Happy New Year’s Eve Live Feed

Another rerun: New Year’s Eve Times Square Live Feed and Dear Dan, by Uppity Woman (First published, 12/31/11)
Watch Times Square crazies ring in the New Year. This is the best way to watch because you don’t have to worry about your wallet being stolen or anything.

LIVE FEED – TIMES SQUARE  (scroll down a little for different views)

But before the ball drops, hear Dan Fogelberg RIP, man — and remember which nerve Same Auld Lang Syne touches for you. We all have one of those memories Dan brings back to us, don’t we? Tonight, “Drink a toast to innocence”, and “Drink a toast to now”.

Love yas. And thank you all for being so loyal to me, warts and all, for what approaches 4 years in 2012. I feel like I know each and every one of you. And I like what I know.


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  1. We stay home on New Year’s Of course, unless we have a dinner to go to, but the weather here has turned NASTY. Snow only dusting but it’s the greasy kind and it’s brutally cold out. Benny and The Jets are all lounging in their room and they don’t look like they plan on leaving either. I filled up a huge bin with food, gave them tons of fresh water and new blankeys. It’s all good. Tossca, of course, I had to drag her in this afternoon, as this weather is her idea of a good time. She’s not happy unless she’s encrusted with snow and ice. It’s what she lives for. She looked so gnarly after an hour out in the back, it’s a wonder somebody didn’t turn me in for dog abuse. Truth is, I have to threaten her life to get her inside when it’s like this out there. Siberia is where she wants to live. Her coat is designed so that she doesn’t get wet underneath the outer coat. Nature is good to herders in winter!

    Tomorrow we are supposed to go to someone’s home for brunch. Not sure I will do it if the weather resembles today. Yuck. Definitely a good night tonight to light a fire, drink some wine and watch an old movie.

    I dodged some scary bullets this year and dang it, here I am. So it is a happy new year for me…or as Shirley so perfectly put it, “I’m Still Here”

  2. And we are all very glad that you’re “still here” Uppity……and still standing……this song’s for you Uppity Woman…

    (god I love Elton John!)

    Here’s to a happy, healthy and UPPITY New Year!

  3. Thanks for the song imust!!!! Good one!

  4. Wishing all dear Uppity-ites a ver happy and healthy New Year!!!

  5. I never thought going out on New Years was a good idea or made much sense. Why would anyone want to get drunk and start a new year out with a hangover ? I did not see having fun at a party worth losing my life because someone partied too much and did not get a ride home. Having lived in Las Vegas for many years there were on the average 400 arrests on the strip for being dumb in public yea my idea of a great start to a new year ( not) . A nice quiet evening at home sounded much better. The dogs are happy not to be alone either. And as it is as the Uppity household it is way to darn cold and the roads are covered with ice and snow.
    LOL upps so true about these marvelous double coated dogs. Snow is Paradise to them. Jack is enjoying his new found world. He scoops it up and tosses it , rolls in it making little doggy snow angels ACD style lol. Andy my grandson had him out sledding and like Whiskey he loved zooming down the hills.
    Wishing all a safe and happy New Year and yes we have our dear Uppity standing strong ready to rock the world again and I have my boy so all is good.

  6. Have a safe, happy, and uppity New Year!!!

  7. Happy New Year to Uppityites everywhere! Wishing happiness and health to all in the coming year.

    Especially, of course, to you Upps. It was a tough one for you, but you ARE still here. And we ain’t letting you go no nowhere, missy.


  8. Oops. That is…*go* nowhere.

  9. Happy New Years, everyone! We all started here in ’08 right? Heading into our 7th year as Uppityites! That’s a nice thought. Wish I could hug you all!

    Upps, how are you feeling? Did you enjoy your holiday?

  10. I just read that Jeb b. has resigned all his board seats. Looks like he will be running for sure. Ugh.

  11. Foxi, that was adorable!

  12. RIP Mario Cuomo. I’m lucky to say I knew First Hand what a gentleman and awesome man you were. I am crushed to see you go.

  13. A sad day for me as well, Upps.

    Mario Cuomo was the best governor of our state in my lifetime. I admired his intelligence, eloquence, and humanity, and proudly voted for him. Plus, my dearly departed mother absolutely adored the man.

    So, thinking of him, always makes me think of her.

    Requiescat In Pace.

  14. Rev Vet, it’s a rare thing to find a person of such amazing brilliance who is actually humble besides. He was such a man. I think it’s why somebody up there gave him the gift of oratory.

    He should have taken the supreme court nomination, a few of those creeps would have looked like the mediocre minds they really are and they would have paled in his presence.

  15. Mario Cuomo gave the best Convention speech I ever heard and I’ve loved him ever since. Thanks Governor, for your service and eloquent voice for those who are not heard.
    Happy New Year, all.

  16. I found this great comment on FB. I know you will love it Upps. 😆

    John Ogle There’s no “hero” in politics ..
    A HERO is someone who puts their life on the line to help another .
    Politicians are like bananas .
    1st they’re green
    Then they’re yellow
    Then they’re rotten

  17. He was talking about the Republicans of course. 😀

  18. Uppity Woman, on January 2, 2015 at 3:36 AM said:

    RIP Mario Cuomo. I’m lucky to say I knew First Hand what a gentleman and awesome man you were. I am crushed to see you go.
    A real Hero of the people, We need a lot more like him. ❤

  19. But those rotten Bananas like Boner and Mitch has to go. 😡

  20. Foxy, I agree and that fossil Reid needs to take a hike too. Ditto Pelosi. Too corrupt now. All of them. We just have a congress full of worthlessly stale retreads on the Take.

  21. Politicians are like bananas .
    1st they’re green
    Then they’re yellow
    Then they’re rotten

    Hahahaha so true. It doesn’t even matter which one of them we pick any longer. Soon as they win, they turn on us.

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