Will She Run?

Charlie Rose interviewed Hillary Clinton last night. The complete interview is not available yet*…at least that I can find. [*See Update.] The following clip is a detailed response to Charlie’s question on her potential candidacy. He phrased the question in a unique way. He asked her what goes into such a hard choice as deciding to run? She gave a very thoughtful response. What do you think?

**UPDATE** Many thanks to Hugo for posting the full interview in the comments. I’ve been unsuccessful trying to embed it in this post, but I will keep trying!

Thanks again Hugo!


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  1. I believe this is the full interview from Charlie Rose’s website.

  2. Thanks Hugo! But imustconfess….I do not know how to embed anything but youtube in a post!

  3. At about 2:05 in in imusts clip in the post, Rose says to her, “you’re looking at history” and her eyes lit up.

    Am going to watch the whole interview now. Thanks for posting imust & Hugo

  4. LOL. imust, luckily there was a button that said, “embed.”

    **BRILLIANT!!** Thanks! 🙂

  5. A Warren admin would give us 4 more years of obamaness, aka gridlock. Mr. “Soaring Oratory” cannot play well in the sandbox and Warren seems to have the same lack of skills. Hillary knows how to play the game and that’s the skill set we need to get this country moving in the right direction.

    Also, I noted the politico article says Obama eclipsed Hillary in 2008. As we all know, that is false. The DNC screwed Hillary and licked his boots. Time to right that wrong, now that we have two terms of proof that experience does count and pretty speeches don’t.

    BTW, we’re not even getting the pretty speeches any longer. Obama is phoning it in. His speeches are bumbling and semi-articulate. Uhh, uhhh, uhhh…

  6. Hugo, it said at the end of this one that this is part one. Can we pretty please get part two?

    I watched it while I ate lunch, and laker came in and watched it with me. He said it was fascinating! Ah, I have done a good job with that kid! He’s a young male feminist!

    I love the interview, and thought she was marvelous. She looked great–hair, blouse, jewelry, looked rested and ready.

    Unless some unforeseen catastrophe happens in her life, I think she will go for it, and I think she is laying the groundwork. Even her new book is telling America she is not afraid of making tough decisions.

  7. Socal, I don’t think part 2 has aired yet.

  8. Oh, okay. I think Charlie Rose is a great interviewer. Much better than John Stewart, who I think is a great comedian.

  9. Hubbie & lakerwade also think Hillary is running btw.

  10. socal, thanks for pointing out that part 2 is not on that video. I just went back to the Charlie Rose website and this is the only one there. It may have aired later and the video is not yet posted. I’ll look again tomorrow.

    Yay, Laker!!! Love it when young people can think for themselves and come to good conclusions.

  11. Nutroots, meh. I like Warren, but she needs more experience and “seasoning” before she runs for prez.

  12. Thanks Hugo!

  13. I agree about Warren socal. Hillary is so much more qualified.

  14. And so it goes……

    Beirut (AFP) – Jihadists in the northern Syrian province of Raqa have accused a woman of adultery and stoned her to death, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Friday.

    It was the first “execution” of its kind by the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria, which has proclaimed the establishment of an Islamic “caliphate” straddling Syria and Iraq.

    “The Islamic State carried out its first sentence of death by stoning against a woman in Tabaqa, accusing her of adultery,” said the Britain-based Observatory, referring to a town in Raqa province, most of which is under IS control.

  15. Barbarians.

  16. Agree with Hugo re: Warren.

    Hillary Clinton got more votes than any candidate in any primary in history. Nobody eclipsed her not matter how much sycophants enjoy pretending. That’s one history that’s on the record and nobody can change it.

  17. And, this is not a crime in Syria? All of these countries that house Islamic fundamentalists need to be placed in pariahville and never let out. Not since ancient times has any good comes from those places. And, this does not embarrass them.

  18. Socal & Hugo! Just saw this about PART 2 of Hillary on Charlie Rose:

    Clinton’s interview with Rose will air on PBS in two parts, on Thursday and Friday. She also discussed the Malaysian Airlines jetliner that was taken down by a surface-to-air missile, Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians and other foreign policy issues.

  19. Alright! Thanks imust.

  20. TY, imust. Hope to see Part 2 tonight.

  21. interesting socal! Poor Biden and Jeb too!

  22. Dang! Hillary was pre-empted. Sorry socal. Wait….she just won’t be the whole hour.

    Part 2 was very short. Hillary answering about the “RE-set” button, and Benghazi.

  23. Thanks again uppities for the interview video and all the Hill-links…

  24. About the poll showing Clinton the favorite: I don’t know if you remember in 2007 and early 2008, she was consistently the favorite then too. Then the dudebros started in with their zomg-but-we-need-someone-who-can-actually-win, and the rest, well, you know the rest.

    Clinton’s not enough of a lapdog for the powers-that-be. They’ll always trash her if she gets close enough. (And, yes, I know there’s a whole contingent of so-called leftists who can’t get over her “centrism.”) The same line of BS is starting up with Warren.

    And running as a Democrat after eight years of the Big 0 is the usual crap of having to dance in high heels and backward. With added cast iron ankle weights. She was most qualified years ago. Now, after eight years of Bush III and a mess that may be beyond saving (although if anyone can do it, she can) she should clean up after these assholes?

    (Am I angry? Why yes, I’m angry. Why do you ask?)

  25. Deja vu all over again! Let’s just hope the DNC and voters have wised up this time.

  26. The bad taste the O Job leaves in my mouth makes me put the whole idea in my rearview mirror. Their support for that asshole makes me think twice before supporting the Clintons, though I have nothing but respect for their work. Her decision to “suspend” her campaign and endorse him KNOWING what he’d be was chicken. We who supported her chanted about putting our Country first and I’m pretty sure now that they’re way more about being Democrats than about being Patriots.

  27. I think the Clintons are very much patriots. They made the decisions they had to at the time. They are very practical as well as intelligent. Basically, they played the hand that was given to them by the media and the DNC. The Obama train was on the move and if the Clintons had just walked off the stage the train would have kept moving forward (or backward depending how you think about it.) So they stayed in the game and did what they could from the inside AND outside.

  28. frankly, I think it was strategically smart to not walk off into the sunset after the stunt the DNC and Obama pulled in 2008. By taking the SOS position, she stayed informed, relevant, and continued to rack up accomplishments and garner respect internationally. She also got to see the internal workings of the hapless administration, the administration that had to turn to the Clintons to keep Romney out of office.

    I think putting ego aside and continuing to provide competent public service is patriotic.

  29. We’re all definitely in your club, Quixote.

  30. FYI, Scott and Angi (DE) have lost their Zoe. They must be devastated. Rest well, good dog.

  31. Awww. We are so sad about Zoe. Laker loved looking at her pictures. He sends his best to Scott & Angi and so do hubs & I. She had a beautiful, sweet face.

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