The Mourning Begins

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CNN) — A lone bugler sounding the traditional military farewell “Last Post” marked the arrival Wednesday in the Netherlands of the first dead from the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.
The grieving nation then held a moment of silence to honor those killed in the crash of the jetliner, downed last week by a suspected surface-to-air missile over war-torn eastern Ukraine.
In a ceremony rich with martial symbolism — from saluting soldiers to the haunting tune used to send war dead to their rest — 40 bodies borne in simple wooden caskets were solemnly unloaded from two military planes. Soldiers then walked them to waiting hearses and lowered them inside before rendering a final salute.
The only sounds: the hushed orders of soldiers and a whipping wind.

A civilized society responds to a barbaric act.

This photo is from a memorial service in Australia honoring the victims from that country. Photo credit: The Guardian


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  1. Barbaric, indeed!! Putin is now a pariah of the same order as Gaddafi and Idi Amin Dada.

    CNN just reported that the UK is re-opening an investigation into the poisoning of a former KGB agent which points to the Russian government, AKA Putin. They originally tied it to a KGB due, but were unable to extradite him. It has been on the UK back-burner. This investigation may uncover more evidence of Putin’s mindset, AKA Barbarian.

    That second photo made me teary-eyed, imust. What kind of world is this?

    And, I’m asking myself how Edward Snowden is justifying in his mind the fact that Putin has given him refuge from the Big Bad US government. I hope he’s re-thinking his condemnation of those who try to keep us safe and who, no doubt, intercepted the communications that linked the this heinous act to Putin and his henchmen.

  2. How sad. Lot of tragedy and upheaval lately.

  3. Geez! More bad news on the deadly viral epidemic front. Sierra Leone’s top doctor leading the fight against the hideous ebola virus outbreak in that country has been infected. This on top of Putin’s thugs killing some top HIV/AIDS researcher.

  4. Yeah, sure a lot going on….not in a good way.

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