It’s Festival of Sleep Day!!

Wake up!  Wake up!  I just found out that today, January 3rd, is Festival of Sleep Day!  Hmmm…..maybe you don’t need to wake up for that….but you have to wake up long enough to read this post! I know what you’re thinking….imust, imust,….is this a real holiday? I have to admit, when MK Bill first told me about it, I was a little skeptical too. Bill is a legendary party kitteh, but he also knows a thing or two about napping! As much as I trust Bill, I did my own research to find out everything I could about the history of Festival of Sleep Day!

Well, this guy seems to have the hang of today’s festivities!! Screen shot 2015-01-03 at 10.18.31 AM

Like many holidays which we may see on the calendar and don’t know why it is a holiday, festival of sleep day is also similar to that. There is no origination traced which shows how January 3rd is declared as festival of sleep day. This day is therefore an unofficial holiday which depends on how strict and professional your office is. Either way all the sleep lovers sure must be thanking the person who has declared this day. Sleeping one full day in today’s world is definitely a boon. In the era of people being sleep deprived one would always love to take a sweet little nap.

Okay, so just because there’s no actual history of this great holiday, it doesn’t mean it isn’t real??? I mean people…are you gonna tell me that Old Rock Day isn’t real?? Or National Static Electricity Day is just made up?!! Of course not! I swear, on a stack of PIES, these are totally legit, time honored traditions!



FYI, only 6 shopping days until National Static Electricity Day! Avoid the rush! On second thought, what am I thinking? Sleep! It’s required today.


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  1. 😆 I would post, But am busy napping. 😆

  2. LOL foxy! You know how to celebrate a holiday!

  3. OMG! If you have ANY doubt that we are carrying a moronic generation of abject IDIOTS, read this: Their ‘brilliant’ leader, Kanye, made a song with Sir Paul Mccartney and they shit-for-brains who can’t think further back than breakfast this morning don’t know who he is and thinks K is launching a career for “the dude”.

  4. Upps, I’m pretty sure they were all joking.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Frosty Paw recipie

    Large container plain yogurt
    3 bananas
    2 TBS honey
    1/4 cup peanut butter

    Toss in blender then freeze in paper cups

    Upps I am making Whiskey some with blueberry and banana according to his doctors instructions as blueberries have some great qualities for aiding in cancer prevention. Also can make strawberry banana. Anyway I am going to line some of my bread pans with wax paper and then slice it before it is completely frozen and wrap it like a loaf when sliced sticking wax paper between the slices. I bought the ingredients today and this will be so much cheaper.

  6. I don’t buy it, Sue. I think thats the reactive coverup. We are talking about creatures who can’t even open a can without a poptop.

  7. Hey that recipe sounds like something I would eat, Utah! True about blueberries. I have eaten them by the loads for years, look how well that worked out for me, as apparently they aren’t all that helpful to the heart! Seriously, they are loaded with antioxidants, so you should eat them too!

  8. I do lol. I am a blueberry junkie lol. Not because of the fact they are good for you either. About the Frostie Paw lol it says it is fine for a human too although I have to say I would leave out the peanut butter and honey lol. I do not like Honey one bit and the peanut butter I love but it just does not sound goo mixed with all the other stuff.
    Ok I made two batches yesterday only thing is I thought of the loaf pans afterward so instead I used a muffin pan ( actually several of the ) lined it with paper muffin liners and Whiskey devoured one this AM.
    So now that I know I have it right I will stop making Nestles more wealthy because of my dogs addiction.

  9. Utah that sounds yummy!!!! 😀

  10. Glad to see you found a way to save on those outrageously priced Frosty Paws! They know anybody who would buy them LOVES their dog so they take full advantage of the fact that if the dog wants more, you will buy it no matter what the price! And honest, Utah, peanut butter, honey and banana is an awesome combo. I myself have been known to put PB on my banana, never thought of the honey, but now that I heard it, I’m In !

  11. Rof. Whiskey hd his first Chemo treatment today. He is doing fairly albeit a bit sick. I have to say I was scared out of my mind because as you might remember he darn near died from allergic reaction to vacs. Anyway this doctor had all his records and took special precautions. He had to stay there until closing time then she said she was fine with his going home. Listen I knew he was feeling pretty crappy when he only ate a bit of his frosty paw but since has eaten a couple. He seems to be doing pretty good .
    Happy Frosty Paw making. BTW I cut the banana to two because first batch seemed too much so cut it back and added a tad more PB. Smells just like the ones Nestles makes.

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