Pope Francis makes the big time

Nothing else signifies success like getting your picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone.


Full article here (worth reading even if only to see him compared to Bill Clinton).

So, Papa Francesco, I dedicate this song to you:


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  1. I am posting this here again. I’ve been listening to this on and off all day and this is how it’s done.

  2. That was a great rant!

  3. Schadenfreude

  4. Few did/do it as well as Prez Bill.

  5. Christie’s canaries are singing! That’s what happens when you throw the canaries under the bus. But as the saying goes…..it’s not over until the fat bird sings.

  6. Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy New Year! The Year of the Horse!

  7. Putting Pope Francis on its cover must be how Rolling Stone is trying to suck up after making the Boston Bomber its cover boy.

  8. LOL at Christie. His rats are abandoning ship.

  9. Wow Hugo, I forgot all about that. Maybe my mother was right–I only remember what I want to remember.

  10. Look what just popped up in my notifications.

    Happy 3 year anniversary to Uppity Woman Blog

    Obviously, it’s for you Uppity.

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

  11. I registered on wordpress in 2008, can’t be me. Gotta be you!

  12. Hmmmm…well. Yes, you did and there are the archives to prove it! But I’ve been around WP awhile. I wonder how they’re counting it.

  13. I registered on wordpress to comment here at Upps when laker was 15, cuz I put his age in my password. Laker is almost 20 now. Upps, did we have to register at first? I thought we posted for some time before we had to do the registration thing. Am I wrong?

  14. No I don’t remember making people register on this blog, socal, you probably had to register with wordpress to get a screen name, I guess.

  15. RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman, 46, dead of a drug overdose.

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