RIP Clara Cannucciari of Youtube’s “Depression Cooking With Clara” – age 98

You know that nothing has moved me to blog again since last Spring,  but I simply must emerge from my sabbatical to honor this woman!

o478635cannucciari_20131201Something made me think of Clara Cannucciari of Youtube’s popular Depression Cooking with Clara, which I covered often here. This kind of mind tweak happens to me often, and it nearly always ends with finding an obituary. I hate when that happens but I suppose in some small way, it might be a ‘gift’ as well. After all, if I didn’t get that mind tweak to look her up, I wouldn’t be informing you of her death.

Clara died on November 29, 2013–peacefully in her sleep as she wanted. Her books and DVDs sold everywhere in the world and Clara not only showed us how to cook on the cheap during hard times, but she did it with delightful humor. More importantly, she showed the Kossacks who simply regard “old people” as a “drain” on society that the Claras of this world are far more productive than they are while they jerkoff in their parents’ basement on their parents’ computers, text each other when standing in the same room and use a Smart Phone in place of a brain.

I am sorry to say that this is a piss-poor obituary for someone who brought so much wisdom and joy to so many since 2007.

Here is her obituary at the funeral home, where comments can be added, if you are moved to do so.

Here is Clara’s first cooking video, after which Clara caught on like wildfire and many young people learned how wrong they were about the elderly, came to love her like a grandmother, and learned to cook for themselves in the process!

Here is her last show and her Goodbye to her fans (bring tissues):

You can also review all the posts I wrote about clara by clicking here. (scroll down)

Finally, here is the Memorial video Clara’s grandson made to inform of her death and show us more of who this wonderful woman was. RIP Clara! Today, you remind me of how much I miss my brilliant, wise and hilariously funny role model: My Mother. I would have far more likely wanted to spend the afternoon with you, Clara, than with a senior-basher who is hanging around with a dumbed-down degree awaiting a call from a CEO to tap him to be Lord Of The Company.

Learn, Children. Learn !

Bring more tissues, “On my 100th birthday, I will cook a meal for all of you”…. DO NOT PASS OVER THIS VIDEO!:


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  1. RIP Clara. Beautiful post Uppity.

  2. Wonderful woman.
    Clara reminds me of the old people that Mo Rocca visits and cooks with on “My Grandmother’s Ravioli.”
    Some-many-elderly women and men have so much wisdom to share; we’re really stupid to ignore that.

  3. I enjoyed seeing Clara’s videos when you posted them previously. Cooking was not on my Grandmother’s agenda, but she was part of that generation that knew how to survive and enjoy life without a lot of material things. Clara was lucky to have a grandson who valued her so much. I hope she rests in peace.

  4. How sad she is gone and yet how glorious that she made it to 98. My grandparents were also depression children. My grandfather died at 80. If he was still alive he’d be 96 now. My grandmother did not make it to 80. I figured it was because they went all those years with marginal nutrition, hardly any medical attention,and overall hard lives. Clara beat the odds.

    I am so glad you introduced her to us. I wonder if she realized how many lives she touched and what an inspiration she was.

  5. Aww, what a lovely post Uppity. I always enjoyed the Clara posts, she was an amazing lady. Ditto what Hugo said about her being lucky to have such a devoted grandson. I hope my mom makes it to 100. She’s 83 now and very active.

  6. Great post, Uppity. Clara’s grandson is a gem too. After watching the sweet video about Clara, I need to write to my guy now. I received Glenn’s Christmas card and was sad to learn that he had to put his wife in a nursing home. I’ve known Glenn and Helen since 1982 when I met them in Libby, Montana, and we’ve kept in touch every Christmas since then.

  7. God only Loans these Angels to the world for awhile,As a blessing.
    Then he takes them back home. 🙂

  8. Thanks for a great post Upps.
    It is a wonderful tribute to a great Lady. 🙂

  9. “You don’t need a timer if you’re using your brain.” and
    “I had to quit High School because I couldn’t afford socks.” Magnificent!

  10. Sorry to hear this, but what can you say? She had a very full life and at a late stage in life became a star! God bless ya Clara.

  11. Oh noes! RIP Clara. Nice memorial piece, Upps.

  12. I guess Hillary’s a she monster, crushing helpless men under her merciless, sensible heels.

  13. Here’s a question I don’t see asked: Why in God’s name would anybody, in possession of half a brain, want to stop Hillary?

  14. Doesn’t the bible say something like ” a woman shall crush the serpent under her heel?”
    To quote Yul Brynner, “So let it be written, so let it be done.”

  15. She is not in the cover of the magazine; it´s just her name: Hillary.
    Powerful enough!

  16. bellecat, like Beetlejuice. Say the H word three times and she drags you to the netherlands.

  17. I bet the author’s pee pee got even smaller as he wrote the piece. If at all possible.

  18. RIP, Clara. She was the salt of the earth. It is amazing how spoiled we are today. Loved her cookbook, particulary the simple cake-since they didn’t have any birthdays back then and all. Reminds me of my grandmother–who told me that they nearly had their house repossed on Christmas Eve, and she sold some of her jewlery to the neighbors to keep the house. Loved the Poor Man’s Meal, too.

    As for HRC, the bigots of the world are just going to be beside themselves in someone with the vagina winds up in WH. OOPs I’ve said the word. I think it would be sorta funny in an awful kind of way if she did not run. Couldn’t you see the their heads exploding since they are already lining up to pile on?

  19. Here’s a question I don’t see asked: Why in God’s name would anybody, in possession of half a brain, want to stop Hillary?

    Exactly my question.

  20. The country that blows its horn about Equality is NOT AS ADVERTISED.

  21. Who will get us off this Island now??? The “Professor” died. He was 89 years old.–abc-news-tv.html

  22. Here’s a great tweet.

  23. PRICELESS 1981 news report about the (GASP!) internet thing

  24. Haha! Love that Uppity! “Won’t be as spiffy as the paper….” haha!

  25. Nun in Italy gives birth, says she had no idea she was pregnant, names baby after the Pope.

  26. Wonder why HuffPo gives a rat’s ass about a little knocked up Salvadoran nun? Maybe they think this is another case of immaculate conception. Or, it’s just another opportunity to be snarky about Catholics. Oh well. I’ll just bet the little nun has done more acts of kindness than has that Huffington bat.

  27. Great 1981 video. We’ve come a long way quickly.

  28. Love NES’ tweets about Hillary and the comments about it. I wish I could think of something clever to say about it, but I’m speechless. Cannot believe these assholes.

  29. Forgive me Hugo but I can’t help it!. I’ll bet there is at least one man on earth who is grateful for that little nun’s act of kindness.

    As for nuns in general and acts of kindness–they are not all alike.

    Sr. Mary Benedict wouldn’t know an act of kindness if she tripped over it. I cannot wait until judgement day when she has to explain to God what a 6-year-old could possibly have done that they’d have to kneel on a slate floor, before the crucifix, for an entire afternoon, begging forgiveness from our Lord and Savior. I hope God hits her back with that ruler. However, given what I believe about God, her sorry ass will likely be forgiven.

    Sr. Catherine Grace, on the other hand, is completely different and was probably the kind of nun you were thinking about.

  30. I had a very close friend who was a nun. She was a blast. I think I mentioned this before. At Christmas I used to put on a habit and we would go shopping together and do lunch. I could get all my gifts tax free and then we would have lunch, and invariably the owner of the restaurant would refuse to give us the check. lol. We could cross roads against the light and EVERYBODY stopped for us. I actually DO have a photo of me in my habit somewhere. Alas, she passed on. But she was a good friend and a regular person in all ways when she was with her close friends she was comfortable with. Ii don”t need to tell you she didn’t try to recruit me. lol. Some of the best meals I ever had were in a convent, let me tell you. What really pissed me off though, was how the nums always did the grunt work for the priests, who were more than willing not to share the glory. Old priests retired to some very nice facilities. Old nuns just worked till they died.

    I was raised catholic more or less. I knew some pretty good nuns and some pretty awful ones. Ditto for priests. They’re all just human, I just wish some of them wouldn’t pretend they are more than that.

  31. Yeah Hugo I had a commodore 64, had just about every IBM PC, XT, AT, all the PS series. I saw it all happen. Remember when there was no windows and you had to write your own menus in DOS. Overall, I think the internet blossomed well, particularly in the 90s and early 2000s. Watching the sequence was so interesting. Unfortunately I think things have gone way to far and I am no longer so sure it’s a good thing any longer. I think our privacy has been destroyed and I think the internet is a fountain for the worst people in the world.

  32. Compuserve Ad. 31 years ago.

  33. Sophie, I know you can pipe in all all this computer growth talk. You and I have had some chats about that.

  34. Found this in spam. This spammer’s translator should be shot at dawn and hung at dusk.

    Youre so awesome! We you should not assume May possibly study something something like this prior to help you. Therefore good to obtain an individual and a few distinct ideas in this particular particular area. truly thanks meant for beginning the following upward. this site can be something that is definitely required using the web, somebody aquiring a small originality. helpful work meant for getting an item having their first go the word wide web!

  35. I have my nun stories, too. But, a pregnant nun just doesn’t seem like an international news story. The only interesting point I can think of is that she’s not being stoned to death or beheaded as she would be in some other religions. So, I guess it’s good news for her. I hope the Pope gets on a Vespa and goes to visit little Frankie.

    The last nun I had as a teacher went overboard in punishing me and I stopped going to church a the age of 13. Years later, I attended a wedding and at the reception, some woman started talking to me and she called me by name and was so happy to see. It was that nun, out of the old habit, using a new name, and in a much better mood. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she drove me right out of the church.

    But, I did get a high quality education from those cranky women.

  36. Uppity, that video reminded me of my first pc–the IBM PC Junior. Life was much simpler then.

  37. Speaking of Catholics and computers, does anyone here remember lighting virtual candles for Hillary back during the 2008 campaign. There is a website where people can light virtual candles. I learned of it on one of the pro-Hillary websites, but can’t remember where.

  38. Hugo I can’t site the current press on the nun thing, because I recall quite a few years ago when a nun got pregnant and swore she never had sex, gave surprise birth in the convent…. and it WAS in the news and in the newspapers, at least ours. I think they later made a movie about it. So it’s not a new thing to see these things covered.

  39. Hahaha Hugo remember the Radio Shack TRS 80s? AKA Trash 80/

  40. No, don’t remember those, but I think the ex’s son had a Radio Shack PC back in the late ’80s. My next PC after the IBM PC Junior was a Packard Bell. That was thrilling compared to the Junior.

  41. Remember when there was no windows and you had to write your own menus in DOS.

    I remember that too. And TRS 80s. I remember chatting in an AOL chatroom at a DOS prompt too! (Back when AOL was cool. Yes there was a time!) I had a CompuServe account too as well as a local BBS. I tell my niece and nephews about the old days, when there was no WiFi and it was slow, and you had to type everything. Hell, they never knew a time without cell phones and without wireless remotes. They wonder why I say wireless remote. It’s just a remote. They’re always wireless.

    And this was what it sounded like:

  42. Ok, this is cool in a geeky kind of way. This is the sound of the modem explained:

  43. When i got my first email account on aol, I loved hearing this sound:

    My first home computer:

  44. I’ll never forget my engineer husband brlnging home his first PC.
    I took one look at the ugly thing and said, “Who the hell would want that?”
    That’s now how I shop, read, research, learn, keep in touch and comment with all of you lovely people.

  45. I used some kind of computers at my jobs of course, but never bothered to look at what they were. I didn’t get my first computer til the late nineties and it is one of those cute old apples that looks like an old tv and came in different colors. I still have it, and still love it. I had a dial up of course, but loved doing things on that old mac. I miss those simpler days, and agree with Upps that the internet has gone too far.

  46. imust, how do you post photos or images here?

  47. socal, I can do it because I’m a mod and post through the dashboard. I don’t know how to do it on other blogs.

  48. My first home computer, Commodore 64, I hooked it up to an old B/W TV. 1.023-MHz processor, 64 KB of RAM and 16-color graphics (woot!). Cassette tape driver, with a whopping 1200 baud, meaning you could go eat your lunch before you completed dialing in. It remains the best-selling computer of all time, 17 million sold.

  49. Love it! Wish I’d thought to take a picture of Madame XT. She was my second. My first was an interesting IBM knock-off from a catalog. Madame XT started with one 5-1/4 floppy, 512K RAM, amber/black monitor. She went on to acquire a second floppy drive, 640K RAM, a 10 MB hard drive (still the most expensive per byte drive I’ve purchased to date), and a 300 bd modem. She never had a mouse and she wrote to a daisy wheel printer. She was eventually replaced by a 386 (DX, if you remember!) with a 600 bd internal modem, color monitor, mouse, the works. Woo Hoo!

  50. I remember the DX but didn’t have one. If you had that XT it would be worth some bucks as a collector’s item. Same for the Commodore. 10 MB hard drive. That was big then! How about those dot matrix color graphic printers. Forget what they called them. It’s on the tip of my tongue. click click click took 5 minutes to print one pie chart! The clicking would drive you batty. Inkjet forefathers kind of. And do you remember the first scanners? They called them document readers and some of the characters came out as garbage. The first Commodores were $600! We’re talking the 80s here, that’s like $1600 now. Or more! I did have a DELL that had a 33 mz processor. Couldn’t afford the 78! I remember I paid $2400 for that machine, it was a crappy 386. Damn hard drive made a cranking sound. lol. Whoa,we have come a LONG way. I remember when they came out with 500k RAM! I thought it was like flying to the moon! I was amazed! And the 3.5 disks. Whoa! Gawd, Sophie, we’re old.

    You know, I still use AOL mail. The reason i do it is I can drag emails into directories for storage. I have a zillion directories, even food ones. All organized and I can’t get that anywhere else. Wouldn’t use their browser if you held a gun to my head. bloatware, but I guess there are still ten people or so who are addicted to all those dancing clowns on their screens. Still, like you said, there was a time. AOL was a forerunner, gave us chat and search abilities, and all kinds of other bells and whistles for idjits. They did manage to make things easier for the technically impaired though, and brought a world of ignorami to the internet.

  51. I have to laugh at that pic I posted of the 64. Looks like the owner lived in a rathole but he had a $600 computer.

  52. Do you think this video was really made in 1969, or was it made to look like it was?

  53. It does appear rather crisp. I think in 69 they may have still used reel film. Should be at least a little faded and grainy by now.

  54. Uppity, I learned about Clara through you. Loved her videos and her matter of fact approach to life and taking the time to do things the right way. One of my favorites was her picking dandelions in her yard and making a salad. I kept wondering if the neighbor’s dog had been over recently.

    I enjoy this guy too.

    When my FIL passed we found the family “stirring stick” (like in the video) in the basement with the big pots and such for canning. I heard of it but somehow envisioned something less hardy. lol

    Glad to “see” you again. RIP Clara.

  55. Oh isn’t he CUTE! Reminds me of my grandfather’s accent. “afta you peekupa yo tomayta!”

    Linda, it’s always GREAT to see you! I hope all is well.

    Clara reminded me so much of my grandmother and my mother too. My mother was a depression baby and she used to tell this story of how they would get a jelly donut as a treat and they cut it in five pieces for the 5 sisters–and you were the lucky one if you got some jelly!

    my brother and I would often say to her when she started telling a story…is this going to be like the jelly donut cut five ways thing? And we’d all laugh.

    And I’m a dandelion lover and I don’t give a crap who peed on them!

  56. I gotta tell you one about my grandfather. He would sit me on his knee and peel a fresh peach and cut it up with his pocketknife…and drop it into his home made wine (which by today’s standards could take the rust off chrome). Then he would feed me slices so I would take my nap.. Oddly, I have a lot of pre school memories.

    Anyways, he once told me a story that entranced me. Except I didn’t want to interrupt him during his story of Jack and the Eeezeekela…to find out what an Eeezeekela was. So I went home and asked my mother what an Eeezeekela was and she said where did you hear that word? I said, Grampa. He told me a story about Jack and The Eeezeekela. She said, tell me some of the story. So I did and she cracked up. She said, That’s the story of Jack and the Icicle!

  57. Hey gang, for those of you who don’t know Linda, you might want to check out her place

  58. Love “Jack and the Eeezeekela”! But what happened to Jack’s bean stalk? Or is this another Jack?

    My grandmother made a delicious dandelion wine. It must have taken her days to pick it all. What backbreaking labor! In most neighborhoods these days she would have a hard time finding enough to make a salad. Every time I see a rogue dandelion in a yard I smile and cheer it on.

    Thanks Uppity! BTSN moved and got a face lift over the last couple of months. For health and sanity, I had to stop focusing on politics. It and our media have become a dead end game (imo). So I decided to applaud and encourage what will make a positive difference to our future – the mostly ordinary people in this world who become change agents and problem solvers because they are open to possibilities and care enough not to accept the status quo.

    We are soooo deeply f’d, ah, messed up financially, environmentally, etc… But we have become so addicted to reactive not proactive thinking… I may be dead in the water with BTSN, but at least now I feel like I’m doing something proactive to help turn the tide.

    And I may be wrong, but I think Clara and her videos were slightly ahead of our time. There will be an incredible hunger for her knowledge in the years to come.

  59. For our girl. 🙂

    Group *hrc* Candles – Light A Candle

  60. You do know that gratefulness is generally used for the ill or dead, right?

  61. Linda, i know what you mean about moving away from politics. who can stand it any longer?

    And there will be no claras left by the time they figure it out. They will have killed those “drains” on society off. And then one day it will be their turns…

  62. I first learned of during the 2008 campaign. I think there was an HRC group then, too. It may not help, but it can’t hurt.

  63. Love the Clara post — so sorry to hear that she passed away. Lovely tribute from her grandson — special runs in that family in the best of ways.

  64. This is really sweet. Barbara Bush says she loves Bill Clinton because of how nice he is to her husband.

    [sigh] I miss Bill Clinton.

  65. imusthavepie,that might -might- make me forgive Barbara for her comment after Katrina.
    My husband thinks I love Bill because he was smoking hot but I always loved him because he was smart and good hearted.
    Now, I love his wife even more.

  66. I think I put a recipe for dandelion syrup in the recipe tab years ago.

  67. Socalannie – would love to have the recipe. I tried to find it in “uppity Recipes” but no luck. Could you post it again? I wish I had my grandmothers dandelion wine recipe.

  68. Yay!

    PS: I hate the photo they use though–completely unrepresentative of the person she really is.

  69. FYI, todaytomorrow, January 24, is National Pie Day.

    I believe there are some here who would not want to allow this day to pass un-commemorated.


  70. Did someone mention PIE?

  71. Happy Pie Day to the apple of our pie, imust.

  72. Today is actually the 24th. Pie People, see header.

  73. I got a great apple pie from the old folks next door. It’s been so frigid out, there is no way they could go out there. So I brought them some beef stew as a front to check up on them and see if they needed anything. In turn she made an apple pie. Fair trade for Pie Week!

  74. NES, I’m not sure how I feel about a superpac with Jim Messina in charge of it, or of the fact that she has Obama’s “tacit endorsement”. I’ve always seen Hillary, like Bill, as a moderate in many ways, except, rightfully, when it comes to human rights for EVERYBODY.

  75. Love the header!

  76. Love the header too! Good one FF!

  77. Fair comment and understandable reservations, Upps. Still O’s endorsement, double-edged-sword that it is, is necessary to bring the Obots to her camp, or at least chill their desire to jump on a rival’s bandwagon. You agree?

  78. I effing hate, hate, hate this NYT magazine cover coming up. WTF!

    Those bastards at the NYT definitely hate her. More of MSM’s misogyny and CDS on display.

  79. You agree?

    In a word, No.

  80. I sowwy Sophie. I didn’t mean to make you post an embarrassed emoticon!

  81. If Hillary runs I hope she will not bring on the weirdo Jim Messina, or anyone else from the Obot camp. They simply cannot be trusted (think Patty Solis Doyle) not to mention, they all make me sick!

    Another thing that makes me sick is that NYT rag’s cover.

    Sophie has no reason to be embarrassed for sending out the PIE signal. Every day is Pie Day in my book!

  82. Actually, I didn’t mind being embarrassed as much as it would seem because it gave me a whole ‘nother day to make sure I got me some pie. 🙂

  83. …or at least chill their desire to jump on a rival’s bandwagon.

    I wish. The Big Cheeto folks are already very strong for Warren and the comments are like 2008 all over again. Also seeing the big push for Warren on FB.

    I find myself torn between:
    “I want Hillary to be my president so much I am willing to do anything to make that happen”
    “Hillary, they don’t deserve you. Fuck ’em and become a billionaire on speaking engagements and buy yourself some legislation like the Koch Bros do.”

  84. Sophie you shameless pie hog!

    imust you are sooooooooooooooooo right. I would NEVER trust these creeps.

  85. Of course people like Messina and Doyle are nothing but money whores who will go wherever the money is. They have no standards and they have no principles.

  86. Who is Jim Messina? When I hear that name I think of the musician/singer/engineer/producer guy that was part of Loggins & Messina. But we are in Anaheim at NAMM Show, so we are immersed in all things musical.

    Am glad to see you Right Coasters posting. We’ve talked to a lot of New Yorkers and other Easterners this weekend and they all seemed in shock over the weather. One woman said they left 3 degree weather in NY. It was 80 here today and I attended the night concerts (outdoors) in jeans and short sleeved tee.

    Stay warm Uppityites!

  87. Sounds brrrrrrrrrrrr in NY, Upps. If it gets too cold, I’ll cuddle you warm.

  88. Ugh on the Big Cheetos and Warren. They deserve each other, but it’s not good news for our girl. I don’t trust to take a side step for Hillary, but we shall see.

  89. Erratum: “I don’t trust Warren to take a side step for Hillary, but we shall see.”

  90. Warren will be a great help to Andrew Cuomo for the right deal. She’s going to be the turd in this punchbowl. I could be wrong but let’s bookmark this comment for posterity.

  91. Yes NES, I bet you are very capable of cuddling me warm.

  92. Socal Messina is Obama’s right hand lacky.His chief of ooerations for a couple of years and now chief of the operations that will try to control what Hillary does and says, especially, I bet, what she says about Obama. Over and out.

  93. O

    ne woman said they left 3 degree weather in NY. It was 80 here today and I attended the night concerts (outdoors) in jeans and short sleeved tee.

    Shut up.

  94. You just know I have most of those quotes committed to memory, Nes. 🙂

  95. Uppity said: “I could be wrong but let’s bookmark this comment for posterity.”

    rofflllll What I like…no false modesty about our Upps.

  96. Me too, Upps, on the commitment to memory part…but, it’s still a deeelight.

  97. Couldn’t agree more: turd meet Warren in the punchbowl.

  98. Anyone here watching the Grammy’s?

  99. It’s still Red Carpet time on the West Coast.

  100. I never heard of Kacey Musgraves before tonight and I’m not a big fan of country music, but…this was outstanding

  101. I loved that too Sophie (just saw it in Calif.)…..soo cute! Nice transition from “Radioactive – Radioactive”!!!

  102. Remember to get your eyes checked.

  103. I like it. And that says a lot from someone whose only favorite country song is Were You Born An Asshole.

  104. …………..ANDDDDDDDDDDD of course I cannot resist!

  105. Someone should buy Michael Bucknole a dictionary and a grammar guide.

  106. Yeah and to make he worse he got some of the words said wrong. But remember, what kind of person would take the time to post the words on youtube.

  107. Doggie snow report coming up.

  108. Snow report. Taken less than ten minutes ago.

  109. Hillary on CSPAN now for First Ladies series.

  110. What a beauty. I hope she had a fun romp.

  111. Had to drag her inside as usual.

  112. RIP Pete Seeger

  113. Screech!
    (New post up)

  114. Hmm…..come up here and cuddle me warm, please NES? Freaking 32 below this morning. Sorry to hear about Clara. Dad is struggling to make it through the winter. He’ll be 97 April 3. Depression era kid, too. Dad doesn’t waste and keeps things others would find useless, but not Dad=”Maybe this can be used for something else.”

    Computers= I had one that did not even have a monitor! It was given to me by an insurance agent. Portable but a huge thing. He’d call in to the company headquarters, put the phone in some suction cups and they would send him back a policy for a client. The thing had a typewriter instead of monitor. Might be worth a lot today but I gave it away, too.


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