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Chris Christie didn’t say this… “There’s an old Italian saying: you f— up once, you lose two teeth.”…but he could have! Governor Christie finds himself in a little mess right now jokingly called, Bridge-gate.

It’s a little scandal involving political pay back. We’ll have to see what the subpoenas uncover and just how many on Mr. Christie’s staff plead the 5th. The governor himself has pleaded the Sergeant Schultz defense, (“I know nut-thing!!!”) Meanwhile…while Christie awaits the fate of his staff lying comfortably under the bus…the bossman makes news again, because he’s in the news (??) I know, it makes no sense. But what does??? Let me try to explain. The New Republic ran a piece detailing the alleged scandal and included a photoshop of Christie looking a lot like Tony Soprano.

Where’s my cannoli?

Then The Blaze asks whether the photo of Christie is…..wait for it…..raaaaacist!!!! Thus a new controversy is born! I don’t know. I’m writing this post to get all youse Uppityites to chime in, (including the blog mistress herself!) Is it racist? Is it offensive to Italian-Americans?? My guess is it wasn’t offensive to Chris Christie, he probably liked the comparison! What say youse?(Youse is Jersey-talk for you…in case youse guys didn’t know. Wait, was that racist?)


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  1. “Is it offensive to Italian-Americans??”

    LOL! In all seriousness, my husband once tried to defend me by saying, “my wife’s not crazy, she’s just Italian!” Now that’s racist.

    Hmm, so what’s worse as far as running this country goes? Little Corrupt Chicago or New Jersey? Maybe we should just cut the crap and invite the Italians over. At least the real mafia has standards and rules.

  2. Lol insanity. So true!

  3. Great piece.
    I’d love to be Eye-Talian, but I ain’t…still, for what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s rayyyycist.

  4. Yeah, I didn’t think it was raaaycist either.

    Funny comment about the mafia at least having standards and rules. Our fearless leaders sure don’t!

  5. Not raycist! (100% Italian-American, no other mixed blood unless you count Sicilian as a mix, which some Italians do–raycists that they are!)

  6. Okay that’s 4 out of 4 voting not rayyyyycist.

  7. Lol, Sophie.

  8. I don’t care if it’s racist because Christie’s party is all about the right to say anything that comes to mind, political correctness be damned. So, they can just suck it up when the shoe is on the other foot. Plus, having organized crime connections might help him in federal prison. Maybe he can get meals from a Four Seasons Hotel like he did as a US Attorney.

  9. Ooooo…..dish it Hugo! What else do you know about Crispy Cream? Do you think he’ll actually get tied to this scandal or will he slime his way out of it?

  10. imust, I have disliked Christie ever since an audit found that when he was US Attorney under Bush 2, he plunked his big butt in posh hotels on the taxpayers’ dime. And, he got away with overspending on travel costs with no justification. The rightwing likes to bitch about feds spending money on travel and conferences, but Big Boy can book himself into the Four Seasons and it’s ok. Any other fed would be suspended and get their pay docked and lose all credit card privileges.


  11. And, I’ll add that, IMHO, it’s abuse of power when a political appointee, such as Chrisite was at the time, ignores established travel rgulations and refuses to use the same type of accommodations that rank and file peons are required to use. So, it’s not difficult for me to believe he would abuse power in some other situation.

    I hope he gets a subpoena soon. I’m sure he knows lying to the feds could get him a year in some other nice accommodations and a $1,000 fine.

  12. I didn’t know that about Christie, Hugo. Doesn’t surprise me though. He seems like such a thug to me, always has. The way he’s handled this whole thing is slimy too. Starts off denying and mocking, then acts surprised and angry…then “apologizes” in a 2 hr. pc. He not only threw his chief of staff Bridget Kelly under the bus, he trashed her by calling her a liar after he did it! If he did that all the while knowing that she was covering for him….well….that’s pretty low.

  13. It is low. He did accept responsibility, but acts as though he were betrayed. I’m not buying it because he hand-picked those people, and their jobs are to carry out his agenda. Somehow, they must have gotten the impression that dirty tricks and payback are on his agenda.

    At that level of government or any organization, the ones surrounding the big cheese just don’t act without thinking about whether the big cheese will approve. They clearly thought he would approve. So, that’s an atmosphere of his creation.

    Gonna be a long four years in NJ.

  14. I vote racist since I think ethnic stereotyping is as bad as racial stereotyping.

  15. I see your point churl. But, is the stereotyping by the people who compare christie to soprano, or is the character of Tony Soprano himself the stereotype?

  16. This discussion reminds me of an Italian co-worker who had a fabulous accent and who loved The Godfather films. It did not offend him that I hummed the Godfather theme song when he in my vicinity. In fact, he loved it.

    Americans love characters like those in the Godfather movies and The Sopranos. And look at who produced and stars in those productions.

  17. Yeah Hugo. Christie’s rep as a bully hasn’t really hurt him. I think it’s what a lot of people (not me) like about him. He probably likes being compared to Tony Soprano.

  18. Last night, I had a dream in which I was Hillary Clinton and my little daughter was dangerously ill. My husband was ineffectual and I was desperate. I got off our train and boarded another train to beg NJ Governor, Chris Christie, to save us. He immediately took charge, got us both on board and called the best hospital in New Jersey to get ready to receive us–STAT!
    All was well.
    By the way, Christie had lost at least one hundred pounds.
    Paging, Dr. Freud, what the hell could that mean?

  19. Wow Sweet Sue, I don’t know what to say…..I’m usually pretty good at dream analysis. Paging Dr. lorac!!!!!

  20. Dear Sue,
    The dream means you gotta stop eating sharp cheese before going to bed.

  21. A lot of people hate Italians. *Shrug*

    Fact, is, if it weren’t for Italian immigrants the USA wouldn’t have any roads or bridges. Alas they are all crumbling now because no immigrants are bothering to rebuild them. And all those Italian-hating mayonnaise faces would still be eating meatloaf every day of their lives if it weren’t for our MASSIVE culinary contributions. Furthermore, we’re all hot-blooded and good looking and they are jealous. We also tan well. Basta.

  22. Sophie, Sicilians are not Italian. Heh.

  23. True that! Italian food is the best!

  24. Thank you imust. I rest my dago case.

  25. As one who READ Puzo’s Godfather and became informed with respect to the manner in which Vito Corleone dealt with bullies, himself a CIVILIZED person, it seems the nuance of what made him the GODFATHER is lost on the fools who haven’t completely thought through the Payback thing. As I recall, the Godfather did you a favor, asking nothing in return except loyalty. If, through some twist of fate, that benefactor came to be, himself, in need of special care only you could be trusted to provide, the Godfather did you the honor of coming to you for your help, trusting that you would – in your own way – move mountains for him as he did for you, and be grateful that he thought enough of you to entrust this mission into your capable discretion.

  26. Well done, Ann.

  27. And in honor of the title of imust’s post:

  28. ….And for you, Lorac.

  29. Yay!!!!!!!!!!


    Time for the “Happy” Song! Because I’m Happy……

  30. Well if none of this works, I suppose we can chain her here.

  31. Yes! I vote chains!!!

    Lorac!!!!!!!!! Where did you go???????

    Come back lorac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Dang. All we get are cameo visits!!!!

    *Climbing up on high building, threatening to jump*

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