Hillary’s Magical Mystery Tour

Since Hillary’s book, Hard Choices, is being released tomorrow, she has a rather busy schedule of book tour interviews.


These are some of the events:

Monday, June 9, 9 PM: ABC, Diane Sawyer
Tuesday, June 10, 7 AM: ABC, Robin Roberts
Tuesday, June 10: NBC, Cynthia McFadden
Tuesday, June 10, 11 AM: NYC Barnes & Noble Book Signing in Union Square
Sunday, June 15, 9 AM: CBS, Jane Pauley
Tuesday, June 17, 5 PM: CNN, Christiane Amanpour in a Town Hall format
Tuesday, June 17, 6:45-7:15 PM): FNC, spanning Bret Baier & Greta Van Susteren

It did not escape our notice that she’s giving her interviews (predominantly) to women!

She was also on the cover of People Magazine this week.


And you’re not going to believe this, but Matt Drudge (no link for that Effer) actually had the nerve to say the cover shot looked like she was holding onto a walker. Seriously, they need better material.

See, just a patio chair.

See, just a patio chair.

The Ready for Hillary folks got a bus and I believe they intend to follow her book tour. Here’s their shiny rig:


Of course, everyone has the same Number One question and they will continue to ask it even though she won’t answer. Even if the answer is “Hell Yes!” she’s not going to answer one minute before Wednesday, November 5, 2014. And even then, she’d likely wait a bit longer too. So why do they keep asking?

I hear there will be live tweeting during the programs all week and will share the #hashtag as soon as I find out what it is.


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  1. CatholicGlasses, you are in spam and in spam you shall remain unless others here convince me to take you our for our amusement.

    By the way, there are plenty of blogs that used to be on our blogroll where you can go and proclaim Benghazi! to your heart’s delight. But this place is not one of them.

    P.S. There’s a new Catholic Church now and you don’t fit in it.

  2. Ah you got here first Sophie. Just as well. Your response to this creature is far kinder than mine would have been. Shove along cg. Or just shove it. This is my blog, and, as you say, Deal with it. Go crap on your own crappy blog.I didn’t come this far with over four million hits taking crap from creeps like you lobbing invectives at people who never even bother to grace your blog. And thanks for reminding me why I left the Church long before The Rush. You’ve finally got a Pope again who has some humility and kindness. Why don’t you try some yourself instead of acting like an arrogant ass?

  3. I love when we make them so nervous they just have to come here and blow their corks, don’t you? Some days I just feel like blogging again just to give them apoplexy. Heh. Carry on, Sophie. Good job. She’s on autoflush. As it should be.

  4. Hillz is killin’ it on ABC. Diane Sawyer is trying to win some kind of prize–she sounds like a bully and Hillz sounds fabulous!

  5. I’m really hopeful that she will run. She seemed to be making the case for doing so when Sawyer asked the age question. Looking forward to seeing the other interviews that you’ve listed in the post, Sophie.

  6. What a wonderful post! Thanks Sophie!

    Love the kick ass responses to the troll.

  7. Yay! Sophie! Yay Hillary!

    Time to correct a wrong from 2008. The Fates are not happy, me thinks.

  8. Did you see the copy of Anita’s book displayed in Hillary’s house?
    Oh, Yeah!

  9. Need video of full interview. I found one but audio is garbled and cuts out for five minutes at time. It’s harshly done and probably deliberate since I clicked on it from a CDS site, ironically called “unedited politics”

  10. Sophie, thanks for the list of tour interviews. I’m just seeing it now so I missed the Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts interviews. I’ve put notes in my calendar for the next ones. I’m ready!

    Sweet Sue, was Anita’s book displayed during the Sawyer interview?

  11. Upps, if you can find a video of the full interview, that would be great. xoxo

  12. One of Diane’s Sawyer’s first questions……”Why did you lose?” I wanted to smack her and say, look in the mirror Diane!!

    Diane Sawyer after celebrating at Obama’s inauguration.

  13. OMG, now these sex-education morons, you know, the ones who think rape is a figment of woman’s imagination, and that women need to be raped with a foreign object before obtaining an abortion are treating us to their math skills. They are berating Hil because she said they were dead broke when they left the WH. Well, let’s run these numbers $780,00 to $1.8 million is assets vs. $2.5 million in legal bills. Um, underwater, anyone?

    How do you spell delusional? GOP?

  14. Beata, yes it was. I saw it as the camera did a sweep of one of the rooms in Hillary’s house.

  15. Sophie:
    I agree, Diane look like a bully, and Hillary did not a budge a bit;
    what a smart and posed woman.
    Diane would not give up on the what ifs and should you’s. Disappointing mean spirit for a anchor woman of her stature. Having together these two alpha women face to face…and the winner is:
    Hillary Clinton. Brava!

  16. Women are women’s worst enemies when it comes to power. They judge other woman with a different standard than they judge men. It’s one of the main reasons we see so few women in top leadership positions. Men get free passes all over the place. Overall, they can get pretty mean-spirited about things. Diane Sawyer was classic corporate America WHY HER INSTEAD OF MEEEEEEEEEE!!! Without women like this, the patriarchy would have been neutralized and the field would have been level long ago. Witness, Nancy “Ladder Kicker” Pelosi. She’s TRULY classic. Tied to the patriarchy for crumbs. Neither Diane nor Nancy will ever go down in history as being the most admired woman in the world 16 years in a row. They don’t understand the reason why. It’s because they are afraid of the patriarchy and it’s circular. They help the patriarchy belittle other women and in the process, they are belittled. Half of the 52% is controlled by the patriarchy and are too snockered to even know their own best interests are hobbled. It’s the reason a scheeve like Drudge can decide Hillary was hanging onto a walker instead of a chair, whilst that decrepit Harry Reid really Does look like he needs a walker.

  17. lol Diane…….she DIDN”T lose. She got the most votes in a primary in the history of the country. They just stole her delegates and gave them to the loser. Poof! Ass dragged right over the line.

  18. Hey I must and Sophie. There’s another treat for you in spam. Here’s who it is:

  19. Jen, a concern troll, wrote to say:

    Maybe I am stupid…

    Agree wholeheartedly.

  20. Bwahahahaha! As if!

    ABC News’s Diane Sawyer destroys Hillary Rodham Clinton on Benghazi

    If you’re willing to wade through the usual CDS comments, you’ll see some really thoughtful and/or in-your-face comments.

    Ahhh–never mind. They better comments were much earlier in the day and take too much trouble to find now.

  21. Completely off topic, but I can’t stop clicking on this!

  22. ROFL Sophie!

  23. Breaking: Eric Cantor (House Majority Leader and austerity asswipe) lost his seat! The Tea Party challenger beat him (by quite a bit) in their Republican primary just now. No link yet–I’m getting this off the TeeVee.

  24. Cantor was defeated by Brat. Just what we need in Congress–another brat.

  25. Hugo, if VA Dems play this right, this could be a Dem seat!

    I am so thrilled. I don’t even mind if the TP guy wins. Cantor was the asswipe who said no Sandy relief until we find offsets. After we in the NE constantly bail out the rest of the country. Buh bye, Eric.

  26. And, Bill O”Reilly is bloviating about income inequality because Hillary will make some money from her book. As if, he doesn’t make money from his books? CDS is out of control this week.

  27. Gee Bill O’Reilly (and Diane Sawyers), the reason she makes so much money for her books and speeches is because people actually want to hear what she has to say.

  28. Sophie, you’re correct. VA seems to be leaning to the DEMs lately. I’m thinking of the McAuliffe win.

    Supposedly, the immigration issue took Cantor down. But, I doubt the GOP can win on that issue in that state.

  29. Yeah, why is her earning power an issue? More power and $$$ to her, and at least she’s promoting more economic opportunities for other women. Never heard the topic cross Sawyer’s lips.

  30. As Upps would say, Boo Effin’ Hoo:

    Republicans Freak Out Over Hillary Clinton’s Book Interviews and Demand Equal Time

    Sounds like they want the Fairness Doctrine back…

  31. Oh, and now that Cantor is out on his butt, how will he earn a salary? Books, speaking tours, lobbying???

  32. LOL! Great article, Sophie. “dripping with fear” That’s priceless.

  33. Has anyone ever heard Diane Sawyers question anyone else’s earnings? Worse yet, tried to make them feel guilty about it?

  34. I can’t believe I’m linking to Tweety, but I just cannot believe he said this tonight. What a difference a half a decade makes.


  35. Tweety must have noticed that he is not on the list of interviewers for the book tour. Too late for sucking up.

  36. Hmmmm. VA has open primaries and at least one Dem was urging Dems to cross over and vote for Brat to defeat Cantor. I sure hope that’s what happened.

  37. Very interesting Hugo–I wonder if that’s how it actually happened.

  38. FOX said there was low turn out and Brat had right wingers like Ann Coulter & Laura Ingram in his corner. Maybe a combination of factors. Coulter & Ingram are taking credit.

  39. I want Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the United States.

    But I am actually dreading these next two years. I fear that I will find it nearly impossible to stomach the renewal of the attacks that we all witnessed in 2008. And, perhaps even worse, will be the sycophancy of the Democratic quislings who helped to steal the primary from her 6 years ago.

    Yes, all the Obots will be back, and fighting FOR Hillary this time; their “historic” President having had his 8 years to accomplish almost nothing. So, now, okay, I guess, Hillary can have her turn. Another man was given his chance to fail, so I suppose we can finally let a woman have her opportunity.

    Ugh. I don’t know which will be worse…

    The Republicans yelling, Benghazi! Monica! Whitewater! She’s Old! Vince Foster! And heaven knows what else. Or…

    The Democrats, with straight faces, trying to convince us of how they REALLY loved Hillary all along.

    I want Hillary to win. Not because she waited her turn, but because she remains our most competent and qualified political leader. I want Hillary to win. But I don’t want her to have to run for the job.

    Can’t we just allow her to take office by acclamation?

    Given my name, it’s clear that I have enduring respect for our Revolutionary generation, and for their fighting to throw-off the shackles of Monarchy, and for their bequeathing us a Republic to keep, if we can. However, I would be willing to forego, just this once, an election in 2016, for a coronation in January 2017. Yes. I want Hillary Clinton to reign. But, not as a hereditary gift. But, rather…

    Because she has already earned the crown.

  40. Cantor is just one more in a long line of Congressional Mean Boys who ended up getting his butt kicked to the curb. Let us bow our heads for Newt. Multi million dollar land dealer Dennis Hastert? Who’s he? Tom Delay? Cough…cough… How about Dr. Bill Frist and his ‘blind’ trust? In charge of ‘reforming’ medicare from a family that owed 3/4 of a BILLION in medicare fraud penalties. Happens like clock work. Where’s Rubio? And that little guy from Louisiana, the darling of the party who blew his speech? Here today, gone tomorrow! It’s kind of hard to imagine the Tea Party found someone meaner than Cantor is, even. Cantor will be fine, though. He’ll just go to work for one of his corporate sponsors just like the rest of Congress does when they get cut off. It’s all one big party. Look at Daeshle the Ethanol Corn King. Getting dumped from Congress is VERY lucrative. Ashcroft finally got caught blocking the generic version of Clariton for ten years and plenty of payback, costing Americans TEN BILLION in overcosts of the drug and he ends up being Attorney General of all things. Praise God!

    Just like the rest of them, Cantor will be right back in congress lobbying against the best interest of America. I have got to hand it to the Republicans though. They go through their Wonder Boys faster than a speeding bullet. A star today and tomorrow you never hear their names again. Amazingly fickle, really. But clean and easy. The Democrats on the other hand, stick with their bad choices through thick and thin, spin for them constantly and generally expend a lot of energy covering up for them. They keep them in office till they decay right there in their seats and then fossilize, drag their half-dead asses in for a vote, ala Strom Thurmond. That’s better. Right?

  41. Waving to Rev Vet. The Quintessential Crusader fro Women! I don’t think the Obots will be stumping for Hillary, she’s not whacky enough for them. They got their sites on Elizabeth The Cranky. Personally I don’t think having them on anyone’s side is a good thing anyways. They are just so dumb, entitled and nasty.

  42. Waving back to Upps. 🙂

    I’m not so sure. Truth is, even the Obots will realize that Hillary is the only true choice. So, they will be back. And, unfortunately, Hillary will have to grin and welcome them.

    And it will gall me. They will cozy up to Hillary, and never have to admit that they were wrong, and that their candidate was nothing but a cipher and a fraud. And that 8 years were wasted.

    But I’m sure that Hillary is more gracious and forgiving than I am. Which is one reason why I would make as bad a President as Hillary will make a good one. 😉

  43. Rev and Upps, if FB is any indicator, the Obots have broken into two camps: those who are exactly as Rev Vet described above and those who are exactly like they were in 2008 (you can find them by searching for comments about Warren and Bernie).

    As for Cantor and the rest of the Righty Tighties, they blew it themselves. They let the Tea Party idgits take over their party and then they didn’t stand up to the insanity for fear of being primaried, and they got primaried anyway. Still, Canto was personal with me and I am so glad he got taken out. I know, he’ll be a lobbyist like you said or he’ll run for the Senate, but for now, he’s not in line to be the next Speaker of the House.

  44. According to FEC, Brat spent $122+k on his campaign during the reporting period to May 21. Cantor spent $168+k at Bobby Van’s steak house during the same reporting period. Priceless.

  45. Speaking of immigration, Senor Cruz is no longer a Canadian citizen. Thank God!! I was afraid he was not going to be able to make an ass of himself and disrupt our country on a higher level.


  46. I’m sure he would have given up his own mother to retain power. I’m sure Canada is in mourning.

    He was born there and didn’t know he was a Canadian citizen because he left at age four? Then he’s either a baldfaced liar or a dumbbell. I hope he’s not a lawyer.

    Between this and Cantor’s involuntary foray into private citizenry, the Republicans hardly have any time left to do what they are meant to be doing: Picking on women and legislating their lives. It must be so frustrating.

  47. Off to have some fun. I think I’ve irritated Catcholic Glasses, who follows this blog ‘religiously,’ enough for the day.

  48. Cruz is a lawyer. Harvard Law.

  49. Must have been affirmative action.

  50. ROFL!!

    Time to click Play on the Wimpy Goat YouTube.

  51. Ha

  52. Yeah, SophieCT, of course he’s for benefits, NOW. But I am sure that they will have to be special benefits, because he is so special, not like the unwashed masses and all..

  53. Cuz he’s going to be unemployed so on?

  54. Bet he wishes he had that $168k he spent scarfing down steaks! You overestimate his pain. His pride is hurt but he will not go without money. Even as we speak, he’s gotten lobby offers. This won’t put a chink in his financial routine. He’s set. What it WILL do is inject a dose of humility into a very arrogant man, probably temporary. Pride goeth before the fall. The mill of the gods grinds slowly but exceedingly fine. Might as well add, A penny saved is a penny earned….

  55. Sooooooooooooooo excited! My copy of Hard Choices arrived today!

  56. My copy was shipped today.

  57. Sophie, I watched that yesterday on CSPAN2, it was really good! At the end Hillary mentioned continuing her life’s work through the Clinton Foundation, and “other ways.” The audience cheered! Then she went through the “rope line” and picked up a baby and held it, the audience cheered again!

  58. Hugo and Sophie, is the cover of Hillary’s new book the exact same picture that appeared on her last one, “Living History?”

  59. check: http://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/
    Insulting the Wimmin Brains on Hillary vs Obama
    Posted on June 10, 2014 by riverdaughter
    Love to see RD posting again: another democrat in exile.

  60. Sweet Sue, this is Living History….

  61. You should see THIS at Still4Hill! Someone happened to be shopping at Costco in Arlington, VA at Hillary’s book signing!

  62. Yes, saw that 🙂

  63. I ranted on FB yesterday about the left wing pile-on about the Terry Gross exchange on Exactly When Did Hillary Evolve On Marriage Equality. Here are my comments:

    I’m getting pretty annoyed at the press from the Left on that gay marriage segment of the NPR conversation myself. I think her evolution on the issue was exactly at the correct pace for a liberal, boomer-aged, straight woman and I suspect Terry Gross had a nearly identical trajectory.

    At the moment, I am perturbed at Michaelangelo Signorile for piling on with a Tweet. Fact is, I was reading HIS book, Queer in America in 1993 and he was pissed at gay people for staying in the closet. Did he expect straight people to lead on the gay marriage issue? Heck, even the LGBT community was undecided on this issue (marriage being a straight-people thing, not a progressive thing).

    I am really pissed at the rest of the gay people and progressive straight people piling on this non-issue. I am very grateful to our straight allies on the marriage equality issue and I can’t see how it helps to rank them by how long it took them to evolve.

    Also, it bears mentioning that Hillary was far more progressive on this issue than her counterparts. As SoS, she was not allowed to get into the domestic policy fray, however, she did make LGBT rights a key part of her agenda at the State Department.
    – She gave LGBT diplomats the same benefits as straights.
    – She gave her “Gay Rights are Human Rights” speech for State in June 2010.
    P.S. She marched in a Pride parade as First Lady (long before it was popular).

  64. Great rant Sophie!

  65. In case anyone had even a sliver of a doubt as to how popular this woman is–this is the line outside Costco to have her book signed:

  66. I remember a pro-Hillary blog that originated in Chicago repeatedly saying that Hillary marched in Gay Pride parades, but Obama did not. Glad you brought up that she did so in your rant, Sophie. I thought the whole tizzy over that portion of the Gross interview was ignorant of how things have evolved and a just plain bogus controversy. Liberal CDS.

    But I loved Hillary’s final response to Gross. Smacked down.

  67. Yes, I loved that smackdown too.

  68. And Hillary wasn’t doing anything wrong in that interview besides standing her ground…..and yet the headlines were things like, “Hillary Snaps at NPR Host”…..and “Hillary Gets Testy…”
    Just drives me nuts!

  69. imusthavepie, thanks. The hairdos are similar and they’re both in black and white, so I got confused.

  70. Hillary snaps at NPR host is still up at CNN.
    Referring to an important male politician, headline would have been “Jeb Bush corrects NPR host.”
    Christ, give me strength.

  71. I thought the interviewer was being passive aggressive and Hillary was direct and assertive.

  72. Just bought my copy!

  73. I thought I recognized you in line at Costco, 2 people behind Sonia. 😉

  74. LOL! That wasn’t me! You were standing in the bakery aisle and confused me with a peach cobbler!

    How do you like the book so far? She speaks about us, her supporters, a lot in the first chapter. Even mentioning that “Unity” rally in Unity. What did you think about what she said about the floor vote in Denver?

  75. Sophie that was an amazing rant. Thanks for sharing that. You are awesome!

  76. Imust, I think she is being far too “diplomatic” in this book, but that’s me.

  77. Mitt “Also Ran” Romney. Considering what beat him, I’d be embarrassed to talk about Hillary Clinton if I were he.

  78. Hate to say this, but Sonia looked like a bag lady. I have never seen a candid of a member of SCOTUS looking like that. On the other hand, I don’t imagine I would see Clarence at Costco with all those peasants.

    Also, i’ll run and hide for fear of being beaten up, but does anyone here really think this chance meeting was an accident?

  79. It wasn’t a flattering photo, but she was in Costco after all. She could have dressed like our fashion icon MOTUS….I mean FLOTUS…

  80. Clueless?? Hillary has more clues that the entire Romney family has managed to stumble across. How many clues does Dances with Horses Anne have? And One Trick Pony Mitt’s only clues all seem to revolve around his single big accomplishment–managing the Olympics once upon a time. Puleeez!

  81. That photo was staged and she was dressed that way to look like a regular person. Definitely not bag lady material. And she sure is hell isn’t SCOTUS. The highest court in the land, presumably comprised of the best constitutional legal minds, who make huge decisions that affect our lives in major ways. This ain’t a Victory garden with lead-laden lettuce in it.

  82. Okay, how about this one?

    Also, this just in…..

    According to the CNN/ORC International survey, 63 percent of Americans say Clinton would do a good job handling foreign policy, compared to just 40 percent for Obama. Sixty-one percent believe Clinton would do a good job handling terrorism, compared to a 49 percent approval rating on terrorism for Obama.

    Meanwhile, 63 percent say the former senator would do a good job handling the economy, while 38 percent approve of Obama’s economic policies.

    The poll was conducted from May 29 to June 1 — before Clinton embarked on her current book tour for the release of her memoir, “Hard Choices.”

  83. We regular folks could have the best president of our lives if the pundits and the “professionals” would get the Eff out of the way.

  84. Oh Barry, he’s so full of praise! Such a wordsmith!!! Here he’s talking about a possible Clinton run in ’16

    “I don’t know what she’s going to decide to do, but I know that if she were to run for president, I think she’d be very effective at that,” Obama said in an interview broadcast Friday on “Live With Kelly and Michael.

    Sorta like, “she’s likable enough” right Barry?

    Whadda jerk.

  85. Sophie:
    every time I enter the page i got to hit the wimpy goat. it’s just so adorable!

  86. what is NOT adorable at all is the BOzo saying “you are likable enough”…shhhh&#1

  87. Hallllllllllllllp! I’m blindddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Hey! Who’s gonna watch Hillary on CNN today??? 5 pm EST is 2 pm left coast time!

  89. The PIE has left the building.

  90. So far, I feel like she’s spending a lot of time defending Obama.

  91. OMG! These “analysts” who are on CNN right now are driving me nuts!

  92. You gotta not watch that clown squad, imust! I do have to say that the Republicans look SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO infantile running anti hillary ads wherever she does an interview. Let me expand that. They look infantile AND SCARED of Hillary Clinton.

  93. She’s on FOX now with Greta and Bret.

  94. Speaking of infantile, Tucker Carlson’s little attempt at a news org, is so out of control with CDS, it’s comical. Example, HRC said her favorite book is the Bible. The juvenile website takes issue with that. Then they track down new dirt on Weiner and try to link his conduct to HRC. Grasping at straws.

    FOX interview on now.

  95. So far, the FOX interview is more like another Benghazi investigation.

  96. The lesson I get from Benghazi is this: In the fog of war, do not talk to the press. Shut them out until all facts are confirmed. Reporting events as they unfold is nice, but inherently flawed.

  97. Hillary is cool as a cucumber.

  98. Can you imagine Obama appearing in 2 back-to-back grilling interviews like this???

  99. No, because he does not like to work. She clearly is in her element.

  100. Van Jones was on CNN all dissed because she dared to disagree with Obama! And oh my, did she not realize how much some REALLY like Obama!!?!!! She wasn’t paying attention pandering to the LEFT wing of the party!!! Whaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  101. imusthaveHillary!! I Love it!
    (Watching FOX now)

  102. This Fox interview is like a debate with only one participant.

  103. She was excellent on the CNN town hall interview with Christianne Amanpour.

  104. Yes she was Sophie! And she even confronted the RNC “Squirrel”!

  105. LOL on the Squirrel. How infantile!

  106. In case you missed them..
    Fox interview, Part 1

  107. Hillary on Fox, Part 2:

  108. Hillary on Fox, Part 3:

  109. CNN Part 1:

  110. CNN Part 2:

  111. Whooo Hoo!! (What is not readily apparent is that NPR’s Fresh Air favorited my tweet complaining about them!)

  112. LOL Sophie! But maybe they think you weren’t complaining about them……but the other media!

  113. You’re probably right, imust. NPR lives in its own pretend-utopian box anyways.

  114. I clicked on Fox Part 1 and bet with myself how many seconds would go by before the guy with the rubber hair said, “Benghazi”.

  115. I haven’t bought the book yet. Am waiting to see if she does a signing out here.

  116. Upps, that’s been the “news” for the past two days: right wing Tweets are complaining that Greta and Bret played softball while left wing tee vee is counting how quick and how many Benghazi’s.


  117. I think you’re right imust–those <140 characters don’t quite capture the thousands of other characters I left elsewhere.

  118. Hey everybody, remember that cockroach pervert Dov Charney, CEO of American Apparel. The cockroach who continuously got away with sexually harassing employees, up to and including forced sex. The degenerate who had a habit of sitting in his office in his underwear, waiting for some target to enter? The scheeve who had a web site inviting teenaged girls to post photos of themselves in their underwear?

    Well Karma finally caught up with that piece of shit.

    Memory Lane:

  119. Socal she’s here today! She’s at the Barnes and Noble at the Grove!

  120. Imust, I love your new avatar and name!

  121. Why thank you Beata!

  122. Thank you so much for the CNN interview with Hillary.
    I did not have chance to watch it all, now I will thanks to my uppity friends.

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