The More Things Change….

Hey Uppityites! Are you ready for a summer field trip? Sure you are! Grab you cameras and your binoculars and let’s head over to the Natural History Museum!

I’m your tour guide, imusthaveHillary…you can call me imust. First off, imust point out the dinosaurs in the hall to the right.

And to our left you’ll notice the Neanderthals in their habitats.

Wow! I’m sure glad we’ve evolved since those days!!! Or have we?……………..

Japanese officials on Friday condemned the heckling of a member of Tokyo’s city assembly, during a debate on support for working mothers, by male members who ridiculed her and called on her to get married.

The incident comes amid a push by the government to increase the number of working women as a way to boost the economy and illustrates deep-seated conservative attitudes in Japan, where many men still believe that a woman’s place is in the home.

City assembly member Ayaka Shiomura, 35, was talking about measures to support child raising and boost fertility during a session on Thursday when male lawmakers interrupted her with cries of “Go and get married” and “Can’t you give birth?”

Here are the Neanderthals esteemed members of the assembly in Japan in action…..

The only thing positive about this story is there was an apparent outrage from the Japanese public.

The heckling prompted a flood of complaints to the government of Japan’s capital, which will play host to the Summer Olympic Games in 2020.

Well, I don’t know what the Olympic Games have to do with anything unless…..[gasp]…they’re worried about how this will look to the rest of the world!! On second thought, don’t worry about it Tokyo…the rest of the world is just as “evolved” as you are!

In an interview after the incident, Ayaka Shiomura had this to say:

JRT: Do you know who made the offensive remarks?

Ms. Shiomura: The jeering and laughter came from the section reserved for the Liberal Democratic Party. I submitted a request to specify and punish those who shouted the abusive words, but no one has come out to admit to it. The LDP didn’t deny the incident, but said there’s no evidence to punish anyone.

JRT: Any message for Japanese women?

Ms. Shiomura: To change the reality for women in Japan, more female politicians are needed. Also, anyone can observe the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. Please come to make sure how the politicians you voted for actually behave in the political forum.

I agree Ms. Shiomura! I think this woman might agree with you. She knows a lot about being heckled…..


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  1. Charming behavior. When do they start flinging poo?

  2. Nice post, I must. Add to this the war on women in Guatamala and it does appear the knuckledraggers are still on the loose.

  3. Looks like this clip fits in with this topic:

  4. Great Sophie! That video is infuriating…wish I had put it in the post! And it should be noted, because the labels can be confusing, that the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan is similar to the Republican Party of the United States.

  5. If they’re the liberals can you imagine what the conservatives sound like?

  6. They’re not liberals. There are no liberals in Japan!

  7. That was my point.

  8. Can you imagine having to go through the hours of tape to make that video Sophie posted? I would never have made it without punching a hole through my computer monitor.

  9. I could do it for a worthy cause, imust. It’s the thrill of the hunt (with frequent stretch breaks and mucho iced latte). But, kudos to the hunter who did the video that Sophie posted.

  10. That old crank George Will wrote a column where he says:

    “the supposed campus epidemic of rape, a.k.a. ‘sexual assault,'” in a piece on Friday. He put this trend down to increased political correctness on college campuses, which, he said, was proving that when universities “make victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges, victims proliferate.”

    Yeah, women are just always asking for it, right? And now its a “coveted status that confers privileges”. Jesus.

    Wapo is standing by him, but other papers wouldn’t publish it and one dumped him for good. I can’t believe this old fart makes money with the rubbish he comes up with.

  11. You gotta stop reading articles written by extremist degenerates, socal.

  12. I stopped long ago Upps,
    Don’t watch them Kooks on the TV either. 😀

  13. Great post Imust Love the new moniker. 🙂

  14. The good news is that Will was dumped by a newspaper that had him as a columnist. They found the rape op/ed to be over the top. It was a paper in some unlikely state. I’ll find the name.

  15. The St. Louis Dispatch dispatched the pompous George for that article. Go figure.

  16. Thanks foxy!

  17. Very cool Sophie! Of course Hillary would know the song Roar!

    You held me down, but I got up (HEY!)
    Already brushing off the dust
    You hear my voice, you hear that sound
    Like thunder gonna shake the ground
    You held me down, but I got up (HEY!)
    Get ready ’cause I’ve had enough
    I see it all, I see it now

    I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
    ‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
    Louder, louder than a lion
    ‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh
    You’re gonna hear me roar

  18. You know who else roars?

  19. Yes! PUMA! Hear Us Roar!!!!!!!

    Hillary 2008
    Hillary 2012
    Hillary 2016

    Still a PUMA


  20. Upps, I don’t read Will’s columns…that was all over the internet.

  21. I didn’t see it. But then I don’t look for politics much anymore. Why get all aggravated two years ahead of time, that’s what i say.

  22. My favorite video of all time……

  23. I don’t think the George Will column was all over the internet, as socal said, because of politics, but because of the sexism. That’s what this post was addressing, the sexism and misogyny that still persists. George Will is a perfect example. And I’d say he’s a Neanderthal too!

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  25. Utahwoman 😆 and good luck. 🙂

  26. Question for Uppity Cat People:

    Is Bach’s Rescue Remedy ( the liquid form with an alcohol base ) safe for cats? My indoor kitteh is extremely stressed ( think “cat from hell” ) by several stray cats who are hanging around outside “her” house. A vet tech recommended 2-4 drops of Rescue Remedy to calm her down. Is that safe? We are in the process of catching the strays but it will take a while and my cat is really suffering.


  27. Beata, yes Rescue Remedy is safe for cats. However, I would like to share my experience with it. One of two things will happen with RR 1) It will help a lot or 2) Nothing at all will happen. I think if you combine it with Feliway diffusers near the doors/window areas where the cats are hanging out, it might have a better chance of working. While RR is used as a calmative, Feliway is used to neutralize hostile areas, thus making the cat feel he/she is in ‘friendly’ territory. It is OFTEN used for the purpose of stopping male cats from spraying their territory when they feel threatened by strays or other cats. If you think like a cat, you can see why Rescue Remedy would be more effective combined with Feliway.

    Utah, lol nice try, Whiskey! No cigar, boy.

  28. I hope I am not intruding if I warn against cognitive dissonance here. While we focus on two years from now with Hillary, we have a VA travesty, whereby vets have died waiting to be treated, while top-heavy entrenched, arrogant asses work double-time to cover up what they have done.

    We have an IRS scandal whereby the IRS Commissioner today showed the country just how arrogant the IRS really is when he treated Congress’ questions as a source of arrogant entertainment. If you had watched him you would have wanted to reach through your TV and smash his arrogant, snotty, “untouchable” face. His smirk alone told me that the IRS needs a shakedown in a big big way. And he needs to be replaced like YESTERDAY, because attitude and shit both roll downhill. I got a sense he has the ball rolling to audit congress immediately. He is out of control and has power that nobody voted for him to have. If you can break away from our Dream of Hillary’s Presidency for a few minutes, you really NEED to go to CSPAN or somewhere and watch this beast answer questions. And then be afraid, be very afraid. Our Republic has been driven over by power-hungry creatures on bulldozers and this guy is in the Top Three. While I would normally enjoy watching Creepy Crawlies like D. Issa and E Cantor fried by a witness, this guy sent chills up my spine. He strikes me as a guy who really enjoys the idea of ruining lives for shits and giggles–and who views Americans as a bunch of tinker toys put there for his entertainment.

    And………….we also have a really dangerous situation in Iraq. I’m just a bit surprised nobody here has even mentioned one of these situations in the past few days.

  29. imust Hillary only matters to George Will because she is a threat to him and misogyny is the only tool tools like him have with which to attack their intellectual superior. George Will, in the end, Just. doesn’t. matter. He’s a nobody with a big mouth who has helped to navigate an entire party close to the edge of a cliff. He has no effect on anyone but his choir and he knows it. It sucks to be him, I’ll bet.

    If he has a daughter and the sexual assault he puts in ‘quotes’ t happened to her, he’d change his tune in a flash. If he doesn’t have a daughter, well……….thank God. It all reminds me of just what is wrong with the right wing, they have an inability to relate to anything until it happens to them personally. Example is Dick Cheney and marriage equality. He’s got a lesbian daughter so now he suddenly supports gays. Or Ronald Reagan refusing to fund stem cell research and having a last cognizant thought that if he had helped out, he might not have alsheimers. Next thing you know Nancy is all for stem cell research. As for George Will, Like his entire right wing ilk, he has no respect for women. Which is okay when you consider that I’ll bet most women have none for him either. But all of this does make his little penis feel bigger to him. Big deal. The people who nod at his writings are just like him and all he ever achieves when he talks or writes is success at giving the rest of the country grist for their mills. He proves everybody’s point about the far right every single day. Somehow, he thinks this is a good idea.

  30. Oh Uppity, I’ve been steering clear of political discussions because I thought you preferred it that way! I thought topics about Hillary were something that we all agreed on and was a safe subject, so to speak!

  31. Well, I have been on another site talking about the IRS hearings, and here’s my take on the hearings. I could reach through the TV screen and kiss the IRS Commish on the lips. I loathe these Congressional a-holes who think they have the right to call people up in the Hill to abuse them. I think he’s handling their asinine unsubstantiated accusation brilliantly. The guy is cool as a cucumber. He’s my new hero.

    This is just like the Benghazi and Fast and Furious hearings. Make accusations first, then try to cook up the evidence to support those. When they can’t even cook it up, trot out the performances so they can get sound bytes for later use.

    And, let’s not forget that we are still waiting for the Bush admin to turn over records and e-mails related to Oil Baron Cheney’s WH meetings with other Oil Barons to craft WH energy policy. the dog ate those e-mails too.

  32. As for the VA issue, it’s the same issue. Investigate, then accuse. However, there are credible whistleblowers in that case, so I’m more inclined to believe the accusation that some were falsifying scheduling records. Phony records to show more productivity is not new and not just a VA problem. Pressure to play the numbers game is government wide. Why, you ask? Well, the most recent pressure is a law passed by Congress to drive budgets by numbers. The Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA). Sounds great, but requires a lot of time wasting and bean counting.

    With that said, I have zero sympathy with anyone who plays those numbers games. Heads should roll, but the right heads. That would be anyone who failed to have enough backbone to stand for the vets they served, as opposed to dancing to the GPRA tune.

    My other new heroes are the qualified whistleblowers. (There are some other “whistleblowers” who appear to be bogus.)

  33. OMG this is priceless, Look at their faces. Caption this!

  34. I hear ya, imust, I was just kind of struck that none of these were brought up. But hey, I am not doing any work here at all. And Hugo if you want to kiss that guy, you scare me too. Remember, this guy is the head of the agency who can ruin your life tomorrow. If you lost all of YOUR records, what exactly do you think he would do to you during an audit? I say let’s audit the auditor.

    He announced with a smirk that he destroyed the drive in question. If the IRS was questioning the legality of what you were doing and YOU destroyed your disk drive, what do you think would happen to you?

  35. Hugo I suspect the biggest problem with the VA is it is top heavy, too many chiefs set in their ways, slapping each other’s backs……not enough real staff to treat people effectively.

  36. Uppity, that is a huge problem across the agencies. And, it is breaking the backs of the real working people on the front lines. And, Congress is busy playing games and reciting Green Eggs and Ham. I would like to hold a hearing so I can badger some of them.

  37. Uppity, the IRS Commish was not there when the crash happened, so he did not destroy the hard drive.

    And IRS does not scare me. I always keep a hard copy of my records–personal and business. IRS is not going to ruin the life of anyone who pays their taxes. And the good news is that they, too, are understaffed and over-tasked, and will be doing fewer audits. They also don’t scare me because I know how to deal with a fed.

  38. Uppity that video is hilarious! I have no caption…..I have no words!

    Hugo, I agree with Uppity, I think that IRS commissioner was arrogant too. Unfortunately, we cannot call these public service people up and ask questions, only congress can do that. While I do think the congress people are grandstanding with this, I also worry about the potential abuse of power by the IRS. I mean they can garnish your wages for life, take away property, etc! It isn’t a coincidence that it’s an old joke that you have to be careful with certain presidents or you’ll find yourself getting a 10 year audit. In fact, we even joked about that on this blog….that the Obamabots might be monitoring the comments and not approve of our dislike for The Won!

  39. imust, the issue I have is not whether Congress has the right to ask questions to Executive Branch employees. It’s the abusive manner in which they do it. The need seems less for information than for video of themselves playing gotcha, instead of just straight up asking legitimate questions.

    Another example: ISSA issued a subpoena to an IRS lawyer. She appear today. He asked her a few questions to identify her, then asked her a rather routine question. Within about ten words of her trying to provide an answer, he cut her off and accused her of being a hostile witness. These ignorant do-nothings don’t want answers, they want video of their performance. When questioning a witness, one should keeps one’s mouth shut and let them answer.

    That’s why I like the IRS Commish. They are dishing it out and he’s giving it right back. If they want information, they can ask in a civilized manner.

    And, are Lerner’s missing e-mails really a big deal? Her computer may have crashed, but every computer operated by every person in her chain of command and above her did not crash. The information they seek is available somewhere. They have turned over 700,000 pages, including 24,000 e-mails from her.

    Allegedly, she sent 67,000 e-mails in about 25.-3 years. How many of those were one e-mail sent to her entire organization? The devil is in the details, and we are nor hearing the details. I can’t imagine how one can send 67,000 individual e-mails in that period of time. She could not have been conspiring against the Tea Party. She was busy e-mailing.

  40. Hugo if you lost all your records on an item, the IRS is going to be all over you like white on rice. And if you were as arrogant to your auditor as this guy was today, you’d be in even worse chit. The truth is, this organization can always find a way to torture you if you don’t cowtow to them. You can’t even sue them if they turn out to be wrong. People have died of heart attacks because of the IRS and I’m not talking about tax dodgers either. I’m the last person to show any respect for ISSA or any of those other clowns, you know that. But we are the USA, and a Republic and, while I do not respect many of the people in power right now, I respect the institution we designed. And to have an arrogant ass appointee show up and do a stand up monologue like he’s on the tonight show is WAY over the line. He should be removed immediately just for his complete lack of respect for our system, whether it works right now or not. Where I come from, even at the local level, a person who behaved like that would be escorted from the chambers of a common council meeting. This was the most blatant display of arrogance i have ever seen in a legislative chamber in my entire life. I was horrified and I was furious just watching his SCHTICK. This guy is just having himself a great old time, treating his powerful organization like a tinker toy. He should be run out of the IRS for his unprofessional behavior. I’m sorry but I am embarrassed and incensed at what I saw coming out of his mouth, coupled with his immature facial expressions. The USA and our Republic is NOT a comedy store joke and that is exactly how he treated it. He is a man with too much power who is a reminder that we ought to be more careful to whom we hand such power. While it’s just super duper that you know how to deal with a fed, it’s all kind of smug, because you are not the 300 million people in this country who aren’t part of that system. And don’t kid yourself, I have seen them torture people who lost far less information that the IRS lost in this case. I don’t even want to think of what they’d do to someone who destroyed a hard drive. Let me tell you this, whether you think you know how to deal with them or not, don’t ever have your ID stolen by someone who works halfway across the country and uses your Social Security number and owes back taxes, because they don’t give a shit what your story is. By the time you iron it out, they will have already driven their steamroller over your face, with nary an apology at your funeral.

    One more thing, when you run a company with a couple of hundred employees and numerous contracts, let me know where you plan to keep all those hard copies.

  41. imust on that video. CNN showed a tweet where some guy said, he’s seen people on their way to be executed in Arkansas who looked happier than that bunch. lolol

  42. Well, Uppity, everything you said about the IRS Commish applies equally to the arrogant clowns sitting on the other side of the table.

    Sorry you took my statement that I know how to deal with feds as smug. Let me put it another way. I’ve been on the receiving end of abuse from my “customers.” Some people think starting off combative is a good approach. It’s not. That’s just my opinion.

    So sorry.

  43. Hugo the difference is, these are elected officials put there by people of the USA, like them or not…and they are residing, like it or not, in the halls of our Republic. And he is an employee.

  44. Back to the VA, Hugo, yes I do agree on that. We have too many chiefs, top heavy organizations who complain there is no money to hire REAL workers. In industry they are called NON VALUE ADDED employees.

  45. Abusing feds is okey dokey and they should sit and like it. I understand.

  46. Also I believe I heard during that VA hearing that the VA has a half billion dollar surplus. Gotta wonder what that’s all about.

  47. Welp I got some juices flowing here, right?

    Ah my work is done today…

  48. Hugo, this guy is not some working stiff, he’s a freaking Commissioner. Damed RIGHT he has to take the heat. He gets paid to take that heat and he gets paid to take responsibility. He doesn’t get paid to diss his employers. Which one of us hasn’t taken crap in the workplace. Why should ‘feds’ be any different than the rest of us. If anybody here has never been grilled by a superior please let us know.

  49. Congress is not his superior. He’s in the Executive Branch. He’s just part of the pissing match. And he leads an agencies that is being accused of wrong doing. As such, he’s obligated to stand up for that organization. Glad to see a leader with a backbone.

    Here’s the IRS lawyer getting the ISSA treatment today. He wouldn’t let her answer, then calls her hostile. She was shocked. No wonder she declined to appear.

  50. BTW, when I saw your post about several other topics, I suspected you wanted a discussion, so there you go. A discussion has been had here.

  51. That doesn’t matter. When a body has the power to subpoena you, you are required to answer to that body. He is appointed by the executive branch, and just like any other appointee at any level, he is required to answer to Congress when legally called upon to do so. I am sure Hillary didn’t like like answering to them on various occasions either, but she understood what this guy doesn’t care to understand. And she was a damned site more respectful of the body than he was. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to work for HIM and be grilled by HIM. The man has a different set of rules for himself, this is clear.

  52. And that is why I love you Hugo. I can always count on your input, like it or not!

    By the way, any thoughts on Iraq?

  53. We’ll just have to agree to disagree, but variety is the spice of life and there’s nothing like a good discussion.

    On Iraq, what a cesspool. It’s right back to were it was before we did the shock and awe entry. Mission Accomplished is now Nothing Accomplished. Same old Sunni, Shiite, Kurd crap.

    When the Iraqi police and army will not stand up, we should not send any troop back in. Hillary indicted that Malaki needs to go and that’s what Kerry seems to be pushing for. I support with holding back until he’s gone if he failed to unify the religious groups. And he also wanted us out

    But, we do need to do something to contain ISIS. Based on a report I saw tonight, these are some dangerous creatures. They are headed for Jordan and Egypt , which is really disturbing. Between them and Boko Haram, there is big trouble on the horizon.


  54. Oh shit! I agree with everything you said!

    But I will add that We Never Learn! We put Malaki there. We put the Taliban there. It’s a pattern with us. We sure don’t know how to pick em! ISIS is scarey because it’s certain that Americans are involved with them and they can just trot right back here and do some real damage. Funny, when I was with GE, there were countries we were not allowed to travel to without being ‘briefed’ first (translation: Grilled). We called them “Unfriendly countries”. Whatever happened to that concept? I know that not being imprisoned here is a mark of our democracy, but I’m not so sure it’s a great idea to let young, impressionable people travel there, get trained and come back here. HOwever, I don’t know what the answer is to that because we ARE free to go where we please.

  55. As much as we like to complain about drones, NSA, CIA, and TSA, I’ll they all seem like a better option than sitting here defenseless. The Americans among them are scary. Maybe when Edward Snowden gets home he can tell!l us how to identify and track them legally.

  56. Sorry for the typos. New device.

  57. I would LIKE to think that we know who the Americans are. That doesn’t mean we do, but I would like to think it.

  58. To be safe, I would assume we don’t know and keep looking.

  59. See the thing with these zealots is, they are like cockroaches. You step on one and two more show up. It’s neverending. Their mentality is long term. They will wait a hundred years to get something they want and just keep prodding on, generation to generation. It’s nearly impossible to stop them from focusing on their goal of dominance. Toss in that they have no regard for life, including their own lives. That’s one really HUGE difference between them and us. When you think your own life isn’t worth guarding, you simply have nothing to lose. It feels insurmountable.

  60. Too bad they don’t nuke themselves.

  61. Given the chance, they would! It crossed my mind we should just let them all kill each other off and be done with it.

  62. Works for me. They serve no real purpose.

  63. Ha that is my answer to it too. Drill for oil here and do not share it and let these cavemen kill each other off. The bad thing is though if we do not intervene somewhere they will take out Israel or actually get nukes and then we have had it. Unlike us they will not hold back because they are willing to kill their own for the mission and their 72 virgins await them.
    I say the rest of the civilized world needs to get a grip and realize that these animals will not and can not be taught differently and therefore need to be erased from the planet period.
    As it is now Europe and America are taking them in by the droves and they are insisting on making us just like the rat hole they ran from. This proves they do not want change. They come here to get away from wearing burkas etc and to get ” westernized and then demand we change. McDonalds get sued for serving the food it always has because it is not Muslim food or we need to get over how they handle a dishonor to their family etc.
    Nope nuke them all and let Allah sort them out

  64. Haha Utah! I guess Whisky doesn’t care for the young’un.

  65. My 2 cents:

    VA: Yes a travesty. Yes all wrong. BUT, who put two wars on a credit card then voted No for additional VA funding?

    IRS: Hate to come in on the side of the IRS, but when Issa is the idiot on the other side, I root for crap over shit. Fact: the IRS investigate both conservative and liberal not for profits but Issa only requested the records against the right wing groups. Issa abused his power and I don’t give a shit what happened, you don’t Eff with a guy just because you have the power to Eff with the guy. (Raise your right hand….higher.) Issa was badgering the guy and I applaud his “arrogance” in that case. As if repeatedly calling him a liar was going to uncover some truth. (Also, where was Issa when 5 million e-mails were lost during the Valerie Plame fiasco?) Still, I don’t understand why a hard drive crash makes the e-mails irretrievable. There are two people on an e-mail and two or more servers in the middle.

    Iraq: Waiting for Cheney to finish burying himself.

    Hillary: this is predominantly (though obviously not entirely) where my interests lie.

  66. Sophie what ????? Whiskey does not care for the little guy ? OMG now I read he is trying to sell him. $%#$@#$%^^& I am going to stomp him lol. Actually Whiskey loves him. He is like a puppy himself rof. And the little guy is doing just as I had hoped he would following Whiskeys lead on everything. Whiskey has him semi house broken already because the baby will not let Whiskey out of his site He still has an oops once in awhile but got to say for an 11 week old pup he is doing superb in his training and I owe so much to his teacher Whiskey. I feel blessed to have found this little guy really and of course as Uppity knows Whiskey has always been my soul dog.

  67. Hmmm, Whiskey is spelled with an E. My mistake–not a Scotch whisky. Glad to hear that in real life, Whiskey has an apprentice and they’re both happy as can be.

  68. Laker had to do a long scholarly research essay this past semester and he chose to do it on the current veterans situation. He spent hours and hours on it, and did an amazing job. Right after he turned it in, the VA story in Arizona broke in the news and laker mentions this issue in his essay, so it turned out to be timely. He got an A on it, an A in the class, and the teacher asked if she can use it as an example of an A essay for future classes. We are so proud of him. Besides all the database research, he went out and interviewed a lot of vets. He also put in his own ideas for improvement. He is very passionate about the cause.

  69. Woo Hoo, Laker! Champion of veterans!

  70. Uppity, thank you for your answer about Rescue Remedy. It worked for my cat.

    The good news is that the strays were caught late last night. They are very skinny, not fixed, but otherwise seem to be okay. They are now at a no-kill shelter being cared for. They are not feral so they should be able to find good inside homes.

  71. Did anyone else see an upcoming event on Facebook–“Facebook Live with Hillary Clinton?” It’s on June 30th. She will be at the Aspen Ideas Festival and FB attendees can submit questions.

  72. I didn’t see the Facebook thing, but I did read she was going to the Ideas Festival. Very cool!

  73. Beata, awesome that the rescue remedy worked for your cat! And good news about the strays. I wish I could have a cat. The neighbors that had the cat that I used to feed everyday moved away. Laker & I were half hoping they would leave the cat.

  74. imust, if I didn’t say it upthread, fabulous post! You and Sophie deserve an award for keeping things going for us.

    Are you still teaching? Did you see the latest budget that was approved? Hubs says that the bigwigs all voted for themselves to get nice raises, but no word yet on raises for the peons. Hubs hasn’t had a raise in years. He says Deasy makes more than Obama.

  75. The Japanese assembly story does not surprise me. I worked a Japanese owned company in the late 80s/early 90s. It was located in Malibu, which was nice. There were 3 managers from Japan, one of which spoke English (at that time I could speak tolerable Japanese). Anyway, they worked my ass off and I wore several hats in the company, and had heavy managerial responsibilities, but they would not give me a manager title or pay. When I asked for it the third time, the English speaking manager said, “look, if this was Japan, you’d be doing nothing but filing and serving coffee.” My response was to wave towards window through which you could see the Santa Monica mountains and say, “do you see Fujiyama out there? This isn’t Japan.” Oh, when I quit a year later, they begged me to stay, and they replaced me with 3 employees. Sexism aside, I must say I did really enjoy my visits to Japan.

  76. Hugo, thanks for the heads-up about the FB thing.

    socal, that’s sweet of you to say. Thanks to everyone really for stopping by to check in and chat, even with posts that are several weeks old.

  77. socal, what a great story! And you speak Japanese? Color me impressed.
    Change of subject: Bach’s does sell an alcohol free Rescue Remedy made specifically for animals. You can get it on Amazon.

  78. Jackie Kennedy’s Secret Service agent who was on the car in Dallas, has a FB page–Mrs. Kennedy and Me. He posted a pic today of himself at a Hillary book signing. He autographed his 2 books for her. Nice gesture from a man who knows what a classy First Lady is better than most.

  79. Hugo that is Awesome!!! 🙂

  80. GOP Congressional candidate accuses his winning opponent of being a body double because he was executed on the “world stage” 3 years ago Sweet Jesus. Oh, and before we call this crazy a typical GOP mind,he also ran against his opponent as a Democrat in the past.

  81. Someone went off his meds. I guess it’s stressful when dead guy beats you by 82.8%.

  82. That’s dead guy.

    I hate my new free pad thing. I thinks it knows how to spell.


  83. Someone went off his meds. I guess it’s stressful when dead guy beats you by 82.8%.

    hahahaha! Must be so hard to come so close!

  84. Puppy Cuteness………………………….

    I am sorry if I go off topic but it has been ages and I mean ages since I have had a baby in my life. I am having the time of my life with this little guy. He has more then doubled in size and has himself permanently fixed to my side. Upps you were right it was what I needed. It really gave me something to smile about again.
    He has more energy then ever but he is just so fun. Whiskey plays with him a lot now.
    His eyes are starting to turn brown now and I am going to miss those baby blues but happy to see them change . Was a bit worried about that. I think Kahlua approves. He has many of her traits.
    At 12 weeks he is now housebroken and comes when called and the few times he has followed me out of the yard he sticks right to me. Uppity he is a smart little poop let me tell you. After I am 100 % positive he has the basics mastered we will go to the trick stuff.
    Sorry if this bores some of you but again I have not had the luxury of a puppy in forever. I just read about others and kept on trying to get homes for the puppies that grew up and became dogs no one wanted.

  85. utahwoman, happiness never bores me.

  86. cross posted at Sky Dancing:

    As to what’s important (family and friends) and what is not so important, I just found out that the author of “How Not To Look Old” and “How Not To Look Fat”, Charla Krupp died almost two years ago at the age of fifty eight from breast cancer.
    I swear I don’t mean this in any bitchy way, but, maybe, looking old or fat or both is the not the worst thing in the world. The things that we obsess about, as women, that turn out to be so inconsequential and take up so much precious time– this puts me in mind of Suzanne Somers and her fruitless quest for eternal youth.

    Any thoughts from feminist friends?

  87. I don’t want to be old and fat because it doesn’t feel good. I’m all about comfort at this stage of the game.

  88. Nothing boring about cute puppies. I’ve been spending time at some cyber places that are specific for my favorite breed of dog. I’m surprised to find comfort in pics, videos and stories about other peoples’ dogs.

  89. Have a great weekend dear friends. 😀

  90. While the left wing and the right wing are wringing their hands over Hillary’s earning power and book sales, she’s busy working with Too Small to Fail and a couple of big name Repubs to improve the future of America’s children. This effort is to Close The Word Gap. Bill Frist and Cindy McCain are involved. (So is Obama, but I don’t like to think about him.)

  91. Hugo, I don’t want to be fat because, you’re right, it doesn’t feel good and being fat shortens your life.
    As for being old, well, there’s nothing anyone of us can do about that.
    Eventually, if we’re lucky, we get old.
    Have a great weekend.

  92. Bill Frist. The Bill Frist who ‘took charge’ of screwwing….uh I mean…. reforming medicare (‘too old to live’), who scurried like a rat out of congress when his “blind trust” got revealed? The guy whose family of private hospitals committed medicare fraud to the tune of a 3/4 of a Billion dollar fine? Run!

  93. Yeah like all the other presidents AND SOS’s didn’t get the big bucks on the speaking circuit. It’s not her fault that people think she’s worth more than the rest were!

  94. For the people who think $200K is excessive for an hour of speaking, I’m telling them the people aren’t paying for the hour of talk but the lifetime of experiences that informs it.

  95. By the way, yesterday was the two year anniversary of the Great Lily Relay. Lily still is a completely uncooperative kitty when it comes to posing for pictures…

  96. another…

  97. Uppity, I remember that Frist is a major douche, but I’m impressed that he is working with Too Small To Fail. I attribute that to Hillary’s ability to lead. I have no evidence to support that, but I’m giving her the credit anyhow.

  98. Sophie, she’s pretty.

  99. It really is amazing how Hillary can work with anyone, Hugo. When she was in the senate, she had that reputation, whether they like to admit it or not.

    Awwwwwwwwwww will you loooooooooook at our little girl! She’s all grown up now and she sure looks great, thanks to having Sophie for a Mom!

  100. Re: Getting old. I don’t suppose it is such a bad thing when you consider the only other choice is death.

    I agree that fat simply cannot feel good. When I put on a few pounds I feel every single one of them. Given the choice, I don’t think anyone would be voluntarily fat.

  101. If you have injuries or other orthopedic problem, getting older could mean more pain. And, it does take some real effort to deal with those issues. I try not to take meds, so it’s exercise and suck it up. Keeping the weight down is important for ortho problems too. If I gain weight, my knees immediately notify me.

  102. Bill Clinton, our most recent truly competent POTUS, is going to be on Meet the Press today. Can’t wait to see it and to hear him put to rest the fake issue about their wealth. It’s outrageous that the media made an issue of this given that they didn’t think the Bush family wealth was ever an issue.

  103. I still can’t get square with that unanimous SCOTUS decision on the 35 foot buffer zone. SCOTUS has a much wider buffer zone. Those people are not “counseling” clinic patients, they’re harassing.

    I’m with the guy in this article:

  104. You know Sophie, funny you should mention the buffer zone thing. I was actually talking to myself when I heard that decision. What was I saying to my TV? Well I was saying how this president and the one before him had buffer zones that spanned MILES. People would be demonstrating in the desert, practically. Nobody could see them OR hear them. But that is okay I guess, because I suppose what’s good for the boy geeze is not good for the girl geeze.

  105. I think it’s time to assemble biker blockades–the kind that provide a wall of protection when Westboro Baptist Church “protests” a funeral.

  106. Hey that’s a good idea.

  107. Completely off topic, but today is the NYC Pride Parade and it’s streaming live and free on YouTube:

  108. Cleveland, yes, Cleveland had its Pride Parade, sponsored by the United Church of Christ, yesterday.

  109. And NBC just gave him another $25 million contract.

  110. If you look at his twitter page, his header is him with a bunch of woman fawning all over him. Nobody has given him the news that he’s not so young and sexy any longer either.

  111. Awww, Lily looks so sweet! Not at all rambunctious! (heh-heh).

    Utah, your pup looks adorable. I was in Target last week, standing in line to take something back, and there was a man with an Akita with a service vest on. The dog looked at me & I said “Hi pup!” and he came and leaned against me for attention. Then he laid down on my feet!

    Sweet Sue, thanks, but I haven’t spoken much Japanese in the past 20 years, just at Japanese restaurants. I don’t know why I took it in school, I always had to do the odd thing, I guess. I could have written a book about all the funny and stupid things I had to deal with at that job, mainly with all the celebrities and rich people.

  112. I also thought that buffer thing was outrageous. I am dreading to hear what they will come up with tomorrow. When will these old opus-dei-ish cadavers retire fgs? They have trashed this country and completely disrespected the Constitution with their lunatic religious decisions.

  113. We have a Planned Parenthood in our little suburban town. It is on a fairly busy street with four lanes, two in each direction and a decent sized median down the middle that has lots of trees and shrubs. Our town is hilly, so there are lots of curves on the roads and you go around a curve before you get to where the PP is located, on the opposite side of the street from me. I went down there the other day doing 45 as was the car in front of me, went around the curve and damned if the median wasn’t full of idiots waving their anti abortion signs out into the lanes (which are not very wide)! It was such a startling sight that the car ahead of me and the one next to it it the right lane both slammed on their brakes, and of course the rest of us had to as well. The car in back of me came within inches of rearending me. I was so pissed at these morons that I flipped them off, pulled to the side of the road and called the cops. They are menace to the safety of everyone and to the well being of any woman that seeks medical aid in that office. I think they should have to have a permit for every single day they plan to protest, and that they should be kept 100 feet away, not allowed to block any sidewalk and sure as hell forbidden to pull their bullshit business in the median of a busy street with a 45 mph limit (and where cars usually go 50-55). Grrrr!

  114. Ah. early corn.

  115. Socal, over at our PP, they are there rain or shine, harassing everyone and attempting to shock traffic as well. They bring statues of saints! Seriously! #Lunatics.

  116. What a beautiful dog!

  117. Well, SCOTUS did it again. Screwed us over. Now it is completely legal to discriminate against women because of religious “beliefs.” It will only be a mater of time before those aholes allow honor killings because of religious beliefs, paying women less because of religious beliefs, gutting maternity leave because of religious beliefs etc. Boycott these bastards.

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