Hilarious Hillary!

Hillary Clinton, a name dropper? That’s what Stephen Colbert claimed in this hilarious exchange when Secretary Clinton made a surprise visit to his show, The Colbert Report!

Hillary Clinton is EVERYWHERE!!

Here’s a review from our own socalannie:

socalannie, on August 6, 2014 at 2:11 AM
Hillary made a surprise visit on the Colbert Report. It was fabulous, the audience loved her, she looked great and her and Colbert had a fun rapport.

And Bellecat:

bellecat, on August 6, 2014 at 12:08 PM said:
Thank you so much imust for the link of HRC on SC.
It is Hillary hilarious, what a woman. She can also be great in showbiz… add that to her rather extensive Curriculum Vitae.
I’m gonna watch again

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  1. LOL!!!

    Who else would like to see Hillary host Saturday Night Live?

  2. Well, I’m happy to hear that Hillary has been name dropping. After all, the press and GOP have been dropping her name fast and furious 24/7 for quite some time now. Good to see her have fun. Bet some heads were exploding because she looked happy.

  3. Easy, Breezy Beautiful Hillary…heads were exploding is right, Hugo! And yes, Jen, SNL should be in her future.

  4. SNL after she becomes President of course!

  5. Aah, yes, imust!!

  6. Was that awesome or what? She looks rested and ready. Ready to be Madam President. imust, thanks for finding the video. I looked for it last night after we watched Colbert, but there wasn’t one up yet. When Colbert said she is everywhere, I said to laker, “omg, I bet shes there, and then it showed her and the audience went nuts. Ah, that was fun!

  7. She looks beautiful as always. 😀

  8. socal:
    And She is having a ball with all…some spirit!

  9. imust! You found a youtube! You rock!

  10. Thanks Uppity! But I’m not the only one! Right after I found it I started working on this post…..I come back to the blog and see a comment from Sophie…she found it too! So we both rock!! 🙂 Penguins for all! Pie for all!!!

  11. Did someone say Pie?

  12. Well yes I did!

  13. Well yeah, imust, the fact that Sophie rocks goes without saying! But don’t tell her I said so!

  14. I watched it and came right here to tell about it. Do I get a piece of pie too?

  15. Dis is da Rockin place. 😀

  16. Yes socal! You rock too! PIE for everyone!

  17. Pie for everyone! And seconds.

    Way cool article about Taj and Still 4 Hill!!

  18. The world is going to h-e-double hockey sticks in a handbag…..and Obama is STILL going on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard!!


  19. imust, I don’t think it matters where he is. He can be just as ineffective at Martha’s Vineyard as he is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. After all, he’s only in the job for the perks.

  20. Good CNN article on Still4Hill and the young guy. There is also another place online that has some very nice Hillary art. I’ll find a link. I’ve been reluctant to share it because I’m not sure who they are, but the art is very, very cool.

  21. I agree Hugo, he’s ineffective no matter what or where, but it just seems tacky to be eating ice cream cones and bicycling and what ever else he decides to do to chillax while all of this is going on in Iraq, Israel/Gaza, Ukraine, etc.

  22. Here is some Hillary art and apparently this PAC has more artists lined up to do more. I’m not promoting the PAC, just admiring the works.




  23. It is tacky, imust. No doubt. They’ve been tacky all along. Can’t wait to see the Mayflower truck leaving with them onboard.

  24. Justice Ginsberg points to the SCOTUS discrepant views toward gay rights and women’s right. Women’s rights takes a back set to gay rights. This reminds me of a past Uppity blog discussion about feminism.


  25. That’s nice artwork Hugo. I hope they can raise a lot of money for the pac.

  26. Hugo, women’s rights take a back seat to ALLL other civil rights issues and the reason is: Women enthusiastically support other people’s rights, thus increasing their numbers and voice. But when it comes time for them to support us, they all take a vacation. We allow this to happen. Women water down their own rights to help others become equal. We aren’t selfish enough like they are and we expend far too much energy on everyone else’s cause, and then those very people abandon us. If we were focused on ourselves like they are, we would be the ones who are ahead. You will also note that every event aimed toward women’s rights is usually pre-empted by other groups. We let that happen too. But we dare not try it ourselves at their events. How many things can you find wrong with this picture?

    We’ve marched for others. We’ve fought for others and we get fucked by them when we need them like they need us. We need to stop spreading ourselves thin for everybody else and use our numbers for our OWN. That’s how we succeeded once before the lackadaisical generation of women who had things handed to them dropped the ball.

  27. Justice Ginsburg hasn’t retired for a damned good reason. She’s sacrificing her health for women and I’ll just bet she doesn’t trust Obama either. She’ll see which way the next presidential election is going and make a judgment call as to whether allowing Obama to replace her is a better call than waiting.

  28. I never thought that I’d turn into that old lady; the old lady who called CBS to complain that they preempted “The Secret Storm” for a report on the Kennedy assassination.
    But, I was settling in on Thursday night for a two hour “The Sixties” special on the second wave Women’s Movement, only to have it disappear so I could have the pleasure of listening to Wolf Blitzer bloviate about US dropping food packages over Iraq. That story could have been a screen crawl until eleven (it was not, yet, reported that we were dropping bombs) and, then Wolf could have slobbered all over himself for two hours straight.
    The point is that the Civil Rights for African Americans special was aired during the height of the Ukraine crisis and was not preempted; nor was the Vietnam special, nor will the future Stonewall/Gay rights special be interrupted for “breaking news” unless the world blows up, literally.
    But the ladies will always understand, wont we?
    And it’s not really a serious topic, is it?

  29. Surpised Candy Creepy-Crawly wasn’t the interrupter. She’s the leader of the anti-woman crowd there. Here and “Poppy” rape apologists for the patriarchy.

  30. I interrupt this discussion to remind myself of why I am glad I don’t have a teenage daughter today. As a side note, where the Eff is this soon-to-be-pregnant kid’s parents?

    Oops. Update! Wrong tweet account! Hahaha. Anyays, this one is just like the other one, only he’s a boy. 13 years old! Is this where you were at when YOU were 13, or am I just an old fuddy duddy! I mean, I hardly cared about boys at 13.

  31. Interrupting a silly woman thang is just one more thing they get away with because women keep falling for that “Back Burner” bullshit. Like during the last election; A VP candidate who thinks women blow goats. I dared to resist and was trounced upon because there were just “More important things than women’s rights”. Again. Let me repeat to any fucker reading this. Eat shit and die. There is NOTHING more important than human rights and I am sick of all of you. So go fuck a duck. Thank you.

  32. Ginsburg is amazing. I hope I’m still fighting at her age and care enough to speak the truth.

    I hate the female CNN anchors. Snarky, self-serving traitors to their gender. And, I’m visualizing Brooke Baldwin and the Erin Burnette as I type this. They act like Mean Girls when talking about seasoned, accomplished female politicians. I actually turn to FOX when I see them on CNN.

    It appears The Sixties series in available on “On Demand.” The new episode is not up yet.

  33. CNN probably was looking for an excuse to preempt the Women’s Movement episode. Of all the “movements,” I can’t think of another that has been mocked in the same manner as that one. Feminism is a dirty word, and women who want equality are a variety of dirty words. And, it’s all acceptable. CNN probably feared the backlashed they’d get from airing that stroll down memory lane.

  34. The show didn’t air, but they did post this condensed version on the CNN website:

  35. CNN probably was looking for an excuse to preempt the Women’s Movement episode. Of all the “movements,” I can’t think of another that has been mocked in the same manner as that one.


  36. Hugo:
    I apologize beforehand for this question; are you a man or a woman?
    If you are a man, we need more like you…like millions!
    Maybe just few hundreds? I settle with few…

  37. Bellecat, no need to apologize. I’m a woman. The name is one of my beloved dogs who now resides in doggie heaven.

  38. When you have time, I’d recommend reading the full Hillary Clinton interview with the Atlantic. The yahoo link I posted above is only a short review.


    The interview really shows the breadth and depth of her knowledge.

  39. Hugo:
    Just like me, Belle is the name of my beloved companion of 18 years that is also in kitty heaven.

  40. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin interviewed a nice gentleman this after noon about the Atlantic interview. She apparently is unable to handle a Hillary story without her face looking as if she’s sucking lemons, and she apparently cannot prevent herself from trying to elicit snarky comments about Hillary. Baldwin’s line of questioning was not too imaginative. She’s covering an aspect of the interview that has been covered by other critics, namely the need to diplomacy principles. Much to my delight, the nice gentleman was not falling in line with Baldwin’s attempt to suggest political motives for Hillary’s statements that put some distance between her and The One.

    Baldwin appeared to be so disappointed. It made my day.

    I need to read the whole interview. I hear it’s excellent. TY for porting it her, imust.

    Bellecat, it’s amazing how our beloved pets are always with us. I lost one two months ago and his littermate a year earlier. I think I take those losses worse than anything. But, it was an honor to be their playmate, caretaker, chauffeur, chef, and chief toy buyer.

  41. I should have added that the nice gentleman that was interviewed by Baldwin also pointed out that Hillary was exhibiting no fear of any potential opponents, such as Warren. She is hawkish and has no fear of that being a factor in any potential run.

    No Fear Hillary!!

  42. RIP Robin Williams.

  43. Thanks Tony. WOW.

    I knew cats were very similar to people constitutionally, because so many human meds work on them. Not always so with dogs. And also the similar diseases. I just hope this doesn’t lead to alot of secret experiments on cats, the kind nobody wants anyone to know about.

  44. Goatfuckers!

    Iran’s parliament has banned vasectomies, saying that more babies will “strengthen national identity” and counter “undesirable aspects of Western lifestyles.” Reformists see the law as part of a drive by conservatives to keep Iran’s highly educated female population in traditional roles as wives and mothers.

  45. That’s gonna give our own crazy women-hating conservatives another big idea for controlling women.

  46. This is a sad statistic. Nearly 40% of women with engineering degrees leave the field entirely. Because of the culture. Somehow, this makes America look not much better than those Sharia assholes.


  47. OMG RRRRRRRRRRRROFLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Karma is right! Take that you A Hole!

  48. Hugo, to be honest this must be a result of the “New feminism”–where women are losing respect daily. Because this was not a problem I found in the corporation I worked. Swarms of woman Engineers. You reap what you sow you morons! You created the culture by dropping the ball. Have fun, you miserable wretches. But whatever you do, don’t break a fingernail!

  49. Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda pens a heart-wrenching goodybe letter.

    Sweet Nintendo Zelda commercial with Robin and Zelda.

  50. That may be the case, Uppity. Looks like women are going backwards. Maybe rejecting the idea of feminism is not such a good idea after all for these young women. 40% indicates some big problem. My thinking when I read that article was that I’d die before walking away from my field. That’s the easy way out. But, men have no right creating a hostile work environment. Butts should be kicked.

  51. Poor Zelda had to leave social media because some people have no manners. I hope she feels the overwhelming universal love for her father. The guy accomplished so much. Too bad someone was not there to hug it out with him.

  52. Hugo, they are so dumb they don’t even see the connect. The 3rd wave is a miserable bust and their futures in the professional world are grim. And they have nobody to blame but themselves. Their idea of fighting for equality in the work place is that flash mob dance they did at the capitol, shaking their asses for the boys in the band. I don’t feel sorry for them one bit.

    Butts won’t be kicked because they no longer have to be kicked.

  53. Maybe they will make the connection when they figure out their earning power sucks after leaving engineering to telemarketing.

  54. Yeah but they know the joy of being anti-feminist. That should pay the bills.

  55. Or they can stick it out and just go ahead and sleep with the manager and get ahead, like in the good old days.

  56. Any comments?

  57. I don’t know the whole story, but common sense seems that they should have released the choke hold when he started saying, “I can’t breathe”.

  58. My comments: 1) obey the law; 2) obey lawful police orders; 3) don’t wrestle with the police; 4) if you can’t do 1, 2, and 3, be sure you’re in good physical condition. There is an investigation into a similar case in MD involving a guy with cardiac and respiratory problems who thought he could fight the police.

  59. Here’s another cop wrestling a guy:

  60. Comment in general: I am tired of living in a police state. If that’s the alternative to a nanny state, then I’ll take 4 oz sodas and florescent lights any day. (Would rather take neither, in case you’re wondering.) Every day I’m reading something about police going over the line, shooting dogs and people for a really half-assed reason and usually getting off with a modest suspension.

    Thing one is to take back all the military equipment from local police departments. It’s not good for their minds. (By the way, WE the people paid for that surplus war equipment, not the towns.) Thing two is to start testing police for steroids. That’s the only explanation I can come up with as to why some police behave like animals. If it’s something else, please enlighten me.

    This is America and I truly believe that we can have safety, security, law and order without violating the citizens. We need to be smarter. If the current bunch of cops are not smarter, let’s get rid of them and start over. There are huge waiting lists of people wanting to be cops so there is no shortage of potential talent.

  61. Today is Julia Child’s birthday! Have an omelette.

  62. My opinion for what it is worth on over zealous police is this. I do not walk in their shoes and do not know how many encounters they have on a daily basis with thugs who feel they have the right to do criminal acts and not pay a price for it. Are there bad cops ? I am sure. But still the bulk of them are not. This shooting in MO. where all the riots are going on turns out that the good kid that was killed was in fact not such a good kid. He committed a strong armed robbery just that morning. His victim was a small elderly man. To further point out that small elderly man was white. Why are the whites not rioting ? Most likely because we are not conditioned to see everything as being a race issue. Yes some officers do tend to take things a bit far to the untrained eye but again I do not walk in their shoes and see what they do 8 hours a day or deal with what they do 8 hours a day. To me if you
    A) dress like a thug
    B) act like a thug
    C) resist arrest regardless of whether you are guilty or not
    Then be expected to be treated accordingly.
    I never try to rush to judgement on these matters. That is why we have courts, and internal affairs departments.
    Hope everyone here on this blog is doing well and healthy. I just do not get on and post places too much these days. Hands are full dealing with life.

  63. My father was a city cop during the ’68 riots. Pretty terrifying when your father has to wear riot gear to work. I’m not opposed to them being well equipped to deal with rock-throwing assholes who don’t need much excuse to riot and loot. I hope they all get home safely to their families.

    Now that the press has trumped up the race and militarization aspect of the MO story, turns out the “victim” may be a violent racist. Shame on the press once again. Stoking the fires.

  64. Happy birthday, Julia. Her kitchen is in the Smithsonian. Really fun to see it exactly as it was in her home.

  65. I hate to say this, moderate that I am, but I have to agree with Sophie this time. I think our country’s police forces are a shadow of what they once were. They have become military-ized. They have military weapons, perhaps because of 911, but they are not applying them properly. When you give them this kind of power, they get carried away, time and again. When you become military-ized, and your job is to police neighborhoods and “protect and serve”, the protect and serve part goes out the window and the entire neighborhood becomes the enemy in the war zone. I see it with our own police. They aren’t worth spit any longer. They wear those reflective glasses and I’ve seen them treat victims like scum. They no longer have ANY manners under ANY circumstances, they have NO communication skills and they are on a Weapon High. In this particular incident, the guy did nothing but they were presumably after him because he was caught selling non taxed cigarettes. If I were still a smoker, I probably would have been one of his customers, for Chrissakes. These aren’t high crimes here!

    Now he was a big man. A very big man. I could also hear his frustration with the police treating him like he was committing a crime of great weight at the time when he wasn’t committing a crime at the time at all. What I saw was they wanted to arrest him because he complained they wouldn’t leave him alone. Soldiers can do that. Police officers should be able to have thicker skins than that. Okay, so four or five cops brought him down as if they had just harnessed a serial killer. Come on folks. Look at this for what it is. It’s a police force gone insane. Unfortunately, it’s not rare any longer. One day you will witness this first hand. I know I have.

    a few weeks ago there was an attempted robbery at my home. The police were useless and totally disinterested. They are always useless unless they are bashing somebody in the head while they are off duty at a bar. I no longer trust my police department.

    As for the attempt, my dog drove the perp away. I know this because my neighbors heard her do it. They knew something was up here by just listening to the sounds coming from my dog. I kind of wish the shitbum made it inside. Cleanup would have been awful, but still worth it. If you want to protect yourself get a dog and a gun. If you think the police are going to help you, you might as well surrender to the scum around you right now. Some of the scum, actually are your police. Witness how many stories you read of cops that rape and kill or nearly kill undeserving people. Wake up folks. They’ve tazed old ladies who were fractious from their beds when sent on a humanitarian check. I have links that amaze. I wouldn’t call a cop for help. Ever.

  66. What a difference a day makes–looks like police-as-members-of-the-community-who-are-there-to-serve-and-protect trumps SWAT teams. Ferguson is quiet today. And I don’t give a crap that this kid allegedly robbed a store. The punishment for petty theft is not execution.

    I do believe police face dangers and I do believe they should have protective gear. Protective. If you’re that fricken scared and jumpy, leave the force and let someone else take the job. I think most cops are good people who want to do good but in groups in riot gear, they act like the enemy. Even real military people for whom that equipment was invented said that the police were using it incorrectly and were way more aggressive than the military was in Iraq!

    Tell me ONE situation that was diffused or where order was restored when police tanks rolled down Main Street.

    I can’t really believe that anyone who reads this blog WANTS a police state. Why bother then? Why bother having a political point of view and blogging about it. Just shut up and do what you’re told.

  67. It happened before 9/11. First it was small arms. Later it got expanded to include war surplus.

    Faced with a bloated military and what it perceived as a worsening drug crisis, the 101st Congress in 1990 enacted the National Defense Authorization Act. Section 1208 of the NDAA allowed the Secretary of Defense to “transfer to Federal and State agencies personal property of the Department of Defense, including small arms and ammunition, that the Secretary determines is— (A) suitable for use by such agencies in counter-drug activities; and (B) excess to the needs of the Department of Defense.” It was called the 1208 Program. In 1996, Congress replaced Section 1208 with Section 1033.The idea was that if the U.S. wanted its police to act like drug warriors, it should equip them like warriors, which it has—to the tune of around $4.3 billion in equipment


    By the way, Section 1033 was brought to you by the 104th Congress: Gingrich/Armey/Delay.

  68. Many US forces are sent to military training events now, too. They are being turned into guerillas. You can see it all around you. Add on a generation of desensitized young cops who have no feelings whatsoever for victims. Just cold little bastards who don’t even look you in the eye. All they know how to do is pull up and stare at the computer on their dash. It’s all very disconcerting. This is not your father’s police force any longer, Hugo. It’s wayyyyy different.

    I don’t know about where all of you are, but we do not evaluate the stability of people we appoint to the police force. I know some very dodgy people I wouldn’t give a gun to who easily became cops.

  69. Yes Hugo! I saw some of those displays the museum has! It’s sooooooooo endearing. And interesting! A college friend of mine had a michelin star rated restaurant and told me how Julia would go there to eat and what a wonderful woman she was in all ways! Do you know that Julia was a spy for our country during WW II?

  70. I really don’t think the press has to work very hard to make our police forces look bad. They do that all by themselves. And in the day of video, it’s all recorded for posterity.

    When there are riots, all bets are off. Ditto if it’s a manhunt for a violent POS. No mercy there. But this incident and most of the others we read about never even approach that level that calls for this kind of police action/behavior.

  71. First, if you think police are worthless, why call them? No matter how bad they are purported to be, people just keep calling them. Maybe a nice neighborhood watch can be more loveable.

    Second, Uppity, you are correct. This is definitely not my father’s police era. Thankfully, all those riots-at-the-drop-of-a-hat have resulted in better equipped police. (Also, partnerships with the state and feds for counter-terrorism has provided funding and equipment.) Instead of giving them papier mache helmets and a little can of mace, they’ve got armor. That’s great for them. They deserve to come home after every shift. But, having spent 20+ years working in violent neighborhoods, I can say that I never observed any evidence of a militarized police force. They do go out and do community-based policing. I have routinely observed police out strolling the neighborhoods chatting up the residents. The only time the swat teams show up is when the violent assholes behave like terrorists or when the warrant task force is serving warrants on violent offenders who failed to appear or violated parole. And, at that point, no cop should be out there in anything less than armor. If people don’t like the swat team look, behave. Don’t go looting, and burning, and pulling people out of vehicles to beat their brains out (Reginald Denny).

    Third, when communities are so violent that there they kill each other with reckless abandon (9 in 12 hours recently in Baltimore), and no amount of community-based policing stops the violent behavior, what’s the answer? Blame the police? Call them brutal when some thug resists arrest and fails to hurt a cops?

    Fourth, selling black market cigarettes may be petty crime, so why wrestle with the police? The fat guy knew the risk was getting arrested, so go quietly, get bailed out, get a day in court. What’s the need to behave violently? Cop-hate? Well, there’s a risk to fight the cops, just like there’s a risk to a life of petty crime.

    Fifth, stealing cigars maybe small time, but smacking around a little old man is very significant. When does the rioting for that start? The cops have been vilified on the basis of a one-sided story. Here comes the bandwagon. Hop on!

  72. Yes, I did read that Julia was a spy. Fascinating! My favorite of her cooking shows is “Cooking with Julia.” It was generous of her to keep going on with a show that gave some exposure to other younger chefs. She seemed to have fun cooking with them.

  73. One more thing, as for the arms that states and locals get from the feds, the fact that they are dealing with criminals who are better armed than the police, I see no problem with the use of weaponry from the feds. Why should our police be out-gunned by the criminals? And criminals do have body armor, so our police should be well protected also.

    I had the pleasure of spending too much time next door to a parole and probation office. One day, there was a shoot-out. A thug on parole and wanted on more warrants, showed up for his parole meeting with a Smith Wesson 500, which can take down a rhino. He pulled it out when they tried to arrest him.

  74. Hugo I totally agree that the weapons we refer to are to be there for them in riots and when dealing with other scum who are violent. Like I said, all bets are off then. But what ever happened to using your brain? The case in question here is a perfect example of brainless behavior and a complete inability to think of anything but bashing in somebody’s head. The guy wasn’t even armed! He sells cigarettes to people who can’t afford 11 bucks a pack. He’s a loser, for sure, and he’s a bit mouthy. Does a THINKING cop think this warrants taking him down like he’s a terrorist and KILLING him? And let us say his death was accidental. Then for sure, we have NON THINKING cops doing this job. The guy who choked him should never be on a police force. He loses his senses. Enough to kill somebody. This kind of shit happens every day, it’s unconscionable.

    You ask Why call the police? I don’t. My neighbors called them. They were a waste of my time. I wanted to ask the little punk standing there to take his silver glasses off so I could see him,but that would have probably gotten me arrested. Or harassed for the next six months. They do each others’ deeds you know. It’s a ‘brotherhood’. That’s why a number of years ago an upstate cop left a divorce hearing, went home and killed his wife and himself in front of his kids. That department knew he was unstable but they did nothing about it. The woman was abused and had NOWHERE to go because you don’t call the cops on a cop and they know it.

    When I got attacked by the two pitties a few years back, SEVEN people called them and they still took nearly a half hour to creep slowly down the road. I mean the owner took off with one of the dogs and got out of sight, that’s how long it took them. I expected nothing from them and got it. Please note I was on the ground during all these calls and one guy called several times because it took so long for them to crawl up my road. Just as well, though. They would have shot all the dogs, including mine.

    The only other time I had an attempted breakin in the middle of the night, it was a pissant trying to shimmy my garage lock. That was several years ago, my dog alerted and I went to the rear door, flashed on the lights, saw the pissant, opened the door a crack, let my dog snarl out the opening and told him he had 20 seconds to get off my property or I was giving his ass to my dog. Worked out just fine. I never called the police. Why bother?

    I didn’t always feel this way about police. It’s a whole new generation now. When I was an elected official (yeah I confess) I was their patron saint. Now I wouldnt’ spit on them if they were on fire. Helped a great guy get on the force and he turned into an asshole almost overnight. In fact, he was one of the cops that took his precious time responding when the dogs attacked us. He was wearing his reflective glasses too.Fuck him.

  75. As I said you have some over zealous cops. I have met a few and felt they out to be taken off the force but overall no they are there doing a job that is extremely dangerous and unrewarding. They are the villains and have been since the 60’s.
    We are a nation of laws and if you feel the right or need to break a law you know in all likelihood you are going to have to face a cop and then courts. Why fight them you know you did wrong so man up or woman up and accept it. Yes you will meet a few ” storm troopers ” and always have. Nothing new there.
    But we have become a society that feels we have rights and no one or no thing can stand in our way of pursuing those rights. Unfortunate thing is majority do not understand rights.
    I was in a diner a few weeks back and there was a teen asked by management to leave because he had hot pink toe nail polish on and piercings etc along with a blue mohawk haircut. He yelled that the restaurant was violating his civil rights and he would sue the shit out of them. Fair enough but where was the businesses civil rights ? Where were the patrons rights. Face it folks this country imo is one mad cesspool. We are allowing illegals to come reap the rewards of our country while bringing with them rape, murder, drugs, and machine guns and bombs. We have gangs like back in Capones time and corruption in all things government and expect police to just go out and play nice ?? We have ISIS crossing our boarders and we have half this nation wanting to ban guns ?? Ok then.

  76. Utah, oddly, the scum crossing our border are safer than regular people like you and me. If you don’t come to a complete stop at that sign you’re more likely to be stopped than they are. Now there’s a situation where cops that kill people in choke holds should be relocated so we can get that place under control. I regard what is happening as dangerous as terrorism, specially considering God knows how many terrorists came here over that border. Our police habits are very misdirected for some odd reason. It’s schmucks like you and me who are more afraid of the police than they are, and we’ve done nothing. There is something wrong with that picture.

  77. This is funny. Watch it.

  78. Maybe we should have no cops and just let the thugs run things. There good and bad in every area of life and mistakes happen. Did the cop who used a chock hold screw up? Maybe. Maybe his arm got stuck in the rolls of fat. Who knows. When it takes a bunch of cops to restrain a criminal, shit happens.

    And, did I read that the career criminal in question was not chocked to death, but later died from so other condition? Bad luck for the cops. But, what’s the solution? How should the cops politely restrain someone who wants to be belligerent, uncooperative,violent, grabs the cops gun, etc.? Are they go apologize for the inconvenience and tear up the warrent or ignore criminal behavior they observed? Maybe we should just go for a lawless society. We’re not too far from that now.

    Uppity, glad to hear you don’t call police. I wish more people would stop calling them, than bitching about how they handle situations.

  79. Upps maybe this is something that pertains to larger populations. I have to say that here I have not personally ran into any cop that was not well mannered and treated me with respect. The ones that acted like assholes to me were in the Los Angeles area. Now given the crap I saw in the L.A. area I have to say that in dealing with the scum they do it might tend to make you a bit more aggressive.
    I was raised in that God forsaken hell hole and back then cops were your friends. But back then that , although was one of the largest cities in the country was a peaceful place to grow up. Now I can not for the life of me understand anyone wanting to live there any more then choosing to live in Chicago or Detroit.
    Also I notice that these over zealous cops seem to be in ” gun control” zones as well. Not all but most. One has to think that a law abiding gun owner is not running around waving a gun in these zones so to me it is as easy as 2 +2 =4.
    Here where I am guns are darn near on everyone and crime by population is still here but low. We have our ” hood” and we also know when cops are involved in a shooting it usually is in that area and most likely very warranted.
    With all these nut cases doing bath salts, crank, crack and you name it I have to say that I would be awful leary as a cop too.
    This country has gone to shit and I am more then convinced it will never make a come back. Kids do not have respect for adults period, Politicians are some of the biggest criminals out there and call members of an opposing party domestic terrorists. The Prez gets up and tells us cops acted stupidly when it is a black killed but says nary a word when a white is killed by a group of blacks or whites are killed by black officers. We reap what we sow. Welfare is paying better then working so we have to many with time on their hands and causing trouble.
    I hope when I am stranded on the road I do not fear having an officer pull up to offer help. I really hope that day does not come.

  80. Come on Hugo, that’s a sulking answer, not like you. Nobody said we don’t need cops or shouldn’t have cops, and nobody said the thugs are better than the cops. Certainly not me. I think the Boston bomber should have been shot in the head. Instead, this big clown was choked. The cry here is we need better cops who remember that we are a Republic, they are not the army and everywhere they step is not necessarily fit for napalm. And that just once in a while they ought to protect and serve instead of treat everyone like their prisoners. There is something wrong when good people cringe in fear when they see a police officer.

    You ask what the answer is and I have one. I think that in between all those military training trips somebody ought to fit in some conditioning on interpersonal skills along with the skill of assessing the situation and performing accordingly instead of performing like their mental vehicle shift only has one gear-high. Listening skills should be nailed into their heads. A lesson in eye contact would help too, along with deeply embedding at least a small amount of empathy for victims even if it’s fake. I posted a docu video one time about how the Baltimore police treat rape victims. These women were crying their eyes out. It’s not like these women were hookers, and even if they were, this kind of treatment of victims is simply the mark of horrible people who think rape is no big deal. I was horrified at some of the things these women endured AFTER the rape. Listening skills should be nailed into their heads. And they should all be told that there are things called dark glasses that don’t have mirrors on them. They are worn to deliberately intimidate. I also think that no individual should ever be allowed on a police force without a battery of psychological tests. We need to be more careful to whom we give all this power. And members of police forces who use their position to bully people when they are off duty should be fired on the spot. Ditto if they go home and beat up their wives for sport. What I am saying here is we need people on our police forces who don’t go off on a trip and stay there, who save their biggest doses of adrenaline for the worst among us.

    It’s my understanding that the guy had asthma. Even if he didn’t have it, it was very clear on that video that he couldn’t breathe. Now I could be wrong but it appeared that there were enough cops on him to ensure he wasn’t going anywhere, it was not necessary to get on top of him and choke him too. While whalish, he certainly wasn’t a vessel full of muscle. Looked to me like that cop just wanted to shut him up. Subjects who mouth off are not creating danger with their mouths, but they are offensive to the ego. Don’t answer me back! Obey My Authoritayyyyyyyyy! to quote Cartman. FWIW, that’s how even I feel about them when they are near me. I fear them. I don’t want them near me. I know some of these guys locally and I know what absolute out of control steroidal SHITs they really are.

    I would love to post that pic of Cartman with the mirror glasses but I’m too damned lazy and haven’t had coffee.

    Utah, you need only go own south to see that this behavior is not only restricted to large cities. It’s just more obvious because there are more cockroaches in larger cities. And more cops. You know me and you know I cheer when the right POS is eliminated from this earth by the police. Just check out my Cockroach Of The Week posts. The problem I’m offended by here is there is a time for severe aggression and there are degrees of aggression that apply in different situations. The problem here is many cops function in one speed: War. This case is just one example of how to kill a fly with a sledge hammer because you are out of control. And finally, I totally agree that if a person becomes violent with the police, they have a right to subdue and hurt him. And if he dies in the process well what can I say? This man was NOT violent in ANY way. He just wanted them to leave him the hell alone. I want them to leave me the hell alone too. Do all I can to make sure that happens. Might be a flaw in my personality but armed militias with unchecked and overzealous power regardless of the potentially benign situation make me uncomfortable.

  81. So, to sum up, we have to live in fear that the police will abuse their power and hurt us and be grateful when they do because if we don’t, the thugs will abuse their power and hurt us.

  82. Wow! Spacey does a REALLY good Bill impersonation!

  83. LOL! Police in MO stand back like eunuchs while the good citizens re-rob the store that was robbed by their hero. Why? Because a show of force by police would hurt feelings. So, law abiding, working people have no protection. Isn’t that lawlessness? May as well send the police home.

  84. One of my ‘favorites’

  85. No, Sophie. The other choice is to behave. If you fear police will hurt you, stay away from them. They are not out hunting down innocent people to harm. The thugs are, but the police are not.

    And, I’m not seeing any solutions? How do you police safely when rioters are rioting? How do you safely arrest someone intent on fighting? I think we see how that works today in Ferguson today.

    And frankly, I find the “fear of police” overstated. Visit Baltimore. Roving bands of youths are beating tourists, biker, students, and people are mysteriously popping up as drowning victims at the big tourist attraction inner harbor. It’s not the police doing it, but they inspire fear?

  86. Hey, uppity, that’s a great example of an asshole who can’t deal with a violent family member and calls the police. If the family can’t handle the violence, what the expect the cops to do? Stand there and get their asses kicked. Don’t like how the cops handle granny, do it yourself.

    Also, did that video say she was tased, then held in restraints for six days? The cops didn’t hold her for six days. Sounds like she survived the taser and died in a facility. But blaming cops sounds better.

  87. I didn’t even know she died Hugo. She was 86 and in horrid health, she had to die sooner or later. I just think that an 86 year old woman probably dealing with dementia, and on an oxygen tank and who couldn’t walk, but who had a kitchen knife —wasn’t exactly a threat to a room full of cops and most reasonable people wouldn’t either. It didn’t warrant tasing. Bet they wouldn’t do that to THEIR mother! Poor babies! They couldn’t collectively disarm an old bedridden lady!!!! They were going to get their asses kicked! Maybe they need to drive a bus instead.

  88. Uppity, I observe cops seem aloof and don’ t always make eye contact. Some do, some don’t. I suspect it’s part of their training to appear to remain objective. I don’t take it personally. They’re doing their job. No need to be warm and fuzzy, IMO. But, they do it in the violent areas where up and coming thugs need to be coddled.

    If the cops could get the faf guy in cuffs, then how does one conclude there were enough to restrain him? He was not restrained. And, most importantly, he was not choked to death. Cops don’t know the underlying medical condition of the asshole resisting arrest. Not there problem. If you’re sick, behave. Simple as that. And the POS had asthma and is selling cigarettes? LOL! Love the irony.

  89. Uppity I can agree with you on several points here but again I must say I personally feel it is a select few that are assholes. I agree with the sunglass scenario 100%. There is absolutely no reason to wear mirrors over your eyes these days other then it makes you look tough. There are tons of lenses out there today that reflect UV rays and protect your eyes that also allow the person you are speaking to to see your eyes.
    My father taught me to never trust a person who will not make eye contact with you when speaking to you. Covering them with lenses like that is one thing I never liked in anyone period.
    Another thing I have noticed and disapprove of is that so so many of them shave their heads. It aids in giving them the ” tough guy look” and trust me here when I say that alone will cause me to flinch.
    I agree 100% they should be psych tested and regularly This job is a major high stress job for one and second it is also a power job and as we all know power can go to your head.
    I have read of many cases where the cops act as judge, jury and executioner and these guys need to be put behind bars to live among those they have arrested.
    I strongly agree with cops who are wife beating pieces of shit being removed and jailed.
    Being a cop does not give you a license to violate the laws you are sworn to uphold.. And congress, senate and president need to be held to that as well.
    But again I do not see what these guys see on a daily basis that might tend to taint their views of people. I am not out there getting shot at, attacked with rock and bottles, threatened with violence like they are and I have to see that side of their life too.
    There is always room for improvement everywhere. Yes they ought to be taught how to deal with victims and learn to separate criminal from victim. And fortunately for me the ones I have come into contact with here seem to know this and also called me mame and were extremely pleasant to talk to.
    In that video above had that woman had a knife and made threatening moves I can understand them tazing her. In cases like that though we hear the one side. Again I was not there. Even the elderly can be a danger. A person with Alzheimer’s, on drugs even if prescribed, or suffering some other sort of mental illness can become a danger.
    I in no way want a police state as you well know. Bad thing is we have done this to ourselves by demanding we all have to have this or that and on and on. As you said we are or were a republic yet we all now need to watch what we say, or feel, It is now unacceptable to dislike someone because of this or that. It is unacceptable to disagree with anothers choice and the list goes on. When you are branded a racist or bigot for feeling as you do and the laws now clearly state you must accept then you get this. Freedom to me meant freedom to feel or say what I believed. No longer the case.
    I have always opposed this one size fits all government and yet was called names for saying I did.
    Now we are dealing with the save this or save that, buy this and buy that, accept this and accept that because a group feels we should. So we add more and more for cops to police thus giving them more and more rule over our lives. Any wonder we are as a whole creating this police state. We are reaping that which we have sowed.

  90. A kitchen knife? What size? Granny could kill a cop with that. Through the heart, across the corotid, open an artery. Cops are people with families, too. They deserve to go home, not in a body bag because some ass couldn’t handle granny because the ass fidn’t want to be stabbed by her. Let her stab a cop instead? No, keep that in the family.

    I believe cops are trained to deal with knife-wielding subjects and a knife is considered high risk. They probably could have shot her, but opted for the taser. So, how does a room full of cops disarm her? Who steps up and gets cut or stabbed first? Not her family?

  91. I just reminiscing about the Boston bombers and how people criticized the police for overreacting by telling people to stay in their homes. Terrorists were on the loose, but the cops were the ones infringing on our rights. Reminds me of that old Willie nelson song, “mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be po-po…”

  92. Hey, if granny was bed ridden, where’d she get the kitchen knife. And if she was on O2 why didn’t the family just unplug her til she passed out and call paramedics? Better to get cops knifed?

  93. Listen I used to take care of the elderly when I was younger. Went in to bathe them change their medical apparatus etc. Some of these so called disabled when they did not want you there became violent and I mean flat out wanted to kill you. A few times I had to call the cops and have them removed for their safety and mine.
    I will never forget the 86 year old man that was hell bent on killing me and his wife. He was on 02 and supposedly bed bound. My ass he was up and waiting. He did not want to have his concentrator changed or anything else. It was amazing the physical strength he summed up at that time. His wife had locked herself in the garage and would not come out. He swung his cane handle side at my head. Trust me had that connected I would be brain damaged or dead. Luck had it I was young and fast. In home health aides are trained to notice these signs and call cops. Bad thing was he was ready for me before I got there. He could just have as easily been armed with a knife or gun. Not all we see is always what it seems.

  94. I’ll have to weigh in that I think that most police officers are good people trying to do their best. I would guess that the training they receive would vary based on location. It’s a generalization, but a smaller town or city might not train a cadet as well as a larger or more affluent city. But I think the larger problem is the media and the rush to judgment. The media seeks to create a narrative rather than report the news. We are given limited (or purposely distorted) facts, and the rest becomes speculation. Tapes are edited, important back story info is purposely omitted. By the time the real facts are revealed, no one believes them, or they are just ignored because they do not fit the new narrative. Whether it’s gun control vs. second amendment rights, police state vs nanny state or the always popular racism…..all keeping us divided and angry. You gotta wonder if this is the plan, or is it just the natural evolution and inevitable downfall of every great nation?

  95. Well golly we could give nursing homes tasers too, Utah. That’ll fix em!

  96. She had it under her mattress or pillow. God knows how many years. I’m sure she didn’t hop out of bed to get it just for the police. Maybe she was scared to be alone. Hey I’ve got a gun, doesn’t mean I want to kill everybody with it. I’m sure it wasn’t a wusthoff chef’s knife. Listen, come on Hugo, you and I could have disarmed her. She looks frail as a chicken bone. You have thrown your objectivity out the window because your father was a cop. You know what? I am SURE your father would NOT have tazed her. This is another case of Fly Meet Sledgehammer.

  97. NO Hugo! I am saying that when people do “behave” they are still at the whim of a cop who’s feeling a need to assert his authority.

    That, and the fact that some of the best things that ever happened in civilization happened precisely because people did NOT behave.

  98. Just an anomaly, I’m sure:

    As for the police having surplus military equipment, it’s just plain wrong. The people who live in these municipalities don’t even want it and these are the people for whom the police work. Serve and protect. If that’s not what the good officer wants to do, go work elsewhere.

    Also, I do know there are good police officers out there. I have not used words like all, always, and so on. I have done my darnedest NOT to rise to the level of hyperbole as this argument has. The fact is, if there were no police or precious few abusing their power or equipment, it wouldn’t be the outrage it is today.

  99. imust, you are correct on all of your points. My favorites of your points are, most cops are trying to do good and the media loves to stir the pot. This militarization of our police forces crap is waaaay overstated, but it creates outrage which means ratings and tweets and FB comments. Limited, distorted facts is what passes for journalism these days. And the need for instant news also generates inappropriate responses, such as the Ferguson facts being reported in dribbles and drabs. But the overarching story must always be police are wrong and they do not have the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

    Utah, as you know, staff at those facilities are probably trained, or at least aware of what to expect from those types of patients. Can’t imagine doing that type of job daily, either. Kudos to those who do. But, people don’t understand that cops are not medical staff, and have to deal with the unexpected when they encounter people with any type of disability, mental or physical. They are equipped to deal with criminals. It’s unfortunate for all involved. No cop wants to kill someone who is sick. They have to live with it for a life time. It really is sad and probably avoidable if police know what they are walking into. Deputy sheriffs in my area were called to deal with a trespassing guy with Downs syndrome. Their task was to remove him. He resisted and died from an underlying heart condition. His caretaker was present the whole time and could not handle him, but the family wants the cops strung up.

  100. Uppity Woman, on August 16, 2014 at 10:39 AM said:

    Well golly we could give nursing homes tasers too, Utah. That’ll fix em!

    Come on Upps. Again it is not always what it seems. Maybe the cops could have acted differently. I did not hear if there was one or half a dozen. People react differently when threatened too. Yes where was the grandson ? Why did he not step up and disarm her ? Millions of scenarios here. I can totally get behind what you are saying. There does seem to be a lot of aggressive cops but there always has been. My thought on that is they were the kids in school pushed around by the jocks and now they have their chance to get even.
    Imust put it out there the best. The media wants sensationalism. It
    sells. It also incites folks. I just do not believe that our police forces have become the gestopo . In some situations yes they have acted badly and of course that is what you hear and read. I have also read where that cop bought that homeless man a pair of good boots. Where cops have raised money for victims and the list goes on. These things however do not make front page.
    The media has found out how to attract viewers and that is to stir the pot and keep stirring it long after the thing has died down. People have proven over and over again they like to watch others getting killed, injured etc. The media knows it too and the ratings go up and more advertisement dollars for them . It is just good business.
    If a city has a bad police force then maybe a group of concerned citizens needs to band together and visit the city counsel, police chief and district attorney and demand investigations.
    I still have respect for the police and the job they do. I hope I always will.

  101. Ok off to work I go. Got to earn money to pay the tax man . Have a good day folks

  102. Sophie, while I don’t see any hyperbole here I do agree with you on one point. If a community does not want that equipment used by their police forces, it should be removed. And police should limit their response to rioting and looting, barricade situations and bomb scares, which is where that equipment is also used. The equipment protects police. If that’s not a priority for some communities, you are correct. The police should go work elsewhere.

    And, there are precious few police abusing their power. Unfortunately, the media convicts them based on limited facts, and many are more than willing to embrace a half-baked story.

    BTW, DOJ had been working with state and local law enforcement long before 9/11 to prep them for dealing with counter-terrorism. Providing equipment is just part of that preparation. They were doing it in 120 cities, even during the Clinton admin.

  103. When I was a kid, two of my fur siblings were K-9 Police Officers. They were among the first K-9 Officers used in this area. Criminals and police critics hated the use of dogs too back then.

  104. This militarization of our police forces crap is waaaay overstated


  105. Just peruse a few screen-fulls of these and tell me if that’s the America you envisioned when you were young and idealistic.


  106. Yeah Utah! Send money!

  107. Before I forget, anybody who is still here remember the kitten cams we were watching of the rescue litters growing up. And do you remember ASH, the tuxie kitten who had that wierd long grey coat on his body? Or was that just Karen?I can’t remember.

  108. Oh I love police dogs. I think we should use them for airport security instead of people. You get orifice searched when the DOG says so.

    You were lucky to have them as part of your family.

  109. Great article on bad conduct by officers in Ferguson. Interestingly, it attempts to use the conduct of other cops to imply the cop who shot Brown must be a bad cop too. It points out that the chief since 2010 changed protocol for use of force reports, but alleges that the cop who shot Brown was on the force for six years; therefore, must have been trained to write up his own reports like the other cops were trained to do. But, didn’t I hear the chief tell the press that the cop was a cop for six years, 2 in another jurisdiction and 4 in Ferguson?

    1) Daily Beast needs to work on a timeline and be sure to get the facts correct.
    2) Wouldn’t bad acts of others be considered irrelevant in a criminal case? The article does seem like an attempt to characterize all cops in Ferguson as bad cops. But that’s a fair thing to do because it’s just cops.

  110. And now, for some badly needed Comic Relief.

  111. Hey, Sophie, when I was young and idealistic, we didn’t have creeps sending anthrax in the mail and the threat of the release of biologic and/or chemical warfare agents and let’s not forget the favorite–dirty bomb. These cops are trained to deal with a lot more than neighborhood bullshit. It’s the new reality. I would not expect cops to go into every situation dressed like Barney Fife. If there are not bomb threats and no bio/chem warfare agent threats in a community, then do not prepare.

    I guess folks would be appalled to know that the feds, states, and locals also do annual desktop exercises to ensure preparedness. States and locals would be on the front lines. Expose them? then who do you have left to protect people?

  112. I don’t know much about the brown story and I have reserved comment on that one because the only witness was Brown’s friend and I don’t regard that as objective witness. So I backed off on it.

  113. I love GSDs, Uppity. Would have one again, but they are too much dog for me now. Also, I don’t like the breeding trend that leaves them with slanted rear ends. But the ones I grew up with were good working dogs and wonderful family members. We had a total of 5 at one time. Some were wash outs, but good pets.

  114. Uppity, that is the wise thing to do. None of us has the facts in that case, and everyone is entitled to a fair investigation and their day in court. The media act irresponsibly as usual. Never let the facts get in the way of a good rant.

  115. Oh Hugo, they have RUINED shepherds. The incident of ortho problems rose in direct proportion to the slanting of their backs. They look TERRIBLE that way. Give me the old time GSD any day. I love GSDs. I put a down payment on one and then my brother passed on and I lost my focus and didn’t get the dog. But GSD was on my short list when I got Tosca. The reason I went Rough Collie was because my purpose was to have a dog who would help with fosters and fractious cats coming in and out of the house. I knew that the Collie temperament was the most suitable. But there isn’t a good GSD I don’t drool over. I’m not sure that they wouldn’t be too much dog for me, though. Utah always yells at me when I say that. She thinks I can handle anything, but I’m not so sure. lol

  116. Hugo I agree on that case. I just felt the information wasn’t reliable. Could turn out either way. Time will tell. I tend to ignore what I can’t see when these cases come up.

  117. FWIW Hugo, you can get a straight backed GSD via a number of German breeders. Usually dog trainers have access to importing them. Sad, but the USA has ruined many dog and cat breeds with their AKC nonsense.

  118. Tosca is the only one of her litter with ‘incorrect’ ears now. That’s because I ripped the tape off of her poor, sore, sweaty ears in 90 degree heat. Boo Hoo. All of her sibs are champions. Two are breed stock in Europe. I’ve got my feet on her right now, that’s where she wants to be. Closes she will ever get to a dog show is a drive by. hahahaha.

    Collies ears to NOT naturally tip. They glue them down, then tape them and tie a piece of yarn between them. Ugh.

  119. Uppity, I recently saw some old pics of our first two GSDs and they sure did not have that slant. The one did have ortho problems, but he worked his tail off as a K-9 Officer and retired after an injury. Seeing those old pics makes the current state of GSDs even more shocking.

    My current dog of choice is the standard poodle. Not so serious as the GSDs.

  120. Hugo, I’ve seen some show GSDs with their butts practically on the ground! Poodles have been rated #1 among the list of smartest dogs for something like 17 years running. I saw a beautiful Giant at the groomers, being delivered in a Guide Dogs van. They are using them now. He was magical to look at.

  121. Did not know that about collie ears. I think there is a trend to let some breeds be more natural. I’m seeing it in poodles. Docking the tails is becoming less acceptable. I can live with a natural tail.

    I don’t get into showing dogs. I think they just need to be dogs and enjoy life with their families. I would consider agility with my next dog, just for fun and if the dog enjoyed it.

  122. Agility is fun. I wanted to go all the way with tracking with my dog. But we get busy and things slide. I’ll bet a poodle would excel in it, they’re so damned smart. Yes it’s the rare collie that naturally tips. They’re all tied. I got her from the breeder tied. With instructions, which I promptly ignored. They insist it isn’t uncomfortable to the dogs. Did anybody ask? You coulda fooled me, she was sweating and batting at her ears. SO now she has one tipped ear and one natural ear. Pfffffffft.

  123. Yes, the standard poodle (spoos) are very versatile–tracking, hunting, and service dogs. I am aware of some people training them to detect impending seizures and low blood sugar in diabetics. They are great dogs, but everyone’s dog is great.

    The current controversy involving spoos is cross breeding and selling the mixes as designer dogs for outrageous prices. The dogs are unpredictable and ending up in shelters. Believe me, this is a raging controversy in the spoo world. There are enough dogs in shelters already. Why create more?

  124. Ah yea, the “Doodles”. I can’t believe what people are paying for a mutt. 4 figures, Hugo. lol.

  125. I like the natural collie ears. Being ignorant about collie ears, I’d think the tipped ones were a birth defect. LOL!

    I’ll be looking for a spoo or two in the near future and getting one mixed with a doodle worries me. I know the spoo personality and trust them. Doodle personalities are hit or miss. One concern in the spoo world is breeders who breed both. So, it’s tricky, especially if rescuing or rehoming.

  126. Gotta run, but first I want to say, Sophie, we’ll have to agree to disagree. Clearly, we have different perspectives. Both are valid. I recognize the need to not have over-zealous police, or a police state. But, we also have people acting badly and minimizing risk to police officers is a good thing too. There should be balance.

    Just a discussion. Have a good day.

  127. I wouldn’t be afraid of a doodle that was 1st cut, or whatever you call it. I Think they go F1, F2…etc. F1 would be the mating of a poodle with a lab or golden or whatever. F2 would be the mating of 2 doodles. And so on down the line. The reason it’s a concern, I think, is the recessive factors can start to emerge down the line, and as you know, recessive genes can be pretty nasty with respect to health and temperament. I wouldn’t get a Doodle, myself. I’d go with the purebred poodle, bred for temperament and health. Unless you want to rescue one from the many doodle rescues out there. People get dogs without understanding the type of dog and its needs. Next thing you know they dump them. These idiots spend more time selecting a pair of socks than they spend researching the dog they are getting. It pisses me off. Look at all the border collies in shelters. These dogs are not just for anybody. They require JOBS or they will shred your house and drive you crazy. Same with the ACDs Utah rescues. These are drivey dogs with strong personalities. Fluffy one minute and hard to handle in a few months for the novice. Yeeesh people are so dumb.

  128. Off the subject.
    The indictment of Rick Perry “el perro” has made my year!
    They finally got him after years of corrupted empowered government.

  129. upps:
    Thanks a bunch for the comic relief. LOL

  130. Welcome Belle!

    They’ll find that prosecutor floating in a nearby canal soon enough.

  131. There should be balance.

    Totally the right solution.

  132. Here’s how firefighters used to look:

    Here’s how they look now:

    Just sayin’

  133. THose guys are at a fire though. THey need those respirators to breathe.

  134. Funny story. One of my apartments there was a smoldering couch. Firefighters came and crowbarred and axed off the frame of an unlocked front door to get in. They smashed down the unlocked door of the 1st floor tenants to tell them to get out of the house, they were already gone. They went to 2nd floor, removed the door frame of an open door, smashed out 4 windows, watered down the couch and the hardwood floor, took the couch, carried it down the stairs, destroying the carpet on the stairs, dragged it out the storm door after the glass broke, shredded the front porch carpet, and threw it in the street. There was a hole in the couch roughly the diameter of a butter plate. 95% of the damage was caused by the fire department.

  135. My point is that they are protecting themselves better now because they have the equipment to do so…..same for police. The police are confronted with terrorists and bomb threats and bad guys with semi automatic weapons now.

  136. Ok I see. And yes they are confronted with terrorists and well they should use all of their aggression on them. That’s not my complaint. My complaint is showing up to every day incidents and acting like gestapo, often turning what started out as kind of benign into something worse. Showing up and treating victims like terrorists and holding everyone around them in contempt, including witnesses and bystanders, to the point that they want to run off rather than cooperate with them.

  137. When cops show up near my home, I close my door.

  138. For the record, I do agree that cops need to protect themselves. Where we disagree is in how they get to treat the public while they’re all Rambo’d out and paranoid. More commonly today, the public is treated as if they are already guilty of something or a best, as if they are a burden. Seriously.

    I live in a nice state. I was driving on the back roads to a farm. I had printed out my Google map to get there. A road was closed due to some work going on. Two cops sat in a cruiser, blocking off the road. I stopped, trying to figure out what I was going to do–where I should go, and how I would find my way out. (CT does not ever put more than the first arrow for a detour even though detours can be long and torturous and not intuitive.) There was NO other traffic on this back country road. I waved them to come over. The cops flashed their headlights. I waved again. They honked. I said, “I don’t know where I’m going” but I knew they couldn’t hear me. One cop spoke out of a bullhorn out his window, “Go!” I waved (that being the only non-threatening gesture at my disposal). Finally, a cop got out of the car. I was hopeful. (I was a fool.) He stood at the side of his car, shielded by his door and shouted through the bullhorn, “Go!” As loudly as I could, I yelled, “Where?” He pointed at the one arrow. It went on like that for awhile until he finally, from a distance of 100 yards, through the bullhorn, gave me directions to get where I was going. It was excessively stupid on their part and moreover, I DON’T WANT TO LIVE LIKE THAT. That’s just one incident. In the last 2 decades, I have notice a seriously horrible attitude on the part of law enforcement. It was not always like this and I used to have great respect for them and the work they did. I did not sign up to live in a police state and I don’t care how much safer I am from the terrorists if I cannot trust my own public servants. Frankly, I’ll take my chances with the terrorists–the odds are better.

    Like I said, if you don’t have the chops for the job (yes, the way it is today), go get another job. No one forced them to be cops.

  139. I should add, I drive a Subaru Outback, a completely non-threatening Mom car. I am a middle aged woman with gay hair under this coloring and highlights. There is nothing threatening about me (unless we are having a political conversation at an Italian dinner–then you should anchor your wine glass, lest it get knocked over by a gesticulating hand.

  140. I read a statistic that said Subarus are the number 1 auto purchase of Lesbians. What’s that all about?

  141. Sophie, if that was here, you would have been arrested for disobeying an officer.

  142. Never, I repeat, Never have a political or religious argument with a dago when there is wine and glass around.

    Note: The way not to be harmed by Sophie is to make her sit on her hands during the argument.

  143. Who’s getting harmed?

  144. There is nothing threatening about me (unless we are having a political conversation at an Italian dinner–then you should anchor your wine glass, lest it get knocked over by a gesticulating hand.

    THus, make her sit on her hands.

  145. Amazing case of police brutality!

  146. Nope. Just a typical case of arrogant, snotty power hungry rudeness designed to frighten.

  147. When one admits the cop probably couldn’t hear, yet he is still arrogant, snotty, and rude, it appears there is nothing a cop can do that will be acceptable.

    My area just experienced record flooding that made the national news. I happened to be out on the roads and could not get home because roads were flooded and the cops were having to re-route traffic. They and other first responders had 26 swift water rescues in just a few hours. As I sat watching cops shut down the road I was trying to use, I observed wonderful citizens refuse to move on and try to argue with the cops and one just about ran over the cops toes bypassing the flares to drive on the flooded road. And, I asked myself why anyone would want to be a cop, given the level of hate. It is a dangerous, thankless task and for shitty pay.

  148. I’m sorry for your experience with the police officers that day Sophie, but I’m sure we could find other stories of the police behaving kindly. I have one. The police officer who has the patrol area near my school came to campus Friday. He stood at the top of the steps near the cafeteria at the start of lunch. As the kids filed by they were delighted to see him standing there giving them each a smile and friendly wave.

    Take your chances with the terrorists?? Not me! Balance. There must be a way to be safe and free.

  149. Walk a nanometer in a cops shoes and the shoes of a cop’s family.

  150. Uppity I never yell at you. I do admit I have on several occasions told you that you are more then capable of taking on an ACD or Border Collie. You know how to read a dog and can do wonders with them.
    I despise what folks have done to the GSD. It is sickening and it has also created far more health issues then they had back in the 50’s and 60’s. They are or were beautiful dogs.
    The Standard Poodle is a neat dog and highly intelligent but again if left alone not given that God forsaken Poodle cut.
    ACDs are a truly fabulous breed but only in the hands of a person willing to work with them. They are my breed of choice and most likely will always be. Hugo after I lost my darling Kahlua I thought maybe I might be getting too old to handle an ACD and almost decided against it. I am glad I did not because this young whipper snapper I have aquired has brought me so much happiness and reminded me once again that is the breed I love and know.
    Of course he is a bit of a handful right now but he is learning at such a fast pace. I am hoping he will out do Whiskey one day and trust me that is quite a feat. He has already decided he is my dog.
    Uppity is a Collie lady all the way.I can try hard to sell her on another breed like the box dogs lol but Collie is what she needs. And I think it is time for me to start reading about a new Collie too darn it.
    Upps if I could have caught that beauty I saw roaming the neighborhood a few months back she would have been shipped to you. She was a Merle and what a stunning beauty. She ran too fast and I lost her. I am hoping she went home or was rescued.

  151. You know Upps your post got me thinking. I was rescuing stray cats when I had my Collie and darn if it isn’t true she was great with them and these feral cats seemed to be fairly at ease with her too.

  152. I also wanted to add this to the discussion of Police

    A COP KILLED EVERY 58 HOURShttp://www.nationalreview.com/article/385458/cop-killed-every-58-hours-michelle-malkin

  153. Shitty pay! are YOU Kidding? The police here make SIX figures or close to it. They are our highest paid Public………cough cough Servants! I’m not talking the chief here and all those ‘assistant’ chiefs! I am talking cops. Most of them make more than the Mayor. Last I looked, Chief makes 188k. There isn’t a green cop on our force making less than $80k. This is an area of the country devastated with unemployment and moved-away industry and an exodus population cut in half and crippled. It’s the rare city taxpayer right now who makes more than a cop makes. but don’t even try to get them to ease up on that yearly pay increase. They almost have to kill their wives in a public place to get ‘suspended’. They also have this neat deal when they are nearing retirement from their desk jobs (desk job: the ultimate goal, all you have to do is eat alot and get really fat and out of shape and we’ll create one for you). It’s called logging as much overtime as humanly possible, even if you don’t show up. That way you can soak the taxpayers for a nice big fat pension and ride off to your next job in your early 50s besides. Every year their salaries are released an it’s jaw dropping. Most people wouldn’t hire some of these guys to wash their cars. This is not the cream of the crop, folks. Most of them barely got out of high school. This is their shot at good pay and power! And a gun! Woot! We are not talking a high cost of living here either. The medium income in my county and most counties upstate is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the AVERAGE police officer salary. The police and fire depts. here take up over 70 percent of our budget. They cost more than our schools! It’s interesting that so many people beg to get put on our force into one of those Thankless Jobs. We have an abundance of applicants chomping at the bit. That’s another problem, you have to know somebody to get on our force otherwise you’ll wait forever. First thing they do is buy a nice home in the suburbs so they can hate on the city better. I was in a Thankless job once. Nobody made me do it. I will repeat: Nobody made me do it. I competed furiously to get it. I loved it and I left my Thankless Job — because the pay was nowhere near what I could make in industry. I WISH I could have been paid as well as a cop when I was a teacher. They may have been underpaid in your beloved father’s time, but that is nowhere near the case now unless they are a cop in some sleepy town named Bumfuck, and even he is trying to be a city cop.

    Back to Sophie and the cop who couldn’t hear. He couldn’t hear because he wouldn’t get anywhere near one of his scheevy lowlife subjects — a category that includes…well…everybody). That bullhorn was just some more Swagger. This wasn’t a raid with a swat team here, it was a woman lost. I bet they laughed the whole time. nothing like being a woman alone and lost and being bullhorned by a cop and made more afraid of him than of your situation. So much for Protect and Serve.

  154. Utah, it’s a rare Collie you will see roaming the streets, much less a blue merle! Your loss. Tri State Collie rescue has one right now. they say he was on the streets for 2 years. Gorgeous and not at all angry about it. I met a guy in Pet Supplies Plus not long ago and he said Is That a Collie? That’s how few and far between they’ve become. Anyways, he was a riot because he was saying how so many people call their dogs “Collie Mixes”…then he said, As if Collies are just roaming the streets I haven’t seen on in a decade. So watch when shelters declare a dog a Collie mix, the chances are Slim and None.

    And you’re right. I am a collie person All The Way. I do think there’s a rescue nearby you. I understand you have to leave your first born child as payment to breeders now.

  155. Utah, if we are going to be clinical, something I am not happy to do, we have to look at the entire statistical picture. In 2008 (latest year I could find in hurry) there were 1.1 million police officers in the USA, not including part time(750,000). Let’s pretend that number hasn’t gone up. Malkin says one is killed every 58 hours. Let’s say every two days. 48 hours. That’s 182 officers a year —out of 1.1 million this is not a staggering statistic. If it were the competition to do the job would be a lot lower.

  156. I want to add that Governor Cuomo, who is DEFINITELY NOT his father, has come up with a series of bogus ‘benefits’ to the legendary overtaxed property owners in NY cities. One of them is his “rebate” program to taxpayers who live in a city that keeps tax rate increases 2% or lower. Last year and the year before, I received a nearly 10 percent city property tax increase. This man knows for SURE that 2% will NEVER happen because of police and fire contracts nobody can get out of. The police in NY might as well just get it over and shoot us all since they know we can’t afford them and they don’t give a fuck about it. I don’t know who’s better at breaking NY property taxpayers, Public Safety or the Governor and his phony programs with Photo Ops.

  157. Uppity you are not calculating the officers who die within 5 years of retirement. This is thought to be from the extreme stress of the job. So, okay, we want well trained, sensitive but not wossies who have to wear all that protective gear, they have to perform their dangerous, stressful jobs (that kill 182 of them) perfectly every minute, of every day, of every year. And, then complain that they’re either paid too much and/or pensions are too high. Okay, got it.

  158. Uppity, I grew up on a police officer’s salary and my mother currently lives on a police widow’s pension. You think they’re overpaid. I can tell you first-hand, BULLSHIT. And, I can tell you from a police family POV that 182 dead each year in the line of duty is only acceptable to rabid cop-haters who think the only good cop is a dead cop. That figure would stagger you if it were your family member out there. And they are not in danger occasionally; they are in danger every minute of their shift and beyond since a cop is never off duty.

    Just a reminder: Bill Clinton signed a law an put and additional 100,000 cops on the street.

    That’s it.

  159. Ayup

  160. Hugo I just gave you the number here. They speak for themselves unless you are calling me a liar. Our police make well and I do me well above the income of the avarage taxpayer here (more than double in most cases). You would think they would treat at least a few of them with some dignity. And I do not pull numbers out of my ass.

    Nobody’s death by violence is ever acceptable. Nobody’s. An astounding number of battered women die every year and most of them make peanuts. Nobody cares. Point is, I simply responded to a statistic. Yup I don’t like cops. They made me not like them. I don’t respond well to deliberate fear-generators, whether it’s a break-in or a nasty cop. I avoid them like plague. I guess I’m funny that way. This terrible job has a waiting list as long as a computer printout.

  161. Yes their jobs are stressful. So is yours, imust. So is yours. A really disproportionate number of firefighters also die from horrible diseases after inhaling all that soot. You’d be shocked at the number of microelectronics assemblers (hourly wage) that die young from cancer from exposure to pcbs. I won’t even get into the microwave clean room workers*. Or mine workers. You know a job that’s really not good for your health? Soldier in the middle east. And those guys REALLY DO make nothing. No one of these people’s lives is more important than they other, so I won’t sit here and sanctify one person over another. Lots of jobs are just not good for your health.

    *Microwaves: The steady low-dose radiation your cell phones bring you every day. Smart Phones emit more. Don’t forget to keep using them for hours at a time!

  162. lol Sophie, cameras are funny that way! Maybe that’s the answer. Your story would have been a winner on camera.

  163. I see that boring piece of dry toast, David Gregory got booted off Meet The Press. Gonna be replaced by Chuck Todd, another piece of work.

  164. Hugo, on August 16, 2014 at 5:48 PM said:

    When one admits the cop probably couldn’t hear, yet he is still arrogant, snotty, and rude, it appears there is nothing a cop can do that will be acceptable.

    The cop couldn’t hear because he was sitting inside his running car and was a hundred yards or so away. HE KNEW immediately that he could not hear me.Too bad I did not also have a bullhorn so we could have a conversation that day. He could have taken his ass out of the car and over to the citizen in obvious distress SO THAT he could hear. How on earth did he expect to be able to help me if he could not hear me? Unless he didn’t want to because he was arrogant, snotty, rude…

    Or just plain didn’t give a fuck.

  165. Tell me, what value were those two police officers sitting in their cruiser that day, collecting overtime? One big street barricade would have served the exact same purpose and been free. (And I could still be deluding myself into thinking cops are here to protect and serve.)

  166. Anyway, my point is that I am not for the militarization of the police force. If the police need extra force, call in the National Guard. I look at pictures like these and I am appalled.


    Go ahead and look at them.

    And then tell me, WTF is the point of being Ready For Hillary if that’s the world we live in? What’s the point of anything if we live in that? Oh, as long as we BEHAVE, then we can still have our flat panel TeeVees. We can still pretend we are participating in a Democracy because we get to keep our Twitter accounts. (As long as we behave there too because the NSA might send the militarized police to our house if we get too uppity for our own good.)

  167. I guess I’ve just had very different experiences with the police in my life. I don’t see it the way you guys do at all. I think they should be well paid. I also hear the same kind (not about the militarization of course)… but the same kind of comments about teachers. “Overpaid”, “can’t get rid of bad ones”, etc., etc. I’m glad there are police officers willing to do a thankless job just as I am glad there are teachers willing to do a thankless job.

  168. imust, I have HAD very different experiences with the police in my life. I was a Girl Scout leader and invited them to give talks and whatnot to my troops. And I do not begrudge them a living wage. I am saying things changed and in a very bad way and I don’t want to pay for what they have become. I don’t want to live in this world if what they have become is here to stay. Please do not change my argument.

  169. Also, did you look at hose pictures? Is that the America you want? Is that an America worth fighting for? Voting for? Blogging for? Talking shit about Fox news for?

  170. But imust, teachers aren’t on the street every day with a gun and a whole lot of festering power. In fact, they don’t get enough power. If a teacher starts to show out of control signs, emotional issues, explosive personality, they are generally on medical leave. Cops get to stay on the force out there, terrorizing and making situations worse.

  171. I have to admit, I have never seen our cops in that kind of gear, although I imagine they have used it on occasions where i wasn’t present and there was some sort of threat. Our cops are in uniform when i see them. We’ve never had a riot here, far as I know. Maybe some drunken brawls, some of them with cops in them. It’s not their gear that repulses people about them. It’s their very unwelcoming, threatening swagger and rude behavior. If you ask them something they treat you as an annoyance, and I’ve seen them treat victims like criminals. Let’s just say we have a lot of cops who are related to the schmuck at Sophie’s road block.

    The video camera is a good idea I think. Then you get to see what’s what and there are few questions to ask. I do suspect it might improve the daily behavior of our police. I like it. I’m sure they won’t. I will discuss it here.

  172. I have never seen CT cops in garb like that. Then again, I live in a quiet community (except for that one day). However, I posted the map above of where the military surplus went and it looks like CT got quite a share.

  173. Here’s the horrible stuff our poor overworked, underpaid police force endured yesterday (Saturday) from police blotter. No wonder they’re so mean. In order (there were many more of some of these, such as traffic stop and premise check, we’re not exactly a terrorism hub):

    Criminal Mischief
    Premise check
    Noise Complaint
    Susp Activity
    Traffic Stop
    Traffic Stop
    NOT Alert (don’t know what that is)
    Susp Activity
    Noise Complaint
    Susp Activity
    Traffic Stop
    Check Welfare
    Home Alarm
    Alarm Police
    Found Person
    Traffic Stop
    EMS Call

  174. Suddenly at the bottom the dialogue background goes black.
    Is this in purpose???

  175. Hillary will be visiting “the boss of us all” next month to attend retiring Sen. Tom Harkin’s annual steak fry. Democrat Bruce Braley is running against Republican Joni Ernst for Harkin’s seat.


  176. LOL!! No one has actually seen the military equipment in use, but it’s a great reason to bitch about police being too militaristic. That and they wear sunglasses we don’t like and have militaristic hairdos.

    Reminder: the collaboration between feds, states, and locals began under CLINTON. I see nothing inconsistent with being Ready for Hillary and expecting our first responders to be properly equipped for the unexpected and the type of lawlessness we are seeing in MO. (But, I do get the intent of that message.) But, it’s interesting to note that the far right is also trying to drum up anti-police sentiment by publishing those photos of SWAT teams and trying to freak out their followers about the militarization of police.

    Sophie, you might consider there could be a reason that cops don’t just approach cars. 1) don’t stand out on the road giving directions and get your ass run over (happens frequently in my zip code; 2) hope it’s not an ambush; 3) some people just like to bitch at them, then complain about how they were treated; 4) they were parked there looking for a suspect car. Bottom line is that you don’t know the truth about what was going on with those cops. Maybe looking at all those pictures on the internet of SWAT team cops (that you never see in your everyday life) is not really a good idea. Just saying.

    Uppity, you listed police activities so you could belittle what they do and diminish the value of their service, but what I see on that list is a lot of potential for bodily harm to cops at any one of those calls. At each, the cops did not really know what they were walking into or driving up to or what crazy ass was going to cross paths with them. I know one young cop who parked on the side of a highway after writing a ticket and was rear-ended and killed by a bum effed up on drugs, A young female trooper in my zip code got out of her car to assist another trooper on a traffic stop and was struck by a 16 year old and sustained brain damage and paralysis. My own father almost lost his arm due to infection cause by a POS resisting arrest and who bit him with his filthy mouth. Two deputies in Maryland responded to a call and were shot to death by a loon who asked for the death penalty. I personally know more than a few dead cops and their families, and most were doing one of those funny little insignificant tasks you listed. But, you do admit to disliking cops, so we have irreconcilable differences. Carry on!

    Hillary 2016!


  177. I suppose this is appropriate today:

  178. Hugo I made it very clear that the police in my city are assholes WITHOUT any equipment. A cop you can’t approach is no better than no cop at all. They behave like gestapo and OFTEN make benign and disarmable situations worse with their behaviors. Please to NOT try to paint a situation I live in and which you DO NOT see……and which is a sow’s ear……..and try to make it look like a silk purse.

    If police think police are great, it means NOTHING if the general public doesn’t agree. After all, they ARE the people they are supposed to protect and ……..cough cough…..serve. Your snorting at us reminds me VERY much……..of the very contempt police hold us in. Where did you learn it? Because it’s the very type of attitude that makes us run from cops. It fits right in. Personally offend. There can’t possibly be a problem here if we don’t love our police, there’s obviously something wrong with us. I don’t expect you to see what others see, you are obviously biased as a member of the police brotherhood-sisterhood, but you haven’t got a miniscule amount of objectivity going for you here.

    Whenever we access OURSELVES, we always do REALLY well.

    And finally, I am sick and tired of having people lay guilt trips on me for jobs that pay double the average income in this city, that nobody forces anybody to do, with a waiting list that goes on and on and on. They are paid more than our teachers with Masters Degrees for Chrissakes. If the job is so damned awful, leave. That’s what everybody else has to do. Truth is, most of them LOVE it. Most of the ones I know would all be working at Home Depot if they weren’t cops. But then they couldn’t do whatever the hell they want to anybody when they aren’t at work.

    They all move out of the city because our taxes are so high. What the hell do you want us all to do, turn over our paychecks to them next, while enjoying being treated like dog shit when we encounter one of them? Maybe we should all salute and just let em do whatever the hell they want to do to us whenever they’re in a crappy mood, which is often. You are talking to a person who has never been in the back of a police car here, who has never been in trouble with the law. I would like to be treated with a little respect by the police in my community and know I can turn to them without feeling like an annoying subject–and then I’ll be happy to return some respect.

    Carry On! in this particular instance is not what I want to hear in a Democracy. Yes, our police ARE militarized little pissants. The older boys all have madeup desk jobs. They inspire fear and demand that we surrender and cowtow, even when we aren’t doing anything wrong. They need to be slapped by their mothers. With me, they don’t need a mask and automatic weapon. They’ve already got their taser and gun. And their swagger. And they know it.

  179. LOL! I’m not objective but you are? Then, so is Al Sharpton.

  180. Time for a Jack break here. I thought it might be time to give an update on the little snot that has taken over my home and life . Oh and stolen my heart.
    Jack has matured quite nicely for 4 months old. He has found the pond in the back yard to be great fun while snapping furiously at the fountain. Yesterday he found a yellow jacket nest and got them good and riled up then transported a dozen or so into the house with him giving hubby and I some real quality entertainment.
    He believes shoes are made just for him to run off with and shake the daylights out of them then go hide them. To date we have not found any chewed up but are sure that is subject to change.
    He now weighs 20 pounds and is a full on ball of fire.
    Neat thing is when I come in from work he can not wait to give me full on hugs. This little guy actually puts his paws around my neck and rubs his face against mine.
    I just can not describe the joy he has brought to my life.
    Hope he still loves me after he gets snipped in a few weeks lol.
    Have a good one.

  181. You have a horse in the race Hugo, I don’t. And that’s it. You are never going to see what non police people can see. And…..you are not here. The Al Sharpton remark is just another example of your personal attacks brought about by your own personal connection to the police and your lack of objectivity or will to see nothing but wonderful things about police departments, even those you have never been within 100 yards of. That makes your behavior and reaction to pleas of frustration and fear of the police …very Police Like.

    [Edited for safety] Obey Muh Authoritayyyyyyyyy.

    Perhaps you’d like to pay for the winning law suits we are about to write checks for.

  182. Sorry no cigar, today, Utah. I am fucking hopping mad right now.

  183. When a debate turns into personal insults and SNORTING at people in the debate who have legitimate complaints, you have lost me and the intent of my blog. I feel like pulling the fucking plug right this very minute. I feel like Sophie must have felt at the roadblock.

  184. Uppity I just can not fathom a PD like that and no one able to control it. As I have said there are bad cops out there and out of control but damn the entire dept ? That is just too hard to imagine. I am not saying it is not true by any means I just can not wrap my head around it not living there . If this is the way it is there why in thunder isn’t your Governor doing anything about it. If the city counsel knows can they not remove the chief ?
    I mean this is the stuff they make movies about and yes it has happened in real life. Corruption does exist. If cops can get away with it they can become corrupt as well. Fact is cops might just have the upper hand on that one. Is there no agency for policing the police ?

  185. And agree name calling is a bad way to try to win an argument . I was rather enjoying the topic up until now so I will politely bow out.

  186. Utah let’s just say I am considering taking down this thread because there are local people who know I have this blog and I’d like to get from point a to point b daily without being stopped. Nobody should have to feel that way in a Republic. I really think this is a generation thing. A generation of unfeeling, uncaring, kind of blank people has been raised up not to really give much of a shit. They are all at Sophie’s roadblock, so to speak. It’s not that they are all criminals, although some of them kind of are, it’s just that they are arrogant and ……..indescribably cold and unhelpful. They think they can do as they please after work, regardless of what it is. They land in the news themselves sometimes. They generate fear in their entire demeanor and have NO interpersonal skills. None. Zero. Zilch. Our firefighters, on the other hand, are mensches and they get way less pay or reward. I think that we are dealing with a generation of pissants in a heavily senior community. I can’t see any other explanation because it wasn’t always this way. We have a kind of liaison cop and I don’t even know where the hell they found him, as he’s the only one that actually puts people at ease. Unfortunately, he’s not who you get when you call the cops. lol.

    Pee Ess. The Chief’s not a bad guy, I just think he is working with what he’s got. We may not have always picked the best of the lot, there is a political connection…well you know what I mean. These are sought after jobs, and sometimes for the wrong reasons. I don’t think we do any personality/temperament evaluations with candidates.

    I think that video camera idea might be helpful here, if for no other reason than to cut down on unnecessary force and reduce complaints. Might be a good tool to have them see themselves as others see them.

  187. Hi Ups and all, completely off topic by as requested by Uppity herself…. Ta Da… the personal facebook page of Ash the kitten! He has turned into quite a handsome cat as you can see for yourself. https://www.facebook.com/Ashquatch

  188. Hugo wrote:

    Sophie, you might consider there could be a reason that cops don’t just approach cars. 1) don’t stand out on the road giving directions and get your ass run over (happens frequently in my zip code; 2) hope it’s not an ambush; 3) some people just like to bitch at them, then complain about how they were treated; 4) they were parked there looking for a suspect car. Bottom line is that you don’t know the truth about what was going on with those cops. Maybe looking at all those pictures on the internet of SWAT team cops (that you never see in your everyday life) is not really a good idea. Just saying.

    And YOU might consider that this was a back country road that was blocked off for some utility work (not a crime scene) and that I AM A CITIZEN WHO DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG. I refuse to be forced to consider the feelings or paranoia of the police force FIRST before living my life. Even if it were a crime scene, their behavior was just atrocious. That you are defending it does suggest to me that your loyalty to the thin blue line is stronger than your loyalty to what they were commissioned to protect and defend.

    Also, are you attempting to claim that the police do not have or use that military equipment simply because I have not seen it on my own street? Seriously?

    As one of the taxpayers that paid for that equipment, I don’t want to pay a second time so that local precincts can have it to intimidate law-abiding citizens into BEHAVING.


  189. To be really clear, I am not one of those people who always thinks the police are wrong. perhaps that is why over the last decade and a half it has been increasingly difficult to deal with what they have become.

  190. Forget it, Sophie. There is obviously something wrong with you. Snap to! And don’t forget to say Thank You because you are just like Al Sharpton.

  191. Is there no agency for policing the police ?

    Yes. It’s called “Internal Affairs”. lol.


    Did to! You showed up at a roadblock! A Road Closed For Construction Road Block! Worse kind! Next time, stay home.

  193. Now you have hit a note with me Uppity. That fear. That fear that you can not say or write what you think or feel these days. Yes I have been experiencing that often. It is not our parents country any longer. And further just because I have not experienced these cold blooded cops does not mean I do not believe they exist . I just have not had the misfortune to have run into them. So far my experiences with police have been ok. I too have never broken laws and had the need to have cops come calling. Hell I have never gotten a traffic ticket.
    But I do have fear of saying or doing something these days I never had in the past. I have not felt free to do the things I did because I might be violating some damned law or group or what ever these days and have really become a loner. I know what you are saying about the younger generation. They have no compassion. They are cold and I never gave thought to these ones becoming cops NEVER. My youngest grandkids are like that. The older batch have human feeling. They care but the younger two can not be bothered with others feelings or needs. I call them the Zombie twins and trust me when I say this and it kind of pains me to say it but I really do not care if I see them.
    When we call them the MEME generation they are. It is all about me and what I have or do not have and need.
    Uppity, Sophie and the rest, this is no longer our country. We have changed and not for the better. Do I believe in a police state ? Yes I always have. I have long believed we would see our police used against us to keep us in line. I believe our military will be too. I just have not seen it yet but then I do not live in a heavily populated state and maybe it just has not hit here yet.
    I am old school and would still like to believe good vs evil and good prevailing. Pieces of that belief get chipped away at too.
    Sophie I do believe you and what happened to you. I have no answers as to why and find it inexcusable behavior from a public servant.
    I can only imagine your fear then anger. I most likely would have gotten shot that day. My anger at being ignored by someone who is there and paid to help me just might have gotten the better of me and made me get out of my car and approach them.
    I can tell you I will be watching our boys in blue a tad bit more in the future. I did do a bit of research here and found Utah has this surplus military stuff too. The good news here is many counties sent it back and a few say they will use the armored vehicles for parades only and have no need for them.
    One Sheriff said he is sending it back because they do not need to spend that money upgrading it and it came with a blown motor. I am going to further research this. I found it eye opening to be sure.

  194. Goofs, he has a great family too. Thanks for the page, didn’t know it was there. Fever Coat all gone! Seen this?

  195. Hey Utah, that same generation is going to take care of you in that nursing home. They’re gonna take care of you but Good.

  196. Not me Upps . I have decided I will just fall down the basement steps one day and die alone ty

  197. I’m glad you liked it Upps. I’m adding the links for the main FB pages and livestream for the current litter. Read the critter room one first to get up to speed on latest group of fosters. Then you can catch up on vids of them on the you tube page that one of the chatters has and last but not least the livestream to watch kitten action live.

    I find it a good way to get rid of the angst from all the craziness going on in the world right now. Personal and work stuff are enough and if I want to escape to keep my sanity, I will!





  198. Uppity, I’m so sorry that you are hopping mad about the Sharpton comment. I thought it was an attempt at humor, after you busted me out for my perspective, but clearly you are not amused. Let’s face it. Neither of us is impartial in this topic. When you posted the snippet of video showing the NYC cop and asked for comments, I did not realize that my perspective would be so disturbing. I believe my intent was to point out that there are different ways to view cop behavior and to view attempt to protect our first responders, but clearly none of that is welcome. You and I have successfully had some real debates in the past. Guess this one didn’t go so well. Sorry for the disturbance.

  199. Jaysus Sophie I am old but not yet an antique lmao. Not me . Maybe in my next life but it would not be romance either lol.

  200. If the story ended with the woman killing the guy in his sleep, I’d say it’s possible Utah wrote it.

  201. rofffffffffffff yup that would be the happy ending lmao

  202. Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying a picnic or games or something.

  203. This thread is deader than Joan Rivers.

  204. I agree with sweet sue, whenever I get this far on the thread, the background is all black and difficult to read. Is it just me? I think I already comment on this a while back.

  205. I was wondering also. I guess they decided to take a break? I miss the gang.

  206. By popular demand…


  207. No new posts??? 10/20/14 🙂

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