I’m Gonna Wrap Myself for Christmas

Uppity reminded me about the Wrapping Cat video that is traditionally posted this time of year! So here you go!

Oops! Wrong wrapping cat! That’s a rappin’ cat!

Hey, I think I recognize that cat from MBK’s last party! Oh wait! Did I say party? MKB doesn’t have parties….silly me! [gulp]

Okay, no more fooling around. Back by popular demand…..How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas!

Awwww….did you think that was cute? Santa Cat doesn’t approve….

Congratulations! You just got moved to the Naughty List!
Oh yeah. Ho Ho Ho!

Got to fix that. Can’t make Santa Cat mad so close to Christmas. Let’s cheer him up with Aunt Chippy!

Ha, ha, ha!!!

That’ll work!


9 Responses

  1. I aspire to be Aunt Chippy. She’s a real way shower.

  2. Hello?? tap-tap Is this thing on?? Hellllooooo?????

    Okay, this is really getting freaky….

  3. Thank you so much for making me laugh til the tears rolled!!

    Between Aunt Chipping and the warpped cat, I’m covered….

    Wishing you all a warm, wonderful and joyous holiday!

  4. I mean Aunt Chippie!!! Geez…:)

  5. Happy Holidays Anita!!

  6. Happy holidays to all the uppities…

  7. Happy holidays bellecat!

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