It Takes “The Villages” to Raise Joe Biden

I know the historic, best evah, SOTU speech is old news now. But it lives on in infamy thanks to this viral photo of our gaffilicious VP Joe Biden.

What would we do without Joe? He was put on the ticket back in 2008 to give Barry some foreign policy creds. Instead, he’s turned into a punchline.

Don’t get me wrong. I actually like Joe Biden. At least he’s real….well aside from the botox, teeth caps, hair plugs and whatever else he’s had implanted (I really don’t want to know.) When Obama and Biden appear together it’s like watching an old Rowan & Martin skit…..except unlike our prezzie straight man, Dan Rowan wasn’t a cold, arrogant…I should probably be more careful, [waves to NSA]…Dan Rowan was actually likeable.

So we should be thankful for Old Joe, he’s kinda kept us sane. Hey, if Jimmy Carter had teamed up with Biden instead of Mondale, maybe that whole malaise thing would never have happened!

These sweaters aren’t working for me……maybe if I had a funny sidekick?…..

So raise a glass (or two) to Vice President Joseph Biden!


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  1. imust, that picture is hilarious.
    Biden even looks a bit like Dick Martin.
    I’d have loved to see the breathalyzer results for those two behind Obama.

  2. I know too funny Sweet Sue! Joe’s the #1 photo bomber!

  3. Great post, imust!!

  4. Drunk or sober, I think Joe has more credibility than the less than one term US Senator who failed to ever hold a meeting of the sub-committee that he was assigned to chair. But, he’s not presidential material.

  5. Hugo, you’re right, of course, but, damnit, I want Hillary.
    I still resent Joe for how he mistreated Anita Hill.
    Some of us have loooooong memories.

  6. Oh yes Sweet Sue we do! I remember those hearings like they were yesterday. Joe Biden treated her dismissively. As in a *there-there little lady, what’s all the fuss about* sugar talk.

  7. I want Hillary, too. I hope Joe has the good sense to not try it again.

    I did not remember Joe’s role in the Anita Hill hearings. I also did not know about this movie. Definitely want to see it.

    But the trailer reminds me that nothing much has changed for women who make allegations of sexual harassment. I think the rule still is that women who make such allegations will be toast, but the organization will say pretty words about how they take sexual harassment seriously and do not tolerate it. Then the woman’s career get derailed.

  8. Hugo, the movie opens in theaters in March. As for Joe, he was chairperson or something. He was trying to walk a fine line of not offending because of Thomas’ race, but having to pay lip service support to women (Anita Hill). In other words, he didn’t want to upset the apple cart of base supporters. So, I think he tried to sound sympathetic (what he thought was sympathetic) to Anita Hill, but not questioning Thomas too hard (in other words, not really taking Hill’s accusations THAT seriously..wink…wink) so as not to offend African Americans. He just came off like a jerk IMO.

  9. That pic is hilarious. Stewart or Colbert did a funny bit on this during the past week.

  10. As I recall, there were two other women waiting to testify that Clarence Thomas had sexually harassed them and Biden refused to call them as witnesses.
    This may seem like an old battle but it’s all the same battle, over and over again.

  11. Yes Sweet Sue, you are correct. The only reason they gave Anita Hill even the time of day was because Thomas was nominated by GHW Bush. They didn’t really want a full investigation, like calling in other witnesses, it was a dog and pony show. Not to mention what the Republican side did to her! Orin Hatch! Arlen Specter!! I spit when I say their names. “I’ve been told….watch out for that woman!!” “Are you a scorned woman?” etc…etc….

    Check out this condensed version of the highlights, or lowlights of Specter’s questioning. Also note Chairman Joe Biden’s weak, weak leadership of the hearings. Specter walks all over Biden. Or you could say, Biden didn’t put up much of a fight.

  12. You forgot to mention that dirtbag Alan Simpson, Obama’s darling. Not to mention Joe “Women are like that” Biden.

    Correction:Sue remembers Joe.

  13. And yeah it is the same battle, and some of the same bastards too. They should all just be sucked down bodily into hell.

  14. Hugo, I wouldn’t vote for Joe Biden if they put a gun in my mouth. In addition to being a closet misogynist, and a bigot, he dropped out of one of his campaigns for president because he got caught plagiarizing. I think he hasn’t got a sincere bone in his body. I also do not think he’s very bright.

  15. Democrat superbowl ad

  16. Uppity, I forgot about the plagiarism too. Yet, I still like Joe more than the zero POTUS. With that said, I would never vote for Joe. In 2016, the only person who gets my vote for POTUS is Hillary. If she’s not on the ballot, I’ll just stay home. I will definitely never vote for another Repug.

  17. Interesting video, Sophie. The talking heads were mentioning Ryan and Rand as potential candidates today. And that Canadian guy–Cruz. The GOP has a whole bushel of a–holes to pick from.

  18. It’s so much more fun to watch FOX when it’s someone else being blitzed & sacked! #SuperBowl— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) February 3, 2014

  19. Just curious as to whether or not anyone here read the open letter from Dylan Farrow (re: alleging that Woody Allen abused her).

  20. I’ve read some excerpts from that and find the whole thing curious. The night that Allen got some life time achievement award, Ronan Farrow tweeted about Allen allegedly abusing Dylan. A few weeks later, Dylan writes an open letter. Ronan is getting his own show on MSNBC. The timing is interesting. The bottom line is that if she believes she was molested, she should go to the police, not an NYT blog.

    I also find it interesting that these allegations re-surface just a ew months after Mia Farrows brother pled guilty to two counts of child sexual abuse in Annapolis, MD. He was charged with many more counts, but took a plea deal. So, the only convicted child predator in this is Mia’s brother. No tweets or open letters from the Farrows on that topic.

  21. Yeah, Hugo. It’s weird. It’s hard for me to be objective here because I never thought Mia was wrapped too tightly.

  22. Apparently, the Coke commercial is causing quite the kurfluffle!

  23. I agree, Sophie. She’s an oddball. But, I liked her in Woody’s movies.

  24. Check out this screen snap of the comments on Coke’s FB page because of it:

    P.S. I don’t think much of Carbondale, PA at this point!

  25. I like the Coke ad. Must be right wingers whining about it.

  26. The whole Internet is a-buzz with love for Hillary’s tweet!
    The Super Bowl is over, and Hillary Clinton won
    At the moment, 48,464 Retweets and 33,531 Favorites
    And rising!

  27. Yay Hillary!

  28. I don’t get the flap over that commercial. From an artistic standpoint, I thought it was pretty, and I like the song America the Beautiful more than our weird national anthem. I think AtB would be more appropriate as the national anthem.

  29. Love Hillary’s tweet. I liked the Budweiser comm with the puppy and Clydesdales and the one with Dylan/Chrysler. Dylan annoys me (he was a customer at the country club where I worked–omg what a diva!) and I don’t like Chrysler, but I thought the commercial had style.

  30. Joe should have been a Super Bowl commercial.

  31. @socal
    My fave was the puppy love.

  32. Feb 3 1959 – the day the music died

  33. Hiya mcnorman!

  34. Ah, I was just thinking of Shamalan’s, The Village. Or the movie Gaslight. It’s as if the entire country has been trapped in a psychological thriller involving brainwashing.

    “So we should be thankful for Old Joe, he’s kinda kept us sane.”

    Oddly, this is true. There are some things that blue kool aid just cannot wash away. Joe Biden is one of them.

  35. In honor of Scotland legalizing gay marriage:
    A round of single malt for all!!
    I have a case, Uppity, so you can take a bottle for yourself (like you usually do).

  36. I have been an incredibly vocal opponent of CEOs making several hundred times what the regular workers make. There are lots of reasons, but the biggest ones are that they’re just not worth it and the more they make, it seems, the worse the products get. So, of course, when do they take my advice? When they hire a woman, that’s when.

    GM’s First Female CEO Will Make Half Of What Her Predecessor Made

    Like Uppity’s sidebar widget says, “Just like men only cheaper.”

  37. CEOs aren’t compensated for great products. They are compensated for stock value and dividends!

    *Snatches bottle and runs*
    *Comes to screetching halt, snatches another bottle and runs*

  38. Gee, only two? 😉

  39. Two at a time……watch out!

  40. Seriuosly OT, but does anybody here-besides me-still watch Top Chef?
    I’m still fuming about the finale; talk about ” bros before hos.”
    I’ve said it before but this time, for real, I’m not watching that steaming pile of crap again. At least, not until Bravo replaces Collichio with someone who doesn’t think that women debase his “Craft.”

  41. Can’t wait to see Carville on FOX and I’m glad he left CNN.

  42. The James and Mary show would be a big Hit. 😀

  43. If you’re into old technology and music, here’s a new instrument:

  44. OMG that Hillary bought clothes article was crazy! Loved the tweet – that she also ate dinner before 2016!

  45. Two new cockroaches for you:

    A Tennessee couple face up to 60 years in prison or the possibility of the death penalty for the murder of a 5 year-old girl after they forced her to drink a large amount of soda and water leading to her death by “acute fluid/water intoxication.”

    According to WJHL, Randall Lee Vaughn, 41 and his wife Mary Lavonne Vaughn, 58, made Randall Lee’s daughter, Alexa Linboom, 5, drink more than two liters of grape soda and water over a period of two hours as punishment for taking two of her stepmothers grape sodas on New Years Day, 2012.

    Following the incident, Alexa Linbloom was found unresponsive and rushed to an emergency room, then later airlifted to Niswonger Children’s Hospital where it was determined that she had suffered major brain damage. Two days later, she was declared brain dead and removed from life support.

    An autopsy led to a two-year investigation which determined that Alexa’s death was a homicide as the result of acute fluid/water intoxication causing her brain to swell and herniate

  46. Hello from the BVI, Upps & all. Gorgeous place.

    Hilarious piece, imust. Dear ol’ Uncle Joe. The other day he told the press he couldn’t think of a single reason he shouldn’t run I’m 2016. Duh.

  47. Run Joe Run!!! 🙂

  48. I hope you’re all watching the Beatles tribute. This has been really outstanding.

  49. my roomate’s mother-in-law makes $83 /hour on the laptop . She has been without work for 8 months but last month her check was $19150 just working on the laptop for a few hours.

  50. Sorry. Couldn’t resist. I see that everywhere.

  51. Thank goodness Sophie. For a minute, I thought you got spammed!

  52. Shirley Temple has died

  53. Thanks, Shirley, for all those Saturday morning memories.

  54. We lost a national treasure. She cheered up America during hard times and was a great source of entertainment for many generations. I just loved Shirley Temple.

  55. I know I can’t post a picture here, but here’s a link to a pic of Shirley Temple with Eleanor Roosevelt.

  56. Great pic, Hugo

  57. RIP Shirley Temple. I also celebrate her as a pioneering female political figure. Here’s a good piece on Temple in that less celebrated second-career role:

  58. Lucky NES! Are you back from your trip? Sounds divine.

    Sophie, you had me there for a second when I read your “work-at-home” gag! Thought someone was spamming us or something! 🙂

  59. Attention Uppityites! Today is National Eat Italian Food Day! That is all. Carry on.

  60. Stay warm and safe, UW and all East-Coast Uppities. Hugs.

  61. Hiya socal, yes I’m back. It was divine. The BVI beaches (gentle sapphire blue water w/ white sand beaches) are exactly as depicted in photos. And, an unanticipated plus is that the BVI islands are wonderfully underpopulated (total population of appx. 28K) with very few tourists even during the high season (unlike the islands in the USVI).

  62. Interesting article on temples public service, NES.

    imust, I just had fresh mozzarella and grape tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette. I hope that covers my National Eat Italian Food Day obligations.

  63. Today is National Eat Italian Food Day!

    You mean to say that’s not every day?

  64. NES, where were you?

    And Hugo, What do you mean “obligations”?

  65. My obligation is to be fair in celebrating specific food days. If I celebrate National Doughnut Day and National Ice Cream Day, how can I ignore National Eat Italian Food Day.

  66. Hugo, I agree…..don’t ignore any national eat day! Especially Italian, and PIE!

  67. Happy Valentine’s Day. What Single Cats are doing today (mcnorman gave me this last year! been dying to use it1)

  68. In this country, just about EVERY Day is National Eat Italian Day.

  69. NES you dog! I’m buried in snow and you were cavorting in the BVIs!

  70. Sophie, in response to your q., I was in Tortola and Virgin Gorda (BVI), with a 1 day trip and overnight on St. John (USVI).

  71. Lol Upps! Hey, I was thinking of you every day.

  72. On this Valentine’s Day, I’d Ike to confess my love for MKB.

  73. Hugs to Upps and all on this Hallmark Day. Just kidding — happy Val Day all!

  74. Yes NES and I could feel you thinking of me every day too!

    MKB says he can’t say as he blames ya.

  75. Come on Spring. 😀 😀

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