Merry Christmas Eve

Uppity beat me to this repost of her Christmas eve classic. (See previous thread.)

As Always on Christmas Eve: The Nutcracker. by Uppity Woman

Christmas Eve is the very best time to listen to The Nutcracker, conducted by my very very very favorite Pixie Maestro, Seiji Ozawa and the outstanding musicians who perform joyfully for him.

Miniature Overture

March Of The Toy Soldiers

Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy

Russian Dance

Arabian Dance

Chinese Dance

Dance of the Mirlitons

Waltz of the Flowers


14 Responses

  1. Whoa. GMTA, imust!!!!

  2. LOL! Only your great mind Uppity! I’m just reposting from your archives!!

  3. Well the place needed dusting!!!

  4. Yes, [achooo!] it did! And we all needed to revisit those great posts!

  5. There’s only a couple of thousand of them…

  6. Could use a few more comments too.
    Here I will help. 😀

  7. Wishing a Merry Christmas To our beloved Uppity and all that visit here. ❤ .

  8. That was very touching, Foxy. Kudos to JCPenney.

  9. Thanks foxy!

  10. Merry Christmas to all and I got a great gift, My friend Uppity making a huge come back. All is good.

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