March Comes Marching In

Some say the expression, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” began during the early settlement of the United States……

Still, the origin of the March Lion & Lamb can be traced even further back, to ancient times and those who watched the stars.

You see March begins as the Constellation Leo is crossing toward the meridian. Leo is the Lion. As Leo marches away, the Constellation Aries begins to rise toward the end of the month. Aries is the ram: What many lambs will become someday!

Our local weather reporters are going crazy because, for some reason, water is falling from the sky!!!

Local California Weather Forecast

What’s the weather like in your corner of the real world?


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  1. I am living in this beautiful little pocket of weather bliss. Seriously, we’re this tiny green dot on the map that has not been impacted by any of the weather around the rest of the country. Usually it’s dark, dreary, cold, wet, but apparently God decided to send the snow to Alabama this year and the rain to California.

  2. Just had to bring this great Uppity rant up from downstairs:

    Uppity Woman, on March 1, 2014 at 1:15 AM said: Edit Comment
    “Uncontested Entry”. I just love this jackass’s euphemisms designed to cover up his tendency toward Avoidance as well as his perpetual ass position on a fence post. Remember the euphemism of bald-faced murderous terrorism: “Manmade disasters”? These sleazy euphemisms, thought up by the mental infants on his staff who still think Israel is persecuting Palestine and controls America (instead of China and Saudi, who REALLY own us), are loopholes Obama loves to use because they buy him time while he checks out which way the wind is blowing with respect to his own political gain. Despicable manchild.

    There was a National Security Council meeting today regarding Russia invading the Ukraine and “Phone it in” Obama did not attend.

  3. Probably interfered with his Saturday basketball. Or they wouldn’t let him in with that fence post up his ass.

    Anybody remember when he was caught on mic before the election…telling Putin to just wait till he’s elected first….?

  4. Ayep Uppity:

  5. Here in the Mid Atlantic region, it has commenced to rain and all of the pothole patches have already crumbled so the snowplows can make them bigger tomorrow when the snow event is in progress. The DC bus and metro service for tomorrow has already been canceled and State Emergency Management is doing a robo call that tells everyone to stay off the roads tomorrow. Guess that means everything shuts down. The expectation is 14 inches which really is not a lot of snow until it’s mixed with a few hundred thousand morons trying to drive in it. Therein lies the state of emergency.

    Hope everyone stays safe and warm and enjoys the snow!

  6. Remember the time Obama campaigned in Europe for leader of the world? Wonder if they’d like a do-over?

    90 minutes on the phone with Putin yesterday and Putin rolls right over the Crimean border. They must have talked basketball.

  7. Hugo funny you should mention the roads. It must have been the extreme cold this year but our streets and roads are in horrific condition now. Major repairs ahead …everywhere!

  8. The roads have been a disgrace and snow plows just make the potholes worse. No money to fix those, but plenty to build casinos and a public boat ramp for all of the under privileged boaters to have water access. And federal money was used to fix selected streets in Baltimore–the ones used for the Grand Prix race. Gotta love the decision-makers.

  9. Yeah we have these HUGE airport plows too. I mean they rip the roads up, put cliffs at the end of your driveway. I bet we get more heart attacks in winter than anywhere in the country, just because Plow cliffs have to be shoveled out before anyone can go to work. The roads are horrific. Never seen anything this bad in all my life. Gonna take millions to fix it, and like you said, plenty won’t be fixed. I saw a pothole that I swear you could set up a three room apartment in it. Lots of broken axles and busted tires. People are really pissed off. Job security for public works people. Rip up the roads in winter. Patch the roads in summer. Worse part is, we had a MASSIVE road repaving program that cost a fortune and now it’s all ruined. What the plow people haven’t ruined has been ruined by the water department. They dig trenches and ‘forget’ to come back and fill the holes unless you complain LOUDLY and tell them you are going to call the press.

  10. Lol about the snow cliffs,Uppity. Same happens here, but it’s an election year so those are now a local issue. The current County Exc had a nice photo op pretending to dig one out in front of a 95 yo woman’s driveway. And, where we seldom see a snowplow, we’re seeing them every hour.

    There were 3 heart attack deaths during the last snow in Central Maryland. Sad because the snow melts but they’re still dead.

    As for the potholes, those are my highest spending priority after spending for public health and safety. Several years ago, my VW was wrecked by one the size of a bathtub. We have the infrastructure of a third world country.

  11. Hi all. reading sometimes but just running my arse off lately. I so need a vacation from life. I agree Uppity and Hugo about roads. Here where the snow comes down so bad you can’t see our roads get ripped to shreds by plows and frozen water mains.
    So one has to ask President Obama where are all these ” shovel ready jobs” he keeps squacking about. Hell the wrecking crew has made more shovel ready jobs in 3 months then obummer has in 6 years !!!

  12. 10 year old cat dumped at NYC ACC KILLING field. Has roughly an hour left to live. On todays Kill list. Needs pledges so New Hope rescue can pull the cat. Her face breaks your heart. Pls consider a pledge on this page. If she’s pulled, they will post a link to follow up with the pledge. They had her 10 years! May they burn in hell, starting today.


  13. Hi Utah!!!

  14. Wendy Davis won the primary. She is now the Democratic nominee for Gov of Texas!

  15. Yay!

  16. I’m DOWN with that Uppity rant! And, loved the replay of the “flexible” open mic moment.

    Nice post, imust.

    Hola! Utah!

  17. While we’re on the Obama flexibility theme:

    If Obama isn't walking bow-legged after the encounter w/ #Putin, he sure is flexible. What a guy!— NoEmptySuits (@NoEmptySuits) February 28, 2014

  18. Hi Imust and NES

  19. Hey Utah!!!

  20. Obama, president narcissist strikes again!

  21. Obama the feminist stands with women. Easier to stab them in the back from that position.

    And how about that Issa thug at the IRS witch hunt hearing? Since when does a Committee Chair get to shut off the mic of his co-chair? I hope Cummings can take steps to get Issa reprimanded. I don’t know the rules, but surely a Chair is not entitled to act as a tyrant.

  22. Hiya Upps my dear friend.

  23. Is there something horribly wrong with a mental health system that panders to delusional psychopaths, caring more about their rights than the rights of the people around them who are constantly in danger so long as these psychos continue to walk the streets in this condition? Nahhhhhh.

  24. And on an even more important note, a PETA member petitioned for a roadside memorial for chickens that were killed in an accident.–244344241.html

  25. The End of the World is near. Well Known manufacturing trade secret thieves, The Chinese, paid two guys $20 million for the secret recipe for Oreo’s cookie filling. Look for knockoffs soon and please note that the recipe includes Titanium Dioxide as a whitener, generally used to whiten paper and plastic goods. Yum.

  26. Looks like I am going to have to buy some more property. I will have to raise my own meat, eggs and grow my own food. Not that I am opposed to doing this by any means. I am pretty much a loner as it is but it seems to me that going shopping in stores for food is a recipie for your demise at this rate. Some scoff at China taking us down well I do not. The melimine in the dog food was just a test run to me.

  27. Utah, except the titanium dioxide has been used in oreo since it’s invention in the 60s, right here in the good ole USA. Milk with your oreos, anybody?

    China will probably throw in some melamine and lead though, as an enhancement.

  28. Yea I know about the food thing and you know me I am not a sweet eater so no worries that I would have an oreo and do not do milk either just saying. I find that combo revolting lol.

  29. Jaysus that lunitic in the video is the best reason for gun control. The type of control I have with the gun in my hand that is. This world is becoming more and more scary.

  30. Sandy Hook psycho’s father speaks out to The New Yorker. Claiming he knew his son would kill him if he got the chance, apparently it was better all those other people got it than him. Here we see yet another crazy little bastard allowed to walk the streets even though there were clear signs he was a crazy little bastard from a young age. Gun control is never going to do a thing in this country until we stop coddling crazy psychos and caring more about their rights than their future victims. And let’s face it, there are ALWAYS victims in the end. I could tell you a recent story right now that would curdle your milk. I’m talking about a TEN YEAR OLD, who is Norman Bates at 10, who has been carted off and put back on the streets over and over again because he’s a ‘minor’ and he hasn’t killed anybody yet. I’m talking about one very sick little bastard who WILL kill VERY soon and nobody can do a thing about it unless he actually succeeds.. If this psychotic moves next door to you, let me tell you, you had BETTER have a gun. But why bother talking about it? This country is riddled with sickos who will continue to be released after 48 hours simply because That’s The Law.

  31. Uppity, please tell me the 10 year old Norman Bates does not live near you.

  32. Much worse. He and his family moved into one of my apartments. First time on earth I ever evicted people in the middle of winter. THAT’s how bad it was.

  33. Yikes!!! Hopefully the little monster doesn’t know where you live!

  34. Ok then maybe it is not just me that thinks we are in deep shit these days. I have tried to figure out in my mind where the heck all these sick freaks are surfacing from but am at a loss. Is it lack of discipline ? Is it something in the air, water, food ? Is it vaccines ? I have even thought maybe it is just a normal metamorphisis that the human is going through at this time in our exsistance. I do not know what it is but what I do know is I see so many kids and I am talking elementry age who are heartless and cruel to animals and other kids. I mean devoid of compassion and feeling. It is dow right scary.
    I hear all this crappola about vampires and zombie appcolypse and think they really believe the shit and are starting to act it out. I don’t know Uppity but what I do know is I am armed at most all times and feel quite confidant that I am safe from these weirdos among us and further feel that if something were to go down with one of these wackos I would be the one to save many lives in a Sandy hook secenario. I am highly trained and not going to just shoot wildly and stupidly. I practice weekly these days so my aim is dead on and quick.
    Would I put away my guns ? Yes when society stops feeling sorry for killers and potential killer and aqddresses the real problems about why we have mass murders in this country. It is not the gun and it is not how many rounds that gun can fire it is the nut behind the trigger and it can happen just as easy with the bottle of propane sold at your local stores.

  35. I guess Upps now you not only have to screen your adult tenants for credit and back grounds but their offspring as well or no longer rent to couples with kids of any age. My rental is adult only and pets are acceptable .

  36. That’s scary, Uppity. I have a rental property too, and was worried about my previous tenants turning out to be drug dealers, but a killer child tops that. Hope you’re safe. I now have a property manager to deal with the current tenant.

    And, I’m totally in favor of re-instituting mental institutions. No family is equipped to handle a crazy person alone with zero help from law enforcement or mental health professionals. And that has been the situation for decades. You’re on your own until it’s too late.

    A lot was made about Adam Lanza’s father saying he wished the kid had never been born. Anyone who thinks he’s a bad person for having such a feeling needs to spend a few years dealing with a dangerous family member.

  37. While I agree with mental institutions I have to wonder what good they would do in todays world. I mean you can not forcably lock someone up as it is now. They can not hold you other then for observation right now and give you meds and release. If you choose not to take the meds no one can force you and it is a defense to the evil you do. How many cases are ” I did not take my meds” cases ?
    Mental institutions are a great plan provided we stop being bleeding hearts and lock the loons up !
    I just do not see it happening anytime soon because we have a “I can fix you mentality”

  38. Utah, unless you live in the home where the apartment is, you cannot specify “adults only”. This is a violation of fair housing laws. I also learned that the police have little recourse with a ten year old except to warn you privately that you have a psycho on your hands and had best do something about it. I If I told you the number of police calls and the things this crazy little bastard did, your hair would raise. This is a true psycho and the best they could do is cart him off for 24 hour ‘observation’. He also knew very well that nobody could do anything to him. However someone who will remain nameless did petition for him to be forced into the NY PINS program *person in need of supervision* and he is now not a happy little psycho because he’s being monitored. Of course his mother thinks that’s awful. Apparently she thinks people should just put up with the dear boy when he pulls a deer gutting knife on them, tries to choke one of their kids, or smashes their window in front of them. I was on pins and needles worried he would set the property on fire with babies in that home. I did get rid of them, but this time I lawyered up first. Lost some sleep for sure, since I was ‘harboring’ this dangerous person and if he did anything horrible, which he was perfectly capable of, i was somewhat liable if I took no action. Little bastard did some real property damage too. I just figure I’ll read the morning papers one day and read where he killed his family. hopefully the police will shoot him in the head before he kills anyone else. I’m not into it but if I were, I would say he is possessed as a minimum.

  39. Utah, you are correct about the limitations of institutions, but they do need to be there as an option when the crazy people have proven themselves worthy of institutionalization. Decades ago, it was possible to get someone committed for more than a few hours or few days. And there were hospitals to handle them. These days, the hospitals are gone and most general hospitals have limited psych beds even when the crazy person is supposed to be held. I do know someone who was committed for 30 days recently and she was shipped off to a general hospital in another part of the state. They sais she was too crazy for them and gave her cab fare. Her mother gave her money to stay in a motel. And that’s the best our system can do with mental illness.

  40. I know you can not legally rent to adult only but there are ways around it lol
    Upps I am sure you covered your ass here but do be very careful. Many times the parents of these little sickos are every bit as bad when they feel little johnny rotten has been wronged

  41. Eh, they are welcome to show up here to meet up with me and my Glock and my dog. I don’t Eff around. The police records alone will ensure i never see a day in jail. As for the apartment. Locks have been changed to building entrance and apartment. And I have a longterm tenant there who actually had that kid in a lock twice. These tenants love their home and they aren’t going to be threatened by some little shit. Good people. Anyways, bring it on, assholes. There is no question in my mind that his mother is his enabler. Has an excuse for everything and never, I mean NEVER acknowledges a thing to his victims, just as if they are supposed to put up with it…and pay for any damage themselves. She’s also very malicious and a pathological liar, and quite bad at it too. He Learned plenty from Her. I guess this is why she will probably be the first person he kills. Fortunately i have loyal tenants who looked out for the place and each other… and kept me abreast while my lawyer arranged to throw them out into the snow where they belonged. Like you said, you don’t get to do background checks on kids. Actually I’ve been pretty lucky with tenants’ kids. I am not going to punish them for one really rotten apple. The idea is to take action, which I did. My tenants and the neighbors appreciate that. I am not a lackadaisical landlord. I pay attention and they know it.

  42. Uppity, glad you were able to get rid of them. What horrible people. I know I’ve overly protected my kid, but this is why. The kids in the homeschool group that he was raised with are the nicest kids. We didn’t put up with any crap. If a kid or their parent did something objectionable, they were out. Period. A family threatened to sue once and we had to get more “legal” as the years went on, having everyone sign an agreement at the beginning of each school year, and the teens had to sign a special thing of their own, but we kept the group the way we wanted it, and it has steadily grown. Some years we had moratoriums on new members and had waiting lists til we figured out how to grow the infrastructure to deal with the larger crowd. We always managed to do so. Sometimes I really miss it. It was a good 10 years.

  43. Hubbie was just telling me what disrespectful brats the kids are at a school he is currently working on. I think its called Hamilton, and I think it was considered a good school decades ago. I wonder if imust has heard of it. Its on the West Side.

  44. No socal, I haven’t heard anything about that school, but of course….I’m a Valley Girl fer sure.

  45. Happy Pi day, Uppityites!

  46. Did someone mention PIE?

  47. 🙂

  48. Thanks for the great vid, Sophie.
    Happy St. Paddy’s day to all; don’t drink and drive.

  49. Sophie, loved that cartoon! We all watched it.

  50. Sophie:
    Right on sis! I’m ready and loove the video.

  51. Well Sophie, thanks again for the cartoon. I’m also ready for the constitutional amendment. Where do I sign?

  52. A Tale of 2 FLOTUS’. Both visit China.

    Here’s one:

    Mrs. Obama plans to visit the cities of Beijing and Chengdu, where she will speak to students and discuss cultural exchanges and the benefits of studying abroad. China is the fifth most popular country for American students studying abroad, and more students from China study in the United States than from any other country.
    Beyond her message on education, Mrs. Obama will join Madame Peng in a tour of the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. Mrs. Obama will then travel to Xi’an to see the Terra Cotta Warriors. In Chengdu, she will tour the Chengdu Panda Base, which houses approximately 50 pandas.
    The first lady will be accompanied by her mother, Marian Robinson, and her daughters, Malia and Sasha, something that White House officials believe will resonate with the Chinese people.
    “I think they understand the significance as well of family and of three generations of family traveling together, which I think the Chinese will appreciate, and will appreciate the ties and the bonds that the Obama family have with one another across generations,” said the first lady’s chief of staff, Tina Tchen.
    “This is a great opportunity for the Obama family to experience that, and I think for the Chinese to see that as well in an American family.”

    Here’s the other one:

    Any questions?

  53. Gee. No one could have predicted…
    Oh, wait.
    We did.

  54. A girl in Lakers homeschool group went to study in China. She was brilliant, learned Cantonese early, got her first two years of college credits done during her high school years, could sing and act–she was in several Shakespeare plays with laker, and sang the lead female role in Pirates of Penzance! And to top it off, looks like a super model, tall, slim, long limbed, beautiful thick blonde hair. We know of another kid thats going to study in China this year. I never knew it was such a popular place for students. I’ve been to Hong Kong & Taiwan, but not mainland China.

  55. Did you guys see Anita Hill on John Stewart? I think she has a book out or something. I love that she is going after Imbiben:

  56. Biden deserves it, the son of a bitch. I remember his bullshit during that Anita Hill -Clarence Pubic very well. That’s why I always call him Joe Women-Are-Like-That Biden travesty. I never liked Joe Biden since that hearing and I don’t like him now.

  57. Me too. It sickens me to think of all the damage that has been done by that creep (Clarence) all these years. If Biden hadn’t been such a sexist pig, maybe we would have ended up with a more reasonable, and intelligent supreme.

  58. Check this.
    The Clintons with Jimmy Kimmel at the CGI U 2014 Closing Plenary
    March 23, 2014 by still4hill

  59. Bellecat, thanks for mentioning that! Great articles, and it always makes me smile to see Hillary, Bill & Chelsea trying to make things better for all of us. I loved the title of their preschool program, “Too Small to Fail.” So cute!

  60. Uppity, laker & I were watching Colbert interview Jimmy Carter and laker was asking me about his presidency. Then he said, “he kinda sounds like Obama.” Didn’t you talk about that once upon a time?

  61. Well, March is going out like a lion, here, in Cleveland.
    Three inches of snow on the ground.

  62. I was wondering whether it was going out like a lamb or lion….thanks Sweet Sue!

  63. Socal, let’s put it this way: Carter was a great president if you think an entire country suffering malaise is a Plus, interest on a car loan at 21% is really cool, and sitting in a gas line on an odd or even day depending on your license plate number, watching a guy two cars ahead of you having a heart attack from the summer heat while waiting for a shot at the pump. IMO if Jimmy Carter had been re-elected, there would have been a mass suicide in the entire country, brought about by the idea of 4 more years of being chastised and depressed. In spite of this all, I thought at the time that Jimmy was a good man, albeit a lousy president. I had no idea at the time what a horrible anti-semite he is. Jimmy is also the guy who brought us ZBig, the guy who tweaked the Taliban and told them “God is on your side”. Back to the mood Jimmy Carter fostered: *ZBig is Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, also consults with Obama of course. He gave us more strife than just his daughter Mika-2nd video below)

    Here is a sampling of Jimmy in one of his stimulating moods. You will also note that nothing much has changed since he was president in terms of our government. The same horse shit fed to us by a president who did nothing about it. Just like now. Same lobbyists, same tune, same disregard for actual Americans, unless you include lip service. And of course, The Sky Was Falling And You All Better Shape Up was the tune then too.

    How Zbig created the Taliban

  64. imust, the weather here blows goats. I nearly got blown across Home Depot’s parking lot yesterday, the freezing wind was that strong. The worst march in my memory, barring none. I don’t expect april to be much better. All of this after a horrific, frigid winter.

  65. Brrrrrr Uppity! So that’s two, “Out like LIONS” then…….

    Our weather is nothing like yours of course, but it has been cold and windy the last couple of days with a little bit of rain.

  66. I wouldn’t even say Out Like A Lion, imust. I would say Out Like A Demon From Hell. I don’t even want to HEAR about Global Warming.

  67. Global warming my behind lol. We all know that went out and was replaced by climate change to cover up their lying butts. It was 70 degrees here on Monday and now it is snowing and freezing.
    Oh yea Upps I remember the Carter days. I had triple a credit and walked into Bank of America to secure a car loan and about pooped my pants at 20 % interest. I opted to withdraw my savings and buy a reasonable quality used one to run me a year or two until interest rates dropped. I also had a home financed on a variable interest rate that should have never climbed as it did during that time and learned fast a variable interest rate sucked and will never do that again. It was a veterans loan so was a good one at the time but taught this youngster a lesson early in life.
    Living in Los Angeles at the time we had the odd even gas days well, needless to say with 2/3 of the nations cars in Cali gas was almost never going to happen.
    I too thought he was a nice albeit naive guy he sucked as a President. I too have later on found out he is not the nice guy I thought he was.
    Jimmy Carter as a human blew goats as well as his Presidency. I do have to say that IMO Carter is still not as hateful as the bastage we have occupying the White House now and Roslyn was 500 times better the the white hating anti American FLOTUS we are suffering under now.

  68. Hey Utah, was it under Carter that they came out with those disgustingly smelly, constantly broken down diesel gas powered cars that nobody could get rid of two years later? Another brilliant idea. I avoided that one like plague just the way I am avoiding the hybrids today.

    And how about the bullshit coffee scare. It cranked up the prices of a pound of coffee to criminal numbers. More bullshit. I daresay that if Carter were president during the cold war, he would have had everybody building TWO bomb shelters. But then, he did get chased by a rabbit while in his boat. In the water. And he saw UFOs.

  69. Oh yes was that the K car ? I seem to remember folks running out to buy some such crap like that. I laughed my ass off like I do at the hybrid buyers of today. Listen we are oil dependent and oil dependent we will be until someone comes up with a replacement that works and can run as cheap and sell as cheap. So far all they shove out there is dumb shit like these electric/gas jobs that are still running on gas 95% of the time because the electric burns out right away. I do not know anyone that is willing to travel for 1 hour and plug in for 24. If I thought that was a good plan might as well go back to the horse and buggy.
    Oh yea the coffee scare that was fantastic. Ever notice there has to be a crisis and so many buy it ?
    All it would take is to look at the numbers meaning who is going to profit from the latest and greatest scare and most likely it is someone we dumb asses elected.
    Bomb shelters lol. That was a good one and I wonder if it is the cause of all these sink holes cropping up today lmao.

  70. No, the k car was just one more Chrysler ripoff. Iacocca on TV telling people if they can find a better car for the price, buy it. Half the country thought he was the cat’s ass and should be president, and he was sticking it up their asses after they bailed Chrysler out. And that was a gas car, not even a diesel. Imagine if it were a diesel.

  71. Geeze, I thought someone would give me a Jimmy argument. Someone who was actually there, sitting in a gas line in 95 degree heat with the engine off, or someone who tried to get a reasonable loan. Or someone who saw Jimmy’s Crises of Confidence speech and didn’t feel like jumping out of a window afterwards.

  72. Spoiling for a good fight were you ? lmao. I highly doubt any of us who lived through the Carter years and survived with anything in our wallets would have anything nice to say about that lol.
    Honestly if it was not the K car Uppity then I have no clue what car was making the waves then.
    Americans are a gullible lot when it comes down to it. We try to fix all the wrongs in the world and save the everything in the world while the rest of the world lives like they always have.
    I am 100% in favor of the Keystone pipeline and drilling here as well as fracking. I sincerely believe that we would not have the oceans polluted by oil if we were not forced to drill so many miles out in the deepest waters.
    I just do not and will not buy into all these scare tactics . I am however forced to live with a lot of the fallout because so many do buy into it.
    One day I will run out of good light bulbs and have to use those crap cork screw things I am sure and every other thing they ram down our throats in one of their grand schemes designed to create a good scare and get the mass followers revved up into another cause .

    And ah Hell Uppity you know you loved getting up at the crack of dawn on your gas day and thought you beat the crowd to the pumps only to find out once again you should have packed a picnic.

  73. OK. I’ll say something in defense of Carter. I like the 55 mph speed limit. People whining about gas prices these days need to think about slowing down to save gas. and those bitching about paying taxes could think about slowing down so our taxes don’t go toward scraping up the results of driving with reckless abandon. Rides in the Medevac to Shock Trauma are not free.

    Drive 55 to Survive!!

    (I’m willing to make allowances for states with wide open space and roads less travelled.)

  74. Hated the double nickle ! Never want to see that come back EVER ! I see you make the allowance for states out here where you can go for hours without seeing anything but road and trees. Fact is research was done and it was found it did not save as many lives or gas as it was thought to. My vehicle at 55 gets 1 mpg less then running 75. In the cities where it is stop and go I burn 10 times more then on the open road. I am so darn happy they killed the double nickle and pray it never comes back. If it did we too would get it. This country is convinced that a one size rule fits all.
    Our roads are 75 and 80 and 65 when going through a populated area and it is good.

  75. You drive 55 on the NYS thruway and they run you off the road and give you the finger, toot long at you, make gestures to pull over so they can get by, shake their fists, you get the picture. The harassment alone is enough to get you into an accident.

    It was good that the 55 mph limit was put into place, because so many people were in a trance driving aimlessly under Carter. It also gave people more time to peruse the landscape and find a nice cliff to drive over.

    We’ll run out of gasoline today just like we ran out of it in the 70s…..Oh wait, we didn’t. It was however, a great opportunity for federal, state and local governments to tack on outrageous taxes at the pump in the interest of saving us from going ‘dry’. Squandering it on favors, relatives in patronage jobs, trips and perks and signing contracts with friends, and other ways to rob us didn’t enter into the picture at all.

    That was at a time when jobs were still local. Stores were local. Manufacturing plants were local, groceries stores were close by. Everyone shopped “downtown”. You parked, you walked. There were no distant malls you had to drive to miles away from your home to get things you could get nearby. You know, before Corporate America created “Urban sprawl” and “consolidated” everybody into a spot of their choosing, bringing the people to the mountain instead of the other way around. Now people have to drive 40 miles to their jobs every day, so who exactly is to blame for using all that gasoline?

    It was also a time when the Japanese started eating our lunch in the auto industry because US auto insisted that nobody wanted smaller cars, even though they were buying them from the Japanese. By the early 80s, our lunch was gone and all the auto industry could do is whine whine whine. Just like now.

  76. Well Utah let’s hope they don’t decide to decide what your home is worth and take it without asking, or worse, frack near your backyard as eminent domain. Fracking produces toxic gases and some of them are explosive, as in Poof! Yer house is gone now.

  77. Utah getting up at the crack of dawn wasn’t nearly as much fun as finally reaching the pump before your next birthday….only to find out their allotment for the day is sold out. Ah well, I didn’t want to go to work anyways.

    Oooh. I gotta find DE’s post on how those putrid light bulbs nearly burned down his new house. I’ll update here when I find it.

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnd here it is!:

    I stocked so many incandes. bulbs, I will NEVER run out. I’m thinking once all my fellow migraine sufferers run out, they will pay a pretty penny for them on Ebay. Also, last year congress voted to unfund the Monitoring Of The Light Bulbs, so up YOUR ass, Jeff Immelt…all those GE curly bulbs made in China for 3 cents apiece and sold for five bucks………stick em in YOUR home and up Al Gore’s……….chandelier too.

    Just think of all the family heirloom ceiling fixtures that will be saved from the trash heap because CFL bulbs would catch fire under their closed glass.

  78. Uppity I do not believe they will just come in and frack on your land. Then again lol lots of things happen that used to be illegal. I am talking about all this land the government has stolen from the states in the past that is oil and gas rich.

  79. Most roads in Maryland are still 55mph, but several are 65mph. The reality is that most people think the minimum speed limit is 75mph in rush hour traffic while driving two feet off someone’s bumper. They don’t call the D.C beltway the Suicide Circle for nothing. The MD State Assembly just tried to raise the speed limits from 55 to 65, but failed.

    I’m thankful for 55 in my state. D.C. and Maryland topped the Forbes 2012 list of worst drivers. Maybe the speed limit should be 25 in these parts.

  80. I thought Nixon proposed the 55 mph speed limit?? Wasn’t that the same time that they “suggested” no one put up Christmas lights? I remember that being a depressing sight as most people abided by the suggestion.

  81. Nixon signed the national speed limit law, but Carter pushed for compliance ad part of his energy conservation policy.

  82. Oh Imust I remember that. I do believe I put my lights up anyway but it seems there were several years afterward that folks did not light up.I had forgotten that one. Yes it was very depressing. It seems that depressing folks is the name of the game in this country for the last 20 or more years more so then ever.

  83. OMG he even chastised people for Christmas lights? I don’t remember that one, thank God. What a horrible time that presidency was. What a grinch.

  84. I think 75 is a really unsafe speed. I wouldn’t mind 55 if they arrested people who harass people who follow the limit. It’s very disconcerting. I myself find 55 slow on highways but I am a law follower and would gladly do it if I wasn’t getting run off the road by people flying by me. I’m a supporter of 65 mph. In NY, the roads are far more peaceful at 65. 55 is just a crawl, just about a waste of perfectly good straight flat highway. The purpose of places like the thruway was to get places faster and more efficiently to begin with. Hahah on 25 speed limit, Hugo, it’s like with guns. The only people who would follow it are the ones who aren’t out to kill people with their cars. The people Forbes is talking about aren’t going 55, but you are.

    Incidentally, NY’s dysfunctional state legislators have a bill in committee since last year to raise the speed limit to 75. Hopefully, they will all be on the road on the same day when that happens. I think it will be a disaster in NY. All that will happen is the same yahoos who went 65 at a limit of 55 and who go 75 at the limit of 65, will now go 85 MPH and kill everybody.

  85. The weather here is just plain not improving. It’s all so dreary and depressing. And cold and windy. Ice pellets and a flood watch predicted for tomorrow. I am just so damned sick of it here I could spit. Mud and dirty snow everywhere. Snow banks STILL not gone. Awful, just awful. The power company is in it’s glory, selling heat with outrageous “delivery” fees. I haven’t been able to turn the heat off once since last fall. If ever anyone around here is suicidal, this is going to tip them. I read up ahead the weather predictions for the next two weeks and it’s just more of the same. We can’t even reach 50 degrees at noon. How’s it going for the rest of you Non Californians?

  86. Rainy, foggy, and muddy in MD, but the temps are in the 50s, at long last. I actually put two small trees outside today. It has been too cold for them until now. I’m trying to think of this rain as April Showers. Otherwise, it would be a depressing day.

    And the osprey who moved into the area seems to be sitting on the nest, so snow or no snow, the wildlife seems to be getting on with the business of birthing spring babies.

  87. Okay, no California weather talk….but we did have an earthquake!

  88. I can see speed limits of 65 or even 55 in states with heavy populations and loads of traffic. The only traffic here is in the SLC area and Provo the rest you might see a car once every ten minutes or so going the other way so 80 is good. Same with Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. I would hate having to go 1600 miles at 55 mph. it would be the longest ugliest trip ever and most likely cause me to fall asleep at the wheel. Yes I could stop and get a room once I get into a town which will take forever. If our country could only get it through their heads that one size laws do not fit all it would be good.
    Weather ?? Ha one day it is Spring like and then wham another dose of hard winter. It is warm here today but I hear a nasty bout of snow storms will be arriving soon. That is the norm here though until about June.
    Imust it sounds odd I know but earthquakes are one thing I miss about Cali. I went through some of the worst ones out there while I lived there but also some really neat ones where you watched the ground roll like a wave coming at you. Some sounded like a freight train coming at you until you were rattled. I do not ever remember them scaring me.

  89. imust, did you feel it? We didn’t, strangely enough.

  90. I remember those sky high interest rates, and the gas lines. What a pain that was.

  91. Yep, I felt it socal. We just had another one about 30 min ago, same area……4.1.

  92. Thirty four degrees and snowing south of Cleveland.
    Stay safe, you California girls.

  93. Well at least we have no EQ. So far.

    Snow, freezing rain and hail predicted through Sunday stopping only for 1 to 3 inches of snow, wind gusts up to 25 mph. If that isn’t shitty enough, flood watch from tomorrow evening thru Monday.

  94. Sorry Utah, I just found one of your posts in spam.

  95. Guess that weather report explains why one of my up state NY friends just headed for AZ.

  96. Yup Hugo, that would do it.

    This state has a lot of nerve having the highest property and school taxes in the nation. Just to make sure we’re screwed we pay property taxes for county AND local. Nobody wants to come here and put up with shitty weather and ridiculous sales taxes and state taxes besides, and shell out bucks like we are in some kind of resort.

  97. I’m hoping CA is going to be ok. That’s the second or third EQ in recent weeks. We had one here in VA and MD a few years ago and that one was plenty for me. Repairs to the Washington Monument are just being completed after the EQ caused cracks.

  98. And we’ve got this governor who pretends he’s helping out tax burden. The man passed a 2% property tax increase cap and wrote the law with holes in it big enough to drive a mack truck through it. We’re getting another 9% increase just like last year. People are ditching upstate NY like the plague. Thanks Governor! You got some great sound bites but your law is bullshit and every mayor knows it. Then he passed another law with tax breaks for property owners, but only for cities that stay with the 2% increase cap. Another Effing snowball in the summertime that melts right in your hand. What a blowass.

  99. This has been one rough winter for the northeast, Uppity. Even my friends in Buffalo are fed up with snow.

  100. You know, I would not mind paying a higher property task rate if there were some tangible benefit for those of us who have to work and pay those taxes. Our state gas taxes are going up and instead of fixing the crumbling roads, they want to build a new big ass bridge to span a 2-3 mile wide bay when we already he two such bridges.

    A 9% property tax increase would make me think about moving, or organizing a revolt.

  101. Ah poor Buffalo, they are always on the receiving end of the worst of NY weather. My nephew did a medical stint there and I remember times when he was snowed in and couldn’t get out of Buffalo at all.

    There is a revolt going on in NY Hugo, it’s called Mass Exodus and it’s been going on for the better part of a decade+

  102. I was born in Buffalo….

  103. Yea but Upps the trouble with the mass exodus is that businesses are moving out to more tax friendly states and with them come the very voters that think slapping a new tax on the rich and businesses and or everything else they can tax comes with them. Then start the HOAs and all the crap many are trying to escape. I do not think folks are going to get it until they are all bleed out.

  104. HOAs, known to me as busybody covens, are everywhere Utah, sure as hell didn’t start in NY. But usually the HOAs stick it to their own residents not anybody else. Trust me, Utah, the people leaving NY aren’t the people who WANT to be overtaxed. If they did, they’d stay. Everyone I know who left went to states with no or low state taxes, or no sales taxes, or lower property or school taxes, or lower utility bills. NY tops the pack in all of those things. Or they left because they can’t find a job here due to the fact that businesses just drive right by New York now, because they don’t want to be overtaxed either. NY not only doesn’t Get It, we have a succession of governors who make up pretend laws that help no one. And even if those fake laws would help, it still comes out of state tax money, so what a property owner saves he loses on April 15 anyways. Same shit all the time.

  105. I remember you saying you were born in Buffalo, imust. Which is why I kind of giggled when I wrote that.

  106. I figured Uppity! Yep born in Buffalo (in January) so I came in like a lion….and I plan to die in California….out like a lamb.

    Which means we’ve come full circle with this post.


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