Silent Night

I wanted to find a nice Joe Cocker Christmas video to post in memoriam. Sadly, I don’t think one exists. But as Uppity pointed out in the last thread, he teamed up with Jennifer Warnes for one of his greatest hits. So, the best I could do was another Jennifer Warnes duet. This time with Leonard Cohn, singing, “Silent Night.” I hope you enjoy it on this Eve of Christmas Eve.

And here’s the duet that Uppity posted in comments.

RIP Joe Cocker.  Sleep in heavenly peace.

And…just to round things off with another great singer….here’s Eartha Kitt singing, “Santa Baby.”


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  1. “God bless Us, Every One!

  2. RIP, too, to the two – now three – cops assassinated due to these Al Sharpton / OWS groups marching every night saying, “What do we want, cops! How do we want them, dead!’ Just a few weeks earlier, DiBlasio told his half-black son to beware of the police because they like to kill blacks. There was no mention in that father/son talk that 94% of blacks are killed by other blacks. Also no mention that of the 400 million contacts the police have with residents, only in the small hundreds are killed, the vast majority are ruled defensible (perp shooting or charging at police), and that more whites are killed by cops than blacks are.

    But who needs stats when a good media-driven narrative can “fundamentally transform” the country by rushing us all into chaos and division.

    I guess I thought Obama and Holder and DiBlasio and the Sharptons and “Rev” Als were happy stoking the divisions between races, genders, and classes. They all want to make it seem like 1960 to feather their pocketbooks. But no, they’re not done, they want to make it cops against us, too. I hope we can make it two more years. Because it’s starting to seem like they want more than just ill-gotten funds now. They seem to have something bigger and sinister in mind, and the America I love is being attacked from the inside out.

  3. Hi lorac! Merry Christmas!!! So glad you stopped by!!

  4. Times Square Ball is a Slacker!

    j”>— Times Square Ball (@timessquareball) December 23, 2014

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