Just when you thought it was safe…

As a kid growing up in Southern California, I always loved going to the beach and swimming in the ocean. That was until….the summer of 1975….when the movie Jaws came out!


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Just the music from that movie makes my skin crawl!

So naturally, when this story broke, I paid close attention.

Steve Robles suffered several puncture wounds Saturday morning. The shark was fighting to free itself from a fisherman’s line near the popular Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles, said fire rescue officials.

“It was a burning pain that was going down the side of my chest,” Robles told ABC station KABC.

Robles was out for a two-mile swim with a group of friends when the shark suddenly appeared.

“It came from the bottom of the water. It came up to the surface, it looked at me and attacked me right on the side of my chest,” Robles said. “That all happened within two seconds. I saw the eyes of the shark as I was seeing it swim towards me. It lunged at my chest, and it locked into my chest.”

Robles said he grabbed the shark by the nose and pried its mouth open. The shark then disappeared, eventually breaking free from the line. Lifeguards were unable to find it.

I can’t imagine grabbing a shark’s mouth. But then again, if it has it’s big sharp shark teeth sunk into your chest, you got nothing to lose!!

Since I usually try to bring my posts full circle to make some kind of point, often political in nature…..how about this?

Hillary Clinton began her book tour this summer and jumped back into the shark tank….

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RNC “Squirrel”

I think Hillary is pretty skilled at prying open the mouths of sharks. She’s certainly had a lot of experience with them.

Supporting Hillary is not a hard choice. But I see the eyes of the sharks.
Time to find a really big boat!


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  1. Hillary is just chumming the waters and letting the pea-brain sharks spend all their energy in a feeding fenzy over old familiar bait– she’s old, she’s too rich, she’s out of touch, her book sales are bombing, bleh, bleh,bleh. It’s all predictable, repetitive behavior.

    Meanwhile, her new book is on the NYT best seller list and she’s taking a lap in Europe. Wheee! You go, Madam President!!

    I was driving along recently and I said to myself that I will be jobless in a few months and that I will likely look into volunteering to work for Ready for Hillary and her campaign if she announces. I’m ready.

    And, BTW, that “too old” rap is BS. I defy a lot of the younger crowd to have her intellectual and physical stamina when they reach her age.

    Nice post, imust!

  2. Great post! We saw Jaws when we were on vacation in Cape Cod. I didn’t go swimming for the entire vacation.

  3. “Chumming the waters”…good point Hugo. I hope your soon-to-be joblessness is voluntary! (Hey, I know where you could do some blogging once you’re not busy….wink-wink)

    Sophie, funny cartoon!

  4. The never ending scandalousness of being Hillary:

  5. Wow. Action. See you all there.

    We Are Women Constitution Day Rally
    Congressional Day of Action Sept. 12, 2014 – Rally Sept. 13, 2014
    West Lawn of the US Capitol Building.


  6. Hmmm. DC in September is not always too hot and muggy. I’ll have to pencil that in on my calendar.

    Sophie, I planned to be jobless a few years ago, but duty called me out of retirement. I’m going to re-retire, until I find my next career path. We older women may need a bit of R &R every now and then, but we always look forward to the next challenge. If I do get involved in politics, I would be happy to post something here.

  7. LOL! Obama back Warren. Is that like the kiss of death? If that report is true, it’s no surprise. Warren doesn’t seem to play well in the sandbox, and we’d likely have another term of gridlock. I guess Obama want someone who can continue his legacy.

    And, it’s just like obama to back Warren after he threw her under the bus. He would not nominate her to run the CFPB that she helped to establish.

  8. Oh, Hiliary is too old. How old was Ronnie? Oh, but that is different because he is a man. They will try to nit pick her to death, both the right and the left, because the boys club just doesn’t think some chick should be running the show. She should be getting them coffee, while they blather on about how good women have it this country–look we don’t gang rape them and hang them from mango trees.

    I can see some heads exploding if a woman gets in the WH..

  9. I can see some heads exploding if a woman gets in the WH.

    Oh, God forgive me, I’d like to see that.

  10. Uppity Women meetup in DC in Sept!

  11. That rally looks good Sophie! I was surprised that they had one last year because I never heard anything about it. Wait, of course we never heard anything about it what was I thinking?!

  12. imust:
    So a propo! I think Jaws is the best Spielberg movie ever, the whole thing works. Every other 4th July I watch it and still bite my nails.
    sophie: very cute and funny cartoon.

    By the by, how old was Ronald McDonald when he got elected?
    I know he dyed his hair.

  13. Sophie, I clicked on your nypost link and it was ed klein! Ewww! My eyes! What a moron. I seriously doubt if the next prez needs obama’s approval, I would think they might be better off without it; especially almost everyone I know who voted for O back in ’08 wishes they had gone for Hillary instead (not that it mattered here in Calif…still).

    Here are some funny reviews about kleins trashy books. Apparently he loves to go after Hillary:


  14. Cute summery post imust! I admit I didn’t watch Jaws til years after it came out, and by then my surfing days were over. I had some small sand sharks brush up against me a few times when I was young, but they didn’t try to bite us, so we were never really afraid of them. Once I was fishing off the back of a friends sailboat, and all of sudden my friend shouted “Shark!” and I saw a fin racing along, it disappeared and then the fishing pole I was holding was ripped from my hands. I felt terrible cuz it belonged to the dad of the guy with the boat, and offered to pay for it, but they all thought it was hilarious to see my reaction and thought that was worth the price of the rod n reel.

  15. ICYMI: Fox News segment called, “Husband Appreciation: Sage Advice For Wives.”

    The controversial author criticized today’s women for “acting like such an entitled princess” and prioritizing careers ahead of their families. Men, Patton told the Fox hosts, must be appreciated and respected, perhaps with a drink at the end of a long work day or gratitude and kindness. After all, should a woman alienate her husband, she’ll spend the rest of her life searching for a suitable replacement.

    “If you are in your mid-30s or older the idea that you’re going to find yourself another husband, almost impossible,” Patton predicted. “And if you don’t believe me ask your maiden aunt, she will tell you when she’s done feeding the cats.”

    And who’s to blame for society’s unappreciative attitude towards men? “Antagonistic feminists,” of course. Patton argues that activists have forced an “overcorrection” to American culture, in which society has gone from completely ignoring women’s rights to becoming overly sensitive to their needs. In one particularly strange example, Patton has complained that the rape that occurs between acquaintances — commonly referred to as “date rape” — should be called “mistake sex” to avoid diminishing “the true horror of rape.”


    ‘scuse me–I have to go feed my cats.

  16. ICYMI: Fox also thinks we wimminz shouldn’t raise our voices or talk too much if we want to get a promotion:

  17. Yikes Sophie! I was gonna comment on those two links, but I thought I’d better check with my husband first. I mean, I really shouldn’t express my own opinion….as if I had one!

  18. I have no problem with making a spouse happy, but that’s just a hobby, not a full time job. My advice to young women is to always have a job, a stash of money, and a place to go. Never be dependent on a man. God bless the child who’s got her own.

    Glad to see FOXNews promoting good old 19th century family values. But doesn’t FOX entertainment side have some real trash? Seems incongruous. Can’t be all Duggers on the one hand and Miley Cyrus on the other.

  19. Well, ya know, imust…It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman in possession of a good husband must not be in want of a life of her own.

  20. socal, loved those reviews!

    hugo, you’re generous saying 19th century.

  21. Wise words Sophie, wise words indeed.

  22. Good God, are you sure this wasn’t supposed to be a satire segment? I mean, there is no way that segment is for Real!

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