!

  258. True that about smoking being the main vice that affects others. I don’t care if others smoke, as long as I don’t have to breathe it in my delicate lungs (and I don’t want my hair, clothes or furniture to smell like it either). Although sitting next to an obese person on a plane can be a trial. We all have to put up with others in one way or another.

    I remember this funny quip from John Stewart over Bloombergs NYC soda ban: “no one is being negatively affected by second-hand carbonation!”

  259. Sophie, that was great!

  260. uppities:
    please go viral against this bitch that goes hunting for pleasure.
    simply disgusting!
    Let’s make sure that she gets the message…

  261. Next thing you now that lion killing woman will be running for public office. She’s just another attention whore like Palin and Cruz.

  262. Fredster, thanks for the heads up–so completely despicable.
    Those creeps dumping on Hillary at this point are ensuring a Christie or Rubio presidency.
    Hilarious when peeps calls Warren charismatic; yeah, she’s charismatic like Howard Dean, or Bill Bradley. How’d that work out for you?

  263. Sue, my concern is that they start all of this cr@p again like they did in ’08 and Hillary will just say forget it. And yep, I’m afraid they will ensure a Christie or Rubio or whomever presidency the repubs run.

  264. ll I know is those damned school buses that surround, no make that INUNDATE my city twice a day make me feel a whole lot sicker than the smell of some fool standing outside smoking a weed. That exhaust sucks right into my car. The whole damned city stinks of their exhaust twice a day, five days a week.

  265. How much proof does this country need before it admits that our mental health system and it’s ability to retain sick potential killers is broken?

    They didn’t hold that crazy person and now he’s dead and his father is in critical condition from stab wounds. Because there was no bed available and they sent him home to kill.

  266. Fredster, you can count on them going after Hillary. They just won’t stop picking horrible candidates. Only this time it’s not going to be an easy ride like it was for Obama in 2008. The Democrats have managed to piss as many people off as the Republicans did back then. If they want to put a ‘progressive’ in the candidacy again, I hope they enjoy watching themselves lose. What REALLY pisses me off is how they have captured the 3rd wave of women who think losing ground every single day is “Redefining feminism”

  267. What REALLY pisses me off is how they have captured the 3rd wave of women who think losing ground every single day is “Redefining feminism
    Amen, sister.

  268. Speaking of the third wave, here’s a fun ad for girls toys intended to encourage them to become engineers. I hope the link works.


  269. Good question, NES. I think the Medal of Freedom is the booby prize for oprah because she really wants an Oscar, and that has eluded her. The only other thing that I think she accomplished is making day time TV trashy.

  270. Eh Oprah just can’t get over that Ellen is just so damned more popular than she is now, especially since she moved to her own obscure network. I think Oprah is on the wan. One would think she would stop worrying about it considering she’s already worth umpteen gazillion dollars. I really think if she would just admit she’s a lesbian, she might be more relaxed during the Sunset of her awesomeness.

  271. Oprah is GREEN with envy. :mrgreen:

  272. Green I tell ya! Grrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeennnnnn!!!!

  273. Mario! Why you little dago in the funny shoes! You go guy! And your recipes are just as cool as you are!

  274. @uppity – 7:23 a.m. First of all, sorry for being sooo late. Had doc appts today for me and a friend I’m transporting around since his vehicle died and then other stuff too.

    Just now watching the replay of Maddow and she had Warren on. Maddow asked her about “national office” and Warren demurred. I really feel like emailing Maddow and that little twerp Chris Hayes and flat out tell them as you did. You all select Warren and you lose the White House in 2016. It’s that simple really.

  275. Oh and the progressives can’t say anything about Hillary being “too old” because Warren is only two years younger than Hillary.

  276. UW, I don’t know if you’ve seen this already, but this link about cats is hilarious.


  277. http://www.nationaljournal.com/pictures-video/obama-s-image-machine-monopolistic-propaganda-funded-by-you-20131121

    We’ve been saying this from the get-go! Nice to see the press catching on finally, even if it is 5 years too late.

  278. Mods check spam now and then. Poor Tony was in there since 9 AM. Tony, that is hilarious! AND OMG! It’s all true!!

  279. Ugh.

  280. Wow, must see photies of erupting volcanoe in Indonesia. http://m.theatlantic.com/infocus/2013/11/the-eruptions-of-mount-sinabung/100630/

  281. Upps, I think you may love this essay as much as I did. http://www.centerforpolitics.org/crystalball/articles/kennedy-and-me/

  282. Three hundred comments, now, can we pretty please have a new posting, even if it’s “open thread?”
    No matter how fast I scroll, I always land on the photos of Van Gogh.

  283. We’re speaking of the most FAMOUS and most RESPECTED woman in the WORLD…….and we’re having Elizabeth Warren discussions? Isn’t that typical of these Regressive assholes?

    And who the hell cares what Dean has to say, the loser.

  284. NES, National Journal hates when we fund shit like that unless it’s funding for a right wig gasbag president. Then it would be just fine.

  285. NES, thanks for the volcano pix. Amazing, and so sad for the poor people living near them.

  286. By popular demand, new post up!

  287. Thanks for the new post, Sophie. You are a good steward!

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