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Among the many Hillary Meme’s going around social and anti-social media these days is the “What has she accomplished” meme. Joe Scarborough stumped the panel on that question. Bill Kristol couldn’t think of a thing. Krauthammer says she didn’t have one single achievement as SoS:

Look, you know, when people talk about Hillary being a superb Secretary of State, I just ask one question. Name me one thing, just one, not three, give me one thing she achieved in her four years as Secretary of State. I have yet to hear an answer…

It’s reminiscent of the WWTBQ meme from 2008. Apparently, it’s not a satisfactory answer to say that Hillary’s whole life is an accomplishment and an achievement. This question sounds like it’s right out of a Jane Austen novel.


(The “Accomplished Woman” rant comes in at about 2:00.)

I also think the question a trap. No matter what answer you give, they will surely give their canned reasons why that particular event or activity does not rise to the level of a true achievement. Whatever it is, it won’t be as good as insert male-name here and insert real-bold-initiative-that-cost-a-lot-of-money here. I personally thought it was a pretty significant achievement that she never waved a vial of yellow-cake uranium in anyone’s face to mislead the nation into a war.

People either missed (or are being deliberately obtuse) about her greatest achievement. Not one of those bloviating gasbags could have pulled off what she did. And what exactly was that?

Let’s rewind to 2008. She lost the primary. Some say Obama was a better campaigner. Some say her campaign organization was a mess. Some say the media burned her. Some say the Democratic Party Effed her over by redistributing her delegates and then added insult to injuery by not even having the decency to hold a legitimate floor vote (the purpose of a convention) to honor the achievement of getting more primary votes than any other presidential candidate. Ever.

If I were she, I’d have been pissed and not ready to make nice. But not Hillary. She kept her promise and did “campaign her heart out” for Obama. It was lucky for him too because he was done and exhausted halfway through the primaries. (Hence the media drumbeat for WWTBQ.)

Much to the consternation of her most ardent supporters, she agreed to serve her country and her president as Secretary of State. The Energizer Bunny with the work-ethic of a champion; the candidate who did all the homework, read all the documents, and knew what she was talking about; the intellectual capitalist and the brains of the bunch; the bookish, wonkish geek, GAVE it away to her opponent in the name of service.

She carried out his agenda and demonstrated that she is a woman of her word. She helped restore our reputation in the world, which had taken a nose-dive in the preceding eight years. (It wasn’t just Democrats that hated Cheney and Rumsfeld–it was the whole rest of the world.) She managed to carve out time for the important issues that no one else thought were important: the health, well-being, and rights of women and girls all over the world.

Because of her collegiality and pragmaticism, her highest accolades come from military and security men on the Right. Throughout her entire career, she served our whole country, not the Left and not the Right. Please read that last sentence again, because that’s a big Effing deal. She is not bound by a rigid allegiance to ideological purity—she is bound by common sense. She’s able to find common ground with anyone in order to serve the greater good.

Compare and contrast that with a party and pundits that so hate this president (and Democrats in general), they would sacrifice 238 years of American history to demonstrate their disdain. They don’t want to win anything—they just want the other side to lose everything. Their goal is actually a Pyrrhic victory. (Medea much?)

Despite being scrutinized to death, held up to a standard of perfection that no 10 others together could meet, she kicked and continues to kick ass. Most admired woman umpteen times in a row. Currently, over 80% of Dems want her to run for president. She commands hundreds of thousands of dollars for speaking engagements. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Quite a few achievements for an unaccomplished woman.


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  1. The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.

    –Vince Lombardi

  2. Here are just a few accomplishments in addition to restoring our standing around the world — she furthered American business interests around the globe and helped secure a number of multi million dollar contracts for American businesses that employ thousands of people here.

    She elevated the rights and needs of women and girls around the globe more than any SoS before her, and despite the rap that that is a “soft issue,” nothing could be further from the truth. Societies where women have access to health care, to macro loans, to start businesses, and access to education — those societies tend to be not only more peaceful, but women re-invest in the community more than men do. The community thrives, the economy thrives as does the whole society — and in case anyone missed it, that includes women and men.

    She is the one who managed to get a cease fire betw Israel and Pal. before it descended into civil war.

    She was the one with the cattle prod to finally make Obama and Panetta act on getting OBL. That ought get ’em started.

  3. As you said,
    She managed to carve out time for the important issues that no one else thought were important: the health, well-being, and rights of women and girls all over the world

    I think this is part of the problem. It just doesn’t occur to them that this might be an important part of her job. They want to see deals signed to prevent wars, etc, macho stuff – but the work she has done, the seeds she has planted, may transform those countries in the future so that there isn’t even the NEED to be trying to prevent wars. But preventing something isn’t as “sexy” as “conquering” it. And of course, that pesky 53% of the population just really isn’t that important to start with.

    But, yeah, they are looking at her SOS tenure through a tainted, antiquated lens – so they don’t get it. And I’m not just referring to republicans, I’m also referring to obots, who even though they’ll mostly jump on her bandwagon, ideologues that they are, we all know what they did starting in 2007.

  4. The people at Fox News are idiots. Hillary was the No. 1 diplomat for the United States. Its not like she spent 4 years on Habitat for Humanity and could count the number of houses she built for the poor. Her job was to represent our country, and she worked harder at it than anyone else. Besides fighting for initiatives for education and human rights (especially for women), she brokered a middle east ceasefire and brought world economics to diplomacy, among other things. Here is a fast read:

  5. I love this place. You people rock! Keep ’em rolling.

  6. Annie, I’m not sure they’re idiots as much as ideologues. I’ve seen people online who have been watching Fox become upset because they’re attacking Hillary – but of course they are. They’re ideologues just as the other channels are in the opposite direction. So, for me, Fox is helpful to get a balanced view of what’s happening in the world, events which are either not covered at all or only literally for a couple of minutes on the other channels, because it reflects poorly on Obama. I don’t get mad about their coverage about Hillary, because just as the other channels will attack the GOP candidates, Fox will attack Hillary. And the spring follows the winter, etc lol

    I’ve become firmly convinced that it’s the parties and the (corporate owned) media that need us to identify with one party or the other – it’s to their benefit ONLY. It benefits the rest of us to work with people who share our beliefs about issue X regardless of any party affilliaton – that’s how the issue gets resolved. But the parties need things mostly UNsolved in order to rally the base each cycle.

    But I’ve learned that on any issue, there are people on both sides with different opinions. We have to ignore the party teachings to only work with those who agree about EVERYthing we do – because that gets them what THEY want, not what we want. What do I care if Sarah Palin is against abortion, if we’re working together on implementing work-training programs for women, and abortion issue is not involved. If I were working to protect early abortion, then I wouldn’t pick Sarah Palin to be on my team, I’d pick others who believe *on that issue* as I do. That’s how we will accomplish things and move forward. IMO.

    But I do want to write to Gretel and Megyn about my theory about why the left and the women’s movement stand up for Muslims’ oppressive culture and not for Musllm women’s rights.

  7. Yay Uppityites!! Yay Hillary!!!!!

  8. LORAC!!! xo

  9. Whoa I turn my back and this place starts hopping!

    Lorac, some of them ARE idiots. And hypocrites. LOTS of those. And they all belong in hell,doomed for eternity to live with their counterpart idiots and hypocrites. Tedward can be the leader. God knows he’s earned it. With Bob Novak as backup. And they should all just be sucked down bodily “In the twinkle of an eye”.

    You know, I spend a lot of time sticking up for Sarah in 2008 and I am done with her. Not because of her silly notions but because if it weren’t for 2nd wavers like Hillary, she would have never been a council woman, much less a mayor or VP candidate…..and then she called Hillary a “Radical feminist”. I will forever hate her for that not for her meddling stance on abortion.

  10. Hey gang, remember Rock In A Rucksack Day? Anybody who can keep pushing in spite of this patriarch DESERVES a presidency. THIS is what she was up against from Her Own!

  11. Haya Lorac!

    You must get a different Fox news out on the left coast than we get here because on the east, they are mostly all about Benghazi. They will take time out for something really important like “Does Hillary have brain damage?” But mostly, Benghazi.

    Out here, the reason they cover stuff that the other stations aren’t covering is because they’re making it up. I do want there to be a voice of balance from the other side of the aisle, but for the last several years, that voice has not been Fox.

    BTW, Joe Scarborough (not a liberal) is on MSNBC (the liberal news network).

  12. Uppity, the 3rd wavers….so-called feminists today call 2nd wavers “radical feminists”. As for Joe Scarborough…..he might not be a liberal….but I don’t know exactly what he is…besides a real jerk. Him and Mika…bleh!!! Speaking of Benghazi, Jon Stewart did a whole bit on the stupidity of Karl Rove calling it BRAINghazi.

  13. It’s WOMAN President Derangement Syndrome. Joe & Mika think they’re super models. Fox NEWS is distinct from the Sean/Factor/Greta/Five stuff, but come ON, if you can’t see the value in getting an earful of how the opposition thinks, you’re just yearning for a “news” station that tells you what you want to hear about Hillary. Honestly: would you really WANT one of those Icon campaigns like “the One” hoisted? Here in Pittsburgh, when our Pirates win a game, we say: “Raise The Jolly Roger.” Face it: the Obats hoisted the Black Flag with intent to purge the EARth of anything that challenged their criminal designs on the glamor of the Oval Office. The “job” was Hillary’s because she was the workhorse, not the show horse, and now, after supporting countless male candidates, she’s the battle axe. When did you last hear ANY panelist pose a question of Obama’s achievements? He entered office with majorities in both houses and managed, over three elections, to totally squander it, just as Bush and his “brain” erased the surplus.

    When my hubby teases me about getting the shovel and wheelbarrow to do my gardening, I always reference how, when he and other males have dirt to move, out comes the machinery; backhoes, dozers and dump trucks. I’m consigned to the womanual labor.

    The obstacle is the Democratic Nomination. If – over the dead bodies of her home town of Chicago – she actually gets it, the election is over.

  14. the obstacle is the Democratic Nomination. If – over the dead bodies of her home town of Chicago – she actually gets it, the election is over

    So true. I want Hillary Clinton to win, but I’m not absolutely sure I want her to run. I’m no concern troll but this idiotic and vicious bashing will never stop. Hillary threatens “The Natural Order” to these mindless fucks-some of whom, sadly, are women-and they will never stop trying to drag her down.
    That said, if she can take it all, God knows so can I.

  15. Mika is the cockroach Z-Big’s daughter. The guy who gave us the Taliban.

  16. Sweet Sue, indeed: “if she can take it all, God knows so can I.”

  17. Upps, that’s right about Mika. As for either of them, what the heck did they accomplish? Mika was born famous. Joe was a Republican Congressman in a Republican district and one of Gingrich’s little things. Both of them got a news show. And if Hillary went to Phil Griffin (MSNBC president) and asked for it, he’d give her their show.

  18. Great post sophie.
    thanks a bunch…
    and they are sooooo afraid of a woman with wits…

  19. the daily show link did not kick in the video…???

  20. FOX is gearing up to kill off Hillary or whomever the candidate will be, as they want the weakest Democrat they can get. Likewise MSNBC is gearing up to kill off whomever the Republicans want to run. And CNN is geared up to kill off itself. There is no such thing as a cable news channel any longer. I don’t watch any of them any longer.

  21. Hey, about that cat who saved the child from the attacking dog, this video has an interview with the cat and the family. They got him when he followed them home from a park. Also, they did put that dog to sleep.

  22. But the parties need things mostly UNsolved in order to rally the base each cycle.

    This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pathetically true. And so obvious, you would think more people would notice.

  23. That cat was amazing! Love her more than the barking cat.

    Oh, so now Rove is a neurologist? Yeah, I am going to have him do my lobotomy.

  24. Belle says:
    “Of course we cats are amazing…just take a look at me!”

  25. AnnE:
    Rove is the one suffering of brain damage and needs the lobotomy.

  26. LOLOL! Cute kittehs!

  27. Taylor Marsh actually has a really good post on this topic.

    I’m telling you–if I ever see Bill Kristol in person, it will take everything I have not to make him a soprano (small “s”).

  28. I wouldn’t read TM if you put a gun in my mouth. She’s nothing but an opportunistic political whore. Anything good she says about hillary right now is because she stuck her finger in the wind. I wouldn’t spit on her if she were on fire. Kristol at least has the “courtesy” to be consistent, even if he’s consistently a shrivel-dick with CDS. I always know what I’m gonna get from him. Marsh will turn on a dime if it benefits her.

  29. Notice I am not arguing with you on that one, Upps. I was somewhat surprised at her post and how she seems to be backpedaling on what she meant by the Hillary Factor.

  30. I’m not surprised though, Soph. She rides with the wind. I saw what she did and she disgusts me. Her Flip took exactly 24 hours. Despicable person.

  31. Interesting. Helen Reddy didn’t want to Roar anymore for a decade..

    And then Roared again.

  32. I have to tell you, I LOVE Helen Reddy! I Am Woman came out while I was a newspaper girl (which was my own feminist triumph back in the day)! I don’t have the 45 anymore (but I do have the 45 for Delta Dawn and Keep On Singing).

  33. Great videos Uppity! Love Helen Reddy too Sophie!

  34. Helen Reddy. Well Uppity and Co. Waiting it out now to see what is up with Benghazi. I just can’t believe all Hill had to go through. I really don’t want to see her hung out to dry for him you know? ps: check out first chapter at my place. The Abramson firing. Ooooof. Glass Ceiling. It was at that corps. Upps. Gabe was 4 feet tall & Italian. And then there was the merger. Same co she worked for bought us. The novel is called “ABOVE THE FOLD” hugs.

  35. Ah, Sophie, won’t it be great when Helen Reddy sings our anthem at Hillary’s inaugural gala?

  36. Oh, Sweet Sue, I wish that big time!!

  37. If we are so lucky to come to that day, I would guess melissa Ethridge would be singing. They are friends. But let’s face it …I Am Woman is VERY appropriate poke in the eye.

  38. I would love for a pantheon of women musicians to sing at Hillary’s inaugural gala. Certainly Helen and Melissa. Add Barbra, Carole King, Carly Simon, Janet Jackson, Madonna, and Cher.

  39. Aretha and Annie Lennox singing “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves.”

  40. Let’s not forget Sophie B Hawkins!

  41. I know! I did think of her though.

  42. This should be required reading for anyone who holds public office and anyone who plans on running for public office.

  43. Remember DE’s warning: Take note and stay outta my attic, where there is a hoard of incandescent bulbs.


  44. For those of you who are concerned about cfls and don’t have your hoard of incandesant bulbs, I have done some research for you and the law does not include three way bulbs. You CAN use a three way bulb in a regular non- three way lamp. These are generally 40-60-100 bulbs and placing one in a regular fixture will yield the medium wattage…..meaning 60 watts.

  45. I apologize, kind of, for not discussing the topic of this thread. Let’s just say I have an opinion of what is going to come down and until I see a glimmer of ANYTHING in the USA that will change my opinion I will let you know. Meanwhile, trust me, you do not want to hear what my third eye says up till now.

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    Malware is malicious software that causes things like identity theft, financial loss, and permanent file deletion. Learn more

    Third time I decided to proceed “at my own risk”.
    what is going on???

  47. upps? sophie?
    anybody there knows about this?

  48. I don’t use Chrome. I don’t use google anything much. I entrered just now through google using firefox and had no problem, and if malware were downloading into my machine, Nortons would have alerted me. I think it’s bullshit. But if you are concerned you can load malwarebyes or superantispyware and run it, it’s free. Best I can think is google crawled some sites and found malware links in the SPAM folders. You get spam in that directory all the time. I’ll look into it some more but I am not going to fester over it because I wouldn’t spit on google’s word. I’ll run malwarebytes and see if I have any malware for coming here. Keep you posted.

  49. Got that sitecheck link from WordPress forum. Also, if any writers have hotlinked to any images recently, delete them.

  50. Before I run the malware software, which will take time, let me just say that I regard Google as malware.

  51. Looky Looky, Google is busy. Only 628,000 complaints about Google claiming sites have malware in the past 24 hrs. Belle, was the malware called “memegenerator?”

  52. Second scan of our site for malware, report:

  53. as a last dance for google, all mods change your passwords.

    Please bear in mind that jpegs can contain embedded codes. If you link to a page with an embedded code on a post…blah blah blah. So I will go remove all the jpegs for the past 24 hours. Sorry Soph, but that has to include your pic of hill for now, till we prove this is all google bullshit. So far, nothing I have run confirms what they are saying. Sophie, please do a scan on your computer of malwarebytes and superantispyware. If you have a diseased jpeg it will show up. Sorry for the inconvenience, imust, do the same. As will I. I fucking hate google.

  54. Another scan of my blog for ‘blacklist status’ at various locations INCLUDING GOOGLE CLICK ON ‘blacklist status” tab at top

    Domain clean by Google Safe Browsing:

    Funny how google chrome never flags blogspot sites. It’s a miracle!

  55. After having proceeded at my own risk and clicking on the link to this blog, malwarebytes finds no malware that was downloaded to my computer. I will now run superantispyware.

  56. Clean malware scan here

  57. I believe I have solved the ‘problem’ although I do not believe it ‘infected’ anybody’s anything. To be sure, you should all do a malwarebytes scan and a superantispyware scan. However, if you have strong AV software, NOTHING can EVER be downloaded to your machine without being flagged.

    In the meantime, in order to avoid me being porky about it, I want you SOPHIE and IMUST to change your passwords IMMEDIATELY. And fuck Google. If you run superantispyware and you are using CHROME, you will find that ALL the web bugs come from CHROME. If you tell the software to remove them, CHROME will put them right back next time you bring CHROME up. If you try to block this malware in Chrome, you will not be able to navigate in CHROME. CHROME IS YOUR ENEMY, but go ahead, don’t take my word for it. GOOGLE CHROME needs to flag ITSELF!

  58. I burned my late supper over this shit.

  59. In the meantime, this is an order from your ornery webmaster. Nobody on this site should ever post a link that has memegenerator dot net in it, not in posts and not in comments. You will be burned at the stake for doing this, as CHROME will have another pansy hissy fit, especially since we are not blogspot.

  60. Would somebody who…snort…uses CHROME please type our url in and enter, to see if I have corrected the issue Chrome has?

  61. Uh…ummmm……how do I know what a “memegenerator dot net” looks like? Does it say that in the link?


  62. Uppity, I do not use CHROME, I use Safari, but it is on our computer and my hubby uses it for work. Anywhoo…..I pulled it up and typed in the UW url and it did not create any problems or messages….just went right to the site.

  63. Belle, honey, if you dare to enter this blog, would you please use CHROME to get here again and see if it shuts up about it? Thanks.

  64. imust yes it will be in the link. Except it will be a real dot instead of the word ‘dot’.

  65. check emails imust.

  66. hey soph, you can put your hillary photo back into this post now. Sorry I had to remove it and one of my comment pics while I was analyzing what would cause this.

    Meanwhile just avoid linking to meme photos till Google gets the chance to buy them out and then the won’t be viral any longer. Heh.

    In any event, as a rule of thumb it’s never a good idea to ‘hotlink’ to a jpeg from someone else’s site because it takes you to their site and unless you are very familiar with the place or it’s carefully monitored, some idiot COULD put an embedded code in a jpeg. If you have good AV sofware it will flag it if someone tries to dl any code to your machine. I have my laptop setup to never allow ANY download, even one I am seeking, without asking me first if I do want to dl this file. Saves a world of pain. Unfortunately, smart phones aren’t very secure at all, so I do not do any serious internet anything on a phone. It’s just a plain old invitation for ID theft. Nobody believes me about that either. *shrug*

  67. Good work Upps.
    I just got in using Chrome and did not block the access or display any warning.
    I used Mozilla Firefox, but since 2008 they were in the tank with the BOzo then I switched to IE; which had lots of problems for XP users like me. Two years ago I started using Chrome, with this latest issue I do not what to use.
    I got panicking for not been able to access you all. I may not be the babbler du jour, but I’m your loyal daily crasher on your site for my Hill-cat cup of java every morning…and always be…

  68. And yes, it’s all over the internet posts:

    “Malware ahead on WildStar forums?! What in blazes is going on … › … › English › General Discussion
    2 days ago – Google Chrome has blocked access to this page on Content from, a known malware …”

  69. Yeah Belle is back unafraid!

    The problem with what Chrome is doing is, they crawl all the sites and ‘read’ them. If they see a link, any link that goes to a site that may have a problem, no matter now remote the problem, they flag your site. In this case, there was a link on this blog to memegenerator in the comments section in 2008……..yes I said 2008, when I am sure that ONE corrupt photo at that site didn’t exist. Another link to that site to a photo occurred in 2010. You can see why I think Chrome blows goats…among MANY other reasons, including the fact that THEY should be flagging themselves for being the worse spyware/malware browser EVER! When I get some time, I will show you EXACTLY what they FORCE into your machine. If you change your settings to block those links, you can’t use Chrome. If a malware program removes the links, Chrome puts them right back. These are known links to known web bugs. Google bought out some of them and owns them. Google is spying on you and tracking your every move, targeting you, profiling you in Chrome. There IS no other reason for this behavior. You cannot remove these sites from tracking you as long as you use Chrome, even after you log off of Chrome. How do you like that idea?

    So according to Chrome’s alogrithm for flagging ‘malware’ on blogs or other sites, if you posted a link five years ago and the site you linked has some malware code five years later in some obscure link you will probably never click on, YOUR blog will serve as a FRIGHTENING MALWARE WARNING to anybody who tries to enter. How may things can you find wrong with that picture?

  70. thanks a bunch upps for the follow up info.
    what browser would you recommend? or feel more comfortable with privacy and simplicity?

  71. …….and I would REMOVE Chrome from computer, as they can still follow you in background once they have inserted their crap into your computer. I think there is an option in their settings telling them not to, but the default is to continue sucking in your information. Furthermore, i don’t trust that they would actually follow your setting preferences if there is a loophole.

  72. Switch to Firefox and ditched the Chrome crapola.

    Just LUV the Helen Reddy videos. Brought back the inspiration behind of becoming my own woman… which I am.
    Have a wonderful Memorial weekend. Love and hugs!

  73. I hope Maya Angelou recovers. Hate to lose such a brilliant, kind woman.

  74. I just stopped by to say Happy Memorial Day to all. It made me sad to read about Maya Angelou. I hope she recovers.

  75. I saw that. Utter scum. Its hard to imagine such evilness.

  76. ABC is reporting that Maya Angelou has died. RIP.

  77. What a loss! Laker told me she was in the hospital last nite and we were hoping it was nothing serious. Am so sad, but grateful we have her beautiful writing.

  78. Very sad about the passing of such a great and inspirational woman!

  79. Maya’s last tweet, May 23:

  80. RIP Maya Angelou.

  81. Most beautiful and insightful thoughts to say before parting; thank you again Maya for all!

  82. Her best quote:

    “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

  83. You have mail Uppity

  84. I have some sad news to share with all. Uppity bless her heart helped me mend mine and get through a tough time. I lost a member of the “Wrecking Crew” earlier this month. Kahlua passed away on the 5th. I was devastated and thought no more dogs for me for awhile . Bless your heart Upps because you know me well and my heart. Well a new member to the Wrecking Crew has come along. He is from a rescue I worked with for years. He is already proving himself to be a member of Wrecking United in good standing lol.
    He is 7 weeks old and his name is Yukon Jack lol. Hubby named him . Most likely I will call him Jack or asshole which ever suits the bill at the time.
    There will never be another Kahlua to be sure but I am also sure she hand picked this one to take her place.

  85. Bless you Utah! For the love you gave Kahlua and the greatness of your heart to rescue Jack!

  86. I lost another kitty last week. The little 2 year old tuxie named Hobo. He had been an outside cat which Coby brought home about 8 months ago. I was prepping him to bring him inside after Coby passed a month ago. He was going to keep Goof company. He was struck by a car. Luckily I found him and sadly I found him. It’s been a week now. When a little more time passes I will look for a rescue.

  87. Oh Goofsmom, I am so sorry. I know how it feels to be working with an outdoor cat in hopes he will be Yours in your home. It’s hearbreaking when you lose them. You’re a good soul. Hobo will send you his spirit in another cat. And you will rise to that occasion too.

    And Utah, it is long overdue, after all you have done to pull doomed ACDs from the stack and rehab them into stellar companions, it is about time you gave yourself the luxury of raising a puppy from scratch. From what I have seen you do with your dogs along the way, I have no doubt that Jack will grow up to be a brilliant dog with all kinds of manners. Enjoy him, you deserve it more than any dog rescuer I know, because you have worked with the difficult ones and a difficult breed. You go girl.

    You have watched me raise my dog and I have done well, often thanks to your advice. I know this: I pale in your shadow when it comes to raising a dog. Jack’s a lucky puppy.

  88. Uppity ty but you sell yourself way to short. You have an awesome dog and that did not just happen you know. Needlenose is one with you because you took the time and she also knew she scored with you. Match made in Heaven. I am hoping to make this little man turn out as good as my Whiskey or better. Time will tell.
    Goofs I am so sorry to hear you lost that baby. Rescue is so very hard. I saved a whole litter of feral kittens once and of course kept each one because they would never trust others and were very spooky when anyone came over. They I have to say were some of the best cats I had ever owned. I think it was because of patience on my part to tame them ( boy did I have the teeth marks to prove it lol) and the trust we built up.
    Yes Kahlua will always live in my heart and I will miss her but I believe like Uppity she sent me to Jack.

  89. Awww. Condolences to Utah & Goofs. So sad when pets die. Utah, I hope Jack has a long happy life with you.

  90. btw, my son laker (now 20yrs old) thinks its so cool that you name your dogs after booze!

  91. ty Socal. Ha ha yea the booze names rof. My hubby had a dog named Whiskey long long ago and always bragged about what a good dog he was. Along comes this red boy into my life needing help and my hubby said when he got home from the vet he looks like he could use a good shot of Whiskey and hence the name lol. Well keeping with the theme came Kahlua. Now we have a Jack lol. Yukon Jack. I hope he is around for a long time too. He got his shots today so he is kind of dozing and it ( the needle) did not even faze him. He was too interested in getting into mischief.

  92. Thank you (((Uppity and Uppityites))) Utah: sounds like Jack will keep you on your toes!

    Sorry, It took so long to for me to post that. I don’t like to post from my smart phone so I had to wait till I got home. 🙂

  93. Happy June everyone…… ❤

  94. Pillow Talk.

  95. Aww. She is so beautiful! I wish I could hug her.

    Hope everyone has a nice summer!

  96. Utah, so sorry to hear about Kahlua. Yukon Jack is lucky to have you as a mommy. (Seriously, in my next life, I want to come back as either one of your pets or Uppity’s.)

  97. TY Sophie. When I lost Kahlua I really did not think I wanted another or had what it took in me to love another but got to say it was right. Kahlua sent this little rascal to me I am more then sure of it. He already exhibits some of her traits.
    He knows all about his toys lol. I hear squeaky squeaky squeaky . You know for a young puppy like he is, taken from mom too young, he is fearless. He wanders all over the yard by himself and through the entire house like he owns the joint.
    Those pics were taken with him sitting on a bar stool. He will sit and stay for awhile but it will take a bit more time to teach him to stay until I release.
    He is learning the doggy door but it is a bit too much for him and his pint size lol. He gets his head out though lol.

  98. Dang but I detect a smile on that little guy’s face in one of those pics. Still thinking there’s a bit of the Merle there!

    Stand by for a story of my current grand experiment with my cat Snack.

  99. I was going to email this account to Utah because I know she is interested in veterinary ideas for cats and dogs, but I decided all you cat people might find my experiment interesting enough to tuck away for the future, if necessary.

    Ok so here’s the deal. My cat Snack has what is known as Idiopathic Cystitis AKA Pandora’s Syndrome. This is a condition that is largely caused by stress In some form. It mimics recurring bladder infections, complete with all the discomfort of being on the box every five minutes. At its onset, vets and owners conclude there is a urinary tract infection. However, there are spots of blood occasionally. To be safe, the cat is treated for both infection (antibiotics) and cystitis (prednisone). Urinalysis is difficult because the bladder is usually empty so the best you can get is a bit of urine squeezed out at examination. When you test it, you can’t really determine if all the bacteria is from infection of from the urine that was sitting on the exam table. So you treat for infection “just in case’. The symptoms generally abate in a week or so, and the owner believes the cat has been ‘cured’ of a bladder infection thanks to the antibiotic. Then the cat is weaned from prednisone and next thing you know, it’s back to square one with the symptoms. Rinse and repeat.

    In Snack’s case, I already knew she was the perfect candidate for idiopathic cystitis, since Mojo is what is known as a “sexually aggressive neutered male” AKA “Super male”. In other words, he perpetually stalks and subjugates female cats with the signature sexual neck bite, pinning them down. There is no sexual attempt, just the neck/pinning motion. Mojo doesn’t have a clue about mating. He was neutered before he ever reached sexual maturity. It’s a good thing, too, because, as a Super Male, he would have probably populated the entire city. Now, Mojo is one of the most lovable, cordial, social and malleable male cats I have ever encountered. He’s the perfect cat in every way, except for this little problem. I could bring five male cats into a room with him and he will accept them without question, but if I bring a female home, the show begins. I have not owned many female cats, to be honest, but he has done this with every one of them he has lived with. He tried it with my late mother’s cat, Binaca. Once. She beat the crap out of him and he never dared again. Same deal with my beloved Mousely, but she just blew him off as an annoyance. Snack on the other paw, does not fight. She just cries and screams. He, of course, loves that. While I tried pretty much every ‘cure’ for Mojo’s affliction, nothing worked. He could be snuggling with her, both sleeping together and suddenly a switch goes off in his head. I could hit him with hose water and it would not deter him when the momentum begins.

    At my wit’s end, I began to research HIS problem instead of hers. (Men are pigs was my first determination, just kidding…). By accident I came across a couple of vet articles on this stuff called BoarMate. BoarMate is used by pig farmers. It is a male pig pheromone they use to convince sows that this guy is sexy and I Want Him. Apparently, these vets began trying it out on sexually aggressive male neutered cats in households. One vet claimed it stopped the aggression “in its tracks”. The idea here is to dab a bit of BoarMate on the female target (come on guys, she’s a Victim not a target). Anyways, once you dab it on her, the next time the aggressive male stalked and grabs her, he will back off immediately because he no longer smells a female target, instead, he smells a very ornery boar. He says, Sorry Bud, I Thought You Were a Girl and scurries off.

    So I brought the idea of BoarMate, or HogMate as it is called in the USA. I expected my vet to laugh me out of the examination room. Instead he was intrigued. Gotta love Cornell Vets. They are the most progressive vets on earth. He suddenly bolts and runs to his computer in the back. He brings out the MSDA sheet on HogMate and declares it as harmless at the least and then declares that in theory this could work! In comes another vet from the clinic, who says the same thing. We are all very excited. He also had a printout of a private vet site where they talked about its potential even though the jury isn’t really in yet.

    So I have Snack on prednisone again for the time being, to help ease her physical distress, while I wait for my HogMate to arrive in the mail.

    I’ll keep all you cat lovers informed on the progress.

  100. Oh wow now that is interesting. I had a cat just like that Upps . He was fixed very young yet he was always grabbing the females and pinning them down. I had no idea why. This was many many moons ago. I fixed him at 6 months old which was considered at that time to be the youngest they would or should do it. Every now and again he would spray instead of squat and pee. I loved that guy to death but these things he did, annoyed the dickens out of me. I am anxious to learn if this works because as I have said in the past if I get a cat it will be a male. I have found in cat ownership the males are just friendlier and more lovable when fixed young, then are the females . Don’t know if that is fact but just in my own experience with cats it was. I had cats for 30 years , in fact never owned dogs just cats.
    Poor Snack . I mean being sexually assaulted all the time has got to have her about half crazy . No wonder she is a tad bit , lol…..uppity lol.
    I hope this works for you. I know this quirk in Mojo has to annoy you .

  101. Uppity:
    What a cutey tax kitty…I want one…purr!

  102. Yeah Belle, she a cutie but very………female. Like Utah, I am a male cat person all the way. Not that I didn’t adore the few females I have had, because I did. But they are way more peckish than males and far less adaptable and sociable, it seems. Also I am a fan of BIG cats and males are larger. But comes a time when I have to stick up for the girls! Utah, Mojo, who happens to be sleeping behind my head on the couch right now, has never sprayed. He exhibits absolutely no dominant behaviors except for this unfortunate one. He’s a very easy going friendly cat, which is good because he has the largest canine teeth I or my vet have ever seen. It didn’t bother me with the two other females who lived here as long as he’s been around, but they just put him in his place. Poor Snack just won’t do it. She screams and cries. She has scratched him a few times but this means NOTHING to him. he is Super Male. Ooooooooo Rahhhhhhhhh.

    The Hog Mate just arrived. However I am opting to wait till Monday to start her on it. Because it is nothing but a pheromone with a bit of alcohol as a base, it really is general consensus that it can’t hurt her or him. But, because I am being experimental, I want to be able to be sure that I don’t have to go to the vet on a weekend or on an emergency basis. Wait, I’ll get a shot of the bottle…

  103. Oh, poor Snack. She should not have to endure such behavior by Mojo. Have you ever considered changing his name? Maybe to Mr. Limpit or something? ( Just kidding. ) Hope the HogMate works. Love that name, btw. Let us know what happens. This could help a lot of cat owners with similar problems.

  104. Utah FWIW, the chances of you getting another Super Male neuter are very slim. They aren’t all that common. As you know, I have had many male cats come and go from here and never saw another case. It’s highly possible it’s worse for Snack because this is not a multi cat home, there are just the two of them in the house. Benny And the Jets live in their own abode on the property. But seriously I would love to bring Daisy in and have her give him what for. lol.

  105. Is the picture @8:01 AM of Snack? Lovely!

  106. yes that is Snack. Hey who knows, Snack, Joe and I could be written up in veterinary journals since all other information is anecdotal and we are on the case.

  107. Aww. She is so beautiful! I wish I could hug her.

    She would let you, socal! And then she would steal your heart.

  108. Do you really have any doubt that cats will one day rule the world?

  109. Rof ….cat playing Jinga. Uppity ACDs or ASTCD do not possess the merle gene.. They have the TT gene or tick gene. That is what you see in Jack.
    Kahlua was a ASTCD or Australian stumpy tail cattle dog and Whiskey and Jack are Australian Cattle Dogs . The difference between the two is the ASTCD is born tailless. That is it. They are both Heelers.
    It is hard to find an actual ACD with a tail out here in the west because so many owner have them confused with the Stumpy and dock the tail. A look I actually like on the breed as well but then I love the tailed ones too because their tail is so beautiful. Jack was docked too. Ranchers out her prefer they have no tail as many with tail are injured as Whiskey was as a baby and had to have it removed. Show ACDs have the tail. There is a big ongoing controversy over that one. Ranchers in Australia used to dock them too before a law was passed preventing it. That is how the ASTCD was brought about. I have owned three stumpy tail cattledogs but majority have been ACD.
    Jack exhibits the light blue ticking . It resembles the Merle patter of that Collie you have posted in the past which I personally find to be a very pretty color .Collies have the Merle gene and I find it to give them a very pretty look . I do not think Collies get plagued too often with the double Merle do they ?

  110. I think my boy will end up looking like this guy here

    Notice how ” boxy ” he looks . I love that look. Uppity calls them Boxy lol or box dogs gang. They are compact lol.

  111. No double merle that I know of in Collies, Utah. Needlenose’s mother was a sable factored blue merle. Pic of her:

  112. Ah ticking. Ok I see. Looks kind of merlish to me!

  113. Here’s needlenose’s father, Rainshade’s Special Velvet Teddy Bear

  114. Interestingly enough, when you mate a blue merle with a sable you get a few tricolor collies. In fact, tris can kind of show up anywhere or nowhere. I find that interesting. N’s litter had two blue merles, three sables and two tricolors. Her mother was a Gold Hill McMaur Collie and all the big Collie people used Special Velvet Teddy Bear because, besides being gorgeous, he was known to produce collies of great temperament and normal eyes. Normal eyes is a big thing. as the Collie community strives to weed out PRA and Collie Eye Anomoly. A backyard bred Collie is going to give its owner a world of pain. Many of them carry the genes that result in blindness. So the Collie Community is working hard to eradicate this problem and all breeders bring puppies to a vet opthomologist before giving them to buyers…and they heavily monitor owners regarding spaying/neutering. Some people get sucked in when they find a unique ‘grey’ collie. Grey Collie syndrome is 100% deadly and reputable breeders never sell them, they do not live long at all. It’s a stem cell disorder. Some claim their dogs have been ‘cured’. Don’t know about that though.

    Correction: Yes there are double merles, Utah. Most of them have eye problems.

  115. Oh damn she came from two beauties. No wonder she is what she is. My gosh both those guys are stunning I mean stunning. I really like the Merle in a Collie. I think that is not common at least out here to see a Blue Merle but I really like them. Out here the typical ” Lassie” look seems to be the norm. ACDs are prone to PRA as well. That is one thing I look for first in homing dogs. Their eyes should never be blue because it is assured they will be blind young and the structure of the eye tells a lot.. The problem with me is I tend to always gravitate to the needy. There are so many that are in need of homes because of BYB and lack of knowledge of the breed. Folks tend to get them because of their look or because they have met a well trained one then find out they are unable to handle it. So it goes. Kahlua had PRA. She was lucky though because it was not a bad case that happened early in life. She had the night blindness and her last two years of life she was gradually going blind. Mainly she found things by smell or touch. It is what it is with me though. I accept it. I guess my love of the breed and animals means I do not always get the best of the best lol but to me they are.
    Needlenose appears to have gotten her face and coat from daddy. Mom does not seem to have such a needlenose or have the outstanding coat Needlenose does. She is a beautiful dog though to me because I like that merle thing. Looking at those pics of the parents I see some interesting similarity to the ACD. Feet look at them. Rounded and short. They to have a bit of the lol box dog look. It is understandable as the ACD has Highland Collie in them. Look at the Highland and see Needlenose in some way

  116. Yup I see the similarities. Also agree my girl is her father’s daughter. Utah, Rough Collies would be looking like an ACD-Border Collie cross today if the Queen hadn’t introduced the Borzoi into the mix to create a larger,needlenose kind of flowing show dog. That’s a fact.

    Hey, my dog’s relatives are mostly hanging out in Europe now, including some of her littermates. Here’s a Swiss website that is just stocked with studs and bitches from her direct line. In fact, her brother is there. I see Europe importing our Collies to make theirs look more like ours. The European collie is smaller and it has a toothy look, almost a grimace, where as ours………smile. Take a look, you’ll see Tosca everywhere. For starters, the first dog shown, Best Friend Sam is from the same mother and father. You’ll see Special Velvet Teddy Bear as stud to some of their champions too. They show his pic as well. Also show T’s mother’s pic. All in the Family so to speak. Sam’s history/pedigree is my dog’s history/pedigree almost to the letter. 5 generations.

    Look how sam looks just like her!

  117. I prolly just bored the crap out of everyone else. Sorry!

  118. Utah here’s what I mean about Euro Collies. Look how fugly and nasty looking the French rough collies are.

  119. WTH that French thing has squinty eyes and flop ears. That face is far too fat , bull doggy if you will. Needlenose has a softer face then Sam but oh yes I see it big time. Isn’t that amazing that her line is spread like that and showing so well. Brag away lady. I know how special she is and what a great dog she has been. Mainly what she brings to your life just as you know how dear mine are to me ………………….well Jack lmao. I had forgotten just how rotten puppy puppies can be lmao. I am chalk full of hole from those razor teeth.
    He is very bonded to me already seriously the little snot will not leave me alone. I think he will exceed Whiskeys abilities. I have him younger and without all the injuries that my baby boy suffered through. That Sam is awesome looking and so is Double scotch black. Heck they all are really some just stand out more. I really like the tri colors not a huge fan of the Sable but that is what I had long ago . I had her in the 70’s.

  120. You didn’t bore me. Laker just got home and loved at the pet pix. You are right about the Euro Collies, not as pretty as our needlenoses.

    The only male cat we owned was in the mid 70s to mid 80s. He was a Mann Island Manx. My mom’s boss gave him to us. He was pure white with one vivid blue and one vivid green eye and of course, no tail, so he was really bizarre to look at. Very large also. We didn’t fix him at first cuz my mom was thinking of breeding him, but she got tired of the spraying. He was never a cuddly cat, but we enjoyed him.

    The only animal we bred was a toy poodle we got when we were little, in ’66. She was pedigreed, and we had 3 litters from her. She was a smart little thing and had a pretty face and perfectly proportioned. Some toys are spindly looking. We were always sad when the puppies went to new homes. She died of ovarian cancer. My mom kept her alive as long as possible. I was living in San Francisco at the the the time, hanging out with the local rock stars, and my poor mom called me up sobbing when she finally had to let our pet go. So sad. That poodle, and one of our dobermans were the smartest dogs we ever had.

  121. Hi Socal !
    That Euro Collie looks like a Chow to me in fact if I saw one here I would think that is what it was because of the face. I guess we are so used to our Collie having the longer snout and not a broad face like that. Who knew ? Oh our Uppity does because trust me here folks if it is about Collie you will not stump her. Trust me here because I have a long history with Uppity and I know for a fact she did tons and tons of homework before picking the Collie as her breed of choice then tons and tons more finding the right breeder and moving forward to get her Needlenose.
    Uppity was talking to me through my mourning of Kahlua and thank God she knows me because she knew I would eventually move on and grab hold of another ball of fur. Because she ndid I went looking out of curiosity and then called my old rescue and bada boom badda bing a littler was coming in and pics sent to me then on my way to Las Vegas I went. Upps was the first to know what I had done lol. Serious here not even my kids knew I had gotten him lol.
    I do with ACDs what Upps does with cats. By doing that we are usually caught taking in ones that would never find their way to a good home. Whiskey and Kahlua never would have found someone willing to foot the bill or put up with on going issues. Now I did slip a bit here and indulge myself by way of taking a puppy this time around. Puppies always find homes. But after so many years of rescue and heart break as well as happiness I thought just this once I want to start out with a baby too.
    It is like waiting to open a Christmas box with him. Waiting to see what he will look like at full size, waiting to see how quick he learns, waiting waiting waiting lol and yet not wanting him to grow lol.
    I am so anxious to teach him to do so much but for now just learning boundaries, recall and house manners are on the docket. He knows his name so far and comes when called. That is major to me. He is now 7 weeks old and a firecracker. He will not go much further then the house or back yard because his shots are just getting started and I do not want him sick so his world is very limited. Once I know he is safe then we will go to leash and off leash training outside the yard. It should take up some time getting him basic trained then by the time he is 4 months old we will start going for tricks.
    Upps should remember a video of Whiskey I had posted long ago where he would not get a toy until I counted to three. I could say any number and he would not move until he heard three. Also when I said bang he dropped down like dead lol. He has a ton of things he does like that as well as playing dress up rof. This guy I hope to have doing far more. I wish I had that video but sadly I can not find it anywhere.

  122. This is a great post and comments Thanks everyoe. ❤

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