Pass me the Passwords please

What’s the secret password? Apparently, it’s not a secret….at least if you use facebook, gmail or twitter.

A computer security researcher has stumbled upon another huge file of stolen user names and passwords that was posted on the ‘net for other hackers to enjoy.

Daniel Chechik, and his fellow researchers at Trustwave SpiderLabs, found a cache of user names and passwords for 2 million accounts that gives hackers access to accounts on popular websites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

Uppity is always warning us, for good reason, to: 1.) Stay away from facebook and gmail; and 2.) Change passwords frequently!! Experts also advise us to use “strong” passwords that can’t be figured out easily by the run-of-the-mill hacker. So I suppose “strongpassword” wouldn’t be a good idea? How about “isthisstrongenough?” Here’s a list of the most common passwords that you should stay away from, unless you want to be hacked.


I would never use such unimaginative passwords myself, but imustadmit, in my advancing age, I’m finding it more difficult to remember passwords….heck, I’m finding it hard to remember what day it is!

So, if you’re NOT one of the 2 million poor souls who had their passwords stolen. Feel safe and secure as you read this post and continue on surfing the web. Just be sure to give a wave to one of Obama’s NSA officers on your way out…’s the polite thing to do!


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  1. My favorite password is “password”.

    I know Big Brother is watching, reading, and listening to everything I do, write, and say. All I want is for Him to refrain from snoring during my phone sex. Is that really too much to ask?

  2. Ah, new post! Thanks imust! Good post and I love that dog!

    Dunce Priebus says RNC is gunning for Hillary. Duh.

  3. Killer post!

  4. Yay! New post!

    We had a joke at a place I worked. The password is obvious.

  5. Rofl, Sophie.

    I love FF’s new header. Fabo-brill!

  6. Love when Beata gets bawdy. “Phone sex,” lol.

  7. Alas, the recycle centers are riddled with computers once owned by morons who should never be allowed near a computer. They’re not just the ones who use the same dumb password EVERYWHERE. They’re also the ones who inundate your inbox with stale jokes with viruses attached to them–jokes that you’ve seen 15 times since 1999. They’re the ones who immediately place you on a group mailing list the size of a small phone book so that when they get infected, they can pass their stupidity on to as many people as humanly possible. They’re the ones who send you links that end in funny letters in place of dot com. The ones who eventually wonder what that Blue Screen is.The ones who beg for help – and when you send them links of programs to run to uncovered their stupidity, they promise to do it just as soon as they get the chance, which is Never. The ones who simply cannot understand why their computers are soooooooo slow, while trojan horses reside in their startup files, and when you tell them how to get a screen shot of their startup file and mail it to you, they suddenly go silent because that’s too much work. In about a week or so, they whine that their computer “died” and they can’t afford another one (thank God, because no computer in their hands keeps the rest of us safe), I could go on. And on. And on.

  8. Beata methinks it would be far worse if the person at the other end of the call starts snoring.

  9. Gee mine always does that. 🙂

  10. imust:
    Loove the pix upstairs…
    cats rule…

  11. RIP Nelson Mandela.

  12. foxy well I suppose it could be worse. They could hang up on you.

  13. Good mass stupidity example: A few years ago, the Gawker site got hacked. The hackers got the email addresses of all the members along with their Gawker passwords. knowing how ignorant so many people online are, and also recognizing the caliber of IQ that frequents Gawker, the hackers guessed well that many members probably used the same passwords they used for their email addresses. So they hacked all those email addresses as well. Doh.

  14. I also think that ilove(fill in name) is a common password of stupid young people. This one is so easy to crack with a random generator. For example, if the little Clairol Girl’s latest heartthrob is named “Dave,” ilovedave is duck soup to crack. For starters they only have to go through the alphabet once to catch the “d”. After a “d,” consonants generally do not follow. So now the hacker has the “DA”. And so on. “Ilove” anything is a password than can only be used well by a moron who might as well just use the password “Hack Me”.

  15. Hey! Where is everybody??? Did ya’ll lose your passwords or something???

  16. LOL. I was wondering that myself. Topic too serious?! Ack. It’s going to be impossible to come up with a reasonable password anyway.

    Think you have a strong password? Hackers crack 16-character passwords in less than an HOUR

    It’s Now Easier For Hackers To Crack Crazy-Complex Passwords

    Get in on all the hacker fun:

    Any day now and we’ll be having to lick our iPhones to unlock them.

  17. You mean you don’t have to lick your iphone to unlock it??? Oopsie! Color me embarrassed!

  18. 🙂

  19. I am NOT going to stop licking my iphone! You can’t make me!

  20. Sophie!!! A new post!! Stat! This one is bombing!!!

  21. Speaking of weak passwords:

    The code to launch a US nuke attack was 00000000 for 20 years. Easy to remember!

  22. OMG Hugo! Jayyyyyyyyyyysusssssss!

  23. Yikes! They would have better off using iloveUSSR !

  24. Hee hee hee!

    But seriously, that was actually a good password for the time. NO ONE would have guessed they’d pick that and at the time, you didn’t have script kiddies doing brute force attacks with word lists.

  25. Sophie, you’re correct. It was a different time.

  26. OK, Imust. Since cyber crime may be considered unseasonable, I have posted an insensitive but more seasonally sensitive post.


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