Remembering Sandy Hook

Today marks a  somber two year anniversary. On December 14, 2012, twenty-six people — 20 first-grade students and six adults — were shot and killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Eleven days later, on Christmas Day,  Uppity gave us this very poignant post to help us deal with a senseless tragedy. I thought today would be an appropriate day to repost it. I hope you all agree.

A Message to You on This Christmas Day, by Uppity Woman  (published December 25, 2012)

Merry Christmas to you all, from my heart and my home to yours!

I spent many hours searching for the song I would put up today. There have been so many songs applicable to Christmas along the way, but I wanted to select one for this Christmas Day that both captures the spirit of Christmas and can be dedicated to the little children who were senselessly lost in Newtown Connecticut–and their teachers, and their Principal, and Adam’s mother.

I watched and listened to countless youtube videos and, ironically, I harkened back to this one over and over again. I hope you can see why.

Have a special day and do not forget to hug all the people you love, if not today, then as soon (and as often!) as possible — whether you celebrate Christmas or not. And always remember what really matters in life. Put all other things aside by comparison. Try not to dwell on what you do not have because, if you do, you might miss the beauty of what you DO have.

Have a special day. Every Day. Including this Christmas Day.

This is Pachebel’s Christmas Canon with Chorus of Children who are not unlike those angels who were lost.

Merry Christmas, Little Ones. If we do indeed rise, then I will say: If anyone deserves to rise, it is each and every one of you. We are sorry. Very sorry.



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  1. Such a sad senseless loss of lives.

  2. Another of many testomonies that our mental health system is severely broken and crazy people are left to their own devices to kill whenever they are eventually moved to do so.

  3. It was very quiet in town yesterday.

  4. I bet it was. Very sad.

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