Happy Presidents’ Day!

What a Presidents’ Day that will be!


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  1. I can’t, I just can’t, not Hillary again. Too much water under the bridge…

  2. Sorry insanity imuststronglydisagree. The only bridge issue here, besides the GWB that Crispy Cream likes to clog up to get his jollies, is a bridge over troubled waters. Those troubled waters are ours and we need Hillary! I’m not READY for Hillary, I’ve been ready since 2008, and so was she. We’ve already wasted 6 years….no make that 14 counting the wasted GWB (not the bridge) years. Hillary 2016.

  3. imusthavepie, may it be so.
    My dream is that Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox will open the Inaugural Ball with “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves.”

  4. I love it imust!

    Sorry, insanity, but I am sooooooo with imust on this one. I have been ready since 1992 precisely because she did not stay home baking cookies. (I would bake her a pie any time she wants one!)

    Yes! Yes! (Sweet Sus & imust on Sisters!)

  5. I don’t usually link to HuffPo, but when I do…

    10 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Will Be the Next President

    America is ready for the leadership of a Hillary Clinton. A new history will be made when she becomes the leader of the free world. The world of women everywhere will change. America is ready for Hillary as President and Hillary is ready to be President, like no other.

  6. Just saw this on twitter and still4hill. New twitter campaign. 365 days of “Correct the Record” of Hillary Clinton.


  7. Nice imust! Enjoyed the links, sophie & imust.

  8. Oh, God. It is inconceivable that a package could contain a brain and a uterus. This is a job for a man…like Rand Paul (sarcasm alert).

    It is amazing that women are still considered a “minority.” The only places that we are a minority is in Congress. boardrooms, and Sunday Morning Talk Show.

    If HRC runs, I hope she does it because she wants to, not out of some misguided sense of loyalty for a party that threw her under the bus and now wants her to clean up after some man.

  9. Welcome to
    The World of Hillary Clinton
    Ready for 2016

  10. Istandwithimuststandingwithhillary!
    It’s time — way past time!

  11. ^ high five to NES!

  12. More importantly than being the first female President, I trust that HRC would distinguish herself as one of the most remarkable world leaders ever. First female is just the whip cream and cherry on top. Our current POTUS is a big first, but is also a big flop.

  13. Yes, but won’t it be nice that our first female president will be so amazing!!!

  14. Yes, imust. It’s way past due. Luckily, we have a potential candidate who is that and much more.

  15. I’m new here following your link from the Widdershins but darn the sooner Obama is gone and we can get Hillary in there the better!! I feel like the rest of you that we’ve wasted 8 years on him doing little to NOTHING.

  16. Welcome Ga6th Dem! Sorry you spent some time in spam, but that only happens the first time you comment. (Or until our moderator kitteh Bill gets in one of his moods!)

  17. Welcome Ga6th.

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  20. Wow lorac!! You win the world’s record imust_________! I am so J! No…….imustbesohappythatloracisback!!!!!!!!!!


  21. Hi Aunt Lorac! Wants me to knock yer butt in da snow and lick yer face all over?

  22. Thanks everyone. Is that a sheltie? I love shelties. We had one for 11 years until he died last year. It broke our hearts.

  23. No, she’s a Rough Collie. Mistaking her for a Sheltie would be a grave mistake because you wouldn’t want her to sit on your lap.

  24. An easy to way to distinguish a Sheltie from a Collie when not seeing them in person (which makes it simple considering the major size difference) is to look at the head, particularly the muzzle. Sheltie has a shorter muzzle with respect to the head, with a deeper curve between the eyes. The Collie has a longer muzzle with respect to head size — and the muzzle is broader and more cylindrical, with only a subtle curve between the eyes. This is due to the Borzoi influence that occurred when the Queen fell in love with Collies and decided they should look more suitable for a Queen, so she imported Borzoi from France to get to know Collies in the Biblical sense.

    Ah I know you all just love my educational trivia that holds no value in your lives! You know I cannot resist these useless Public Service Announcements!

    In any event, if your effort to distinguish which you are looking at still fails, just yell “Timmy’s In The Well!!!!” and see who runs. Or……place the dog on your lap and check for bone breakage.

    Needle-nose Borzoi Muzzle

    Needle-Nose Collie


  25. LoracDarlingWelcomeBack! Yayyyyy, lorac is home.

  26. Wow Upps–thanks for the Sheltie v. Collie discourse. Very interesting.

    Needlenose is definitely one I’d stand in the snow to look at. XO to her.

  27. Well you’ll find her standing in the snow herself any day she can.

    Geeze, you used to say you would stand in the snow to look at me. Now it’s my dog. Sigh…

  28. And by the by, NES darling, those Greyhounds aren’t short on the needlenose either.

  29. Ha! Upps, anyday in the snow for you (in an avalanche too).

    Yes, noses on greyhounds!

  30. Lorac will be so J. I am so pleased.

  31. Lorac!!! Where are you??? Needlenose is looking for you!!!

  32. imust, maybe a Puppy Beg Shot will help?

  33. Aw, she just looked so much like my sheltie and I couldnt tell the size being up against snow and all. When we used to take our Sheltie out in public people would come up to us and say Mini Collie and we would have to gently explain that there is no such thing as a Mini Collie and that he was a Sheltie.

  34. Lorac! Good to hear from you! Wish you would drop in more often. Laker is fine, getting good grades in school, playing guitar & piano, hanging with friends. Hubs & I are fine, going to Cancun this spring for 25th Anniversary. What is new with you?!?!?

  35. Hi Ga6th! I saw you over on Widdershins.

  36. I wish I could play in the snow with Needlenose.

  37. Yes Ga6th, “mini collie” is a remark all Sheltie owners are forced to endure from the dumbest amongst us. lol.

  38. No no no, socal, you do not want to play in the snow with her. She will charge at you and knock you on your ass in a pile of snow and then stand over you and laugh her ass off. She will pull on your outerwear and either drag you or rip your coat. You will then give in and start shoving snow in her face, which makes her even happier. In fact she will be so happy she will bark and bark. And circle you with glee. And bark and. Bark. And since she will be very close to your ears, you may not come out of the experience with full hearing. she will appear to run off till you try to get up and then she will come back to keep you there. Should you manage to get up….Do. Not. Run, as she will herd your ass wherever she wants you to go. And Do. Not. Giggle. This gives her great joy and you may never make it back inside.

  39. Haha! Still sounds like fun to me! I used to romp in the snow with our German Shepherds and have the pix to prove it!

  40. :::::::::Waving to Lorac::::::::::::::

    Come back and say hi (and pretty please, before east coast bedtime).

  41. Did you guys see this?


    They do not even think that we are human. This is animal husbandry. I can not belive what they did to that woman in Texas artifically keeping her “alive” and torturing her family all for the sake of a poltical agenda.

    The same people who do not want government interferring with their lives have no problems raping someone else’s daughter a foreign object or interferring with an end of life decision.

    If Mr. Martin thinks that women are “hosts,” am I remiss in thinking that polticians are idiots?

  42. What a despicable man.

  43. Hi socal annie!

  44. If I were Senator Steve Martin’s wife, I’d probably kill him in his sleep.

  45. Another moron removed from the planet and an outstanding Darwin Award candidate: This guy was demonstrating to his girlfriend how safe guns are when they are unloaded. He put his own gun to his head and pulled the trigger. Unfortunately for him it wasn’t unloaded.

  46. Ha! Ha! UW. One of the comments on HuffPo was to ask if Martin sent his mother a Happy Mother’s Day card or a Happy Host Day card!

    The host/parasite relationship sorta blows the reverence for life stuff out of the water doesn’t it? Sorta like that grotesque thing in Texas where they kept the woman “alive.” The hospital did not have enough reverence for life to allow her to die with dignity, but I but they got a bill out to her family lickety-split. I bet if hospitals had to absorb the expense, this grandstanding would go the way of the dodo.

  47. LOL! Happy Host Day! Good one! AnneE, love your comment about this blowing the “reverence for life stuff out of the water” and the comparison with that godawful hospital in Texas. Well said.

  48. Upps, had you been married to Sen. Martin, you’d already be a widow.

  49. Pleased Gov. Brewer saw the light. Sorta says how draconian the law is if McCain, Fox Noise Network, and progressives oppose it.

    This legislation would have Balkanized us….

    Thanks for the comments socalannie, I have been into the Meow Mix again. It is a place I frequent on a regular basis, I am afraid.

  50. Socal, thanks for the link.
    One has to wonder, what’s wrong with the 20%.

  51. If you haven’t visited the Crimea (E. Ukraine) yet , it may be too late. Putin makes dick move. Can’t stand the troll.

  52. The 20% are Regressives who are still members of Move On. Often they comment at DKos. They also live in their mothers’ basements, fondling their pissant little remedial college degrees while awaiting the day when a CEO of a large corporation taps them to be Lord of The Company. Some of them answered the phone during the survey while their parents were at work humping it to continue supporting their lazy asses.

  53. Quite right, Upps!

  54. ^^ Upps, ROFLL

  55. Obama is pretending Pitin hasn’t already invaded Ukraine (Crimea) and is warning him against doing so. Lol. What an ass. Oh, yeah, and he’s characterizing the extant invasion of Crimea as “an uncontested entry.” What an asshole.

  56. “Uncontested Entry”. I just love this jackass’s euphemisms designed to cover up his tendency toward Avoidance as well as his perpetual ass position on a fence post. Remember the euphemism of bald-faced murderous terrorism: “Manmade disasters”? These sleazy euphemisms, thought up by the mental infants on his staff who still think Israel is persecuting Palestine and controls America (instead of China and Saudi, who REALLY own us), are loopholes Obama loves to use because they buy him time while he checks out which way the wind is blowing with respect to his own political gain. Despicable manchild.

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