The last day of 2013

Seems like only last year, we were all abuzz about this:

This is an open thread to enjoy (or complain about) 2013.



Here is the link to the live feed from Times Square:



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  1. How many folks make resolutions? And how many keep up with them?

  2. I haven’t made resolutions in years, but for 2014, I have promised myself to exercise every day. Some days it will be vigorous and other days, gentle.
    How about you?

  3. I guess everybody else is at work, Soph.

  4. Happy New Year to all you wonderful people, Hillary supporters and feminists all.

  5. I am drinking a Manhattan. Life is getting nicer by the minute.

    Here are shots of Needlenose taken a half hour ago in snow that came down in the last hour.

  6. She is looking for more snow Upps. 🙂

  7. Happy New Year Uppityites!!!!!

  8. Thanks Sweet Sue, thanks foxyladi! Uppity, you always have a Manhattan for New Years! 🙂

    Is that so when someone asks what you want to drink you can say…….

  9. Speaking of Manhattan…
    My home girl, Justice Sonia Sotomayor (of The Bronx) will be doing the countdown and ball drop in Times Square.

  10. Needlenose sure is one gorgeous dog.

  11. Yeah like she doesn’t know it.

  12. Ok imust I’ll bite.

  13. foxy, I suspect she’s looking for sheep hiding in the snow….

  14. Interesting thing about rough collies in the snow. Shortly before I took the shots, she was covered in snow and she just….shook it off. It just came right off her top coat. She does not get wet, the snow never gets to her undercoat. Amazing, really.

  15. Hahahah imust! I didn’t see your video (I can’t see vids in the admin panel comments, go figure) and just looked at the comments from the comments click on the post and there it is! GMTA.

  16. Still my fav.

  17. I loved Dan Fogelberg, and, in the right mood, that song can destroy me.

  18. Yes Sue, I know what you mean. I think that’s why the song is so important. We all relate to it at some point and in some way.

  19. Love Dan. This was a huge favorite back in the day:

  20. Hey FixIt Fairy–thanks for the festive header!!

  21. I added a link up top for the life feed from Times Square.

    For those of you who will be out and about, you can download a mobile app for that:

  22. Rut-roh…..MBK is passing out champagne to the pengys in the header again. He never learns. BTW, I’d love a bottle of Uppity Woman champagne!

  23. I’m with you, imust. Where’s the link we click to get Uppity champagne?

  24. Here’s the earthcam one with a bunch of views from different angles, with crowd

  25. Hey viral is good

  26. So, the Times Square ball lights will be powered for the whole count down minute and another minute afterwards with stored energy from cyclists. Over the last 3 days, tourists in NY rode stationary Citi-Bikes, generating enough stored power to keep that ball lit for two minutes.

    Two minutes? Seriously?! Maybe they shoulda had more than 7 bikes.

  27. Uppity champagne or not…..raise your glass to 2014! Two more years until 2016!

  28. Yeah cause if I was visiting NY City I would have been busting it on a stationary bike for that. Yeah. All right.

    I for one am looking forward to kicking 2013 to the curb. It was a lousy year. The pits.

  29. It’s colder than a well diggers ass here. And we got more snow and we’re going to get more overnight and more tomorrow. I was not looking forward to walking Tosca tonight so I dispatched Mr. Uppity. Men sometimes do come in handy. I’m laughing here cause he said she doesn’t give a fig about him if I’m in the room. LOL. She uses him for ungodly treats I would never give her, though.

  30. Raise your glasses, indeed! From one thirsty person to another, my favorite viral video of 2013:

  31. In case you haven’t noticed, I switched from the 20% to the 54% because there might be weather tonight. It’s really fricken cold out there (likely not as cold as where Uppity is but still cold).

  32. Forget the NYE ball drop! Mobile, AL is dropping a Moon PIE!

  33. A belated Merry Christmas and also a Happy New Years to all the Uppityites!

    Hate to say but I’ve just been “meh” this year with the holidays so I won’t spread the feeling here. 😉

  34. Imust, the Prancing Elites will be performing in Mobile, I think, for New Years. This is from a Christmas parade they performed at in a little, itty bitty town in AL. Shock would not describe the reaction of the folks to the Elites. 😉

  35. Fredster, I saw that! It was fricken hysterical–that poor town, scandalized forever!!

  36. In an unexpected twist of role reversal (hey, anything really can happen on New Year’s Eve), Sophie says:
    Did someone mention MOON PIE?

  37. SophieCT, Semmes AL will never be the same again! 😆

  38. Sophie@10:33. Hahahahahahahaaa!!

  39. Fredster darling, “Meh” can actually look good compared to, say, ACK! Or ARGH or OMG or AWWWWW FUCK!

  40. Those prancing elites got some really nice legs!

  41. Yeah, I drink Poland Springs water and noticed the price went down right after Rubio bit the dust (How quickly those darlings fall). Anyways, thanks for the price drop, Marco!

  42. Happy New Year! And good night.

  43. Uppity said:

    Fredster darling, “Meh” can actually look good compared to, say, ACK! Or ARGH or OMG or AWWWWW FUCK!

    I was close to an aww fuck, believe me!

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