Just chillin’ and waiting

Uppity should be home from the hospital soon and so I’d make a clean, new thread for her to come home to.

**UPDATE**  The Uppity Woman has spoken!  See comment section:  Oct 26th at 8:38 AM.

I got this balloon arrangement.


And she can have all the remotes…


And la creme de la creme–cannoli from Arthur Avenue, The Bronx:


And whatever else you need, Upps, to have a happy, speedy recovery.


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  1. Thank you Sophie! Great idea and its a cute post. I think about Upps everyday. Hope we’ll hear she’s home and on the mend soon.

  2. Sophie, you are a very sweet woman.

  3. Sweet Sue, I am in excellent company here.

  4. Sophie, I can’t grab photos anymore from google images. I used to just copy the url from the image and post that way. Now when I click on the image, it takes me to the site where it’s from! So how do you do it now? Great post!

  5. Indeed, Socal.

  6. imust, I follow the links all the way to the page with the photo, download it from there, edit if needed, and upload it to here.

  7. Thanks Sophie. I know how to do a screen shot. But not sure how to get that into the image portal on wordpress. No need to go into the details here. The old way was really easy! (Dare I say…..easy as PIE?)

    Ok. So I think I figured it out. Now I can give Uppity some fluffy pillows to go with the remotes and cannoli.

  8. Heard today that Uppity is alive and kicking. The Twitter gang of Chuts & Co is thrilled to bits. We can’t wait to see her again soon!

  9. Nice pillows. 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday, Hillary!
    Grandma Hillz

  11. Hi everybody, just got moved from ccic to special care. Yes i’m alive. It was the worst thing ever.Given a choice I would NEVER do it again. I would appreciate if you wouldn’t expect anymore mesgs from me till I feel better. Even doing this took a lot out of me.

  12. Great to see you (((Upps)))) Don’t worry about us. We’ll amuse ourselves to you feel better. Muah!

  13. Hey! It’s Uppity!! ^^^^ up there ^^^^ Uppity! No one expects messages from you. We just want you to get better!! 🙂

  14. Great to hear from you, Uppity.
    Now, just rest and relax.

  15. What did they do to her?, if she says: “it was the worst thing ever…”
    Good thing she says she is alive…and writing to us!
    Hello Upps! take it easy and get strong…

  16. Happy birthday Hillary!

  17. So happy to hear from Upps. 😀

  18. So glad to hear from you Upps! Take your time and recover properly. We’ll amuse ourselves until you feel up to it.

    Guess I’ll have to hold all the remotes until you come back…

  19. Leave the remotes……take the cannoli…..

  20. Thanks Upps for letting us know! Agree with Sophie, take your time and have a full recovery. We’ll see you when you’re back up to your old fighting form. Hugs & Best from all us socalians! xoxoxo

  21. Those cannolis do look amazing.

  22. Get well soon, Upps!

  23. Socal, they are as good as they look and better! I’ve sampled every cannoli maker at Arthur Ave, and the one’s at this pasticceria are the best!

  24. Best wishes for a full recovery!!!! Supportive hugs!

  25. Just get yourself better, Upps.

    Take your time. We’ll be here. 🙂

  26. Get well soon, Uppity Woman.

  27. I have been very worried and am just happy to hear from you. I knew it was going to be quite an ordeal but worth it in the end my friend. You are here and that is the best thing. Love you and hope for a speedy recovery and that the pain eases up soon. Take care my friend

  28. came here cuz I found this headline and couldn’t not share. only to find uppity going through the worst. Two I’ve know well feel as UW does currently – never again – and in the case of “Helen”, she was furious to realize she had survived to endure such pain. Best to ya gal.
    Oh yeah. The headline. And I know. Liberal is just wrong. But it used to be nice.

    Uppity, White Liberal Upset About Being Catcalled By Minorities In NYC

  29. Hey upps! Hope you’re on the mend and on your feet soon. I sent u a jacquie card when you feel able to see it.

    Big SMOOCH to you! Get well soon.

  30. Sending good thoughts your way, Upps.

  31. Hoping Our Upps is doing good and home soon 🙂
    Also Happy November Gobble Gobble.
    Remember to set those clocks back tonight If I was home woulda already been done.
    I get to go home Wednesday. :D.

  32. Oh yayyyy…I’m in. I’d lost my wp passwd and was having a hell of a time changing it. Hey gang.

  33. Upppps — It’s terrific to see you’re out of the woods. Get well soon, dear one. And, we all endorse your resolve NEVER to do this again.
    Hugs XO

  34. Hey NES!

  35. Please do whatever they say so you are well again. {{{Upps}}}

  36. leslie, it’s kinda hard to do much else.

    I’m Still Here. In D Flat.

  37. Love the clip!!! “I’M STILL HERE!!! (((Uppity))) I am so happy that you are! Muah!

  38. Oh, no,UW has been ill?

    UW, take care of yourself, take the time for *you*.

    Poor, poor, baby. No wonder I’ve been thinking of you so much!

    I’ll watch for your return – and give you lots of xxxooo!

  39. Uppity I am just glad you can come by and say I am still here and with your humor as well. That’s the remarkable lady I know. I know you have been through Hell but you made the trip and survived. Again showing that super strong ” you can’t beat me” tude.
    It is who you are. Hope you are a little more comfortable by now. Maybe breathing isn’t quite as hard to do a week later but being one who suffered 5 broken ribs I can imagine. I always took breathing for granted until that happened to me. Love ya lady. Take care.

  40. I’ll watch for your return – and give you lots of xxxooo!


  41. Yeah Utah, as you know, if you shoot at me, better make sure I’m dead before turning your back! That rib thing, not so sure I’d enjoy that. I got my sternum broken, so basically my ribs don’t really hurt. Small consequence. Hahahahaha. I’m tied togther with stainless steel ties! No kidding. I bet if I put a burqa on, I could just sail right through the airport machines anyways, lest they dare look at my holy sternum. Ah well, it’s stainless. At least I won’t rust! Feh! Just a flesh wound for this cowgirl!

  42. I get to go home Wednesday

    Still in jail, eh?

  43. That’s the gal I know lol. I am still betting that once you had awakened from it all breathing was a tad bit bothersome right ? Anyway you have had to have a patch kit but here you are. I am by no means down playing it dear cuz this was some very serious stuff but once again you prevail and look out world lmao.
    On the flip side folks in light of this happening I did go get a check up while our dear Upps was under the weather. So far so good other then the things that plague an older person. I did get told dear that I am an upcoming candidate for a knee replacement due to the numerous times I have landed on them both in my rowdy life.Other then that heart is good, no artery issues or cholesterol issues. BP ran a steady 118/78 so the Doc said I would out live him. I did lol have to use a bit of mind control cuz damn oh damn that boy was stunning. Yea he can touch me anytime he wants to lol.
    Again in light of what happened here if you have not had things looked at you ought to.
    And just for shits and giggles Upps ( pun intended) I am getting another colonoscophy (sp) and then I swear to you never again. I just want to make sure all my parts are up to par.
    That little dumpling ( doc) ohh lala , lol said I have used my body to it’s full potential lol. I said yup I did numerous stress tests on it in my life time. He was laughing at the mended broken bones. I told him use it while you can was always my motto. Anyway Upps you put a fear in me and I went and did what I said I would. Love ya.

  44. I will keep eating my good food. Glad I dislike fried foods and sugar.

  45. Upps:
    So good to hear from you. And now you are “the woman of steel”!
    Did they give you x-ray vision?
    Happy to learn you ar OK.

  46. No xray vision. But you can hang your cooking pots on me.

  47. Utah, I have always had a moderate diet. I am not overweight. I have no family history of heart disease and I never had hi BP till suddenly last year. The only risk factor I had was former smoker, to be honest. If you haven’t done a clinical stress test, do one pronto. I was tooting right along on that treadmill like a champ when suddenly they turned it off, sat me in a lounge chair, fawned over me and called the medical national guard. All the while I was wondering WTF was going on as I felt fine. Just saying.

  48. UPPITY!!! Welcome home. How are you feeling, lady?

    Here–take the remotes. I was keeping them…warm. Yeah. Warm.

    Seriously, I am sooo glad to see you.

  49. Had both Upps. Chemical which I really was not in favor of as I am very against shooting anything into me and the regular. They told me it was going to get rough on the incline lol. Carrying a hunting rifle and walking up these mountains for a deer or Elk and dragging it back now that’s rough lol.I have to say when they bring that crap in the room in a lead lined box and put it in you there is cause to be concerned. All was well other then I was sure I was going to glow for a long time. I am scheduled for a GI series and a ct scan to look at neck veins and make sure the gastro intestinal tract is still up to par.
    Both my parents had high BP and my brothers do as well but so far I have escaped the curse. But they all were and are over weight and I mean younger brother is tipping the scale at 400 lbs. He is the damn doctor for Christ sakes. I do more activity in 8 hours then the brothers do in a year seriously. Mom and pop sat and read and did needlework. My mother never did a strenuous thing in her life.
    Listen my friend I always felt life was a crap shoot. Sooner or later you roll craps. Me I live it everyday. If it happens it happens I just hope to hell it is fast . But you did wake me up and I had avoided this crap forever as well as doctors. Now I most likely will again for a bit. Maybe a yearly physical but I am not going to do all this every year.
    Interesting when I gave the family health history as far as the folks and brothers they wrote damned near an encyclopedia of labs for me. Sheesh.

  50. Here it is I am just grateful you found this in time and are here to tell about it. Now rest damn it.

  51. Hey Upps! Glad you were able to make it here for a bit. I’ll tell ya a little story about when they did the momster’s open-heart surgery. Her’s was for a valve replacement but they still had to crack her chest. So anyway, a couple of days after her surgery one of the docs came in and told her “You’re a tough old bird; you broke my saw when we were opening up your chest.”! And he was right, she was a tough old bird. 😉

    I know you’ll make it out fine just like the “tough old bird” did. 😆

  52. Hahahah Fredster. Didn’t break their saw but I did cause the scheduled surgery after mine to be postponed.

    Utah, you actually DO become radioactive with the stress test chemical. In NY they give you a hospital card that says you had a procedure that basically makes you detectable on police equipment. lolol.

  53. Yay, Uppity’s back with us! And most of the old gang is back! Ah, thats nice.

  54. I did cause the scheduled surgery after mine to be postponed.

    (sigh) Always the diva. smh

  55. That’s funny about the chemical thing. So can you be your own flashlight?

  56. Utah, my hubbie had his knee replaced in ’13 and I could not believe how fast he healed, how fast he was up and around and back to work. Honestly, it was far easier than we expected, from his perspective re the pain and sleeplessness you would expect, and from mine, it was a cinch to take care of him and help with the therapy. It was all over with before we knew it. Hubbies is so happy he got it done. I hope yours goes just as well!

  57. So pleased to see you back on board, Uppity.

  58. (sigh) Always the diva. smh

    I was under anesthesia at the time, but was quite proud when I heard about it. I did take a moment to apologize to the old boy who had to wait a day and he was very gracious about it, he obviously recognized royalty.

  59. Holy moly Uppity are you kidding me ? I was joking about glowing in the dark. You see they never tell you everything until they have you captive or most likely I would not have agreed to the chemical one. Fact is at my age ( that was their words not mine) they preferred the chemical first just in case. I told them I was sure that I could do the regular one and chose that way first. Honestly I do not like drugs or other things in me and was none too happy to have that done but I passed so all is well. Now you go drop this bomb on me and I am not really laughing. How long does this crappola stay in you ? I am sure somewhere down the line they will find out this is the cause of that type thing too. Uppity how are you really doing ? I mean pain etc ? I never saw this coming seriously and I am still a tad worried.
    LOL on the royalty now I know where Needlenose gets it. I bet she was beside herself when you got home. Velcroed herself right to you right ?
    About the knee Socal I will wait until I no longer can handle it. Maybe by that time I will no longer need to use it. Only time it really is bad is on stairs. I am thinking selling the house might be a better plan and getting one all on level ground and one level house. Eh.
    Listen girlfriend I too am among the many just happy to have ya back up and going. Patch kit and all. So how bad are the physical terrorists ?

  60. Utah, you are geiger-counter material for about 3 days. They give the card out here in case you get stopped for triggering radar or something.

    Under the circumstances, considering the trauma to my body, I am doing okay I guess. Very tired. Lower body is strong but upper body weak, sore pain. I can’t use my arms (by doctor’s order), not even to get up off a chair. No pulling, pushing, lifting, so it took a bit to learn how to get up when I’m down and down when i’m up. Kind of like being a turtle. I am managing it at this point, although it’s pretty painful. Coughing and sneezing or laughing is not fun. I opted to dump the pain killers (morphine in hospital, are youuuuuuu kidding, and oxycodone at home) I am not going to take that shit. They give you this pillow in the shape of a heart and you are supposed to press it to your chest to protect your sternum. Everybody considers this pillow some kind of badge you put on display when you are all healed. I say bullshit. i can’t wait to burn the frigging thing. I might give it to Tosca and just let her shred it.

    Showering is a drag, because they tell you that you can shower but you can’t get your wounds wet. Short of wrapping yourself in cellophane, this is not possible. I won’t be going to cardio rehab till a few weeks. That would be the exercise program I can do in sessions. As for the phys therapists at the hospital, they were about as helpful as a screen door in a submarine. They were great at showing me how to do what I already figured out how to do but couldn’t show me stuff like how to right myself as a turtle. Some people go do a week of that full-time after the surgery. I realized they wouldn’t be helpful to me. For starters I was decades younger than the rest of the people in cardio intensive care with me. So let’s just say, it was going to be remedial at best.

    My biggest obstacle right now is my scent and taste buds have been destroyed in surgery and haven’t returned. WHen I came out of surgery, everything around me tasted and smelled like rotting pickles. When I got home, that didn’t change. It was gag-inducing. Now it has “improved” in that everything tastes and smells like burnt charcoal. No kidding. I cannot discern sweet or salty. Not at all. You could feed me a tablespoon of sugar and I wouldn’t know it was sweet. I can only discern sour and bitter, and they are exacerbated. So eating is a real problem as everything tastes and smells bad. Believe me I have been tempted with everything I love and nothing gets past that taste. Nothing. Presumably this will go away. One day. lol.

  61. Being tired and in pain is understandable. Didn’t realize the thing about not using the arms. Wow. The taste buds being affected would really get to me. Hope that ends for you real soon. It has been decades since I went through surgeries so honestly I do not remember if that happened but I have never forgotten the surgery shuffle ( walk) and the having to press down on the incision to cough. I found that out the hard way however. No one told me about that until I let go with a good cough and about passed out. Felt like my body ripped in two. Lesson learned.
    Lol about PTs being as useful as a screen door on sub. rof. That is how I found that one they sent out here to ” rehab” my husband after his stay. I put up for it until I saw the bill. That put an end to that. Hold on to a walker and march in place for ten steps etc. Hell he did not want a walker and gets around the house on his own . Slowly yes but that is what it is.
    Hey it will take time for you to get back up and running even with your can do tude. You lived through it so any that know you know it aint over. Can’t kick you down for too long.

  62. BTW I guess I am no longer a candidate to act as a reactor at three mile island. It has been 5 days.

  63. Uppity, I have been so out of touch, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care…and I am so happy to hear that your surgery went well. Many hugs to you!!

  64. I was under anesthesia at the time, but was quite proud when I heard about it. I did take a moment to apologize to the old boy who had to wait a day and he was very gracious about it, he obviously recognized royalty.

    Oh yeah, you’re getting better! 😉

    Did they tell you about not driving? Wasn’t that big a deal for the momster but I think she also had restrictions on even riding in the car for a couple of weeks or something like that.

    I’ve never heard about the issue with taste. Do you think it’s a result of the anesthesia perhaps?

  65. Correct, Fredster, I am not allowed to drive. Which is okay, because I would NOT want to be the person in the car in the next lane or in front of me right now. I move really badly. The sensory thing could be any number of chemicals used at time of surgery, and after, including prophenol, which is suspect. It’s really an awfully unfair side effect that seems to last however the hell long it feels like lasting.

  66. Hopefully these bad side effects will ebb away over the next few weeks. My Dad got his taste back, I think in a couple of weeks, but at first, he didn’t want anything but jello. My Dad was a huge foodie also, but he did get it back.

  67. @Upps. When I can, I’ll check with nurse chat and see if she has any ideas on the taste and scent thing. She may have an idea of how long that lasts. Oh and did the docs harvest for your bypass grafts? If so, how’s the leg doing?

  68. Happy to hear that the surgery went well. From an “0h Shit” stress test to a good surgical outcome is good news. Sure beats having an “Oh Shit” cardiac event while working in your garden.


  69. Socal glad to know he got it back. i worry. I AM a foodie and have been very depressed about this situation. Fredster, he tried to harvest an artery from my chest wall but it gave him trouble, so he did harvest a vein from my left leg. Cut seems to be healing very well, it’s a slice across the fold behind my knee, so it won’t be all that unsightly. It doesn’t bother me much at all. I have no problem with the leg. However, today both my ankles are hugely swelled and I guess I need to slow down the walking and stair climbing (and pacing I do tons of). The ankle on the graft leg side hurts a bit. I know I’ve overdone it but shit, how much of this Do Nothing shit can a person endure? In addition to Do Nothing, I have to be careful to stay away from people at a time of year when it’s easy to catch something I can’t afford to catch. I’m not cut out for this shit. I can only play so much scrabble and monopoly. I have the legs elevated right now, man that is unsightly.

  70. Hi SHV, you are so very right.

  71. Cut seems to be healing very well, it’s a slice across the fold behind my knee, so it won’t be all that unsightly

    That doc was looking out for ya Upps. I’ve seen some on guys where it looked like they just did a slash in whatever manner they felt like. Guess they figure men won’t be wearing stockings that much. 😆

  72. LOL Fredster, like he said, I’m a young chick next to what he’s accustomed to doing bypasses on. Besides, if I do say so myself, I have really nice legs.

  73. Just chatted with nurse chat and she said there is no definite time-frame with the taste and scent senses coming back Upps. It just varies. However, she did suggest that you try to stay with blander foods because that way it won’t bug you as much when something good that you like doesn’t take like it should taste. I guess there’s some logic in that. So, YAY for oatmeal!

  74. Makes sense for sure, Fredster, but there is the matter of Mr. Uppity, who deserves a whole lot more than oatmeal. And then, there’s all that luscious food right there for me to hope to eat….

  75. You have to eat in the basement…by yourself….alone.

  76. “You have to eat in the basement…” or, on a tray in bed!

    SHV makes a very good point upthread. I won’t miss any stress tests after this.

  77. Oh my…looks like Mary Landrieu is in a runoff with the Frankenstein Monster Bill Cassidy.

  78. You have to eat in the basement…by yourself….alone.

    *Lowers head in shame* Yes, Master

    Socal and everyone here, let me explain something to you and please feel free to allow me to serve as a terrible warning to you. I was rushed to hospital in Sept and my BP was off the wall. My Oxygen was very low. Those were my only symptoms. There was NO PAIN. It was in that ambulance that the detour to solving this began, when the EMT declared in his report that I was probably having an anxiety attack. THIS, my friends, is what they DO to women, beware! Secondly, having confessed to being an ex-smoker, he also reported that I most likely had COPD. By the time I got to the emergency room, this turkey’s ‘diagnosis’ sent them on a wild goose chase after my lungs. They almost sent me home but for a VERY insistent charge nurse. She sensed something much bigger and demanded in ways I have never seen before that somebody had better pay attention to the whole picture. In the end, she got a resident to admit me. In the AM they did what started out as a CT scan of my lungs (Still trolling for that COPD)…looking for a clot. This scan turned into a full body scan. This is where they discovered the Renal Stenosis and what appeared to be some artery blockages. It wasn’t till my very sharp Primary physician got me into a top cardiologist’s office in a hurry that anything real started to happen. I want you to know I had an echocardiogram and it showed my heart to be in excellent shape. No damage, no heart attack. In truth, I never even had angina pain. In truth, except for shortness of breath a few times, I never had ANY sign I was in danger. Do you hear me? But my cardiologist didn’t stop there. He was convinced I had some cardio-vascular issues going on, it was his gut. I had practically no risk factors, as I mentioned. So off he sent me to the stress test and THAT is where his gut was confirmed.

    SHV is VERY right. I would have probably gone down in the damned garden. The stress test done in a laboratory environment was the Teller of the Tale. Even THEN I had no idea what the fuss was! But they saw it right there. They saw that my heart was NOT getting enough oxygen, they were able to stop things on a dime…. and they ushered me next to the cath lab, where it was clear I had two seriously blocked supply arteries (turns out there were two more seen during surgery). These blockages could not be fixed by stenting. And that is how I landed on the surgical table. Had none of this been properly done by what I can only tell you were AWESOME professionals at every step, I could have very easily been dead today or in bad shape in surgery under some very complicated circumstances. Instead, the intervention was done under optimal conditions, no heart attack, no emergency surgery with a lot of Unknowns. I had nearly a full day of pre-surgical testing done. More optimal conditions.

    DO NOT LET THIS DETOUR BEHAVIOR HAPPEN TO YOU. Make sure your health care professionals LISTEN and not just place you in that sometimes-fatal judgement box. AND GET THAT STRESS TEST. In fact, you should be ASKING for one. It could mean your life. It almost meant mine. Women do NOT have classic heart attack symptoms, their symptoms are often more subdued and they CAN be misinterpreted as so often happens to women. In fact, we often do it to ourselves, as we are overly tolerant of pain and discomfort. Know this: Stress tests don’t give a fuck what gender you are!!!! Just DO it!

  79. Fredster, also seems the R’s took over the senate. Nice job, Democrats, you useless bags of shit, you. Bunch of disorganized buyable surrender monkeys.

  80. Yay for the nurse who stood her ground for you! You could say you owe her your life. Chat was thinking one of the blockages was in an artery on the left that when it gets blocked is called the widow maker. She said that’s what got Tim Russert and he had just had a checkup like 6 weeks before his fatal attack.

  81. Yep, disgusting about the Senate. But I won’t be surprised if it flips again in 2016.

  82. Fredster, I kind of thought Russert got a clot after a long international flight in that fatal sitting position we all love to use without getting up and walking around once in awhile. But yes, the blockages were all left heart, those main feeder arteries. And yes, I owe that nurse big, I swear she was rabid. Even I was scared of her. What she did was drag it all out till the next shift so she could get an order to keep me. Brilliant, really. I remember her ranting that I passed the blood gas tests for COPD and can nobody see something ELSE is going on here?

    I warn you smokers and ex smokers…….you will be judged and it can be fatal.

  83. You could be right about Russert but I know chat did say he had just had a physical some weeks before. Right now she is on enforced radio silence…dead computer so I’m gonna call her tomorrow and tell her about that nurse. She’ll love it.

  84. Oh Fredster, no doubt the Take will go right to the R’s heads and they will fuck up, just like they always do and just like the D’s always do. We have a useless Capitol. Our leadership is pathetic and all they EVER do is work on their own personal issues, take money from lobbys and stroke their own egos. Invariably they self-destruct right in place on cue.

  85. Oh you know it Upps! There may be a few that want to actually govern but then add in Ted Cruz and his lil buddy from Nevada (?) and now can you imagine that woman from Iowa…the pig castrater? Those folks are never going to want to do anything to get along. This will be at least two more years of gridlock.

  86. Not having a president with any leadership or consensus-building skills does not help either. It’s like having a huge kindergarten class without a teacher to manage the children.

  87. LOL! You definitely have that right.

  88. Oh Gawd! They’re saying the Repubs will have 250 seats in the House. This is going to be even more of a circus on the Hill than before.

  89. Well I have to call it a night. I’m having a tooth issue and took a pain pill and the dentist’s office is supposed to call sometime in the a.m. to see when they can get me in.

    G’nite upps.

  90. Great to see you here, Upps, and inching back to your old self!

    Sorry about the pain, and your loss of scent and taste. But, perhaps, it was apropos that you couldn’t smell today, of all days.

    For one day at least, you were immune to the smell of that heaping pile that our modern political parties call an “election day”.

    Anyway, I voted. Of course. I always vote. Mostly for the local offices. For, national politics has basically devolved into a Hobson’s Choice between the bad, and the worse. Sigh.

    Save us from ourselves, Hillary!

    Anyway, rest up, friend. Take it easy, eat your oatmeal in the basement like a good girl, and just come back even stronger. 🙂

  91. Hey vet, speaking of voting, my Jackboot local party sent out fliers saying they are going to check voter rolls to see who didn’t vote this year and they are going to want to know why. Oh boy, I simply cannot wait. That’s a call I long to take.

  92. Upps, did you see this? Sending out fliers to neighborhoods to show which neighbors have voted?


  93. Both parties are doing it. What a brilliant way to get people to vote. By pissing them off.


  94. Well for me I was more then elated to see the Senate and House go Republican. It too me is America sending a message that they are sick and tired of the social issues ie Abortion rights, gay marriage etc they are here to stay period. The voices of America have so stated by a complete Democrat win for the last eight years. All the stuff I read is folks hate Obamacare, are more concerned with illegal immigration, and the economy. They are pro tax reform, keysetone pipeline, and the economic state of this country and want something done with the borders. I have been reading numerous letters from veterans as well as speaking with a great deal of them at the VA hosp and they are sick of being treated like dirt. The benefits have been cut back so horribly that Americans ought to be ashamed . They ask these folks to go lay their lives in harms way and then allow the families to survive on food stamps and do not supply the troops proper equipment etc. I hope and pray that the Republicans do not take this win lightly and understand the wants and needs of the people that went out and voted them in. I went a straight Republican ticket ( no surprise I know) but I am sick to death of hearing all the social issues that most should be state issues and want something done and now about the borders and how much more I have to shell out of my paycheck.

  95. Hey I’m sick of social issues too Utah. Especially the ones where men try to legislate women.

  96. Nazis, socal. Nazis. That it vote shaming and threatening behavior. Do they REALLY think they are going to garner love and respect? I can’t wait till they contact me because I didn’t vote and it’s all nobody’s fucking business. If they print MY name I will sue their asses to the next planet with photos of my cracked open chest, the sons a bitches. This is just the type of behavior that gets me REALLY pissed off.

  97. Yea I am not liking this shit about sending info out. Voting is a right granted us and it is no ones business weather or not you voted or how you did. That info is up to you and you alone to share if you chose too. If I see my name on a ficking list with out my consent I will join you Uppity.
    As for the social thing I think yesterday sent the message that folks really do not care any longer. Both side use women to garner votes and power then back to the same shit different party and day. Fact is the repubs won by way of female voters. More women voted then men so I think it has bearing as to where folks are standing right now. Folks need jobs and to stop seeing their pay checks chipped away. People want to be able to afford to by a tank of gas and eat too. JMO . I know that is what is of interest to me. I am sorry but the Harry Reids and Obamas of the world have had plenty of time to fix equality for women and talk a good game and bring it up every election cycle. Same crap different day. At least if I am going to be held down because of my gender I would like to be able to heat my home after I gas my vehicle up.
    If these assholes spent more time funding cancer cures etc rather then their dick cures what a good place it would be. I and most women care not that a man can not get his dick up without help. Fact is it is a blessing in most cases.

  98. The democratic party has become the Where Else Are Women Going To Go Party and they know it. They do nothing, been making the same election promises for 40 years. You can blame the republicans for not ending this once and for all. They are SO off the human rights wall that THEY have created the Where Else Are They Gonna Go Party.

    In NY they put a new woman’s party on it’s own line and sent out fliers that they need 50k votes to make it permanent. Who who paid for the flier? Guess. Take your time. I’ll wait. And of course the photo of the ballot line has Cuomo’s name on it. A nice way to trick 50k women to vote for yet another democrat who is all talk. It’s all just an arm of a phony party that couldn’t care less about women as human beings. Just another Democratic controlled wing, like NOW. The very fact that we are even TALKING about this in the year 2014 is a disgrace and a CLEAR indicator that the party in which I am registered does NOT represent me they only want to use me and I am NOT playing. Even imagining starting a woman’s party smacks of starting all over again in suffrage. How disgusting.

  99. ETA: I meant to say their wasted dried up shriveled skinny pencil dicks. Yea this gal is mad that Viarga, cealis etc is given top priority while women die from cancer because of lack of funding or lack of insurance coverage on these things until you reach a set age. Rant done

  100. Upps both parties have been given ample time and opportunity to do something to aid women. It isn’t happening and has not and women need to see through their dumb tactics. I most often vote female even if I do not like their policies these days. I will most likely continue to do that at this point. Party be damned. I want to see women rise above the housewife trophy status.
    As you pointed out and I have known for a long time women and men are different not just physically but in the needs as far as health care. Our heart attacks are far different and go unseen until we die. So many things do. My mother had a heart attack 13 hours before she thought she needed help by that time she was going down for good. Prior to that she just felt ill and had trouble breathing normally.
    Why did I get to the point of not wanting to see doctors ? Because every fricking thing I went in for resulted in some guy quack wanting to do a vaginal check up and pap and I fail to see what the hell that has to do with bluring vision etc. Do men have to have a dick check before their issues are addressed. We are a bit more then that thing between our legs too right ?

  101. I had the same reaction to the voter-shaming. That I would sue. This is bullshit.

  102. Uppppssss! Great to see you in fighting-fit form. I like that you can now be detected by police equipment. Now all I have to do is hack into their system and get a bead on your identity and whereabouts. Now that I’ve seen an x-ray of your chest, I need a visual of the whole being.

    P.S.: It would be my pleasure to drive you around, Domina.

  103. Every pore in Obama got shellacked last night. Come over for champagne, Utah.

  104. Ah it is my NES back. Love seeing you here lady. I would love to join you toasting the roasting of Obamas ass. CHEERS (tink ***)

  105. Obama doesn’t give a crap. He’s all set. He probably worked on his library and didn’t even bother to vote himself.

  106. Oh he will E.O. something to bite us all for this one I am sure of that. I do not trust that Narcissist. He will make us all pay for this one..

  107. It’s so nice to have you back!!! Get better and don’t pop any staples fussing over the political idgits.

  108. Yikes!!! That’ll set off the metal detector. Sure hope you don’t plan on flying much. O.O

  109. eh! I’ll just wear a burqa and they will wave me right through.

  110. Ouch! I saw the pictures, I Hope it does not hurt as it looks…

  111. Well I was unconscious at the time.

  112. Uppity @ 3:15, LOLOL! So funny and so true! I read someplace that the only reason he ran again in ’12 was that he would make double on the speaker circuit. Don’t know if its true or not, but I’ve always wondered why the hell he had to run again. He knew the repubs would continue to make his life a living hell, and he made his history the first time around. Why couldn’t he have let Hillary run in ’12?

  113. Upps I have to tell you that is some very scary stuff. You are a brave lady.

  114. Bravery would have been if I had taken the other choice and said, screw it, I don’t care if I die, I’m not going to let anybody do this to me.

  115. socal I don’t think that’s why he ran a second time. I think he ran because his ego wanted him going down in history as a prestigious two-term president, you will know him by his arrogant strut — and because he likes the blow jobs he gets from being president. He doesn’t have to do much work or thinking, enjoys his racist pulpet, and the perks are terrific. I don’t think he much gives a shit about America, which is what makes him our worst president. Even GWB at least had some loyalty to America, even when he and Dick were pillaging for profit.

  116. How are you feeling now Dear uppity ? I am hoping the pain level is decreasing and you are starting to get some of your mobility back. Picturing you like a turtle has been fun but really enough is enough lol. I do sincerely hope you are doing better and are getting around better without too much pain. Looking at that operation on you tube it had to be horrific

  117. I’m pretty sore but coming along. I have a problem with shortness of breath which I guess will resolve itself. Just can’t seem to get that deep breath I want, but then it does hurt to take a deep breath. Still can’t taste anything, although now everything tastes like charcoal instead of rotting pickles, which I guess is an improvement. Icannot distinguish salty or sweet AT ALL. Everything is flat with a kind of bitter undertone. I am really not enjoying food at all. It’s a bit frustrating not being able to lift, push or pull. Lots of little things i can’t do that frustrate me. But I am following the rules. I see my surgeon on Thursday for a progress check.

  118. Sending Prayers and healing thoughts to our beloved Uppity Woman. ❤

  119. Well it is going to take time. This was not an appendectomy. This is real trauma to your entire body. Actually I am surprised they let one go that soon afterwards. I know when I had broken ribs ( twice in my life) breathing was something I wished I did not have to do and deep breaths were not going to happen. Coughing and laughing were off the list and God forbid I had to sneeze. With the entire center of your chest ripped open I think I understand your plight really. I do not understand the taste thing but I am sure that too will pass.
    What ever you do do not rush it. That has always been a downfall of mine. I am not a patient patient. It has caused me grief for always trying to prove I am tough. Hope you are catching up on some good reading or those movies you always want to watch and never have the time lol. It is cold here so I am guessing it is there too and that makes it a good time to cuddle up under a blanket and read or just do nothing.
    If it helps you can giggle at me as I am going out to work in the ice and yes this week ………..bad word bad word …..snow.

  120. I hate Winter and I fear this one will be a Doozy. 😡

  121. Agree you cannot rush healing after heart surgery. It really takes months. (sorry upps!)

  122. foxy, it feels like Autumn has arrived here in So Çal. No more shorts and sandals at night! Its cold and dampish, and I’m coughing.

  123. I guess I’ve only been in Utah in summer or early Fall. Cannot believe how fast winter comes there.

  124. We have already gotten snow on the mountains. It had a few flurries today and right now it is colder then a ………………………I saw the news and yup I will be firing up the snow blower this week. I was hoping it would hold off a month or so. Yea I am a dreamer.

  125. Wind made it colder than a well digger’s ass today.

  126. I have not visited you in a while UW, I pray for your full recovery. Hope all else is well too. 🙂

  127. Upps:
    How are you doing?
    Getting stronger?
    Lots of hugs and purrs…

  128. Upps – thrilled you’re coming along, day by day. Hugs. That pic knocked me unconscious.

    Utah — Cheers, grrrl!

  129. If I were Jonathan Guber, I’d be watching the skies, warily, for a drone with my name on it. From WH With Love.

    #GamerGate is deliciously squirm-worthy.

  130. If I were Jonathan Guber, I’d be watching the skies, warily, for a drone with my name on it. From WH With Love. #GamerGate is deliciously squirm-worthy.

  131. Uh oh…I hiccupped.

  132. Terry McAuliffe said Hillary will be deciding whether to run in the next 60 days. Can we believe him?

  133. Good thoughts and positive healing energy being sent your way, UW. Pain sucks.

  134. ** Hic hic *** eeeeeeeeeeeeeee * hic** back at ya NES. LOL.

  135. Gruber had better have a deep lead lined hole to live in for awhile. Smart folks knew Obamacare was a sham but then smart folks did not vote for this King Putt either.

  136. Weatherman is saying five inches of snow Monday.
    I hope he is wrong. 😡

  137. Whew!!! only got a few inches of Snow. But more coming. 🙂

  138. Feh! There’s ALWAYS more snow.

    Hi gang, just to let ya know I’m still with ya, hit a rough spot is all, nothing threatening, just exhausting. Have some fluid trying to work it’s way out of my lungs, heart,blah blah. Anyways, it’s exhausting because I am often very short of breath and having to chase after some air. Surgeon doesn’t want to stick needles in to drain me if he doesn’t have to so I have to try to let it work its way out. This is NOT an unusual event with this type of surgery so don’t fret. It’s just that I am pretty occupied with it, if you get my drift.

  139. Poor Upps. I’m so sorry you are going through this. Your sisterhood is pulling for you.

  140. Hugs and kisses… we all are still here with you!

  141. It’s just so tiring being on a medical merry go round, I feel my life has been taken over by doctors, tests, radiation upon radiation, rehab people chasing after me when I can’t even breathe right, it’s just plain cruel to expect me to do what they want, so i told them off and said don’t call me I’ll call you. I have no time to myself, it’s just constant take over of my life. I’m tired, it’s always dark and cold out, at least if it were spring or summer, I could see some sun. I can’t even enjoy a good meal since everything tastes exactly the same, cardboard soaked in water. I’m worrying I have another surgery in my near future (kidney) and frankly, I do not feel I am physically or mentally capable of it. I haven’t begun to heal usefully from the last train wreck and now another train is heading my way. I would just like two days in a row when I don’t have another appointment, test or scan. The money is just FLYING out of our pockets with copays and co-insurances and meds. It’s downright frightening, the bills. So much for Affordable Care. More bullshit. Insurance sucks just as much as it always did. I can see why people just give up. I feel like taking off and hiding somewhere for some peace.

  142. ((((Upps)))) Goofsdad feels the same way. So, I’m going to tell you what I tell him… You can give up and hide when I say so! LOL… XD

    Sorry you are having a tough time of it. Wish I could send you some sunshine! Goof says “murrrrr” and sends a snuggle.

  143. So sorry Uppity 😦
    I can’t begin to know what you’re going through. I hope you start feeling better soon. You’ve always been our cheerleader when we started feeling like the country was going to heck in a hand basket. You’d tell us, “We will endure…..it’s what we do.” You are, as you’re name says, an uppity woman….youmustendure. Sending warm and positive thoughts for healing your way.

  144. I’m sorry you’re having such a tough time, Uppity.
    Why radiation for a heart surgery?
    Blessings, good thoughts and love from me to you.

  145. Uppity I can 150% sympathize. Dealing with hubby and having to go back to work just to keep what I have. Listen he has great health coverage and yet the costs are killing us. He too said he had had enough of the intrusions into his life and being told to do this or that and being pushed. I know it is ” good for you ” but yet they forget you want a life that is not filled up with “them”
    I felt like all I had going was work trust me. Housework, travel to and from doctors, people coming in and telling him and me what to do then heading out the door to go to work to earn money to pay for someone to tell me what I am doing isn’t good enough.
    I finally found out what being depressed feels like and having no way out. I had to fight that and hard. It was and is a tough battle. I almost picked up smoking again because I quit caring. Then Lulu passed away and really I was done. I just felt life was a big drain pipe and I was stuck in the whirlwind and being sucked down.
    I was not sick but yet in a way I was because I had no life anymore it was do this or that. He needs this or that. We need this or that from you etc.
    We both agreed to send these folks packing. Seriously. Me I felt as if they just saw dollar signs and how much they could milk this thing for. He was just sick and tired. He had to get up when he really wanted to sleep exercise when he really did not want to etc. Got to tell you after saying no to a few that were least important it became increasingly easy to ask questions like is this going to increase my life etc. Now he sees a doctor once every three months for blood work etc.
    Uppity he is terminal you are not ! You have a good chance of living another 25 years but I do know just what you are going through. Maybe you need to push back old Uppity style. Do what is really needed and scrap the rest. They will save you then suck the life out of you financially and emotionally.
    Time for you to put those fine Italian heels on and do a bit of shit kicking back ! They protest but it is interesting to find out how much they will dump once you say enough! Not everything they do is 100% necessary in most cases it is just optional and not needed. This of course is your call. I know my hubby was so damn tired of the whole thing he thought several times to end his life. When we said no more he started to pick up. One needs reasons to go on and being happy is the main one. I am thinking about hiring help here but not for him for me. Got to say it isn’t easy being a one man show.
    Listen kid I know you. I know your heart. You are a person very much like me as far as leave me alone and let me do it my way. You are fiercely independent and are a stickler for order in your way. Not others order. You are demanding of yourself and others so this is just not fitting in your world to have others fussing over you, telling you what to do etc. You and you alone must take back the control. One step at a time. Find out what is 100% needed. Take it back !!
    You have to let them know ” Uppity Style” what is going to be. I am glad we did and believe it or not he is doing better then he was last year at this time when we were doing everything their way. He even got to take a week vacation and travel with me and enjoyed the hell out of it. Yes a couple of rough days but as he said it was well worth it.
    You got your ass kicked and good but do not allow it to take you down kick ass back !!!

  146. Affordable care ???? ROF only if you are on welfare and never had anything they could take from you.

  147. I hear you Utah. I do want to do cardio rehab, mainly because they monitor you as you build your exercise strength. It’s safe. And expensive. And time consuming. 3 times a week. I’ll do it as long as I can stand it and as long as nobody gets condescending with me, but I won’t do it until I am ready and I am not ready physically. Feh, I have a Drs. appointment this afternoon, lol. But it’s with the nephologist. I am not going to let my kidneys (or remaining good one) take a back seat to this. I could never live a life of kidney failure. I would most definitely check out and I’m not kidding. I have seen that bring people down. Nice that my heart is all brand new, but I wouldn’t give a shit about that if my kidneys failed. Time to put a priority on this. It took a back seat to bypass surgery long enough.

    Sue I am not getting radiation treatments. I am saying that every time you get a CT scan alone, it’s equivalent in radiation to 150-200 chest xrays in radiation left in your body. I have had too many CT scans and other tests and injectables that eradiate. It’s not healthy and it STAYS with you.

  148. As for Affordable Care, this is a scam. My health insurance has NEVER cost more and my coverage has never been less for the price. It’s bullshit. Raw, expensive bullshit. People feed their families on the amount we spend here on health care premiums. There was only one way it would have worked and that was single pay for everybody hitched on to medicare. But then, they probably would have stolen the money and dumped it into their slush fund anyways. But instead, he stole 750 billion from “broke” medicare to fund this sham, thus cutting coverage for seniors as well. When have we EVER seen doctors dropping medicare like we see it now? Ah well, he and His want to kill off seniors anyways. I hope I live long enough to see them all die first, the fuckers.

  149. Me too Uppity. I am going to happy dance each time I see one of these bastards croak. I kid you not these are evil people. They are doing everything they can to kill off the boomers.
    I resent the fact we busted our asses to ” EARN” our social and medicare and were promised it and that we could retire and live a good life. Then the whole time we let them take it out of our checks they laughed at what suckers we are. Same thing with this affordable care crap. Gruber was and is laughing at what suckers we are.
    A thousand poxes on all their houses. Normally I do not wish ill to folks but these ones deserve all the Karma they can get tossed at them. It is horrible that folks have to take half a dose of pills because they can not afford them or freeze because they can not pay for the medical and heat too. It is down right criminal.
    Just reupped my health care and thank you Obamacare. Cost just went up damn near double. Many things now no longer covered. High blood pressure meds not covered, are you kidding me ? These pills save lives ! I guess the stroke you will have by way of not getting the pills to control the bp is cheaper right ? Guess so when I think about it you have a 50 /50 chance of dying from the stroke.
    I have blue cross /blue shield and it isn’t what it used to be. My copay is higher this year too as well as deductible. Anyone that thought this was a good idea can kiss my ass. I was always against national health care. I used to be able to afford it lmao.Single pay would have been nice as would across state lines.
    Retire ? Only if you can afford to keep a good health care plan because medicare is not going to help you survive. You might need to spend $$$ and lots of it to travel to where you can find a doctor who still takes it.

  150. BTW are you able to use your arms yet as in aiding you to get up ? I know when I was down with the broken rib thing that was next to impossible. Took a couple of months. Not having myself be dissected as you have I do not know this pain and how long the healing time is.

  151. Thanks Uppity, I get it, now.
    I was reading your comment and thought there was a cancer issue too, and said, “Oh, Jesus.”
    I gather you have a husband or SO living with you.
    Let all who love you wait on you hand and foot.

  152. Yes Sue and he deserves the Purple Heart. I’m pretty hard to wait on, Sue. I am a stubborn independent little snot.

    I can lift things now Utah, limited weight. Have to use my good sense, if I have any left. I feel a pull when I lift pretty much anything, but apparently it’s safe to say my sternum is no longer in danger. I can’t lift a tree or anything, but I can carry some things. Problem is my breathing, though. Everything exhausts me.

    Most boomers I know plan to work till they die, especially since their 30 something kids are sucking their finances dry. 30 is the new 18. They make continuous stupid decisions, tell their parents they are stupid when they warn them, and then they come back for the bailout. Obnoxiously illogical bunch of I Want It Now morons, really. They like to “move far away” too, but then they come back. And back. And back. They will never have anything unless their parents die and leave them something, really.

  153. Hey are you getting any of that Buffalo snow?

  154. Obnoxiously illogical bunch of I Want It Now morons, really. They like to “move far away” too, but then they come back. And back. And back. They will never have anything unless their parents die and leave them something
    Glad to see you’re on the mend, Upps.

  155. Ah Uppity so so true about today’s youth. I swear to you their priorities are the newest and greatest cell phone , I pad, I pod and of course they want that dream car too. Even if they are employed they would not dream of paying a bill or two to help out mom and dad. I am glad my kids are grown and now are suffering this plight. My thoughts are you created these monsters. Karyn has 3 that have moved back in with her. One has a kid the other came with a girlfriend and they work finally but bitch and snivel when they have to pay her $ 100.00 each pay check. Thing is they do not bitch when their heads are jammed in the fridge. Me , I would not tolerate that shit for a minute. She is ( Karyn) destroying the younger two. I mean it and have told her she will regret the way she is raising them. They jump their spoiled butts in the vehicle every time it goes to the store and come back with new shoes, hair dye, video games etc. Karyn is always living pay day to pay day. Never a dime in the bank because of doting on kids. A move I know she is going to regret. Upps you know I adore my girl but on this one we are at odds. I think she feels because I denied her many of these latest things and said no a lot to her or go get a job she opted to do differently. It is going to and has bitten her in the ass.
    Hopefully your taste and breathing will return in time. Listen that was some serious stuff you had going on. I know you might expect things to move faster and wish they would but really that was ass kicking for the strongest. Time dear friend time and I am just grateful you are here and we all can enjoy your humor and wisdom.

  156. Hey! Upps is back and kicking butt…love it!

  157. Upps is back and kicking butt…love it!

    I second that emotion!!

  158. Upps, sorry recovery is slow and painful. But, you’ll get there eventually. It’s what you do! Love & hugs.

  159. Just a little note to bring a spiritual bouquet of warm wishes, daffodils, sprigs of green, white roses, some holly and love. Have been thinking of you over these past couple of months and wanted to say that I hope its not too long before you’re like new. My heart ‘s been wrenched in knowing of your suffering, grasping for breath… Its a crying shame, but you’re Uppity, and there’s relief in seeing you’re fighting and continuing to snark the Casa.

    Hope things will become more certain for you in the near future; that you are comfortable and somewhat cozy ~ and most of all that you’ll be as good as new before Springtime. Take your time and hurry up.

    Love, Papoose xoxo

  160. Papoose! How are you, ol’ friend! Where do you hang these days?

  161. So Uppity how goes the war ? Hope you are feeling a tad bit back to the normal side of life by now.

  162. Just got out of hospital again, was there since last friday, I think. I am hooked up to oxygen because in fixing my arteries, it seems my heart is broken now. It was pumping at normal 50% before surgery,now it’s 30. in short I went into congestive heart failure or some such shit. I feel like I’m losing this battle or maybe I feel like I just want to lose it since none of it seems worth it. Maybe I’ll comment in a better mood one day. But no need to give me the rah rah happy horseshit stuff, gang. I am up against a monster and I know it.

  163. No rah, rah Uppity. Just prayers.

  164. Thoughts and prayers that the strength will come, Uppity.

    You are loved.

  165. This is a rotten time of the year to be so seriously unwell and I don’t have any rah rah to offer, apart from our thoughts and best wishes flowing in your direction. I can well imagine that you’re utterly fed up with this endless round of monstrous medi stuff. We don’t need to tell you how much we’re missing you, I think you already know that, so if at all possible, please get better. Bill’s Twitter fanclub is bereft at the moment, our timelines feel strangely empty without him.

  166. Sorry to hear about your heart problems, Uppity. Hope this article provides a small distraction from your troubles.


  167. No rah rah Upps. This is serious stuff and I am praying for your recovery. This sucks ass. Well that explains the shortness of breath. Hey Upps just try not to let the depression get you. I know easy for me to say right ? I am just in shock at how all this went. Know I truly do care and am hurting . I adore you .

  168. Love you Upps.

  169. Uppity, please please look into ubiquinol (reduced form of CoQ10). My dad has heart failure and was hospitalized repeatedly last year, with fluid on his lungs. Over a year ago I started giving him ubiquinol and he hasn’t had any heart problems since. Although he has cancer, diabetes, hyperparathyroidism, and has had a stroke his *heart* is doing fine. He just turned 85 recently. Hasn’t been hospitalized in six months, which is great since the year before he was in 7 times.

    It’s especially important if they’re giving you statins, and I’m sure they are. Those will deplete your CoQ10 which supplies energy to your heart! They gave my dad high doses. I really believe starting the ubiquinol made all the difference. And I just give him 100mg daily though some recommend much more.

    I’m pulling for you!


  170. Holding you close, Upps. This is all so awful.

  171. I’m doing a lot better since that last hospitalization in Nov, NES.

  172. I’m so glad to hear that Upps. Will continue to send those waves of love your way. XO

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