We have always been at war with Christmas


Apparently, I am a soldier in the War On Christmas! It doesn’t matter that I like Christmas or even that I am a Christian. What’s offensive is that I am grateful when someone wishes me Happy Holidays and I wish them the same in return. It’s is appalling and worse, it’s persecuting. (Persecuting in the exact same way that Jews during The Inquisition who refused to convert to Christianity were persecuting Christians.)

Okay, so I fired a shot across the bow by celebrating Thanksgiving for the duration of the day. I didn’t even go online to see what time various stores would be opening on Black Friday. Heretic, that I am.

war-on-christmas-206x300So how did we get to our present-day War On Christmas? It’s been 15 years since Bill O’Reilly first mounted this particular soapbox to proclaim that the Christmas Warriors want it all: full faith and recognition of the secular as well as the religious traditions by every single person. And by person, they clearly mean corporations too, as we shall explore later.

We generally consult history for clues but the Founding Fathers are absolutely no help here since Christmas was not proclaimed a holiday by the United States Congress until 1870. Whatever did they argue about for nearly one hundred years?

As it happens, it was the Puritans, whilst they were still over in England, who really began the War On Christmas. It was they who:

sought to remove elements they viewed as pagan (because they were not biblical in origin) from Christianity. In 1647, the Puritan-led English Parliament banned the celebration of Christmas, replacing it with a day of fasting and considering [Christmas] “a popish festival with no biblical justification”, and a time of wasteful and immoral behavior. Protests followed as pro-Christmas rioting broke out in several cities and for weeks Canterbury was controlled by the rioters, who decorated doorways with holly and shouted royalist slogans. The book The Vindication of Christmas (London, 1652) argued against the Puritans, and makes note of Old English Christmas traditions, dinner, roast apples on the fire, card playing, dances with “plow-boys” and “maidservants”, and carol singing.

Here in America, our constitution prohibits the state from designating a religion. It says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Over the years, we-the-people have questioned and argued amongst ourselves to determine exactly where my free exercise ends so that yours can begin. We have sought to define those behaviors that may favor a particular religion, thus leading to the slippery slope towards “establishment.”

  • Does having a nativity scene on the White House lawn lead to the establishment of a Christian religion?
  • Does having a tree in a post office lobby lead to the establishment of a Christian religion?
  • Does a high school choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus at a public school Winter Concert lead to the establishment of a Christian religion?
  • Does renaming the high school Christmas Concert to the Winter Concert constitute prohibiting the free exercise of Christianity?

These are fair and legitimate questions for the citizens of a constitutional republic. It is my opinion that there is no need to escalate the conversation to claims of oppression and therefore a War On Christmas. That only serves to obscure any valid points and make it all about visceral emotions. That tactic is getting so Effing old already.

So, back to those corporate persons. Over these 15 years (and the sticking point for Bill O’Reilly’s Christmas Warriors) is that retail concerns have been replacing the C-word (the religious one not the vulgar one) with more generic words. They stopped saying Christmas in their ads and signs and wishes from greeters and check-out clerks. You and I just get a basic, non-denominational Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings. If you want to hear or see the word Christmas, you either need to have it at your own home or actually show up at your church. And therein lies the offense.

When the clerk at Kohl’s says, “Happy Holidays,” they are persecuting you because this behavior clearly diminishes your Christmas experience. You should get up on a high horse (or at least a soapbox) and proclaim that they are oppressive when they ignore The Reason for the Season™ .

So here we finally hit on the crux of the problem: The Reason for the Season. The Christmas Warriors want everyone to acknowledge that the ton of cash going into retail drawers is overwhelmingly (if not entirely) due to Christmas—the holiday, the tradition, the season. Solstice, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and whatever may be nice (even quaint and cute) little celebrations, but they will never generate the kind of cold, hard cash that Christmas has consistently been able to deliver. They want you to believe and proclaim that because of Christmas and only Christmas: Unto us an economic Savior was born. In other words, there better be some serious sucking up to Christians over Christmas or they’ll shut that whole economic thing down, by any means possible.

Because nothing demonstrates spiritually honoring the birth of your Messiah like this:

But what takes the cake is the rampant fabrication of offenses and slights—because all’s fair in love and war, right? And this is war (yes, war, you naive cherubs who thought Christmas was supposed to be about love).

For example, this irresponsible report that school children’s Christmas cards were confiscated and they were being censored. As it happens, the cards were not student cards. In fact, this had nothing to do with the children at all. These were the personal cards that faculty brought in from their friends and families and their bulletin board was moved to a location that would protect their privacy. But why bother with facts when you can paint a Dickensian scene of demoralized school children, being deprived of a tradition they had loved for years and cue up the tear track?

I have never heard a credible report of a child getting in trouble at school for saying the word Christmas. Ever. And yet…


I encourage everyone to celebrate this season in exactly the way that brings them the most love, joy, and happiness, even if that means not celebrating at all. I implore you all to ignore the bloviating gasbags and their minions in the 101st Fighting Keyboard division and do your own thing and let others do theirs.


Or, if you’re so inclined, feel free to pile on.


(But be forewarned: that as of this writing, that meme was posted 14 hours ago and there is not yet one share.)


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  1. Sure–5 minutes after I post mine, I find a much better post describing my feelings on the matter:

  2. Sophie:
    What an impressive blog.
    “They want you to believe and proclaim that because of Christmas and only Christmas: Unto us an economic Savior was born.” Amen.
    I’m wholeheartedly with you.

  3. Thanks Belle!

  4. Certainly not an economic savior, but it is true that the 4th quarter spending spree coincides neatly with the Christmas Season. We gather, give gifts and celebrate Peace on Earth. Each is moved by that Spirit to let go of negative energies. We depict Baby Jesus and his young family; not a focus on the risen, speaking Christ, but on the innocent infant full of promise and hope. Heralded by a new Star appearing in the East, a fulfillment of the writings known only to the wisest, most learned, it is a living history Christians preserve through retelling of the heritage that trends toward embellishment. The cynics who’ve had their childhood poop the party for those who are still innocent believers. Could they just shut it for a few weeks and let Good Will and Peace on Earth gain some traction without feeling compelled to level and extinguish any such health? Surely they understand that the build-up to Christmas is a major investment for folks. We confront enough stress without the sense that our unbridled joy “offends” others. It’s twelve days of transition from one year to the next with the highest possible energies.

  5. SWPAnna, who are your talking about in “cynics who’ve had their childhood poop the party for those who are still innocent believers”?

  6. Palin allegedly wrote a book on the topic. I saw a few copies near the floor at my local B & N book store. She apparently decided that she needed to hop on that bandwagon because it’s a great way to rally the base. But, it’s getting annoying. I see nothing wrong with saying what ever it takes to accommodate the various celebrations that take place at that time of year. Unfortunately, the whackos have made such a stink, saying anything makes me cringe.

    And while I recognize it’s an important time for the economy, the commercial feeding frenzy is becoming disgraceful. I’ve decided to spend nothing this year. Previously, I supported my local businesses, but I’m not even doing that this year.

  7. I don’t know. I think a lot of the anger of those concerned with the s0-called “war on Christmas” is the idea of the “language police.” Can’t say “Merry Christmas” because you might offend an atheist kind of thing. So many phrases and words are now “dog whistles” that might offend someone that we have to walk on egg shells when we speak, or tweet, or anything. If someone says Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever….. for crying out loud..take it in the spirit of how it was intended….a nice gesture! What’s so bad about wishing someone goodwill?

    Great post btw Sophie!!

  8. Hilaris Saturnalia….or not….bite me and pour me another shot of egg nog

  9. …the idea of the “language police.” Can’t say “Merry Christmas” because you might offend an atheist kind of thing

    At the commercial level, I think the language police were made up. These retail stores decided to do this all on their own! I’m certain their thinking was a “business decision” because that’s how these things happen–not because they feel kindly (otherwise they’d pay a real salary and give people the day off for a federal holiday–but I digress). The thing is, O’Reilly’s War On Christmas is aimed at “Libruls” (read: Northeast Intellectual atheist elite and Joos) as if those folks forced retail stores to make a new policy.

    At the government level (govt buildings, post offices, schools, etc.), I do think there are language police.

    For the record, in case I wasn’t clear enough above, I think any good wish someone extends to another should be met gratefully and graciously. I am honored when someone wishes me a Happy Hanukkah.

    I also think we should offer wishes to others in accordance with our hearts and values. If someone sincerely mean to spread joy and love, go ahead and wish someone a Merry Christmas–I do it all the time and no one has slapped me for it. However, if someone is saying it to be some kind of self-righteous prick, don’t! (Because the other person can hear it in your tone and they WILL be offended.)

  10. Great post Sophie!!! I can’t add a thing 🙂

  11. I’m sure it was a business decision, because some customer complained, or threatened to sue. Same for schools, they worry about lawsuits. I’m not against lawsuits, nor do I rail against lawyers. Actually, some of my best friends are lawyers 😉 but some people will complain, and I mean, make a lot of noise, about the smallest of things. So then stores get nervous about losing customers, or paying out for legal fees etc. and the language police are born.

  12. Well, I’ve just got one thing to say…

    Merry Fucking Christmas!! (equally heartfelt and offensive)


  13. Revolutionary War Vet, I love it!

  14. imust, I cannot even fathom someone threatening to sue a store for saying the C-word. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen (given my years of reading online comments) but I never saw a link or a YouTube of it.

    But to me, the real butt burner is for someone to complain that their right to worship freely is oppressed because the clerk at the department store said Holiday instead of Christmas. Seriously?!

    Full disclosure: I am a member of the language police in other realms: I will not tolerate the other c-word nor the n-word and a few other choice words.

  15. Great post, Sophie!
    I have been “schooled” many times-always by women-that I should have said “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” because that’s what we say.
    To which I always respond, in a very hearty manner, “Well, good for you, Mindy, or whatever your name is.”
    Honestly, if anyone sincerely wishes me a happy celebration and good cheer, I’m thrilled.

  16. What a great post, Sophie I shared.Thank you. 🙂

  17. SS said. Honestly, if anyone sincerely wishes me a happy celebration and good cheer, I’m thrilled.
    _____________________ Me too. :mrgreen:

  18. Good post Sophie.

    Yeah, nothing says I love Jesus like stabbing another shopper in Walmart when they are trying to grab “your” Black Friday bargain. Christmas has become an orgy of bad behavior. And speaking of bad behavior, does anyone have the details of the WH plans to grant corporations the same powers as a sovereign state?
    First corporations,were people, now they are states. Ike must be rotating in his grave.

  19. Sophie, fabulous post! At my job, we can say whatever we want. My boss could care less about holiday greetings. The only thing she cares about is that we provide the best customer service. Same thing with my friends who do seasonal mall work. They all say that if they want to say Merry Christmas, they can, or they can say whatever they want or just simply Thank you. Bill O Really? is a giant ugly bully that wants to force everyone else to do what he wants…and disguises it by saying he is fighting for “freedoms”. Just the opposite! I wish him a really shitty Christmas, every year. Nasty old dirtbag. I’ve heard that he is a raging sexual harrasser as well. Blech!

    AnnE, good points. And I saw that about the plan to give corps state powers. This world is really sick.

  20. I don’t know if this was already mentioned or not, but the word “holiday” actually came from the words Holy Day.

  21. Great point, socalannie.

  22. I read an article about that plan to give corporations a status similar to sovereign states, and it’s perplexing. Apparently, the details are being held close by the administration. It’s part of a trade agreement and many other countries are not pleased with the Obama admin’s proposals. I also read that the proposal will jack up drug prices for much of the world because it allows Big Pharma to cling to their patents for a much longer period of time on the international level. So, generic drugs will not be developed. Sick people will have to pay high prices for the innovator brand for a longer period. Affordable Care does not apply to Big $$ Donors.

  23. Here’s a link to HuffPo’s piece on the secret Obama trade proposal. I’m no fan of Huffington, but this is my source for the above comment.

    Obama just loves his Big Pharma money. And maybe Sebelius can get a Big Pharma job when she leaves her cabinet post like many other political appointees do.


  24. Rev Vet:

    Fatty is gonna come with his sack full of crap and you aren’t going to get any toys!

  25. Goodness Jay! Kotsu! It’s really YOU!

  26. TPP is colonialism 2.0. I wonder if finally, We The Sheeple, will take up our torches and pitchforks?

  27. NoEmptySuits, on November 13, 2013 at 6:39 PM said:

    On behalf of dear Lorac, I want to object to all the Tofu-hate on this thread.

    ~ OMMM


    Wait, are you mediating to the sound of my name? lol

    PS Uppity: XXOO

  28. Be still my beating heart! It’s dearest lorac! Yayyyyyy
    Hey pal, missed ya. XO

  29. OMG! Lorac! Merry Effin Christmas!

  30. Oh. My. God! It’s really you!!!!!!

  31. (Check the link for two more amusing photos of Dear Leader and spouse.)

  32. Totally way off topic (as if that matters) and old (but I just saw it), but incredibly powerful:

  33. And then there’s Walmart, which banned a loyal customer for taking advantage of their price match program too often.

    And you will never ever find me in a Walmart because they are the poster child of the wrong way to do business (outsourcing race to the bottom, forcing the taxpayers to cover the medical and food expenses of their “associates,” and more).

  34. And now for something entirely related:

    Although Christmas was widely celebrated in Europe as a Christian holiday marking the birth of Jesus Christ, Puritans saw it as a false holiday with stronger ties to Paganism than Christianity.

    Instead of feasting and giving gifts, Puritans commemorated Christmas by praying, reflecting on sin and working instead of resting.
    The Puritans even forced non-Puritan colonists, such as the Presbyterians, to work on Christmas day.

    On May 11, 1659, the Massachusetts Bay Colony legislature even went so far as to officially ban Christmas and gave anyone found celebrating it a fine of five shillings.

    That, Mr. O’Reilly, is a War On Christmas.

  35. And this is why we don’t have Nativity scenes–because cats occupy them!

  36. Wow! What a dream! I dreamed that lorac came back! It was so real!

  37. Here is the ONE, showing his true egotistical self…
    I’m just soo happy that the world is watching him!

  38. An ad for condoms that got banned in Australia:

    Warning: Funny, not raunchy, but still for adults.

  39. Whoa imust! I had that very same dream.


  41. Those waltons love to amuse themselves peering down at the little people from their penthouses, don’t they?

  42. Indeed, imust. I have been dreaming of her return so very long. Obviously, it was just an apparition. A bit too much cheese before bedtime. Who knows?

  43. Sophie, re cats seizing the nativity scene: Proving once again that god loves cats!

  44. More on the subject:

  45. Will you check out this joker?

  46. Nancy Pelosi complaining about the role of money in elections?! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….breathe….hahahahahahahahahahaha! Nancy, calling for civility?! Hahahahahahahahahahaha….(to be continued indefinitely). *Note to Nancy: We had a great woman running in 2008, maybe you noticed her as you were kicking her to the curb???

  47. One can call Nancy Pelousy many things, but HYPOCRITE will suffice in this instance. The balls on her!!

  48. Bragging here: My governor was the first to sign a GMO labeling law!

  49. Reduce the role of money? That’s just nutz. As if women are not concerned with money. Her silver spoon is showing. Money was never a concern for Princess Nancy.

  50. Maybe she’s saying that the women can’t raise the money that men can and therefore men have the advantage. Wrong again Nance, reduce misogyny and we may get somewhere.

  51. Poor Nancy had her hair curlers too tight again. 😆

  52. Nancy would have been selling shoes at Payless if her old man wasn’t head of the Baltimore Democratic Machine. She can’t even put two words together with a string. I’ve been around in politics for long enough to know how that works for shit-for-brains whose old men are in power.

  53. You SHOULD be proud of CT, Sophie, because Monsanto tortured them and threatened HUGE law suits.

  54. I just love Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” and it’s nice to see that K Mart has paid tribute to the Christmas classic with a nice re-make complete with bathroom humor.

  55. The D’Allesandro machine in Baltimore was pretty unremarkable once the old man was un-elected. The son was a one term dullard as Mayor of B’more. They left the city pretty shabby and with absolutely nothing to offer. The B’more renaissance began under the dullard son’s successor. So, Nancy’s family did nothing for the city. A big, fat nothing. Kind of like what Obama did for his district in Chicago.

  56. Tis a snow day here in CT…

  57. 67 degrees with a forecast high of 74 today……I’d love some snow for Christmas, but it’s not likely 😦

  58. It just occurred to me…I don’t recall any more End Times hype since 12/12/2012. MAYBE the Mayan End of Days was really the End of End of Days.

  59. imust, it is 16 degrees here (it says it feels like 4!). Very cold.

    In other news around the house, there is a small, scratching noise inside the wall. Lily has been staring at it for 45 minutes, without once blinking!

  60. A mouse in the house?

  61. Maybe you’re right about the end of the end days! Or, maybe we have to wait 87 years and 18 days until……..01/01/2101 !!!!
    {cue end time music}

  62. Rick Santorum has been saying lots of stupidly outrageous stuff ever since his campaign ended. My theory is that he has found a way to keep his “Google Problem at bay. It seems to be working. There was a time (before he was a Presidential Candidate) that when you Googled Santorum, the first hit would be the vile definition he earned from Dan Savage’s readers:

    Nowadays, that link is on the lower half of the third page. The only way to get it back to the top is for people to link to it. Often.

  63. Well if I still know about cats, I would say Lily is going to be bringing you a warm gift in bed, Sophie.

    As for the weather, the wind has made it look like Siberia here. It is reallllllllllly cold. Windchill brings it to -1

  64. Let us reflect for a moment on the same guy who warned us to beware if an impending industrial-military complex…

  65. Sophie, very cool about the GMO labeling law! Its a start!

    Love the Ike tweet!

  66. The header makes me wonder how Freedom Fairy is doing. I remember the first year we had that set. So cute!

  67. My brass monkey is now a female. 😆

  68. Ike was a soothsayer, Upps. If only the Repubs had his like today.

  69. Shows you the Acadamy knows nuthin’!

  70. Love this tweeter!

  71. Winter has come…. Real brrrrrrrrrrrr times in the SF Bay Area.

  72. I agree with you about Peter O’Toole NES, what a shame. I wonder, did he even get a life-time award?

  73. Forgive me if I don’t feel too sad for you!
    It’s 56 degrees in SF right now. You could actually still plant things.
    It’s 26 in Newtown, CT right now, warmer than it’s been the past few nights. You need crampons to navigate the driveway.

  74. You put those things on your feet???
    We’re wearing these right now.

    But I’m down here in Southern CA…it’s 69 right now. Poor NES up in cold country!!

  75. Thirteen degrees, tonight, and lots of snow on the ground in N E Ohio and I love it.

  76. Tweet of God actually has me blocked.

    NES you don’t know cold. But in deference I remember when it was in the 50s in south florida one year and it felt REALLY cold. Sophie the homes in those areas are not insulated. Most have no basements and many have no furnaces. So 50 can get pretty awful with the ocean effect.

    Socal, FF is doing very well. In fact she is having gallery exhibits these days.

  77. Quite right, Sophie, I’ve turned in a wimpy Californian!

  78. Upps, I remember those winters in Cambridge and NYC. But, alas, 20+ yrs in California weather will soften anyone.

  79. ROFLLLL imust. Love that, um, footwear.

  80. Yeah NES, try shoveling 7 inches of it with frozen feet, the wind in your face, and hoping there are no chest pains.

  81. Ha! Upps. That’s why god invented Caleeeforniiia.

  82. God invented CallEEfornia? Uppity tweet God and ask him! Oh wait…..

  83. I thought he invented California to have a place to put all those colorful snakes that can kill you.

  84. Upps, that be Florida.

  85. Nice to hear about Freedom Fairy. Very happy for her!

  86. Hooray! The 4th Wave is here!! We can stop waiting for the 3rd Wave to do something.


  87. That is, do something besides complain about the 2nd Wave (who, y’know, got them that right to complain).

  88. Yes indeed Sophie, I have been following the 4th. They make us 2nd wavers look like docile girl scouts. Woot!

  89. Mental-infant POTUS speaks to his mental-infant disciples.

  90. Barack has SOOOOOOOO stuck it up those deserving little kiddies’ asses! I just pulled a random NY county of Excellus BX BS rates just for them. Mind you, these are the plans for people “Between jobs” AKA UNEMPLOYED. You just pull the money right out of your ass!

    If they choose a “basic” plan, their premium is $367 s month and they don’t get shit until they meet a $6700 deductable.
    Their “bronze” plan is $374 after they meet a $3000 deductable and even then their doctors are covered at 50%.
    “Silver” gets them a premium of $481…after they spend $2000 and their copays are $50
    “Gold” is $559 bucks a month and they have to spend $600 first.
    For $648 your parents can buy you a Platinum plan! Lotsa coinsurance there too!

    Tons of “co-insurance” goes with all these plans. Bet these kiddies’ parents are thrilled to shell out this money for that lump who lives in the basement who’s waiting for some CEO to tap him on the shoulder and beg him to be Lord of The Company. For these slugs, this IS “affordable care” since their parents will be figuring out a way to pay for it while keeping Junior up to date with the latest bright shiny object. He can multi-task too! He knows how to text and drive! Pray, parents, pray!

    Remember now, this is only the cost for ONE “Special” kid. If there’s a brother or sister, well just double that premium! Three kids? Well folks, I suggest suicide cause you ain’t never going to come up with these premiums x 3–since you must buy an “Individual” policy for EACH child. No groupie plans to be found here! There WILL be trophies for each kid though!

    But then it won’t be long before all their ‘special’ kids are past 28 and then they will have to pay these premiums themselves! Yay Barack!!!!! Best. President. EVAH! Woot!!!

    * Oh! And don’t travel anywhere, you SOBs, because you had better use your local In Network doctors if you get sick. But there is a future “Silver lining” here! After you go broke, you can get medicaid for free! Of course it’s an HMO, so plan on dying.

  91. imust, of course the 4th wave has been named “Rad Fem” by the nervous boys and the 3rd wave mani-pedi crowd.

  92. Rad Fem….next step…Feminazi.

  93. Lolz! Nothing beats waking up to an Uppity rant on Obamacare and kiddies!


  95. I know Upps has always found Google’s intrusion on the private sphere to be disturbing and dangerous. But, we should all be similarly minded. Their ambitions seem limitless.

  96. H A L L O !!!!!!! Any sign of life ‘ere?

  97. FF has a hot new g/f. A scientist and a neighbor! It’s true love.
    Maybe they’ll marry soon. I shall be the ring-bearer.

  98. I remember the days when lorac used to bring s*x to these pages upon the midnight hour. Come back lorac….

  99. remember the days when PMM used to whip us all into shape during the day. Come back PMM….

  100. I remember the days when karen used to raid the fridge every evening and into the night. Come back karen….

  101. I remember the days when papoose used bring us truth in cryptic and entertaining bites. Come back papoose….

  102. I remember the days when FF gave of her wit and sharp jabs against O (in addition to her wonderful headers/banners, which we continue to enjoy). Come back FF….

  103. I remember the days when DE was one of the few dudes here, entertaining us with his wit. Come back DE….

  104. Hillary told Barbara Walters that she’ll decide on whether to run in 2014. So c’mon back, y’all — let’s get ready for her. (If she doesn’t run, everything I know about human nature will be proved wrong.) Go Hill!Make us a woman POTUS we can be so proud of.

  105. Ok, I’m getting a little sick of Twitter’s obsession with #PajamaBoy, but THIS is hilarious:

    Pajama Boy & Obama remember Rosa Parks #PokeFunAtObamacare #LNYHBT #TCOT #CCOT #TEAPARTY pic.twitter.com/sJK6JiEY1c— Alexis (@MercuryOneOC) December 18, 2013

  106. NES you keep landing in spam because your IP address changes. So it’s not personal.

  107. FYI DE’s business has taken off in leaps and bounds. His work has shown in in magazines and he’s shipping all over the dang world!

    Ditto for FF who now has gallery exibits.

    Here at UW, people end up famous.

  108. I think that whole “pajamaboy” thing is hilarious. Obama and his band of merry infants have been doing silly stuff like that ad campaign from the get go and it never seems to matter. Remember the possum seal? Greek columns? All the narcissistic photos inserting himself into history like Forrest Gump? I wish people would wake up to his obvious arrested development and narcissism, but I’ve just about lost hope that’ll ever happen. Pajamaboy sums up his administration pretty well.

  109. imust, I knew youmust be enjoying pajamaboy. Apparently, he’s a key OFA staffer in Chicago. If it looks like a ‘bot, if it walks like a ‘bot, if it talks like a ‘bot, why then…..

  110. imust said: “I wish people would wake up to his obvious arrested development and narcissism,….”

    Amen to that, sistah!

    “Arrested development” is a good diagnosis for Dear Reader.

  111. Am so happy for DE & FF!

    NES, the pajama boy thing is hysterical. Also remember those good ol days. Lorac, you, me & Fredster pulling the nightshift here with Upps chiming in when she’d get up early! 🙂

  112. I agree with NES and socalannie on the good ol’ days!! Lorac!!! Where are you????

  113. Do we need a new post or something? Where is everybody??? Ok. Like Scarlett O’Hara, I’ll think about that tomorrow!

  114. Sorry…

    As it happens, Christmas has declared war on me. Even though my sister hosts it, there are a bazillion things to do to prepare and easily half of them are still on my list, not done.

  115. Hola Socal! How are you?
    I remember well the good ol’ days — trashing Upps’ joint late at night and getting a mock scolding the next day from her and/or Mom. And, don’t forget, imust was part of that nighttime crew, often posting music vids (w/ lorac) to capture the mood.

  116. SCREEEECH!!!!

    new post up!

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