Supreme Power

The Supremes have spoken!
Two major decisions have come down affecting women’s health. You can read about the buffer zone here and a full text of the Hobby Lobby decision here. I’m sure Uppity or SophieCT could probably write an excellent post about all this…until then…what say you Uppityites?

Elimination of “Buffer Zones”…..(shhh…except for the “Buffer Zones” in front of the Supreme Court!)

Buffer Zone
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and the Hobby Lobby case…..

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Right now, I’m leaning more toward these Supremes:

***UPDATE #2***


Here’s the response from the White House:
“The Supreme Court ruled today that some bosses can now withhold contraceptive care from employees’ health coverage based on religious views that their employees may not even share. President Obama believes that women should make personal health care decisions for themselves rather than their bosses deciding for them. Today’s decision jeopardizes the health of women who are employed by these companies. As millions of women know firsthand, contraception is often vital to their health and well-being. That’s why the Affordable Care Act ensures that women have coverage for contraceptive care, along with other preventative care like vaccines and cancer screenings.”
“We will work with Congress to make sure that any women affected by this decision will still have the same coverage of vital health services as everyone else. President Obama believes strongly in the freedom of religion. That is why we have taken steps to ensure that no religious institution will have to pay or provide for contraceptive coverage. We’ve also made accommodations for nonprofit religious organizations that object to contraception on religious grounds. But we believe that a company should not be able to assert their views to deny employees federally mandated benefits. We will, of course, respect the Supreme Court ruling, and will continue to look for ways to improve Americans’ health by helping women have more, not less, say over their personal health decisions that affect them and their families.”

As usual, Obama passes the buck. He will “…work with Congress..” oh yeah, how’s that been workin’ for you so far?


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  1. I am at work and cannot express the full extent of my outrage…

    FU SCOTUS. You and your corporate people are toast.

  2. P.S. I beg all of the straight women of child-bearing age in America: boycott until they get a clue.

  3. Furthermore, if I ever see a Hobby Lobby store, I’m going to crash their non-existent buffer zone and “counsel” their customers.

  4. Ditto everything Sophie said. I am furious, and need a xanax now. These fucking opus-dei religious nuts have just gutted separation of church and state. They should have been impeached years ago, for their unethical behavior. Can you imagine them passing this bullshit if it had been a muslim that owned Hobby Lobby?

  5. The only religious tenant they seem to follow is interfering in the lives of people they deem lesser, i.e., women, LBGTs, poor folk. Cause obviously we need the approval of such superior critters. This is creepy. I imagine the Hobby Lobby insurance plan pays for viagra and penis pumps. I think we should let them demonstrate how commiited they are to their religious beliefs by letting them demonstrate their taliban-eque beliefs in poverty because they no longer have any sales.

    This is what globalization has gotten us; the importation of strange ass ideas about women, and the notion that we should just sit quietly at the back of the bus. .

  6. So whats next…do they get to opt out of paying taxes since taxes are used to fund things that would go against their religious beliefs? Maybe Jehovahs Witnesses can opt out of their insurance covering blood transfusions? Christian Scientists opt of providing all the stuff they don’t agree with? Scientologists opting out of mental health care?

    Oh, and did you notice this only applies to corporations that are “closely held” or owned by a family? What kind of bullshit is that? If you can’t abide by the regulations that apply to corporations, then you shouldn’t be allowed to have one. This is insanity.

    This ruling is a slam against women and their right to make their own health care decisions, pure and simple.

  7. Anne, I absolutely agree with you. This globalization has destroyed us.

  8. I’ve been reading for months that Hobby Lobby buys all its crap from China, a country that has forced contraception and abortion on its women. And also, they have drug companies in their portfolios that make these same drugs they are objecting to. It makes my head spin to see such blatant hypocrisy.

    If I worked for Hobby Lobby, I would quit immediately, no notice, nothing. They deserve no respect from any woman.

  9. Insurance is part of your pay, pure and simple. How are they responsible for the personal medical decisions that a woman in their employ makes for herself? If a male employee gets his paycheck, goes out and gets drunk and drives and kills a carload of people, do the owners of HL have bloodguilt for giving him the money to buy the booze? Where will the line finally be drawn when this is over?

  10. For those with a short attention span, here are the best 8 lines from her dissent:

    last is best:
    “The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield.”

  11. I intend to read it tonight. Thanks for the links Sophie.

  12. According to the Twitter-sphere, Hillary was outspoken on this decision today while speaking in Aspen. I’m still at work and thanks to having to work and my IT department’s zealousness, I can’t do a proper search. If anyone can find a youtube or transcript, I’d greatly appreciate it.

  13. Boycott Hobby Lobby!!! Tell all your family and friends to do the same. If you are on Facebook, Twitter, etc. ( I am not ), push for a national boycott starting now. A boycott by everybody, not just straight women of child-bearing age. I am long past that age and will never shop at Hobby Lobby. Ever.

    Also we need to organize a massive Women’s March on Washington about these SCOTUS decisions and many other issues that affect us. I am middle-aged, as I think many here and at other real Hillary blogs are. I have become convinced it is up to us baby boomers to let Washington know – in HUGE numbers – that we women are sick as hell about being treated as 2nd class citizens in this country and we aren’t going to take it any more. Younger women don’t seem to have a clue about mass protests but we’ve done it before. We need to do it again.

    I am so mad. Haven’t been this upset in a long time. If I had some Xanax, I would take a couple of them.

  14. Viagra and penis pumps are not against their religious beliefs? Seems to me that erectile dysfunction is the will of God. I wonder why Hobby Lobby is onboard with paying to overturn the will of God when it comes to men having their fun.

  15. Ginsburg’s dissent already turned into lyrics for a protest song.

  16. Here is a video of Hillary at Aspen speaking about the Hobby Lobby ruling ( via Buzzfeed ). It’s the only video I could find at this time.

  17. Yeah penis pump. Everytime they press it, somebody’s garage door goes up.

  18. LOL, Uppity!

    Good response by Hillary on that video Beata posted. She puts it in a global context.

  19. Yes, thank you Beata for that link. Still can’t find anything on you tube yet to post. Great comments everyone.

    *UPDATE* I’ve updated the post with the official White House statement:

    “The Supreme Court ruled today that some bosses can now withhold contraceptive care from employees’ health coverage based on religious views that their employees may not even share. President Obama believes that women should make personal health care decisions for themselves rather than their bosses deciding for them. Today’s decision jeopardizes the health of women who are employed by these companies. As millions of women know firsthand, contraception is often vital to their health and well-being. That’s why the Affordable Care Act ensures that women have coverage for contraceptive care, along with other preventative care like vaccines and cancer screenings.”
    “We will work with Congress to make sure that any women affected by this decision will still have the same coverage of vital health services as everyone else. President Obama believes strongly in the freedom of religion. That is why we have taken steps to ensure that no religious institution will have to pay or provide for contraceptive coverage. We’ve also made accommodations for nonprofit religious organizations that object to contraception on religious grounds. But we believe that a company should not be able to assert their views to deny employees federally mandated benefits. We will, of course, respect the Supreme Court ruling, and will continue to look for ways to improve Americans’ health by helping women have more, not less, say over their personal health decisions that affect them and their families.”

  20. “It is a disturbing trend that you see in a lot of societies that are very unstable, anti-democratic, and frankly prone to extremism.”

  21. Beata, I am ready to march on something. Hobby Lobby is in OK, isn’t it?

  22. Sophie, Hobby Lobby’s HQ is in Oklahoma City, OK.

    People who are boycotting Hobby Lobby and still want to buy arts and crafts supplies can get them through Michaels. ( Thanks to Fredster for this link. )

  23. I just looked at imust’s link regarding the buffer zone. If the Boston clinic is considering escorts for their clients, I would hope the escorts are accompanied by some big ass German Shepards. They can clear out a nice size buffer zone.

    I checked on HL’s website. They have stores nationwide. None in my zip code.

  24. I like Michaels and A.C. Moore for all of my hobby needs, if I had a hobby.

  25. Yeah, Uppity, the garage doors go up, but the lights never go on. I think it is time to organize a boycott of Hobby Lobby and repost your article on baby killing vasectomies..

  26. Obama is so lame. He respects the courts ruling? So now he’s ready to create a whole new beauracracy to give these women bc pills instead of fighting the ruling by passing new laws? No one should have the right to force their religious crap on anyone else in this country. These freaks have now pulled a coup. What was once “you have the right to practice your own religion” is now “for-profit corporations have the right to force their extremist beliefs on their employees” and opening the floodgates to other corps being able to force their beliefs on us. No religion should be allowed to dictate any of their bullshit to other people. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell this would have passed if muslims had brought this suit. The 5 conservative Supremes are ruling according to their own religious and political beliefs and should be impeached.

    And what about all the women who use birth control for health issues besides birth control? My own sister did from her mid teens becuz of that poly cystic thing, and I know dozens of other women that have done the same.

  27. Boycotting Hobby Lobby is a great idea, but they aren’t the only ones…….
    Here are 71 other companies that agree with Hobby Lobby

  28. From Hillary:

  29. Oklahoma. It figures.

  30. Yay Hillary! Thanks for link imust!

  31. Here’s how far-reaching the Hobby Lobby decision really is: 90% of US firms are closely held and 52% of US workers are employed by closely held firms.

    And, while this seemingly just affects women, I’m guessing that male employees who have their wives on their Hobby Lobby supplied health insurance are also prohibited from using the insurance for their spouse’s contraception needs.

    I also wonder if those same drugs that are frequently prescribed for therapeutic reasons are going to be denied to women who need them for the treatment of reproductive malfunctions.

  32. So as it happens, there is more than a whit of difference between crap and shit. Four justices are over 70. The next president and Senate matter. A lot.

  33. Holy crap, Hugo! That’s a lot of close holding.

  34. How can we truly show our discontent to Robert’s justcrap and his conserves cronies?
    No that they are going to lose their jobs and institutional perks…but to let them know that we think they are male pigs…and deeply despised.

  35. can we request for them to step down? or something…be aware of men in black!

  36. bellecat, I doubt that the justices care what we think, even less than our legislators care what we think.

    Maybe women should use this decision as evidence that we need to move away from health insurance through employers toward a single payer system. We should take it up with our legislators.

    And frankly, the ACA has some major omissions and we do need to go back to the drawing board on health insurance. for example, the law did nothing to address the cost of Rx drugs and the costs of medical care.

  37. Belle honey, these entrenched despots are so impressed with themselves they don’t need anybody else’s love.

  38. The Supremes also did a number on Seniors and the Disabled with another ruling today:

    While the headlines today will likely focus on the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, seniors should also be paying close attention to the first ruling issued by the Court this morning. Today’s Supreme Court ruling in Harris v. Quinn could have devastating effects on America’s home health system by driving down already low wages and reducing the basic rights of workers in one of our nation’s fastest growing job sectors – home health services.

  39. The home health service people who enjoy the pay and benefits of a union but didn’t want to pay union dues brought that on.

  40. imust, we already boycott Hobby Lobby. Have you ever seen the Chinese shit they sell? Dollar Stores look posh next to the crap they push.

  41. Upps, LOL!

  42. No Uppity, I’ve never been to a Hobby Lobby store. Sophie, I didn’t know that about Health Care workers.

  43. I would like to protest the 5 opus deis on the SC. What could we send them? Pictures of poor babies born with horrible defects that live short miserable lives and die soon after? Pix of soaked pads with a notation about women having to go to the ER becuz of hemorraging every month and needing bc to control their periods? Who the fuck do these assholes think they are, trying to cram their religion down our throats? This comes from that Citizens United crap. Corporations are NOT people and should be tightly regulated imo. If the Hobby Lobby-shit-from-China sellers don’t want to abide by the responsibilities of a corp, then they should do something else. What do you wanna bet that HL will pay the same amount of $ to the insurance company whether or not it covers birth control?

  44. imust, I didn’t think we had them here, but apparently there’s one in Burbank.

  45. Lower pay for home health care! That’s frightening. There’s a group home on my road for patients with brain trauma. The requirements to work there and provide them with in-home care are 18 years old and a drivers license. So, the home health care workers from that place walk up and down to our beach all day waiting for their drug dealers to arrive, then sit in their cars and smoke weed. So, less pay sounds like a good plan to get even scummier trash to care for sick people.

  46. God, I hate what this country is becoming. I don’t get why the muslim countries hate us so much. We are slowly turning into them.

    I am sickened by obama’s panty-waist response.

  47. imust, when I heard it on the radio, I understood that there are a group of home health service workers who are not full time and did not join the union. Nonetheless, fees were withheld from their pay to cover the negotiation expenses. The woman who brought forth the case was actually taking care of a family member. BUT, most of the home health service workers have benefited greatly from organizing. Decent pay, health insurance, training, less turnover, and so on. It was actually cheaper for the state!

  48. Yes Hugo, that’s why I was surprised. I thought home health care workers were already pretty low paid. That’s why it caught my eye. It was a facebook post so I should have looked at it closer.
    Socal, wasn’t that a typical Obama response though? Voting present again.

  49. Religious freedom trumps a woman’s right to get free birth control. And why birth control anyway? Women have to pay for heart medications, insulin, life saving drugs, all medications in fact, but a cheap 9 dollar prescription should be free. Why? Make your boyfriend buy it! Grandma can be forced to choose between food and medication, BUT I WANT MY FREE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS! Bit self centered, wouldn’t you say?

    The drama and hysteria over this stupidity just takes my breath away. Who would even want their employer involved in their sex life anyway?

  50. This isn’t about religious freedom, it’s about religious control. The insurance covers heart medications, insulin, etc. (for now), so why exclude birth control? I’ll answer my own question, because of religious zealots pushing their views on everyone else.

  51. Are you kidding me? You are totally missing the bigger picture here. This is not just about birth control pills, which, when I took them, were at least $30 per month, and are used by thousands of women for medical reasons, myself & sister included. This is another gift to big corps and religious extremists by our extremist Supremes, and is the slickest slippery slope I have ever seen. Plus the other rulings which are a slap to workers who want decent pay and job security and women who need to go to a planned parenthood or abortion clinic. I don’t want someone elses religion to trump my rights to anything, but that is what is happening. Do some research about this insane Supreme Court:

    “No worker, environmentalist, civil libertarian or progressive of any kind is going to get a fair hearing from this group. This is not a fair court. It is not an impartial court. It is not an untainted court. Nor is it a court that is concerned with precedent or justice. It is merely a right-wing political brake on any progressive reform that people are able to wring out of the system and a means of transferring even more power to the wealthy. Being a big corporation or a religious outfit in this context is to hold the highest of trump cards.[5] Being a mere worker, poor, and without resources means that justice for you will be denied, despite the merits of your grievance. It is not therefore a court to be respected.”

  52. Furthermore, getting birth control pills in no way involves “having their employer involved in their sex life…”

    Have you ever taken birth control pills? You don’t go ask your employer for a permission slip or a prescription. You go to your doctor who helps you decide what is best and then writes a prescription, which you take to a pharmacy and have filled, all protected under privacy laws.

    How the hell is that involving your employer in your sex life fcs?

  53. Is it ok to get your employer involved with your erectile dysfunction? Do you consult your employer about which penile implant is for you? Nope, so that argument does hold water.

    And which insurance plans don’t pay for heart meds and insulin?

  54. Being angry over this issue is the opposite of being self centered. I haven’t used birth control pills for 20 years, but I am angry for all the women who need it, and mostly angry that our country has a lunatic fringe in the Supreme Court that keeps trashing our rights and giving them to the corporations.

    Before Obamacare, Hobby Lobby’s insurance plans covered birth control. They own stock in every drug company that makes the birth control pills they claim are offending them. They buy all their shit from China, which I’m sure you know has mandated birth control and even abortions. Where are their religious principles when it comes to the manufacturing and their stock? This is more right wing bullshit, the birth control pills themselves are obviously a convenient excuse for this bullshit lawsuit. But it is directed AGAINST WOMEN. Women’s rights are going backwards. What do you think we all talk about here, and have for several years?

  55. And, your employer is not your doctor. If your doctor prescribes a drug, it’s between you and the doctor. A woman’s right to privacy is not trumped by a third party’s obsession with fetuses.

  56. The very fact that HL owns stock, which they CHOOSE to do in drug companies that make these drugs, makes their lawsuit seem invalid. How can you claim that this is against your “deeply held religious beliefs” when you are fucking making money off them!?!?!

  57. Frankly, my employer would have been happy to know I was using BPs. Without them, I could not have been a productive employee and would likely have bled to death. Self-centered. I think not.

    Socal, that’s very interesting that the Hobby Lobby people were covering it until obama care. So, it’s more political for them, than based on their religion.

    As for the complaint about drama and hysteria, what do you call going to the Supreme Court to get out of doing what you were doing all along? Hobby Lobby is synonymous with drama and hysteria.

  58. Hugo, exactly!

  59. Again, their stock choices. Does the govt mandate that they buy stock in drug companies that make birth control & morning after pills? Of course not, that is their personal choice. They are such flaming hypocrites it makes my head spin.

  60. As a post-menopausal Lesbian, I can confidently say that being angry over this issue is hardly self centered.

    P.S. MY medical plan does cover BC.

  61. Well, socal, find comfort in that fact that they are breaking one of the 10 commandments–Thou shalt not lie. Faux outrage is the same as telling lies. Good thing they live in OK. They’ll be used to the hot weather where they’re going. LOL!!

  62. My lesbian sis in law takes it to keep her periods manageable.

  63. Funny you should mention that socal, because I do know two women, married to each other, both on the pill. One to regulate her periods and the other because of severe acne. I couldn’t stop laughing when they were telling me.

  64. Just glanced at fluffpo, and there is a headline that Hobby Lobby will still cover viagra and vasectomies. Isn’t that special?

  65. Yeah, my sis took it for acne mainly, then it turned out she has poly cystic something. I had to take it as a teen for periods that lasted for weeks. I fainted at LAX once after bleeding 4 weeks. I was very anemic at that time from all the bleeding. I don’t know how I was able to work and go to school. Anyway the pill helped a lot.

  66. So, a practical question is, how does this decision get implemented? Can HL tell their insurance provider to deny coverage for those meds, or deny coverage for those meds only for BP use? Are they going to let their women drop to the floor when they have excessive bleeding?

    HMMM. Maybe part of this can be challenged.

  67. Anyone who thinks that birth control pills are prescribed only to prevent contraception must be male. Doctors prescribe them for a variety of serious women’s health problems.

    I am now post-menopausal but I used to routinely have heavy periods that would last 4 weeks. They would stop for a few days, then start again. My health was seriously affected. I was so anemic and weak that I had to have iron infusions. I could barely leave my house every month because the blood flow was so heavy. Blood would soak through my clothes and run down my legs. I fainted more than once from blood loss. My doctor had to try me on several different birth control pills before he found the right one that helped regulate my periods. It took a while but that prescription gave me my life back. I was able to go to school and to work like a normal person.

    Access to birth control pills is a major women’s health issue, therefore company health plans should be required to cover them. Anyone who is too stupid to understand that takes my breath away.

  68. Sorry…OT…..but I can’t pass up an Obama/PIE story!

  69. Yikes. Obama’s really going to regret that remark about the WH pies! His critics will have a field day with it.

  70. Hugo, Beata, you are both under the illusion that they give a shit about woman if they bleed, die, get run over by a bus. If I recall correctly, we have even had to endure a demand that only women pay for maternity insurance, just to make sure they screw us from both ends after they have screwed us. yes. yes….I do remember a certain Senator Shithead Kyl demanding he be relieved of that expense.

  71. This article goes along with Uppity’s comment:

  72. CBS reported this morning that a physicians group now recommend against pelvic exams. The doctor discussing the recommendation said the group looked at “the data,” but that there is very little data because the efficacy if pelvic exams has not been studied much. So, based on very little data, a recommendation was made to further screw women an to control costs at our expense. The doc on the TV said she is concerned that this recommendation will be used by insurers to limit access to health care.

  73. Good article, socal.

    I must, I just saw the video of Obama’s crack pie comment. Hilarious! FLOTUS was displeased.

    Uppity, I know no one cares about women but a few women. Funny thing, there is an Office for Women’s Health in one agency. You’d expect dome response from them.

  74. What is most troubling in all of this is the language of “Justice” Alito. He said it was a fight between the rights of the people, and the rights of women. That says it all; that we are seperate and distinct and not people. It was phrased in a way that sounded like an teenage boy pleased with his own “cleverness.” I wonder were this asshat thinks he comes from if women are not people, but a different species all together? And the most troubling part of this language is that by questioning our humanity, they have opened the opportunity to strip us of other rights, like to right to vote, etc.

  75. AnnE, that Alito quote may have come from a satire site. I think it may have been because he gave corporations “personhood.”

  76. So, now, we shouldn’t get our breasts or our vaginas examined; got it!

  77. Off topic, but… Remember pop tart boy? The local press has obtained a 30 page report detailing the kid’s conduct problems and why his suspension on that day stands. Unfortunately, the incompetent press who ran with half the facts back when he was suspended, will not pick up on the rest of the story. I can’t imagine how the press got possession of the 30 page report.

  78. AnnE, that was satire. Andy Borowitz:

    I know it sounded like something Alito would say, but…

  79. Here is another interesting point about HL paying for insurance with contraception in California for years. This is from the New Yorker, the poster is: hyebe142

    “Most states, according to the Guttmacher Institute, have laws that mandate contraception coverage similar or nearly identical to that in the ACA (California law, for example, requires employer-sponsored plans to cover all FDA-approved contraceptives, as was required by the ACA). These laws have been in effect for a decade or more.

    Over that decade, I’ve witnessed a vast expansion of Hobby Lobby stores in California, with nary a peep over the supposed infringement of their religious liberties under state law. In fact, Hobby Lobby, previously offered the very forms of contraception it now tells the Supreme Court run afoul of their sensibilities and it appears that it was only when the federal gov’t attempted to implement a uniform mandate across the country that Hobby Lobby dropped coverage of these contraceptives and filed its now-famous lawsuit against the federal gov’t.

    Does it not seem hypocritical in the extreme for Hobby Lobby to simultaneously comply with state laws and contend in federal court that similar requirements constrict their religious liberty? If that were truly the case wouldn’t Hobby Lobby have also filed suit against the state laws as well? Or is it more likely that they are simply using this suit to give voice to their anti-Obama sentiments and, in the course of doing so, court an entire generation of social conservative customers for whom Hobby Lobby is now the hero of the moment?”

    The fact that the Supreme Court even agreed to hear this monstrously hypocritical case proves to me that the 5 republican justices are the most corrupt & biased ever in history. And of the nine, 6 are Roman Catholic, 3 are Jewish. Not a single protestant or atheist.

  80. socal, I am firmly convinced that HL is a front player for the anti-obamacare movement. I hate that healthcare has anything to do with employment and I really, really want single payer already.

  81. Me too. I also want those 5 woman-hating fascists that vote lockstep according to their political and church beliefs to be impeached. I didn’t use to believe the opus dei stories, but I am strongly inclined to now. I even read that Roberts kid goes to a private school that is run by opus dei Catholics and that his wife is involved with them. Creepy as hell. Our countries important decisions being made by a religious cult.

  82. Yeah, I know they don’t give a shit about us. It’s the same old story over and over again.

  83. Uppity, I know you’ll be sad to hear this…..Poor Oscar has been traumatized from killing his girlfriend 😦–spt.html

  84. I think to quote a wiser person than I, “Boo Effing Hoo.”

  85. Good one AnnE!

  86. That cockroach is traumatized because he didn’t quite get away with it. And the Poor Me, I Have No Legs defense isn’t quite panning out for him either. Personally, I would like to see how fast he can run on those blades in the prison shower room after he’s put in charge of holding the soap.

    Personally, if he kills himself, well………….Pfffffffffft!

  87. OT but if any of our several doctors who are members here see this, I was watching Wimbledon Doubles and Serena Williams, one of our true USA stars/winners, was having some kind of attack on the court yesterday that caused them to stop the match. Her coach and other people who have something to gain or lose were pooh poohing it today as a “viral illness”. Please take a look at the video on this page and tell me if this doesn’t look like some kind of neurological issue that is far worse than a “virus”. This looks like some kind of stroke behavior to me. I am crushed for this girl as she is a tennis genius, but worried that her handlers are not doing right by her, she needs a true neurological workup, yes? As a side, she had a pulmonary embolism in 2011 and made a huge winning comeback. Scroll down for video.

  88. Hahaha AnnE. Sometimes less is more.

  89. I’m not a doctor Uppity, but I agree. Looks more serious than a virus. Perhaps a virus that causes neuro complications.

  90. That video of Serena is deeply disturbing to watch. I hope she was immediately taken to a major hospital for a complete examination. As a layperson who knows a bit about neurological problems, I recognize the signs. Confused, disoriented, lack of coordination, and holding her hand to her head. The light appeared to bother her eyes which indicates optic disturbances. Her face showed a very flat affect as well. It is painful to see that she was not taken out of the game much more quickly.

  91. Beata I was hoping you would comment. I thought I recalled you saying you suffered a stroke. I also thought she appeared blinded. Early on she passed her hand in front of her face. She couldn’t even figure out where the balls were they were tossing to her. It was truly scary. She is in her early 30s and has been our shining star for quite awhile. Doubly disturbing was listening to the sports people laying odds on her STILL. One said he will still bet odds that she TAKES the championship. I thought ARE YOU PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MINDS!!!! This woman is SICK. VERY SICK. They showed a pic of her on her twitter…on a couch covered up and ‘resting’ with a laptop on a table near her. I’m like ….RESTING! She should be in intensive care! Pic:

    Check out what her coach had to say, that son of a bitch! This guy shouldn’t even die first, he should just be sucked down bodily into hell!

  92. I’m reading a book right now called “Brain On Fire”. True story about a young reporter who contracted a form of encephalitis from a virus. Presented same symptoms at first. Then got much worse.

  93. Whoa, imust. That’s deadly stuff.

  94. Serena needs a brain MRI as soon as possible. She could have a brain tumor. A tumor affecting the optic nerve would cause the visual disturbances as well as the other symptoms.

    I read that she has ( or had ) a romantic relationship with her coach. Obviously, he doesn’t have her best interests at heart.

  95. Re: Her coach. DEFINITELY has WINNING at heart and nothing more.

  96. Yeah I thought of tumor too. And MS. She’s the ‘right’ age for MS to hit and it yields the same symptoms as well. Again, MRI needed. And a MRA while they are at it.

  97. Beata, posting an Elton John song (and an obscure one at that)–you’re the best!

  98. I posted it especially for you, Sophie!

  99. 🙂

  100. Ok so maybe a little comic relief?

  101. SophieCT:
    Great video “that’s what friends are for”. All great artists.
    Thanks. It made my cry…

  102. Weren’t we more romantic then?
    Today seems quite so different to me.
    I looked around all I see is tattoo people, forget the monster action movies and guns all over, music that is nothing but digital noise…men that are just boys and girls that are not much women.
    It’s not capitalism or socialism or communism, is: “materialism” what is moving the world this days.
    And don’t get me started on pollution-trash and demographic toxic and obese.
    Some may say that I’m getting old and is just a generational gap.
    I feel more like a civilization or other world or maybe species gap.
    Sorry, but that song made very nostalgic…

  103. It was a more innocent and romantic time. It least it felt that way to me.

  104. Beata I can’t remember if I was romantic because I was high most of the time.. I definitely know I wasn’t innocent, though.

  105. Wow Beata, you sure do find the ones that only serious EJ fans know (and in case there’s any doubt here, I know all the words to all the songs Beata posted, having majored in Elton John in high school).

    This is my very favorite EJ song. This YouTube happens to be from the same concert tour when I first saw him. (I was at the show on August 11, 1976 at the Garden.)

  106. And now for something completely different–Terry O’Neill (NOW) on the SCOTUS decision:

  107. I majored in Elton John in middle school and high school, too. And here I thought I was unique!

    I think my favorite Elton / Bernie song is “Blues for Baby and Me” but it’s difficult to choose just one.

  108. Sophie, fantastic guitar work by Davey Johnstone on that Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding clip. Must have been such an exciting experience for you to be there.

  109. Beata, yes it was! Trivia: Hillary was at the second to last EJ concert I was at! (Actually, it was a benefit for her.)

  110. OK, too cool! 29 Celebrity impressions in one song

  111. Here’s my favorite Elton John song!

  112. Beata:
    After his debut album Elton John Tumbleweed connection is my all time favorites. The melody and the words blended poetically.
    And I was also high and not very innocent, but I sure felt the love, romance and poetry for the good things of life, and yes hope despise all the conflicts of this world. A Joie de vivre of some sorts…
    Happy 4th in uppityville…

  113. Seems appropriate…

  114. “Let us live in peace.”

  115. Fireworks from a drone’s view

  116. Beata:
    Thanks a bunch for the EJ.
    “Let us live in peace”
    I share your feelings, it was more about love and peace and true hope for mankind.
    Well, I guess I was just a hippie…that’s what today folk would say.

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