Geraldo the Yenta

Marriage and relationship expert Geraldo Rivera…..wait….what???

Geraldo searches everywhere to find 2 brain cells to rub together. Nope, not in Al Capone’s vault.

In a segment on what 20-somethings really want in a marriage, the talk turned to the concept of “beta marriages,” in which the union can be formalized or dissolved after a two-year trial period with no paperwork or hassle, allowing partners to see if they want to continue beyond a short-term commitment.

Rivera, after noting that his current marriage is almost 11 years strong, acknowledged that he has been divorced four times, essentially having had his share of beta marriages himself.

Mentioning his three daughters, he went on to explain that he is against the idea of beta marriages, arguing that while men bring money to a marriage, women bring their youth, and that a woman’s youth is precious.

“I know this may provoke a Stephen Smith-like reaction, but I think essentially — although there’s an increase in two-income marriages — generally speaking, the man is the breadwinner, more often than not, although now increasingly women do work. But what I think a woman brings to a marriage more than anything else, to a relationship, is her youth. Her youth is a fragile and diminishing resource. So if a woman were to invest two years in one of these marriages, and then to be rejected by the man, I think that she has given up a valuable asset that is unequal — in other words, the man gets everything and the woman gets nothing from this arrangement.”

Hey Geraldo……your uh….um…your resource appears to have been diminished.


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  1. Here’s an expert opinion:

  2. Geraldo should be suspended or removed from his little FOX gig for his demeaning statements. That or the females at that fake news network should open up an can of whoop-ass on that little toad. He clearly has never been involved with a real woman.

  3. Geraldo needs to shut the heck up with his sexist ignorance. I can’t tell you how many women I know who are the primary breadwinners in their marriage, to say nothing of his comment that, in essence, a woman’s youthful bloom is all she has to offer,
    Heaven help us and save us from Geraldo!

  4. Thanks for your comments Hugo and Ani! Long time no see Ani!!

  5. He’s been married four times,of course he is an expert! (What a jackass, he probably thinks domestic violence victims ask to be beaten.)

  6. OT, but it just occurred to me that We The Taxpayers will be paying for the House lawsuit against Obama AND for the defense of Obama. We’re suing ourselves. This from the cut spending, shrink gubbermint loonies.

    They are as rational as geraldo.

  7. Hey, if we’re suing ourselves can we also be the judge and jury? I’d like to award myself a huge monetary settlement for pain and suffering.

  8. Hey, imust, I’m on the jury too. How much do you want for pain and suffering? You can have it. I want a few hundred million for defrauding We the Taxpayers over the period 1/19/2009 to the present.

  9. Hard to put a price tag on all the pain and suffering since 2009 Hugo….but a few hundred million would dull the pain a little, at least it’s a start.

  10. AMEN!

  11. Pie news:

    Korea is having a PIE rebellion. Choco Pies are being sent by balloons from South Korea to North Korea after Kim Jong-un chocolate. He has threatened to shell the South for this atrocity.

  12. Did someone mention PIE?

    The pies, which are produced in South Korea, are wildly popular in North Korea. Fearful that the treats would encourage an uprising, Kim Jong-un reportedly banned Choco Pies from the country earlier this month. The pies, which have become something of a political statement, are viewed as a symbol of capitalism and represent a taste of the world outside North Korea.

    Pies…..always making something of a political statement….

  13. Our Korean neighbors always give us a box of fruit and a box of those pies every Christmas. I don’t get why they’re called “pies”. they are a giant cookie.

  14. They should send Meghan to answer Geraldo. In person. On camera. She’s rip his wimpy guts out.

    He’s been married four times,

    Guess he’s not very good at it. I’ll bet everyone knows why they left him. Except him

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