War On Thanksgiving

thx_cruditesDespite what the well-respected, fact-bound, paragons of virtue like Bill O’Reilly and One Million Moms (really about 35) say, there is no War On Christmas. It’s a War On Thanksgiving.

From the day after Halloween, the stores are already displaying their Christmas goods. It’s Christmas 24-7 from then on.

They plow right over Thanksgiving as if it weren’t like the best fricken’ holiday! No presents, just food. EVERYONE can celebrate Thanksgiving . You don’t even have to say Happy Holiday! You can boldly proclaim Happy Thanksgiving!

Besides, Thanksgiving has pie, and lots of it.


I have nothing against Christmas. I love Christmas. But I think it’s being a little hoggie here. It already has 12 days (13 if you’re Italian and do it up on Christmas Eve).

Black Friday has been the official start of the Christmas season for most of my life. I have never enjoyed the sport of it, but influential members of my family have made a tradition out of being at the mall on that day, so I go. I can get through it because my only agenda is to observe as if I am not of this planet.


But the last straw is this shopping ON Thanksgiving crap. Thanksgiving is the holiday I host and I put a lot into it. I would pummel any member of my family if they left the table early to go get some shopping deals. (Who am I kidding? No member of my family ever leaves the table.)

So, this post is for Thanksgiving. It’s up well in advance of the holiday and could very well stay up clear through Black Friday (which is officially Eat Pie for Breakfast Day. Really.)!

What do you do on Thanksgiving?


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  1. Yayyyy, a new post! And, a yummy one too. Thanks SophieCT!
    Thxgvg. is my favorite holiday. Love the focus on food and conviviality.

  2. Did someone mention PIE? Twice! 🙂
    Great post! I completely agree! End the War on Thanksgiving!!! Let’s start a movement! Twinkles up?

  3. Twinkles up!!

    Have a pumpkin pie?

  4. Oh no, the pompous fool did it again!

  5. Hahahahaha

  6. Husband and I are going to be with his almost ninety five year old mother and his sister in Georgia. Can’t wait to see “Mom”‘; but, honestly, the South and I don’t get along.
    Southerners despise me on sight and, especially, sound.
    They’ll all be blessin’ my heart for days.

  7. OMG NES! The narcissist prezzie strikes again! Will we have any iconic moments left in history that haven’t been hijacked by this jerk?

  8. Well bless your heart, Sue! LOL.

    Hilarious. Hope somebody makes a documentary so I can see it.

  9. I recognize that photo of Ears pretending to channel JFK! They took that beauty in 2008. I posted it. He didn’t even bother taking a new worship picture, cause he’s done pretending he has the chops of Lincoln, JFK MLK, FDR…XYZ. Apparently every American is so dumb they won’t remember this is one of his archive photos being pimped while he played golf somewhere.

    Reminded me of “Walter Mitty and Barack Obama”


  10. imust, the only iconic moment he hasn’t hijacked is Nixon’s departure.

  11. Here are some more photos of Obama hijacking photos of importance.

    And the Ears and JFK photo was taken April 27, 2009


  12. They’ll all be blessin’ my heart for days.

    LOL!! They do me like that too!

  13. Did someone mention PIE? Twice!

    Yes, someone did! I bake two pies for Thanksgiving: Apple and pumpkin. Three if you count the quiche for the appetizers. But the pie I have for breakfast on the day after is apple.

  14. Remember that kid who invented a cheap method for early detection of pancreatic cancer when he was 15? His name is Jack Ankara. He gave a TEDx talk on it. It turns out he’s gay.

    Well, it’s a new day on the planet! The Vatican actually gave this kid the International Giuseppe Sciacca Award, which “recognizes youth who are positive role models and outstanding in their field.” Yes indeed, Jack Ankara is a role model!

  15. Yes I remember him and his talk too. They shut him up pretty fast though. No profit in silly things like cures. Even if you have ten things against ever returning to the Catholic Church (which I do), you cannot help but be impressed with this Pope. I bet the Poppinjays and beanie boys hate him.

  16. Love Pope Francis.

  17. Loved the Obama-as-Walter-Mitty post, Upps! Just read it again. Thx for linking.

  18. Love-love the Walter Mitty piece! Ears!!! Love that too!

  19. That crudite turkey is pretty fabulous.

  20. Great blog piece by Noonan. I especially love the last paragraph.

  21. PS: The Noonan piece is on JFK. And the last paragraph makes the same point Upps does in the Walter Mitty piece.

  22. That “distance” that Noonan admires in JFK is probably what she liked in Obama. A diss at Bill Clinton who was much more demonstrative and of course he famously “felt your pain” which people like Noonan made fun of. I guess Bill wasn’t enough of a “man” for Peggy. Let us not forget that Peggy wrote, “The Case Against Hillary Clinton.” She has her own idea of what a president should look/act like, (see Ronnie Raygun) and it isn’t female, and it isn’t a Clinton.

  23. Peggy Noonan, ugh. That woman is so IMPORTANT and so INTELLECUTAL she chews her words trying to be thoughtful. Pardon me while I projectile vomit.

  24. I just watched a Meet The Press half hour special re-run of a JFK appearance where he was questioned by a panel prior to his nomination. Couldn’t help but wonder WTF people are thinking when they compare OBarry to JFK. JFK was sharp as a tack and did not stumble or hesitate with his answers. I see zero resemblance between the two.

  25. Good post, Sophie. You’re so right. Thanksgiving is getting steamrolled. I plan to do some volunteer work that day after I watch the Macy’s parade and the dog show.

  26. It is snowing right now. A light little bit of a thing, but still snow. It’s supposed to snow on Weds. I looked at the weather to see the temp for Thursday to see if I could put things out on the deck table when the refrigerator gets overcrowded. Does anyone else use their deck or garage as a walk-in refrigerator?!

  27. We’re getting hit with snow too Soph. And it’s not so little. It’s sticking and continuing to blow. It’s that dry snow and it’s windy. My dog is in heaven. But I’m not. I have a funny feeling it’s going to snow all night. Please tell me I am over-reacting.

  28. Peggy Noonan, ugh. That woman is so IMPORTANT and so INTELLECUTAL she chews her words trying to be thoughtful. Pardon me while I projectile vomit

    And such a drunk.
    God, I’m so sick of these elderly Irish Americans who worship Kennedy (and Obama) but have nothing but disdain for Bill Clinton and his wife.
    Clinton got a few blow jobs in the Oval Office’s powder room–what a revolting hillbilly.
    Kennedy fucked interns in the White House pool–Camelot!!!
    Camelot; more like Cameltoe.

  29. I love Thanksgiving and hate what they are doing to it. Guess there is no profit in it any more so wipe it out and make more shopping days. It pisses me off .

  30. Sophie, excellent post! I agree that the stores opening on Thanksgiving is a horrible travesty. Black Friday is bad enough. Let the poor retail slaves spend Thanksgiving with their families. A large percentage of them are single moms. Consumerism has taken over this country. Its so tacky.

  31. Peggy Noonan, ugh. That woman is so IMPORTANT and so INTELLECUTAL she chews her words trying to be thoughtful. Pardon me while I projectile vomit.

    And such a drunk.
    God, I’m so sick of these elderly Irish Americans who worship Kennedy (and Obama) but have nothing but disdain for Bill Clinton and his wife.

    Agree totally. Don’t read the site often, but chuckled at this article by Wonkette.


  32. What do you do on Thanksgiving?

    Eat like a pig, watch football, sleep off the turkey tryptophan afterwards.

  33. What do you do on Thanksgiving?

    I’m a pie…..I run for my life!

  34. I’m a pie…..I run for my life!


  35. NOOOOOOO imust!
    You are a pie. You do not run for your life! You make everyone happy. You make people who really couldn’t possibly eat another bite take two slices (with ice cream, whipped cream, or both)!

  36. Awww…Sophie, you’re sweet as pie! 🙂

    I was wondering…. I always remember Black Friday being a shopping day for Christmas, because it was a day off for so many people. But when did it become the giant DISCOUNT, crazy day that we know now? Did it start when the Big Box stores like Best Buy and Walmart started knocking out mom & pop stores?

  37. OMG! Can the so-called press ever stop shilling for Obama??? He’s in trouble with the “if you like your plan…” so now CNN tells us….so what? All presidents lie!

    “Every president has not only lied at some time, but needs to lie to be effective,” says Ed Uravic, a former Washington lobbyist, congressional chief of staff and author of “Lying Cheating Scum.”

  38. Imust, I too recall it being the shopping day because we were off from school but I don’t recall when it became what it is today. Those coupons for the first 25 shoppers between 4:30 AM and 5 AM kill me. Staying in bed is worth twice the discount to me. (And then I get pie!)

  39. I remember that Santa’s apearance at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was the unofficial start of the Christmas season. Before that, you never saw Christmas decorations or heard carols in the stores.
    People began shopping the Friday after because as Imust has written, it was a day off, but there was no Blackfriday mania as there is, now.
    Of course, I’m talking about the fifties and sixties.

  40. What a great post and comments. Thank you Sophie/ 🙂

  41. Sophie asked.
    Does anyone else use their deck or garage as a walk-in refrigerator?!
    Yes I do it all the time. My aren’t wee smart? 🙂

  42. I cook and eat and clean up the mess nap and eat some more. 😆

  43. Sophie asked.
    Does anyone else use their deck or garage as a walk-in refrigerator?!

    Often, in Cleveland, and, boy, am I pissed when it’s warm for Thanksgiving.
    It’s increasingly warm for Thanksgiving: I wonder why?

  44. Nobody said anything about my Kennedy snit.
    Too much?
    Too soon?

  45. Sweet sue, warm Thanksgivings sure do mess up the plan. This year’s going to be plenty cold. Last year was not–it was almost 60. In CT!

  46. Sweet Sue, I’m one of those who grew up loving the Kennedys, RFK in particular. I think Ted and Caroline endorsing Obama and Chris Tingle calling him one of the Kennedy brothers kinda tarnished them for me.

  47. Sophie, Bill wants to know if you’re mad at me so he can effect appropriate Punishments.

  48. Sue, no offense, but I would suppose it was Too Much for every Irish and Elderly person I know, not to mention a stretch of the imagination that all elderly irish people loved Kennedy and hate the Clintons, since I know plenty of Irish people, some elderly and some not, and some who frequent this blog, who would tell you that is bullshit. Just saying.I guess everybody who read your snit got into a snit about it.

  49. Foxy, we Italians go one further. We put an extra fridge in the garage.

  50. Foxy, we Italians go one further. We put an extra fridge in the garage.

    LOL!! I can vouch for that.

    And why would I be mad at you?

  51. because I bounced your most generous and loving donation to Van Gogh. I just felt it would be wrong to take it, kind of like legal robbery. xo.

  52. Please read this entire piece and then tell me one good reason you should be inspired and encouraged over the typical asses that are warming seats in the House and making decisions about our lives. The story of this con artist gets better (or worse) as you read on.

  53. LOL!! I can vouch for that.

    Ah! Et too, Sophie!!

  54. I am elderly and Irish

  55. Hey speaking of caroline, did you catch her act at the ceremony for her installation as ambassador to Japan? They carted her around in a horse drawn carriage. It was pointed out that she hasn’t a whit of diplomatic experience, but since when does that matter to her? She’s going to enjoy all the admiration and will hardly have to open her mouth and actually put two words together. Perfect for her, since i am convinced she is a total dunce. Considering her parental intellect, she definitely got past the lifeguards in the gene pool.

  56. That’s Princess Caroline to you, Upps.

  57. Just to clarify, and then I shut up.
    When I spoke of my disdain for the elderly Irish who worship Kennedy and loathe the Clintons, I was looking at the professional Irish commentariat: Dowd, Matthews, O’Donnell and the late Tim Russert.

  58. It may be that Caroline is the perfect fit for this post. (Disclaimer: I neither loved not hated the Kennedy family until Teddy shoved BO down our throats and gave us half-assed health care.)

    Anyway, back to my Caroline theory:
    BO has to do something to pay back the family. Japan should be the easiest country for this post on the planet (i.e., not requiring any diplomatic skill). Caroline has no diplomatic experience but by the accident of birth, she has access to just about anyone of consequence on the planet. All of the other countries on this planet know that America has a Kennedy thing. Japan (a country steeped in symbolism, honor, and historic precedence) may think it’s an honor to have been “given” her.

  59. I couldn’t/wouldn’t be mad at you about Van Gogh. The day you found him (then her), I was sitting on the edge of my seat, reading your play-by-play. I’m sitting here in remote land, wishing there was something I could do to help you help this kitty. And there was (at the time). You’d mentioned that if caught, Van Gogh would require lots of medical attention. So there. As it happened, that wasn’t the case. I wish it would have worked out better for Van Gogh but it worked out differently. At least his Mom didn’t have to wonder every night. Forever.

  60. And selfishly, if anything ever happens to one of my kitties, I hope they have the sense to wander into the yard of an Uppityite.

  61. I wrote a comment that when I dissed the “elderly Irish” for adoring JFK and loathing WJ and HRC, I was pointing to pundits like Dowd, Matthews, O’Donnell and Russert.
    Well, I don’t see it, anywhere, so I just want to stress that I love this site and all the regulars and would never want to offend any of you.

  62. Am I banned or something?

  63. My computer is acting up. I wrote a comment that when I was dissing the “elderly Irish”, I was directing that to pundits like Dowd, O’Donnell, Matthews and the late Tim Russert.
    I love this site and would never want to offend any of the commenters.

  64. Testing.

  65. Sorry Sweet Sue, you were stuck in spam with Fredster.

  66. I lost Fredster!! Fredster, forgive me!! I tried to free you from spam but I lost you!!

  67. No worries, Imust. I was laughing to myself that the phrase “elderly Irish” must be seen as racist or something.

  68. I’m Irish Sweet Sue, but I wouldn’t say, “elderly”. Although I’m no spring chicken. We loved the Kennedys in my Irish family. I think we felt like they were taken from us before they even had a chance. I know I personally was waiting and hoping for the next generation of Kennedys to fulfill the promise of the first.

  69. Well GEEZE, you ASKED why nobody commented on your “Snit”…..and I responded–because you ASKED. So now you slap me around for telling you what I think. Super.

    I see it as someone making a blanket crack about all Italians. It would piss me off. I never said the word racist unless there is a code I accidentally typed that I need to crack. I did see it as kind of insulting in a blanket kind of way, inferring that all elderly Irish people in general hate the Clintons.

  70. I know I personally was waiting and hoping for the next generation of Kennedys to fulfill the promise of the first.

    Long wait. Tedward ruined the brand methinks.

  71. Fredster, where in the World is Fredster!!!! We have lost Fredster!!!

  72. Obviously it was a secret spam meeting and Fredster scurried away before you caught him, imust.

  73. No Sue, Spam does not discriminate. Sooner or later everyone gets nailed, including me and the blog is in my name! But tell the truth. You were meeting with Fredster.

    You can get banned here for dissing women or being a fake feminist–and they always give themselves away. You can get banned for personally insulting individuals on the blog. You can get banned for dropping out of the sky and deciding you’re going to set everybody here straight. And you can definitely get banned for dissing Hillary (but not before I rip you a new one). That’s about it. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

    I understand now what you meant. If you had mentioned that motley crew I probably would have laughed my ass off. But it wasn’t that serious to ever worry you would be banned by me just because your snit sent me into a snit. I swear.

  74. Clever Fredster organizing meetings in spam! Who would ever look there…on purpose that is? The question is….what was the meeting about?? A plot perhaps? A coup? hmmmm…..was MKBill in on this too???

    Fredster is this you??

  75. Wait, what? Uppity, when did I slap you around?
    I’m confused, I’d never do that.

  76. I can’t imagine better company than Fredster.

  77. Fredster is the best!

  78. Love the excellent post! I can;t possibly start Christmas season until after Thanksgiving.

  79. Happy Thanksgiving, all.
    See you next week.

  80. Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Sue!

  81. imust, I bought a blueberry pie (not the vegan kind) from Whole Foods and it was delicious! Amazing crust and lots of blueberries. I usually don’t like supermarket pies. Who knew?

  82. This post’s picture has some of the best-looking pies evah! Yum.

    I hope all the Uppityites have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  83. I am exhausted…according to my schedule, I’m supposed to be up to cooking and prepping, but I am not even done cleaning. Nowhere near done. And I need a nap. 😦

  84. Plans have changed. We cancelled our tript to Macon from Cleveland through Dulles Airport on to Atlanta; mainly, because sil was scheduled to pick us up and drive back down to Macon.
    Maybe all this storm stuff is hooey but we didn’t want to risk it.
    Anybody else’s plans change due to weather?

  85. How many people are you hosting, Sophie?
    Are you doing it all by yourself?

  86. Sweet Sue, there will be eight of us (and three cats). I doesn’t matter if there’s two or ten, you still have to clean the whole house. Yes, I’m doing it by myself. My sister offered to help clean but I don’t work well with others when it comes to cleaning.

  87. As for plans changing on account of the weather, I’m trying to get ahead of the curve in case the power goes out tomorrow. I do have a generator, but it doesn’t power everything–no oven, dishwasher, or washer and dryer. It will be interesting trying to do pies in the toaster oven.

  88. Sweet Sue, what will you do now for the holiday?

  89. [gasp] Pies in the toaster oven???

  90. Sophie, it’ll just be me and my husband. I’ll probably roast a turkey breast and we’ll have all the ususal sides.
    I feel we got unduly spooked about the weather (thanks, CNN) but the big issue was my sister in law having to drive from Macon to Atlanta and back to Macon.
    She’s become a real Southerner and they can be weather weenies.
    Of course, I can’t talk. If the temp goes a smidge over 80 degrees, I turn that air conditioner ON.
    So you are hosting in a clean house, that means you shouldn’t do any of the cooking, except for the turkey, right?

  91. imust, trust me–it’s not my first choice!

    Sweet Sue, I will do all of the cooking too. Thanksgiving is MY holiday. My sister does Christmas Eve and Day and my mother does Easter. (My brother merely shows up and eats at all of them.)

    Hence my angst when the powers that be try to squish my holiday out of existence.

  92. Consider the Vatican Occupied! From Pope Francis:

    “As long as the problems of the poor are not radically resolved by rejecting the absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation and by attacking the structural causes of inequality, no solution will be found for the world’s problems or, for that matter, to any problems,” he wrote.

    Denying this was simple populism, he called for action “beyond a simple welfare mentality” and added: “I beg the Lord to grant us more politicians who are genuinely disturbed by the state of society, the people, the lives of the poor.”


  93. Thanksgiving with friends.

  94. Why are all your friends on the phone?

  95. Happy Thanksgiving, in advance, dearest Uppites. May all your turkeys be crisp and your pies pumpkin, apple or pecan.

  96. Oh! uppity what a picture!
    They are “socializing” with the virtual others but not talking with physical each other.
    I do not get these whole “texting” myself is like a different civilization…
    Happy thanksgiving!

  97. Ok, imust–the pies are done (pumpkin and apple crumb).

  98. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. It’s a good day to dwell on what you have. In fact, every day is a good day to do that.

  99. Yay! Pies are done. No toaster oven required.

  100. I didn’t just stop by, I intentionally came to say Happy Thanksgiving to all.
    And like last year and the years before, I will NOT be aprticipating in any Black Friday shopping “traditions” except to look for Uppity’s Black Friday live blogging from Walmart. See you Friday (I hope).

  101. Upps @ 2:15am: ROFLLLL! Poor dumb kids.

    Sophie, that is so cute about you, your sis, and mom each hosting a holiday. Good way to do it. I bet your meal will be divine.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my dear Uppityites! Hope you all have a lovely day and a delicious meal. {HUGS}

  102. Happy Thanksgiving to all Uppity Women and those who love them.

  103. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Stay warm and safe all. (I’m on the pre and post clean up crew.)

  104. Gobble Gobble!

  105. Happy Thanksgiving all you lovely Uppityites!

  106. Upps, thankful for you especially. XO

  107. I see imust’s gobble, gobble and raise it to gobble gobble gobble gobble.

  108. Join me in raising a glass to our dearest blogmistress Ms. Uppity, who persists as a beacon of good sense and hilarity through thick and thin, and to her talented mods imust and Sophie. Cheers Girls!!!

  109. Cheers everyone.

  110. Hey Leslie! Good to see ya!

  111. Joining NES & raising my glass to Upps, and Sophie & Imust for keeping our little haven here going strong. Gia sou! (Greek: to your health)

  112. Whew! What a day! It was excellent. The pies were excellent. I can’t wait until breakfast tomorrow so I can have more.

    By the way, I always make whipped cream from scratch. I picked this up a few years ago and let me tell you how wonderful this gizmo is for making fresh, homemade whipped cream!


    Anyway, I am completely exhausted and totally stuffed. I’m going to have a nice toddy, a handful of Motrin, and watch Castle reruns until I fall asleep.

  113. Thank you all for the warm wishes and right back at you all! Happy Thanksgiving and to all a good night.

  114. Congrats, Sophie, I ‘m sure that all your food was scrumptious.
    Sometime, I’d be interested in reading your Thanksgiving time management tips. Not one goes by that I don’t have a mini meltdown.

  115. Because it’s tradition and because I can, I am now enjoying my pie for breakfast. Happy Pie for Breakfast Day!

  116. Thankful to see today. My daughter’s friends nearly set their place afire yesterday afternoon. Then at my daughter’s place, when she lit the fireplace a fireball flew into her face and burned the hair on her head and arms! The same person saved us all in both places. He was a visitor as was I. Neither of the fires was due to carelessness or alcohol. Simply bad timing. But we all survived without much damage, no one was hurt (shocked, yes) and the Chicago FD was not involved thank goodness.
    How was your day?

  117. Seriously?! What kinds of people bring knives and guns to go Christmas shopping?

    Yesterday, a 61-year old man reportedly stabbed a 35-year old in a fight over a parking space at a Tazewell County, Virginia Walmart, at around 6:30 PM on Thanksgiving Day.

    Sheriff Brian Hieatt [said]
    “This escalated into a threat with a firearm, and then Hieatt says Sharp used a knife to cut Jackson in the arm, slicing down to the bone.

    Sharp is charged with malicious wounding and brandishing a firearm. Police seized a rifle from him. ”

    Both men have been arrested and charged.

    And this is why you don’t go shopping on Thanksgiving. At Walmart. In Virginia.

  118. Uppity Woman, on November 27, 2013 at 7:59 PM said:

    I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. It’s a good day to dwell on what you have. In fact, every day is a good day to do that.


    Amen I hope everyone had a wonderul ThanksgivingAnd first day of
    Hanuakkah. 🙂

  119. Speaking of pie, the WH Thanksgiving menu had 9 types of pie on the menu. Modern version of “let them eat cake?” I suppose I should be more reverential since the NSA will now be monitoring my browsing habits.

  120. Did someone mention PIE?

  121. Twice Imust. 😆

  122. The Obamas may NOT leave DC after 2016…….

    (CNN) – After the elections in 2016, President Barack Obama will leave the White House, but he may not leave Washington.

    In an interview with ABC, Obama said the decision will revolve around Sasha, the President and First Lady Michelle Obama’s youngest daughter, who will be a sophomore in high school when he leaves office. Malia, the oldest daughter, will be in college.

    “‘Cause she’s, you know, obviously they – and Michelle – have made a lot of sacrifices on behalf of my cockamamie ideas, the running for office and things,” Obama told ABC’s Barbara Walters. The interview with the President and First Lady was recorded last week and is scheduled to air Friday evening on the network.

    Gosh, doesn’t our most smartest president evah have such a way with words?

  123. Thanks for the glass raising, NES, but the truth is, I haven’t lifted a finger to keep this joint going since June. Give the credit where it belongs!

  124. My God, what a crass and classless POS moron Obama is.

  125. He also said this in that interview:

    Obama maintains positive thinking and hopes the country will continue to progress on social issues. His prediction is that the country’s first female president may not be too far off in the future.
    ‘We have some amazing female [public] servants all across the country and there is no doubt that sometime very soon, we’re going to have a female president,’ he said. ‘I’m confident that she will do a great job.’
    Walters asked Obama Jokingly if he thought his wife would do a better job as president than he would. He responded, ‘that’s an easy question, but she is smart enough to know that she might not want to go through the process.’

  126. ‘We have some amazing female [public] servants all across the country and there is no doubt that sometime very soon, we’re going to have a female president,’ he said. ‘I’m confident that she will do a great job.’

    Geez..he coulda mentioned his former S.o.S. or would that have been the kiss of death for her?

  127. What your favorite pie says about you:

    Love the last entry!

  128. LOL! Love it Sophie!

  129. Yeah Fredster, I think it would have been the kiss of death. BTW, did he say “female servants” and the transcript people added [public] to save him?

  130. BTW, did he say “female servants” and the transcript people added [public] to save him?

    Sure does look that way to me and it would not have been out of character.

  131. A Freudian slip of sorts on the One’s part. What he really thinks about the role of women.

  132. He thinks everyone is his servant. 🙄

  133. What the heck is Chess pie?

    That blueberry looked really good.

  134. His servant? Yeah well he can kiss my ass.

    He was probably reading his speech and said “pubic”. Like when he called the corps corpses.

  135. Sounds sweet. and of course, it has to be artery clogging or Paula Deen would never make it.

  136. Uppity, Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🙂 Sorry, it is a little late….. was out of town and the connection was not happening…. 😦

  137. YIKES! that should be Casper Cat… 😳

  138. Thanks, for the catch Uppity… 😆 Sorry, Wishing you the very best ! 😆 🙂

  139. Taken care of casper! I remember!

  140. Sounds sweet. and of course, it has to be artery clogging or Paula Deen would never make it.

    Who said Paula Deen makes it? Not this link:


    Estelle Woods Wilcox’s 1877 cookbook called Buckeye Cookery, she includes a recipe for Chess Pie:

    Buckeye sounds like Ohio and apparently it was:

    The book’s popularity was not limited to Ohio or the mid-West.

  141. Who said Paula Deen makes it? Not this link:

    Not me either. I said Paula “would never make it” if it didn’t clog arteries.

  142. oops, my bad. I misread it. 😦

  143. See, I’m not the only one who noticed the War On Thanksgiving.

    Unlike the fake “war on Christmas” that conservatives pretend is being waged every year, there is a very real attack being waged against Thanksgiving. And a Pizza Hut manager in Indiana has become the latest victim

  144. Happy December Uppityites.:)

  145. ROFLMAO!!!!
    Obama’s green Car. 😆

  146. Sophie you are so right! But we heard it here first folks!

  147. Well I just plain loves ya, Fredster.

  148. foxy, it comes fully-equipped with teleprompters!

  149. Awww…I knew that. 😉 Did ya get your turkey day card yet?

  150. SophieCT, on December 1, 2013 at 5:55 PM said:

    foxy, it comes fully-equipped with teleprompters!


    Hope it has a pooper scooper too. 😆


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