Happy 2014


It’s a New Year! A chance to start afresh, begin anew.




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  1. 9 minutes to Happy New Year in California!!!

    Great post and header!!!

  2. Are all of the Uppityites hungover?

  3. No, just exhausted from too much work and driving. Off to work now. Will be tapering off next week, thank god.

    Anyway, wish all of you a Happy New Year! What a pretty post!

  4. Happy New Year!

  5. Mayor of NY Inauguration live stream here:

    Supposed to begin at noon.
    President William J. Clinton swearing him in.

  6. Kinda interesting to see Big Dawg sitting between Hillary and Andrew Cuomo.

    By the way, Mario is there as is nearly every living former mayor of NY. I didn’t see Rudy.

  7. By the way, right before she presided over the ball drop in Times Square, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor granted a last-ditch plea from Catholic groups and issues a temporary stay on the contraception mandate of ACA for religious groups.

    I am really, really, really hoping that she did this so that it can be officially declared once and for all that NO religion may impose their beliefs on any citizen of America, even if that religion is an employer.

  8. Happy New Year, Upps and All!

  9. And it’s a wrap.

    To sum it up, if you’re on the far left, Bill de Blasio is a savior. If you’re on the far right, he’s a socialist. If you’re in the middle, you’ll just have to see how it plays out.

  10. Thanks for the info on de Blasio Sophie. I don’t know much about him. I was looking for photos of Bill & Hill at the ceremony, but haven’t found any yet.

    Funny cat walking photo NES!

  11. She looked fabulous. Can you get here?

    *gasp* She's here! #inaugnyc

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  12. Loving that header, FF!

  13. I heard that de Blasio is outlawing horse drawn carriages in NYC because he says they are inhumane. While I don’t know what evidence he has that the horses are being treated inhumanely, I do hope that he has made arrangements for their future care once they become unemployed. Unwanted horses frequently go to slaughterhouses ( now legal in the US courtesy of the Obama admin).

    2014 is the year of the horse. I hope the NYC horses don’t become the victims of unintended consequences.

  14. Thanks Sophie, they looked fab as usual! Interesting about the horses Hugo. Aren’t they kind of iconic in NYC?

  15. Yes, he said he would end the horse-drawn carriages in NYC. Animal rights folks are actually on both sides of that issue, but obviously leaning more towards the idea to stop doing it.

    As for horse slaughtering, the last horse slaughterhouse closed in America in 2007. We don’t typically eat horses here but they do in other countries. We used to use them for pet food here. Since 2007, breeders have been sending horses to other countries for slaughter. Idunno. A humane slaughtering is not necessarily a bad thing.

  16. By the way, the 2007 ban wasn’t out of any love for horses. It was Congress defunding the inspections which basically left the slaughterhouses with a product they couldn’t sell.

  17. Here’s a better one, imust.

  18. Nice! They look happy!
    On the horse thing, are they going to ban the horses used for police patrols too?

  19. The US ban on horse slaughter lapsed in 2011 and USDA has issued permits. Plants are in Iowa, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. There are ongoing Court battles and efforts to reinstate the ban.


  20. Good question about the police horses, imust. My guess is they are well cared for. I know they are in Baltimore.

  21. Looks like a fabulous day in Colorado! Long lines at weed stores!

  22. Time to open some kind of munchie business in Denver Sophie! I’ll go in halvsies!

  23. Seriously, imust. NY style pizza and PIES!!

  24. Dear NSA, please forward the last few comments to the Job Creators ™ so they can see how it’s done.

  25. ROFL Sophie!

    Now I’m hungry!

  26. Laura Dimon (Jamie’s daughter) writes that there are 6 criminals who aren’t getting the justice they deserve.

    That’s 7 Laura.

  27. An imust, on those pizzas–nuthin’ says we have to use actual oregano…

  28. Get High with our Pie in the Sky! LOL!

  29. And then, Your Pieness, you will become Your Highness.

  30. Ha! Another marketing idea! Get a free crown with every pie!

  31. Lucky Big Gulps aren’t illegal in CO–cottonmouth could be an issue.

  32. I am in a Twitter fight with a guy who insists that Bill de Blasio and Elizabeth Warren are where they are today thanks to Obama. Sigh…

  33. Hugo, apparently those horses in NY aren’t cared for very well and are pushed to serious limits. I saw some photos of horses dropping dead right on the street. I’ll see if I can dig them up. I’m sure the police take good care of their horses since they have a black hole budget to make sure they take of anything they need to take care of. We had horses in my city at one time and they were all owned by the chief, who rode them at his leisure but got the taxpayers to pay for their care and love.

    But it’s o typical left wing to just ban things instead of monitoring them.

    Re: Inauguration: Bloomers looks pissed because he can’t be King again.

  34. OMG Sophie, that guy is seriously delusional, but that’s not unusual for an Obot. Obo’s whole history is a fabrication anyway.

    Hi Uppity!

  35. Uppity, thanks for that info on the NYC horses. I just hope they don’t go from bad to worse. There are probably horse rescues in NY that will take them.

    I was recently invited to apply for a job caring for police horses, and I must say the pay and benefits were not bad for a cash-strapped city.

  36. For folks in the northeast, waiting for the impending storm, don’t forget:

  37. This year’s world record (really) on pyrotechnics goes to Dubai for their New Year’s celebration:

  38. Wow that’s quite a show! Oil biz must be lookin’ good for ’14.

  39. Love you all, seriously.

  40. Yeah the benefits for municipal employees in the state of NY are always great no matter how cash strapped a city is. After all most of them live in the burbs and don’t even pay taxes in the cities where they work, although many of them fake their address (supposed to live in the city). Why, we have firefighters and cops who have been living with their mothers for decades while maintaining a home elsewhere but nevermind. And those great early retirements go a long way toward their next careers while collecting great retirement benefits for ‘serving’ instead of raking in the awesome bucks in private industry. I have a real problem understanding why state, county, city office workers, parks or public works people should deserve retirement decades before anybody else in the world of work, while the retirement snowball gets bigger and bigger. Especially since all have learned the art of building up their overtime before retirement to crank up that pension check. It’s brutal on the property taxpayers I tell you. I see my own city and county taxes reaching critical mass to support this in the manner which they have become accustomed while people continue flee the entire state to get the hell out from under the reaming.

    Hugo here’s what I was talking about with the horses.

    Also, apparently a number of horses collapsed in 2013 and one panicked and crashed into a car or something.

    But Bloomers said if they close down the industry, the horses will be slaughtered. No kidding. He said that.


  41. Poor horse, but he looked well fed. Horses are fragile despite their size. Could have been old age, heat, or some undetected condition. I have no issue with phasing out the practice in cities, but I just hope the existing ones end up in a happy retirement home. But, even retired race horses end up at the slaughter house, so it would not surprise me that the NYC horses do end up dead. I hope De Blasio will ensure that they go to reputable rescues.

  42. I agree with Sophie’s twitter combatant: Obama showed the unapologetically left of center can win if they can harness 80% or more of the minority vote and keep the majority of women in the tent by scaring them away from Republicans. In that way he made the far-left types like Warren and deBlasio politically viable.

  43. Hugo the sanctuary I adore takes horses and i am sure they will be right there to come to the add of some horses if need be.

  44. Sorry, NES. The ONLY credit Obama could take for Warren’s seat in the Senate is that he screwed her out of running her own board so she took her message elsewhere. She was a powerhouse before him and will remain one well after him.

    I maintain she would be our next president, following 8 years of Hillary, if he hadn’t stuck his inexperienced ass into the race.

    As for de Blasio, the ONLY reason he is mayor is because Weiner Effed up big time. Even after the initial tweeting escapade, NYers loved him. It was only after his response to the subsequent escapades (his response, mind you, not the escapades themselves) that he lost favor.

  45. His original tweet was:

    Without Barack Obama there wouldn’t be Bill de Blasio and Elizabeth Warren. One more part of his legacy.

    Yeah, right.

  46. I agree with Sophie on this as well.

  47. Gotta go with Sophie on this one. Obama did nothing good for Warren. Obama helped Warren off a high building after she did all the leg work and brain work for his ‘consumer’ plan and then hunted for someone with a dick to head it up. no love lost for Barack Obama in Warren’s mind. That scumbag pig Larry Summers tortured her incessantly till he finally got rid of her. Granted, she does not appear to play well with others but I’ll bet she especially wasn’t playing well with the dickheads who don’t play well with others in Obama’s stable. She wouldn’t have even been running for senate if Obama didn’t kick her to the curb.Still, I am no fan of hers but in no way is Obama responsible for anything that happened to E Warren that was good.

    All that said, I don’t think she has the chops to be president and I especially do not think she can win the primary much less the General election. Besdes having an abrasive style, I think she’s way too far left and I really think Americans are sick of extremes from either of the two shitty parties. They are going to want a less partisan president who can work with both sides this time around.

    On a scale of 1-10 for who worries me against Hillary in the primary, Warren is a 2 to me and Cuomo is an 8, maybe even a 9. And remember, Cuomo gets extra points for having a dick and not being hard to look at.

    Also agree with Sophie on NY Mayor. I didn’t even know who the he he was, but I do know that clinically insane pervert wiener helped him win and Quinn got screwed in the crossfire, so what else is new.

  48. And now for something completely different.

    CT has a new law that went into effect 12/31/2013 and tomorrow might be the first day we get to see it in action.

    The law is an “Ice Missile” law which means you can get a $75 fine for not cleaning off your car when it snows.

  49. Well that’s CT for ya. Neverending ways to squeeze you for money. Wait till NY finds out! They will say, Why didn’t WE think of that first, and then pass the same law.

  50. I don’t know what to think of it yet. There have been days I drove with an ice sheet on my roof because I as too lazy to put the car in the garage and running too late for the top to melt.

    On the other hand, a friend of mine was on the other side of a stop light from a guy who had an ice sheet and when he stopped for the light, the sheet went airborne and hit their windshield and there they were, sitting with glass on their lap. Luckily, they weren’t injured.

  51. Well you can’t fix stupid. And that’s why God made insurance I guess. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s so cold I can’t get the ice off the car unless I don’t mind hitting it with a hammer.

  52. I know what you mean. That’s when I leave it on the roof–when it will take a half hour to melt enough to get it off. Hence the reason why I don’t know what to think of this law yet. Perhaps my New Year’s resolution should be to keep the garage clean enough to park in it.

  53. Gov. Cuomo has spoken:
    A State of Emergency is declared today for the entire state as a winter storm is bringing heavy snow, sub-zero temperatures, and high winds. Parts of I-84, I-87, and the Long Island Expressway will be closed at Midnight.

  54. Respectfully guys, you missed my point. I didn’t mean Obama literally or directly helped the careers of Warren or deBlasio. Of course he didn’t — he never does anything to help anyone. What I meant was this: he showed the Dems that one doesn’t have to be a Clintonian centrist to win elections — you just need to turn out non-whites and youth in large numbers.

    Quinn lost the primary because she wa viewed as too much of a centrist by a crazy left primary base. If HRC loses the ’16 primary, it’ll be for the same reason.

    Warren could win the Dem primary, but, she’s too Left and abrasive to win the general election.

  55. Hahaha Sophie! You think garages are for vehicles. Silly goose!

    NES ok I understand where you’re coming from but not sure if that’s what the tweeter meant. I believe Warren cannot win the primary, what she CAN do is knock Hillary out of the box and help give it to Cuomo. For that I will forever despise her. But it’s not beyond the possibility of the level of stupidity of the Obots to throw themselves behind her and make the same mistake twice, thus working diligently to ruin America some more. I long for the days when these fringes lived in their own fringe parties and didn’t hijack the Rs and the Ds. In any event, I would no sooner throw myself behind Warren than I would throw myself behind Rick Santorum. It is no secret I am a toggling Centrist. I’m not buying into this crap. It’s a logical conclusion for me that if the Kossacks and Movey-Ony’s support someone, it’s a person I want nothing to do with. I don’t do La La Land well.

  56. IMO, Obama didn’t really win. Hillary won the larger states, he cheated and thugged his way through the caucuses in the smaller, and mostly red states. 2. He had the entire media, note I didn’t say journalists, covering for him. 3. After GWBush, it was pretty clear a Democrat was gonna win the WH.

  57. He’s president so he won. Let’s just say he won by cheating.

    I went outside to start my car because I didn’t want to let it set in that terrible cold without starting. I have to tell you it’s like the Yukon out there. VERY cold.

  58. He was [s]elected. To me, the word “win” implies a sense of fairness.

  59. History is littered with behind-the-scenes crap like that. I think this one sucked the most because I really wanted The Other Candidate and I was paying very close attention. That’s two presidents in a row that took what wasn’t theirs. May there really be an afterlife and a judgement day.

  60. I agree with Upps when she said.

    We are going to want a less partisan president who can work with both sides this time around. 🙂

  61. YES!!! I think think garages are for vehicles.And when it is bad weather I drive in and unload my groceries too. 😆

  62. 😆 Are you on board?

  63. Well, my car IS in the garage, and if I suck in my breath and walk sideways, I can get in it. I think it would be easier to go in through the back hatch and climb over the seats.

  64. Well, my car IS in the garage, and if I suck in my breath and walk sideways, I can get in it. I think it would be easier to go in through the back hatch and climb over the seats.

    Video please!

  65. How the hell can you be both an insurance company AND a church?!

    It’s no secret I’m not fond of ACA/Obamacare/Romneycare. It’s not about health–it’s about insurance. I wanted Universal, single payer healthcare–y’know, healthcare. It absolutely sucks that being 40 or over is a pre-existing condition in the current plan.

    But the highly vocal folks who don’t like Obamacare because they either don’t want anything, ever, that Obama likes or they don’t want government healthcare at all, have some of the stupidest arguments on earth. I hope that the Church of the Wholly Insured gets busted and has to pay back taxes!

  66. I’m watching HardBall because Chris Matthews is on vacay. So the substitute (sorry, didn’t catch his full name–Michael something) posed this to his guests (one of whom is Gov. Rendell):
    More Americans support the legalization of marijuana than support gay marriage, yet the politicians are behind the country on MJ but they got on board and became advocates for gay marriage. Why?


    Neither of his guests has the balls to tell the truth, so I will: MONEY! There were a LOT of donations withheld until the Dems (Obama in particular) got in line with support of gay marriage. I haven’t heard of anyone withholding campaign financing until they get on board with pot. Any rich old hippies out there?

  67. Interesting point Sophie. But money is the issue for MJ, in the form of tax revenue. Just like when states, (like mine) started approving Lotteries to help the schools.

  68. Right, imust, but that’s money after the fact, just like gay marriage (yes, states get lots more revenue for more married people). Money after the fact is not enough to motivate politicians. It’s a carrot. They respond to the stick. Ask David Geffen (the fucker) how it works.

  69. Just like when states, (like mine) started approving Lotteries to help the schools.

    ……..and then turned around and dumped the profits into the general fund instead –like my state did. Effing liars and thieves.

  70. Back to NES’ point for a minute. And NES, if you’re out there, I wasn’t just trying to be contrary. I understand your point. I should be more specific in my response. I guess the part I disagree with you on is the idea that Obama proved you don’t have to be centrist to win. I don’t think Obama campaigned “left”, in fact, he and Hillary were pretty similar on most issues. Obama campaigned on an ideal, not an idea. That vague, hopey-changey, “I’m a blank canvas” thingy. People DID project what they wanted to believe onto him. Quinn had a record, de Blasio had a record…..Weiner had a public image that was, besides the Carlos Danger part, that of a “fighter” for the working class. When he tanked, NY went for more hopey-changey….they saw it in DeBlasio rather than Quinn.

  71. I guess I am a thread killer 😦

  72. Got it imust. Thxx for the explanation. You make a good case, and I agree with a lot of it. I do think tho’ that Obama has moved the political ‘center’ to the Left (like Reagan moved it to the Right). And it wasn’t his ideas/policies as much as OFA’s harnessing of the non- white and female voting blocs that did it, helped by changing demographics. Look at VA in the last GE, e.g.: hard to even talk of it as a purple state anymore (blue now).

  73. Actually I think Obama moves the political ‘center whatever way the wind is blowing. 🙄

  74. Thanks NES. Yes, Hillary was/is more liberal than Obama. But OFA, his machine is left. So I guess I would agree that because of Obama, his machine, not him, the left has been more empowered. Now that he has betrayed them, well, he was doing that from the get-go…now that they finally realize that he has betrayed them, they don’t know what to do with him. They still feel embolden, and still, mistakenly think that Hillary is too conservative. So they are pushing Warren. I just hope that the Clinton machine is more powerful than Warren, I kinda think it is. 😉

  75. I do think tho’ that Obama has moved the political ‘center’ to the Left (like Reagan moved it to the Right).

    Funny because I don’t think either of these guys moved anything. I really do think it was more about their acolytes projecting their desires onto them.

  76. Yes, Sophie, the “I’m a blank slate”. They still won’t admit what he really is and how he used them. Will they allow themselves to be used again?

  77. Imust, “allow” themselves? The beg for it. They look for it. They instigate it. My Facebook feed is filled with “Warren: Hillary’s worst nightmare” and so on.

  78. http://www.addictinginfo.org/2014/01/04/erick-bennett-maine-republican-guts/

    Erick Bennett is running in a primary challenge against incumbent Susan Collins to be Maine’s next US Senator. According to Bennett, he’s qualified to be a senator because beating his wife makes him brave enough to stand up for “family values.”


  79. OMG Sophie that guy is nuts. Isn’t ironic that he’s running against Susan Collins?

  80. Why ironic? What did I miss about Susan?

  81. I have this going slow and low in my oven. You would not believe how good the house smells.


  82. I just mean ironic since she is a woman.

  83. “then turned around and dumped the profits into the general fund ”

    I’m certain that the new NYC Mayor de Blasio would never think of stealing money set aside for children’s education for his own slush fund instead.

  84. That looks like a nice warm dinner Sophie. Is it really cold out your way, or is that more the middle of the country?

  85. It’s currently 19 degrees, which isn’t as bad as the places with -4 and -30 tonight, but it’s pretty darn chilly for me.

  86. Then I recommend this……

  87. MMMMMMMm I love pork shanks. Great website isn’t it? I’ve found some super recipes there. I would be going wild smelling that cooking.

    Warren is NOT Hillary’s nightmare. Warren can’t polish Hillary’s boots Her vessel is empty next to Hillary’s. Unless of course they mean she’s the nightmare that will give the candidacy to Cuomo because she will garner their infantile and totally ignorant votes. E Warren cannot control her need to show everybody how smart she is. She will self-destruct in the middle of one of her own scolds. No, she is not Hillary’s nightmare. She’s Andrew’s dream you mental infants.

  88. Yes but God told Bennett to beat his wife so it’s all good.

  89. Oh look–somebody brought Macallan!

    A toast to all of Uppityville

  90. Hmmmm McCallan. Hey, imust! I’m freeeeeeezzzing too. Whimper whimper….brrrrrrrr bbbrrrrrrrrrr

  91. I know NES! It’s like 50 degrees right now….brrrrrr. Pull up a chair! Time for a glass, neat, definitely NOT on the rocks!

    A warm slice of pie would top it off nicely!

  92. 50 ! Heatwave!

    Observatioon: Irish oatmeal with blueberries, flax and honey takes FOREVER to eat. I tell myself eat this and then you can have whatever else you want. Then, when I’m done, I don’t want anything else and I’ve practically had another birthday.

  93. *Runs into room, snatches Macallan and runs out of the room*

  94. Yo, Uppity–you’re only supposed to steal Scotch from the Widdershins.

    I would make fun of the Left Coasties, but a body really does adapt to the local weather. In Hawaii, the temperature range for the whole year is from mid 60s to 90. It really does start to feel chilly in the low 70s, especially if your primary transportation is a motorcycle.

  95. Cool compilation of company buildings, built in the shape of what the company sells:


  96. Hey Sophie! Did you make that shot of Bill’s family?

  97. Nope. Stole it from George Takei! He is obviously an Uppityite–how else would he think to mix Tuxies with penguins?

  98. SophieCT:
    I love the pix with Bill penguin.
    LOL! Made my day…

  99. AND he called the cat “Bill”!!

  100. Exactly!

    Hey George, we know you’re lurking! Come out already. 😉

  101. O/T — Are we ready for robots as an integral part of our lives? http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/jan/04/robots-future-society-drones?CMP=twt_gu

    No longer sci-fi. So Isaac Asimov!

  102. imust, I’m so there! Warm up the pie and pour a double.

  103. Robots.

    I sing the body electric.

  104. Then George stole that pic from me.

  105. Ok help me out here if you can. I or someone posted a video awhile back of a comedian who does a speel on going to Italy for dinner after eating Pomme Frittes over and over again in France. It was a riot. Anybody remember who that comedian was or where that video is on youtube?

  106. I’m certain that the new NYC Mayor de Blasio would never think of stealing money set aside for children’s education for his own slush fund instead.

    Well that dirtbag whoremaster George Pataki certainly had no problem doing it with lottery money.

    You could always tell where his latest mistresses lived by how much grant money he shoveled into the cites so he could make visits to his ladies on taxpayer money. And sometimes he just lied for a free hump and never came through with the grant.

  107. Sophie thanks for reminding me to stop over to Widdershins for a stash.

  108. Now bring the Macallan back.

  109. Um…it’s a lot lighter…

  110. Public Service Announcement.

    So who isn’t sick and tired of all the robo calls from card services and other stupid-assed calls from foreign countries using spoofed numbers that change repeatedly. Last year, the FCC, recognizing how totally USELESS the Do Not Call List is, ran a contest to find a solution to this growing and extremely annoying invasion of our private phone lines. The winner won $50,000 and it appears it was well worth it. The winner is NOMOROBO.COM
    Nomorobo has set up a phone line that receives the first ring of your phone calls right along with you. Only, nomorobo intercepts robocalls!

    At first, phone companies ignored nomorobo, since it is no longer a secret they have found a way to earn money from those robo calls. But public pressure prevailed and now they are one by one getting on board. Time Warner recently rolled out a cooperative effort with nomorobo. However, true to the shitty overpriced service that they are, there are still bugs. I did go up to their myservices site and attempt to sign up for nomorobo but it didn’t take. But nomorobo already warned me that there are bugs and THEY will keep me informed on how it’s going. In other words, the Time Warners of this country are going to be forced to comply…and that’s Without A Law. Public Pressure. It’s a GOOD thing!

    Anyways, hop over to nomorobo’s site and see if your utility is on board. If it is, nomorobo will walk you through with simple instructions on how to get yourself protected.


  111. TY for the PSA, Uppity. Just checked the website and my carrier is not included, but now I know to watch for some fix. I have a landline that gets mostly but robocalls and they go to voicemail. then I have to check voicemail and listen to a bunch of hang-ups. Very annoying.

  112. If your carrier is listed on their drop down menu, Hugo, you can bet they WILL get on board. The people are REALLY sick of this crap. I have a digitone call blocker for our landline and it does help alot. But these scumbags rotate spoofing different area codes and numbers.

  113. I would venture to say a year from now, this system will render that useless Do Not Call office, complete with patronage jobs for overpaid dumbbell relatives of politicians, completely obsolete, thereby saving taxpayer money. The fun part comes when politicians do their robo calls. I can’t wait to see how they find a way to trump nomorobo. Watch for a sneaky law with huge holes in it so that the scammers will find a nice loophole. I feel sorry for any politician who participates in an intervention, let me tell you. People are REALLY sick of this shit with their phones. It’s nonstop in-your-face.

  114. Perfect for Millenials, nay?

  115. Aww, that greyhound is adorable, loved watching that. Made me think of Needlenose frolicking in the snow @ Upps.

    Upps, thanks for the robo calls link. I checked it & our crappy provider doesn’t do it, but I called them and requested it.

  116. Protests grow loud as Flat Creek Border Collies puppy farm shelters freezing dogs in plastic barrels in upstate NY. Scumbag should be shoved in a plastic barrel naked, you son of a bitch.


  117. Omg, that is horrible! Plastic barrels on their sides?!? wtf? What godawful people. Poor little dogs.

  118. Series of pictures of the dogs. One of them shows dog in barrel with ice on his face.

  119. Uppity, laker & I just went thru the pix. Jesus. Plastic barrels on their sides for shelter? These heathens should have built a proper kennel with heaters, and ventilation, etc. if they want to breed dogs. This is terrible. Well, they’re getting creamed on fb.

  120. The owner said he’s getting death threats. BOO HOO.

  121. Poor doggies. The owner should be flayed!

  122. I showed the pictures to Needlenose last night when I tried to drag her back into the house in a 22 below zero windchill.

  123. But she was having so much fun Upps. 🙂

  124. I’m always suspicious of animal breeders, especially any who actually live on the profits. It’s too easy for lowlife to breed animals instead of going out and getting a job.

  125. Wow! I am filling out an online survey.

    – Male
    – Female
    – Non-traditional

    First time I ever saw that. Wow.

  126. Sophie, that reminds me of how my brother used to say he wanted to have three kids, one of each.

  127. Yeah Foxy, fun watching ME freeze. Tonight she wound herself around a tree with a tieout. I had to bundle up and go out there with a -30 windchill and unhitch her. She thought it was funny. I thought one of my ears was going to crack off. I figured the tie out would keep her from going to far in the cold so I could find her and get her inside.

  128. imust, that article reminded me of what it was like on NQ back in the aughts.

  129. Oh yeah socal. It is interesting that someone is finally writing about it.

  130. Please be SURE to read the article he is responding to, entitled “Why Woman Aren’t Welcome On The Internet”. It’s frighteningly real.

    Socal, believe it or not, I collected up some of those NQ comments to me and still have them.

  131. I found the youtube commenters to be some of the most horrific. That’s when a lot of people were making pro-Hillary videos and posting them on “Hillary Speaks for Me”.

  132. Powerful set of articles. When you hang around political blogs, it’s a daily hazard. This stuck out.

    not just over-the-top invective, but intensely personal missives of hyper-sexualized hate.

    This is the very time that people like Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein were building the personal blogs from which they would become successful national pundits. One wonders how many equally talented women we missed out on reading due to misogynists hurling vile invective at rising female journalists.

  133. Yeah I noticed that one too Sophie. People like Yglesisas and Ezra were the ones perpetuating the misogyny!

  134. Ayup.

    I hate that some people cannot argue the argument and have to resort to sexualizing the person they disagree with. And even more, I hate that women do it too.

  135. Good points, all. And I remember some of the dialogues with Uppity and the trolls. In those days I became an Uppity fan, before this blog.

  136. I wish I would have known you all back in those days. Glad I know you now.

  137. I so wish you had been there. It was like the wild west of the internet.

  138. It was socal! I loved Uppity tag-teaming with Strawberry and Wildchild! The comments were literally flying in those days, at least a comment a second! I would laugh so hard my sides would hurt!!

  139. Oh, me too. I remember the night that Huffpo leaked that Biden was Barks VP choice. I stayed up all night laughing about it with that guy Jeremiahgoddamnamerikkkawright. I remember he lived in Miami. He had a fast wit. After Bark gave his convention acceptance speech at that football stadium in Denver, Jeremiah did an hilarious post about the Barackopolis.

    About the trolls, when they would call us the c word, they would get banned as soon as the moderators noticed it (Susan was one), but they would just change their IPL and screen name and start up all over again. That guy Jeremiah went after them also, as did Uppity. And yes, I remember Strawberry & Wildchild. Very funny.

  140. There were others, I wish I could remember all their names. Very quick wits, as you said.

    Remember how they were trying to make the selection of VP such a big deal. Got people to sign up for text alerts so they would get the announcement on their phones first!! Obo was in Hawaii as I recall while Hillary worked her tushy off campaigning for The One.

  141. Yes, I remember that. I meant to say IP addresses btw. Yes, there was some interesting articles. I remember that guy in London, Old Grumpy Guy did a fun series on the 10 greatest composers.

  142. Socal I was a full moderator at NQ too and I ditched every C word, but not before I got a screen shot.

  143. Sophie, I was a writer there, or rather, my blog posts appeared there. It’s really where I picked up some serious traffic to the blog. I backed off from the place when it started to appear to be anti Israel, and a couple of other things.

    What happened was I started this blog thanks to John W Smart, who was Liberal Rapture at the time. It’s also where I met DE, as they are related through marriage. Anyways, I got all worked up commenting on his blog so I started my blog. Next thing you know, a writer from NQ flagged my work and suggested they take a look, so I got a request to post one of my entries. From that time on they had blanket permission to post my work. That’s why some of you remember finding me through NQ. Once the election was over and there was no real Hillary connection, I stopped posting there. But man, if you want to talk threats, i could tell you stories of the threats I got during that time. It was horrific. They outed Susan and a couple of people there and damned near ruined their lives and their family’s lives.
    Huffpo tried to contact me claiming that some of my work was being faxed all over the place and did I send them?? They were trying to get a response from me. I ignored them. I did not respond because I knew they had the power to find out who I was, so I figured EF them.

    Speaking of Grumpy Old Guy, I LOVED his stuff. I think I have some of it posted here.

  144. That all seems like it happened a long time ago, even though it was just a few years.

  145. I know. Still fresh in my mind though. Here’s all of Old Grumpy Guy’s videos. If you load them down to 2008 you can find the ones you are talking about.

    Of course he totally completed his endearment to me when he picked Mozart as #1.

  146. Hahah he was good. “Size does count”

  147. Funny!!! 😆

  148. During a drunken brawl, a guy kills his stepfather by giving him an ‘Atomic wedgie’. No kidding. you can’t make this shit up.

  149. Uppity, just curious….what’s your take on the Chris Christie mea clupa today?

  150. You mean the traffic jam setup thing? Doesn’t surprise me, considering most people with that kind of power do that kind of thing ALL the time. The difference might be that most politicians don’t pretend they are pure, straight and honest people who work things out together like he does. If he hadn’t paraded himself as a man of undaunted integrity at all times, this would be just another incident of a politician abusing power to strongarm someone.

  151. I did find Mittens’ remarks in his book about how he had to get permission from Christie to campaign in his state, likening it to a “Tony Soprano” thing kind of telling though.

  152. Yeah I noticed that one too Sophie. People like Yglesisas and Ezra were the ones perpetuating the misogyny!

    Great way to eliminate the competition that’s better than you are!

  153. Check out NQ’s recent post “Hillary Clinton’s Desperation”–complete with invectives on her “screetching” voice– for a hint at how far away they have moved from 2008

  154. Ugg…(I did actually go look at NQ)

    Lest there be any doubt that the PUMAs were indeed infiltrated by and set up by right-wing hacks from the start. They didn’t move at all from where they were in 2008. It was a deliberate effort and I give them credit for their patience and how they one-by-one turned Dems into Repubs. Everything else about them disgusts me.

  155. Sophie, yes, and it was well planned.

    I predicted in a comment that Mozart would be #1. I had Laker read that series and he really enjoyed. The kid really loves music. Hubbie & I always wanted him to do a series like that of the 10 greatest rock guitarists, but he never got around to it.

  156. Yeah they tried that again in 2012 but I Remembered. The old I was a hillary supporter but now i’m not routine was downright obvious too. They could stick that up their asses far as I was concerned. Their idea of “common ground” was you agree with us and you’ll be fine. Same cloth as the Kossacks if you ask me.

  157. I find it hard to believe that the people who no longer support Hillary were ever really supporters. At least, they were not strong supporters. The 2012 version was definitely fake.

  158. Just my two cents…

    I haven’t visited NQ in a few years, and with that anti-Hillary piece, I’m glad that I have not done. Back in the day there was some good stuff written there but, honestly, I never much cared for the proprietor; who often came across as a precocious and ill-tempered adolescent.

    On the Christie thing: If anyone believes that he knew nothing about those payback shenanigans in Ft. Lee, well, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. (Pun intended) Of course, like any successful politician, he will be inoculated with “plausible deniability”. Heads have rolled (as they should have) but I hope this despicable story haunts Christie.

    And Mittens’ comparison to Tony Soprano was very close to the truth, Upps. I’ve never been enamored with Christie’s “blunt, tell-it-like-it-is, tough-guy” routine. He’s only fooling those who wished to be fooled. Rather, to my eyes, he comes across as boorish, petty, and very thin-skinned.

    He’s a bully.

    The main difference between Chris Christie and James Gandolfini is the fact that Jimmy was actually a very good actor.

  159. I agree that Christy Cream is a bully. So you think he will ride this out then? Will his day of mea culpa be enough? Looks like it with the mayor of Ft. Lee. He’s already walking back what he said initially. He must know that Christy will get through this and he needs to toe the line or he may find a horse’s head in his bed.


  160. Imust, I do think Christie will probably survive.

    The mayor of Ft. Lee had to take the high road today. I mean, when the governor literally walks up the steps to city hall to personally apologize to you, it would be quite petulant to not accept it. But, to his credit, the mayor has already stated that this is not about him. It’s about all the innocent people whose lives were disrupted, or lost.

    There is already a Class Action suit filed against the parties involved. People lost wages from being late to work, people missed appointments, and of course, people were in need of medical attention (like the poor 91 year old woman who died) and so on…

    What matters now is this: Will those aides who were fired decide to also fall on their swords to protect their superiors, including Christie? Maybe. But, if they are ever facing jail time (the Feds are investigating now, as well) down the road, they may just decide to drop dime. Or someone else may emerge with more incriminations.

    Christie did seem confident in his presser today. Like a man who knew that he would get away with it.

    But, early on in his scandal, so did Nixon. 😉

  161. Thanks Rev Vet. I guess time we’ll know soon enough.

  162. OMG! This theory makes sense! The whole mayor of Ft. Lee thing is just a squirrel! Christy Cream did it for another reason…..


  163. Wow. Thanks for that link, imust.

    A very compelling theory by Maddow. Makes much more sense. The mayor was never the real target of the bridge disruption. (Which also explains why Christie would have no problem apologizing to him.) The REAL target was…State Senator Loretta Weinberg. Who just happens to be…a Democrat, and, the Senate Majority Leader (who Christie had been feuding with over Supreme Court Nominations), and, whose District just “happens” to be…

    Fort Lee.

    None of this changes the “what” of this mess. But it certainly does better explain the “why” and the “who”. And it only further solidifies my thinking that Christie’s dirty fingers are all over this.

    The whole thing stinks – from the HEAD down.

  164. Yes and it makes his parading up the steps to visit the mayor in Ft. Lee all the more disgusting as the charade that it was. He even signed an autograph as he was exiting the mayor’s office. He was loving the drama and attention.

  165. The main difference between Chris Christie and James Gandolfini is the fact that Jimmy was actually a very good actor.


  166. And Uppity thought that glitter bombing was frivolous and not serious.

    WRONG! It turns out it’s an act of terrorism:

  167. Hillary Clinton to be defeated by super hybrid human-centipede GOP candidate in 2016.

    …the realization that Hillary Clinton would be toast if you thought of all of the potential GOP nominees as the Avengers and then you sewed them all together ass to mouth into this complementary-skilled ass-to-mouth Hillary killing machine. This would totally work! Swear to God!

  168. Hahahahahaha! Because Rubin’s WaPo article was a steaming pile of poo.

  169. He does look like Schultz!

  170. Great pic, Sophie! (And apropos)

    Even if Christie survives as Governor (which at this point seems likely) I still hope that the ghosts of this scandal will rise up and doom any higher aspirations he may have in 2016. And, if so, how deliciously fitting would be that…

    George Washington (Bridge) defeated another Petty Tyrant.


  171. I SO wish I had written that article I linked to. Every time I read it I laugh louder.

    Rubin goes on to explain that the former Secretary of State’s experience can’t hold a candle to Marco Rubio’s foreign policy speeches, Hillary can’t put away her antisocial tendencies like that nice young grandma-smotherer Paul Ryan, lacks the obsequiousness of Koch brothers cabana boy Scott Walker, nor does she radiate the warmth and boyish charm of a Rand Paul.

  172. The real problem with Christie is, in order for us to see him on TV, we need a bigger TV. The man cannot possibly be healthy. But honestly, I think the only way this incident could really burn him is if one of the people he fired goes Bonsai and tells all about how he told them to do it. Now THAT would be a sure tanking of the man.

    He does have some other skeletons in his walk-in closet though. Count on it, because an outspoken guy like him has thrown around his weight before, no pun intended. This would not be his first time at that rodeo.

    What bothers me most is the whole picture of a GOP ticket. I look at Santorum, Cruz, Ryan, Paul, etc etc and they are so horrid that Christie looks good next to them. I don’t include Rubio, because I think he’s just a dope. Sorry, but I do.

  173. Loved the Maddow clip. Makes sense. Thanks imust. I had never paid much attention to CC before. Widdershins has an article that lists a lot of other ratty things he has done. After reading that, I think he really is capable of any bad/illegal behavior.

  174. Schultz is adorable next to Christie!

  175. Upps, that article was a hoot. Some of the comments were also.

  176. I agree, Upps, that one of Christie’s staffers will have to spill the beans in order for him to suffer consequences. And, you are right, in the present GOP, he is the ONLY one who looks even moderately sane.

    As a New Yorker, I’ve never cared at all about Christie or his filthy Jersey politics, and, I have sometimes even agreed with his policy positions versus the other wackos in his party. But…

    I hate bullies. I hate anyone (especially other males) who abuse their power to take advantage of those in weaker positions. And that’s what this was. Thousands of innocent citizens had their lives disrupted (most in a minor way, some in a major way) just because some bullies thought it would be fun to screw with the Mayor, or the Majority Leader, in Fort Lee. And, make no mistake, these were male bullies. There is no way that Bridget Kelly cooked up this idea on her own. She was following orders (no excuse) but still it was her boss, Kevin O’Dowd, or Bill Stepien, or Christie himself who ordered this.

    Thus, this GWB scandal really pisses me off. Prior to a few days ago, Chris Christie meant almost nothing to me.

    Now, I despise the man. Personally.

  177. Those Bridgegate emails reminded me of the Enron boys plotting to screw Aunt Millie. They reek of contempt for the “little people” who are just pawns in their games.

  178. Loved all the comments Crispy Creme. Hoping this tanks him for ’16.

  179. Not good for Christie:


  180. Me too NES!

    Don’t you just love, love this photo? 🙂

  181. I wonder if there will be lawsuits. There was that one senior woman who died as a result of the bridge holdup. Probably more emergencies didn’t end well either.

  182. I do love that photo! Hill’s hair looks fab btw.

  183. Hey all you Lebanese! Lily Tomlin was finally able to get married after 42 years with Jane Wagner!

    Here they are in 1971, the year they met.

  184. I saw that the other day and congratulated them on FB.

    Wonderful and sad at the same time. (Sad, because I have had a crush on Lily since I was 10, watching Ernestine on Laugh-In. I even named my third cat after her. OK, so that’s a stretch, but still, I have had that crush all this time.)

  185. Did you know she’s VERY close friends with Meryl ?

    Hey, sorry that crush thing didn’t work out for you. I always loved Lily and glad to hear some news about her. I looked for her on twitter once but couldn’t find her. I never knew if she was lebanese or not because I never thought about it. I was always just awed by her talent.

    Edit: I just noticed that I do follow “Tominandwagner” but they haven’t tweeted in so long, I forgot.

  186. Love Lily Tomlin. Love her movies, Laugh In, her stand-ups. Remember the movie Nashville, when all these women think Keith Carradine is singing a song to them and he’s really singing it Lily’s character, who he’s in love with? That was a great scene.

  187. Laugh In was a blast. I think she was at her funniest in 9 To 5.

  188. I loved 9 to 5. Best line: after they smoke the joint her son put in her pocket, “Everything tastes so wonderful.”

    I saw her on Broadway twice doing “Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe.” The original was in the 80s then they did an update in 2000. Jane Wagner wrote it and Lily played every character. What a team–an absolutely incredible team. I really am happy for them.

  189. Wagner wrote the shrinking woman too. Tomlin credits her for her success. Apparently Wagner wrote her routines too and developed Ernestine for her

  190. I thought the funniest part was her reaction to finding out she put the rat poison in his coffee.


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