Well East Coast Peeps Are Really Hip……

I really dig those styles they wear…..and the southern peeps with the way the talk….they knock me out when I’m down there….but……….

I Wish They All Could Be California Peeps

The peeps are coming….
Just as soon as they finish their California Spring Break Vacay….

In the meantime….why not sit back, chillax, and enjoy a nice Peep-tini!

Chillin’ with my peeps


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  1. Upps, my mind is teeming with boobs. Thrilled to hear yours is fine! Great news. Biopsy clear?

  2. Terrific post, imust.

    Happy Easter All.

  3. For imust:

  4. Happy Easter everyone!

  5. My obligatory Peeps on Earth.

  6. Getchur mind off my boobs, NES! No results yet. I think they sent the samples to China. Filed under WTF is this thing? I hear they found Jimmy Hoffa in there.

  7. Well here we go again!

  8. Hate to rain on things, but Pakistan and China have begun joint military exercises as of today.

  9. Happy Easter everyone!

  10. Happy Easter to all uppity women and the people who love them.

  11. Er, make that peeps who love them.

  12. leslie, how did your kitchen come out?

  13. socal, thanks for asking! It is simply beautiful. If I can figure out how to post a picture, I’ll do it. I now have an early 21st century kitchen – improved from a 1902 gas lit, late 1960’s designed one. And despite suffering a severe allergic reaction to meds prescribed to treatth effects of the toxins disturbed during the demolition, I’m alive to enjoy it!

  14. Dear Uppityites:
    My biopsy results are absolutely negative. Necrotic lump containing necrotic tissue and calcification. no indication of malignancy and no indication of potential malignancy. Tested, retested against four samples. Sent offsite for expert confirmation.

    Thank you for all your prayers, good wishes, rain dances, or whatever it is you sent my way. They feel the necrotic tissue will shrink to nothingness, so aren’t going to schedule surgery, at least not now.

  15. Congrats on the good news, Uppity. Sounds like the lab was diligent.

  16. Congratulations, Uppity. Necrosis means dead tissue, as if you’d been irradiated. All those prayers must have done it. Zzzap!

  17. Hal I’m inclined to think the dead tissue was a gift from Joe when he used my left breast as a trampoline and created a trauma lump.

  18. We’re way ahead of that tweeter on Peeps Gone Wild, NeS. Obviously proof he reads our blog. 2009

  19. Yay Uppity!!

  20. NES said:

    Upps, my mind is teeming with boobs.

    In other news, water is wet.

    Fantastic news about your Uppity boobs, Upps!!

  21. I’m so happy to know your boobs are good boobs.


  22. So happy to hear your news, Upps. Thinking of you!!

  23. Very, very happy news, Upps! I’ve been praying for your biopsy results to be negative. Now breathe a giant sign of relief and enjoy your spring.

  24. Hey, sigh or sign. Either one is good. LOL.

  25. I’m so happy for you, Uppity!

  26. Wonderful news, Upps!

    I will now officially exhale. 🙂

  27. Thank God! xoxo

  28. leslie, am so happy for you! I know that kitchen remodels are massively disrupting. Your new kitchen sounds divine!

  29. Thanks everyone, I is a lucky puppy. But how can I go wrong with Uppityites on my side! Rev, I thought you were turning a little blue!

    Leslie, I almost asked you about your kitchen but was afraid to because I remember it was becoming a nightmare.

    In other news, water is wet.

    Hahahahahaha. Gotcha, NES.

  30. Uppity, So glad to hear your good news! 🙂

    Roz in NJ/NYC

  31. Hey Roz! Long time no see How you been? And thank you for taking the time to check on the old girl.

  32. Great news Upps. What did I tell ya ?

  33. Yeah Utah, cause you know i am far too ornery to check out!

  34. Uppity, I’m doing well. I actually posted a response when you asked how long biopsy results take. I now post using my blog account but in that case neglected to add my familiar name tag. Based on how you described your situation, it seemed obvious that this was going to be a complicated biopsy requiring more than a couple of days to get a definitive result. No doubt the waiting was hellish for you. But as Willie Shakespeare (whose birthday is today) wrote, “All’s well that ends well.”

    I still lurk here with some regularity. You were one of my favorite bloggers and, though I understood your need to take a break, I do miss your unique voice.

    Roz in NJ/NYC

  35. Upps:
    How are your boobs?
    While back I posted my story of a mastectomy 13 years ago of an early detection and yearly mammograms. Happy to go about kicking and bucking ever since. You go girl!

  36. Roz, I’ll be revived for Hillary. I appreciate that you appreciated my stuff. And everyone should thank Sophie and imust for keeping this place alive and a welcoming spot.

    Belle, I do remember your story and you were very wise. No sense of worrying all your life over a boob. My boobage is okay but that one is still kinda sore, with evidence a vampire has been there several times. I hope it was good for him.

  37. Dear Uppity,

    Glad you are negative.

  38. I thought you all might enjoy watching this video of 4 very talented young women

  39. Wow I’d love to see them in concert. I’ll bet they put on a great show.

  40. Aren’t they talented ? Me too Upps I would enjoy watching them.

  41. 19 year old arrested with loaded gun in her vagina. File under You Can’t Make This Shit Up. She must have more miles on her than a tire retread.

  42. I also see where TSA paid a nursing mother 75k after they demanded to xray her breast milk and she refused to eradiate it. They put her in a glass room for an hour to figure out what to do even after she produced the TSA rule that says breast milk is medical liquid and should be tested another way. i tell you TSA is costing us more grief than any organization in history. I’ll bet you ten people, half of them guys, in burquas sailed right by while this was going on.

  43. Poor TSA. There is not enough money in the world to make me want to do that job. Too bad they can’t walk off the job.

  44. Thank the Fertility Goddess for the good health of Upps’ boobs!

  45. Sophie on April 21 — Hahahahahaha

    Ya got me, pal!

  46. Upps said: ” I hear they found Jimmy Hoffa in there.”

  47. Well a number of them didn’t have to walk off, hugo, as they weren’t screened for silly offenses such as pedophilia and other questionable issues. I do believe I have some posts on that. Sometimes contract privatization is NOT such a great idea. And when you have rules that allow you to pick out a baby’s milk and little children (plenty of reports on that), but included rules that require that you dance around people covered in hefty trash bags, I question the program.

    These TSA people had the regulation right in front of them and STILL didn’t know they are not allowed to xray mother’s milk. Surely they can read. I hope.

  48. Thank the Fertility Goddess for the good health of Upps’ boobs!

    If the goddess of fertility is watching over me, she’s wasting her time, NES.

  49. After 8 years of Obama, Warren hasn’t got a chance of a snowball in summer. I never worry about her for five minutes. She has shown an inability to play well with others, and NO it is NOT a plus when it starts to look like you have a combination “I’m always right” and a temper problem. She’ll never go the primary mile without displaying this. I have no idea if this is because she has little political seasoning, but such seasoning, DOES count. In a debate with Hillary, her only win will come if she arranges to kidnap Hillary and tie her in the basement as a No Show. Hillary to tweak her chain sure as I’m sitting here.

  50. Uppity, there is no doubt that any organization the size of TSA and established as quickly as TSA was established, is going to end up with dirt bags among the ranks. As you know, dirt bags show up in all areas of employment, not just TSA. But, each and every TSA agent is a target of mockery and, in at least one instance, one was used for target practice by some nut all torqued up on media-generated hate. Not enough pay to pit up with that crap on a daily basis.

    As for the breast-milk case, we have the woman’s side of the story, I seriously doubt that we have all the details about that story, and how it happened, and why they held her up. There are always two sides to every story. Maybe the TSA agents were not familiar with the rule. Big ass agency, lots of rules, lots of moving parts, chit happens. But, $75k is a nice little sum for her inconvenience of an hour in a room and loss of some bodily fluids. I guess she’d be really pissed if she were on a jet sitting next to someone using fluids to make a bomb onboard.

    TSA does a good job given all the moving parts. Its critics have yet to come up with an alternative solution for keeping air travel safe-ish. I would like to see TSA abolished, just to watch what happens next.

  51. Upps said: “If the goddess of fertility is watching over me, she’s wasting her time, NES.”

    Fell off my chair laughing at that. XO

  52. Fell off my chair laughing at that. XO

    LOL it’s the truth.

  53. Hugo, she showed them the rule, didn’t just tell them. She had the rules just like they do, only she wasn’t working for TSA and they were. She sued and she won and they apologized, so it all did happen. It IS true dirtbags are EVERYWHERE among us, unfortunately, but most of them aren’t in positions where they can have a picnic feeling children and young girls and women up under duress, you know? Okay, cops, they do it too. My point there being, TSA is a magnet job for those kinds of people so one would expect they would do some vetting before giving these people badges and rubber gloves. I suspect many of them would be selling shoes for payless as their only alternative. Contract companies are notorious for hiring the cream of the crap to make more money. I do not think these are the cream of any crop doing that job. Which maybe brings us to You Get What You Pay For. Who with a tiny brain would even think of eradiating baby milk FCS. Somebody not familiar with their own rules and somebody too lazy to look if up if they aren’t familiar with their own rules. They had alternative testing methods for explosive baby milk, they just didn’t know about them, because reading their own job rules is too stressful.

    Also, I guess people wouldn’t feel as hostile if they didn’t know the most likely people boarding who would be terrorists are given a wink and a nod because of their “culture”. If little green men were on a bank robbing spree, you wouldn’t be looking for little orange men as suspects, but that’s exactly what we do. Even nuns show their faces for god’s sake. This Don’t Touch Me, go Touch Them renders this program useless. One of these days a couple of guys in burkas will be getting on a plane as a test. But they tortured my 90 year old aunt to near heart attack. Feh. I have pity for the innocents they scare the crap out of, not them.

  54. My birthday is tomorrow. there is still time to shop for my present.

  55. Uppity, she did not win in Court. She says there is a settlement. Most likely, just to shut her up, so TSA can use its resources doing its job instead of dicking around with her for the past four years and four more in court. We only have her side of the story and the media spin on it. I’m just guessing that TSA at that airport had some experience with breast milk, so what was different about this woman and hers? Lots of facts are missing from the media story. But they did state that medical experts stated that X-raying milk would not likely cause any harm.

    You’re totally correct about getting what you pay for. Only someone totally desperate for a job would sign up for that job given the animosity. They should just eliminate the program and let the airplane chips fall where they may. Maybe the airlines can provide their own passenger screening.

  56. BTW, Happy B’day tomorrow.

  57. Eff!!!! I was going to be the first to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Upps. (I have it on my Outlook calendar, and all.) I bought you a night on the town with Bill Clinton.

  58. Hugo the airlines shouldn’t HAVE to provide it. It’s a government responsibility. Yes they settled. Nobody gives out that kind of money and apologizes for the hell of it. If it didn’t happen, then it didn’t happen. Just from the MANY videos we have seen posted of their behaviors, I am going to go with her on this. Meanwhile three more burkas walked by. I think some of these people are just plain kinky. There is too much visual evidence to pretend things are fair and the employees are all administering their brand of oversight fairly and evenly. And x-raying ANYTHING is not harmless. I would tell you this: I wouldn’t have allowed it either. We should be using xrays a lot more sparingly than this. We both could make a whole LIST of things the “experts” said weren’t harmful….till they were harmful.

    We’ve got a boatload of unemployed who are on the streets. Send em to boot camp and then to airport security. Israel would never leave this job to a bunch of green yahoos working for some contract agency who sends unscreened employees to gawk over breasts.

    Better yet, USE DOGS! They don’t pick and choose! Unless of course, there’s a real reason…and it beats teaching our kids that it’s okay for strangers to maul them.

    Nice thought: I have a metal clip in my left boob. Boy am I in trouble!

    https://uppitywoman08.wordpress.com/2013/02/21/tsa-harasses-terrified-3-year-old-child-in-wheelchair-with-spina-bifida/ (video)
    https://uppitywoman08.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/finally-tsa-is-profiling-the-real-threats/ (video)
    https://uppitywoman08.wordpress.com/2011/06/03/tsa-learns-how-it-feels-to-be-embarrassed-and-humiliated/ (video)
    https://uppitywoman08.wordpress.com/2010/12/01/woman-patted-down-by-tsa-after-her-sanitary-napkin-showed-up-on-scanner/ (sanitary napkin! Arrest her!)
    https://uppitywoman08.wordpress.com/2010/11/22/tsa-on-a-power-trip/ (forced woman to cut off nipple rings w pliers)

    God knows how many I missed!

  59. Hahaha NES Hugo beat ya. Bill huh? Can I trade for Hill?

  60. Hugo I am working on passing on custody of my birthdays to someone else.

    Our arguments remind me of the old Saturday Night Live segments with Jane Curtain and Dan Aykroid.

  61. Where’s Sophie! Our weather STILL blows goats. How about yours? I mean it still gets chilly at night FCS! Hit maybe 60 today. Yesterday the wind chill was horrid! Where the H is spring?

  62. Still chilly here too. But the pollen tells me it’s really spring.

  63. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend. I’ll tell ya what, I will babysit der Needlenose so you can go out on the town ok ? Have a good one my friend.

    About TSA I am not one that would ever agree with giving up freedom for safety. By having to submit to these awful searches we have in fact allowed these terrorist bastards to win. The tsa is our own terrorist group perpetrating all kinds of horrific things on American citizens while the very one that would harm us walk through in their burkas free from exams. Are we safe ? I highly doubt it.

  64. Happy Birthday, dearest Uppity!

    On such short notice, just my presence be your presents. Lucky you, huh? 😉

    Now go have a wonderful day you wonderful lady.

  65. Upps:
    Have a very happy and healthy birthday and have many more!

  66. Uppity, I like to use Jack Benney’s system for counting birthdays. 39 forever.

  67. Whoa!! Happy Birthday to Upps!!
    and oh, so many more…………………..

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