Happy Birthday, Upps!

With Puma’s bearing gifts


And balloons


and cake


and single-malt Scotch (enough for everyone–well, at least enough for Uppity)


Time to get this party started

As luck would have it, it’s Saturday Night (with a little help from his friends*)

*Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Ray King, Bryan Adams and others, live from the Prince’s Trust Concert.



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  1. And this is MY Scotch.
    MY Scotch

  2. Love the PUMA, Sophie!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Upps!

    Love the puma, Sophie! 🙂

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday Uppity Woman!!!

  5. Hugo & Ani, it doubles as a cougar, for those so inclined.

  6. Happy Birthday Upps! xoxoxo from all of us. I will be gone for the next week but hope all you Uppity people have a great week!
    Adorable post Sophie!

  7. Many happy returns of the day.

  8. Hey Babe! Thanks for the post. *Stashes scotch bottles in knapsack while talking*.

    Thanks, loyal Uppityites. I will always remember who you are! Sorry I’m late and you are probably all sloshed, but hey, coma is Good sometimes!

    I loves yas!

  9. Hahaha I was thinking, “Shouldn’t that be a cougar” and there you are.

  10. So, I have some ice cream too. If you want it, you have to come here and get it.

  11. Well that certainly isn’t an interesting invitation. I could be in your woods in a coupla hours ya know. But what I want to know is……..is it Haagen-Dazs?

  12. Well, that didn’t come out quite right. It’s not Haagen Dazs. It’s from a local Farm and Creamery. It would not survive a trip of several hours.

  13. Ice Cream at Sophie’s everybody!!!

  14. So is Needlenose coming or not ? Last thread I offered to sit while you and Mr Uppity went out and did what ever. Oh wait a minute the wrecking crew is sacked out dead to the world so she must have been here.
    Hey lady hope you had a great day.

  15. Sorry I’m late! Hope you had an spectacular B-Day Uppity! Muah…

  16. Hey Goofs!!! You still owned by your cat?

    Now, Utah, we both know you have been trying to snatch Der Needle since she was a puppy. No deal!

  17. Sophie, so I gotta pick it up and go home?

  18. Upps!!! Happy Birthday Week! (I caught you a day before and a day after, so decided you should just have the whole week…you deserve it.)

    Did Bill C. come through?

  19. Upps, I see you traded an eve with Bill C. for one with our Hill. Good on ya. (Lebanese is as lebanese does….)

  20. So I missed the party! I was at a retirement planning conference yesterday and when I finally got home yesterday, I should have
    “refreshed” to see the new thread.

    Well my birthday wish from the tail end of the last thread has the same message….. Happy Birthday Upps! and many, many more.

    Here is a b’day gift for all – if you haven’t already seen it.

  21. NES, hell I just wanted to pick her brains!

  22. Pick her brains? Is that what they’re calling it these days?

  23. Missed the party…hope you had a terrific one Uppity. S0phie, is the cat bearing gifts yyyour grownup Lily “accept this present…or else!” (Gulp)

  24. UW, happy, happy birthday!!! I hope it was wonderful!

  25. Hooray, Lorac! (Behold the power of a lot of Scotch and a little Lebanese talk. And a VSP’s birthday.)

  26. Hal, Lily is not that big (thank God!)–she just acts it.

    P.S. Her birthday is Thursday. She will be 2.)

  27. Soph, if I knew it would bring her here, I would have had a birthday sooner.

  28. Wow, it’s been 2 years since Lily crossed all those state lines. Love to see a pic!

  29. {{{{{{{{LORAC}}}}}}}!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Happy Birthday Uppity! Party on!

  31. Harumph !!!! See if I offer you a night on the town again. I was going to see if Joe wanted to tag along as well. Eh as they say “no good deed goes unpunished” . lmao

  32. Utah: Collie Snatcher!

  33. Thanks freespirit! I will!

  34. Hey imust! I got Lorac in here! I’ll have another birthday in a few months. You think she’ll catch on?

  35. LOL! I dunno Uppity….probably! But it’s worth a try anyway!! 🙂

  36. Well if it works, I could do it again. I could get old very fast.

  37. You could use the Benjamin Button method….get younger!

  38. Ann Richards special on HBO right now.

  39. SophieCT, I loved Ann. That chick had a mouth on her that cut through all the BS..She did not know how to suck up, a facility that most politicians no longer have since corporations are people and unlimited money can be poured into the process.

    Happy Late Birthday, UW. Many more. And no more health scares. (It really wasn’t the caffine, was it? Please tell me no, I am a junkie.)

  40. Pour yourself a cup, AnnE. It was a trauma lump.

  41. Oh,goody. Off to suck down the entire contents of the coffee urn. With your blessing, I presume.

  42. Happy birthday, uppity.

  43. Thanks insanity!

  44. Ok, now, far be it for me to stir up turds (heh), but there’s a big kurfluffle about how the state of OK botched up an execution of a shitbag poor soul. It seems something went awry after the first of the three injections used to remove degenerate cockroaches from the earth, thus making it a better place euthanize people who do really bad things to humans.

    So here’s what happened:

    Clayton Lockett, 38, was declared unconscious 10 minutes after the first of the state’s new three-drug lethal injection combination was administered. Three minutes later, though, he began breathing heavily, writhing, clenching his teeth and straining to lift his head off the pillow.

    They stopped the execution and the poor baby died of a heart attack shortly afterwards.

    Now here is the little thing Clayton did, which of course was not as bad as writhing after his injection:

    A four-time felon, Lockett was convicted of shooting 19-year-old Stephanie Neiman with a sawed-off shotgun and watching as two accomplices buried her alive in rural Kay County in 1999 after Neiman and a friend arrived at a home the men were robbing.

    As a result of this botch, a second execution was stayed for this sweet man

    Warner had been scheduled to be put to death two hours later in the same room and on the same gurney. The 46-year-old was convicted of raping and killing his roommate’s 11-month-old daughter in 1997.

    And your thoughts are?

  45. Uppity how could that guy die of a heart attack? He didn’t have a heart.

  46. My thought is that this is why we should use the guillotine instead of lethal injection. But, I’m only in favor of the death penalty if there indisputable evidence. We have had people sit on death row for crimes they did not commit.

  47. Remember last year when the media reported on the suspension of the pop tart gun boy? Well, thanks to his Dad, the hearing regarding reversal of his suspension was held in public this week, but the media doesn’t seem to be too enthusiastic about this part of the story. I frequently think the media should stay out of school discipline stories, and this is a good example of why. It also seems that his Dad should be less concerned with the child’s 2nd Amendment rights and more concerned with his significant behavior problems. He’s now in a new school and has been suspended for cutting a kid with scissors. Dad says he was just horsing around. Previous behavior includes throwing chairs and causing evacuation of a class room due to unruly conduct. I don’t think I would have opted for a public hearing, Here’s a link to a local news source:


  48. Hugo ~ I hope the parents of this boy get into therapy and take the boy with them. I’ve worked with adults with intermittent explosive disorder. One of them killed a man for giving him back the wrong change after buying gas (back when gas was under $1.00/gal).Threw him through a plate glass window. The gas station incident happened when he was a teen. He had been suspended and expelled from numerous schools for just the types of discipline problems the boy in the news story has been involved in. He started stalking me shortly after he became my client. I was scared stiff for the longest time. I used to leave the door open when I was in session with him. I moved – not necessarily because of him – and he was sent to live elsewhere, I believe.
    The boy in the story is in danger of greater problems if his parents don’t get him into treatment. The population is in even greater danger if they don’t get the kid into treatment.

  49. OMG Leslie! I had to evict a mother with a son who had that. It was horrific. Got thrown out of 2 schools in 3 months, was carted off to the whacky ward and then back on the street in a day or so. I had to get rid of them because he was damaging everything in sight and went after another kid with a hunting knife…the kind you gut deer with. he was an absolute psycho. I can see why you left the door open. I was afraid he would set the house aflame. One more thing I noticed…i think his mother enabled him. The authorities were without teeth because he was ten. He was Norman Bates at 10. I believe he WILL kill one day not so far away. I won’t go into details but it was so bad I evicted them in the middle of winter.

  50. Leslie, that’s frightening. Stalkers are no joke and these kids with violent behavior need to be taken much more seriously than we seem to do. I would have moved too.

  51. Yes, it was frightening. I haven’t seen him around in nearly 20 yrs. thank heaven.

  52. Uppity, the mother of that child is going to regret enabling him one day. She must think she can make it all better.

  53. Hugo it was obvious that everything he did was someone else’s fault. It was nauseating. She was also a pathological liar far as I could see. I had to 86 that tenant for the safety of the others around them, it was that bad. One day she will have a flash of regret, because I suspect he will kill her. Unfortunately there was also a 4 year old boy involved as well, he never spoke. The few times I saw him, he appeared to act as though if he could disappear and say nothing, nobody would notice him and his brother wouldn’t harm him……again. It was a very hard thing for me to do, but I had to look out for the safety of others as well as my own liability for harboring this batshit crazy killer-in-training. You see, this is the kid who grows up, goes into a school and commits mass murder. This kind of psychosis doesn’t happen overnight, yet the system is more concerned with the rights of the dangerous individual instead of his victims and FUTURE victims. They are never stopped until they kill, it seems. Our mental health system is HORRIBLY broken.

  54. Happy Birthday, Uppity! May you have many more, and may all be accompanied with Irish single malt! And a cat or two. OK, and a dog.

  55. NW Luna, make that a very furry dog who is blowing her coat everyyyyyyyywheereeeeeeee.

  56. Hey have fun cleaning that up you brat . I offered to doggy sit and got turned down. Karma lmao

  57. I agree, Uppity. Reality will set in on the mother just before the kid puts out her lights. I’m sooo sorry for the other child. I suspect that one lives in constant fear. Too bad he can’t be rescued.

  58. you could call family services and report what you know to be true and what you sense might happen if the kid doesn’t get some kind of ongoing treatment. In IL, the call can be anonymous of you have fears r/t you own safety.

  59. leslie, in NY those family services programs are as useful as a screen door in a submarine. They were reported constantly. Every time the police came, they called them in too. Nothing. They did NOTHING. They open the fridge to see if there’s food, check for a clean house and if the kids had a bath and that’s about IT. They citate the landlord to fix all the things they broke so they can break them again. They show up at these troubled homes and everybody is on their best behavior while the people around them live in fear. They didn’t know what to do with this family or that kid and were of zero use. They were there constantly but actually DID nothing. They saw that young brother plenty of times, not talking, not speaking to anyone, shrinking into the woodwork – and did NOTHING, NOTHING. In fact, they closed the case. Yes, that’s right. They closed the case. If that younger child survives this prison he lives in, he will already be horribly fucked up for life. As as for the psycho, these social services organizations and their ‘caseworkers’ were obliged to show up when necessary but DID nothing. A cop told me point blank that I should get rid of this family because the kid is crazy and he’s got too much protection on his side.

    I hear that at this time, a year down the road, that Norman Bates’clone has been placed in NY’s PINS program (Person in need of supervision), so now they get to watch him more closely and do nothing. They’ll never nail him because his malicious, malevolent pathological-liar mother will always be there to make up an alibi for him. Or there will always be some B-string psychologist assigned to him who should have his license pulled for pretending he is ‘improving’. Ask his victims how he was ‘improving’. While pretending there is “hope” for him to one day lead a “normal” life, there will be little hope for his victims along the way. As for treatment, the kid is ingesting more meds than a zoo puts in their darts when they want to fell a wild animal, and it doesn’t put a chink in his routine. This is called “case management”. You can’t fix faulty wiring with duct tape — and believe me, he’s wired wrong.

    NY laws are the poster children for a SICK mental health system that protects crazy people and criminals and their victims can just to eat shit and die far as NY is concerned. Gun sales in NY, in spite of all the hoops, have risen steadily. Your only option left in a case like this is a big dog and a gun. I’m sorry but it’s true. The police would have loved to lock this kid up forever, but they didn’t have an ounce of legislation on their side. He has to get older. No kidding. And he knows it too, which made him even more dangerous. Incidentally, this wasn’t a poverty situation, there was money to support these kids. So I guess that makes it all ok to “family services”. Meanwhile, the “mother” kept complaining nobody was helping her get rid of her kid, but at the same time, she was covering his miserable ass at every turn. Personally, I think she is as crazy as her son is and it’s not hard to see how he got that way. Just goes to show you that background checks are not always great indicators. After all, Mom has no problem credit or criminal record and you can’t check a kid, nor do you even THINK you should. I won’t even get into the thousands of dollars that little freak cost me. I have too much of a heart because I gave them proper notice and SHOULD have gotten a three day eviction. Bless the other tenants in that building, they are long term tenants and helped me immensely, helped avert even more damage….. while I ‘followed the law”. I would venture to say that the father took off for VERY good reason. I would bet double the money this mess cost me (the house was a total loss for the year, I spent more than I took in to fix that little animal’s mess) that father tried to get that demon in check, institutionalize him —and met resistance from Mommy. He probably preferred a divorce to getting murdered in his sleep. Trust me, there were UNBELIEVABLE things done, SERIOUS indicators of a deranged killer in training that I am not even telling you about, because you wouldn’t BELIEVE them if I told you. But the child protection people did NOTHING, the courts did NOTHING, and NOBODY did a THING for the second little boy but stand by and watch.

    I think these protective services organizations should be cancelled and started all over again. Or why bother? Every single case of murders associated with children like this……..turns out to be a case where these ‘services’ knew and did nothing or were stupid enough to buy an act when they showed up. It’s a major pattern all over this country. Even cases of seriously abused children go unchecked till we read about how some poor child was already buried in the backyard the last time family services did a home check, and they still didn’t get it. Nothing is ever done till it’s too late, and in these cases of dangerous children, it is also always too late and there is often a protective services story in the background, making people wonder why we bother paying for these programs that are always a day late and a dollar short. As for cases like this kid, the story is also always the same. The freak gets shot in the head years later by himself or the authorities……..but not before he leaves innocent dead people behind. If I had my wish, I would wish he kills his enabling old lady and then they shoot him in the head before he gets to someone else during one of his “episodes”. Yeah, that’s what they call what he does. An “episode”. Somebody had better watch an ‘episode’ of Bates Motel soon because there are plenty of these kids just biding their time before they do something horrific. I just made sure it didn’t happen under MY watch. I just KNOW I am going to read about this kid and/or his mother……..and unfortunately his little brother………one day in the newspaper.

    PINS program. Looks helpful till you read it all. More jerking around.

  60. Brava! Brava!

  61. You see? This is the caliber of crackpots we have making decisions about child psychology. America is all screwed up and aggressive because kids eat drumsticks and corn on the cob.

  62. Speaking about all aboard the crazy train…it was a normal arguement until she called 911, then I had to hit her 117 times in a half hour….


    But of course it was her fault…

  63. Upps, I remember when you were dealing with this family a few years ago. I guess I didn’t realize that the kid was a kid at the time. I also know that if I call the police or DCFS and no one shows up, my thinking was that it is because ……Chicago…… or ……..Illinois.
    And then, I have friends who work for different social service agencies and they are even more overworked than I because they are trying to keep the children safe and trying to teach the parents how to parent. Burnout rate here is high because the numbers of kids and adults keep growing. There’s nowhere for the kids to go and little help for their parents. So the social workers have case loads that grow and grow. And heaven forbid here state earmarks more $$ to fund child care or family therapies.
    It is really criminal. I’ve had clients who have sincerely asked for help and received none. Their stressors continue to increase and that puts the families at even greater risk. BUT, we have some of the wealthiest state and local politicians in the country. Some of them are even out of prison.
    I hope you don’t think I didn’t appreciate what you were saying. I don’t know how you OR your tenants survived that madness. I am scared for the little brother. And anyone else who comes into contact with the older boy.

  64. You are back! Happy Belated Birthday to you. I miss ya.

  65. XO Upps.

  66. Happy belated birthday, Uppity!! I hope it is the most uppity-ish (best!) year ever!


  67. Thanks djmm and Valentine!

  68. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Booooooooooooo Fucking Hoooooooooooo, Democrats. You’ll always have Bawack! Oh this feels sooooooo good! Cracking up here!

  69. LOL! I hope she continues to enjoy her down time and has time to recall the 2008 backstabbers.

    Meanwhile, the article mentions O’Malley and Biden. I’m just guessing here, but if O’Malley’s Lt. Gov does not win the MD gubernatorial race, O’Malley’s assistance on the campaign trail may not be too helpful. He moved way too far to the left.

  70. Not your typical rapist?? Okay, then………

    CNN) — She could have sentenced him to 20 years in prison after he admitted to raping a 14-year-old girl in her high school.
    Instead, a Texas judge gave the defendant a 45-day sentence and probation after implying that the victim was promiscuous.
    What’s next in Texas rape case?
    Judge Jeanine Howard told The Dallas Morning News that she based the sentence, in part, on medical records indicating that the girl had had three sexual partners and had given birth.
    She told the newspaper that the victim “wasn’t the victim she claimed to be” and said the defendant, 20-year-old Sir Young, “is not your typical sex offender.”


  71. WHAT? That judge should be REMOVED from the bench. Statutory Rape is Statutory Rape and That is what it is when a 20 year old man has sex with a 14 year old girl, WITH OR WITHOUT her consent! If karma visited this judge in a very meaningful and related way,I’d like to see if she still thinks it’s not rape because she’s played bury the salami with others before it happened. I’d also like to see karma visit this young girl’s horrid parents for not knowing where their minor daughter is most of the time.

  72. That nasty little tart Monica Lewinsky is “breaking her silence” (did she ever shut up and go away?) to Vanity Fair (again), to set the record straight. The halfwitted Lynne Cheney was all over the 24 hour Fox Right Wing Propaganda Show to say she thinks the Clintons put her up to it!?!?! Yeah. Its such good PR for them. Sweet Jesus.

  73. Socal, I must be one of those bad, old feminists because I remember that Monica Lewinsky had an affair with her married drama teacher when she was in high school
    Her Poor Pitiful Pearl act wore thin fifteen years ago.

  74. Lewinsky is just another narcissist. She has contributed exactly nothing to society. She’s little more than a speed bump. Meanwhile, the Clinton’s got over it and keep on working to improve life bazillions of people world wide.

  75. Finally!! Penny and Leonard are engaged!!

    (Oh, sorry: Spoiler Alert!)

  76. Sweet Sue & Hugo, I’m with you. I am stunned that VF is giving her another spread for the same old bs whining. I read a gossip blog thread about it and a lot of the young women were sympathetic to her, A lot of the younger generations are really dull witted.

    Sophie, who are Penny & Leonard?

  77. what I do not understand is the timing of all ML sorry apologies…no different than the Boko Haram media scrutiny and the new Benghazi investigation, which all smells like reptilicans (aka GOP) and the “citizens united” crapola.
    Are they ever soo afraid of HRC getting into the (White) House and do some serious cleaning and mopping? YUP.
    check: still4hill.com

  78. One can only hope that someone in HillaryLand is engaged as her own personal dustbuster and after everyone is tired of the endless Faux scandals, out the dirt will come, one thing after another.

    Socal, they are two characters on The Big Bang Theory.

  79. test…

  80. Hi Uppity and uppityites,

    Sorry it took me so long to comment back Uppity. Yes, I am still owned by Goof. XD I’d love to send you a pic of the youngest cat Hobo he looks like Bill.

    I was laying low because I had to take the oldest one Cobe to the Rainbow Bridge and that made me a little off blogging for a while.

    Hugs to everyone!

  81. goofsmom1, very sorry to hear about your Cobe; it hurts like hell every time.
    Healing thoughts to you and yours.

  82. Socal, they are two characters on The Big Bang Theory

    I was guessing Game of Thrones.
    I always guess Game of Thrones.

  83. Aw Goofsmom, I am so sorry you lost Cobe. They take a piece of us with them when they leave, I know. But then, they leave a piece of themselves behind in our hearts too.

  84. Joe Biden showed his true “jerky”, and I’m being kind, self. At a fundraiser he said:

    `snip~…….. several Democrats at the event were struck by one remark he made about Bill Clinton’s presidency: Three sources there told CNN that Biden said the fraying of middle-class economic security did not begin during President George W. Bush’s terms, but earlier, in the “later years of the Clinton administration.”

    CNN went on to report…

    Biden, of course, could face off against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 2016 if they both decide to run

    Blank Blank Biden and Blank Blank CNN.

  85. I only hope Biden tries to run again. NO ONE will vote for that clown except his family – maybe.
    Goofs mom, I’m sorry to read about Cobe. It had to be tough.

  86. I hate iPad auto correct, grammar,etc. I wrote Goofsmom as it is supposed to be. Promise.

  87. All this from a guy who had to withdraw from one of his too-many presidential bids because he was caught plagiarizing.Biden is an idjit. I WANT him in the primary because he will gaff himself into oblivion AND no one will dare be able to call Hillary too old with him competing. Joe is and will be what he was in all his primary runs: A loser. And most important of all, he and elizabeth Warren can fight over the anti hillary vote and help Hillary win. Run, Joe, Run!

  88. Totally agree Upps. And hopefully, Warren would bring up Biden’s role in the Bankruptcy bill so the Progs can shove their corporatist v. person of the people argument.

  89. uppity read your mail

  90. Right on Uppity!

  91. Except from Hillary’s upcoming book. This excerpt is about her mom.

  92. Republican with actual balls. Huntsman on Hillary: (h/t NES)

    “Well at the risk of totally destroying my future in politics, I have to say she’s a very impressive public servant,” Huntsman said in the interview for King’s series, PoliticKING, which will air on Ora.tv on May 8. “I haven’t been around too many people as professional, as well-briefed, as good with people at all levels of life.”

    Huntsman said that Clinton fits “the measure of a leader” and that she’s “gracious and kind to all people … a good listener too.”

    “We may not agree on all the issues, but I have to say she’s a very very capable person,” Huntsman told King.
    I haven’t been around too many people as professional

  93. And now and again Karl Rove opened his sorry mouth on Hillary suffered brain damage…WTF? and then, Mark Rubio Mr. neanderthal senator supreme gives Hillary an F as a secretary of state? what is wrong with reptilicans? Definitely a subspecies…

  94. Given that Rove elbowed Bush 2 into the WH, I’m guessing he has nothing against a brain-damaged POTUS. But, there’s no signs of that in Hillary, so Rove can just move along.

  95. After his last ‘consulting’ performance, Karl Rove is about as wanted by Republicans as a screen door in a submarine. Every one of his predictions landed in the dumpster. He’s washed up.

  96. Speaking of brain damage, Joe Biden had a brain hemorrhage. And it shows.

  97. Good point, Uppity. Funny that Rove forgot to mention Biden’s brain.

    Just pre-ordered Hillary’s new book at QPBC. To be fair, I also bought Bush 2’s memoirs for 3.99 at an outlet store.

  98. Very unusual thing here. First let me say the owner of that dog need to be beaten and fined up the wazoo then I have to ask what mother watches her kid get attacked and does not grab him and run ? But the real thing here is the bravery of that cat !

  99. Utah, I read somewhere that the video was taken from security cameras. I too thought it was strange that a mother thought to set up two camera angles and let her child get mauled just for a video. That cat was awesome!

  100. Wow that cat winded him too! My guess, those are fixed security cameras and we are viewing clips from the recorded videos, thus the cut scenes.

  101. Yes, exactly that, Upps.

    I have really enjoyed these 2-1/2 weeks celebrating your birthday. However, it’s time to send everyone home and clean up the balloons and Puma droppings.

    There’s a new post up for your entertainment.

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