MKBill’s Christmas Post

I ran into MKBill in my travels through the Uppity Archives. He recommended this post for Christmas Day.


Merry Christmas! Bill and I Love Yas! by Uppity Woman (First published 12/25/11)

As you gather around the non-denominational holiday shrub, have a joyous day. Don’t forget to over-eat. It’s a requirement. And Bill says don’t forget to give some to your cats! Or else!

Post your beautiful videos of cheer in this open thread for everyone to pretend they don’t enjoy.

Now those fundies might hate the Mormons, but they sure put on a better show!


**UPDATE** Since the second video is no longer available, I’m adding this one as a substitute.


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  1. Merry Christmas, everyone, especially Uppity.

  2. Merry Christmas to all.
    I got my usual lump of coal.
    If I save them I can have a warm Christmas next year. 😆

  3. National Lampoon Christmas Vacation, full movie. Cracks me up every time

  4. Happy Holidays & hugs to all! Hope you are all having a lovely Christmas. The dudes wanted Uppity Woman Pot Roast for dinner and it will be done in an hour. God, the whole downstairs smells delicious! Next year should be very interesting for us all to see who is running in 16!

    Upps, hope you are having a delicious dinner and are on the mend. I’ve gotten so much from this site over the years, cannot thank you enough! xoxo

  5. Extra thanks to imust and Sophie for keeping the home fires burning! I love you all!

  6. Merry Christmas, Uppityites!

    If you’re not Italian, you have no idea how difficult it is. I have spent the past two days eating and eating and eating. I really could not possibly eat another bite, not even a wafer thin mint.

    Thank you imust for keeping the Yule Log burning. I owe you big time.

    Uppity Woman, I hope you had a great Christmas and have many, many more.

  7. Sophie how about some PIE? There’s always room for PIE! 🙂

  8. OMG Upps you have got to be kidding me. I love Christmas Vacation too. Now that is funny as is the original Vacation movie. believe Utah has had no snow period until midnight . Then it came down and down and more. I have over a foot and it is still falling. Now all that know me know I really could live a life time not seeing snow but alas I found myself rather enjoying it. Yea me !! I thought how neat it was to be sitting here and have no snow and unusual temps all Winter until Christmas day then wam it comes. Made a nice Christmas after all. It made all my lights look so much better. Being that I have 4 days off I am good with it.
    Upps so happy you are mending really I am. I pray you were able to enjoy some of if not all the flavors of Christmas.
    Jack was like a kid in a candy shop with the snow. Little darling played himself out. He is now dead asleep by the fire . My Grandson was tossing snowballs much to Jacks delight and he had to bring the one he caught in and deposit it right in my lap for me to see then grab it and splatter it all over me and the floor. Then back outside he ran delighted with his deed. I had a great day and am hoping all here had a peaceful and beautiful Christmas.

  9. Happy Boxing Day!!! 😀

  10. Happy Whatever You Call December 27th Day!!!

  11. Jen, it’s the 3 French Hens Day,

  12. That works for me. I can chicken tenders for dinner. But they didn’t come from a French restaurant.

  13. Belated Merry Christmas! Hoping 2015 brings a mega dose of health and happiness to Uppity and all in Uppityland!

  14. Thanks for stopping by Linda and Jen! And thanks. I am doing pretty well, it seems. I might come out on top of this yet….

    I took some chicken pieces and squeezed a fresh orange all over them, including the peal of course, and some poultry seasoning. Did the same to veggies and plan to drizzle some sherry over it all in the last 20 minutes. I am learning how to cook without salt and for SURE it can be done with the right addons. Good thing I love to cook, because I’m adapting pretty well and no complaints from others. Salt my friends is the enemy in large doses and large doses is what we all have been eating day in and day out. Be aware. I’m serious as a………..heart attack….here.

    Bought a Philips Airfryer too. Great way to have all that fried stuff without all that fried oil. I am falling in love with that machine, Made fish n chips in it and it was greaaaaaaaat.

  15. Jen, it’s the 3 French Hens Day,


  16. LOL Utah, I could watch Christmas Vacation 20 more times and STILL crack up.

  17. Speaking of Pie, did you know they DO sell baking powder sans sodium? Did you know that baking powder is extremely high in sodium? And check that bottle of soy sauce before you use that little tablespoon. Has enough sodium for a whole day in it, and then some.

  18. Lecture over. For now. Heh.

  19. Good to hear, Uppity! I too am on a healthy eating quest. Seriously a challenge without virtually eliminating everything processed. But amazing to rediscover the true flavor of things. The problem isn’t just the salt, but sugar too. Don’t know if you’ve seen this

    Hope you share more on your airfryer!

  20. Linda I could do a whole comedy monologue on food. Like eggs, for example. The yoke is great protein. But it contains cholesterol. cholesterol is baaaaaad. The egg White has no cholesterol! That’s good! But it contains sodium. That’s baaad. Now red meat has hardly any sodium at all, that’s goood! But it has fat. Fat is baaaaaaad. Low fat diary products have drastically reduced fat! That’s good! But they replace the missing taste with sodium! That’s baaaaaad! Whole milk diary contains very little sodium! that’s goooooood! But it’s got lotsa fat. Baaaaaaaad! No salt products contain no salt! Gooooooood! But sodium is replaced by potassium, which can kill you if you have too much! Baaaaaaaaad! Sugar is baaaaaad! But aspartame is………um……… well you get the picture. Stevia! Gooooooood! So far! Problem is, it tastes like cactus!

    I restrict salt because one of my kidneys died and I only have one left. It was choked off by a clogged artery. In the death process it caused renal hypertension. I never had high BP before. Then suddenly, SPIKE! As in MAJOR high BP. Sugar isn’t going to kill me one bit, least of my worries right now, and I have no weight issues. But I do have to beware of accumulating water, as i was already hospitalized for CHF and felt like I was drowning. So I have to be very careful of water retention. Like I said, salt is my enemy. Thing is, I am not a big sweet eater anyways so I don’t worry that much about sugar. Clogged arteries are deposits of cholesterol. If there was never a thing called cholesterol, coronary artery disease would be history no matter what else you did. I no longer eat processed foods. I’m done with big agra trying to kill me. I’m a scratch cooker.

    I have been reading some interesting things about oils. Good oils, bad oils, no matter. All oils are Very fattening. That’s why I LOVE my airfryer.

  21. Haha! Too funny, and too sad! Stevia like cactus, Yes!! It’s insane making. We are focusing on fresh veggies and fruits, organic meats with no additives, good fats, as close to no sugar and low carb as we can.

  22. Eating healthy is always good.
    Also important a positive happy attitude.
    Our Uppity has that in spades.
    Checking out that airfryer.

  23. Upps you have mail.

  24. Stevia is the most foul tasting shit EVER!

    Foxy I use the Philips AirFryer.

  25. Upps more mail and pray for him today.

  26. From overseas: best wishes for the coming New Year and happy to see Uppity in good form blogging.
    By the by, is your airfryer good, fresh not made in China air?

  27. Looking into one of these gadgets Miss Uppity. See I eat baked and broiled, grilled etc because I flat out hate the taste of oils. Everything fried in oil just tastes foul to me. I never liked french fries as a teen because of the taste and feel of the oil.
    As for salt I love that mrs dash but I have to confess every now and then I crave it so do use it heavy on those days which are not often. I am a huge fish eater and tons of veggies. So doctor said my diet was great. However if you care to share some of your new healthy but tasty foods I am open for sure. I take it you have regained your taste.

  28. Watch out for Mrs. Dash Utah. It’s potassium chloride and that occurs naturally in tons of food. So if you add Mrs. Dash to the mix, you can overload your potassium. Too much potassium can give you a heart attack. It can kill you as easily as no potassium. Don’t use a lot of that stuff. I use NONE. You should really ask your doctor if it’s okay to use it. I’m sure he/she knows what your potassium numbers are. People on diurectics often lose their potassium, but now they have a diurectic that preserves potassium. So in my case, I still stay away from Mrs. Dash.

    Yes I gave regained my taste!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyy!

    Don’t know if you’d like an airfryer, since it is most loved by people who like fried foods and need to get away from the oil…although I do other things with it that you can do using traditional methods anyways.

  29. Gang, Utah needs some vibes for her Soul Dog, Whiskey. He just had major surgery to remove cancer. He is literally part of Utah, no kidding. She adores him and he loves life. Please send some good karma.

  30. A bit of cinema history worth mentioning. Luise Rainer was the first actor to win back to back oscars. 1936 for The Great Ziegfeld and then 1937 for The Good Earth. She won the two oscars and walked away from Hollywood. She was 104 years old.

    Here she is in The Good Earth as the peasant O-Lan

    Here she is doing her ‘takes’ accepting her first Oscar (stay with this video at the end and see all the actresses who won oscars in times gone by–when movies really WERE great!)

  31. {{{[Utah}}}} Praying for Whiskey to be alright. ❤

  32. Thanks Upps. Checking up on that Philips Airfryer. 🙂

  33. Are you a good and brave cook, foxy? Not afraid to ‘speriment? If so, you’ll like the machine. If you need step by step recipes for things you cook, there aren’t very many out there for the airfryer, it’s kind of new in USA. Big in Europe, Australia, etc. I have no idea where it’s made, but I suspect it’s not Chinese, it’s far too well made.

  34. How’s Whiskey today, Utah ???

  35. Ok gang so far my love of my life boy is holding on. They want to keep him in the hospital again today because he is very weak. I went and sat with him early this morning and the doctor said she saw the imediate improvement in his well want to live. I might be picking him up later tonight. I am going to go sit with him now. I believe he will come through. I know my boy and his heart. He is not ready to give up his post.

  36. TY all for the well wishes. I relly mean it.

  37. Great news Utah. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  38. That boxy boy loves life, specifically he loves life with YOU.

  39. Hope you don’t mind that I told the members. I just figured they would perk you up, they’re so good at that. And they send POWERFUL vibes. I know this.

  40. No problem Uppity and gang thanks for the warm and healing thoughts. He is home and I am beside myself with happiness. I stocked up on Frosty Paws, because he just love them. I think they might be good when he is not feeling to well after a treatment. He gets his first Chemo treatment Monday morning. They will keep him that day and let him come home that night provided he is doing well and then he will have two more treatments to undergo then we start the radiation. I feel so sorry for him yet and so happy he has this chance.

  41. I wish all of you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year and hope that 2015 brings all good.

  42. OMC another dog who’s a Frosty Paws addict!!! What the H is in that stuff. My dog sits in front of the fridge if I am five minutes late giving it to her on schedule. You’re right, the cooling will be helpful to him.

  43. Oh ROFFfff My dogs love it and would eat much much more then the one container I give them lol. I think if it cam in gallon jugs they would devour it all in one setting. All I need to do is say Frosty Paws and they come scrambling lol. Uppity he is doing real good today. You would not know he is so sick. He had his frosty paw and actually played with Jack a few minutes before the pain med and Prendisone knocked him out. He is on antibiotics as well. I guess I can only expect another year after all this but a year is a year. They took three tumors out. One on his small intestine the size of a golf ball one by the liver and one that was further up and that was huge the size of a softball. The vet says they got it all to the eye but that they want to do the rest to be sure. I got quite an education on all this. Dogs once they get cancer rarely live more then a year to a year in a half because they will get it again. I know this sounds hopeless but a year is a year and they said most cases it is a good year. Whiskey was not ready I can tell you this. As bad as he was he still was not ready like Kahlua was.

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