Are We Ready For…..Gender Politics?

Gender Politics. That’s the title of the latest CNN piece by Maeve Reston on Hillary Clinton. The article leads off by declaring that Hillary just wasn’t able to “balance” the “gender issue” back in 2008.

Well Ms. Reston, let me tell you, I was there in 2008.  I witnessed the ugliness first hand.  I will never forget the so-called Fourth Estate slamming her with sexist and even misogynistic attacks constantly during the primary period!Screen shot 2012-10-20 at 11.38.10 AM All with the knowing wink-wink from Team Obama.

Both the media and the DNC denied the sexism at the time. This segment, which aired May 26, 2008, was CNN’s attempt and being “balanced” themselves.

But now, only now six years later, according to this article, Hillary has found this balance.

For much of this year, Clinton has spoken with ease — and little controversy — about female empowerment. At Tina Brown’s ‘Women in the World’ conference in April, Clinton declared that the “double standard” for women was “alive and well.”

“For much of this year…”??? Excuse me? Where have you been? Hillary has spoken about female empowerment for her whole life!  She has lived women’s rights and empowerment!

"Women's rights are human rights..."

“Women’s rights are human rights…”

The author asserts that Hillary is carefully setting the stage for 2016.

…And she rarely gave a speech this fall without reminding audiences she was soon to be a grandmother. The tableau was complete when she tweeted a softly lit image of her cradling newborn Charlotte while Bill Clinton beamed over her shoulder.

So she’s a proud mother and grandmother,  but because she’s Hillary Clinton, no photos of grand baby allowed!! Bragging is what Grandmas do! I remember my grandmother used to carry a little photo book in her purse with the title, “Grandma’s Brag Book” on the cover. She was none too shy about pulling it out whenever anyone asked….or even when they didn’t ask!

Watch that "tableau" grandma!!

Watch that “tableau” grandma!!

The careful choreography illustrates the attention her team is giving to reconnecting Clinton with Democratic women, a core constituency that Barack Obama was able to slice into during her first presidential run in 2008

Reconnecting? Hillary’s real core constituency never warmed up to Mr. “99 Problems, cell phone vibrating” Obama.  Does the name “Puma” ring a bell?  Does it Sweetie?


“Should she run, she has an opportunity to continue to build on what (Barack Obama) has done, and another fantastic step on that ladder is the possibility of the first woman president of the United States,” said Tracy Sefl, who advised the Clinton campaign on communications strategy in 2008. “The possibility of a woman president is a welcome one, more so than is a foreign one.”

Hillary, what ever you decide….do not, I repeat, do not listen to anything this, Tracy Sefl person says. Whatever she says….do the opposite.

The President led among women by about 11 points in both 2008 and 2012. But some 56% of white women—which were a strong demographic for Clinton—favored 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney, compared to 42% for Obama in 2012. Obama also lost married women to Romney by 7 points.

Hmmm…..I wonder why????



Another asset is that Obama’s historic election — along with Clinton’s competitive bid in 2008 — changed societal expectations of what an American President must look like. In interviews during this year’s midterm elections, many Democratic voters, particularly women, said they feel it is her turn for a historic victory.

Her turn? Are we taking turns? If that’s the case, then Mr. Obama jumped the line on his “turn.” Or as he used to say in his Choom Gang days, “interception!”



“… Katie Packer Gage, whose firm Burning Glass coaches Republican candidates on connecting with female voters. “Women just don’t have history of voting for women; they have a pretty decent history of following their party behavior. So being a woman doesn’t necessarily provide some kind of big advantage.”

Ya’think?? It’s true that there were many so-called feminists who went all ga-ga fangirl over Obama. Naomi Wolf comes to mind…..

Calm down Naomi.......

Calm down Naomi…….

…But as late as 1999 before her Senate run, she was still being advised by strategist Mandy Grunwald to try to show “more sides” of herself and look for “opportunities for humor” to avoiding coming off as so stern.

Of course if she were a man….she would be seen not as too “stern”, but “thoughtful”, “cerebral”, “strong”….fill in the blank [positive adjective].Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 6.06.15 PM

That liability surfaced for Clinton most notably in 2008. She spoke early on about trying to break the glass ceiling of the presidency. But her campaign ultimately centered on the message that she was the only candidate with the strength and experience to lead. When she was asked what it meant to be a woman running as president, her answer was always that she was proud to be a woman making that attempt, but she was running because she thought she’d be the “best president.”

Yeah…imagine that! Vote for the best candidate! What a crazy idea!!

Looking ahead to 2016, Clinton seems unlikely to face the hurdle of a competitive primary, much less a battle over historic firsts. And after four years as Secretary of State—which tabled the experience question for many voters…..

Of course no one questioned the experience, or lack of, The Lightbringer Obama.

“She has more freedom, because she has more political accomplishments than she did when she ran in 2008,” said Jennifer Lawless, director of the Women & Politics Institute at American University. At the same time, “all of the Monday morning quarterbacking suggests that it was probably a mistake that (the 2008 Clinton campaign) took the women’s vote at all different generation levels for granted.”

Yeah, that was a mistake. Never underestimate the stupidity of the youth vote.

Or as Uppity used to say, “That’s why we don’t let children pick presidents.”




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  1. Give ’em hell, Imust!!

  2. Thanks Anita! You too!

  3. Definitely, Imust ! Never let them forget — not that we’re bitter or anything…

  4. OMG there’s that asshole Naomi flipping her hair again! That woman has done more to damage women’s rights than anyone I know. Remember her story about how sexy she felt wearing the hijab in the middle east. She’s pukeworthy. And nobody has worked harder at hypocrisy than that disgusting ingrate Tina Brown, who would most likely be selling shoes at Payless along with Donna if it weren’t for Hillary.

  5. Great piece, Imust.
    We lived it, we were there and we remember.

  6. The author, Ms. Reston obviously believes that Hillary made mistakes, or didn’t hone her message in 2008. But she also seems to think that Obama has somehow paved the way for Hillary. He’s such a trailblazer doncha know. She should be so grateful!!/snark

  7. We all know that she Won, And was robbed of her victory by crooks and liars. 👿

  8. Sweet Sue, on January 6, 2015 at 6:51 AM said:

    Great piece, Imust.
    We lived it, we were there and we remember.

    Never ever forget!!!! 😡

  9. And was robbed of her victory by crooks and liars.

    …and pigs who Must Get Theirs. Some of them already did, right Keithy ??? *Snort*

  10. Excellent post, imust. Truly excellent. Who are these people who write ass if her WHOLE LIFE has not been a feminist manifesto.

  11. Here’s another nostalgic video. I made it after she suspended but before the convention. I was certain there would be a real floor vote and that we still had a chance–that the super delegates would come to their senses. I thought he should chill until then.

  12. Great video Sophie! The “Mad as Hell” video brought back a lot of memories. So many obots making their vulgar, vile comments. It was swatting flies…..get rid of one and 3 more come in it’s place. The comments came so fast, you almost couldn’t keep up.

  13. Off topic here but I have been watching this young man for a couple of years now as he grows into the next Luciano Pavarotti. I was totslly amazed when he sang on Britans got talent two years ago and think he is absolutly amazing. Now not beong a huge fan of Opera this kid has gotten me to listening to many. His journey has been great and thinking that he was so depressed and close to suicide to the rising star he is today is amazing.
    This is a video of his audition on Britians got talent in 2012

    They went all the way to the end and came in 2nd place but were signed to record deal
    They have went on to solo careers after two years and here is a clip from his newest album.

    I thought they were great as a duo and Charolette has a good voice but this kid Jonathon Antoine has just taken me. I hope you all enjoy if you have not heard of him yet and his journey can be found on you tube .

  14. Thanks Utah!!!
    He is amazing. 🙂

  15. Thanks imust for the post. We´ll not forget…
    Give them hell!

  16. We are NOT going to forget 2008, no matter how many times the media idiots decide to revise history. We were there. We know what happened. I know my vote was stolen. It isn’t something I dwell on or think about on a daily basis– that would not be healthy for me– but I remember what happened, how it happened, and who did it to me. I’d be a fool if I believed everything was hunky dory now.

  17. You tell em, Jen !!!!

  18. Has to keep the water running all night, So the pipes would not freeze and burst during this Globull warming spell. 😡

  19. You are right Jen, they stole our votes and we do not buy their bs revisionism.

  20. Hahaha Foxy! You obviously have not received the Warmth memo. God’dayum it’s hot here! Mostly because I had to crank my heat up to 72.

  21. Martyrs!!!!! Now about them Virgins. 😆

  22. Dats true Upps.
    And them lectric people say turn it down to 68. 😆
    Got mine on 70 and an overcoat on.
    I am more concerned about keeping my butt warm, Then saving a few bucks. 😦

  23. 2014 was the warmest year on record.

  24. Heat wave here, it is up to 19, Sun is shining,
    That wind chill is still around the zero mark tho. 🙂

  25. Apparently the gf or wife of one of the terrorists in Paris went to Syria to be *safe*. Mind boggling.

  26. Coulda fooled me, Sue. I must have been really warm and to stoopit to realize it, specially in Jan-Feb. It did feel warm in summer, when it arrived, finally. But then long as I can remember it was always warm in summer because it’s supposed to be. And sometimes even in Spring, unlike now.

  27. Out here in the sticks where I live lol it is a very warm Winter. I mean normally I am up to my back quarters in snow and this year I bet we have two inches. It is raining here now. January and it is raining ??? Unheard of. Oh I am not complaining mind you not until they jump the water prices this Summer.

  28. You don’t have to shovel Rain. 😆

  29. Terrific post, imust! The nerve of these idiots trying to revise history. Thank you for bringing this out. As our comrades said upthread, we will never forget! imust, are you enjoying the rain? I am.

    Uppity, how are you feeling?

  30. Doing ok, thanks Socal. Have some blood work and CT scan today, no big deal.

  31. Doing ok is good. 😀

  32. Boy it sure is warm! It’s so warm, the doors to my car are frozen shut and even spraying de-icer on them didn’t work. I don’t ever remember that happening to me. Boy it sure is warm.

  33. LMAO yea I tried to get into mine at midnight last light rof thought I would need a crow bar. Most likely a funny sight thinking on it. Older woman with foot on side of vehicle tugging like crazy to open the damned door lol.
    I do have to say though it is still an unusually warm and snowless Winter out here. Yes my door was frozen shut last night but that is nothing new for this time of year here. What is different is that I could walk across the parking lot and actually walk on pavement and not have to wonder which mountian of snow was my car then dig it out lmao.

  34. Seems we had a Winter just like this about 75 years ago. 😀

  35. But Utah, if your car was that frozen, then it was COLD.

  36. G’damn doctors. So I get a call from my nephrologist telling me my potassium is too high. I had to tell her office I had been hospitalized in Nov after I saw her last and am on diuretics and a potassium preserving diuretic because the lasix was depleting me of all my potassium. So she wants me to stop that pill and stop by an emergency room for another potassium test so if it’s still high they can treat me right there. I’m like are youuuuuuuuuu kidding? My insurance isn’t going to cover a casual visit to an ER,for Chrissakes. So tomorrow I’ll call my regular physician and have her lab run the test and thenSHE can treat me, adjust meds and coordinate with cardiologist.Jesus H Chrrrrrrrist! I was having a couple of great days so naturally, chaos must ensue. Obviously the pot isn’t critically high because I asked if I had to go “NOW” and she said no you can go tomorrow. So WTF. critically high potassium can be very dangerous, cause your heart to stop. I have nary ONE of the symptoms, so I KNOW I’m not there. All this hurry up and wait shit is really stressful, and it’s from all these medical people who keep telling me to avoid stress. Hahahahaha.

  37. Yea it was cold that night but on the average we have been in the 40’s and 50’s what is up ? Guess you are getting all the real cold. We are just getting it hit and miss.
    Oh yea the doctors ………………….when you have to have several getting them to get their shit together is something else. I went through it with the folks and now with hubby. Hang in there Upps. At least you can still be humorous as they try their level best to confuse you and stress you out. lol.

  38. {{{Upps}}} ❤

  39. Just read that Mount Holyoke College will no longer permit stage productions of “The Vagina Monologues” because it’s not inclusive enough.
    Folks, we’re through the looking glass, now.

  40. They can’t be serious…..

  41. Uppity, they are serious and the email that the college sent about cancelling the production reads like a “Portlandia” parody.

  42. Sue, sweet jebus! that is surreal.

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