Hillary Announces

…that she will make a decision after the New Year.

I do have a unique vantage point and set of experiences about what makes the United States operate well and what doesn’t and what a president can do and should be doing,” she said. “So I am going to be making a decision around, probably after the first of the year, about whether I’m going to run again or not.


That’s Hillz with John Podesta, rumored to be her likely campaign chairman.



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  1. I’ve been ready!

  2. I’d like to see Hillary choose my senator, Sherrod Brown, as her vice presidential pick.
    He’d calm a lot of super lefties down and help with Ohio.
    Plus, he’s cute and his wife, Connie Schultz, is great.

  3. I think she will run and Brown sounds good to me. The rethugs are attacking her everywhere, even gossip sites like radaronline (the scum!), attacking her, Bill & even Chelsea, for godsakes, so I think the rethug machine thinks she is running.

  4. I certainly hope she runs. The attack comments are coming from the right and the far left. Neither has anything that’s good for America and you can tell by the desperation in their comments.

  5. Yeah, I still see the far-lefties whine about Warren, and yes, the right wingnuts comments are totally desperate and lame. I saw one today from some rethug loser claiming that Hill has “cankles”. After all these years, thats all they got? Pathetic. The other people on the thread just ignored him.

  6. Warren even officially distanced herself from the Ready For Warren PAC that sprung up


    The thing you hear from the far left the most is that she voted for that war and she’s a hawk. 28 other Democratic Senators voted for that war. The Vice President voted for that war. I saw him give a very impassioned speech the other day and I thought, watch it Joe or they’ll be calling you a hawk next.

  7. Have y’all seen how Rand Paul has flip-flopped? Mister Libertarian is now beating the war drums… and blaming Hillary for not warning us about ISIS.

  8. BTW, if you are on Facebook you might be interested in joining a group called Rise, Hillary, Rise. It is a closed group– the admin (not me) has to add you. But we’re getting our rapid response team together.

  9. Hey everyone!

    Sue, I think Sherrod Brown would be a great choice for her veep selection.

    Okay, I’m back to just surfing around. Later!

  10. Does Rand Paul really hate her, or is he posturing. I don’t get him at all and can’t tell.

  11. @annie: Short version of Hillary at the Senate hearing on Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi!

  12. He’s such a tool.

  13. @annie: Oh I agree.

  14. I love when they eat their own. Here’s Frothy Mix telling us that Dandy randy is two-faced:

  15. Mitt Romney says:

    No question” I’d be a better president than Hillary Clinton


  16. Does Rand Paul really hate her, or is he posturing. I don’t get him at all and can’t tell.

    Sociopathic libertarian dipwads are like that.

  17. That POS Ray Rice was caught on video knocking out his ‘ho’ out in an elevator…and got his NFL contract cancelled………and will you look at these disgusting FOX Fuckers discuss this.?……with a final synopsis that the real message is to “Take the stairs” These guys are revolting. I wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire and I feel sorry for their wives. I won’t even get into that mealy mouthed approval whore sitting there nodding at this horse shit. Somebody should feed these two pricks to Kelly.

  18. No question” I’d be a better president than Hillary Clinton

    Unfortunately for you, Mitt, an awful lot of people didn’t think you’d make a good president at all. They were called voters. And, really, Mitt, you even lost to Barack Obama for Chrissakes.

  19. Upps, LOL!

  20. upps:
    That’s the best political analysis of the century…

  21. FFS, I heard that “take the stairs” line and I about puked. Where do they get these assholes from anyway?

  22. Funny!

  23. Sophie, that is hilarious! Very cute! A bookbook!

  24. Colbert just did a fabulous spoof of Nekkid Truck Guy, Scott whatever his name is. So funny! I’ll post it if it comes on youtube.

  25. I am appalled and frustrated with the comments being made from NFL, players and sports figures on Ray Rice knocking the snot out of his sweetie. The “band of sports bros” will not be watched or supported in any way by me or hubby. They are a bunch of low life losers! BOYCOTT… BOYCOTT… BOYCOTT!

  26. It’s 9/11. Hope we have extra security at every single pinpoint on the globe, lest we be accused of being unprepared on the anniversary (by the very people responsible for the original).

  27. And Oscar Pistorius, the murderer, was acquitted.

  28. Poor Oscar™ ! How they made him suffer the indignity of a trial just for killing What’s Her Name!!!

  29. Ray Rice must be thinking, “Hey if I’d just offed the bitch, everything would be fine.”

  30. Yes, I did and every other low life commentator and pundit and sports figure. I hope they all suffer the same indignities and pain. I grew up in an abusive household and I have absolutely no patience or tolerance for this. As I said previously… Boycott spectator sports… news talking heads etc. This is why now that I can afford cable I refuse to get it in any way shape or form.. I’ll read American new from an international press source rather than deal with the dummed down pablum they try to feed us. They can all take their spin and opinions and shove them were the sun doesn’t shine.. Yep I’m furious.

  31. Poor Oscar (TM) gets culpable homicide

  32. I’m so sick of nobody giving a shit about what happens to women.
    Sophie, did you see the dingbats(mostly women) wearing Ray Rice’s number jersey to the Ravens’ game last night?
    I’m so ashamed; women can be such “dumb broads.”

  33. I heard about that Sweet Sue. I think it’s reprehensible. On the flip side, 16 female Senators sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell pushing a zero-tolerance policy:

  34. Sue you are very right, but I think it’s much deeper than “dumb”. I maintain that the real problem/reason women are sliding backwards is……….women. I am telling you here and now that Hillary’s biggest hurdle is Women. They are so indoctrinated to please men that they no longer have any sense. Not all women, of course, but ENOUGH of them to be their own (and our own) worst enemies.

  35. As for Poor Oscar I TRULY hope that his next girlfriend kills the son of a bitch in his sleep and then throws him the hell out of bed right on his own stumps – and leaves him there in a heap like the pile of shit that he is.

    He’s been a cheater for so long on the race circuit that he believes he can do all the wrong he wants. And make no mistake…. his blades ARE cheating.

  36. Here’s another article about one of the “Hero” sports figures beating on someone.. His 4 year old kid.

  37. Well Upps. Hello again. Geez. Who among us could have predicted the now back in 08. It’s just all too much. Hugs Uppity.

  38. This stuff about these men attacking women is sick just sick. I am happy to see the Ravens can his ass but what sickens me even more then the dirt bag beating his wife is the many women supporting him. What the hell are they thinking ? Why do women idolize a piece of crap like him just because he is a football player ? What will it take to get them to wake up ? Having their faces caved in ? I just do not get it. Violence against women is real. Women are killed for no reason other then the males inability to control his anger and hate. Women that will show up and march against his firing are just as sick as he is.
    All work places weather it be some big sports venue or just a mom and pop business needs to fire these creeps asap and other places not hire them. It needs to be made public record and when it shows in your background check then “sorry Charlie no job” Maybe they will learn something when you do not allow them to earn a living. Jail time for these offenses needs to be a hell of a lot tougher too.

  39. Despite all the pissant pundits (from the left), Hillz knocked it out of the park today at the last annual Harkin Steak Fry in Iowa (the boss of us all).


  40. In case you missed it, CSPAN is re-airing it a couple of times. If you can’t wait, watch the whole thing here:


  41. Sophie, thank goddess, she knocked it out of the park.
    I guess that’s why there was nothing on the news.

  42. This got no news and barely a whisper on social media. For women being the more social of the two sexes, we sure don’t know how to mobilize that as a resource.


  43. is there a video available of Hillary speech in the steak-fry Iowa?

  44. “Then of course, there’s that other thing, but I’m here for……the steak”

  45. Okay, I’m just going to put it out there.
    Nobody loves Hillary Clinton more than I do-okay, maybe Still4Hill, but that’s it- but someone needs to tell HRC that’s not how to dress for a steak fry in Iowa.
    I love her, honor her, and desperately want her to be President.
    I’d hate to see her lose ground on optics.
    I would, also, criticize a male Democrat who wore a three piece suit at the Harkin shindig.

  46. Aw don’t worry Sue, honey. I promise to pick the shrapnel out of your body.

  47. Thank you.

  48. Today is the vote for Scotland’s independence. I vacillate. As long as nothing bad happens to the single malts, I don’t have a dog in this race.

  49. OMG Sophie, I never thought of that. This could be a worldwide disaster if single malts are affected.

  50. Sophie and Upps:
    Thank you for the videos…
    LUV Hillary, i would like to have a 4th of her speaking qualities.
    So at ease.

  51. On a more bitter note, doesn’t anybody else here think Stevia is the most vile tasting crap ever invented? I threw a whole box of it away and then yesterday I bought some True Lemon, it’s extracted lemon you add to a bottle of water for a lemonade experience. I didn’t read the label part that said it was ‘sweetened’ with Stevia. How can ANYBODY call that cactus shit sweet ? It tastes like a cactus dipped in bleach!! My God, how can people fall for this shit? It is utterly offensive stuff!

  52. Only in Alaska.

  53. I’m allergic to aspartame, so I’m grateful for stevia. I also use xylitol, and sometimes splenda or sweet n low.

  54. Alaska sounds like a crazy place for sure.

  55. But socal it tastes horrible! It’s not even sweet. Second time for me I tried it and the taste is repulsive to me.

  56. I don’t care for stevia, don’t trust aspartame or agave. No pink, blue, or yellow packets here. I am faithful to sugar. Pure cane sugar. I do try honey or maple syrup first as sweeteners and when they don’t work, I go for the sugar.

    As for the Alaskan chick, sigh…what I would give somedays at work to be able to say Fuck it.

  57. I bought some stevia sweetened chocolate chips recently and they were gross. I guess I don’t notice it as much in beverages.

  58. Say what you want about Obama and Holder (and we do here and lots of it), but you have to admit, the condition of Holder’s resignation is brilliant! Holder said he will leave office once his successor is confirmed.

    In what can only be described as utter stupidity, Cruz is already saying he will obstruct the next AG nominee.

  59. Bwahahahaha Sophie. In other news the teacher in Montana that was only sentenced to 30 days has a new sentence handed down, 10 years!

  60. Aww, Hillary & Bill are proud grandparents! Chelsea gave birth to a girl, Charlotte:


  61. That Cruz is the dumbest thing in the senate…and there are a lot of morons in there these days.

  62. Very exciting–the first grandchild is here!

  63. How wonderful.
    May the Clinton tribe increase and increase.

  64. Goofsmom, I found you in spam from the 26th. Sorry !

  65. Goofs, Good! The scumbag. I hope they kill him in prison and they find him with a broomstick up his ass.

  66. No problems Upps! Just glad ya found me… 🙂

  67. I was glad to see the A-hole got his just due!!

  68. Dear Tony,
    Oooops ! You made the wrong turn! You are not in Kansas, Toto. Do you show up to dinner uninvited too?

    Now run along. K. Thx. Bai!

  69. what is this?

  70. It was a CDS troll in spam, where he/she/it belonged. I deleted the drivel and ‘responded’ to the troll.

    Only a dope would think blogs are Democracies. They are owned by the people who do the work. It’s like coming to someone’s house. If they don’t want you there, they do not have to let you in.

    It must be very rough on the ticker to be threatened by Hillary so early. She must be doing well. All the crazies are out already and it’s only 2014. Chuckle.

  71. Yeah, they are out everywhere. It will get even more tedious in ’15 & ’16. Didn’t we used to have a poster named Tony here?

  72. I should have figured that out btw. I must have been especially dense last night!

  73. Does anyone, here, know Caro from her blog, “Many Years Young?”
    She hasn’t posted anything new since September 17th, and that’s not like her.

  74. Wishing you all a blessed day. Remember what’s important.

  75. You too (((Uppity)))

  76. You know I took a ride two days ago up in to the mountains behind my home just to photograph the beautiful fall colors and enjoy the day with my loved ones. No real plan other then just go out and breath in the beauty of the earth. I like doing that and escaping all the crap going on. Political topics no longer interest me since I feel both parties are out to screw us and there is no real patriot these days. All these folks work for a party and not us. JMO. So I took what is important to me and had a great day. The blue skies with the colors of fall were breath taking and then of course watching Jack experience his first dip in a lake was beyond fun. Jack has finished his series of shots and is neutered and micro chipped and healthy as a horse. Upps you will be pleased to know well maybe not as I am sure you were waiting to hear I had to replace my sofa but it made it through his teething. He has his full set of chompers trust me. No furniture bit the dust in the transition. Of course the dog toy manufacturers love me lol. I like to think throughout the years I have learned a bit about these critters
    Here are a few pics of the boys at the lake. Jacks first dip lol


  77. Utah, I didn’t mention in email how beautiful that Boxy boy is!!!!!!!!!

  78. So the gang has nothing to talk about? Ok how about this (Ok, imust you win, I’ll tell): On October 20 a cardiovascular surgeon is going to crack open my chest with a chain saw, fix the mess in my arteries and then put me back together with titanium wires. I think that’s gonna hurt. But the drugs will be good.

  79. Jeez, Upps, you really do know how to liven the place up! I pop by for my daily visit expecting to see the usual chit-chat, and you drop a bombshell.

    I should be mad at you for even contemplating not telling us, but of course, I’m feeling anything but anger.

    My fingers shall remain crossed starting now, and until at least the 21st or so. When I KNOW you will be reporting to us all the good news of a successful procedure. That is the only option we will accept, you hear? Your presence on this blog, and on our planet, is vital, and will be most necessary for years to come.

    Got it?

    Seriously, warm thoughts to you, my dear friend. All will be well.

    (((Uppity))) 🙂

  80. Rev Vet you are so damned sweet I can hardly stand it. I didn’t plan to mention it because my detractors will cheer and send their evil my way. Therefore I shall now have to do exceptionally well just to piss those assholes off.

  81. Yea my box dogs lol. As you already know Uppity I am wishing you all the best and pray you have a speedy recovery. This floored me but I know you and the way you are. This is a set back. You will be back stronger then ever and walking into court hoses , airport and oh Hell just about everywhere there are metal detectors just to set them off and create havoc lol. God speed my friend.

  82. Upps I am very pleased with the way Jack turned out. He is smaller then Whiskey and Kahlua and vet said he is at full height. Just needs a bit of filling in lol. Sheesh I had forgotten just how much energy one of these pups have. I opened the gates between yards so he can go balls out and he does. He can wear me out fast lol. I love the fall walks I take him on. He loves the rustling leaves. Sure fun to watch a young dog explore all there is that is new to him. I actually look forward to seeing him in snow. As cold as it has been getting here I think that is not far off. Shall we have a snow bowl and take bets on who gets the nasty stuff first ?

  83. Upps:
    Are you really going to have open heart surgery?
    Best of luck…I’ll be thinking of you!

  84. Therefore I shall now have to do exceptionally well just to piss those assholes off.

    No doubt you will do exceptionally well Uppity!

    As for the detractors…..they are heavily outnumbered.

  85. Yes Belle, dear, really. Wanna see a pic of my heart blockage?

  86. imust, They’re out numbered cause you guys have AK47s.

  87. imust, They’re out numbered cause you guys have AK47s.

    Well, yeah, there’s that too.

    Am I the only one who sees Cleopatra’s profile in that xray?

  88. Well done, imust. Not sure it’s cleo but it sure is somebody.

  89. Look how far technology has come. You get to look at my heart. Awesome. Wish one of our doctors would see this. We have two who used to be regulars here, you know.

  90. Holy shit, girl, why didn’t you say anything before this?
    All the luck in the world; you know, the Big Dog went through this and came out stronger and better than ever.
    You will, too.

  91. Soon as I saw the pic, I thought…


  92. I just found out a few days ago, Sue. And I didn’t want my detractors to celebrate.

    LOL Vet!

  93. Me personally Upps I think you ought to sell that shot and make tons of $$ off it. Claim it is the Virgin Mary with in you. LOL. You are a chosen one.

  94. Can you not see the veil ? Yep come on look again.

  95. Absolutely is the Blessed Mother–I can see it clearly. and in her favorite color too.

  96. You’re all out of your gourds.

  97. You’re just now realizing that?

  98. Well, I held out hope!!!

  99. Upps:
    I see in your heart the woman in you…she will blow the clout!… and come back stronger to elect the first woman President HRC.

  100. Welp, I went for my pre-admission testing and several HOURS of education on what they will do to me and when, before, during and after surgery. As for my tests, my heart remains strong and undamaged, my pulse is perfect, my lungs are in great shape, so these artery repairs should go smoothly. Double bypass. Graft from chest wall artery.

  101. That’s great news on no damage to vital organs! You will do great, you’re far to stubborn to let a little thing like this slow you down. Goooo (((Upps)))

  102. What goofs said. Upps, will be thinking about you and sending you good vibes and sincere prayers til we hear back. But I know you’ll be fine! Your toughness will see you over the hard parts (like being opened up) and your goodness will help you heal beautifully. Your sisters are with you in spirit, Upps.

  103. Upps, keep in touch when you can. {{{Hugs}}}

  104. Upps:
    When is this event going to take place?…and for how long you are going to be out of pocket?

  105. Oct 20. estimate time in hospital, 1 week.

  106. Uppity, know that all the Uppitites in Uppityville will be thinking about you tomorrow and sending our positive thoughts and prayers, as socal said so well above.

  107. Upps:
    Remember that we all LOVE you!

  108. Thinking of you Uppity! Rest up and do as you’re told. Will be checking in to see updates~ ((((Hugs)))))

  109. Just saw this, wishing you fine, Uppity. Still a fan. Always appreciate you and yours, here.

  110. Hey (((Upps))) I’m not going to tell you to behave, cause I know I wouldn’t. Sending my guardian angel over to give yours a hand. XOXO You will be fine… so let it be written…. so let it be done!

  111. Best of the best wishes, Upps!

  112. imusthaveHillary, on October 19, 2014 at 12:21 PM said:

    Uppity, know that all the Uppitites in Uppityville will be thinking about you tomorrow and sending our positive thoughts and prayers, as socal said so well above.

    Amen!!! ((((hugs)))) 🙂

  113. I know Uppity won’t be checking in today…..but I had to. Sending positive thoughts Uppity!!

  114. ^^^
    What she said.

  115. Pistorious is going to prison for five years.

  116. Sweet Sue, that should cheer up Upps–although him going to prison for LIFE would be better.

  117. I don’t think they allow computers in the Cardiac care unit so it may be a few days more before we hear from Uppity. I had a family member that has 8 of these types of surgery before she turned 19. She was born with a bad heart valve. They finally were able to replace it. She is in getting ready to turn 50+ and has 2 children and 5 or 6 grandkids. So I’m not to terribly concerned. XD Still sending lots of love though.

  118. Amen Goofsmom 1

  119. Hope we’ll hear some good news soon!

  120. New thread

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